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2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


Unit 1 Company Profiles

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1. understand the key points of company profiles; 2. learn to translate the common company profiles; 3. grasp the key language points and comprehensive skills.

Contents: 1. Part I Listening practice of company profiles 2. Part II Introduction to the theory of company profiles 3. Part III Some examples and suggestions to the translation. 4. Exercises of company profiles. Focus: 1. The constitution of company profiles. 2. The characteristics of the language of company profiles. 3. How to write company profiles.

Difficulties: 1. The concept of company profiles. 2. The translation of some key words and phrases. 3. Comprehensive skills in company profiles.

Methods and Means: 1. Warm-up: discuss the importance of company profiles. 2. Show the skills of translation. 3. Examples.

Home Assignments: 1. Sentences Translation. 2. Company profiles appreciation. 3. Students presentation.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Company Profiles
1. to inquire about companies 2. to talk about company profiles (history, line of business, products, etc) 3. to give a company presentation Period 1-3 Part I Lead-in 1. Questionnaire ? Which company? ? 1. began in 1865 as a forestry and power business. ? A) Ericsson B) Nokia C) Motorola ? 2. buys more sugar than any other company in the world. ? A) Nestle B) Coca-Cola C) Suchard ? 3. employs more people than any other company. ? A) Wal-Mart B) Siemens C) General Motors ? 4. has the largest factory in the world. ? A) Boeing B) Ford C) Sony ? 5. was started by Ray A. Kroc in 1955. ? A) Burger King B) KFC C) McDonald’s ? 2. Appreciation of Video (BMW-CEO) 1) Who is the interviewee? BMW North America CEO 2) BMW posted a 13.6% decline in pre-tax profit(税前利润). What‘s the reason? High costs of new model launches 3. Expressions and phrases ? 外资企业 ? 合资企业 ? 合作企业 ? 龙头企业 ? 国有企业 ? 私营企业 ? 荣誉企业 ? 优质企业 ? 一级企业 ? 跨国公司 ? 母公司 ? 子公司 ? 总公司 ? 分公司 ? 代表处

foreign enterprise joint venture cooperative enterprise a locomotive state-owned enterprise privately-owned enterprise honorable enterprise qualified enterprise class A enterprise multinational company parent company subsidiary company head office branch office representative offices

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

上市公司 listed company 私人股份有限公司 private limited company 拳头产品 core product 环保型产品 environment-friendly product 专业生产经营 specialize in, engage in, handle a range of business including… 占地面积 cover an area of… 年产量 with an annual output 具有自营进出口权 being entitled to self-import and self-export rights 奉行坚持..原则;以..宗旨,在…方针指导下 abide by the principles of ?, adhere to the aims of?, based on the motto of the company ? 产品销往 products have been distributed to ? 获得奖项 rank the titles ? 通过 ISO9000 质量认证 be granted the Certificate of ISO9000 International Quality System 1) The amount of money a company receives from sales in a particular period is called its turnover. 2) The money a company makes after taking away its costs is its profit. 3) A company which is more than 50% owned by a parent company called a subsidiary. 4) The employees in a particular country or business are called the workforce. 5) The percentage of sales a company has in a particular market is its market share. 6) The main building or location of a large organization is its head office. 7) The cost of a company‘s shares is its share price. 4. Top 10 Brands

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5. Discussion 1) China mobile comes from China. What do they do? Can you describe China mobile in English? 2)When describing a company, what information do you think you should provide?


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Type: A publicly-listed state-owned enterprise Founded: Hong Kong, China (1997) Headquarter: Queen's Road, Hong Kong Key people: Wang Jianzhou (CEO) Products: mobile services, value-added mobile services, IP telephony Total assets: over RMB 400 billion Employees: 138,368 (2008) Subsidiaries: China Tietong, et al

Part II
1. Something you may talk about when describing a company. 1) When it was started 2)the company‘s line of business 3)its products 4)Its sales figures 5)the total number of employees 6) its headquarters 7)Whether it does business overseas. 8)Where its plants are located (a manufacturing company). 9)How many branches or retail outlets it has (a retail organization). 10)Whether it sells business-to-business, or whether it’s a retail organization selling to consumers. 2. Listening practice 1) Some new words from the listening material. franchise subsidiary merger acquisition prominent territory logo 2) Listen to the company introduction and fill in the missing information. Pizza Hut, Inc. 1) The first Pizza Hut restaurant was opened by two young________________, brothers Frank and Dan Carney, in Wichita, Kansas , USA in _____ with US$ ____ . 2) The first Pizza Hut franchise store opened in _____. 3) Pizza Hut became a __________ of PepsiCo, Inc. in _____, Through mergers and acquisitions, as well as organic growth, Pizza Hut has secured a prominent ________________. 4) Franchisees and ___________ partnerships account for more than ____ of the Pizza Hut system's total units. 5) The red roof as the _____________has become world famous as an easily recognized guarantee of crispy pizza, delicious pasta and friendly service in a pleasant atmosphere. 6) Number of restaurants: ______in the United States and more than______ in over 90 countries and territories. 7) Number of employees :________worldwide 8) The recognized leader in the US$ _________pizza category worldwide. 9) Pizza Hut provides _________ pizzas to more than _________ customers each day. 3. Listen to the dialogue and fill in the form below according to the information you hear. ?Parent company: Mainstay Trading Co. in ______.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

? Product: __________________. ? Exporting destinations: _________ the_________, Japan and_______. ? Number of factories: __________________________________. ? Number of employees: ___________. ? Head office: _________________. ? Main branches: in Montreal, ________________________. ? Electronics subsidiary: in____________. 5. Homework Below are the logos of some companies. Work in small groups and make a presentation of one of the following companies. Try to make use of the information from their websites. The rest are required to fill in the following chart with the information from the speaker. (see logos ) Ford, BMW, Peugeot, IBM, Haier, Nokia, Michelin, Sinopec, Citibank, Wal-Mart, P&G, HSBC, DHL, Unilever, Starbucks, Pizza Hut Company Founder Time Main activity Nationality Others (head office)

Period 3---4
Part I Students’ Homework presentations Part II Lead-in 1. Learn some useful words and expressions: Try to complete the sentences below with words and phrases from the box.. share price subsidiary workforce market share profit head office turnover

1) The amount of money a company receives from sales in a particular period is called its ______ 2) The money a company makes after taking away its costs is its ______. 3) A company which is more than 50% owned by a parent company called a ______. 4) The employees in a particular country or business are called the ___________ 5) The percentage of sales a company has in a particular market is its __________. 6) The main building or location of a large organization is its ___________. 7) The cost of a company‘s shares is its __________. 2. Match the sectors to the examples of products or services they offer. ? 1. chemicals A. computer programming ? 2. construction B. supermarkets ? 3. finance C. plastics

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

? ? ? ? ? ?

