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【新步步高】2017高考英语人教版一轮复习 必修3 Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars 习题.doc

Unit 4

Astronomy:the science of the stars

1.________a certain doubt among the workers as to the necessity of the work. A.It existed C.There had B.There existed D.It had

解析 句意:对于做这份工作的必要性,工人们存在一定的疑惑。There exists/existed... 有;存在;相当于 There be....结构。 答案 B 2.When the young man came back,tired,he just forgot to turn on the radio and____missed the program. A.anyhow C.however B.thus D.somewhat

解析 句意为:这年轻人回来时,累了,他就忘了打开收音机,因而错过了那个节目。 anyhow 不管怎样;thus 如此;因此;这样;从而;however 然而;somewhat 稍微;有 点。 答案 B 3.—Darling,I didn't get promoted. —________!There will be loads of other opportunities. A.Well done C.Cheer up B.What a pity D.All right

解析 答语句意:振作起来!还会有很多其他的机会的。cheer up 振作起来;well done 做得很好;what a pity 真遗憾;all right 好。 答案 C 4.The police arrived twenty minutes later and________the crowd for the sake of safety. A.took up C.woke up B.wound up D.broke up

解析 考查动词短语。句意:二十分钟后警察到了,为了安全起见把人群驱散了。break up 驱散;take up 从事,占据;wind up 上弦;wake up 唤醒。 答案 D 5.The price of the flat now is________that last year. A.as twice high as B.twice more expensive than C.as high as twice

D.twice the amount of 解析 句意:现在的房价是去年的两倍。考查倍数表达法“倍数+the+n.+of”结构。 答案 D 6.The school has developed an online system________ students can choose their own teachers. A.which B.when C.that D.where

解析 考查定语从句的引导词。 先行词为 system, 且在从句中作状语, 故用 where 引导。 句意:学校研发了一个网络系统,在这一系统中学生可以选择自己的老师。 答案 D 7.We are all surprised to see him drive a Benz.Who knows________he got so much money to afford it? A.how B.where C.whether D.what

解析 考查宾语从句的引导词。how 表方式,符合句意及结构。句意:我们看到他开着 奔驰都很吃惊。谁知道他是怎么挣到那么多钱的? 答案 A 8.The discussion was held in a lively________with members talking freely to each other. A.atmosphere C.situation B.weather D.phenomenon

解析 考查名词词义的辨析。atmosphere 气氛;氛围; weather 天气; situation 情形; 状况; phenomenon 现象。 答案 A 9. Seeing the bad results of the exams, she was rather frustrated and felt________about her future. A.surprising C.puzzled 解析 B.puzzling D.surprised

句意为:看着这糟糕的考试成绩,她相当泄气,对未来感到迷惘。surprising 令

人吃惊的; puzzling 令人迷惑的; puzzled 迷惑的; 迷惘的; surprised 吃惊的。 feel puzzled about 对……感到迷惑/迷惘。 答案 C 10.We rent a beach house with two small rooms,________can serve as a kitchen. A.the smaller of which B.a smaller of which C.the smaller of them D.smaller of that 解析 考查定语从句的引导词。先行词为 rooms,应用 which 引导;“the +比较级”表示 两者之中“较……的那一个”。

答案 A 11.He couldn't________the fact that the money was found in his house. A.answer for C.account for B.leave for D.care for

解析 account for 在句中是“解释”之意, 相当于 explain; answer for 负责; leave for 离开, 根据句意,要用 account for。 答案 C 12.The bill would________workers twelve weeks of unpaid leave for family emergencies. A.permit B.supply C.admit D.provide

解析 permit 后可接 sb to do sth,表示“允许某人做某事”;provide 和 supply 都是“提供” 之意,而 admit 是“承认”之意,三者均不符合句意。 答案 A 13.Getting more information on how to use these tools can________your chances of success. A.raise C.add 解析 B.multiply D.gain 句意为:获取更多关于这些工具使用方法的信息可以增加你成功的机会。

multiply(使)增加;raise 举起,抬高;add 增加,A、C 两项均不与 chance 搭配;gain 获 得,其主语为人。 答案 B 14.It’s reported that women with demanding jobs are almost________to suffer a heart attack. A.as likely twice C.twice as likely B.likely twice as D.twice likely as

解析 考查倍数表达法。 本题考查的是“主语+谓语+倍数+as+adj.或 adv.的原级(+as +比较对象)”。根据语意可知,此处表示“患心脏病的几率几乎是(常人)的两倍”,所以 用“twice as likely”。 答案 C 15.—What do you think of their marriage? —________,if I were Kate,I would not marry him. A.Generally speaking C.To be honest B.I have no idea D.To my surprise

