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赖世雄中级英语 1-74

1. Rome Wasn't Built in a Day


English is an international language. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn it. It can be rewarding or just a waste of time. It's up to you. It depends on how you study it. Here are some tips about learning English. First, don't be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn from them. Second, you must not be shy. Be thick-skinned and speak up! Finally, you mush be patient. Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day." ☆foul language 下流话 Mandarin 普通话,国语 ☆Your stay here is just(or only) a waste of time. ☆rewarding a.有(获)益的;修得做的,划算的. Teaching is a very rewarding profession.教书是一种很有价值的职业. Exercise is a rewarding for our health. ☆by fits and starts. adv.间歇地,断断续续地,一阵一阵地 My brother studied accounting by fits and starts, so he failed. ☆tip n. ①建议②小费 ③提示,技巧 give sb. tips on/about sth. vt.给某人关于某事的建议 tip (about) = advice (on) a good piece of advice 不说: a good advice ☆stink vi.臭 stingy ☆be patient with sb. 对...有耐心 ☆thick-skinnned a.厚颜的 Eg:If you want to be a good salesman,you must be thick-skinned. ☆Don’t be afraid to make mistake. 别怕犯错. ☆It depends on how you study it.那要看你如何去学习. It depend on when you do it.那要看你何时去做.

2. How to Improve Your English p.9. Mack is talking to his friend Don. M: Hi, Don! How are you doing in your English class? D: Not so well, I'm afraid. M: What's the problem? D: I'm not improving. Tell me, how come your English is so good? M: Well, uh…I have an American girlfriend. D: Aha! That's it. Now I know what to do. (He runs off.) M: Hey, Come back! I was just kidding! Sometimes just one person Peter because sometimes I hear you talking to yourself. nerby ☆funny farm 疯人院 正式:mental asylum


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆ improve sth = make a lot of improvement in your mandarin ☆how come(口) 无需要倒装=why ☆talk to(with) sb. about sth. vi. talk sb. into doing vt.说服 说服 talk nonsense 胡说八道 ☆Teaches were talking about the problem student. ☆His girlfriend talk Mac into quting smoking. ☆When he gave a speech, we realized that he was just talking nonsense. ☆He is a problem studnet. ☆greeting 招呼语 How are you doing in ...? or: How are you getting along? 近来怎么样? 久违的老朋友还可以说:How are you? or How have you been? Howdy 美国南部招呼语 answer: Howdy ☆blind date 相亲,盲目约会 ☆I am afraid (that 省略) it is going to rain, so we can't go on a picnic. 我认为...(弱语气) ☆What's the problem (with)? = What's wrong? = What's the matter (with)? ☆goof around 浪费时间,混时间 ☆Aha, that's it. = Aha, I get it. = I understand. ☆kidding = joking

3. The City of Song


Listening to music is the favorite pastime of many people all over the world. This is especially true for people living in Vienna, the city of song. Being the home of Mozart, this city is the birthplace of classical music and the waltz. Music fills the air in Vienna. Going to public concerts is often free of charge. And don't forget, Vienna is also home to the world famous Vienna Boys' Choir. No wonder people say Austria is always alive with the sound of music. ☆Austria Australia jog 慢跑 chore 杂物(可数) potbelly 大肚皮 He is a potbelly. ☆the world over adv. = around the world = throughout the world = all over the world ☆maestro 艺术大师,名作曲家 ☆birthplace 发源地,诞生日 classical 古典的 classic 经典的 ☆be free (of charge) 免费的 This sample is free of charge. ☆be enslaved by 被...奴役 be enslaved to a bad habit 改不掉坏习惯 ☆be home to 某地是…的所在地/出产地/聚集地 be the home of 某地是…的故乡/老家 ☆no wonder + clause(主+v.) adv.难怪 难怪 Eg:No wonder Bruce is in such a good shape, he excercises. No wonder you’re so thin, you eat so little. ☆be alive with a.活的,充满的 Eg:The room is alive with children’s laughter.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

sth. fill the air 充满着某物 Eg: Romatic love songs fill the air in that cozy Italian restaurant. 那家温馨的意大利餐馆充满着罗曼蒂克的情歌.

4. He Who Hesitates Is Lost


Mike is in Vienna with his girlfriend Daisy. M: Are you having a good time, Daisy? D: Are kidding? I'm having the time of my life. I loved the concerts. M: Concert going is fantastic but what else can we do? D: Biking along the banks of the river Danube could be fun. M: It sounds like a great idea! D: Let's do it then. M: You're right. As they say, "He who hesitates is lost." ☆He who(引导表语从句) hesitates is lost. 迟疑着将丧失良机. hesitates to … 做…犹豫不决 if you have any question ,don’t hesitate to ask me He who …+单数动词 “凡是 的人 凡是…的人 凡是 的人….” = one who.. = those who +复数动词 Eg:He who works hard will be successful. "He" means anyone. or: one, those Anyone who ,works Anybody who works Those who work I’m new here,I just go lost. Probably there on vacation there I don’t know what VACATION means In my dictionary there’s no such word as VACATION ☆ I was lost in that music. "沉醉于" = be absorbed in one's work 沉醉于" ☆ Don’t talk to Merice now ,he is lost in his work. ☆ Very beautiful little flower,but remember if you talking about the flower, then we do not capitalized ‘D’ ☆ While on vacation last year, I visited France and Italy. 渡假 ☆ Have good time doing sth. ☆ He always has good time in camping.露营 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ I had good time dancing last night. Have hard time ,have difficulty Foreigners have hard time learning how to write Chinese characters. Have a good time = have fun 不能说 I had many fun last night. 而说 I had a lot fun , I had a good time ,I had a great time dacing Chinese character “中国字 不说 Chinese words 中国字” 中国字

☆ How many kids do you have? Kids = children , same as you ☆ You must be kdding me. ☆ Concert going = goint to the concert.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆ I have a band, put on the concert ☆ The artist will put on (hold) an new exhibit next month. (put on 娱乐) ☆ Hold meeting 举行会议 ☆ House cleaning is Peter’s favorite activity. ☆fantastic = wonderful, great, awesome, terrific (cool for the young) aweful = terrible 糟 ☆ Biking along the bank could be/can be/must be/is fun ☆ Bicycle. Bike. ☆ Funny 滑稽 fun 有趣 ☆ The students make fun of the new kid in the class. ☆ Sounds like good idea.Tastes like garbage ☆ He picked up a garbage ,an throw at into garbage can ☆ Let’s go seeing movie to night. Sounds like good idea. ☆have 做“有” 无进行时态 Eg:I have a car. I have time. 即,无法说"正在 正在"的词,无进行时态 I love you. 正在

5. Bungee Jumping


Bungee jumping looks like fun. It makes me nervous just to watch someone do it. It certainly takes a lot of guts to jump one thousand feet above the water with only a rope tied to your legs. It scares me just to think about it. However, it is something I really want to do one day. Some people think I'm crazy. They say to jump is foolish enough, but to have to pay for it is madness. I don't agree. For me, to live a short and exciting life is far better than to live a long and boring one. What do you think? ☆wild boar 野猪 ☆Paper originated in China. 起源于 ☆have the guts(口语)/courage to be. 有做…的勇气 勇气/胆量. 勇气 pluck up one's courage 鼓起勇气 muster up one's courage Eg:Bill does not have the guts to ask Marry to go out for a date. ☆be tied to = be bound (bind) to 被...绑在 That poor dog is tied/bound to the fence, he can not run away. ☆be scared of = be frightened of Peter is scared of snakes. scare sb. to death 把某人吓的要死. He scared me to death. ☆He looked into the mirror and found he looked much older. 照镜子 ☆cockroach(es) 蟑螂 lunatic n.adj 疯子 luna 月亮(拉丁文) ☆get somewhere 有出息 get nowhere 没出息 If you work hard you get somewhere someday. ☆I agree with you on this point, but I disable agree with you on that point. ☆agreeable 相处容易的: I like Marry, because she's a very agreeable personality. ☆live/lead + a/an +a. life 过着…生活 The famous sight lives/leads a simple life.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆boring a.令人厌烦的,无聊的(指事) So boring 真无聊 boring day be bored with a.感到厌烦 厌烦的(指人) 厌烦 =be fed up with =be sick of =be tired of “受够了” “对…感厌烦” ☆What do you think? 你认为呢? ☆looks /tastes /sounds like(prep.) 后接名词 “象” 象 ☆知觉动词 vt. 看:see, watch,look at(注视) 听:hear,listion to 感觉 感觉:feel 1)vt.+宾+宾补(动原) 强调确有事情发生,表进行时态 2)vt.+宾+宾补(现在分词) 强调事情正在发生 3)vt.+宾+宾补(过去分词) 强调被动的状态

6. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Lisa and Bill are talking about their future. L: What's your goal in life, Bill? B: To fly in the sky and feel as free as a bird. L: That's easy. B: What do you mean? L: Go bungee jumping. B: You mush be kidding. It's too dangerous. L: Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. ☆If nothing is ventured, nothing will be gained. ☆Everybody shoule have a goal in life. My goal is to learn English better one day. ☆Growing up is learning experience. ☆pearl 珍珠 Pearl 女人名 ☆carve out 雕刻出,开创出 Eg:By going to school and studying hard, Sam carved out a good career of his future. ☆attain/reach/fulfill one's goal ☆Peter and Bruce are as busy as bees. Ever since sam lived on his own, he has felt as free as a bird. 山姆自从独立生活以来觉得自由极了. To fly in the sky and feel as free as a bird.象鸟儿一样在天气自由翱翔。 ☆What do you mean by calling me at midnight? 你深夜打电话给我是什么意思? ☆1>take it easy(ad.) 放松点 2>easy(a.) Eg:easy come,easy go. / That’s easy. ☆feel +a.(主补) go +doing 从事某种短暂的活动 go shopping go fishing

7. Doctor Death p.39 Whether very sick people should be helped to end their own lives is a question many people


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

cannot answer. However, Dr.Kevorkian is an exception. That he has done this more than twenty times is known to everyone. Some say what he is doing is immoral. They call him Doctor Death. Others say what he is doing is merciful. They call it mercy killing. Whether Dr.Kevorkian should be allowed to continue doing this is a real problem for the government. There seem to be two sides to the argument. Which side are you on? ☆be known as +身份 为人所知 be known to sb. 为某人所熟知 be known for sth. Eg:Don’t you know? 你难道不知道? Eg:The old man is known for his generosity.那个老人以慷慨闻名。 ☆One is known by company he keeps. 观其友,知其人 ☆spooky 幽灵般的 Halloween 万圣节 ☆end one’s life 结束某人的生命 to end one's own life = to put an end to one's own life ☆When the movie came to an end, many people were crying. 结束 ☆I helped Mother wash(=do) the dishes last night. ☆Every rule has its exception. = There is an exception to every rule. with the exception of .... 除…之外 ☆inconvenient 不方便 不说:Are you convenient? 而说:Are you free new? ☆That he doesn't study makes me angry. 名词从句 that 不能省 ☆mercy killing 安乐死 ☆be faithful to sb. [sth.] 忠实于某人[某事] Eg:It’s immoral to be unfaithful to your girlfriend.对女友不忠实 不忠实是不道德的。 不忠实 ☆agrue over….为…争论 为 争论 The old couple argued over trivial matters all day long. 那对老夫妇成天为一些芝麻蒜皮的小事争吵。

8. No Hearts or No Brains? P.52 Helen and Dick are talking about the previous article. H: I don't understand how people can think Dr. Kevorkian is doing the right thing. D: Well, helping people die with dignity is not that bad, is it? H: Don't you know ? Where there is life, there is hope. D: Come on. Be realistic. Those people who want to die are suffering. It's better that they go quickly and painlessly. H: All you men have no hearts. D: And all you women have no brains. ☆We teach our children to momerize/remenber their telepphone number by heart. 默背 Peter is really a kind of man at heart. at heart 本性上 ☆beat one's brains 绞尽脑汁 I stayed up all night and beat my brains, but I couldn't think of the answer.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆understanding = considerate = thoughtful 体谅的 ☆To my understanding, .... = To my knowledge, .... (放句首)就我所知 ☆kangaroo 袋鼠 ☆that bad = so bad ☆Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者,事竟成 ☆stay up / sit up 熬夜 ☆suffer from +疾病 “长期(患)…的疾病” Eg:My mother suffers from migraine headaches. (偏头痛)

9. Be Thoughtful


Being thoughtful simply means thinking of others before yourself. What you say or do will have an effect on others. So it is important that you think before you say or do anything. In this way, you can avoid hurting others' feelings. Moreover, a thoughtless act or remark can spoil a perfect relationship. Remember these rules, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Likewise if you think what you do will hurt others,don’t do it After all,what goes around comes around. ☆Children should be considerate of old people. 体谅 ☆mean to do 打算做 mean doing 意味着 When I say I mean to do it, I mean it. ☆essential = necessary / important It is important that he (should) be punctual. ☆a piece of cake = It is cinch(俚 easy). ☆feeling 感觉 feelings 感情 ☆scold 责骂 undermine 破坏(少用) ☆likewise 同样地 =by the same token Yesterday was a lousy day. By the same token today does't look any better. ☆What goes around comes around. 种什么因,得什么果。 What 是复合代词=the things which “所…东西 东西” 所 东西 Eg:What you ordered is not available. 你所点的东西卖完了。 What the child needs is love. 孩子所需要的是爱 ☆疑问词引导的名词从句 p45

10. What Are Friends For? P.65 Jane meets her old friend, Fred. J: Hi, Fred! How's everything? F:Not so good(well),I'm afraid. Supporting a family is becoming more and more difficult these days.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

J: What you say can't be more true. Everything is so expensive. I can hardly make ends meet myself. F: Oh, really? Do you need any money? What I have is not much, but I can loan you some. J: I'm OK. Thanks for being so thoughtful anyway. F: What are friends for? 要不然要朋友干嘛? ☆flatter 奉承 flattery n. ☆1>meet with trouble 遇到麻烦 in trouble 2>meet sb 3>The chinaman presided over the meeting. 4>meet you halfway 折衷 meet sb. halfway v.在半路迎接某人, 迎合某人 Let's compromise 妥协 to reach a compromise ☆polite behavior ☆Peter is afraid/scared/frightened of snakes. ☆cockroach(es) 蟑螂 ☆support a family 养家 back you up 支持 ☆I couldn't careless. 不在乎 ☆hardly = almost not ☆be becoming/getting + 比较级 a. + and + 比较级 a. “变得越来越 变得越来越…” 变得越来越 = be becoming/getting increasingly(日益,愈加)+ a. …. Eg:I find that people are becoming more and more materialistic. = I find that people are becoming increasingly materialistic. 人们变得越来越物质了. The weather is getting hotter and hotter.= The weather is getting increasingly hot. ☆主+cannot be +比较级 a. “再…也没有了;…到极点了 也没有了; 到极点了 到极点了” 主 比较级 再 也没有了 What you say can't be more true. 你说的对极了。 Eg:The answer you gave cannot be more wrong. 你的答案大错特错. The remark he made could not be more sarcastic. 他所说的话讽刺到极点了. ☆Today many city couples both have to work, or they can't make ends meet. 收支平衡 ☆We are in need of more parks in our city. = We need more.... ☆get by 说的过去,混过 get at = I see.

