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COLLEGE ENGLISH 3 lESSON 5 Beauty is Truth

课题 教学目标和要求:

Lesson 5 Beauty is Truth

Teaching objectives 1. To let students learn the deep meaning of the title. 2. To let students make out the main personalities of relevant characters by analyzing the words, behaviors, and psychological activities of them. 3. To let students learn the important new words and master the usage of useful phrases and idioms, and learn the implied meaning of some difficult sentences. 4. To let students master the reading skills: find all implications among words and sentences as possible; infer as much information as one can from each part of the text 5. To let students reflect on the theme and the main concern of the story.

Major Steps 1. Introduction 2. Fast reading 3. Detailed study of the text 4. Text appreciation 5. Word study 6. Exercise check-up

Teaching Focus 1. drawing inferences from the given information 2. the paraphrasing of some difficult sentences 3. reflection on the theme based on the topic Possible Difficulties The understanding of the major topic “beauty is truth”.

Teaching methods 1. Task-based Language Teaching Approach (pair work and team work) 2. Interactive teaching approach 3. Students’ teaching Teaching aids 1. Teaching notes prepared by the teacher 2. 1 blackboard

Discussion: Q1: Summarize the characters of Jeanie, Billy and their mother. Q2: What do you know about their family relationship, the racial relationship in Jeanie’s school and Jeanie’s teacher? How do you know that? Q3: What does the author try to show and tell us? Q4:Analyze Jeanie’s different feelings / thoughts in the process of composition class.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Read the text aloud for better understanding. Recite the paragraphs from “She walked along the busy street,…” to “The rise of the merchant class.” on page 143. Prepare “Oral Topics” on pages 156-157. Finish the exercises in the textbook. Quiz.

Teaching Notes

This passage is about the living condition of black people in the Harlem District in New York city. We may find from the author’s description that the black live a miserable and wretched life in the U.S.A.. As a matter of fact, not only the black, but also other colored people are all suffering from racial discrimination in America. Why does this happen? It is evident that white people look down upon those colored people and regard them inferior to the white. What we must remember is that even today, racial discrimination in the U.S.A is still serious and it may take a long time to deal with this problem.

Fast reading
Have the students read the text quickly for general understanding. Questions for general understanding Q1: What is your understanding of beauty? What truth? Do you think there is any relationship between them? If yes, what’s it? Q2: What do you know about Jeanie, Billy and there mother respectively? What do you think is the relationship between the story and the topic? Q3: What about their family background and living condition? How do you know it?

Detailed study of the text
1. Topic Understanding ﹡ What “truth” is in the text ﹡ What “beauty” is in the text ﹡ The possible relationship between them 2. Study of important language points and expressions 3. Paraphrasing exercise 4. Analysis of the structure of some sentences. Notes To The Text 1. ... , and a crowd of other boys and girls who went to the same downtown high school.

downtown: adj.& adv. in the lower part of a town or city; esp. to or in the main business district high school: (U.S. & N.Z.) a secondary school More expressions: a junior high school 初中 a senior high school 高中 2. Jeanie bit her lip . to bite one’s lip: to draw in or grip one’s lip or lips between the teeth, to restrain oneself from saying sth. uttering a cry of pain, sobbing etc. 3. Jeanie was an odd girl, … odd: being without a corresponding mate; left over after others are paired or grouped 4. I’d better try to do some before they decide to throw me out. to throw sb. out: to discard; get rid of something because it is no longer useful, e.g. There are some bundles of old magazines here that I want to throw out. Not all your throw-outs are useless rubbish. The metal, paper and glass may be useful scrap. to reject; dismiss, e.g. A proposal to extend the motorway into the City Center was thrown out in committee. The idea was put up to the Faculty Board, but they threw it out. (military) to extend one’s position by moving men to a flank to deepen it by placing men in front, e.g. The commander threw out a thin screen of motorized troops to protect his exposed flank. to utter, express (in an indirect, tentative or casual way), e.g. When last I spoke to him, he was throwing out dire warnings of a financial crisis. I wasn’t offering a positive answer. All I was doing was throwing out a few suggestions as to how we might proceed. to be a source of, e.g. The apple trees threw out a nice scent. to cause an error in something; put out, e.g. Go and play your guitar somewhere else. I’ve nearly got this sum right, and I don’t want you to throw me out. A tiny variation in temperature can throw us out in our results. 5. Some children on skates were playing a desperate game of hockey … More expressions with skates:

