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(福建专用)高考英语一轮复习方案 作业手册(33) unit 3 under the sea(含解析) 新人教版选修7

() [ 7 Unit 3 Under the sea]
(35 )
. 1They urged that the library________open during the vacation. Awas kept Bwould be kept Cis kept Dbe kept 2 Recent years have________the rapid development of the Internet and its influence on society and people. Awatched Bobserved Cwitnessed Drealized 3The event has not only increased public________of world hungerbut raised a lot of money for the poor children. Adirection Bcontribution Cawareness Dloneliness 4Why don't you bring________to his attention that you are too ill to work on? Athat Bit Chis Dhim 5The local government provided ________ for the homeless soon after the flood. Apossessions Baccommodations Csouvenirs Dgroceries 6The last decade of the 21st century ________the rapid, steady development of China in various fields. A. witnessed B. was witnessed C. is witnessed D. had witnessed 7________ on his past mistakes, Ted realized that he had stayed around the wrong people. A. To reflect B. Reflecting C. Reflected DBeing reflected 8When I________in the kitchennothing made me feel better than preparing the eggs and serving them just the way the customers wanted. Ahelped out Bfigured out Cworked out Dfound out 9________ of the urgency of the current situation makes him want to learn more. ABeing aware BAware CTo be aware DBe aware 10The frequent robbers' attacks near the banks were so often that it ________ the local police to take immediate action to fight against the criminals. Acalled Bcharged Curged Dimpressed

11________ unemployment and crime are highit can be assumed that the latter is due to the former.
ABefore BWhere CUnless DUntil 12You have no idea how she finished the relay race________her foot wounded so much. Afor Bwhen Cwith Dwhile 13To their relief, their students ________ escaped from the shaking building. Anarrowly Bslightly Cnearly Dlightly 14Tom doesn't really work here.He ________ until his brother recovers and comes to work again. Ajust helps out Bwas just helped out Cis just helping out Dwill just help out 15Research ________ out supports my idea that our company should take action in no time. Ato carry Bcarrying Cbeing carried Dhaving carried . There's always been a debate on whether human beings are born good or bad.Depending on how you view the worldyou can think of all the crimes and injustice and conclude that we're badso we need a system of laws to keep us in check.Howeverthere are also a lot of stories of good deeds.I think we're all born good. TodayI took a trip to South Bend to attend my friends' wedding reception.I had__16__the night before at the forecast and it said we were going to get about 3 inches of snowso I thought"That's not so__17__" I set out on my journey and it was completely clear until I__18__to get towards NilesM1... I was__19__with this ominous() cloud. I thought to myself"Hmmthis can't be a good__20__" Soon enoughthe highway became a snowpacked wall of white.I should have remembered that such severe changes in__21__are common in this part of America.I then tried to get to the populous area of South Bend and got__22__in the snow__23__to turn left onto a street. I__24__for 20 minutes to dig myself out with only a scraper( ) It wasn't a very__25__streetso I didn't see many people.Just as I was starting to give upa few people stopped by my car and then helped push me out of the snow bank.It was one person at firstand then a few others. Thenon the way to my destinationanother lady got stuck.__26__I got out and was__27__to offer the same help that I had received.At least five others joined me in my__28__to get her car unstuck.It is kind of storm that makes roads undrivable.South Bend__29__up getting over 3 feet of snow. In these__30__of kindness thoughI was once again__31__of my belief that all people are born good.These people didn't have to stop and help me out.They ran the__32__of having their own cars stuck.Even for myselfit was a(n)__33__reaction to get out and push the lady's car out too.I didn't think about it__34__a second. I believe these situations really helped remind me that this world is a good

place.Real life situations can__35__good deeds.It happened todayand it will happen again and again.
16A.spent Bchecked Cobserved Dlooked 17A.late Bcold Cbad Dfar 18A.hoped Bstopped Cstarted Dplanned 19A.concerned Bmet Cinvolved Dpointed 20A.way Bevent Cresult Dsign 21A.weather Bdirection Cposition Dsystem 22A.frozen Bstuck Churt Dlost 23A.attempting Bneeding Crealizing Dhaving 24A.waited Bstayed Cinsisted Dstruggled
25A.long Bsmooth Cbusy Dquiet 26A.Immediately BCarefully CEventually DObviously 27A.requested Battracted Cinspired Dconvinced 28A.efforts Bgroup Cdonation Dspirits 29A.made Bended Ccame Dgrew 30A.attitudes Bcharacters Cmanners Dacts 31A.informed Breminded Cwarned Dtold 32A.favor Bcourse Ccaution Drisk 33A.automatic Bgenerous Cvaluable Daccurate 34A.with Bby Cfor Din 35A.find Bproduce Cadmire Djudge .[2012] Easter()is still a great day for worship, candy in baskets and running around the yard finding eggs, but every year it gets quite a bit worse for bunnies. And no, not because the kids like to pull their ears. The culprit is climate change, and some researchers found that rising temperatures are having harmful effects on at least five species of rabbit in the US. Take the Lower Keys Marsh rabbit, for instance. An endangered species that lives in the Lower Florida Keys, this species of cottontail is a great swimmer--it lives on the islands--but it is already severely affected by development and now by rising sea levels. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, an ocean level rise

