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广东省增城县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空选练(4)

广东增城县 2016 高考英语完形填空二轮选练(4)
完形填空。 I believe that I always have a choice, no matter what I'm doing and what is happening. I used to write my books, typing on a keyboard, __1__ now I can no longer __2__ my hands. In 2008, I was diagnosed (诊断出) with ALS, a (n)__3__ disease, which would weaken and finally __4__ every important muscle in my body. That's to say I would __5__ be unable to move, to speak and finally to __6__. Only largely depending upon others could I live. I was lost and felt everything around me became dull. I was __7__ to give up writing completely and remained __8__ all day long. In the __9__, some of my friends and relatives came to __10__ me. However it wasn't long before I became __11__ again, wondering about the meaning of life. Sometimes I came up with the __12__ that I'd better end my life because I couldn't __13__ the complex (复杂的)expressions on my family's faces. I came to become depressed, doubtful and __14__. Then one day as I was wheeling myself along a nearby street, I found an old guy in dirty clothes with no legs or arms __15__ in the street. I was shocked and woke up at once. I was more __16__ than him. I have thousands of __17__ to live on. When he came to me begging, I was so inspired and offered all that was in my purse. From then on I __18__ to go through the process of learning to use voice recognition software. Old woman as I was, __19__ I wrote more now than ever. Every day now I have a __20__ on not only whether I will live, but how I will live. I can choose to see ALS as nothing more than a death sentence, or I can choose to see it as an invitation—an opportunity to learn who I really am. 1.A.and C.but 答案:C 上下文理解。这里是转折关系。 2.A.lift C.remove B.control D.wash B.so D.until

答案:B 语境逻辑。过去能用手在键盘上录入,但现在控制不了自己的手了。A 答案意 思是“抬、举”;C 答案意思是“移开”;D 答案意思是“清洗”。不符合上下文逻辑。 3.A.curable C.common B.unknown D.terrible

答案:D 上下文理解。若选 A,后文里并没有治愈作者的病,若选 B,既然不知名的疾 病,怎么会知道它的特点呢?故排除。根据后文对前空的描述,可以推断这是一种非常令人

恐怖的疾病。 4.A.destroy C.digest B.swallow D.remove

答案:A 逻辑推理。根据前句的内容“which would weaken”可以推断这种病的危害是 一个渐进的过程,越来越严重。从最初的削弱到最后破坏掉所有的重要的肌肉组织。剩下的 选项不能和前面的关键词“weaken”形成病情由轻到重的过程。 5.A.hardly C.gradually B.actually D.totally

答案:C 上下文推断。根据前面的关键词句“That's to say”,后句是在继续解释这 种疾病由轻到重的一个渐进过程。 因此, 这里选择副词 gradually“逐渐地”符合上下文逻辑。 6.A.communicate C.breathe B.behave D.die

答案:C 语境逻辑。既然是一个逐渐加重的过程,到最后就是停止呼吸,终止生命的过 程。此题容易误选 D。注意:该空被前面的 unable to 修饰限制。 7.A.determined C.encouraged B.forced D.advised

答案:B 上下文理解。由后文的情节可推断,我是被迫彻底停止写作,因为健康状况急 剧恶化。 8.A.positive C.dependent B.disabled D.silent

答案:D 逻辑推理。根据对上下文的理解。作者情绪极其低落,因此终日无语。 9.A.beginning C.evening B.end D.hospital

答案:A 逻辑推理。根据上下文的逻辑,可推断,在最初的一段时间,一些亲戚和朋友 来探望我。 10.A.guide C.entertain B.admire D.comfort

答案:D 逻辑推理。我的疾病令人同情,亲戚朋友来安慰我。 11.A.mysterious C.cheerful B.lonely D.humorous

答案:B 上下文理解。后来看我的人逐渐减少,因此我又变得孤独起来。 12.A.opinion C.imagination B.idea D.decision

答案:B 上下文理解。有时候我真的有想结束自己生命的想法。

13.A.understand C.forgive

B.guess D.bear

答案:D 逻辑推理。我这样成了家里的累赘,自然会变得敏感多疑,因此无法忍受家人 脸上那种(厌烦,焦虑,责怪等)复杂的表情。 14.A.hopeless C.disabled 答案:A 解析:语境逻辑。根据空前的关键词 doubtful, depressed 可知,作者这个时候非常无 助,对生活没了希望。 15.A.sleeping C.singing B.begging D.dancing B.adventurous D.impolite