4. IT 5. media 6. pharmaceuticals 7. retailing 8. telecommunications 9. transport

D. cancer drugs E. bridges F. credit cards G. air services H. trucks I. women’s magazines

? 10. vehicle manufacturing J. telephone services 3. Summary 1) 商务即商业实务,指商业经济活动中的一切实务,包括商业交际、商品营销、酒店服务、 旅游服务、商业广告、商业谈判、商业宣传、招牌、品牌和商标的命名等。 2) 商务语言是商业实体在商业实务中为实现商业目的而运用的语言。 3) 商务英语是指以服务于商务活动内容为目标,集实用性、专业性和明确的目的性于一身, 为广大从事国际商务活动的人们所接受和认同,并具备较强社会功能的一种语言变体。 它包括语言知识、交际技能、专业知识、管理技能和文化意识等核心内容。 4. The characteristics of Business English Objective 1) I think he has a positive pint there → This is a positive point 2) In my opinion, we have a disadvantage…→ On the other hand, the disadvantage is… 3) My purpose of writing this report is to…→ The purpose of this report is to… 4) We would recommend…→ It is proposed that… Accurate 1) cash with order 订货付现 2) just-in-time delivery 送货及时 3) primary industry 初级工业 4) 在商务文书中用词比较正式 before → prior to, previous to prove → certify, seek → solicit 5) 用介词短语代替介词,以与其他用词协调。like→ in the nature of, for→ for the purpose of, if→ in the case of, about → with reference to, with regard to. 6) in a week→ in a week or less 7) before August 10 → on or before August 10 8) in early July→ within the first 10 days of July Examples 1) Upon receipt of these seller‘s delivery advice, the buyers shall,15-20 days prior to the delivery date, open a transferable, irrevocable letter of credit in favor of the sellers for an amount equivalent to the total amount of the shipment. Advice 通知 In favor of 以 为受益人,以 为收款人 收到卖方的交货通知, 买方应在交货期 15 至 20 天前, 开具一个以卖方为受益人的可转 让的不可撤消的信用证,金额与发票总额等值。 2) The credit shall be payable against presentation of draft drawn on the opening bank and the shipping documents specific in Article 13 hereof. Against 凭,用 交换 信用证凭开户银行所开汇票和第十三款规定的装运单据支付。


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

3) floating It is not surprising, then, that the world saw a return to a floating exchange rate system. Central banks were no longer required to support their own currencies. Floating policy is of great importance for export trade; it is, in fact, a convenient method of insuring goods where a number of similar export transactions are intended, e.g. where the insured has to supply an overseas importer under an exclusive sales agreement or maintains sales representatives or subsidiary companies abroad. 译文: 在这种情况下, 世界各国又恢复浮动汇率就不足为奇了。 各国中央银行也就无须维持本币的 汇价了。 统保单对出口贸易至关重要。 它实际上是货物保险中的一种便利的办法, 特别适合于分不同 的时间出口的一批类似货物,如,当被保险方根据独家代理协议书向国外的进口方供货,或 在国外委任了销售代表,设立分支机构时用之。 注解: floating 在上述两个句中的意思完全不一样, floating exchange rate 意为“浮动汇率‖, 即可自 由浮动,完全受市场力量决定的汇率制度。而 floating policy 则指用以承保多批次货运的一 种持续性长期保险凭证,常译为―统保单‖。 4) confirm We?d like to conform you that our counter sample will be sent to you by DHL by the end of this week and please confirm it ASAP so that we can start our mass production. Payment will be made by 100% confirmed, irrevocable Letter of Credit available by sight draft。 译文: 很高兴通知您,我们的回样将于本周末用特快专递给您,请尽快确认,以便我们开始大批生 产。 付款方式为 1O0% 即期,保兑,不可撤消信用证。 注解: confirmed 一词在这两句话的意思也不一样。在第一个句子中,confirm 的意思是“确认”。 在第二个句子中,confirmed L/C 应翻译为“保兑信用证‖,即指一家银行所开的由另一家银 行保证兑付的一种银行信用证。 5) negotiable Part time barman required.Hours and salary negotiable. This Bill of Lading is issued in a negotiable form, so it shall constitute title to the goods and the holder, by endorsement of this B/L. 译文: 招聘兼职酒店保安,工作时间和薪水面议。 所签发的提单可为转让的,故只要在提单上背书, 便确定了货物和持票人的所有权。 注解: 在第一句话中,negotiable 的意思是“可商议的”,在第二句话中的意思则是“可转让的”,―可 转让提单‖经过背书后即可将所有权转让给他人,值得注意的是, negotiating bank 则是议付 银行,即购买或贴现汇票的银行。 6) discount


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

You may get a 5% discount if your order is on a regular basis. If a seller extends credit to a time draft, they have made a trade acceptance.The seller can request that the bank finance the transaction by buying the draft.The bank is said to discount the draft. 译文: 如果你方定期给我方下定单,你方便可得到 5% 的折扣。 如卖方开出的是远期汇票,以此向买方提供信用,此时就做了一笔商业汇票承兑业务,卖方 可以请银行买下商业承兑汇票,银行用这个办法对出口商融资,也就是说,银行对该汇票贴 现了。 注解: discount 在这两句话中的意思一个是折扣,另一个是贴现。折扣是指商品在原价的基础上按 百分比降价,贴现则是指未到期的票据向银行融资,银行扣取自买进日至到期日的利息, 并收取一定的手续费后,将余下的票面金额付给持票人。


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


Unit 2 Product Presentation

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1. understand the key points of product presentation; 2. learn to translate the common product presentation; 3. grasp the key language points and comprehensive skills.