11. Power without Pollution


Pollution is a big problem in almost all the big cities of the world. City people are, therefore, becoming more and more worried about how they can get rid of pollution. They are also concerned about whether the government is doing enough to protect the environment. However, people in Ireland don't have these worries. They are sure that they have found the answer to the problem. They use windmills. These windmills can create power without creating pollution. This method is so successful that other countries are thinking of doing the same. Why not? What works for Ireland can work for any other country. ☆I am ready. = I am all set. ☆Don't pollute this river.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆Yesterday afternoon we had a power failure for two hours. 停电 ☆During the power failuer, the lights usually go out. ☆a big problem = a serious problem ☆You should rid youreself of that bad habit of smoking. ☆concerned = worried People in ireland, however, don't have these worries. People in ireland don't, however, have these worries. ☆answer to = solution to ☆creat / produce / generate

12. Stop the Noise


Mr. Chen is talking to his neighbor Mrs. Wang. C: May I have a word with you? W: Sure. What's the problem? C: It's about your son. I'm tired of his making so much noise at all hours of the day. W: I'm sorry. I'm sure he's not doing it on purpose. C: I'm sure he's not. But we can do without the noise pollution, you know? W: You're absolutely right. By the way, how was your party last night? It sure sounded like you had a great time. C: Uh… ☆poorly ☆My girlfriend and I had a chat at a shop yesterday ☆have a word with sb about sth = talk with(to) sb about sth have words with = argument ☆stingy 小气 ☆sure = of course = you bet ☆be in love with 状态 fall in love with 动作 ☆I am tired. 累 I am tired of sth = I am sick of sth 厌烦 I am tired of that 从句 错 变化 1: I am tired of the fact that 从句 变化 2: I am tired of sb's V-ing 所有格 I am curious about that he studies hard. 错 变化:I am curious about the fact that he studies hard. 或:I am curious about his studying hard. ☆that 不能做介词的宾语 ☆on purpose = with intention = intentionally ☆can do without 没有...也可以 ☆can't do without 没有...就不行 ☆It sure sounds like ... sure / like 口语用法


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

13.Health Comes First p. 81 Smoking is bad in that it is harmful to one's health. In spite of the fact that doctors have even warned that it causes cancer, people still keep on smoking. In some Western countries, however, people are beginning to kick the bad habit. They realize that health should come first. To help them quit smoking, there are laws against cigarette advertising and smoking in public places. This is praiseworthy except that Western countries are now selling cigarettes in the East in greater numbers than ever. That they are doing this is immoral, don't you think? ☆put out my cigarette ☆once and for all 断然地, 坚决地 ☆Health comes first. 健康至上 Health is wealth. Health is above wealth. ☆Dogs can be dangerous, in that, they can bite. ☆be in good/poor health ☆in spite of = despite + the fact that 从句 ☆keep (on) V-ing on 可省略 If you keep studying, you will master English. ☆kick the bad habit of smoking get rid of ☆Bob realized his dream after graduating from college. ☆Peter placed an advertisemnet in the newspaper for a helper. 登广告 ☆He is a nice guy except that he smokes. ☆...than ever(before) 加不加 before 均可 ☆That they are doing this is immoral, don't you think? immortal 不朽的

14. Quit Cold Turkey


Jane is talking to her boyfriend. J: You promised me that you were going to give up smoking. What's that in your hand? B: I'm sorry. I really want to except that every time I get nervous, I can't help smoking. J: That's just an excuse. B: No. It's true. I've tried everything: chewing gum, biting my fingernails and even meditation, but nothing works. J: Well, if you want to be with me, you'll just have to quit cold turkey. B: That will work! ☆quit asking me so many questions quit cold turkey cold turkey(adv) = all at once 一劳永逸 stand for 代表


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆Edward promise Sally to meey her at six. ☆You promised me that you would meet me at six, but you were late. I promise to help you with the disdes after dinner. Tom made a promise to Sally to marry her. Tom made a promise to Sally that he would marry her. ☆I can't help smoking. = I can't help but smoke. ☆I'd like to go with you except that I am too tired. ☆whenever = every time ☆Every time I go fishing, I catch nothing. ☆I'll be true to sb. = I'll be faithful to sb. ☆meditation 打坐,冥想 ☆a stick of gum = a piece of gum ☆a pack of cigarette

15. Don't Rely on Luck! P.93 Passing exams is every student's dream. Failing them is their nightmare. So, to realize their dreams, many students try anything. They even go to fortunetellers, buy lucky charms and follow old customs. In Korea, many students bury something personal in the university they want to enter. They believe that these things will act as magnets and "pull" them into the university. Whether it works or not, nobody really knows. At least it does ease the students' minds about passing exams. Remember, though, you can't always rely on luck. There is no substitute for hard work. ☆don't rely on luck 勿心存侥幸 ☆bill 纸钞 ☆pass the exam fail the exam flunk the exam(俚,fail) ☆dream a sweet dream 做了一个梦 I dreamed about/of you last night. dream about/of kissing sb I had a nightmare dream last night. I have a dream. ? ☆parasol 阳伞 ☆be buried in My father was buried in military cemetery. ☆Peter is always buried in his work. ☆Do as the roman do. ☆In Austrilia I acted as Peter's interpretor. 口译员 ☆ease one's mind


16. Study or Flunk p.101


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

Kim bumps into her classmate, Pak. K: What's the matter, Pak? You look depressed. Did someone just die or what? P: Well, someone is going to soon. K: Oh, my God! Really? Who is it? P: Me. I flunked the exam and my dad's going to kill me. K: How come you flunked? I thought you did everything the fortuneteller told you to do. P: I thought so, too. I was sure of passing. That's why I went to see him this morning. K: Well, what did he say? P: He said I flunked because I did everything very well except that I forgot one thing. K: What's that? P: I didn't study! ☆My teacher failed/flunked me. ☆Don't fail me. = Don't let me down. 不要让我失望 disappointed ☆grade 分数 You have a failing grade. ☆bump into (口) encounter 正式词 ☆I feel encouraged by his words. ☆It is hot here or what? ☆Who is it? It's me. ☆exaggerate v.夸大 ☆I don't think so.(常用) = I think not. ☆sb be sure of sth = sb be sure that 从句 ☆Bruce is a fine guy except that he is stingy.

17. A Computer Car p.105 You are in a strange city. It's late at night and you're tired. But you can't find your hotel. You sigh a deep sigh. It seems like you are dreaming a terrible dream. What is happening? This situation often happens to people who travel by car. But it may become a thing of the past. New auto computers are being designed to tell you how to reach your destination. A small screen in your car displays a map of the city and shows you where you are. Just give the computer the name of your hotel. You'll see it on the map. To top it off, a voice will give you directions while you drive. With a car like this, what else would you expect. ☆He is a stranger to music. 一点不懂 ☆Music is closed book to Bruce. ☆lose in town 城中迷路 ☆sigh a deep sigh = heave a sigh 叹了一口气 ☆It seems like + 从句 口语中 ☆fiction story ☆In a dangerous situation, you should get away.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆They reached the top of the mountain on foot. ☆cafe 法语 coffee shop 英语 ☆reach one's destination ☆There are many computers on display at that trade show. ☆to top it off = in addition ☆We had a great meal. To top it off, the dessert is excellent.

18. Nothing is perfect


The computer in Dan's car is helping him reach his hotel. D: OK, computer, how do we get there? C: go one block and take a left. D: that looks easy. (He turns right.) C: Left! I said "left", you idiot!" D: Sorry! Wow, you don't have to get so angry. C: I'm sorry. I guess I'm just having a bad day. D: a bad day? You're a computer! How can you have a bad day? C: Well, I think I've got a virus. D: Ha! And I thought computers could never be wrong. ☆Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧 ☆perfect lightbulb = make lightbulb perfect 读音不同 ☆fix = repair He is a young repairman. ☆take a left = make a left turn = turn left ☆in a good mood 心情 ☆On rainy day, I am often in a bad mood. ☆I am in a mood for dance, let's go to Disco. 想要 ☆My teacher is angry with me, because I flunked the test. ☆Today is not my day. 今天真倒霉 ☆Singing is a good way to let out one's emotion. 发泄情绪 ☆You can't go wrong studying English with Bruce. ☆She wronged him by annoying him. 伤害

19. Blame it on Men


What's the real reason women get fat? It's not chocolate or ice cream. According to a recent report, which was published in London, it's men! A magazine suggested men have a special warning written on their foreh-eads:" I can make you fat!" what do you think of that idea? The report claims that when women fall in love, they tend to eat more. When they get married, they cook more. And when they get pregnant, of course, they gain weight. They blame it


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

on men. So, girls, if you want to lose weight, you don't have to go on a diet: just dump your boyfriends! ☆thin 更苗条 slender 苗条 ☆blame sth. on sb. 责怪,归咎于 blame sb. for sth. Eg:Mother blamed me for breaking the window, but my kid broher did it. The farmers blamed their poor crops on the weather. 怪罪 ☆two cocolates two icecreams 指种类 icecream 不可数 two scoops of icecream ☆according to me 错 应为 I think ☆have sth. done Eg:I'll have my hair cut/done this weekend. ☆How do you like this song? How do you feel about this song? What do you think of this song? ☆tend to 易于…;往往;有…的倾向 Eg: He tend to get angry.他很容易饿. ☆bulimia 贪食症 anorexia 厌食症 ☆She is expecting her baby. 她怀孕了 When is your baby due? 什么时候生下来?

20 A Weighty Problem

p 123

Eve and Adam are talking. E: Do you know I've put on 5 kilos since going out with you? A: Why's that? E: You're always taking me to fancy restaurants. A: Well, you don't have to eat so much when we eat out, you know. E: But I can't resist all the delicious food. A: Besides, it's not cheap. E: I guess you're right. Maybe I should start cooking again. (Adam turns pale.) A: Uh… Let's just forget about your weight problem, OK? I don't care how fat you are. E: really? ☆I wish you happy landinds. 一路平安 ☆Adam’s apple 喉结 ☆a bad cook 厨师 不应为 cooker 饭店厨师应为 chef ☆a weight problem pun n.vi.vt.双关语 ☆If you drink too much beer, you'll put on a lot of weight. ☆The word "kilo" is short for the kilogram. …的缩写 ☆date(vt.) = go on a date(n.) = go out with 约会 They are going out with each other for two years. I’m going out with/dateing Marry tornight.今晚我要与玛丽约会.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆fancy restaurant 豪华饭馆 fancy dress 名贵的服装 fancy car 豪华车 ☆eat out 下馆子 ☆Betty can't resist my charm. ☆I don't understand it, my dog won't eat my delicious cooking. =tasty =inviting 诱人的 Anything mom makes delicious.妈妈做的任何东西都好吃. an inviting dessert. 诱人的甜食 ☆stingy miser ☆inexpensive 物美价廉 cheap 便宜货 ☆fat chance 门都没有 ☆turn pale 脸色变苍白 gray(美) grey(英) 头发白了 ☆I couldn't care less. 不在乎 I don't care for that.

