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一、单项选择 ( )1.(2014 大纲全国卷,23,1 分)Today there are more airplanes______more people than ever before in the skies. A.carry B.carrying C.carried D.to be carrying ( )2.(2014 重庆,11,1 分)Group activities will be organized after class______children develop team spirit. A.helping B.having helped C.helped D.to help ( )3.(2014 重庆,5,1 分)The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras______to our shop for quality problems. A.returning B.returned C.to return D.to be returned ( )4.(2014 四川,7)—I hope to take the computer course. —Good idea.______more about it,visit this website. A.To find out B.Finding out C.To be finding out D.Having found out ( )5.(2014 四川,5)The manager was satisfied to see many new products______after great effort. A.having developed B.to develop C.developed D.develop ( )6.(2014 福建,30,1 分)For those with family members far away,the personal computer and the phone are important in staying______. A.connected B.connecting C.to connect D.to be connected ( )7.(2014 福建,27,1 分)______the past year as an exchange student in Hong Kong,Linda appears more mature than those of her age. A.Spending B.Spent C.Having spent D.To spend ( )8.(2014 江西,34,1 分)He is thought______foolishly.Now he has no one but himself to blame for losing the job. A.to act B.to have acted C.acting D.having acted ( )9.(2014 江西,31,1 分)______nearly all our money,we couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel. A.Having spent B.To spend C.Spent D.To have spent ( )10.(2014 江西,26,1 分)When it comes to______in public,no one can match him. A.speak B.speaking C.being spoken D.be spoken

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 Joe Simpson and Simon Yates were the first people to climb the West Face of the Siula Grande in the Andes mountains.They reached the top 36 ,but on their way back conditions were very 37 .Joe fell and broke his leg.They both knew that if Simon 38 alone,he would probably get back 39 .But Simon decided to risk his 40 and try to lower Joe down the mountain on a rope(绳). As they 41 down,the weather got worse.Then another 42 occurred.They couldn’t see or hear each other and, 43 ,Simon lowered his friend over the edge of a precipice(峭壁).It was 44 for Joe to climb back or for Simon to pull him up.Joe’s 45 was pulling Simon slowly towards the precipice. 46 ,after more than an hour in the dark and the icy cold,Simon had to 47 .In tears,he cut the rope.Joe 48 into a huge crevasse(裂缝)in the ice below.He had no food or water and he was in terrible pain.He couldn’t walk,but he 49 to get out of the crevasse and started to 50 towards their camp,nearly ten kilometers 51 . Simon had 52 the camp at the foot of the mountain.He thought that Joe must be 53 ,but he didn’t want to leave 54 .Three days later,in the middle of the night,he heard Joe’s voice.He couldn’t 55 it.Joe was there,a few meters

from their tent,still alive. 36. A.hurriedly 37.A.difficult 38.A.climbed 39.A.unwillingly 40.A.fortune 41.A.lay 42.A.damage 43.A.by mistake 44.A.unnecessary 45.A.height 46.A.Finally 47.A.stand back 48.A.jumped 49.A.managed 50.A.run 51.A.around 52.A.headed for 53.A.dead 54.A.secretly 55.A.find B.carefully B.similar B.worked B.safely B.time B.settled B.storm B.by chance B.practical B.weight B.Patiently B.take a rest B.fell B.planned B.skate B.away B.traveled to B.hurt B.tiredly B.believe C.successfully C.special C.rested C.slowly C.health C.went C.change C.by choice C.important C.strength C.Surely C.make a decision C.escaped C.waited C.move C.above C.left for C.weak C.immediately C.make D.early D.normal D.continued D.regretfully D.life D.looked D.trouble D.by luck D.impossible D.equipment D.Quickly D.hold on D.backed D.hoped D.march D.along D.returned to D.late D.anxiously D.accept

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