解析 根据后句句意,可以首先排除选项 B;generally speaking 和 to my surprise 分别表 示“一般说来”和“令我惊讶的是”, 都不符合句意。 第二句句意为“说实话, 如果我是凯特, 我就不会嫁给他”。 答案 C

Ⅱ.阅读理解 Are you the type of person who always says “yes”?I’ve come to learn that it is very important to learn to say “no”.It’s okay.People are still going to like you.They may even respect you more because they know you are honest. I’m not saying to say “no” to someone who really needs your help.I’m talking about turning down that meeting that you really do not want to attend or that birthday party that you don’t want to be a guest at. Think for a moment how you feel when you say “yes” to something that you really don’t want to do.If you’re like I once was,you can’t sleep at night and you think about it too much.It weighs on your mind.You try to find ways out.Whatever you’re saying to yourself,if you really wanted to go,you wouldn’t have all of these thoughts. So,why not just say “no” from the beginning?Maybe you feel like if you don’t show up at the meeting (by the way,it is not one you must attend),your boss isn’t going to like you or your co?workers won’t respect you.Maybe you feel as if your mom,dad or sisters won’t love you as much if you don’t do everything for them what they ask every occasion. If these people are your true friends,family members,or a good boss,they will like or love you the same no matter what.People treat you the way you teach them to,and if you’re someone who always says “yes”,then that’s what they’re expecting. You need to do what is right for you.Of course we do have real obligations in life to fulfill, but we do not have to do everything others want us to do. 【语篇解读】 生活中,我们有义务完成应该做的事情,但是不必出于太多的顾虑,凡 事惟命是从,要学会拒绝,学会说“不”。 1.Which of the following statements would the writer agree with? A.We should try to do what our friends ask us to do. B.We should help others in need. C.Always saying “yes” means you are dishonest. D.Always saying “no” means you are brave. 解析 细节理解题。 根据第二段第一句的内容可知, 作者认为我们应该帮助需要帮助的 人,故 B 项正确。 答案 B 2.Generally speaking,we agree to do what we hate to do because we________. A.have a bad habit C.have much concern B.have a kind heart D.have obligations

解析 推理判断题。 结合第三段第二句中的“you think about it too much”以及本段后半部 分的内容可推知,我们之所以同意做我们讨厌做的事情是因为我们有很多顾虑。

答案 C 3.The writer believes that if you say “no” to your family members,you’ll________. A.have the same relationship with them as before B.have a loose relationship with them C.disappoint them D.upset them 解析 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段第一句的内容可知,作者认为如果你对你的家人

说“不”,他们与你之间的关系仍然会和以前一样。 答案 A 4.What would be the best title for the text? A.Learn to Make a Right Choice B.To Be Yourself C.Do What You Want to Do D.Learn to Say “No” 解析 主旨大意题。 文章第一段就开门见山地点明了本文的中心话题, 即要学会说“不”, 所以 D 项作为本文的标题最合适。 答案 D Ⅲ.短文改错 假定英语课上老师要求同学们交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中 共有 9 处语言错误,要求你在错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏词符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下面画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:每处错误及其修改均仅限一词: One day a lady sees a mouse running across her kitchen floor.She was very afraid of mouses,so she ran out of the house and went into a shop there mousetraps were sold.The shopkeeper said to her, “Put some cheese in it, you will soon catch that mouse.”The lady went to home with her mousetrap.But when she looked in her cupboard,she could not find some cheese in it.She did not want to go back to the shop,unless it was too late.She cut a picture of some cheese out of a magazine and put it in the trap.In her surprise,the picture of cheese was quite successfully!When the lady came down to the kitchen a next morning she found a picture of a mouse in the trap beside the picture of the cheese! 答案 One day a lady sees a mouse running across her kitchen floor. She was very afraid of saw

mouses there ,so she ran out of the house and went into a shop mousetraps were sold.The mice where ∧ shopkeeper said to her,“Put some cheese in it,andyou will soon catch that mouse.”The lady went to\ home with her mousetrap.But when she looked in her cupboard,she could not find some unless cheese in it.She did not want to go back to the shop, it was too late.She cut a any because picture of some cheese out of a magazine and put it in the trap. cheese was quite In her surprise,the picture of To

successfully a ! When the lady came down to the kitchen next morning she successful the

found a picture of a mouse in the trap beside the picture of the cheese!