Contents: 1. Part I Listening practice of product presentation 2. Part II Introduction to the theory of product presentation 2. Part III Some examples and suggestions to the translation. 3. Exercises of product presentation. Focus: 1. The constitution of product presentation. 2. The characteristics of the language of product presentation. 3. How to write product presentation.

Difficulties: 1. The concept of product presentation. 2. The translation of some key words and phrases. 3. Comprehensive skills in product presentation.

Methods and Means: 1. Warm-up: discuss the importance of product presentation. 2. Examples.

Home Assignments: 1. Sentences Translation. 2. Product presentation appreciation. 3. Students presentation.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Unit 2 Product Presentation
Period 1---2
Part I Lead-in
It is not the employer who pays wages; he only handles the money. It is the _product_ that pays wages. Henry Ford (1863-1947) 1. Warming-up questions ? 1) Have you ever heard of presentation? ? 2) Have you ever given a formal or informal presentation in English? Who to? What about? ? 3) Did you enjoy the experience? ? 4) What is a presentation? In general, the human voice can be powerfully persuasive or weakly ineffective – successful people understand the difference. 2. Read the following tips for presentations ? a) Know your subject matter and your objectives ? b) Know your audience ? c) Write out your presentation completely or at least a detailed outline ? d) Rehearse the presentation ? e) Use the proper visual aids ? f) Use easy-to-understand language applicable to the group you are presenting to ? g) Use your personal experiences to help illustrate your points ? h) Keep eye contact with the group ? i) Gather feedback from your audience ? j) End your presentation with a Question and Answer session. 3. Discuss the following questions. ? a) Which do you think are the five most important tips? Why? ? b) Which of the tips do you disagree with? Why? ? c) Can you add more tips as advice for giving a presentation? 4. Basic Presentation Structure Introduction ? topic ? outline ? Part One ? Part Two ? Part Three, etc. ? summary ? conclusion ? inviting questions Exercise: 1) Stating the objective 2) Giving an outline 3) Place of questions 4) Starting the first point 5) Referring to visual aids 6) Clarifying 7) Closing a point 8) Starting another point 9) Finishing 10) Summarizing 11) Concluding ___ a. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them at the end. ___ b. Let me just go over that again. ___ c. I'll have to close there. ___ d. Today I aim to talk about after-sales service. ___ e. Let's turn to the question of advertising.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

___ f. I've divided my talk into three parts. ___ g. So, we've covered three main points. ___ h. I'd like you to look at this chart. ___ i. I think we all agree that the new product has to be launched next month. ___ j. Let's start with the market research results. ___ k. Is all that clear? 1) d 2) f 3) a 4) j 5) h 6) b 7) k 8) e 9) c 10) g 11) i

Part II Listening Practice
Task 1. 1) Number items a) to e) in the order you hear them. ? a) There are three parts to my presentation. Firstly, ? b) By the end of my presentation you will understand clearly our future plans. ? c) Good afternoon, everyone. My name’s Ricardo Valdes. ? d) I’d like to talk about our new marketing strategy. ? e) Finally, the details of the costs? ? key: c) d) a) e) b) ? 2) Listen again. Match the headings 1 to 4 to the items a) to e) in Exercise 1. ? 1). Topic of the talk a), e) ? 2). Aim d) ? 3). Greeting the audience c) ? 4). plan of the talk b) Task 2 Speaking out Where is the head office? What does it sell? Who are its customers? Annual turnover? Annual net profits? Number of stores: in Spain? in other European cities? Strengths? Future plans? 3. ? ? ? ? ? Brain-storm 维持升幅 to 到达最高点 to reach a 保持不变 to remain 降到最低点 to 正值…之际 on the Cordoba, Spain

an increase . . out

(sustain) (peak) (constant/ stable) (bottom) of (occasion)


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

代表 on the of (behalf) 承蒙盛情邀请 at the gracious of (invitation) 年会 meeting (annual) 商界的朋友们 friends from the business (community) marketing presentation 营销报告会 sales representative 销售代表 sales record 销售记录 customers‘ satisfaction 顾客满意度 manufacturer 生产商 retailer 零售商 merchant wholesaler 批发商 commission agent 佣金代理商 facilitating agent 服务代理商 经销渠道 channel (distribution) 营销目标 objective (marketing) 战略营销 marketing (strategic) 目标市场 market (target) 潜在的风险和机遇 threats and opportunities (potential) 可控因素 components (controllable) 销售业绩 sales . (performance)

Part III Assignment
Role A You will give a short presentation about some aspects of your product to a visitor, Before you begin, complete the outline of your presentation below. ? Title: ___________________________________ ? Outline: 1. _______________________________ ? 2. ______________________________ ? 3. ______________________________ ? 4. ______________________________ ? 5. Question and answer session Role B You will be a visitor to A‘s company. He/she will give you a short presentation about some aspects of his/her product. Listen to the presentation, and be prepared to ask some questions. After you have finished, change roles and repeat the role play.

