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2016版《全程复习方略》高考英语(全国通用)总复习教师用书配套课件:选修7 Unit 2 Robots_图文

Unit 2 Robots

Ⅰ. 立体记单词 快速识记 desire n. ) 1. ______( ( vt. ) envy vt. ) 2. _____( 渴望; 欲望; 渴求 希望得到; 想要 忌妒; 羡慕 一定的; 密切相关的 离婚; 断绝关系

bound adj. ) 3. ______( divorce n. ) 4. _______( ( vt. )

与??离婚; 与??脱离

awful adj. ) 5. _____(
staff n. ) 6. ____( junior adj. ) 7. ______( (n. ) sympathy n. ) 8. _________(

极坏的; 极讨厌的; 可怕的; (口语)糟透的
全体员工; 手杖 较年幼的; 资历较浅的; 地位较低的 年少者; 晚辈; 等级较低者 同情(心)

state vt. )陈述; 宣布→_________( statement n. )陈述, 声明 9. _____( satisfaction n. )满意; 满足; 令人满意的事物→______( satisfy vt. )使满足; 10. __________( satisfying satisfactory adj. )令人满意的→________( satisfied adj. ) 使满意→_________&__________( 满意的 favour n. )喜爱; 恩惠( vt. )喜爱; 偏袒→__________( favourable adj. )赞成的; 11. ______( favourite adj. )最喜爱的 有利的→________(

talent n. )天才; 特殊能力; 才干→_______( talented adj. )有才气的; 有才 12. _____( 能的

accompany vt. )陪伴; 伴奏→________( company n. )陪伴, 伴随 13. __________(
companion n. )伙伴, 伴侣, 同伴 →__________( alarm vt. )使警觉; 使惊恐; 惊动(n. )警报; 惊恐 14. ______( alarmed adj. )担心的; 害怕的 →________( declare vt. )宣布; 声明; 表明; 宣称→__________( declaration n. )宣言; 公布 15. _______( obey vt. & vi. )服从; 顺从→_______( disobey vt. & vi. )不服从; 违抗 16. _____( assessment n. )评价; 评定→_____( assess vt. )评价; 评定; 估价, 估定 17. __________(

talented ①Everybody said Jane was a_______girl because she did well in all talent singing, dancing and drawing. (talent) her subjects and had a_____for favourite buying a car. Since your economic situations ②I know your________is favourable you, you can buy one. If necessary, I can do you a are__________to favour (favour) ______. satisfaction the boss, his products could______the satisfy ③To the__________of needs of

the customers. (satisfy)

Ⅱ. 多维练短语 查缺补漏

test out *1. _______ turn around 2. ___________
leave. . . alone *3. ____________ set aside *4. ________ all 5. in _____

检验完; 考验出 转身; 翻转 不管; 别惹; 让??一个人待着; 和??单独在一起 将??放在一边; 为??节省或

一共; 总计 一定做??

be bound to *6. ___________

*7. ring up
*8. take sth. seriously 9. be pleased with. . . 10. prevent sb. (from)doing sth. *11. search for 12. compare. . . with/to. . .

给??打电话 _____________
认真对待某事 _____________ 对??感到满意 _______________ 阻止某人做某事 _______________ 寻找; 搜寻 __________ 把??和??进行比较 _____________________

set aside ①Have you ________some money for your child’s education? are bound to price increases next year. ②There ___________be rang up ③Sam _______the office and asked to speak to the manager.

Ⅲ. 超级仿句式 模仿经典
1. His name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine. (more. . . than. . . 与其(说)??倒不如说??) 【仿写】他们没有回家, 与其说我生气倒不如说担心。 I was more worried than angry ___________________________when they didn’t come home.

2. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. (there+倒装句)
【仿写】台湾岛上世世代代住着中国人民。 There lived Chinese people on Taiwan Island from generation to _______________________________________________________ generation. __________

3. But even though Tony had been so clever, he would have to be
rebuilt—you cannot have women falling in love with machines. (can’t have sb. /sth. doing不能容忍/不允许某人/某物做某事) 【仿写】我不允许你用那种粗鲁的方式跟你的妈妈说话。你必须立 刻向她道歉。 ’t have you speaking to your mother a rude manner. You must Ican __________________________________in apologize to her immediately.

