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【成才之路】2015-2016学年高中英语 unit5 section3 Using Language练习 新人教版必修2

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Unit 5

Section Ⅲ

briefly, devotion, sensitive, painful, attractive , invitation, confident, afterwards 1.My boss only tells us ________ the important events in a hurry. 2.Freddy was now quite ________ when he went into the hall. 3.She received an ________ to take part in the party but she didn't accept it. 4.The mother always shows her total ________ to her children. 5.Kate is easily hurt because she is very ________. 6.My hometown is an ________ place and we all like it. 7.It was ________ for me to admit that he was better than me. 8.I am very worried about you. I don't know what you did ______. 答案:1.briefly 2.confident 3.invitation 4.devotion

5.sensitive 6.attractive Ⅱ.完成句子

7.painful 8.afterwards

1.You don't know the company provides free service ________ ________ (另外). 2.________ ________ (简言之), we should give them our help. 3. We ________ ________ ________ ________(满怀信心地说) that life will be better. 4 . You shouldn't ________ all your spare time ________( 把??献给 ) playing computer games. 5.All of us love beauty but ________ ________(最重要的是) we must keep healthy. 6.The young girl ________ very ________ ________ (对??敏感)her weight. 7.Since you have made a promise, you must ________ ________(坚持) it. 8.No one could ________ ________ ________ (提出) a good idea. 答案:1.in addition 2.In brief 3.are confident in saying 6.is;sensitive to 7.stick to

4.devote;to 5.above all 8.come up with Ⅲ.单句语法填空 1.—My office is untidy.

—You should spare some time to sort________ the documents. 答案:out 句意:——我的办公室不整洁。——你应该抽出一些时间把文件分一下类。 sort out 分类。 2.I can't go with you, as I haven't finished my homework and I'll help my sister with her arithmetic ________addition.
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答案:in 考查固定短语。句意:我不能和你一块去,因为我未完成家庭作业,另外我 还得帮我妹妹学算术。 3.With the rapid development of Chinese economy, we Chinese are very confident ________ our Chinese Dream. 答案:of/about 考查固定短语。句意:随着中国经济的快速发展,我们中国人对我们 的中国梦非常有信心。be confident of/about (doing)sth.是固定短语,对(做)某事有信心。 4. He is really considering ________(devote) himself to ________(educate) these children of the poor mountain village. 答案:devoting;educating 句意:他确实在考虑致力于教育这些贫困山村的孩子们。 consider 考虑,后应接动名词作宾语;在 devote...to...中,to 是介词,后面应接动名词。 5.Never waste anything, and ________all never waste time. 答案: above 考查短语辨析。 句意: 不要浪费任何东西, 而且最重要的是不要浪费时间。 above all 最重要的是,符合句意。 6.He told me that nobody else in the office had received a(n) ________(invite) to the party. 答案:invitation 句意:他告诉我办公室里没有别的人收到参加这个晚会的邀请。 7. Can't you notice that there is little time left? Please tell me the whole thing ________brief. 答案:in 考查固定短语。句意:难道你没有注意到几乎没有时间了吗?请长话短说。 in brief 简言之,简单地说,符合句意。 8 . Although cats can't see in complete darkness, their eyes are much more sensitive________ light than human eyes. 答案:to 句意:尽管猫在完全的黑暗中看不见,但它们的眼睛还是比人类的眼睛对光 敏感。be sensitive to 对??敏感,符合句意。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 Country music is one of the most popular kinds of music in the United States today because it is about simple but strong human feelings and events—love, sadness, good times, and bad times. It tells real?life stories and sounds the way people really talk; as life becomes more complicated(复杂的)it is good to hear music about ordinary people. Country music, sometimes called country?western, comes from two lands of music. One is the traditional music of the people in the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States. The other is traditional cowboy music from the West. The singers usually play guitars, and in the 1920s they started using electric guitars.
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At first city people said country music was low class. It was popular mostly in the South. But during World War II, thousands of Southerners went to the Northeast and Midwest to work in the factories. They took their music with them. Soldiers from the rest of the country went to army camps in the South. They learned country music. Slowly it became popular all over the country. Today country music is also popular everywhere in the United States and Canada—in small towns and in New York City, among black and white, and among educated and uneducated people. About 1,200 radio stations broadcast country music twenty?four hours a day. English stars sing it in British and people in other countries sing it in their own languages. The music that started with cowboys and poor Southerners is now popular all over the world. 1.It can be learned from the passage that country music comes from________. A.the Northeast and Midwest B.factories and army camps in the South C.the Appalachian Mountains and the West D.real?life stories in small towns 答案:C 主旨大意题。依据第二段可知答案。 2.During World War II many Southerners went to the Northeast and the Midwest because________. A.they wanted to take music with them B.they wanted to make other people like country music C.they wanted to work in the factories there D.they wanted to make country music popular 答案: C 细节理解题。依据是第三段“But during World War II, thousands of