Part IV Lead-in
Task One: 1. Appreciation of Onion News ? 1) What does the new revolutionary computer look like? ? 2)The newsflash was said to be fake. Because it‘s on the Onion, it‘s fake. 2. Listen to a sales manager presenting a product to some buyers. Which of the adjectives below does she use? Stylish robust elegant attractive user-friendly high-quality


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

well-designed popular practical 3. Fill in the missing words and phrases. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? As you can see, it‘s and . (attractive, stylish) The tower of wood (is made) Let me its dimensions. (tell you) It in three colors. (comes) Its is just under ? 25. (selling price) It‘s for storing CDs and CD-ROMs. (ideal) It has several which should appeal to our customers. (special features) is that it‘s easy to select the CD you want. (Another advantage) The tower is well-designed. It‘s and user-friendly. (robust, elegant) It really does of music lovers. (meet the needs)

Part II
1. Speaking 1) Describe some of your favorite products. Why do you like them? 2) What is the best thing you have ever bought? 3) Look at the following products, try to describe them by using the sentence pattern: It is _______________ (adj.) 2. Five people were talking about the best thing they have ever bought. Listen and write down the thing that each person mentions. 1) Camera: Memories of his travels and people he has met . 2) Train ticket to Brighton: The love of her life. 3) Speakers for a computer: Because he has bought speakers, he can play DVDs on his computer now. 4) Prada bag: Because she considers the bag a timeless classic: it is well-made and she uses it everyday. 5) Tree: Build a tree house in the tree he bought for his son‘s birth.

Part III Follow-up practice
1 Try to explain the following words and phrases in English and make sentences 2 Fill in the blanks with the words and phrases. market share run through at long last in terms of breakdown at your leisure target market penetration retail commission synchronize distribute in stock sector market demand

1) The computer company was forced to reduce prices to keep its_____________. 2) The ______________for a product is affected by its price. 3) Please give me a ___________ of those income tax totals by age groups. 4) We will ______ our campaign at young home-buyers. 5) As I was in haste to leave for a meeting yesterday, I just ___________this list of figures and didn‘t notice it. 6) ____________we found out what really happened to our last delivery. 7) The launch date for this new product is the first of May 2006 and will then ______________to


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

our main retail outlets. 8) Mr Brown ___________________to set up a branch in London. 9) Please fill in the form ______________and post it to us. 10) If you have fountain pens ________, please send us some samples. 11) They referred to your service___________ high praise. 12) We have changed our packaging to appeal to all age groups in order to obtain maximum ___________________. 13) These items ______ at ? 5.99. 14) The closing of the old store ______________ with the opening of the new shopping plaza. 15) The agricultural ________ in western nations is highly subsidized. Key: 1) market share 2) market demand 3) breakdown 4) target 5) ran through 6) at long last 7) be distributed 8) was commissioned 9) at your leisure 10) in stock 11) in terms of 12) market penetration 13) retail 14) synchronized 15) sector NOTE: market penetration: is one of the four growth strategies of the Product-Market Growth Matrix defined by Ansoff. Market penetration occurs when a company enters/penetrates a market with current products. The best way to achieve this is by gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share). Other ways include attracting non-users of your product or convincing current clients to use more of your product/service (by advertising etc). It is used to recognise if there was any advantage of entering a market. Market penetration occurs when the product and market already exists 是指实现市场逐步扩张的拓展战略。该战略可以通过扩大生产规模、提高生产能力、增加产 品功能、改进产品用途、拓宽销售渠道、开发新市场、降低产品成本、集中资源优势等单一 策略或组合策略来开展。其战略核心体现在两个方面:利用现有产品开辟新市场实现渗透、 向现有市场提供新产品实现渗透。

Period 3---4
Part I Definition of the instruction manual
Product instruction is a part of the practical scientific writing style. Its major function is to introduce to customers the information of quality, function, productive technique and usage of a product. Instruction manual, description manual, operation manual, operation and service manual, user‘s manual An instruction manual includes: 1) The common feature: installation, use, and maintenance 2) The description: cautions, general principle, structure, installation and adjustment, use, maintenance, troubleshooting, auxiliary parts.

Part II The Structure of Instruction Manual
1. title: name, manufacturer, brand, registered trademark 注册商标, product type, product code number 产品代号 2. text: which includes specification 规格, material, ingredient 成分, main performance 主要性能, technical specification 技术指标


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

3. ending: name, address, number 4. appendix: Maintenance 维护

Part III The Importance of the Instruction Manual
1. Protect Our Country Knowing how to use the weapons is soldiers duty, it means they can protect our county in peace. 2. Satisfy Our Family Knowing how to use the electrical appliances correctly can make our lives much more colourful. 3. Enjoy Ourselves We will have meaningful days since we control ourselves in decent ways. ------Instruction is important.

Part IV Examples 产品说明书之

饮料 、酒

e.g.1 Wahaha Mineral Water Wahaha Mineral Water is made of the excellent spring from the deep stratum of Changbai Mountain, and it contains many minerals and microelements needed by human body. We use fully automatic machines from Germany and Italy to provide our customer with excellent mineral water. ['strɑ:t?m, 'strei-] n.地层,社会阶层 长白之源、健康之选 ——娃哈哈矿泉水 娃哈哈矿泉水采用长白山脉地质深层的优质泉水生产, 富含人体所需的多种矿物质和微 量元素,引进德国、意大利先进的全自动生产设备,确保产品优异品质。娃哈哈矿泉水,甘 甜爽口,是您的健康之选。 e.g.2 茅台酒是世界三大名酒之一,是我国大曲酱香型酒的鼻祖,是酿造者以神奇的智慧,提 高粱之精,取小麦之魂,采天地之灵气,捕捉特殊环境里不可替代的微生物发酵、揉合、升 华而耸起的酒文化丰碑。 Moutai is one of the world‘s 3 most famous liquors. It is the originator in yeast sauce liquor in our country. It is the monument of liquor culture that brewers have used magic talent, distilled the cream of broomcorn, picked up the soul of wheat, exploited the nimbus of the sky and earth, and captured irreplaceable microorganisms of special environment for fermentation, mixing and sublimation. Moutai has a long history. yeast [ji:st] n.酵母,兴奋 brewer [?bru:?] (啤)酒制造者 distill [dis?til] vt. 吸取,提炼 broomcorn n. 高粱 nimbus [?nimb?s] n. 乱 云 , 雨 云 , 后 光 fermentation [f?:men?tei ? ?n] n. 发 酵 sublimation [subli'mei?n] n. 升华 It possesses unique style and flavor and is an extremely enjoyable drink. 它保持了酱香浓郁、典雅细致、协调丰满、回味悠长等贵州茅台的特点。