Ice skates 冰鞋 roller skates 四轮溜冰鞋 a pair of skates 一双冰鞋 skating rink 溜冰场 desperate: a) reckless; dangerous, e.g. He was a desperate criminal on the loose. b) daring, e.g. Even his desperate schemes could not save the project. c) grave; critical,e.g. She is in the hospital with a desperate illness. 6. … but the sight of the black dress waiting to be made over made her dislike the thought of sewing. to make over: to convert; change, transform, e.g. Their basement has been made over into a workshop. The best farming land was made over to the younger son. 7. The big THOU at the opening repelled her. thou: the archaic and poetic form of “you” similarly: thee – you (宾格形式) thy – your thine – your (before a vowel sound )元音音素前 to repel (from): to force to withdraw (from), e.g. The fort’s defenders repelled the attacking enemy. to produce a feeling of aversion or distaste in somebody or something; to be disgusting to, e.g. The gory novie repelled me. 8. Her voice was tired and tremulous, and held no reproach. tremulous: characterized by or affected with trembling to reproach: v. to find fault with; criticize, e.g. He was severely reproached for his rude behavior. His eyes reproached me. n. a term (look) or reproaches 责备的话(眼神),e.g. heap reproaches on somebody 痛责某人 above (beyond) reproach 无可指责


… and carefully, deliberately, pick out a coin, rejected it, and took out

another. deliberately: slowly; not hurried rejected; here it means denied the idea of giving him the first coin she picked out ,e.g. The passage is a very successful description of the complicated feeling the mother had after she gave her son a terrible beating. 10. You didn’t know who to feel sorry for. to feel sorry for: to feel sympathy for; sympathize with, e.g. It’s easy to feel sorry for people in need; it’s harder to bring yourself to do something practical about it.

Detailed understanding
1) the same downtown high school—the same high school located downtown. Downtown refers to the business or the lower part of a city ( Harlem is located in the upper part of Manhattan.) 2) Through the train window— What train? (subway train) 3) The remaining passengers look at them with relief and disdain— when the black boys and girls got off the train) the rest of the passengers looked pleased and relieved, with an expression of scorn and contempt. 4) The boys and girls pressed forward with noisy gaiety—the boys and girls pushed forward/ advanced eagerly talking and laughing. 5) A tall boy detached himself from a group—A tall boy left a group of friends or separated himself from a group. 6) And swept his cap…in a courtly salute—and moved his cap… in a graceful, elegant, dignified manner such as might be suitable for the royal court in a greeting. 7) Jeanie bit her lip…for her friend—Jeanie was embarrassed and confused. She did not know how to respond because it was obvious that there were many other things on her mind which were much more important and urgent. Right now, she had no interest for boys. (What other matters were on her mind?) Barbara smiled and dimpled: Barbara smiled with her beautiful dimples. 8) Norman was keen—Norman was keen on/ interested in/ fond of/ her He was eager to be her friend. The word “keen” in slang could also mean “great, splendid, fine”. Then the sentence would mean “Norman was a splendid boy”. In the present context, both explanations seem to make sense. 9) Jeanie was an odd girl—why was she considered odd? Odd—strange, unusual 10) I’m so far behind in my homework—Make students render it into idiomatic Chinese. 11) Aimlessly looking in the store windows: why “aimlessly”?