21 Coffee Bathing P 127. When the Japanese ask you "Would you like some coffee?" think twice before you answer. In Japan, it is quite popular to have a "coffee bath." For about US$20, you can get a ground coffee bath; that is, they "boil" you in coffee. The coffee smells good, but you'll probably feel the heat. It sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, the Japanese don't do it for fun. They believe it helps cure diseases. Who knows? Maybe it's true. But in spite of what they say, I'll just take my coffee in a cup, thank you. ☆fix/make/propare coffee for sb. 为某人冲咖啡 ☆bath n. take a bath 洗澡 take a shower 淋浴 bathe vi. bathing-suit 泳衣 swimsuit 女泳衣 I like to bathe in very hate the wather.我喜欢洗热水澡。 ☆stink vi.发臭 ☆Look before you leap. 三思而后行 think twice ☆Hair dyeing is popular with the youth. 受…欢迎 ☆I bought this book for ten dollars. 当作… ☆that is, 也就是说…/换言之… = in other words. ☆grind 研磨(ground/ground) ☆If you want to master English or any language, you have to put your nose to the grindstone. 如果你想精通英语或者其实任何语言,你需要孜孜不息 孜孜不息 ☆boiled water 开水 boiling water 正在开的水 ☆sounds like fun 有趣 do sth for fun 好玩 Eg:I father studied English for fun. make fun of 取笑,捉弄 Eg:Peter making fun of me again. tell a joke 讲笑话 play a joke on sb. 开某人玩笑,捉弄 Eg: ☆soaking wet 全身湿透的 I get soaking wet in the rain.在雨中我全身湿透了. ☆next to = almost av.几乎


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆be at breakfast = be having breakfast ☆a tube of ointment 一条/管 药膏

22. Whiskey or Coffee?


Jack and his Japanese friend, Norie, are on their way home(ad.) from school. N: what a hard day I had at school! I feel like having a coffee or something. J: Me too. N: Let's go to Rick"s Coffee Shop. J: That sounds good. (They are at the coffee shop.) N: What kind of coffee do you like? J: I feel like having an Irish coffee. N: Ok. I'll have the same. (After two cups Norie is drunk.) N: Why am I feeling tipsy? J: There's whiskey in Irish coffee, you know. N: Why didn't you tell me? Boy, it can be dangerous to have a simple cup of coffee with an American. ☆liquor 酒精饮料 alcohol 酒精 wine 葡萄酒 Wiskey is a kind of liquir,that is very high alcohol. ☆be made of 可还原 be made from 不可还原 ☆on one’s way to bejing/school ad.前不加 to, home(ad.) dwntown(ad.) There was a motorcycle in my(or "the") way on my way downtown. 挡路 On my way home yesterday I ran into my friend’s Bruce. run into 不期而遇,碰上 Don’t stand on my way. ☆I was flunked by my teacher. I flunked my test. ☆I feel like(介) seeing(动名) the movie. 1>想要 feel like sth (n.) 2>感觉象 ☆timid 胆小的 ☆a cup of coffee two cups of coffee 口语中用 two coffee a coffee to go please 外带,外卖 口语中用 ☆I like a pizza or something. 或什么的. ☆me too = so do I = I do too 肯定句 me neither 否定句 ☆That sounds good. 或者说 That sounds like a good idea. 听起来不错. ☆How do you like your coffee? I like my coffee black. I like my coffee with cream and suger please. I have the same coffee as I usually do. ☆get drunk 喝醉了 ☆My brother is always complaining about the weather.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

23. Earthquake Survival Tips


Would you know what to do during a really big earthquake? Experts have looked into the matter carefully. It may be worth your while to look over the following tips they have for us. If the ground begins shaking while you are driving, pull over and stay in your car. If you are in a building, try to get near a strong wall. The corner of a room or the space under a big doorway is the safest. As soon as the quake is over, check the gas pipe in the building. Gas fires often result from earthquakes. These tips may prove to be lifesavers. We should, therefore, keep them in mind. Remember to always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. ☆nasal adj.n.鼻的,鼻音的 Eg:I sound a little bit nasal today. ☆under the weather 有病;不舒服;难过;心情不好 I called in sick yesterday, because I felt under the weather. 我打电话请病假,。 ☆tip 小费,方法,秘诀 give sb. some tips on sth. Let me give you a tip(n.) on how to swim better. = Let me tip(v.) you on how to swim better. ☆疑问词+不定式 (名词短语)1>做主语 2>做宾语 3>be 后做主补 why to do 无些种用法。 I know what to do. ☆look into 调查 Eg:The police looked into the case with care. ☆look over = examine 查阅,大略看一看 The teacher looked over the students' composition. ☆My brother is an expert(n.) in golf. = My brother is expert(a.) in golf. 精通于 ☆while n. =time 时间 Studying English is worth your while(n.). = It is worth your while to study English. ☆pull over (口) 把车开到路边 While you are driving, (you should) pull over and stay in your car. convertible car 无顶的敞篷车 ☆get near = approach ☆doorway 门框 ☆Quake is short for Earthquake. ☆His success resulted from his hard work. 起因于.. . = His hard work resulted in his success. 导致.. . ☆keep/bear …in mind 将..牢记在心中 . keep/bear in mind that… Eg:I always keep my father’s advice in mind. You must keep in mind that not everyone is as honest as you. 你必须牢记不是每一个人都像你一样诚实.

24. Just Like a Woman



赖世雄中级英语 1-74

Jenny and Andy are having a cup of coffee at a café. J: Hey, Andy. Did you feel that earthquake yesterday? A: Sure. I was at work. Some of the women in the office felt dizzy and screamed. J: You know, the ground shook so violently that I was terrified. A: That sounds just like how a woman would feel. J: I guess we women should be brave like you, Huh? A: Of course! (Jenny shakes the table with her leg.) Aaagh! Earthquake! Help! (He gets under the table.) J: Look at you -- I was just playing. You're worse than a woman. You even sounded worse than the women at the office. A: Uh… I knew it was just a joke. I was only trying to scare you. J: Ha! I bet! ☆胆小的,怯懦的 cowardly adj. 胆小的,怯懦的 coward n. ☆womanly adj.女人味 manly motherly fatherly My teacher, Mr.Brown, is very fatherly, so we all like him. hey: paying attention to sb. ☆hi: greeting ☆one's cup of tea 喜爱的东西;正中下怀 Eg:Swimming is my cup of tea.游泳是我最喜欢的事情. ☆sb. come to +n./V-ing 一谈到 Eg:When it comes to politics I know nothing. 谈到政治,我一无所知。 ☆be at work 在上班 ☆I just blew my nose. 擤鼻涕 handkerchief 手帕 ☆Poor Bruce is always at work, but lucky Peter is usually at rest. hardworking 努力的 diligent 用功的,勤劳的 ☆some of my ... 不对:some + n. ☆dizzy 头晕的,恶心的 ☆When he was young, he was free of his father. ☆TV-violence 抽象词 电视暴力 ☆The teacher punished Sam after he played a joke on her. ☆save (one's) face 挽回面子 face-saving adj.保全面子的 ☆I am scared of / terrified of / frightened of

25. Restaurant Dos and Don'ts


When you want to eat at a Western restaurant, you should first consider making a reservation. If not, you risk having to wait for a long time for a table. When eating, the Japanese and some Chinese are in the habit of slurping their food. By doing so, they show their host how much they like the food. Westerners find eating soup this way most unpleasant. They also consider picking one's teeth and putting on makeup at the table no-nos. and


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

when it comes to tipping, they just leave some money on the table. The amount is up to you, but it's usually 15 to 20 percent of the check. ☆Don't forget dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s. 注意细节 Make sure you dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s. Make sure your all detail correct. ☆lower case 小写 ☆make a reservation (for) = make a booking (for) 预约/订 I'd like to make a reservation for a table for ten please. ☆consider + V-ing If you want to improve your English, you should consider practicing it more. ☆if not 不然的话,否则 ☆parasol 阳伞 umbrella ☆sunbathe 日光浴 ☆He is in the habit of getting up early. 有..的习惯 . ☆unpleasent 不愉快的 ☆clear soup 清汤 thick soup 浓汤 soups 复数指种类 a bowl of soup eat the soup while it is hot. 趁热喝吧 ☆no-nos 禁忌,不可做之事 可数 n. ☆check 支票,(15-20%)账单 ☆Before you study foreign language, you should know dos and don'ts

26. The Missing Tip


Chen is in America. His American friend, Daisy, suggested having lunch with him at a restaurant. C: Why's that waiter so angry? D: Those people who just left didn't seem to give him any tip, which made him angry. C: Is that absolutely necessary here? D: Kind of. It's the custom. You can't really avoid leaving at least a small tip. C: But suppose the service is bad? D: In that case, of course, we don't leave one. C: And does the waiter know that's why you didn't give him a tip? D: Exactly. It's just like telling him off. C: No wonder he's so angry. D: Well, in fact, the people did leave him a tip, but that kid over there took it. ☆We tipped(v.) the waiter with a lot of money, beacause his service was so good. I tipped the waiter ten dollars for his excellenct service. give sb money as a tip for sth 不说:I give sb ten dollars tip 而说:give sb ten-dollar tip ☆I find my missing(a.) keys in my shirt placket. I miss(v.) you like.我好想你。 Do you miss your family?你想念家人吗? missed out on the promotion. 错过提升的机会


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆daisy 小黄花,雏菊 petal 花瓣 ☆waitress 女服务员 ☆Are you being wait on? I am sorry sir, after I sever them, I come back to wait on you. 或用: server you 招呼 wait at table 侍候进餐 ☆口语: be angry at/with sth.混用 ☆The rude bus-driver lost his temper with the old woman. 他发脾气 ☆absolutely awful ☆it is necessary for sb. to sth.(动原) 做…对某人而言是有必要的 Eg:It is mecessary for students to understand the importance of being educeted. 学生有必须了解教育的重要性. ☆kind of (口)多多少少,有点 =a little = sort of =somewhat ☆soppose = if =what is ☆tell sb. off = scold sb. 责备(很很的骂) ☆in that case 如此一来,那样的话 in some cases 有些情况下,有时 in most cases 在大部分情形下,往往 in many cases 在许多情况下 ☆mischievous = naughty 顽皮的 ☆over there adv.那里

27. Thank Your Lucky Stars


I remember when I was a young boy, life was tough. My parents made me do many things for them. For example, they had me do the laundry, the dishes and the house cleaning. They even got me to work part-time to help with the family expenses. If I was naughty, they would spank me. They would not let me go outside the house for days. Nowadays, life is quite different for kids. Parents can't force them to do anything. On the contrary, it seems as if children can get their parents to do anything for them. Parents and teachers are even afraid to spank children for fear of being sued. It amazes me, therefore, whenever I hear youngsters complain. Instead, they should be thanking their lucky stars. ☆dutiful son 孝子 ☆make wish on the start. 对着星星来许愿 take one’s lucky starts 谢谢带给你幸运的星星 ☆pleasant / parent / simpler ☆tough = hard 艰苦的 修饰人:凶恶的 ☆for example = for instance ☆do two loads of laundry 洗两份量的衣服 do the stadying 不说:do laundry, do dishes 要加定冠词或其他修饰词


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆have sb. do sth. 叫..=get sb. to do sth. . have sth. done. 把.. I'll have my house painted next monday. . ☆part-time a./av. 兼职的,部分时间地 full-time make part-time 兼职的 ☆spank sb. 打屁股 spare the rod, spoil the child. 孩子不打不成器 ☆ground 禁锢 ☆filial adj.子女的, 孝顺的, 当做子女的 filial love 子女的爱 obedient adj.服从的, 孝顺的 ☆For fear of failing, Ted stayed up study/studying all night. 唯恐/以免 ☆He sued me for breaking the contract. 他控告我违约. ☆on the contrary = instead 相反的

28. Going on a Diet


Little Johnny is talking to his mother. J: How come you always make me do things I don't want to? M: What do you mean? 你这说怎么说? J: Well,for instance,you always force me to eat steaks, pork chops and chicken, day in and day out. M: Ok. What do you want? J: All I want is vegetables and fruit from now on. 怎么了? M: What's wrong with you? Are you sick? J: No, but I want to go on a diet. M: Why? J: Everyone's calling me Fatty at school. M: Oh… I get it now. Be on a mission ☆be on business 出差 go on a picnic 野餐 go/be on a trip weight 重要 Eg:I haven't seen John around in office for a while. Where is she? O,He is on the trip. He'll be back on the next week. ☆How com +主+v. How come your English is so good? =Why is it that +主+v. Why is it that your …. =Why +倒装句. Why is your … Why do you always make me do things that I don’t want to. Why is he ☆What do you mean by asking me to tell you sentence? What do you mean by this word? 这个字什么意思? What do you mean by calling me at midnight? 你深夜打电话给我是什么意思? ☆enable sb. to do sth. 使某人能够做某事


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆short-circuit vt.使短路, 缩短 “秀逗” ☆out of one's mind 精神不正常 ☆well 嗯 ☆pork chop 猪排 chicken 鸡肉 chickens 活鸡 ☆hiking n.徒步旅行 ☆From now on, Peter will double my pay. 从现在起 daydream 白日梦 Billy had he motorcycle accident ,from then on he worn helnet(头盔). 从那时起 ☆nickname 绰号

29. Just a Dream


One day I was at home listening to music when suddenly I felt a pain in my neck. As I tried to turn my head, I head my neck crack. I got the fright of my life. I was so scared that I could feel my legs trembling. "What's the matter with me?" I thought to myself. Just then, I felt myself slapped by someone. I opened my eye and saw my teacher standing over me with an angry look in his face. I realized then that I had been dreaming. I didn't mind getting caught dozing off in class. I was happy what happened was just a dream. ☆I don't believe Tim, he always exaggerates(夸大)everything. ☆dream of/about sb/sth/V-ing 不说: dream sb/... ☆get the fright of one’s life 某人受到一生中最大的惊吓 ☆stiff neck 脖子硬硬的 neck crack 脖子啪啪响 ☆find another 再找一个 ☆an anagry look in one’s face 面有怒色 ☆be at home in sth 对...精通 (与家无关) ☆be lost in sth 一窍不通 ☆doze off 打瞌睡

30. Yes, Sir


The teacher wakes me up from my dream. T: Get up, you lazybones! M: Oh… sorry, sir, I must have fallen asleep. 一定已经/曾经 T: You bet. And we could see you shaking like a leaf. M: Really? Wow! Thank goodness I was dreaming. T: What? You were dreaming in class and you are happy about it? M: Uh…yes, sir. T: What? Do you take me for a fool? M: Yes, sir…I mean no, sir. T: As punishment you are to write, "I must not sleep in class" 100 times. M: No. Sir.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

T: Wrong. You should say, "yes, sir." M: Whatever, sir. T: Oh, I give up. M:Good, sir. ☆goose egg 零分 ☆I,I,sir = yes sir ☆不说 teacher Wang 而说 Mr.Wang Mrs. ☆I stayed awake all last night. 一夜未睡 I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. 一夜未合眼 Don’t wink at me.不要对我眨眼。 ☆get up = rise 不说 rise up ☆lazybones 单复数都加 s ☆fall asleep 入睡,睡着 fall ill 生病 ☆You'll be in trouble. 你会有麻烦。 ☆stern 严厉的 = strict 严格的 flunk 不及格 ☆shake/shook like a leaf 害怕,抖得很利害 ☆thank goodnes 感谢上帝 ☆I am happy about (which) the vacation(假期) will be going on. 对…感高兴 ☆take A for B 误将 A 当 B ☆play a trick on sb 整某人 play job on v.开...的玩笑 Don’t fool me .把耍我。 ☆copy 抄写 ☆be to = must You are to washed the dishes after dinner.= You must ☆give up +n./doing