e.g.3 High-tech products
1. 如果要停止录音,请按―Pause‖键。 a) To interrupt recording , press Pause. b) If you want to interrupt recording , you should press Pause. 2. 在通讯系统中,电子学要解决的问题是如何把信息从一个地方传递到另一个地方。 a) In communications , the problem of electronics is how to convey information from one place to another.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

b) In communications , the problem of electronics is how information is conveyed from one place to another. 经比较可见,每组句子中带有非谓语动词结构的 a 句均显得简短而醒目,而且结构紧凑,表达 精炼,易于理解和操作。 3. To obtain the best performance and ensure years of trouble free use , please read this instruction manual carefully. 请仔细阅读说明书,以便使本机发挥其最佳性能,经久耐用,不出故障。 4. When dubbing , it is recommended to use fresh batteries or to connect the set to the main supply. 进行翻录时,最好使用新电池或者将本机接到交流电源中。 5. Electronic computer having many advantages cannot carry out creative work and replace man. 虽然电子计算机有很多的优点,但它们不能进行创造性的工作,也代替不了人。 药品说明书的英汉翻译 ?英文表达方式有 Instructions, Directions, Description 现在多用 Package Insert, 或简称 Insert. Insert 原意为―插入物,插页‖。药品说明书即为附在每种药品包装盒中的一份用药说明。经 过注册的进口药品一般是国家承认的有效药物, 其说明书是指导医生与患者合理用药的重要 依据,具有一定的法律效力。 1. 药品说明书的组成 ?①药品名称(Drug Names) ? ②性状(Description) ?③药理作用(Pharmacological Actions) ④适应症(Indications) ?⑤禁忌症(Contraindications) ⑥用量与用法(Dosage and Administration) ?⑦不良反应(Adverse Reactions) ? ⑧注意事项(Precautions) 1) Description(性状) Chemical Structure 化学结构 Composition 成分 Physical and Chemical Properties 理化性质 stable 稳定的 taste 味道 odo(u)rless 无臭的 crystalline 结 晶 的 structure 结构 solubility 溶解度 injection 注射剂 insoluble 不溶的 soluble 可溶的 solution 溶液 odo(u)r 气味 tablets 片剂 colo(u)rless 无 色 的 tasteless 无味的 liquid 液体 sterile 无菌的 powder 粉沫 solid 固体 be derived from 由…衍生 consist of 由……组成 be obtained 制得 contain 含有 be prepared from 由……制备 have (possess) 有(具有) e.g.Folic acid is a yellowish to orange, crystalline powder; odourless or almost odourless. 叶酸是淡黄色至橙色结晶粉沫,无臭或几乎无臭。 2) 药理作用 ?有些说明书较详细地介绍药品的药理作用(Pharmacological Actions)。其内容主要包括药理 作 用 、 临 床 药 理 (Clinical Pharmacology) 、 体 外 试 验 (in vitro experiments) 、 药 物 代 谢 (Metabolism)、药效(Potency)及毒性(Toxicity) Pharmacological Action 药理作用 Pharmacological Properties 药理性质 Pharmacology 药理学 Clinical Pharmacology 临床药理 Actions and Properties 作用与性质 Clinical Effect (Use) 临床效果(用途) Mechanism of Action 作用机理 Mode of Action 作用方式 表药理作用的常用动词


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

demonstrate 显示 exert (action on) 起……作用 exhibit 显示 inhibit 抑制 accumulate 积蓄 administrate 投药 excrete 排泄 result in 导致 indicate 表明 metabolize 代谢 promote 促进 prevent 阻止,预防 tolerate 耐受 be) active (effective) against 对…有效的 (be) sensitive to 对……敏感的 resistant to ……有耐药性的 average 平均的 minimum 最低(小)的 maximum 最高(大)的 normal 正常的 action 作用 half life 半衰 in vitro 体外 kidney 肾 mechanism 机理 tolerance 耐受性 infection 感染 level 水平,浓度 3) 适应症 Indications 适应症 Indications and Usage 适应症与用途 Major(Principal)Indications 主要适应症 Uses 用途 Action and Use 作用与用途 be recommended for 推荐用于 be employed to …用于…… be used to(for,as)…用于 be helpful/ useful in … 用于 be indicated in(for)适用于 for(in) the treatment(management)of…用于治疗(控制) Eg. for prevention of the advance of cataract. 用于预防白内障进展。 4) 禁忌症 Contraindications allergic (hypersensitive) to… 对…过敏的 allergic (anaphylactic) reaction 过 敏 反 应 patients with… (who…) 患有…的患者 be contraindicated in (for) … 对…禁忌 should not be used (employed) in … 不得用于…should be used with caution 慎用 It is advisable to avoid the use of … 建议不用于… must not be administered (given) to… 对…不得用药 be not recommended for… 最好不用于… \ e.g. Children under 5 years of age should not be treated with Antistine. 5 岁以下儿童禁用敌胺。 五、用量与用法 Administration 用法 Direction for Use 用法 Method of (for) Administration 用法 Application and Dosage 用法与用(剂)量 Mode of Application 用法 Dosage 用(剂)量 How to Use 用法 ? daily (per day, a day, every day ) 每日 every …hours 每隔…小时 intervals of 每隔 once (twice) daily (a day) 每日一(二)次 every other day 每隔一日 three times a day (daily) 每日三次 three times a week 每周三次 once (twice) a week (weekly) 每周一(二)次 divided into … doses 分…次 Eg. Children: The usual dose is 50 to 100 mg/kg/day total, given in four equally divided and spaced doses. 儿童:常用总剂量为每日 50-100mg/kg 体重,均分为四等份,等间隔给药。 六、不良反应 Adverse Reaction(s)不良反应 Unwanted(Untoward) Reaction(s)不良反应 Side-effect(s) 副作用 Unwanted(Undesirable) Effects 副作用 Side Reaction(s) 副作用 By-effects 副作用 七、注意事项 Precaution(s) 注意事项 Special note(caution, precaution)特别注意 Caution(s) 注意事项 N.B. Note 注意 Warning(s) 警告


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


Unit 3 Establish Business Relation

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1. understand the key points of establishing business relations; 2. learn to translate the common words and phrases; 3. grasp the key language points and comprehensive skills.