Because obviously all those things in the stores were beyond her means. She probably was not even doing serious window-shopping. 12) Though it was chilly, each stoop had its cluster of people clinging to the iron railing: a) What time of the year was it? (Probably late autumn) b) Stoop—ask students to look it up in the dictionary. This is a different word from the word “to stoop” meaning “to bend forward”. Here it means a small porch or staircase leading to the entrance of a house of building. c) A cluster of people—a crowd of people d) Why is it that each stoop had these people clinging to the railings in spite of the cold weather? ( There were a lot of poor people, especially young people, who had no jobs and had nothing better to do.) 13) Playing a desperate game of hockey—“hockey” normally refers to ice hockey, a game played on ice by opposing teams of skaters with curved sticks. Why “desperate”? What does it mean here? (Desperate” here means “reckless and violent”) 14) The kitchen smelled dank and unused. Dank—uncomfortably damp; chilly and wet. It often is associated with unpleasant smells and harmful atmosphere. Unused—Why “unused”? There had not been any cooking done. 15) Dislodged a flake of green-painted plaster— Dislodge—to remove or force out something from the place it previously occupied. Plaster—mixture of lime, sand, and water used for coating walls What did it suggest when the mere opening of the door could dislodge a flake of plaster? (It shows the miserable condition the apartment was in.) 16) To be made over—to be mended/repaired 17) Stood irresolute—she could not decide what to do first. She knew she had to do her homework. She also knew that she had to prepare supper. Irresolute—adj. Part of the subject complement. 18) to find the potatoes peeled and the table laid. Compare: to peel an orange, to peel a banana, to crack a nut, to skin a cat, to shell the peas, the bark a tree to lay the table—to put things on the table, getting ready to eat 19) social studies—a course of study including geography, history, government, and sociology, taught in secondary and elementary schools. 20) At random—without any method or purpose; unsystematically. To open a book at random; to pick something at random; to shoot at random; to hit out at random 21) The poem looked dry and dusty…repelled her: Dry and withered—cold, lifeless, no longer fresh, no longer interesting Dusty and far-away—old, obsolete, irrelevant to present day reality. Thou—the archaic and poetic form of “you”

Repelled her—disgusted her; offend her; put her off; sicken her; made her shudder; (slang) turned her off Did Jeanie like Keats’ poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn”? Why not? Why do you think kids like Jeanie would have trouble understanding Keats? What does it tell us about our education? 22) She turned the page to find that the poem went on: “to find” here may be either an infinitive phrase of purpose (=in order to” or result (=and found), both of which would be grammatically correct and would make sense in the context. 23) The dusk thickening into the coal yards: getting darker and darker outside Coal yards—a place that coal is stored Obviously the place where Jeanie and her family lived was right next to coal yards, not a very pleasant surrounding. 24) pop—(slang) bottled soft drink with gas in it. Similar to “汽水” in China. Why was Jeanie’s mother so angry when she saw Billy drinking pop? 25) Hard and sounding more Southern than usual: Hard—harsh Why did Jeanie’s mother sound more Southern than usual? (Jeanie’s mother was obviously brought up in the south of the U.S. And when she was excited or agitated or angry, her southern accent would naturally sound more obvious.) 26) …that’s what you was doing: Should be “that’s what you were doing. These ungrammatical usages are common among the uneducated as Jeanie’s mother obviously was . More examples in the text: From them boys—from those boys You ain’t going to forget—you aren’t going to forget You ain’t never going to forget this—you are never going to forget this. To get some them tarts—to get some those tarts 27) Jeanie could hear each impact of the strap: Strap—a strip of leather used for flogging Impact—the striking of one body against another. In its extended meaning “the effect of one thing upon another”, it is sometimes mixed up by Chinese students with “effect”, “influence”, and “consequence”. 28) Reflect on (what I told you): think or consider seriously 29) Whimper—cry, weep, sob, wail, and whimper all express grief or pain by tears or voice or both. “Cry” and “weep” both strongly implies accompanying sound, “wail” refers to loud, sustained, inarticulate mournful sound, “whimper” refers to broken or repressed cries in a low voice. “Sob” describes a mixture of broken speech and weeping.

