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高考英语一轮复习 Unit1 Living well课件 新人教版选修72_图文

选修 7

Unit 1

Living well


Ⅰ. 1.项目,进入, n . 2. adj . 3.主题,主要倾向 n 4.文学(作品),著作,文献 5.保龄球 n 6.方便的,有利的 adj 7.地下室 n 8.尊严,高贵的品质 n 9.收益, n . 10.同伴, n 11. vt. 12. n


1.entry __________________ 2.clumsy __________________ 3.mainstream .__________________ 4.literature .__________________ 5.bowling __________________ 6.handy .__________________ 7.Basement .__________________ 8.dignity .__________________ 9.profit __________________ 10.companion .__________________ 11.resign __________________ 12.certificate .__________________

Ⅱ. disability 1.伤残,无力,无能(n.)____________ ; disabled 伤残的,无能的(adj.)____________ ambition 2.雄心,野心(n.)____________ ; 有雄心的,有野心的(adj.)____________ ambitious

3.好处,利益(n.)____________ ;有益的,受益的(adj.) benefit
beneficial ____________ absence; 4.缺席,不在某处(n.)____________ ;

缺席的(adj.)____________ absent
心不在焉的(adj.)____________ Absent minded access; 5.方法,通路,可接近性(n.)____________ ;可接近的,可 accessible 进入的(adj.)____________

6.心理(学)(n.)psychology ____________ ;心理(学)的,精神上的(adj.) ;psychological ____________ ◆ 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

____________ . (disable)













____________ plan to build a school in the poor village.(ambition)

3.As we all know,fresh air is____________to our health and the new park____________us all,so we should keep it clean.(benefit) 4.His repeated____________from school is worrying.(absent) 5.The remote desert area is____________only by helicopter.(access) 答案:1.disabled;disabilities 3.beneficial;benefits 2.ambitions;ambitious 5.accessible


Ⅲ. 1.对……有益 2.换句话说 3.适应 4.上气不接下气 5.缺席,不参与 6.因…… 而生……的气 7.总而言之 8.取笑 9.切去,省去,停止 10.闲坐着 11.在许多方面 12.(祝你)一切顺利

be beneficial to sb./sth. _____________ in other words _____________ adapt(oneself)to sth. _____________ out of breath _____________ be absent from _____________ be annoyed with sb.for sth. _____________ .all in all _____________ make fun of _____________ cut out _____________ sit around _____________ in many ways _____________ all the best _____________

◆ 1.It s rude to_______________the people just because

they are in rags.(laugh at) 2.I,m too busy to_______________ here.(spend time doing nothing useful)

3.You can stay at home and needn t come here any
longer._______________you are fired.(that is to say) 4.He may have some shortcomings,but_______________

he is a good student.(in general;in a word)
5.Reciting as many articles as you can will_______________your writing.(do good to)

6.He quickly_______________ the new school.(adjust to) 7.After running for almost an hour,he was_______________.(breathing quickly) 8.Why are your parents so_______________ you?(angry with) 答案 :1.make fun of 2.sit around 4.all in all 7.out of breath 8.annoyed with 3.In other words

5.benefit/be beneficial to 6.adapted to

Ⅳ adapt annoy resign conduct congratulate

approve ◆



1.This_______________ news made him____________ so that he couldn,t sleep all night. 2.I wish you will not_______________of my choice because your approval means a great deal to me. 3.Three films_______________ from her novels were popular with young people.

4._______________the unfair treaty was no easy job,but they said they would never give up their efforts. 5.We had no choice but_______________ ourselves to making a loss on the sale. 答案:1.annoying;annoyed 4.Abolishing 5.to resign 2.disapprove 3.adapted

Ⅴ. Just accept them for who they are,and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.(P3)

彩、充实美满。 as+ adj .+a/an+ n .+as... 和 …… 一样 ……( 常用来比较

When you grow up,you will be as tall and strong a man as your father.


◆ 模仿造句。

____________________________________________ (2)英语和数学一样都是很重要的科目。

答案:(1)Mary is as clever a student as her elder brother.

(2)English is as important a subject as maths.