31. Good Feng Shui in New York


Feng shui, or geomancy in English, is becoming more and more popular in America. The Chinese consider feng shui old news, but to Americans, it's something brand-new. Store and home owners are consulting feng shui masters for advice. How did this ancient Chinese tradition make its way across the seas? The answer is quite simple. Chinese businessmen have been building high rises in America. They deem it necessary to rely on feng shui experts, just as they would at home. More and more wealthy Americans are beginning to believe in geomancy. They say that geomancers in New York make US$250 an hour! In view of this, we can foresee a bright future for geomancy in America. ☆business 生意(不可数) 企业(可数) ☆geography 地理 ☆It is common 疾病流行 sth. be popular with sb. 受欢迎 ☆brand-new 崭新的 =totally new


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

I am totally pressured with Bruce's Chinese. ☆coward 胆小鬼 I consider (Not as)him a coward. ☆old news a good piece of news 不说 good news ☆consulted the dictionary 查字典 I consulted the dictionary for the word Geomancy. ☆advice 不可数 a good piece of advice ☆make one’s way 一路赶到 make his way quickly to train station 他一路很快的赶到车站。 Make its way across the seas 远渡重洋 ☆high rise 高楼大厦 ☆deem (文绉绉) = consider ☆Buddhism 佛教 ☆believe in I believe in hard work.我认为人应该努力工作。 ☆in view of = judging from 有鉴于 ☆Word has it that… 谣传 = Rumour has it that… = It is rumored that… ☆they say that 据说 = It is said that = People say that…

32. Goldfish, Souls and Coffee Table


Ms. Smith, an American, is talking to Mr. Ting, an expert on feng shui. S: What changes would you suggest for my house? T: I think that you should get an aquarium with goldfish. S: Why? T: Goldfish bring good luck. S: Ok. Anything else? T: You should also get rid of that mirror in front of your bed. S: Why? T: Your soul travels at night. It must find its way back to the body. The soul might see your body in the mirror and get confused. S: Hmm…really? What else? T: Um… (He bumps into a coffee table.) ouch! And get rid of this table. S: Why? It's just a coffee table. T: It's dangerous. It will bring you bad luck. S: Uh… are you sure? ☆Superstition 迷信 symbol emblme ☆coffee table 茶几 salesman soul 灵魂 ☆critical 危机的 Mayday 紧急情况,救难信号 May Day 劳动日,五一 ☆Ms 已婚或未婚


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆advisor or adviser 都可以 顾问 ☆two goldfish 两条金鱼 two goldfishes 两种金鱼 one sheep, two sheep sheep/ deer/ antelope(羚羊)单复数同 two cattle one head of cattle 不说 one cattle ☆information 不可 ☆I wish you good luck. bring good/bad luck ☆The lights went out,I have to fumble my way out. 灯熄了,我摸黑走出去。 He work is way, thought college. 他半工半读,走出大学。 ☆fridge 冰箱(口语) refrigerator ☆kindergarden 幼稚园 boiled dumpling 水饺 ☆get/be confused about 困惑 ☆ouch. 哎哟 aiyo ☆bump into …撞到,偶遇

33. A Deadly Current


It is a pity that every summer a few people drown at the beach. In some cases, these people were good swimmers. So how did it happen? Riptide! Riptide is a strong underwater current. It moves quickly away from shore and out to sea. It appears suddenly and pulls its victim under and far off shore. Therefore, people should make it a rule never to swim too far out from the beach. If you find yourself in a riptide, don't panic. And by no means should you try to go against the tide and swim back to shore. You'll tire yourself out and probably drown. Instead, swim parallel to the beach. A riptide is very narrow. So just a few strokes in the right direction and you'll be out of danger. ☆riptide 激流 ☆be all ears 洗耳恭听 ☆You are dead right. 对极了 dead adv.绝对地,完全地 deadly 致命的 die v. eager = dying to do sth. I’m dying to drink some beer come on,let’s go. 我好想喝点啤酒. We'll drink your health. 我们为您的健康干杯 ☆take pity on sth. 同情 ☆tired one’s out 使十分疲劳 ☆be at sea 迷茫 When we talked about business, I was at sea. =I am puzzled by what you said. ☆make is a rule to +动原 I make it a rule to get off early. = be in the habit of +动名 "习惯于, 有某种习惯" ☆By no means = never +倒装句 “绝对不是” By no means is he nice. 他决不是个好人. By no means did he tell the truth. ☆instead, ... = on the contrary ☆stroke n.(游泳的)划 "那么/否则" ☆以原形动词为首命令句(, )+and / or +主+助动词+动原


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

Eg:One more step and I’ll shoot.再走一步,我就开枪了 Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. 你对我好,我也就对你好. Shut up or you’ll be in trouble. 住嘴,否则你会有麻烦.

34. A Lifesaving Kiss


Tonya is a beautiful lifeguard. She has just saved Marvin from drowning in the ocean. M: I feel a little groggy. T: That's natural. You nearly drowned a minute ago. M: You saved my life! You're my savior! T: Don't get too excited. A minute ago you weren't breathing, and I had to give you CPR. M:Oh,I wish I could remember that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with such a beautiful woman as you. T: Take it easy, OK? M: Oh, wait… I feel faint again. T: Nice try, buddy, but don't even dream about it. ☆save sb. from 解求某人免于 ☆Bill studied chemistry in college, but he ended up to become a salsman. ☆Unfortunately, every summer several students drowned at the beach. ☆groggy 感觉昏昏的(不醉) ,软弱无力,体虚 ☆My love for you is unlimited. 我对你的爱是无限的。 I have an ocean of love for you. ☆savior 救星 lifesaver 救生者 ☆hold one’s breath 屏息静气 catch one’s breath 喘过气来 take a deep breath 深呼吸 ☆CPR -- cardiopulmonary resuscitation 心肺复苏术 ☆stand for 代表 The moon stand for my love. ☆humble 谦虚 ☆buddy 老兄(口)


35. A Sense of Security


Some people take the view that sometimes in life we have to take chances in order to make progress. I admire such people. It certainly takes courage to take risks. Maybe it's due to my upbringing, but I am the type who likes to play it safe. People like me believe in the saying, " A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Conservative as it may be, it keeps me out of trouble. I must confess, however, that such a lifestyle may, at times, be boring. Admittedly, my life is not half as colorful or exciting as other people's,


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

but at least it gives me a sense of security. ☆take the view that + 从句 “认为” ☆take chances = take risks = adventure v. “冒险” adventurous adj. ☆make a lot of progress 不可数 progress v.n.发音不同 ☆ admirable 重音在第一音节 ☆ quality qualities 气质,本性 ☆It takes patience to be a good teacher. 从事…需要…(条件) ☆upbringing n.成长环境,教养 bring up ☆type = kind ☆play it safe 做事稳稳地来 ☆proverb = saying ☆Haste makes waste. 欲速者不达 ☆Though/Although she is beautiful,... = Beautiful as(conj.) she is,...= As(不译) beautiful as she is,.. I don’t like. 虽然她美,但我不喜欢她. ☆倍数词 + as (ad.).. as(conj.)…. “是…的几倍” (句中一定有 a./ad.) Eg:I’m not helf as rich as you think I am. 我没有你想的一半有钱。 This car is only one-third as expensive as that one.这部车的价格只是那部的三分这一。 He studies (twice or half)as hard as I do. ☆at times 偶尔,有时 ☆I must = admittedly 我的承认

36. The Sex Maniac p.237 Randy is consoling his friend Steve, whose girl friend has just left him. R: Come on, Steve. No point in crying over spilt milk. (天涯何处无芳草) S: I shouldn't have let her go. 虚拟语气,表示与过去事实相反。 R: Forget her. There're plenty of fish in the sea. S: But there's only one that I like. R: How do you know if you haven't tried others? S: You know me. I am a one-woman man. R: You're a fool! S: And you're a sex maniac! ☆maniac n.热中者,疯子 a.疯狂的 ☆wolf 色狼 He is really wolf. 不说:colour wolf He wolfed(v.) down his dinner. 狼吞虎咽 embarrass ☆psychiatrist 精神病学家 ☆I met a man by the name of Mami. “名叫,以...的名义” ☆console = comfort 安慰 My father comforted me after I failed(lost) the race.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆His girlfriend dumped him. = He was dumped by his girlfriend. ditch n.臭水沟 He's ditched(v.) his girl friend. 他抛弃了他的女友。 ☆There is no point in + V-ing “做...没有意义/没用的” 不说:There is no sense in ... There’s no point in repeating the question, It’s obvious no one knows the answer. ☆cry over 为...而哭泣, 哀叹 stubborn 顽固的 ☆注意: one goat, two goats one sheep, two sheep two deer ☆bosom friend 交心的朋友 ☆stick with sb 和...粘在一起 stick to principles 坚持原则 ☆punpkin head 傻子

37. Garbage Could Mean Money p.241 Fashion never ceases to surprise me . Recently, a fashion designer came up with another strange creation. His idea comes straight from the garbage dump, so to speak. He makes sweaters from used plastic bottles. What a weird sweater that's going to be! This new kind of sweater will protect you from the rain and cold. They will, therefore, be especially attractive to outdoor people such as fishermen, hunters and mountain climbers. However, they're not cheap. They sell at prices ranging from US$100 to US$150. What a great idea for making money! Don't you think? ☆celery 芹菜 salary 薪水 ☆dedicated 专心的,认真的 ☆cease to do = cease doing 停止(前者用得多) ☆come up with 提出,想出,赶上 come down with 付钱,染上(病) ☆He is, so to speak, a scholar. “可以这么说,可谓” (放 be 动词之后,不能放句首) ☆sweater 毛衣 weird 怪异的 charity 慈善(团体) ☆rain or shine adv.无论如何, 不论晴雨 For my vacation, I am going to beach rain or shine. ☆angler 钓鱼者 do an angling 垂钓 fishermen 职业钓鱼者 ☆She is attractive to him. appeal to sb ☆costly 昂贵的 ☆range from ... to ... (范围)从…到… ☆exotic 异国的 domestic 国内的 balled 民歌 rock 摇滚

38. That's Fashion


Andy and Jess are at a fashion designer's party. A: My God, Jess. What's that on Betty's head? J: Beats me. How weird! I think it's a new kind of hat. A: Oh, really? If you ask me, it's more like a bird's nest. How stupid it looks!


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

J: you think so? Hey, wait a minute. You might be right. There's something moving in the nest... I mean, hat. A: Gee whiz! It's a bird. J: Holy cow! How does she keep it from flying away? A: Don't you see! She's got it fastened to a gold chain around her neck. J: If the bird were strong enough, it could fly her to the moon, so to speak. A: That would really be funny. J: Well, that's fashion! ☆party v.大玩特玩 I am going to party all weekend. ☆My Goodness! 相当于 My God ☆sth beats sb. 难倒了 We finally beaten(v.) that team. 不说:win that team 而说 win that game I’m beat(a.).我好累啊 = exhausted ☆Gee whiz! = Gee! = Holy cow! = My God = My Goodness 表惊讶 ☆buffalo 水牛 one buffalo, two buffalo cattle 牛群 和 people 用法同 wo cattle one head of cattle 不说:one cattle oxen 阉过的牛 ox 公牛 ☆一个人”不用"a people",应用"a person"。two people 两人 the people 意为“人民” "a people"意为“一个民族” the peoples of Africa 非洲各民族 ☆The thief was chained (fastened, tied, bound) to the tree. 这个贼被绑在树上. ☆have/get +宾语+过去分词 把...(被)... (非自己做) ☆be in fashion, be out of fashion

39. At the Foreign Exchange


When you go abroad, what's the thing you need most? Money, of course! You'll need to go to the bank to buy some traveler's checks. Then when you arrive at your destination, you'll have to go to a bank to cash the checks. Every bank has a foreign exchange department. However, you'll have to speak with the teller in English because he or she will probably not understand Chinese. You should, therefore, brush up on some of the words and phrases that are commonly used when changing money at a bank. For example, you might want to know what(名从) the day's exchange rate is, or if(=whether) there are any handling charges, etc. worried? Don't be. Our next lesson will give you a good idea of what you need to say and how to say it. ☆department store 百货公司 ☆all aboard 上船(火车) go abroad(ad.) = go overseas ☆draft a speech 起草演讲稿 draft beer 生啤酒 ☆The pilot said we would arrive at our destination in an hour. 目的地 ☆ATM 自动提款机 automatic teller machine How much cash(n.) do you have? or How much do you have in cash? 有多少现金? ☆in exchange for 以此易彼,交换


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆brush up on = go over = review 复习,温习 instead of "I am tied" ☆When (being) tied, I don't feel like doing anything. ☆charges = fees handling charges 手续费 ☆whatnot ☆worried? Don’t be. = Are you worried? Don’t be worried. ☆The door needs to be painted. or: The door needs painting. ☆what+名从+or+if(=werther) 是否 Eg:Please check to see if I have have any mail. 请查看一下是否有我的邮件.