30) Tremulous—quivering and trembling It is interesting to note that tremulous, tremor, tremble, tremendous are all related to their Latin origin “tremere” which means “trembling”. “Tremendous” actually means “capable” of making one tremble. 31) shone like subtle jewels: What does the word “subtle” mean in this context? Look it up in the dictionary. (“subtle” here means “characterized by skill or ingenuity.) 32) You’d better fix up your brother’s plate: you’d better get a plate of food for your brother. fix up—(informal) provide 33) and carefully, deliberately, picked out a coin: deliberately—here it means slowly, not hurried or impulsive The other important meaning of the word is “intentional”. Why did Jeanie’s mother decided to give Billy a quarter after the beating? Why didn’t she ask her husband to punish the boy in first place? (There is no mention of her husband. She was probably divorced or a widow.) 34) Most of the students looked at her expectantly: They were hoping that their names would be honorably mentioned and their compositions praised. 35) Did Jeanie expect her work to be praised? Why did she decide to write about her brother’s beating? 36) Seriously though: But I must be honest with you; I must tell you the truth. 37) Even though they were a trifle unconventional about spelling and punctuation: Even though they made some spelling and punctuation mistakes. A trifle—a little Unconventional—unusual, uncommon The teacher was being humorous or even mildly ironical. 38) The class looked incredulous: The class looked as though they could not believe their ears. a) Distinguish “incredulous” and “incredible”. The former means “showing disbelief”, whereas the latter means “causing disbelief”. Normally this difference is indicated by the use of present and past participles (such as: interested, interesting; surprised, surprising; amused, amusing; loved, lovely (loving) b) Why did the class look incredulous? 39) Jeanie’s heart beat painfully: Why? Was she pleased when her composition was read out to the whole class? How did she feel at that moment? Explain her attitude toward this. 40) The funny part of it…so I put it away: a) What was so funny about Billy? Was it really funny? b) Why is it that Jeanie’s mother never touched her tart that night?

41) Did Jeanie’s classmates laugh at her? What did the discussion reveal with regard to the racial relationship in that school? 42) One of the students said that he found it difficult to know who to feel sorry for. Why? Who would you feel sorry for? 43) What kind of an impression did Miss Lowy leave you? What do you think of her both as a teacher and as a person? Do you think she made the right choice when she decided to read out Jeanie’s article in class? 44) Jeanie’s heart beat so, …and it showed promise: Was Jeanie’s heart still beating painfully now? How did she feel at this moment? How do you know? 45) “Billy”, she called again urgently: Why did she do this? What did she want to say to her young brother? Did Billy understand?

Comprehension questions
Students should think deeply for the answer to each question. Q1: Summarize the characters of Jeanie, Billy and their mother. Q2: What do you know about their family relationship, the racial relationship in Jeanie’s school and Jeanie’s teacher? How do you know that? Q3: What does the author try to show and tell us? Q4:Analyze Jeanie’s different feelings / thoughts in the process of composition class. Other Questions: on page 155-156 in the textbook.

Structure Analysis and Theme
Students work individually to divide the whole passage into several major parts and summarize the main idea of each part, then compare the answer with the partner’s to see whether they share the same idea or have different answers. If different, whose ides is correct? The passage should be divided into four major parts: Part I: Para. 1-12 Beginning Main idea: Ready for home Part II: Pare 13-20 Development Main idea: Back home and ready for the writing. Part III: Para.21-42 Climax

Main idea: Beating Part IV: Para. 43-62 Ending Main idea: Praised for her piece. Theme: In ordinary life there are pain, joy, regret and bitterness. But the true life is just pain and truth and beauty. Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.

Writing Skill:
Implication: Effect: the family background, living standard, the different characters and personalities are all understood or inferred through words and sentences.

Text appreciation
A great strength of the story “Beauty is Truth” is that it provides a glimpse into the hardships faced by African Americans. Jeanie’s mother is not unique. The suffering and frustrations that come from living in poverty and raising children alone are, unfortunately, experienced by many mothers among all racial groups. It is a testament to the human spirit that she can carry on in spite of her daily ordeals. All three characters—Jeanie, Billy and their mother—seem to appreciate what the others are going through: the mother is sorry that she beat Billy, while at some level, Billy and Jeanie understand her frustrations and forgive her hasty actions. Through it all, they love and respect each other. Jeanie is irritated and embarrassed when the teacher reads her story to the class and identifies her as the author. This is understandable because the teacher and students are white and live in a different world. She fears that they will look down upon her. At the same time, she is proud that she has ability and that it is recognized. But more important, this is Jeanie’s first awareness that her own life has some importance. Even though it has its ugly and painful side, there is beauty in understanding the truth of the reality that is hers and her family’s.