Ⅵ.语篇领悟 根据课文Marty,s Story Marty is a 1 (able)but a fairly positive person 2 never feels sorry for himself and has learned to adapt to his disability.Marty always tries hard to live 3 good life.He is realistic 4 his disability 5 he never stops doing as much as he can.He keeps 6 busy doing things like 7 (write)and computer programming that do not require physical strength.He has friends with whom he can go to movies and football matches and he has lots of pets.He 8 studies hard.He is a 9 (mental)strong independent boy.Therefore he is able to live as rich and full a life as everyone 10 .

答案:1.disabled 6.himself Ⅶ.

2.who 3.a


5.but 10.else

7.writing 8.also 9 mentally

用本单元所学词组、 我妈妈已经八十多岁了,她仍然很健康。 比如说,爬山的 时候,她比我还快,从没见她有上气不接下气的时候。当别 人问她长寿的秘诀时,她说:“我天天打太极,太极对健康 非常有益。刚学时动作做不好,很多人都取笑我,但我并不 介意。慢慢地,我和别人做得一样好了。特别是要学会开心 的生活,换句话说,不要为一点点小事就生气。总之,如果 你能快乐度过每一天,你就能长寿。” _______________________________________


My mother is more than eighty,but she is still

healthy.For example,when we go climbing,she is faster than I and she is never out of breath.When asked the secret of her long life,she said,“I practise Taiji every day.It is very beneficial to health.At first,I could not do it very well and many people made never fun of my strange movements.However,It bothered me.Gradually,I

could do it as well as others.In particular,you must learn to

live happily,in other words,don , t be annoyed at any
trifles.All in all,if you can live happily every day,you can enjoy a long life.”


1....why disabled people find the website beneficial.(P1) 为什么残疾人发现这个网站很有用。 ◆词语归纳

benefit v



.& n .有益于,使……受益,利益,

(2)benefit from.从……受益(benefit是不及物动词) (3)benefit sb./sth.对……有利(benefit是及物动词) (4)be of benefit to sb./sth.对……

(5)be beneficial to sb./sth.对……
(6)for the benefit of 为了……

◆ 根据括号中的提示完成下列句子。 (1) __________ (为了你的眼睛),don,t read in the sun.

(2)I find the book_______________( 有 用 )to English
beginners. (3)We will_______________( 从 …… 中受益 )what the old

worker said.
(4)The rapid development of economy ____________ . (使所有的中国人受益) 答案: (1)For the benefit of your eyes great benefit (3)benefit a lot from (2)beneficial/is of (4)benefits all the


2....but I am very outgoing and have learned to adapt to my disability.(P2) 但是我性格开朗,而且我已经学会了适应我的残疾生活。

(1)adapt (稿本) (2)adapt(oneself)to sth. (3)adapt...to...使……适应…… vi. & vt. 适应,使适应,使适合;改编或改写

(4)adapt sth.for sth.from sth.
(5)be adapted from...由……

◆ 根据括号中的提示完成下列句子。 (1)She (很快地适应了)the life here. (2)This novel_______________.(已由英文原著改编成电视剧) (3)This film_______________(由……改编)a novel written by

Lu Xun.
答案:(1)adapted (herself) quickly to

(2)has been adapted for a TV play from the English original
(3)was adapted from

3.My motto is:live one day at a time.(P2) 我的座右铭是:活一天算一天。 ◆

at times
at the same time 同时, at any time

all the time
in time on time

in no time
from time to time ahead of time

have a good time at a time 一次,依次, at one time( At one time the boy ate ten eggs at a time. 有一次,这个男孩一次吃下了十个鸡蛋。 选用上述短语填空完成下列小片段。 (1) Joan and I were good friends.She was a kind (2) I had any girl and I could go to her for help

difficulty because I knew she would always solve the



.Joan was clever,and



was diligent.She liked to finish her homework

and then she could have time to practise writing.Joan also liked walking. (6) we would take a walk along the (7) when river bank after supper.Joan had a good memory.One day she recited more than twenty long poems we were walking along the river. 答案: (1)At one time the same time (2)at any time (3)in time (4)at

(5)ahead of time

(6)From time to time

(7)at a time

4.So sometimes some children in my primary school would laugh,when I got out of breath after running a short way or

had to stop and rest halfway up the stairs.(P2)
有时当我跑了很短的一段路或是在上楼途中不得不停下来休 息时,我就会喘不过气,因此有时我小学的同学就会取笑我。 ◆ out of breath hold one,s breath catch one,s breath/get one,s breath喘过气来,松一口气 take a deep breath


(1)After the climbing,she was (2)I ran into the room,quite . .