Contents: 1. Part I Listening practice of establishing business relations 2. Part II Introduction to the theory of establishing business relations 3. Part III Some examples and suggestions to the translation. 4. Exercises of establishing business relations. Focus: 1. The constitution of establishing business relations. 2. The characteristics of the language. 3. How to establish business relations.

Difficulties: 1. The concept of establishing business relations. 2. The translation of some key words and phrases. 3. Comprehensive skills in establishing business relations.

Methods and Means: 1. Warm-up: discuss the importance of establishing business relations. 2. Show the skills of translation. 3. Examples.

Home Assignments: 1. Sentences Translation . 2. Students presentation.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Unit 3 Establish Business Relation
Teaching Objectives:
1. to seek business relations 2. to express the desire of establish business relations 3. to introduce your companies and products

Teaching Procedures
Preview Task: Learn the vocabulary related to the topic Business relations and cooperation business connections business cooperation technological cooperation scope of cooperation mutually beneficial relations close relationship to cement / continue / enlarge / promote / improve / maintain / interrupt / restore / speed up / reactivate business relationship to reach an agreement to make a deal Investment a heavy /a long-term/ a profitable/ a safe and sure investment foreign direct investment (FDI) portfolio investment investment environment investment intent/ partner exclusively foreign-owned enterprise joint venture cooperative enterprise equity joint venture contractual joint venture Form of Trade merchandise exports and imports service exports and imports bilateral trade leasing trade processing with supplied material processing with imported materials processing with supplied sample assembling with supplied parts Describing products genuine article imitation low-priced goods low quality goods inferior goods superior quality unfinished products top grade goods showy goods high-tech products durable consumer goods modern and elegant in fashion complete in specifications sophisticated technology attractive and durable skillful manufacture Credit commercial credit trade reputation credit insurance credit-worthy financial ability financial standing

Step one: Discuss the following questions and give your opinions.
1. Now as a class, pairs or groups, think of as many channels as you can that are associated with establishing business relations, and tell which channel you think is the most effective one.

Reference Answer: 1) Banks; 2) Trade directory;(贸易行录)3) Chinese commercial
counsellor’ office in foreign countries 中国驻外商赞处) 4) Business houses of the same trade; s ( ; 5) Advertisements; 6) Trade fairs and exhibitions(交易会和展销会); 7)Chambers of commerce

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

(商会); 8) Introduction from business connections; 9) The Internet.

Background Information
1). The English names of banks in China and other countries

中国银联:China UnionPay 中国银行:BOC(Bank of China) 中国工商银行:ICBC (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China) 中国农业银行:ABOC(Agricultural Bank of China) 中国建设银行;CCB (China Construction Bank) 中国招商银行:CMB (China Merchants Bank ) 中国光大银行:CEB (China Everbright Bank) 中国民生银行:CMBC (China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.) 中国进出口银行:EXIMBC (The Import-Export Bank of China) 中信实业银行:CITIC Industrial Bank 福建兴业银行:CIB (China Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.) 交通银行:Bank of Communications 华夏银行:Huaxia Bank 深圳发展银行:Shenzhen Development Bank 上海浦东发展银行:Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 广东发展银行:Guangdong Development Bank 国家开发银行:China Development Bank 商业银行:Commercial Bank

Citibank 花旗银行(美国) Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank 第一劝业银行(日本) Fuji Bank 富士银行(日本) Sumitomo Bank 住友银行(日本) Mitsubishi Bank 三菱银行(日本) Banque Nationalede Pairs 巴黎国民银行(法国) Sanwa Bank 三和银行(日本) Bank of America 美洲银行(美国)

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Credit Lyonnais 里昂信贷银行(法国) National Westminster 国民西敏士银行(英国) Deutsche Bank 德意志银行(德国) Barclays Bank 巴克莱银行(英国) Mitsui Bank 三井银行(日本) Chase Manhattan Bank 大通曼哈顿银行(美国) Midland Bank 米兰银行(英国) Union Bank of Switzerland 瑞士联合银行(瑞士) Hongkong and Shanghai Banking 汇丰银行(英国)

2) Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

( Please refer to related video for more details)

China Import and Export Fair (also called Canton Fair) 中国进出口商品交易会(广交会) East China Fair 中国华东进出口商品交易会(华交会)
2. When you want to establish business relations with your prospective customers, what may be the things you should introduce or your customers may be interested in? Now store the words and phrases that are associated with aspects for introduction.

Reference Answer:1) business lines; 2) business ability; 3) commercial credit 4) trade reputation; 5)financial ability; 6) mode of business; 7)credit standing; 8)financial standing 9) introduction of your products Step Two: Useful Expressions To tell where you obtain the relevant information about the company
1. We have heard from CCPIT(China Council For The Promotion of International Trade 中国 国际贸易促进委员会)that you are in the market for electric appliances. 2. Your firm was recommended to us by the Australian Consulate here as a large exporter of dairy products. 3. We have been informed by the Bank of China, Beijing that you are one of the leading importers of textiles in UK. 4. We are given to understand that you are potential buyers of Chinese silk products, which comes within the scope of our business activities. 5. Your Commercial Counselor’s Office has referred us to you for establishing business

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

relations with your corporation. 6. Your Chamber of Commerce recommended you as a possible agent for our products in your country. 7. Through the courtesy of Mr David Johnson, our business partner we have your name as a firm who is interested in doing business with us. To introduce yourself and express your desire of establishing business relations. 1. We are one of the largest textile importers in our country. We have handled this commodity for more than 20 years and have connections all over the world. 2. We are a state-operated company, handling the export of canned goods and we are willing to enter into business relations with your firm. 3. Specializing in the export of foodstuffs, we wish to express our desire to trade with you in this line. 4. We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with the hope that we may have an opportunity of cooperating with you in your light industrial goods. 5. We have been engaged in exporting cameras for more than 20 years and are closely connected with large manufacturers in our country. 6. We wish to establish friendly business relations with you to enjoy a share of mutually profitable business. 7. We always honor the contract and keep our promise.(重合同,守信用)