40.Changing Money


Ritchie Li is at a bank in Australia.He tries not to show how nervous he is about speaking English. R: Excuse me, miss. I would like to change 500 US dollars into Australian dollars, please. T: Are you changing cash or traveler's checks? R: Traveler's checks. T: Can I have a look at you passport? R: Sure. Here you are. By the way, do you charge any commission? T: Not at this bank. Please sign here on your checks. How do you want your money? R: four one-hundred-dollar bills and the rest in smaller bills, please. T: Here you are, sir. R: Thanks. You've been very helpful. T: Thank you. Have a nice day. R: You too. Goodbye. (Ritchie says to himself) Whew! That wasn't so difficult after all. ☆show = reveal gittery ☆try to 设法 ☆change ... into ... 换钱 ☆write a check for sb. 开支票 cash in one's checks 把筹码兑成现金; ☆charge commission 索取手续费 charge n.收费 He charged me twenty doller for the service. ☆ID card 身份证 (identification) compulsory adj.必需做的, 必修的,被强制的, 义务的 ☆incidentally = by the way ☆two ten-bills 两张十元的纸钞 ☆after all 必竟 confidence

41. Getting a Tan


Both my brother and I are outgoing people. He as well as I likes being in the sun. It goes


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

without saying, therefore, that we spend a lot of our free time at the beach. We go there to relax as well as to keep fit. To be frank, though, he no less than I enjoys looking at the beautiful "scenery" around the beach. However, if you are anything(强调) like us, we have a piece of advice for you. Don't forget to rub a good amount of sunscreen lotion all over your body. Not only does it protect you from getting skin cancer, but it also helps to keep you nicely tanned(过分做 a.). Both my brother and I forgot to do that and now we look like Afro-Americans rather than Chinese. ☆tan tanned/ tanned mongolian 人种 v.晒太阳 I like to tan at the beach in summer. n.黄褐色 I like to have a tan in summer. The girl lay in the sun to tan her body. 那女孩躺在阳光下将她的身体晒成古铜色. ☆outgoing a.坐不住的,爱外出的 easy-going 随和的 ☆What do you do relax on weekends? ☆He as well as I is a student. no less than = as well as 以及,都 ☆keep fit 保持健康体魄 = remain fit Jogging is a good way to keep fit. ☆to be frank = frankly John hurt Sally’s feelings by being too frank. ☆a lot of scenery 永远不可数 scene 风景(可数) breathtaking 扣人心弦的 ☆an advice 错 应为:a piece of advice, some advice, a lot of advice advice 不可数 take one’s advice 接受建议 ☆apply=rub 涂,敷,抹 suntan lotion = sunscreen lotion Apply medicine to his wound. 在他伤口上涂药。 ☆Never is he quite. = He is never quite. 倒装 ☆Afro-Americans 美国黑人/非裔美国人

42. Roast Beef


My brother, Luke, goes to see his girlfriend, Daisy. D: What on earth happened to you? 你到底/究竟怎么了? L: Oh, I just had a lazy day at the beach. D: My goodness! You're really burnt. Are you alright? L: Well, yes, but I feel like I've been roasted. D: In that case, let's eat in rather than go out for dinner. L: Up to you. D: What would you like to eat? L: Uh… D: How about your favorite: roast beef? L: Uh... Not today(ad.), please. D: Ok. I understand. ☆roast beef 烤肉 ☆burn vt. 燃烧 burned/burnt, burned/burnt

burnt a.灼伤的,烧焦的


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆a grill 烤肉架 charcoal 木炭(不可数) ☆n.吃烤烧肉的野餐 barbecue n.吃烤烧肉的野餐 ☆pork 猪肉 mutton 羊肉 lamb 小羊肉 chicken 鸡肉 rebbit meat 兔肉 ☆on earth = in the world adv.究竟,到底 (礼貌用语) Who the hell is he? adv.the hell (粗俗用语) ☆fell like +主+v. = as if = as though ☆eat in 在家吃 eat out = go out for dinner 吃馆子 to go 外卖 ☆lazy days = relaxing days 好词 lazybones 贬义 ☆rather than 连词,而不 ☆skip my breakfast 不吃早餐 ☆He fainted at the sight of his father. 他一见到他父亲就昏倒了. ☆What about = How about = What do you sthing to.

43.Hi-tech Romance


Both Charlene and Robert are librarians. Charlene is from America and Robert is from Australia. Four days after they met face to face for the first time, they got married. "That was quick," you might think. Actually, they had known each other for nine months before they met. Thanks to e-mail (electronic mail), they had been corresponding with each other through their computers. It all started when Charlene came across Robert's note in her computer. She replied to it. From then on, they would not only get in touch but flirt with each other. That was how this "hi-tech" romance began. Sound interesting? Well, if you're looking for a spouse, why not give it a try? Who knows? You might be just as lucky as Charlene and Robert. ☆what’s love? He loves himself only. ☆In an interview,you have to got talk to him face to face.(ad.) 面对面的 intervieser 会见者 interviewee 被邀请者 ☆She is craze for(or about) chocalate. ☆I first got acquainted with Herry for a year ago. 我第一次跟 Herry 认识是在一年前。 ☆get married 结婚 relpy to 答复 ☆from then on 从那时起 form now on 从现在起 ☆for the first time 第一次 ☆thanks to …幸亏…由于… = due to. ☆correspond with sb. 通信 ☆It all started ... all 习惯写作 ☆come across = happen on 偶遇 = bump into 撞上 I came across an old high school friend while in town yesterday. ☆a company 公司 company 同伴 accompany 伴奏 ☆flirt with 调情 ☆spouse 配偶 get in touch with 与…联络 ☆left hand = lefty 左撇子


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆give…a try = give/have …a shot


44. Better off with E-mail?


Steve is chatting with his sister, Diana. S: Gee, Diana, you're always at home. Don't you have any friends to go out with? (不定式短语作 a.修饰前面的 n. friends. 该 n.做不定式短语动词的宾语.) =Don’t you have any friends that you can go out with. (表从) D:Sure,I do.But all my friends are either out shopping or they're boring.And you know I hate shopping. S: Get a boyfriend. I'm sure you won't be bored then. D: Actually, I want to meet some interesting guys but I don't know how to. S: Why don't you try E-mail? You might get lucky. D: I don't think so. Besides, dating through e-mail is neither personal nor romantic. Why don't you introduce me to some of your friends? S: Why didn't I think of that? How about my best friend, Fred? D: Uh… maybe I'll be better off with e-mail. ☆be better off + 介词短语/现在分词 …处境更佳/境遇更好 ☆well off 富裕的,处境好的 He is well off with his small house. ☆grocery 杂货店 lazy English 省去音节 sociable a.好交际的 ☆chitchat 闲谈,聊天 shoot the breeze v.吹牛, 闲谈 chat with … 和…聊天 ☆I am bored with watching TV, let's go out and play. broing 无聊的 =I am fed up with ... 厌烦…. ☆strike, struck He struck up a conversation at the party. 打开话匣子 ☆lowercase 小写 capital 大写的 ☆personal, private a.亲切的,私人的 ☆go on a date with sb. 和某人约会. ☆introduce A to B ☆bald 秃头 ugly twin ☆hate, start, begin, like, love, continue,ask +to do ,or doing 意思不变

45. Tough Guys Do Dance


Not only is Thai boxing violent but it is also bloody. Yet it involves the arts of dance and music. It is both ugly and beautiful at the same time. That's why it's so exciting to watch. Thai boxing was created by soldiers over(=more than) five hundred years ago. The fighter use every part of their bodies, especially their feet, knees and elbows to strike their opponents. Their deadly style has earned them respect from other martial artists. Surprisingly, the fights start off with a graceful dance. The dance is in honor of the boxers'


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

teachers. There is even a small band which plays along with the dance and during the fight. So, who says tough guys don't dance? ☆Tough guys do dance. 助词 do, dose, did 起强调作用 + 动原,用在肯定句中 "真的,的确" Eg:I did try to get him to change his mind, but he wouldn’t listen. 我真的试过要使他回心转意,但他就是不听。 ☆tough = rough 霸气十足的 a tough job 粗活 ☆bloody 血腥的 violent 暴力 ☆play around 玩耍,鬼混 ☆I am involved in a big project right now, so I don't have much time. 涉及 ☆at the same time 同时 ☆We dance to music. 随着音乐跳舞 dance with sb ☆get down on your knees 下跪 ☆mischievous = naughty 顽皮的 ☆He is back on his fit. 身体复原,东山再起,... ☆Chinese martial artists 武术家 ☆wristle 摔跤 ☆ear sb. sth. 为某人赢得某事 ☆hold sb. in (great) respect (非常)尊敬某人 show respect to sb. 对某人表示尊敬 ☆start off = begin ☆graceful 反义 awkward ☆be in honor of sb 致敬

46. Anything for a Kiss


Martin and Sally have just watched Thai Boxing. M: How did you like the fight, Sally? S: I found it not only too violent but also very brutal. M: You're right. It's amazing how the fighters can take not only the punching but all the kicking as well. I wouldn't be able to handle it. S: Oh, don't be so modest, Martin. M: No, really. I wouldn't fight one of those tough guys for all the money in the world. S: Would you do it for a kiss? M: That's a different story. Sure, I will. But you've got to pay in advance. (Martin tries to kiss Sally.) S: No, please don't. I was only kidding. ☆(I would do) anything for a kiss. ☆Watch out for that taxi, Peter. 小心 = look out ☆How do you like Bruce? 某人感觉某事如何?


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

= How do you feel about Bruce? = What do you think of Bruce? ☆He is as bad as can be. ☆violent 指本性,自然 brutal 指后天,修饰人 "残忍的" He is brutal by nature. ☆amazing a.令人讶异的 be amazed at … a.对…(感到)讶异的 It's amazing to find that Bruce can speak seven foreign languages. ☆He pinched(or hit) me on the back. He pinched me in the nose. 打在软的地方 ☆pinch in/out 上下班打卡 pinching n.拳打(动名词做名词用,不可数) ☆handle = deal with = cope with v.处理,应付 n.手柄 Bob can't cope with his girlfriend's complain. ☆modest a.谦虚的 accomplishment a.成就 ☆thorny 多刺的,痛苦的 ☆fight sb = fight with sb ☆beforehand = in advance adv.预先

47. Fast-food Talk


Though it is generally accepted that junk food is not healthful, American fast-food restaurants are popping up all over the world. These restaurants are for people who are always in a rush. If they don't have time to sit down to a regular meal, they race over to the nearest McDonald's. There they can quickly satisfy their hunger. Because Americans like things (to do) done immediately, they often order their food quickly at fast-food restaurants. They say, "A burger, fries and a coke!" though it's not polite, it's efficient. So when you are in the States, try to order (in) this way. After all, in America do as the Americans do. ☆be hard-pressed for time/money 时间/金钱不够用 fast-food 快餐 fast-paced life 快步调的 生活 lead a happy life 过幸福生活 ☆junk food n. 垃圾食品,无营养食品 ☆pop up v.突然出现,蹦出 mushroom n.香菇 v.雨后春笋 ☆be in a rush = be in a hurry = in haste(不可至于 be 之后) = on the go (口语,忙碌) Eg:I’m in __ to catch the train. A.hurry B.a hurry C.haste D.rush B.对 ☆a chain of restaurants n.连锁店 v. I chained him to the tree. ☆satisfy vt.使满意/满足 be satisfied with … a.对…感到满意的 satisfying a.使人有满足感 satisfactory a.令人满意的,合乎要求的 satisfy one's hunger/thirst 填饱肚子,止渴 quench one's thirst 止渴 ☆fries n.炸薯条 ☆a coke (口) = a can of coke two coke ☆order 点菜 Would you like order new? Check,please / bill ☆In rome do as the romans do 入乡随俗 ☆do (in) my way ☆although / though /but /even though(即使) |because / so 一句话中只能出现一个


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

48. Fast Food, Slow Service


Tess is a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. Michael is a customer in a hurry. T: Good afternoon, sir. How are you today? M: Save it,, lady. Just get me a burger and fries. T: Would you care for a drink or anything else? M: Listen. Though I know you're trying to be nice, I don't have all day. If I want anything else, I'll mention it, Ok? T: Are you sure you don't want a dessert? A milk-shake maybe? M: No , just go and bring me my order, will you? T:Wait a minute!You look familiar.You're Michael Jordan,aren't you?Tell me,how does it feel to be such a famous basketball player. M: That's it. I've had enough. I'm going to a real fast-food restaurant. ☆go nuts = go crazy = go bananas ☆Waiter: I am at your service, Sir. 随时为您效劳 boss sb. around/about [美俗] 指挥他人,使唤别人 command ☆cashier 收银员, 出纳员 ☆save it = save your breath = stop talking 少废话,省省吧 impolite 不礼貌 ☆Would you care for... = Would you like... 想要 I do care for / like you.我好喜欢你 ☆...or what = or anything else = or something ☆Don't mention it. = You are welcome. = It's nothing. = Not at all. "不客气" = My pleasure. 这是我的荣幸 = You bet 年轻人用法 ☆You wish. 你想的美. ☆de'sert v.抛弃 'desert n.沙漠 重音位置不同 ditch = dump = desert ☆milk-shake 奶吸 ☆You look familiar (to me). I am familiar with Hangkong. = Hangkong is famaliar to me. ☆How does it feel to be rich? ...当个有钱人感觉(滋味)怎么样/如何? ☆That's it. 够了

49. Stop Snoring!


Millions of families have trouble falling asleep. Do you know why? There's someone in the family who has a snoring problem. The problem can be quite serious. In some cases, couples have to sleep in separate bedrooms. And in others, kids can never study or even watch TV once Dad hits the sack. So how can we avoid being a snoring nuisance? One way is to avoid eating a big meal before


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

going to bed. Drinking alcohol near bedtime is something, which also causes snoring. Changing the position in which the snorer sleeps also helps. Another alternative is to wear ear plugs. But if all these ideas fail, you have only one choice: Wake the snorer up. Tell him it's his turn to watch you sleep. ☆snore vi.打呼噜 annoy heal ☆Quite good.相当/挺不错。 ☆How often do you have a physical (check up)? 身体检查 physical problem difficulty,trouble 不可数 a problem 可数 have trouble/ difficulty/ a problem(s)/ a hard time + 动名词. 做/在….方面有困难/麻烦 have a good time / fun doing 玩得愉快 这些词后面都省了介词 in,所以要加 n./doing have lot of fun doing ☆Dear Jean letter 男给女的绝交信 ☆deep-seated problem 老毛病 或:deep-rooted a.根深蒂固的 Smoking is his deep-seaed problem. ☆In U.S.A. in most cases, private schools are better than public schools. ☆separate A from B. ☆hit the sack 就寝 = turn in = go to bed = go to sleep pillow 枕头 ☆mosquitoes 蚊子 ☆eat between meals 吃零食 ☆liquor 烈酒 ☆snatch n.片刻 ear plugs 耳塞 ☆alternative = choice = option 把 bruce 开除外,别无选择。 Peter had no alternative/option/choice, but to fire Bruce. ☆ 表语从句 P336

50. Laser Cures Snoring


A mother and son are talking. S: I can't stand Dad's snoring anymore, mom. I didn't sleep a wink last night. M: I understand. Neither did I. But what can we do? S: I read in a magazine that there's some kind of laser which can cure snoring. M: I read that, too. But it's pretty expensive. Besides, people who have tried it say it's painful and could cause voice change. S: Oh, I didn't know that. I guess there's no hope then. M: Well, I'll talk to Dad about it. S: I hope he agrees to do it. Anyway, a voice change will do him a world of good. Have you heard him try to sing lately? M: Come to think of it, you're right. ☆laser 缩自 light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation acronym 只取首字母的缩略词


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆cure/heal +sb. patients cure + 病 diseases 不说:heal diseases sound ☆stand n./doing = put up with = tolerate = bear "容忍" ☆anymore = any longer 再 ☆not sleep a wink = not sleep at all 没合上眼 catch a wink 小睡 That girl is winking at me. 使眼色 ☆I was at a loss about what to do. 如何去做,我感很困惑 困惑. 困惑 ☆kind of = sort of = a little = somewhat adv. 有点 ☆Dr.Smith will perform an operation on his patient tommorrow. 动手术 ☆a world of good = a lot of good ☆Doing excercise everyday does everybody a lot of good. 不说::do good to sb. Working with Bruce did Peter a lot of harm. 可以说:do harm to sb. ☆many times = many a time 许多次 ☆come to think of it. 令我想起/明白了一件事.