答案:B 后文暗示。后文 When he came to me begging,谈到那残疾老头过来向我乞讨。 16.A.unlucky C.confident B.miserable D.fortunate

答案:D 逻辑推理。那老头四肢几乎都没有了,我比起他来算是幸运多了。 17.A.chances C.reasons B.excuses D.purposes

答案:C 逻辑推理。因此我有数千个理由应该活下去。 18.A.managed C.intended B.continued D.stopped

答案:A 语境逻辑。我终于设法学会了运用语音识别系统录入文字的软件,继续写作。 19.A.absolutely C.interestingly B.simply D.probably

答案:C 上下文理解。注意:Old woman as I was 意思是“尽管我已经苍老”,这里有 让步的含义,有趣的是我的写作量比以前任何时候都要大。 20.A.way C.thought B.method D.choice

答案:D 前后照应,上下文暗示。注意第一段的描述和后面动词 choose,意思是“我每 天都要选择怎样活(得更有意思)”。

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、 C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白


处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 My husband and I were cleaning windows together yesterday. We have the double-hung(双吊钩)________36 that you can pull forward and flip(翻转), allowing us to _______37 the inside and the outside surfaces. My husband was______38 one window---and it popped out(跳出) of its frame! Well, our _____39 is for sale and the last thing we needed was for something to_______40. He was so_____41 and tried with all his strength to get it ______42 together, using a few less than pleasant words(I am sorry to say). After twenty minutes he still could not get it______43. that’s when my 23-year-old_______44 told his dad to ______45 for a minute and he would try to fix with me. It’s amazing how you can see things more clearly and do things more______46 when you are _____47. He and I fixed the window in three minutes! I called my husband in to see! He couln’t_____48 it! I know this isn’t really a gift_______49, in a way, it was. My son_____50 my husband to leave, to cool down, and______51 him from the worry for a moment. And my son fixing it with me was a ______52 to me, because I saw him as a man instead of the kid he always seems to be in my________53. Calm is good. Breathe through _______54 times and maybe even take a break from stressful times. Return with a clear mind and things will usually______55 much better! 36. A. doors B. chairs C. tables 37. A. destroy B. smooth D.windows

C. clean D. dry C. repairing C. home C. lose D. changing

38. A. washing B. painting 39. A. furniture B. house 40. A. break B. dirty

D. car D. fly

41. A. interested

B. delighted D. back

C. worried

D. excited

42. A. up B. away C. out

43. A. separated B. delivered

C. fixed D. added D. daughter D. take away D. easily

44. A. son B. nephew C. student 45. A. put away B. walk away

C. give away C. slowly

46. A. fortunately B. difficulty

47. A. calm 48. A. hate 49. A. or 50. A. asked 51. A. kept

B. equal B. doubt B. so C. and B. forced B. freed

C. nervous C. believe D. but C. ordered C. saved

D. frightened D. satisfy

D. promised

D. protected D. hurt B. eyes D. difficult D. make out

52. A. surprise 53. A. power 54. A. easy

B. wonder B. hand B. happy

C. gift C. turn C. exciting

55. A. break out

B. turn out

C. pull out

36.D 由文章第一句话“My husband and I were cleaning windows together yesterday.” 可知, “我 们”有双吊钩的“窗户” ,这样的“窗户”便于你能向前推并翻转。 37.C 第一段提到:昨天“我”和丈夫一起擦窗子。由此可知是便于“我们” “擦洗”窗户的 里面和外面。故 clean“把??弄干净”符合语境。 38.A 由文章第一段可知,夫妻二人正在擦洗窗户,此处指的应该是“我”的丈夫正在“洗” 一扇窗户。故 wash“冲;洗”符合语境。 39.B 由语境可知应该是“我们”的“房子”要出售。 40.A 由前面的“?and it popped out of its frame!”可知,窗子坏了。故此处应该表示 “我们”最不需要的事情就是东西“坏了” 。break“打破、弄坏”符合语境。 41.C 由下文中的“?, using a few less than pleasant words (I am sorry to say). ” 可知,丈夫感到那么的不安(worried)。 42.D 由上文中提到的“ it popped out of its frame!”应该使窗户恢复原样。get ?back 意为“恢复”符合语境。 43.C 由下文中的“?and he would try to fix it with me.”可知,丈夫尽力把窗户“安 装”在一起。 44.A 由倒数第二段中的“And my son fixing it with me”可知答案。 45.B 由下文中的“I called my husband in to see!”可知,儿子告诉他的父亲走开一会??。 walk away“走开”符合语境。 46.D 由前面的“clearly”及后面的语境可知应该用“easily”合适。