Step three: Conversation practice
Please put the following conversation in right order and practice with your partner. A. Your desire to establish business relations with us coincides with ours. B. Our company is a well-established manufacturer of Chinese cotton products, and we have been in this line for about two decades. C. Good morning. My name is James Wilson, sales manager of ABC Trading Company in the UK. Here is my card. D. I read your advertisement in Global Sources. The purpose of my coming here is to inquire about possibilities of establishing trade relations with your company. E. Our products are gaining popularity because of their superior quality, fine workmanship, competitive prices, and our honest dealings.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

F. Thanks. My name is Zhang, and here‘s mine. Is there anything particular you‘re interested in? G. Our cotton piece goods command ready sales and are warmly received by our European customers. Now the demand for these goods exceeds the supply.

1 Greeting and introduction



Expressing a desire Introducing company products


4 5 6

Explain the market


Key: 1.c, 2.f, 3 d, 4.a, 5.b, 6. e, 7. g

Step four: Listening task
Two managers are talking about building relationships with agents. Put the conversation in the correct order. Then listen and check your answers. (Book4-p26) A. Well, I hope you get a result. I must be going. I‘ve got to draw up an agency agreement myself, I‘ve put is off far too long already. B. What exactly was the problem? C. Yes, my job was on the line. Our results were terrible. We tried to build up market share but is just didn‘t happen. We just managed to hold on to what we had. D. Unfortunately, our agent let us down. We thought we could count on him to boost sales but he had no commitment, no motivation. E. He should be. He‘s got a very good track record. We‘d set up a meeting on Friday, but he had to call it off – something came up. F. How‘s it going in France, Gina? We didn‘t do too well there last year. G. Well, I suppose you terminated his contract then. H. Good. Let‘s hope he‘ll be better than the last one. I. All the best. Speak to you soon. J. Yes, there was no way we could renew it. We sounded out a few possible replacements and found someone else. We get on really well. Key: f, c, b, d, g, j, h, e, a, i Listen to four conversations at business conferences. For each one decide whether the


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

statements are true or false. (Book4-p27) 1. A. The first speaker introduces herself straightaway. (False) B. The second speaker doesn‘t remember her until she introduces herself. (True) 2. A. the second speaker knows that Henry Willis is in New York. (False) B. The second speaker offers to contact the New York office. (False) 3. A. Both speakers know Jon Stuart. (True)

B. The second speaker isn‘t able to offer any help. (False) 4. A. both speakers have been doing business in Asia for some time. (False) B. in the end they establish an area of common interest. (True)

Now listen again and fill in the blanks according to the conversation. 1. I hope you don‘t mind me phoning. Silvana said it would probably be OK. 2. Is it a convenient time to ring or could I call you back at a better time? 3. Silvana mentioned that you might be able to advice me on franchising contracts. 4. Mmm, I don‘t know. I could maybe give you a little help, but I know someone who’s an expert in that area. 5. You haven‘t got her phone number by any chance? 6. Can I mention your name when I call her?

Step Five: Work in pairs and role play the situation (Book4 p27 situation2)
(You may ask students to prepare for this assignments in advance) 1. Sales manager You are sales manager for a sports goods company. You are at a conference and see someone who you met briefly last year at a trade fair. A) Reintroduce yourself B) Find out if the person is interested in becoming an agent for your company.

2. Sports goods wholesaler You have a wholesale business specializing in sports goods. You are at a conference and you see someone you think you recognize, but are not sure. When they introduce themselves: A) Show some interest B) Try to find out if there is any possibility of working together in the future.

Step Six Revision

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Translation Practice (T may ask Ss to do them in class) 1) 我们是本国最大的纺织品进口商之一,经营该商品已有二十多年历史,往来客户遍及世 界各地。 We are one of the largest textile importers in our country. We have handled this commodity for more than 20 years and have connections all over the world. 2) 我在上次交易会上看到你们精美插图的商品目录,对你们的水果罐头颇感兴趣。这次 特地来与你们商谈进口贵公司这些产品的可能性。 I had an opportunity to see your well-illustrated catalogues on the last fair and I am very interested in your canned fruit. Now I have come to discuss with you the possibility of importing the goods 3) 您可以放心,我们的食品保证符合世界卫生组织颁布的标准。 You can rest assured that our foodstuffs are guaranteed to conform to the WHO standards. 4) 罐头也是我们的主要出口产品,而且在其他许多国家十分畅销。 Canned goods are also among our major exports and have found a favourable reception in many other countries. 5) 我们产品的质量同许多其他供应商的一样好,而价格却不像他们的那样高。

The quality of our products is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our prices are not so high as theirs. 6)我们认为相互理解和合作能有助于我们彼此间开展更多更好的业务。 We think mutual understanding and cooperation can help us do more and better business with each other. 7) 既然我们的经营范围相同,我认为我们将会有许多开展业务合作的机会。 Since we are in the same business lines, I can see there are a lot of business opportunities we can cooperate in the future. 8) 你们想扩大与我方的业务关系的愿望和我们的想法不谋而合。 Your desire to expand business with us coincides with ours. 9) 我们访问贵公司的目的是寻求一位贸易伙伴。我们很高兴能与你们直接接洽。 The aim of our visit to your company is to look for a business partner, and we are glad to have a direct contact with you. 10)目前我们的家禽肉还未开发出较大的海外市场。我们主要是面向国内市场。

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

So far we have not developed a large export market for our poultry. We primarily serve the domestic market.

Presentation Practice Making a short presentation on one of the following topics. ( two minutes) What are the major functions for a meeting? What should we do to effectively prepare a meeting? How to be an effective organizer for meeting?