Thanksgiving which(形从) falls on the fourth Thursday of November, is one of the biggest American holidays. This holiday started in the early 1600's after settlers arrived in America. These people who came from Europe didn't know how to survive in the wild new country. Luckily, they met some friendly American Indians, who showed them how to hunt turkeys and grow corn. In the fall, after the harvest, the settlers had a great feast. They invited the Indians to thank them for their help. Today the tradition continues. On Thanksgiving Day, Americans invite their friends over for a turkey dinner and give thanks for what they have. ☆"falls" in the text means "comes" fall on + 日期 降临在某日,是在某日 Eg:Christmas falls on Wednesday this year. 今年的圣诞节是在星期三. ☆on holiday (美) on vacation (英) ☆settle down v.定居, 平静下来, 专心于 还有:He hasn't settle down. 指单身 bachelor settler n.移民,开恳者 ☆ancestor 祖先 tell me sth. about you ancestry 祖籍 ☆luckily 读音 ☆jerk = turkey 怪才,怪人 a slang word 不说:a slang slang 是不可数 Quit smoking cold turkey. cold turkey = once and for all 一劳永逸 ☆feast 盛宴 -- a great meal for special occasion ☆treat sb to sth 请 sb 做 sth. If you treat me to dinner or treat you to a movie. 如果你请我吃晚餐,我请你看电影. ☆on Teacher Day on Labour Day ☆survive sb. 比某人活得久 Eg:My grandma survived my grandpa by one year. survive sth. 熬过 Eg:Only helf the passengers survied the shipwreck. ☆show vt. 教,告诉 Eg:My mother showed me how to bake a cake.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆This food(dish) looks inviting/attractive. 这食物看起来很诱人。 ☆corny 陈腐的,土的,乡下味的 a corny joke 老掉牙的笑话 ☆He is raising chickens. raise 养 growing corn ☆invite sb. over 邀请某人前来. ☆give thanks for … 感谢… thank you very much = thanks a million = thanks a lot. ☆Give me a break! 饶了我吧!

52. A Thanksgiving Get-together


Larry, who is from Taiwan, is studying in America. His classmate, Sue, who is American, is having a Thanksgiving Day party at her house. S: Hi, Larry. Are you doing anything for Thanksgiving? L: I don't have any plans. S: Good. I'm having a get-together at my house. Would you like to come? L: Sure, I'd love to. Should I bring anything? S: No. There will be plenty of salad, ham, corn, potatoes, wine and, of course, turkey. L: That sounds great. Do you want me to come by early to give you a hand? S: That's not necessary. Just come over at around two in the afternoon. ☆everyone out there (by the radio 可省略) ☆v. Well, Peter, after work, let's get together for lunch at a restaurent. It's your turn to treat me. n. We'll have a get-together after the basketball. Do you come here? “聚会”=party ☆Where are you from? 你府上哪里? Where do you come from? Where did you come from? 刚才你从哪里来? ☆miser 铁公鸡,吝啬鬼 iron rooster ☆1>a. He is Chinese. 2>n. He is a Chinese. one Chinese, two Chinese 不说:two Chineses one American(a.), two Americans ☆auditorium 大礼堂 Eg: school of auditorium can accommodate (hold) 1000 students.容纳 Our ☆make a plan(n.) to do sth = plan on doing ☆I'll be seeing movie tonight. or: am seeing, will see 都可以 ☆pot luck party 每人带一个菜的 party pot luck 家常便饭,现成饭菜 ☆plenty of plenty 可看成 adj. ☆turkey 火鸡肉 turkeys 活火鸡 chicken 鸡肉 chickens 活鸡 ☆cucumber 黄瓜 lettuce 莴苣 raw ☆fantastic 很棒的 great ☆come by = come over 造访,看望 overcome 战胜,克服 ☆give sb. a big hand v.给予帮助 ☆at around(/about) two (o'clock) 大约两点钟


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

53. Monkeying Around


Thai people believe that keeping monkeys happy brings good luck. So every year there's a day ☆on which they have a special treat for monkeys (which is) called the Annual Monkey Feast. Hundreds of monkeys come from the mountains to "sit at" long buffet tables which are piled high with bananas, peanuts, watermelons and cabbage. Monkeys will be monkeys. So they fool around and fights break out. But nobody seems to care. Neither do the monkeys. They just stare back at the crowds of people who turn out to watch them. Then they continue to monkey around and have a good time. ☆fool/ horse/ monkey/ goof/ idle around “鬼混,胡闹” ☆thai 泰国 沙娃底卡(你好) ☆keep animal/pet/chickens 养宠物/养鸡 to keep a dog 养狗 keep a family 养家活口 ☆annual = yearly 每年的 on day in year ☆He came a day on which it was rainning. (=when 代替 a day; 表从) ??? =He came on a day when it was rainning. ☆1>n. treat sb. to sth. 请...客 2>v. It's my treat.我请客 3>The doctor treated me for my illness. 治疗 4>He treats me cruelly. 他对我好狠啊/残忍 ☆dozens of + 复数 n. 好几十 不说:tens of 旧式用法: twenties of) =Scores of people were standing in line to buy a ticket. (旧式 旧式 hundreds of 好几百 thousands of 好几千 tens of thousands of 好几万 hundrds of thousands of 好几十万 ☆line up 排队 Don't cut in (line). 插队 stand in line 排好队 ☆buffet 自助餐厅 buffet table 自助餐桌 lose weight put on weight ☆1>v. be piled with… 堆积着.. 2>n. a pile book . ☆turn out at + 动原 “出现/出来…” ☆cheer vi.加油,打气 ☆Boys will be boys. 本性难移 ☆An idle youth, a needy age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲 needy 贫困的 ☆But nobody seems to care. Neither do the monkeys.但似乎没有人在乎,猴子们也不在乎. , and neither (ad.)+倒装 "也不"

54. Variety is the Spice of Life


Barney and Debbie are on vacation in Bangkok. D: So where are you taking me out to dinner tonight, Barney? B: Let's go to Phuket. It has the most beautiful sunsets that you will ever see. That's also where you can get a wide range of exotic foods. D: Sounds good. What have you got in mind?


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B: I've been dying to try monkey brains again. D: What? You've got to be kidding. No way! B: Come on. Haven't you learned that variety is the spice of life? 你难道不知道…. D: You just said "again". Have you tried it before? B: Sure, it's delicious. D: No wonder! Sometimes you act like a monkey! ☆a variety of clothing/toy 各式各类的 ☆spice 味道(重) spicy,hot 辛辣味的,尤指辣椒 try something different or new ☆take sb. out to 带某人出去吃饭 ☆So 虚词,那么 ☆picky(particular) about sth. 挑剔的 ☆at sunset / at sunrise ☆a wide range of n. = a wide variety of n. 形形色色/许多各种不同的… ☆tropical island ☆get away from it all 摆脱一切(烦恼,工作等) ☆food 不可数 foods 指种类 ☆What have you got/have in mind? 你喜欢那一种/类?你(心里)有何打算/计划? ☆action movie 动作片 love story comedy tragedy ☆idol 偶像 idle 发音相同 idolize 崇拜 ☆be dying to do = be eager to do =be longing to +动原 “渴望/非常想要..” . ☆You wish. 想的美 not in you live act like + n. 举止像… ☆You've got to be kidding/joking.(口,连读) = You must be kidding. 你一定是在开玩笑。 ☆delicious = tasty 好吃的 ☆come on 好了,别这样,上演

55. Life after Death


A 34-year-old married man who died recently had no children. When he died, his wife was not pregnant, either. But now that he's dead, he has a chance of becoming a father. How's that possible? After a man dies, his sperm remains alive for some time. In this case, the woman asked doctors to remove the sperm from her husband's body and store it in a sperm bank . Now, she can have the baby that she has wanted for a long time. She says it's as if her husband would come back to life again when the child is born. If that is so, wouldn't that make her husband her son? ☆spinster 老处女(不雅) single a. bachelor ☆She is married to sb. 不用 married with 或说:She married(v.) sb. Are you married? I am married to LD. Mary and I got married time years ago. = I am married(a.) to Mary time years ago. = I married(v.) Marry time years age.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆be thoughtful of sb 体谅 allow for ☆have a change of doing ☆She is expecting (or pregnant). 怀孕了 When is your baby due? 什么时候出生?due 到期 When is your check due? ☆Now that 既然/现在, 引导状语从句,用现在时或现在完成时 since 既然 可以用任何时态 ☆one egg or one sperm 卵子/精子 sperms 通常复数 testicle(s) 睾丸 womb 子宫 ☆1>remain/be/keep alive(补语) 2>n.+alive(不能用在名词前) ☆Don't spoil your image here. 不要损害形象 The food has spoiled. 食物馊掉了。 The food has gotten bad. to have the runs 得痢疾 ☆as if = as thouth… + 状语从句 彷佛/好像 (虚拟语气) 现在时, 表极大可能; 过去时,表与现在事实相反; 过去完成时,表与过去事实相反. Eg:Tim looks as if he had just run into a truck. ☆come back to life again 复活 The boy seemed to have drownd, but later he came bach to life. 淹死,苏醒过来 ☆When you study english, you must be very dilegent. dilegent(重音第一音节) ☆make +宾语 + 宾补 (n./a.) “使…成为…” We tried to make Father happy on his birthday. make +宾语 +动原 “使….” I made you happy. 我使你快乐

56. Baby Trouble


Betty is talking to her husband Dan B: Don't you think it's time that we had a baby? D: We're much better off without children. Think of all the trouble raising them. B: But it's only natural that married couples have babies. D: I don't want any brats who'll run around the house breaking things. B: Then I'll have a baby by myself. D: Don't be ridiculous. That's not possible. B: Yes, it is. I can adopt or go to the sperm bank or… D: Stop! Are you crazy? I forbid it. B: Then, can we have a baby together? 那么,我们可以一起生个孩子嘛? D: Ok. You win. ☆Baby is a term(术语) of endearment(亲爱). The baby is so cute. 这孩子好可爱. ☆Don’t you think that she is beautifu.你难道不认为 你难道不认为她很美嘛?1>that+名从 2>that 省于 vt. 后 你难道不认为 ☆It's (about,high) time that he went to sleep. "该是..的时候了" 从句虚拟, 用过去时 . Eg:It’s time that you studied hard. ☆It’s only natural that everyone wants to be rich. 每个人都想发财实在是(强调) 很自然的事 ☆be much better off 好多了/更好了 从 be well off 引出, 日子过的好 Eg:He is well off running a grocery store .他现在开了一个杂货店,日子过的不错


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆Many students have trouble/difficulty (in 可省略) writing English. ☆toad 癞蛤蟆 raise vt. 养肓,举起 ☆brat 乳臭未干的小孩, 顽皮的小鬼 kid(口语) kids naughty 顽皮的 mischievous 淘气的 Nobody likes mischievous children. ☆ridiculous = nonsensical a.无意义的,荒谬的 ridicule = tease v.嘲笑,奚落 make fun of The scientists ridiculed the professor's theory. ☆forbid sb. to + 动原 forbid / forbade / forbidden bar / ban / prohibit +sb. +from + 动名词 “禁止某人”

57.New Asian Generation p.388 In the past, the children of Asia had very few choices. A son would usually follow in his father's footsteps and do the same kind of job as his father. But now, young people have higher education which opens doors to(通往) new kinds of jobs. TV exposes kids to new ideas from other countries. So, the younger generations of Asians are doing things their parents never dreamed of. They're investing in stocks or dying their hair purple. Unfortunately, some are also getting into trouble with sex and drugs. Asian parents whose(表从) children are doing all this do(强调,的确/ 真的) have a reason to be worried. ☆generation gap 代沟 the younger/older generation The generation gap seems very large today, because children today are very independent. ☆in/for/over/during/through + the pase /last +数字+时间名词 “过去 时间 以来 用过去时 过去…(时间 以来” 过去 时间)以来 Eg:In the past people walked to work, because they had no cars. =in the past 用 uesd to do 代替 People uesd to walk to work, …. ☆accountant 会计师 official 文官 officer 武官 miser ☆have no choice but to + 动原 除…这外别无选择 ☆the same …+ n. + as … 和…相同的 the same a. as 准关系代词 Eg:My neighbor bought the same kind of car as my father. (as 不可由 like 代替) The student talks the same way as his teacher does. (does 是代动词,代替前面的 talks) I have the same book as you do. (do 代替 have,以避免重复) I have the same dictionary as this one (is) . be 动词后的主补,通常省 be ??? ☆follow in one’s footsteps 效防某人,步某人后尘,以什么为榜样 ☆lousy 差劲的 modest ☆open doors to …开启…之门,为…提供机会 ☆expose A to(介) B 使 A 接触到 B Eg:Traveling exposes you to different cultures. Don't expose yourself to too much sun in the summer. ☆TV 电视节目 the TV 电视机 creative 创意的 ☆So= thus 因此 wherefore ☆I dreamed of Peter last night. It was awful. dream of + 宾语 梦想,梦见 ☆That's the trend. 潮流,时髦 ☆get into trouble with 惹上麻烦


