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Getting along with others

Module 5 Unit1

Reading and checking ? 1. betray 2.pretend 3.admit 4. forgive 5. superb ? 6. focus 7. awkward 8. sensitive 9. blame vt/n ? 10. absurd 11. overcome 12 acquaintance 13 respond ? 14. committed 15. mercy 16. cheerful cheer ? 17. guilty guilt 18 cruel cruelty 19 apologize apology ? 20 athletic athlete 21 disagreement agreement disagree ? 22 amusement amuse amused amusing ? Phrases ? 1. spy on 2 keep pace with 3 before long 4 get through ? 5 be based on 6 regardless of 7 end up 8 rely on ? 9 thanks to 10 be cautious about

One or two good friends are

better than100 acquaintances.


of great importance / significance It is ______________to have one or two good friends because good friends are those whom we can rely on when we are in trouble.

Adjectives to describe friends’ personalities

ambitious academic diligent sensible considerate cooperative energetic dynamic enthusiastic imaginative independent knowledgeable optimistic outspoken calm straightforward confident patient determined selfless talkative generous reliable bright dependable quiet warm-hearted open-minded strong-minded cheerful easy-going punctual humorous responsible sympathetic athletic A friend must be an athletic person, with whom I can do plenty of sports.

dishonest unreliable unkind irresponsible impolite unfriendly impatient selfish mean careless awkward clumsy cruel greedy pessimistic stubborn boring troublesome bad-tempered naughty narrow-minded cold-hearted self-centered

What does friendship mean to you?
Friendships are anchored in shared feelings and support. Friendships are based on shared activities or interests. Nothing is more important than friendship. I cannot imagine being without it. Friendship means not being alone. Life is no fun without a companion to share it with. Friendship means having someone I can rely on. Friendship means being committed to others. The best way to have a friend is to be a friend.

Describe a conflict with your parents, teachers or friends.

Can you give some suggestions on how to get along well with others?
One important thing to remember when trying to get along well with others is to compromise. When two people make a compromise, they should both be happy in the end. Another important thing to remember is to listen. When you listen carefully to others, it shows that you care about them and think that they are important. Finally, it takes time and energy to build good relationships with others. Invite some friends to do things with you, such as watching films, going to the park or go shopping. In this way, you can find common interests with others.

? He admitted __________________ (break) having broken/breaking the door, saying he was willing to have it repaired. ? He _______________________________ was admitted to/gained admission to Peking University, which made his parents very proud. ? The theatre only admits 1,000 persons. holds/ seats

? Who is ________ for the breakdown of the to blame school computer network? ? __________ for the breakdown of the Blamed school computer network, Alice was in low spirits. ? It is you rather than Alice that ___________________________for the are to blame/should be blamed breakdown of the school computer network.

? You dislike listening to pop music,______ don’t you? ? I dislike ____ when people speak with it their mouth full.

appreciate/like/ love/dislike/hate

get along get in get through get over get across get around/round
1.(10浙江)After that,he knew he could get through _________ any emergency by doing what he could to the best of his ability. 2. (08陕西)It’s going to rain. Xiao Feng, will you get in please help me _________ the clothes on the line? get through 3. She found writing helped her ____________the rough days.(摘自2011全国卷Ⅱ· 阅读理解E) 4. Your meaning didn't really get across . 5. With the teacher's help, I eventually __________ get over my depression.

rely on
be relied on 1. He can ______________ to finish the task independently. 2. You may rely on it that he will come to meet you. 你放心好了,他会来见你的。

depend on it that/see to it that(务必)/ take it for granted that(认为某事理所当然)

Football is very important to me, but so is our friendship.
1. ---Tom has made great progress in his studies recently. So he has ---______________(的确如此) and ___________(你也一样). so have you 2. If you don’t go to the party, neither/nor will I and________________(我也不去).

When asked, they usually hesitate before responding.


When ____, the new school building can hold as many as 10000 students. completing B. completed C. complete D. to be completed

given 2 If___ (give)

more attention, the trees could have grown better.

3. --- What’s the matter with you? --- ____ the window, my finger was cut unexpected. A. Cleaning B. To clean C. While cleaning D. While I was cleaning

Finish the exercises individually . Try to think carefully when you do them .

(12江苏)生活中冲突时有发生。假设你班同学苏华和 李江打篮球时发生争执,导致关系紧张。请你结合此 事,并根据以下提示,用英语写一篇短文,向学校英 文报“Happy Teens”专栏投稿。

Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. __________________________________

? Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. During the basketball game yesterday afternoon, Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other, trying to catch the ball. Then they started shouting and yelling, and it turned into a horrible quarrel. ? To be honest, it was Su's fault but Li was also to blame— they were not calm enough and both said some really mean things. They cared too much about winning and losing. As a matter of fact, blocking, pushing and bumping are just part of a tough game. ? To avoid such conflicts, we should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoying a harmonious life. It is also a virtue to forgive and forget, especially in such a competitive and stressful life. Instead of blaming each other, we should communicate more and put ourselves in others place. ? Don't be self-centered and try to be considerate. We must learn to handle conflicts calmly and wisely.

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