47.A 由最后一段中的第一句话“Calm is good.”可知当你“镇定的”时候,看事情更清晰, 做事情更容易。 48.C 由上一段中的“After twenty minutes he still could not get it?.”可知丈夫二 十分钟后仍没能把窗户安装好。再由下文中的“He and I fixed the window in three minutes!”可知,他无法“相信” ! 49.D 由上下文语境可知是转折关系。故选 but。 50.A 由上下文语境可知,应该是儿子“让”自己的父亲走开一会??。 51.B 儿子帮助父亲从焦虑中摆脱出来。free ?from ?意为“使??摆脱??”符合语境。 而 keep?from?,阻止某人??;protect ?from?,保护??免受;save ?from?, 从??挽救??均不符合语境。 52.C 由本段第一句知, “我”知道这并不真的是一份礼物,但是在某一方面,它又是。故推 知, “我”的儿子和我一起修理窗户,对“我”而言是一份“礼物” 。 53.D 由上文中的“a man ”可知下文中与之对应的应该是“the kid” ,故选 instead of“而 不是” 。 54.D 在母亲眼中的儿子。故用“in one’s eyes” 。其它三项均不符合语境。 55.B 带着清醒的头脑返回并且事情将通常产生更好的结果。

2016 高考完形填空选练 完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 I am a mom of two young children who are my students in my home. This they are usually with me.Whenever possible I will 42 41 that 43 44

some acts of kindness,

things like showing ways to strangers, holding doors, etc. So, they are very with such kind acts and are, of course, others.Just a few days ago we stopped 46 45 to also do “nice” things for

our local grocery store to pick up a

few things which quickly turned into a load of goods in the cart(超市手推车). We got into one of the two open checkout channels and waited our a young man came up behind us with only a few go ahead of us as we were in no 49 48 47 . While waiting,

in his basket. I told him to

.He seemed very pleasantly surprised and



. As he began putting his items on the belt ,the clerk began to


her till tape (出纳机纸带) so we had a fairly long wait in line.My kids were very 52 behaved but they were still children; they asked questions, they talked 53 ,

they moved around and they were generally very pleased. I could see the young man watching and listening with a smile on his face.We were putting our items on the 54 when the clerk finished with 56 55 order. What I

didn`t know was that he had heard my kids they could have some. 57

bubble gum(泡泡糖). I had agreed

, he picked up a pack of bubble gum and asked the clerk

to ring it through twice before putting it back.He then told my kids that he bought their gum 58 their mom was 59 60 enough to let him go ahead in the queue. that good causes good for my lovely little

The experience really showed the kids. 41. A.tells 42.A.entertain 43.A.important 44.A.satisfied 45.A.supported 46.A.near 47.A.opportunity 48.A.fruit 49.A.time 50.A.accepted 51.A.change 52.A.badly 53.A.constantly 54.A.belt 55.A.her B.leaves B.serve B.impressive B.occupied B.taught B.by B.return

C.means C.leave C.suitable C.familiar C.encouraged C.with C.turn C.items C.case C.carried C.continue C.well C.impolitely C.basket C.their C.ask for C.Otherwise C.because

D.ensures D.perform D.simple D.pleased D.supposed D.against D.time D.sales D.sense D.agreed D.stop D.ill D.rudely D.cart D.our D.concern about D. Meanwhile D.until

B.vegetable B.hurry B.collect B.remove B.poorly B.immediately B.bench B.his

56.A.complain about B.allow for 57.A. Therefore 58.A.when B.However B.unless

59.A.happy 60.A.idea

B.helpful B.reward 46—50 BCCBA

C.serious C.chance 51—55 ACAAB

D.nice D.instruction 56—60 CACDA

参考答案 41—45 CDDCC


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