Southerners went to the Northeast and Midwest to work in the factories.” 3.Country music is one of the most popular kinds of music in the world today because________. A.many people said it was low class B.people could sing it in different languages C.it started with cowboys and poor Southerners D.it is loved by different kinds of people in the world 答案:D 因果推断题。由最后一段的第一句 “Today country music is also popular everywhere in the United States and Canada—in small towns and in New York City, among black and white, and among educated and uneducated people.”可推知答案为 D 选项。
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4.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.Country music is sung by stars all in English. B.Country music is about human feelings and events. C.Country music is only popular with city people today. D.The singers started using electric guitars in the 1930s. 答案:B 正误判断题。根据第一段可知乡村音乐是表达人们情感和事情的一种音乐。 Ⅴ.七选五 About 150 years ago, a German musician sat quietly at a concert in Vienna. They were playing for the first time a new symphony(交响乐) he had composed for the first time. At the end he turned to face the people at the concert. They were clapping widely. __1__The musician was Beethoven, one of the greatest composers in the world. Deaf people have a hard time.__2__ Even as a child Beethoven did not have a happy life. His father was a singer. But he was lazy and drank a great deal. When the boy was only four, his father decided to make a musician of him. __3__ Whenever he did not put his heart into his practice, his father would be hard on him. It is a wonder that the boy did not hate music. __4__ When he was 17, he won high praise from Mozart, a great Austrian composer. A few years later Beethoven went to Vienna to study under Haydn, another great Austrian composer. Soon he was writing a great deal of music himself. But after one illness, he suddenly found himself deaf. At that time he was only 31. What a blow it was to him! But this did not stop Beethoven. He went on composing. __5__ During his life, he composed about 300 pieces. The surprising thing is that he wrote some of his best, his most beautiful pieces after he became deaf. Many of them are known and loved all over the world. A.But he could hear nothing for he was deaf. B.However, his father didn't come to listen to him play the beautiful music. C.He learned so fast that he was able to go around and give concerts when he was only 11. D.Beethoven left home and went out to practice his own music. E.But it is even worse for a composer than for anyone else. F.So Beethoven had to practice hour after hour on different musical instruments. G.He wrote long pieces and short pieces, happy ones and sad ones. 答案:1~5 AEFCG
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Ⅵ.完形填空 “I couldn't survive without music, ” says fifteen?year?old Steve. In the morning, Steve wakes up__1__his favorite radio station. He listens to rock on the radio while he eats his__2__. He puts on his personal stereo before he leaves the house and listens to cassettes on the bus to__3__. “Last week I put my headphones on in the maths__4__,” admits Steve. “The teacher was really__5__.She took my headphones away and I couldn't use them for a week. It was__6__.” At home Steve does his homework to music—loud music. “My mother__7__shouts ‘Turn it down!'” says Steve. “She can't__8__how I can work__9__music on, but music__10__me to fix my attention upon my studies.” Steve would like to make music himself. “I'm learning to play the guitar.__11__,it doesn't sound too good at the__12__. But I'm going to keep practising!” For__13__like Steve, music is a very important part of__14__. Music is social; it brings people together at discos, parties and concerts. Fast,__15__music is full of energy; it helps people to__16__their problems and have__17__. Music talks about love, freedom and imagination. There are always new songs and new styles. __18__Steve's mother agrees that music brings some problems. “Steve is a sensible(明智的) boy,” she says. “I don't think he would ever take drugs hearing rock. But I__19__worry about his hearing with all that loud music. And it__20__me crazy!” 1.A.from C.with 答案:D B.for D.to wakes up to his favorite radio station,to 表示一种方向或者结果。 B.lunch D.dinner

2.A.breakfast C.supper

答案:A 根据 wakes up 及时间发展次序,这里应该是“早餐”。 3.A.work C.school 答案:C B.office D.party

Steve 是学生,所以选择“上学”。 B.class D.dormitory maths 提示是上数学课。 B.worried D.tired
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4.A.workshop C.lab 答案:B

5.A.excited C.angry

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答案:C 学生上课做其他事情,老师生气。 6.A.terrible C.poor B.hopeless D.surprising

答案:A 一周不能听音乐,对痴迷于音乐的 Steve 是一件可怕的事情。 7.A.usually C.frequently 答案:D B.seldom D.always

always 表示母亲一直以来对此事的反对。 B.bear D.believe

8.A.expect C.understand

答案:C 表示母亲对 Steve 开着音乐做作业不能理解。 9.A.while C.for 答案:D B.at D.with with 的复合结构,表示音乐开着。 B.leads D.forces

10.A.helps C.causes 答案:A

Steve 的辩解是音乐能帮助集中注意力。 B.Actually D.Necessarily

11.A.Unluckily C.Disappointingly 答案:C 实际上演奏得还不好。 12.A.first C.moment 答案:C

B.last D.time

at the moment“当前,此刻”。 B.parents D.teenagers

13.A.grown?ups C.friends 答案:D 文中的 Steve 是青少年。 14.A.study C.family

B.life D.school

答案:B 音乐可以说是 Steve 生活的一个组成成分。 15.A.classical C.light 答案:D B.country D.loud loud 能与 fast music 并列,而且是充满激情的。 B.settle D.leave

16.A.forget C.remove

答案:A 通常说,音乐能让人忘记忧愁、不快乐的东西。
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17.A.smiles C.fun 答案:C 音乐给人带来乐趣。 18.A.And C.Meanwhile

B.future D.sense

B.Therefore D.But

答案:D 上下文的逻辑关系是转折,Steve 的母亲因为 Steve 沉迷音乐而非常担忧。 19.A.can C.will 答案:B do 表示强调。 B.results D.leaves B.do D.should

20.A.causes C.drives 答案:C

drive sb.crazy 意思是“使人发疯,发狂”。

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