4. It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains
of the front window. (It is/was. . . that/who. . . 强调句结构) 【仿写】是德国队赢得了2014年巴西世界杯冠军。 It was that won the 2014 World ______the German national football team ______________________ Cup in Brazil. ____

Ⅳ. 功能填语篇 开放填空 A robot used for housework was tested out in a family. He looked like tall and handsome man with smooth hair, 2. ________(speak) speaking 1. ____a in a deep voice. Larry was going to be away from home so he hired a such 3. __robot to accompany his wife Claire. Claire didn’t like the but idea at the beginning, 4. ___she agreed to it at last. At her first sight

of Tony, Claire was alarmed. When Tony offered to help her dressing,
embarrassed Gradually Claire felt 5. ___________(embarrass). 6.__________(gradual),

Tony began to win Claire’s trust. He helped Claire realize her dreams
by making her home elegant, giving her a new haircut, changing the advice makeup she wore and giving her 7. ______(advice)on her dresses. who were filled Therefore, at the party all the guests 8. ____were invited 9. _________ (fill)with admiration when they saw her house was completely changed. After the test, the company was satisfied with Tony’s report because had successfully made a woman regain her confidence. 10. _______he

Ⅰ. 必考重点单词 1. desire n. 渴望; 欲望; 渴求 vt. 希望得到; 想要 【思维激活 ? 试一试】 desire __ to ____ live _______ inpeace with all the other countries in ①We always ______ the world. 我们一直希望与世界上其他国家和平相处。




(1)have a strong desire
(2)desire to do sth. desire sb. to do sth.

to do sth. 迫切想要做某事
for sth. 急于想得到某物 渴望做某事 希望某人做某事

desire+that从句(从句谓语动词为: should+do, should可以省略)

②He had a strong desire to win back the manager’s trust.

③He desires that we should go there with him tomorrow.



“should+动词原形, should可以省略”的虚拟语气结构:
表示命令、要求、建议意义的动词或名词 , 如 demand, order,

require, insist, suggest(suggestion), propose(proposal), advise(advice)
等, 后引起的从句一般都用该结构的虚拟语气。

The teacher advised that we should make good use of every minute


We followed his advice that we should ask our teacher for help.
我们接受了他的建议: 我们应该请求老师的帮助。 His suggestion is that we should do our work more carefully. 他的建议就是我们的工作要更细心些。 注意: 当suggest表示“暗示, 表明”, insist表示“坚持说”时, 后不用 虚拟语气, 应用陈述语气。

2. alarm vt. 使警觉; 使惊恐; 惊动 n. 警报; 惊恐




be ________ alarmed __ at what you just heard. ①You should not ___





(1)sound/give/raise the alarm
in alarm

发出警报; 敲警钟

be alarmed at/by. . . be alarmed that (3)alarming

adj. 受惊的; 惊恐的
被??吓了一跳 adj. (令人)惊恐的

②Hearing a scream, she sat up in alarm.

听到尖叫声, 她惊恐地坐起来。
③We were much alarmed by a fire in the neighborhood.





We were alarmed at the alarming alarm as the alarm did alarm us. 我 们被那令人惊恐的警报声吓了一跳, 因为那警报的确使我们感到惊恐。

3. favour n. 喜爱; 恩惠

vt. 喜爱, 偏袒




①Will you help me and take this to the post office? do ___ me __ a ______ favour and take this to the post office? →Will you ___




in favour of
in one’s favour

赞成; 主张

ask a favour of sb.
do sb. a favour do a favour for sb.

求某人帮一个忙, 求某人做某事 帮某人一个忙, 帮某人做件事

②They voted in favour of the prohibition of smoking in public areas.

③The exchange rate is in our favour today.


4. sympathy n. 同情(心)




out __ of _________. sympathy ①He gave the poor child much help ___

出于同情, 他给了这个可怜的孩子许多帮助。
【知识构建 ? 记一记】 同情某人 出于同情 赞同; 与??一致 adj. 同情的; 赞同的

(1)feel/have sympathy for sb. out of sympathy in sympathy with (2)sympathetic

②I have great sympathy for people in trouble.

