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高一英语必修二教案《Unit 2 English around the world》
教案【一】 教学准备 教学目标 words base, command, request, recognize expressions because of, come up, at present, make use of, such as, play a part (in) patterns …because of that, english began to b spoken in many other countries. actually all languages change and develop… the latter gave a separate identity to american english spelling. 教学重难点 ■ to help students get to know about english development ■ to help students better understand “learning english” ■ to help students understand and use some important words and expressions ■ to help students identify examples of indirect speech (ii): request & commands in the text 教学工具 课件 教学过程 ⑴warming up by listing good morning, class. we have been learning english for several years. but how many english-speaking countries are there in the world? now let’s make a list of them on the blackboard. english countries explanation mother tongue the united kingdom the united states of america canada australia south africa ireland new zealand the people in these countries are native speakers of english. in total, for more than 375 million people english is their mother tongue. second language india pakistan nigeria the philippines these people speak the language of their own country at home but the language of the government, schools, newspapers, and tv is english. foreign language china germany france etc. the number of people who learn english as a foreign language is more than 750 million. ⑵warming up by answering questions about english good morning, class. today we shall start learning unit 2 english around the world. but how much do you know about english? ●what is standard english? standard english is the form of english that most people in britain use, and that is not limited to one area or group of people. ●what is a dialect? a dialect is a variety of a language spoken only in one area, in which words, or grammar are slightly different from other forms of the same language.

●do we have standard chinese? what is it? in china there’re so many dialects that the government encourages the whole nation to speak putonghua, which is regarded as standard chinese. ⑶warming up by giving reasons unit 2 english around the world is what we are going to learn today. we are all learning english now because english is so popular in the world. but do you know why it is so? how many reasons could you giving for the spread of english around the world? * english is one of the official languages of the olympic games and the united nations. * english dominates international websites and provides nearly all of the new computer terminology. * tourism and trade from western europe and north america has contributed to the spread of english. * satellite tv, radio programs like joy fm, cds and, of course, hollywood films all broadcast english into china. also, a number of chinese films include english subtitles. 2.pre-reading we are learning english here. but why are we learning it? could you suggest to the class as many reasons as you can think of, why people in the world learn english? for work, as a hobby, to learn about other people, to travel, to read literature in the original, to read research papers, to meet foreigners, to surf the internet, to pass exams, etc. go on with your reasons. i shall write your suggestions on the board as you make them. 3. skimming the text for general ideas now we go to page 9 to skim the text for the main idea of each paragraph. paragraph 1: the spread of the english language in the world paragraph 2: native speaker can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of english. paragraph 3: english changes and develops when cultures meet and communicate with each other. paragraph 4: by the 19th century english is settled. paragraph 5: english is spoken as a foreign language or second language in south asia. 4. reading and filling read the text to complete the chart below. time english is influenced by… ad 450-1150 german 1150-1500 french in the 1600’s shakespeare, who make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before by the 19th century samuel johnson, noah webster now languages in south asia, in singapore, in malaysia, in africa and in china 5. reading and copying next we shall go over the text once more. this time try find and copy all the useful expressions down in your notebook. useful expressions at the end of…, make voyages, speak english as…, in the next century, change over time, communicate with…, be based on…, at present, become less like…, rule england, enrich the english language, make use of…, move to…, later in the 18th century, give a separate identity to…, have a very large number of…, fluent english speakers, become the language for…, develop one’s own identity, increase rapidly 教案【二】 教学准备 教学目标 teaching aims: 1) get the students to master some important words, phrases and sentence patterns. 2) enable the students to use the language points by themselves. 教学重难点 teaching important points:

master the usages of “more than , come up, over, be based on, present, a/ the number of” teaching difficult points: present: v adj 教学工具 课件 教学过程 1 do you know that there is more than one kind of english? more than one 不止一个 eg: more than one girl in this school holds such a view. more than one 后跟___________,作主语时,谓语动词要用______。 more than 1). more than +num(数词) :over she showed the visitors around the museum,_______________________________ ___________________________________________(其建造花了 3 年多时间) 2)more than +n: not only music is more than just a sound--- it’s a way of thinking. 3) more than +adj/v : very 听到这个消息我很高兴。 ____________________________________. 4) more a than b 与其说 b 倒不如说 a 与其说他聪明倒不如说他勤奋。 ________________________________. 2. yes . i’d like to come up to your apartment. come up 1)走近,靠近 练一练: 他走近我问我去车站的路。 ___________________________________________________________. (2)(被)提出 in order to finish the task on time, a good piece of advice came up at the meeting. 误区警示:come up 作“被提出”讲时是不及物动词短语,不能用被动语态。 拓展: (1)can you tell me how the accident came about?_____ (2)i came across my old classmate in the street.______ (3)the author’s new book will came out next week.________ (4)my dream has at last come true._______ (5)the doctor came up with a good idea at the meeting._____ 3 so why has english changed over time? over: during 在过去的几年间,我的家乡发生了巨大的改变。 ____________________________________________________________. the girls sing songs over their work 4 it was based more on german than the english we speak at present. base: vt 建于…之上;以…为基础 用法:base a on b a be based on b one should always base his opinion on facts. 变为被动:___________________________________________________________. exercise: 她的结论是建立在科学研究的基础上的

_____________________________________________________________. 教学是以科学为基础的一门艺术。 teaching is an art __________________________________. at present =at the moment o mother is busy preparing dinner at present. present (adj.) 1) 现在的,目前的,可作前置定语 目前的形势________________________ 2)出席的,在场的,可作后置定语和表语 出席的人们:__________________________ 他出席了昨天的会议。 ____________________________________________________. 所有出席会议的人都同意我的计划。 _____________________________________________. o present (n.) 礼物=gift o present (vt.) present v.赠送,提出,展现, present sb. with sth.或 present sth. to sb. 把…赠送给,颁发,授予 eg. on his birthday, his friends____________________________(送给他一本书) ◆ 即学即练 根据括号中的汉语提示完成下列句子。? (1)how many people _______________ (出席)at the meeting? (2)the experts ___________________ (出席会议的)were from different parts of the world.? (3)what is your_________________ (现在的住址)?? (4)the mayor ____________ (颁发) a silver cup to the winner next week.? (5)what are you busy doing_______________ (目前)? (6)he gave his mother__________ (一件礼物).? 5. for example, india has a very large number of fluent english speakers . today the number of people learning english in china is increasing rapidly. a number of 许多,后接______ 名词,作主语时谓语动词用_____. the number of …的数量,后接_____ 名词,作主语时谓语动词用______. 1)去年许多人失业了。 _____________________________________________. 2)出国的人的数量正在增加。 ___________________________________________. 随堂检测:单句填空 1 the film ___________(base) on a novel by lu xun. 2 _________(actual), i am busy at the moment. 3 many people believe the english _________(speak) on tv and on the radio is standard english. 4 the number of students _________(pass) the exam _____(be) increasing rapidly. 单句改错: 1 she came up a new idea a new idea at the meeting. 2 more than one person are against the plan. 3 i am sorry he is out at the present. 4 basing on facts, the novel sells well. translation 1 对于一个中国人来说,把英语说得和说英语的本地人一样流利是不容易的。 2 一个原因就是英语的词汇量很大。

3 去西方国家学英语的人数快速增加。 4 很多人尽力充分利用每个机会说英语。 5 我们都知道,说得越多,就越流利。: 连句成篇: 用上面的句子,根据以下的提示写一篇小短文 对于中国人来说……. 一个原因是……. 为了更好的学好英语,近年来……此外……. 因为 众所周知…… homework write a passage using the words ,phrases and sentence patterns that we have learn.