of only 0.6 meters will send these guys jumping to higher ground and a 0.9meter rise would wipe out their habitat()completely.
The snowshoe hare, on the other hand, has a color issue. Most of these rabbits change their fur color from white in the wintertime to brown in the summer, each designed to give them better cover from predators(). As the number of days with snow decreases all across the country, however, more and more bunnies are being left in white fur during brown dirt days of both fall and spring, making them an easier mark for predators. Researchers know that the color change is controlled by the number of hours of sunlight, but whether the rabbit will be able to adapt quick enough to survive is a big question. The National Wildlife Federation has reported that hunters have noticed their numbers are already markedly down.
American pikas or rock rabbits, a relative of rabbits and hares, might be the first of these species to go extinct due to climate change. About 78 inches long, pikas live high in the cool, damp mountains west of the Rocky Mountains. As global temperatures rise, they would naturally migrate() to higher ground--but they already occupy the mountaintops. They can't go any higher. The National Wildlife Federation reports that they might not be able to stand the new temperatures as their habitat heats up.
The volcano rabbit has the same problem. These rabbits live on the slopes of volcanoes in Mexico, and recent studies have shown that the lower range of their habitat has already shifted upward about 700 meters, but there are not suitable plants for them to move higher, so they are stuck in the middle. Scientists are concerned about their populations.
Native to the US, pygmy rabbits weigh less than 1 pound and live in the American West. They are believed to be the smallest rabbits in the world. Their habitats have been destroyed by development. Several populations, such as the Columbia Basin pygmy, almost went extinct and were saved by zoo breeding programs. Pygmy rabbits also rely on winter cover by digging tunnels through the snow to escape predators, but lesser snowfall is leaving them exposed.
All of this gives new meaning to dressing up in a giant bunny costume this Easter. 36The writer mentions Easter at the beginning of the passage in order to ________ Ashow the importance of Easter Day Bintroduce the issue about bunnies Cremind people of Easter traditions Ddiscuss the relationship between Easter and bunnies 37The word "culprit"(Paragraph 2)is closest in meaning to ________ Acriminal Bjudge Cvictim Dproducer 38 According to the passage, some rabbits can now be easily discovered by predators because they ________ Aare exposed to more skillful hunters Bhave moved to habitats with fewer plants Chaven't adapted themselves to climate change Dcan't change their fur color into white in the fall and the spring 39The problem faced by volcano rabbits and rock rabbits is that ________

Aboth are affected by less snow Bboth are affected by rising sea levels Cneither can find enough food Dneither can migrate to higher places 40Which best describes the writer's tone in the passage? AApproving. BConcerned. CEnthusiastic. DDoubtful. . The Qingdao Underwater World 41.o________ a breathtaking view of a marine world. The underwater world 42.c________ of several interesting underwater landscapes. 43.________ ( ) marine life like starfish, sea turtles, and small sharks 44.________ be seen here. Some brightcolored or oddshaped 45.v________ from all over the 46.w________ will bring you a unique view. Wonderful items, like the dances 47.b________ human and sharks, seamaiden exhibitions and underwater ballets are 48.________ in the performance hall. If a new 49.________ is willing to experience an underwater wedding here, they will surely have an 50.________ () memory of this happy moment.
.1.D urge (should) do
2C witness ""watch observe realize
3C public awareness "" 4B it that 5B accommodation() possession souvenir grocery 6A 21 10 "the last decade of the 21st century" witness "" A 7B Ted Ted reflect 8A help out figure out work out find out A A 9A 10C urge""urge sb.to do sth."" charge impress 11B

B 12C
with 13A narrowly escape
"" 14C
help out "......( )"
15C being carried out research" "ABD
16D spend ""check ""observe ""look ""look at "" D
17C C
18C NilesM1 C
19B concern ""meet ""involve ""point """" B
20D way ""event ""result ""sign """" D
21A weather ""direction ""position ""system "" A
22B frozen ""stuck " "hurt ""lost "" South Bend get stuck "" B
23A attempt ""need ""realize ""have to """" A
24D wait ""stay ""insist " "struggle "" D
25C C
26A immediately ""carefully "" eventually ""obviously "" "" A
27C request ""attract ""inspire

""convince """" C
28A effort ""group ""donation ""spirit """" A
29B make up ""end up ""come up ""grow up ""South Bend B
30D attitude ""character "" manner ""act "" D
31B inform ""remind "" warn ""tell "" B
32D favor ""course "" caution ""risk "" "" D
33A automatic ""generous " "valuable ""accurate """" A
34C for a second """"( ) C
35B find ""produce ""admire ""judge "" B
37A culprit criminal ""
38C Lower keys Marsh rabbit the snowshoe hare C
39D rock rabbits ...they would naturally migrate to higher ground--but they already occupy the mountaintops.They can't go any higher The volcano rabbit has the same problem....but there are not suitable plants for them to move higher... D
40B A ""B ""C ""D ""
.41.offers 42.consists 43.Common 44.can 45varieties 46.world 47.between 48.performed 49couple 50.unforgettable