Word study
Refer to the notes on p. 153-154in the textbook.

Exercise check-up
Check the answers to the exercises on 157-176

GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY [15 MIN] There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D.

51. What a nice day! How about the three of us _____ a walk in the park nearby? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 52. If there were no subjunctive mood, English _____ much easier to learn. A. could have been B. would be C. will be D. would have been 53. She _____ fifty or so when I first met her at a conference. A. had been B. must be C. has been D. must have been 54. _____ the boss says, it is unreasonable to ask me to work overtime without pay. A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whichever D. However 55. A new laptop costs about _____ of a second-hand one. A. the price of three times B. three times the price C. as much as the three times price D. three times more than the price 56. I was very interested in _____ she told me. A. all that B. all which C. all what D. that 57. We consider ______ he should have left without telling anyone beforehand. A. strange why B. it strange what C. it strange that D. that strange 58. It is going to be fine tomorrow. _______. A. So is it. B. So it is. C. So it does. D. So does it. 59. Little _____ about her own safety, though she herself was in great danger. A. she cared B. she may care C. may she care D. did she care 60. The couple had no sooner got to the station _____ the coach left. A. when B. as C. until D. than

61. Aren't you tired? I ____ you had done enough for today. A. should have thought B. must have thought C. might have thought D. could have thought 62. "It seems that she was there at the conference." The sentence means that A. she seems to be there at the conference. B. she seemed to be there at the conference. C. she seems to have been there at the conference. D. she seemed to being there at the conference. 63. Which of the following adverbs can NOT be used to complete " _____ everybody came"? A. Nearly B. Quite C. Practically D. Almost 64. In "How much do you think he earns?" how much is ______ of the sentence. A. the subject B. the adverbial C. the object D. the complement 65. "The man preparing the documents is the firm's lawyer" has all the following possible meanings EXCEPT A. the man who has prepared the documents... B. the man who has been preparing the documents... C. the man who is preparing the documents... D. the man who will prepare the documents... 66. During the TV interview, the singer announced that he was going to _____ his new album soon. A. release B. renew C. relieve D. rehearse 67. After working for the firm for ten years, he finally _____ the rank of deputy director. A. achieved B. approached C. attained D. acquired 68. Winter is the _____ season at most hotels in this seaside town, because very few tourists come to stay. A. slow B. slack C. low D. quiet 69. Come on, Jack, tell me the story. Don't keep me in ______. A. suspense B. suspending C. suspension D. suspender 70. The football match was _____ because of the heavy rain. A. called over B. called up C. called out D. called off 71. We had a good time there, and the food was plentiful and _____. A. conducive B. wholesome C. helpful D. appreciative 72. It was strange that she would _____ such an absurd idea. A. allow B. stick C. take D. entertain

73. The scientists have made an _____ study of the viruses that cause the disease. A. exhausted B. exhausting C. exhaustive D. exhaustion 74. Do you own your apartment or are you a ______ ? A. tenant B. customer C. client D. proprietor 75. Representatives from the companies indicated that they should go on working together in _____. A. unity B. entity C. partners D. partnership 76. We all know that Mary has had a strict _____. A. growth B. upbringing C. development D. cultivation 77. The drink was packaged in champagne bottles and was being _____ as the real stuff. A. passed out B. passed by C. passed over D. passed off 78. Last Sunday she came to visit us out of the blue. The italicized phrase means A. unexpectedly B. unhappily C. untidily D. unofficially 79. The person he interviewed was _____ his former schoolmate. A. no other than B. no more than C. none other than D. none the less 80. The young employee has a(n)______ quality - he is totally honest. A. respectable B. admirable C. decent D. approachable


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