(3)She_______________ and dived into the water.
(4)When the enemy came near,he_______________ and pretended to be dead. 答案: (1)out of breath deep breath (2)out of breath (3)took a

(4)held his breath

5.So don , t feel sorry for the disabled or make fun of them,and don,t ignore them either.(P3) 因此,不要感到残疾人可怜,或者取笑他们,也不要瞧不起 他们。 ◆ make fun of sb.取笑, laugh at sb.取笑, play a joke on sb. play a trick on sb.


(1)We think it cruel_______________.(捉弄盲人) (2)Nobody likes__________________.(被人嘲笑) 答案: (1)to play a trick on the blind/to play tricks on the blind (2)being made fun of/being laughed at

6.Disabled people should have the same opportunities as
able-bodied people to enjoy the cinema and to do so with dignity.(P8) 残疾人应当与健全人一样有同样的机会欣赏电影,同时能保 持自己的尊严。 able-bodied 是由“形容词+名词+ed” 构成的复合形容词。 英语中由名词 / 形容词 +动词的~ed或~ing 形式组合而成的复 合形容词很普遍。

请用此构词法试填以下一段话。 Our journey was far-reaching amongst _____________(雪 封 的 )mountains where no _____________( 说 英 语 的)people live.The local people are_______________(相 貌 好 看 的 ),_____________ ( 随 和 的 )and ____________ _( 勤 劳 的 ).Our hostess was _____________( 年 老 的),_____________(白发苍苍的)and _____________(被太

阳晒伤的 ).She gave me _____________( 自家做的 )yaks
milk cake,looking _____________(自足的)as I enjoyed this rare treat although very _____________(著名)and

____________ ( 广泛流传 )around here.I was exhausted
when I fell into the _____________(准备好了的)bed she prepared for me. 答 案 : snow covered/capped;English speaking;good looking;easy going;hard working;old aged;white


burnt;home made;self


known;wide spread;ready




2.明确性:通知的内容要明确,不能含糊。要说清楚时间、 地点、活动内容,必要时还要说清参加活动的单位或人物。 3.简洁性:通知是应用文中最简单的文体之一,因此,要 用精练的文字表达明确的信息,在行文或口头表述时,要 做到言简意赅,减少重复和罗嗦。


3.多用简单句。 4.多用被动语态。

书面通知通常由:开头词(Notice); 通知的正文;发通知 者的名称;发通知的日期四个部分组成。写通知的正文时, 要把通知事项、时间、地点、出席对象以及注意事项和要求 写清楚。发出通知的时间一般写在通知正文的左下角,发通 知的单位或个人的名称则写在右下角。

口头通知的写作格式: 口头通知的开头与书面通知有点不同,开头一般有称呼,如: Boys and girls,Ladies and gentlemen等等,(而书面通知 一般没有这样的称呼)。接下来一般有May I have your attention,please 或I have something important to tell you等 句子引出通知的内容;通知内容讲完后,一般以That,s

all.Thank you.这样的话结尾,后面没有发通知者的名称和

◆ 请按要求分别写一则书面通知和口头通知。 (一)请你代表学校教导处写一个英语书面通知。告诉同学 们《英语写作指导》《Guide of English Writing》一书已到 货。请各班派二名同学去领取。时间是星期一至星期五的下 午五点,地点在学校图书馆。 (二)假如你是五班的班长。下午放学前,老师走了,你把 同学们留住, (1)明天下午4点在学校会堂听报告,由生物老师朱老师讲有




_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________


答案: (一) Notice The English book “Guide of English Writing” has arrived at our school.Two students from each class are asked to

collect the books.We,ll send out the books in our school
library at 5:00 pm every afternoon from Monday to Friday. Teaching Affairs Office

August 29,2009

(二) Boys and girls,

May I have your attention,please?I,ve a few things to
tell you.Tomorrow afternoon there will be a report on environmental protection given by our biology teacher,Mr.Zhu,in the hall at four o,clock. For this week,s political study we,ll learn the law of environmental protection by ourselves.If you have any questions,put them down and hand them in before Friday.Our teacher will answer your questions in class next week.

One more thing:the day after tomorrow our class team will have a basketball match with Class 6.Let,s go and cheer

for them.
That,s all.Thank you.