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模块一 Unit 3 Reading 教学案

Unit 3 Reading
编制:张剑 【学习目标】1. Read three e-mails about health and beauty;

Period2 教学案


2. Understand sentences with “however” or “but” 3. Try to find the main points of each e-mail 【教学难点】Understand sentences with opposite meaning with “however” or “but”; 【教学互动】 Step 1 Leading-in Everyone wants to be healthy and attractive, to feel good and look good. What can we do to achieve this? Step 2 Reading. 1. Important points presentation. a. I don’t _work out_(外出锻炼) any more. b. I’m trying to lose weight because I’m so ashamed of my body. (对…感到羞愧) c. I’m taking weight-loss pills called Fat-less.(服减肥药) d. I’m now in hospital recovering from liver failure.(肝脏衰竭恢复) e. He failed to lose weight.(做某事失败) f. They contain a harmful chemical that caused my liver to fail.(含有一种有害的化学物质) g. My mother insisted on sending me to the hospital, where I received good medical treatment.(接受良好治 疗) 2. Reading comprehension. 1. Amy has managed to look slim by ________. A. going on a diet B. working out regularly C. sleeping less D. taking weight-loss pills 2. According to the passage, young women like Amy ________. A. care too much about their figures C. go to the gym regularly to keep fit A. full of energy every day 4. Amy’s experience is __________. A. an interesting one C. like that of some people in China 5. What can we learn from Amy’s story? A. For an actress, the thinner, the better. B. Women shouldn’t lose weight. C. Nothing is more important than health. D. Fruit and vegetables are helpless to young women.

B. are too lazy to take exercise D. have difficulty in finding a job C. healthier D. active in everything

3. After taking weight-loss pills, Amy is ____________. B. slimmer

B. forgotten by her family D. a problem only for actresses

涟水县第一中学 高一英语教学案 M1 U3 Reading 3

3. Try to fill in the blanks according to the text. Dying to be thin… Outline Detailed information 〃Instead of going to the gym, she is taking weight-loss pills to _________ weight. Amy’s first e-mail 〃To her delight, the pills really _______ and she is becoming slimmer and slimmer. 〃Sometimes she doesn’t feel_________. 〃She is in hospital _______ from liver failure. 〃She _______ taking the weight-loss pills, which_________ a harmful chemical Amy’s second e-mail that caused her liver to fail. 〃Luckily, she is feeling better after________ good medical treatment. 〃She _________ exercise for at least half an hour every day and eats lots of fruit and vegetables. 〃Don’t be ________ about the weight. Zhou Ling’s reply 〃Taking weight-loss pills is often dangerous. 〃_________is the most important thing.

Step 3 Language study 1. work out 健身;结果;计算出;想出;理解,解决 (1) She often works out to stay slim.她经常锻炼以保持苗条。 (2) The 2016 Rio Olympic Games worked out well. 2016 年里约奥运会圆满成功。 (3) Have you worked out how much the weight-loss pills cost? 你算好这些减肥药的费用了吗? 2. be ashamed of 对(所做之事)感到羞愧或难为情 You should be ashamed of your conduct.你应当为你的行为感到羞愧。 He is ashamed of having misunderstood her.他因为自己误解了她而感到羞愧。 3. contain vt. 含有;可容纳 include vt. 其中(包含部分) A good British breakfast always includes milk.一顿标准的英国早餐总是包含牛奶。 Little Johnny felt the bag, curious to know what it contained. 小 Johnny 摸着包, 很想知道里面装了什么。 4. energetic adj. 精力旺盛的;有力的 He seems (to be) an energetic person.他似乎是一个精力充沛的人。 The more he worked, the more energetic he became. 他越干越起劲。 5. failure n.失败 fail vi. 失败;不及格; (健康、视力、记忆力)衰退 fail to do sth.未能做某事 fail in sth.在某事中失败 The woman failed to lose weight because she couldn’t control her mouth.那女士不能控制饮食减肥失败。 【练练看】 一、单词拼写 1. In my opinion, the less food you eat, the s_______ you will be. 2. – What a poor boy! - At least he died suddenly and didn’t s___________.





3. Cheer up! No one is always a f_________. Work hard and you will succeed sooner or later. 4. All customers , whether they’re rich or poor, are t__________ with respect and care in this store. 5. – Mike, do you get up in the morning feeling e__________? -- Not exactly. I still feel sleepy and tired. 6. Though I find the job offered by them very ___________(吸引人的), I won’t quit my present job. 7. This drink doesn’t ___________(含有)any alcohol, so you can let the children taste it. 8. Her parents did not put any ___________(压力)on her to take the job. She chose it just because she liked it. 9. My brother ____________(更喜欢)meat to vegetables, which is the reason why he is overweight. 10. Never feel_____________(难为情的)about your height. Just as the saying goes, “A little body often harbors a great soul.” 二、用所给的短语的适当形式填空

be ashamed of , recover from, work out, be worth, go on a diet, used to, insist on, at least

come across, in order to,

1. People in that area ___________________ the effects of the natural disaster now. 2. You should _________________ yourself for telling such a lie. 3. The doctor advised her not to take weight-loss pills any more but_________________ for a certain time every day. 4. Many young girls, who want to lose weight, are always_______________________. 5. I ___________________ some energetic athletes on my way to school. 6. They ___________________ being given every detail of the case. 7. Peter ______________________ like swimming when he was young. 8. My parents and I go to see my grandparents _______________________ twice a week 9. _____________________ keep a slim figure, she takes exercise regularly. 10. She has paid 500 dollars for the coat, but I don’t think that it ________________ it. 三、单项选择 1. My parents have always made me _______ about myself, even when I was twelve. A. feeling well B. feeling good C. feel well D. feel good

2. Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what _________ nice. A. looks B. smells C. feels D. tastes

3. We had wanted to finish our task by noon, but it didn’t quite _______as planned.

涟水县第一中学 高一英语教学案 M1 U3 Reading 3

A. find out

B. give out

C. hand out

D. work out

4. –You are always full of ___________. Can you tell me the secret? -- Taking plenty of exercise every day. A. power B. strength C. force D. energy

5. I caught a bad cold last month and it took a whole week for me to _______ from it. A. work B. recover C. treat D. cure

6. I don’t think I am _______, for__________ is the mother of success. A. a failure; failure C. a failure; a failure B. failure; a failure D. failure; failure

7. Thanks to the timely ___________ , the patient who people all thought would die slowly recovered. A. treatment B. failure C. argument D. guidance

8. All the things ___________ must be done well. A. worth to do B. worthy of being done C. worthy doing D. worth of doing



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