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆higher education 高等教育 secondary edu 中等教育 ☆the pace of life 生活的步调

elementary edu 基础教育

58. Like Father, Like Son


Tom, whose parents are conservative, is talking to Karen, whose parents are open-minded. T: Boy, I'm really fed up with my dad. K: Why? What's the problem? T: My dad, whose upbringing was very strict, expects me to live by his old rules. K; That's too bad. He must be crazy. T: You know what? He even buys clothes for me, the styles of which belong to the fifties. K: What a nut! T: Hey, stop calling my dad names. K: But I thought… T: No matter what, he's still my dad. K: Like father, like son! ☆Like father, like son 有其父,必有其子 wild ☆I like Bruce very much; his personality is pleasant. personality 个性,性格 = I like Bruce very much because his personality is pleasant. = I like Bruce very much, whose his personality is pleasant. ☆conservative (traditional) 反义 open-minded (liberal) 思想开明 ☆bald 秃头的 Boy 唉 ☆be fed up with = be bored with = be sick of = be tired of 厌烦 ☆beef 牛肉 What's the beef? 什么事让你烦了,出了什么事了 ☆be bring up (v.) , upbring (n.)家庭教育 educate, education 学校教育 I was brought up in the city, but Peter was brought up in the country. So our upbringings were very different. be crazy for v.渴望, 痴想 ☆be mad about = be crazy about 非常喜欢 be mad at 生 sb.气 be mad on 对…着迷 ☆bib (小孩用的)围兜 apron 围裙 ☆What a nut! nut 疯子 peanut 花生 ☆No matter what = anyway 无论如何。 ☆live by.. 按照…(原则)做人处事 Eg:Mr. Li doen’s live by what be preaches. live on.. 以…为生 ☆call somecome names 侮骂某人 Eg:It’s rude to call people names. 侮骂他人是粗鲁的。

59. About Moral Values


More and more people are forgetting the saying, "Pride comes before a fall." I remember


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

only a few years ago when things used to be so different. People used to be more modest and humble. As(When) I looked around at my schoolmate the other day, I realized how different things are. People are so much more pretentious nowadays. With their fancy clothes and stylish hairdos, they appear too materialistic, which(这一点) is not to my liking. I know modernization is necessary for advancement. However, I hope we don't lose our traditional moral values along the way. ☆Clothes make the man. 人靠衣装,马靠鞍 ☆A moral education is very important for our students. I value(v.) your friendship very much. v.珍惜 ☆More ans more people … a. The question becoming more and more interesting. ad. ☆Pride comes before a fall. 骄兵必败 be proud of /take pride in 以...为荣 pride: It's too proud. 它太拽了 cocky 趾高气昂,自大的,公鸡 look down on 轻视 ☆humble 比 modest 更谦虚 A modest man never boasts. ☆Do you think I’m learned? a.有学问的 与 learn 的过去时发音不同 My teacher is a learned man. ☆I used to tease my sister when I was a boy. ☆the other day 前几天 materialistic a.注重物质享受的,唯物论 ☆pretentious 自命不凡的-- show off character 气质(不可) Eg:Pretentious people can’t be trusted. 虚浮不实的人不可靠. ☆fancy clothes 花哨的 stylish hairdos 时髦的发型 ☆be to one's liking 令某人喜欢,符合某人的喜好/期望 When I realized that Mary has a lot of money, I took a liking to her. 喜欢 ☆chase 追求 the chase for honors 追求名誉

60. How to Attract Boys


Jason is talking to Kate,(who is) a classmate he likes very much. J: I don't understand why you dye your hair and wear all kinds of weird clothes, Kate. K: I guess that's how I attract boys. J: Yes, but the wrong kind of boys. K: What do you mean? J: The type of guys who go out with you wear earrings and have tattoos on their arms. K: What kind of guys do you think I should go out with then? J: Uh… somebody like me, for instance. K: Oh, is that so? J: The day will come when you know I'm right. K: We'll see. ☆Kate is short for Katherine or Catherine.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆fly a kite v.放风筝 ☆dying 看后面有无宾语 有宾是染,无宾是死 The dog is dying. be dying to do = be eager to do ☆consult the dictionary 查(词典) look up the word in the dictionary 查字 look into the mirror 照镜子 ☆My sister is always attractive to(by) the color red. ☆I guess = I think ☆tattoo 刺青 fad = fashion fed up with ☆They are going steady. (口)确定的情侣 go out with 出去约会 ☆give/drop sb. a hint 给某人一个暗示 bathe v. bath n. shower n. We coughed and coughed and held our noses to give Peter a hint that he should take a bath. ☆The day will come when you know I'm right. =The day when you know I am right will come. ☆Oh, is that so? 噢,是这样嘛 wait and see 走/等着瞧 We’ll see. ☆in one's arms 在怀中 arm 用复数

61. Touring by Taxi p.415 One of the most convenient but expensive ways to get around a city in any country is by taxi. And in some cases, tipping is expected. A taxi driver knows the city like the back of his hand. He can tell you whatever you want to know. At the same time he'll be your personal tour guide. He can take you wherever you want to go. So, however expensive the taxi ride may be, the advice you get from the driver will certainly be worth it. ☆hire a taxi 租出租车 The plane is taxiing(v.) down the runway. 滑行 ☆We toured(v.) the city yesterday. We took a tour(n.) of the city yesterday. ☆The best way to get around New York is by subway. ☆refreshed 精力恢复 ☆to get away from it all 摆脱所有 ☆in some cases = in some situations In most cases, winter is very uncomfortable in New York. 往往 ☆comfy(comfortable 口语) a.舒适的 couch 长沙发 ☆1>give me a tip of one dollar = give me a dollar's tip 小费 2>give me a tip on sth advice 3>tip sb. money for sth. 因某事给某人…小费 ☆know sth like sth 熟悉...象... Know sth. like the back of one’s hand 对某事了如指掌 I lived in the city for 50 years. I know it like the back of my hand. ☆Tour guide can help you with emergency.紧急情况


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆be worth + n./ving. 值得… worth 介词 It's worth it to study English. ☆some good advice or a good piece of advice advice 不可数 不说:a good advice ☆keep your temper 忍耐/保持冷静 lose your temper 发脾气 ☆He can take you wherever you want to go ad.任何地方 = take you anywhere you want to go ad. = take you to anyplace you want to go to+n. ☆however 1>however 单独使用 连接性副词 "然而" 2> = No matter how +a./ad. 放在句中 副词连词 "不过,不管/论" Eg:No matter how(=However) rich he may be, I don't envy him. ☆1>复合关系代词 复合关系代词 whatever = anything that 1>“所…的任何东西” 2>"无论什么" whoever = anybody who 1>“任何…的人” 2>"无论谁" whomever = anybody whom “任何…的人” what = the thing(s) that “所…的东西” What he said may be true.他所说的可能是真的. whichever = any one that “同一类的任何一个…,表三者或三者以上” = either that “表两者” 2>副词连词 副词连词 no matter what =whatever "不论什么" no matter who = whoever "无论谁" no matter which = whichever no matter when = whenever no matter where= wherever 注:whatever 1>复合关系代词 =anything that+名从 (无逗点) “所…的任何东西” 复合关系代词 = no matter what+状从(修饰 a./ad.) "不论什么" 2>副词连词 副词连词 区别1 (无逗点) 1> 区别1:Whateve(Anything that)r he said was a lie. 他所说的都是谎言. Whatever(No matter what) he said, it was a lie.无论他说什么,那都是谎话. 2> 区别2 区别2:Whoever(Anyone who) makes mistakes should be punished. 任何人犯了错都应受处罚。 1> Whoever(Nomatter who) made the mistake, he should be punished. 无论谁犯了这个错,都应受处罚 2>

62. Keep the Change

p. 430

Jimmy is at the Boston Airport. He hails a taxi. T: Where to, buddy? J: The Sheraton Hotel, please. T: Ok. Is this your first time in Boston? J: Yes. What's a good place for sightseeing? T: If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can walk the Freedom Trail. J: I'm kind of strapped for time. T: In that case, whatever else you do, you must check out the observatory on the 63rd floor of the John Hancock Building. J: Isn't the building all glass?


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

T: That's right. You can't miss it. Here's your hotel. That'll be $17.50, please. J: Here's $20.00. Keep the change. ☆change 1>C There is a striking change in his personality. 明显的 2>U How much do you have in change? = How much change do you have? 零钱 ☆barber shop beauty shop(or beauty parlor, beauty salon)美容院 ☆hail vt. 招呼,呼叫(车、船、人等) hail a taxi 拦一部 taxi hire a taxi 租出租车 ☆where to, = where do you want to go, sir? /buddy How you doing? I want to go …. ☆what's a good place for +ving. sightseeing/eating/movie? Thailand is a great place to go sightseeing. 泰国是一个观光的好地方. Let’s tour(v.) the city tomorrow. Let’s take a tour(n.) of the city tomorrow. Where did you take a tour of Chinese? ☆look out over the city ☆have a lot of time on one’s hands 某人时间充裕 sb. be strapped/hard/pressured for time 某人的时间很紧凑,某人没有时间 strap means tie or bind ☆check out (the observatory) = take a look at 观看某事物

63. The Dying Languages

p. 435

Today, more people than ever before are speaking to each other through satellite television, cellular telephones and computers. This means that people from different parts of the world need to be able to communicate in the same language. That language happens to be English. Because of this, experts have predicted that more than half of the world's 6,000 languages may die out in the next century. Already almost all Californian Native American languages are in danger of extinction. They are being swallowed up by English and other language. It is a pity, but that is one of the prices of modernization. ☆Don't use dirty/bad language(U) 脏话 (language C. = speech) ☆I am dying to see the movie with Madonna. 2 种意思 ☆handy 方便的 ☆Bruce wrote a letter to Peter in English. 以..语言 .语言 . ☆sector = area ☆比较级句构+than ever before "比以住更…"= than ever = than before Eg:Janet dance more beautifully than ever before. It is more expensive than ever before to buy a house in Shanghai. ☆It happens that I have 20 dollars. 演变: I happen to have 20 dollars. “碰巧,正好 碰巧, 碰巧 正好” ☆die out = become extinction 绝迹,渐渐消失 ☆be in danger of … 濒临…之险 ☆Native(n.) American 土著人 native(a.) American 美国出生的 a native zhuang ☆capitalize 将...大写 ☆swallow vt.吞(噬) swallow up…吞噬掉/光… martin


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

Eg:Some big fish will swallow up the small fish.

64. Speaking the Same Language

p. 442

Sally is talking with her friend, Don. S: Tell me, Don. How come you're from Spain but you can't speak Spanish very well? D: It's not my mother tongue. My father is Spanish and my mother is American. We usually speak English at home. S: Oh, I see. D: Your Spanish is probably better than mine. S: Yes, but you speak English more fluently than I. D: How come? Aren't you American? S: Yes, but my mother is Spanish. D: Don't tell me... S: That's right. We usually speak Spanish at home. D: It doesn't matter as long as we can communicate. S: That's true. ☆than same …. as… I have the same car as you do/was. ☆mother tongue = mother language = native language ☆My father is Spanish and my mother is American. Spanish,American 是 adj. or: My father is a Spanish/Spaniard and my mother is an American. n. ☆spinach 菠菜 ☆get at = see =understand ☆Betty bettered her performance by studying hard. better vt.提升 提升 ☆He is a fluent speaker of English. = He is a good command of English. ☆A friend in need is a friend indeed. ☆Don't tell me. = I don't believe it. coincidence ☆flunk n 不及格 fluently ad.流利地,通畅地 ☆as long as 只要, 在...的时候

65. Italian Culture

p. 446

Italy is a land of history and culture. And as we all know, the ancient architecture there is breathtaking. Just as we Chinese are proud of our history and culture, so are the Italians. One of their traditions is to enjoy a long midday meal. This lengthy lunch can last up to four hours! As you can imagine, after all the eating, drinking and chatting, they need to take a nap. Well, this custom may be great for the stomach, but it's not so great for getting things done. If you happen to be in Italy, don't be surprised if you have to wait for a long time for the banks and post offices to open.


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆sauce 调味酱 noodle 面条 cuisine 烹饪 the north cuisine 北方菜 ☆land 土地(不可数) a piece of land a land = a conuntry 国土 chinese culture ☆As we all know, the ancient architecture there is breathtaking. 我们都知道. =The ancient architecture there is breathtaking,which(as) we all know. As we all know, Peter has many interesting hobby: music, photography and mountain-biking. As 做关系代词,等于 which,用来代替句子中整个主句. As 引导表语从句,在从句中做主语或宾语 使用 as 取代 which.要注意: 1> as 引导的表语从句可置于主句之前或后, which 引导的表语从句则只能置于主句之后 2> as 引导的表语从句 "as+be+过去分词" (be 动词可以省) ☆Just as … so+倒装 "就如同…样…,…也是…" Eg:Just as most men are ambitious, so are women nowadays. 就像大部分的男人都怀有雄心大志,现在的妇女也是如何. ☆breathtaking 扣人心眩的,令人惊叹的,惊险的 What a breathtaking sunset! ☆Good grief, I forgot my keys. 天啊. ☆midday at noon take a nap 小睡 take break pocketbook 小钱包 ☆punch in/out 打卡上/下班 ☆get sth. done 完成 ☆It happens that I have ten dollars. = I happen to have 10 dollars. ☆up to +数字 多达… last (for)

66. It's Nap Time

p. 455

Mr. Mishima, a Japanese tourist, enters a bank in Milan, Italy. M: Uh, excuse me... T: Zzzzzzzz... M: EXCUSE ME! T: Aggghhh! What do you want? You scared the life out of me! M:I’d like to cash a traveler’s check,please. T: At this hour? You must be kidding! M: But it's two in the afternoon. T: That's right--- and as usual, it's nap time. Come back at three or four. We don't work the same hours as you do in your country. M: But I have to cash this check. I have no cash! T: Don't worry. You won't need any cash. All of Italy is asleep at the moment. Zzzzzzzzz… ☆It's a snap. = It's cinch. 很简单 take a nap 小睡 tourist 观光客 make it snappy = hurry up 快点 ☆yell at sb 大吼 roar snore 打呼噜 ☆sb. scare the life out of sb. (口语)吓死了 相当于 you scare me to death I am afraid/scared/frightened of my father, because he is hard on(strict with) me. ☆What can I do for you,sir/man? 客气 or: May I help you?