③Many people are in sympathy with your views.


5. accompany vt. 陪伴; 伴奏; 附有; 配有 【思维激活 ? 试一试】 accompany ___ her __ to the airport. ①She asked me to __________ 她要求我陪她到机场去。 【知识构建 ? 记一记】

(1)accompany sb. =keep sb. company
accompany sb. to some place


accompany sb. at/on sth.

n. 同伴, 伴侣, 陪伴

②Secret service agents accompanied the President everywhere.

③ While she danced wonderfully on the stage, her mother

accompanied her on the piano.
她在台上精彩地跳舞时, 她的母亲在为她钢琴伴奏。




accompany当“陪同, 伴随”讲时, 本身就有go的含义, 所以不再与

As he was not allowed to accompany her to go shopping, he wrote out
a list of items for her. (×) ( √ )

As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shop, he wrote out a list of items for her.


1. declare vt. 宣布; 声明; 宣称; 表明
【思维激活 ? 试一试】介词填空 against ①Nobody present declared_______the plan for next term. 在场的没有人声明反对下学期的计划。




declare against
declare war on/against


declare for
declare that. . .


②Britain declared war on Germany in 1914.

③He declared that he would fight for his right.






指在庄严场合, 官方权威人士公开宣布, 有时指在公共场 合对某事表明态度 指宣布大家期待的或与大家有关的事情, 所涉及的情况 通常是别人原来不知道的事情, 含有预告的意思


④The government announced that they would pay for their debts.


2. envy vt. &n. 忌妒; 羡慕




out __ of _____. envy ①They only say such unkind things about you ___

【知识构建 ? 记一记】 忌妒或羡慕某人某物 成为??忌妒的对象 对??忌妒 出于忌妒

(1)envy sb. sth. (2)become/be the envy of. . . feel envy at. . . out of envy

②Their beautiful garden is the envy of all the neighbors.

③He will have a chance of visiting Guilin. We all envy him his good

fortune. 他将有机会游览桂林, 我们都很羡慕他的好运。

3. divorce n. 离婚; 断绝关系 vt. 与??离婚; 与??脱离




divorced _____ from her husband. ①This actress has been ________

【知识构建 ? 记一记】 与某人离婚

divorce sb. =get a divorce from sb. divorce. . . from. . . be/get divorced from

使??与??脱离; 使??与??离婚 与??脱离; 与??离婚

②These days, he was very annoyed, because his wife decided to

divorce him. 近来他非常烦恼, 因为他的妻子决定和他离婚。




不管是“结婚”marry, 还是“离婚”divorce, 都是及物动词, 后


1. 完成句子 declared war on Germany 对德国宣 (1)In September 1939, Britain _______________________( 战)after Germany invaded Poland.

accompanied by heavy rain 伴随大雨)in this season are (2)Thunders ________________________(
very common. have no sympathy for her 不同情她); it’s all her (3)To be honest, I ______________________( own fault.

in favour of 支持)the proposal are expected to (4)Those who are ___________(
discuss it in detail after the meeting. Out of sympathy 出于同情), he decided to give the homeless (5) _______________( children shelter for the night.

2. 题组训练

我们班每位同学都渴望上名牌大学。 has a desire to go to a famous university. ①Every student in our class ___________________________________ (desire n. )

desires to go to a famous university. ②Every student in our class _______________________________
(desire v. )

desires health and happiness 渴望 (2)As a matter of fact, everyone _________________________(
健康和幸福). (3)She had a computer at home, and her parents desired that she (should)do all her work/jobs 做她所有的工作)at home. _________________________(

Ⅱ. 热考短语句式

1. leave . . . alone不管; 别惹; 让??一个人待着
【思维激活 ? 试一试】写出黑体部分的含义

①You leave my sister alone or I’ll be telling my father.
②Leave him alone and he will work out the problem. ( 让??一个人待着 )

(别惹 )
( 别打扰 )

③You shouldn’t have left Andy alone in the mountains; it was very dangerous.