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

=What do you want? (一般语气) ☆draft 汇票 fall aspeep 睡着了 grounded 禁足 ☆to worry sb sick 使...担心死了 My son worries me sick. ☆architecture n.建筑, 建筑学 architect n.建筑师 ☆gambler 赌徒 casion 赌场

我的儿子令我担心死了 令

67. All That Glitters Is Not Gold

p. 459

Many people seek fame and wealth. Gul Muhammed sought neither. However, through fate he is famous. He is so short that he is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest man in the world. He measures only 57 centimeters. Though he has fame, he is not rich. In fact, he's too poor to pay his own medical bills. Recently, when Gul became so ill that he had to be brought to the hospital, he didn't have enough money for the medicine. What a pitiful man he is! His story tells us that fame and wealth do not always go hand in hand. Indeed, Gul is a living example of the saying, "All that glitters is not gold." ☆All that glitters is not gold. 部分否定 "中看未必中用" = Not all(everythint) that glitters is gold. glitter vi.闪烁,发光 Stars glitter in the sky. ☆Guinness Book of Records 吉尼斯世界纪录大全 ☆stout -- thick,black,bitter beer 黑啤酒 potbelly 大肚皮 ☆be as poor as a church mouse adj.赤贫的 ☆widow 寡妇 ☆seek = look for = be in search of 追求 seek/ sought/ sought ☆notorious = infamous 恶名昭张 be notorious for naughty ☆Don't bow(surrender) to fate. 不向命运低头/投降 bowtie 蝴蝶结 ☆be poor at sth 很差 be good at ☆medical bill 医药费 take medicine 吃药 eat soup 喝汤 drink +饮料 drink water/coffee/tea ☆foot the bill = pay the bill 付账 ☆When his father fell ill, Tom rushed home from work. ☆miserable 惨的 pitiful 可怜的 It's a pity/a shame/pitiful/too bad he can't come. ☆living 活生生的 living dictionary ☆go hand in hand (with…) (和…)密切相关/步调一致. hand in hand Arm in arm. shoulder to shoulder

68. Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Lily is talking to her singer friend, Chad. L: Chad, what a lucky guy you are!



赖世雄中级英语 1-74

C: What do you mean? L: Well, you've got everything a person could ask for: a lovely family, money and fame. C: Nothing's as wonderful as it seems. L: But such a successful man as you must surely be happy. C: Not really, I'm so busy that I don't live a normal life. L: Anyway, I wouldn't mind being in your shoes. C: And I would love to be able to live as simple a life as you do. L: I guess you should never judge a book by its cover. C: How right you are! ☆Don't judge a book by its cover. 勿以貌取人 judge vt.对…下判断 Eg:Don’t be too quick to judage others.不要太快对人下断言. by = according to 按照,根据 ☆Sometimes we can see someone well-dressed, but he could be a crook.(骗子) ☆Lily 莉莉 引自 lily 百合 ☆lucky = fortunate wonderful = great ☆singer friend 当歌手的朋友 ☆I study as hard as Mary does. (does 可省略). 第一个 as adj. 一样的 第二个 as adv. 和 such...as, like I never met such a handsome man as you. or: met a handsome man like you ☆live a normal life live as mormal a life as you (do) ☆be in one's shoes 处于...的情况,站在某人的立场上 shoe = situation ☆Not really. 不见得/不尽然.

69. Mean What You Say



Some people say that(名从,可省) promises are made to be broken. That certainly seems to be true in this cutthroat society that we live in. But if you break your promise, you will ruin your reputation and no one will trust you anymore(=any longer). So whenever we say, "I give you my word," we should mean it. There is nothing(which is) worse than to be let down by others because they have not kept their promises. In fact, it isn't so difficult to keep promises. (you)Just remember never to promise anything we are not sure we can live up to. In short, therefore, to be trustworthy, we should always say what we mean and mean what we say. ☆sb. mean what sb. say 某人说话算话/心口如一 A trustworthy person always means what he ways. 一个值得依赖的 值得依赖的人总是说话算话。 值得依赖的 (You should) mean(v.) what you say 说话算话 (你心里的意思就是你说出来) ☆make/keep/break one’s promises 许下/遵守/打破(食言) Don’t break promises. keep / break one’s word 信守/不守诺言 have words with … 与…争论/口角 ☆give you my word = Don't go back on your word. word 不用复数 words 吵架 promises 可用复数


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆promise sb. to + v. 答应某人做某事 promise sb. that + 从句 答应某人… 竞争激烈的社会 throat n.喉咙 ☆in cutthroat society 竞争激烈的 competitive 竞争的 to compete with others ☆ruin/destroy one's reputation spoil / ☆let sb. down = disappointed sb. 让/使 sb.失望 Don’t let me down. 失望 ☆anymore = any longer 再 ☆as a matter of fact -- in fact ☆live up to 做到,符合,遵守…. live up to one's expectations(永远用 pl)达到某人的期望 Eg:Pete lived up to his father’s expectations. 彼德达到了他父亲期望。 ☆in short 简言之 ☆trustworthy a.可信赖的 ☆That certainly seems to be true in this cutthroat society that we live in. =It certainly seems that that is ture in this …. 主+seem(s) to + 动原 主+seem(s) to + have + 过去分词 =It seems that 从句 似乎…

70. A Promise Is a Promise

p. 484

Larry is talking to his classmate, Hedy. L: Hey, Hedy! What seems to be bothering you? H: I don't understand why my boyfriend finds(不完全 vt.) it so hard to keep his word. L: What has he done this time? H: Well, he made a date with me to see a movie last night, but he stood me up. L: What a lousy guy! H: I know. And there's nothing worse than to be in love with such a guy. L: Why don't you just dump him? H: I can't. L: Why not? H: I promised I'd never leave him. And a promise is a promise. L: Oh, boy. ☆What seems to be bothering(troubling,matter with) you? ☆I have no idea (about 省略) + 名词从句 = I don't understand... ☆I find(完全 vt.) that he is a nice man. = I find(不完成 vt.) him a nice man. I find that it is interesting to learn English. = I find it interesting to learn English. ☆make an appointment with sb. 正式或公务之事 make a date with sb. 男女之间的约会 go on a date with sb. 和某人约会 ☆ouch 哎哟 ☆stand sb up 空等 louse n.虱子, 寄生虫 tear 开线


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆lousy(俚)-- a poor quality 差劲的 Eg:What a lousy movie that was!那真是一部烂片. ☆There's nothing worse than ... 没有比…更糟的事了 ☆Oh,boy. = What a surprise! 好家伙

71. Earth in Danger


Seeing is believing. But seeing a huge rock(which was)half the size of Earth smash into Jupiter in July 1996 was incredible. Can you imagine what would happen if Earth collided with a huge space rock? It would be disastrous. In fact, it is thought that a meteor killed the dinosaurs millions of years ago. A rock like(prep.) the one that hit Jupiter could split Earth in two. Doing nothing about it is like(prep.) waiting for the end of the world. So scientists plan to start project to identify all space rocks that could hit Earth. ☆be in danger ☆Seeing is believing. = To see is to believe. 眼见为实 ☆incredible = unbelievable 难以置信的 ☆smash into … 撞及.. . Eg:The truck smashed into a tree. 那辆卡车撞到了一棵树. collide with… 和..互撞/相撞 Eg:The jeep collided with a truck on the highway. The bus collided with the car and killed two people. hit 碰撞 ☆Earth 地球(相对于其它星球) the earth 指地球本身 on earth 在地球上(固定用法), adv.究竟 in the world 世界上, 究竟 在疑问词后面加 on earth / in the world 表强调 adv. 究竟 ☆be + 倍数词(one-third,half, twice, three times…) + the size of … =be + 倍数词 + as large as… 是…的几倍大小. Eg:My bedroom is half the size of my living room. 我的卧室是我家客厅的一半大. The booss’s desk is three times as large as his employees’ desks. ☆disaster disastrous a. When the typhoon hit the island, it caused many disasters. 台风 ☆It’s +过去分词+ that…. =many people 过去分词 ☆meteorite / falling stone 陨石 meteor / shooting star / falling star 流星 dinosaur 恐龙 ☆do nothing about sth 不对…采取行 I can do nothing about his temper.我对他的脾气没办法 do something about. 对…采取行动 Eg:We should do something about our traffic problem. ☆identify 辨别,鉴别 ☆split.. in two 把…分成两半 split into … 分成…. 关系代词的特殊用法 p493

72. Saving the World



赖世雄中级英语 1-74

A student is talking to her teacher. S: I hear that scientists are planning to study asteroids and meteors, right? T: Yes. They want to determine whether Earth is in danger of being struck(=hit) by such a rock. S: What if they discover that a big one is coming straight for us? T: In that case, there are two things they can do. They can launch rockets to push the rock off its course. S: So that it will miss Earth, right? T: Right. And if that fails, we can try destroying the rock with nuclear missiles. S: Wow! I never thought that nuclear weapons could save the world instead of ending it! ☆save your breath 别浪费唇舌 don’t bother talking your waste time save up v.储蓄 ☆asteroid 小行星 ☆I (was) determined to do = made up my mind 决心 determine that… 判定,测定,决定… The jury determined that the man was innocent. ☆We are in danger of losing the rice crop if it doesn't rain. 有…的危险 You are in danger of losing your health if you keep smoking. This type of animal is in danger of being extinct. 这种动物有濒临绝种的危险。 ☆What (will/would happen) if...(should) 如果…怎么办 Eg:What if my father (should) come back. 万一我父亲回来怎么办。 What if they discover that a big one is coming straight for us? 如果他们发现有一颗大石头直接朝我们来怎么办呢? ☆You can't miss sb/sth. 你不会错过的 ☆make a/the discovery 完成一项发现 ☆intersection 十字路口 ☆off one’s course 偏离轨道/航线 on one’s course 沿着轨道/航线 in due course 假以时日,在适当的时候 ☆Let's go picnicking tomorrow. = Let's go on a picnic tomorrow. ☆He swims like a rock. 游泳象旱鸭子 ☆try +动名词 尝试… try to +动原 设法/试图.. . ☆Broadway n.百老汇 missile ☆so that 副词连词 这样的话

73. Don't Be a Fish out of Water


Do you sometimes have a hard time understanding what Americans are talking about among themselves? Do you want to know why? The answer is, Americans are crazy about using slang. They tend to over do it, though. Otherwise, slang is fun to use. You should try it. And some slang is easy to understand. For example, if someone is "off the hook," it means that he is no longer in trouble. The "hook" is a fish hook. If a fish is on the hook, of course, it is in trouble. If it is "off the hook," then it is out of


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

danger. Didn't we tell you slang is fun? Besides, it should at least help you feel more at home and not like a fish out of water when you speak to Americans. ☆slang 不可数 a slang expression or two slang expressions 不说:a slang ☆feel like a fish out of water 觉得别扭,不舒服 ☆I have a hard time (in 可省略) writing this love letter. “很难” difficulty,trouble 不可数 a problem 可数 ☆be crazy about 疯狂喜爱 ☆tend to +动原 = be apt/prone/liable/inclined to +动原 "往往 往往会…;易于,有…倾向" 往往 ☆to over do it 做得过火/过火 Old people shouldn't over do it when (they are) exercising. ☆Otherwise ad. 否则的话,要不然 ☆have faun +动名 从事…很开心 funny a. 滑稽的,好笑的 Learning English is fun. fun 好玩(a good time) funny 滑稽 含义不同 fun man, funny man make fun of … 取笑… Eg:The students made fun of the new kid of class. 嘲笑 To work with him is fun. = He is fun to work him. (注意不定式的位置,改变宾语) ☆Bruce was in trouble, because he broke the window. 有麻烦 out of danger ☆The table hooked(v.) my shirt and tore it. be off the hook(n.) 脱离困境/危险 ☆feel at home = fell relaxed 自由自在/不拘束 leniently 宽厚的,仁慈的 seand on ceremony 讲究礼节;拘于形式 ☆help sb. (to) +动原 帮助/忙某人… help (to)+动原 帮助/忙 help (sb.) with + n. 帮助/忙(某人)…

74. Get with It, Bob


Bob, who is Chinese, is speaking to his American classmate, Jill. J: Hi, Bob. What's up? B: I don't see anything up in the sky. Do you? J: No, Bob. "What's up?" is slang for "What's happening?" B: Well, why didn't you just ask me that in the first place? J: Get with it, Bob. Everyone uses slang in America. It makes speech more colorful. B: I'm having enough trouble learning English. J: But you should give it your best shot, Bob. B: Why? J: How else can you get to meet American chicks? B: What chick? I don't like eggs. J: "Chicks" mean "girls," you fool. B: Oh, I give up! ☆get with it -- follow the trend 别土了--跟着潮流走


赖世雄中级英语 1-74

☆两种说法:I am American(a.). or I am an American(n.). Chinese 单复一样 Americans ☆What's up, due/guy/ man? 年轻人常用 “咋样” answer: Nothing special. How about you? How are you ,sir? 正式 How have you been, sir? How is it going? 还不错吧?(朋友间) What’s going on? 招呼语 greeting:How are you getting along? How is everything? Same as usual. ☆be short of 缺乏 be short for 缩写为 for 代表 为 be short of cash 现金不足, 支付不足 ☆in the beginning = in the first place 开始 in the end ☆You speak in informal English. formal occasion : funeral, wedding ☆speech 讲话(不可数) 演讲(可数) deliver a speech 发表演讲 make a speech to sb. 对…发表演讲 Peter made a speech to the students who fell asleep. speechless I was speechless when she said I love you. 无话可说 ☆give it one’s best shot = best try 尽(某人)全力去做 give it a shot 试试某事 ☆how else 要不然 or else 无论如何,否则,要不然 who else 别/另外的什么人 What else do you want? 你还要什么? What else? 还用得着问吗? ☆give up =quit ☆you fool 傻子