leave behind
leave aside

留下, 遗留

leave for
leave out leave off

省去; 遗漏; 不考虑 停止, 中断

④I wonder why they left aside such an important question. 我纳闷他们为什么不考虑如此重要的一个问题。

⑤No wonder you couldn’t get through. You’ve left out a zero in
this phone number. 难怪你打不通。你在这个电话号码中漏掉了一个零。

2. set aside将??放在一边; 为??节省或保留(钱或时间); 暂时不考虑 【思维激活 ? 试一试】翻译句子, 体会set aside含义

①I try to set aside a few minutes each day to do some exercise, though I am very busy. 腾出一些时间 锻炼身体。 虽然我很忙, 但我每天尽量_____________

②After the experiment, please set the chemicals and tools aside.
请将化学制品和工具放到一边 。 实验之后, ___________________________

③Let’s set aside my personal feelings for now. 暂时别考虑我的个人感受了 。 我们现在_________________________




set about (doing sth. )
set out (to do sth. )

出发; 开始做某事

set down
set off

写下; 放下
动身, 出发; 引起, 引爆

3. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern.

她刚一转过身去, 就看见格拉迪丝· 克拉芬站在那儿。
【思维激活 ? 试一试】 There comes ①___________the teacher and her students. 老师和她的学生们来了。 【知识构建 ? 记一记】

there stood. . . 此句是完全倒装句; 表示“存在??”, 常用于这 种结构的动词有stand, seem to be, happen to be, live, come, go, lie等。

②There goes the last train. 最后一班火车开走了。

③There lived an old fisherman near the sea.


①here/up/down/in/out/away 等副词+go/come/run/stand/live 等表示位

a. 表示方位的短语+be+名词主语 b. 形容词+be+名词主语 c. 分词+be+名词主语 d. 副词+be+名词主语 ③地点状语+谓语(表存在的动词lie/stand等)+名词主语


turn around转向; 回转
【思维激活 ? 试一试】 turned _______and around ①She ______ gave a pretty smile to him. 她转过身来, 朝他迷人地笑了笑。




turn against
turn on/off

背叛; 反对

turn up
turn down turn out turn to

出现; 调大(音量)
拒绝; 调小(音量) 证明是; 结果是 转向; 求助于

②It is wise of them to turn down the suggestion. 他们拒绝这个建议是明智的。

③The pop singer turned to figure in soap operas.
那位流行歌星转向屏幕, 在肥皂剧中扮演角色。


was set aside for guests 留给客人用). 1. The room ____________________( bound to 一定)find out about it. 2. Don’t lie to her. Sheis __________( I was rung up 打电话给我)by an old friend who I 3. Last evening ____________( had not heard of for years. test out 试验)their cost-cutting ideas in several 4. The students will _______( companies next week.

more a scholar than a teacher 5. Jack is my favourite teacher, who is __________________________ (与其说是位教师, 不如说是位学者). There stood a man in black in the distance 远处站着一位穿黑衣服 6. _____________________________________( 的人)when I got off the bus. ’t have you cheating in the exam不允许你们在考试中作弊), 7. Wedon _______________________________( because it is unfair to others.

根据要求运用本单元所学知识完成下面小作文, 并背诵成文。 1. 在数码时代, 每个人都渴望有一个机器人。(desire) 2. 当你受到惊吓时 , 它会陪伴着你直到你想一个人待着。 (alarmed, accompany, leave alone) 3. 你上班时, 它会服从你的命令记录下给你打电话的号码, 甚至会处理 一些办公事务。(obey, ring up, affair)

4. 我认为, 这样的机器人与其说是一台机器, 不如说是一个朋友, 我坚

决支持机器人的研发。(more. . . than. . . , in favour of)
5. 我相信: 如果你有这样的机器人, 别人一定会羡慕你的。(be bound

to, envy)


In the digital times, everyone desires to have a robot. It will
accompany you until you want to be left alone when you are alarmed.

It obeys your orders and sets down the numbers that ring you up and
even deals with some office affairs while you are at work. In my opinion, a robot like this is more a friend than a machine. I am strongly in favour of the research and development of robots. I believe that if you have such a robot, others are bound to envy you.