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


Unit 4 Business Meeting

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1. understand the key points of participating in business meetings; 2. grasp the key language points and comprehensive skills.

Contents: 1. Part I Introduction to the theory of business meetings 2. Part II Some examples and suggestions to the translation. 3. Listening Exercises of business meetings.

Focus: 1. The constitution of business meetings. 2. The characteristics of the language of business meetings. 3. How to participate in business meetings.

Difficulties: 1. The concept of business meetings. 2. The translation of some key words and phrases. 3. Comprehensive skills in business meetings.

Methods and Means: 1.Warm-up: discuss the importance of business meetings. 2. Show the skills of translation. 3. Examples.

Home Assignments: 1. Sentences Translation. 2. Business meetings appreciation. 3. Students presentation.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Unit 4 Business Meeting
Teaching Objectives:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. to chair a meeting to ask for someone‘s opinion to give an opinion to recommend action to agree or disagree with an opinion to make suggestions

Teaching Procedures
Preview Task: Learn the vocabulary related to the topic Related words and phrases timetable, schedule 日刻表 item on the agenda 议程项目 working paper 工作文件 second reading(法案、议案的)二读 substantive motion 实质性的动议 resolution 决议 ruling 裁决 draft resolution 决议草案,提案 declaration, statement 声明 minutes, record, memorandum 纪录 to place on the agenda 列入议程 to call the meeting to order 宣布会议开始 to make/deliver a speech 做报告 to ask for the floor 要求发言 to give the floor to 同意…发言 to make a motion 发言 to second a motion 附议 to support 赞成 to adopt 通过 to oppose 反对 to vote 表决 to raise an objection 提出异议 to abstain 弃权 to move an amendment 提出修正案 to adjourn /close the meeting 休会,散会 Thoughts, opinions and suggestions authoritative opinion 权威性的意见 radical view 激进的看法 divergent view 大相径庭的意见 enlightened opinion 开明的意见 middle-of-the-road view 中庸观点 one-sided view 片面的看法 constructive suggestion 建设性的建议 workable suggestion 可行的建议

prevailing opinion 流行的看法 critical view 批评性意见 short-sighted view 目光短浅的意见 original idea 独创性的意见 na? idea 幼稚的想法 ve compromise proposal 折衷的建议 tentative proposal 尝试性建议

Step One: Lead in
1)Presentation Practice Making a short presentation on one of the following topics. ( 2 m) What are the major functions for a meeting? What should we do to effectively prepare a meeting?

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

How to be an effective organizer for meeting? 2) Listen to the following passage twice and try to fill in the blanks. Benefits of meetings an opportunity to share ideas and help develop team spirit better planning and cooperation between sections more effective problem solving



meeting instructions



committee meeting formal meetings board


in-formal decision-making sessions


training sessions


general staff meeting

Passage Why have a meeting? Depending on your job, you may be involved in meeting once a week or several a day. Many work teams, for example, function by meeting together formally and informally to discuss workplace issues. Organizations use meetings to help co-ordinate activities involving a number of people or work groups. Meetings are used to negotiate sales, investigate problems, plan events, set up business arrangements, develop new procedures and so on. Meeting offer many benefits to an organization and its members. A well-run meeting encourages co-ordination—people can keep up-to-date with developments and changes, which means better planning and cooperation between sections. Meetings can give people an opportunity to share ideas and help develop team spirit. Other benefits of well-managed meetings include greater organizational consensus resulting from collaboration, and more effective problem solving. Different situations require different kinds of meeting. Depending on the problem to solved, the type of business to be transacted (dealt with) and the nature of the group leadership style, you might choose: committee meeting; conferences; in-formal decision-making sessions; conventions; general staff meeting; formal board meetings; meeting to give instructions; training sessions. Step Two: Useful Expressions Starting the meeting:


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

1. Shall we get started? 2. Now that everyone is here, I‘d like to call the meeting to order. 3. This morning we‘re going to discuss … problems. Proceeding to the next item 1. Shall we move on to the next item on the agenda? 2. Let‘s turn to the second problem. 3. How about proceeding to the next question? Coming back to the main point 1. I think we are getting side-tracked. 2. Shall we get back to the main point? 3. I‘m afraid we‘re getting a bit off the point. 4. Please don‘t digress from the subject. 5. I‘m afraid you‘re straying from the main point. Interrupting 1. I‘m sorry to interrupt you, but I‘d like to say that … 2. If I could make a point here… 3. Excuse me; I would like to break in here. 4. May I cut in here? 5. I‘m sorry to cut you off. Declaring results or decisions 1. I declare the meeting adjourned. 2. I declare the motion carried by a slender majority of eight to six. 3. I declare the motion lost 4. Let‘s put it to a vote. 5. Let me take a minute to sum up the main points of the discussion. 6. If nobody wants to add anything, we can draw the meeting to a close. Step Three: Practice What you would say at a meeting in each of these situations? 1. You are the chairperson. You think it is time to start the meeting. Now that everyone is here, I’d like to call the meeting to order.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

2. You tell the participants the purpose of the meeting. The purpose of this meeting is, first…, to…. and secondly to … 3. Introduce the first item on the agenda. Now, the first item on the agenda is … 4. Someone interrupts. Control the interruption. Shall we get back to the main point? 5. You make a good point at a meeting and want to make sure everyone agrees with you. Are there any different ideas? 6. You are in the chair and you want to go on to the next topic without a formal vote. Now, let’s come to the next item on the agenda. 7. Mr. Coleman made a point you agreed with a few minutes ago. Refer back to this before you give your own views. I share Mr. Coleman’s opinion on this point. 8. Mr. Smith made a really stupid point just now. Make it clear that you disagree, without being rude and provoking an argument. He may be right, but I view it a little differently. 9. You ask Mrs. Collins her opinion about the introduction of flexible working hours. I’d like to hear your opinion towards the introduction of flexible working hours. 10. Another participant asks you to give your views on a topic you have no knowledge of. I’m sorry that I know little about it. 11. The meeting has gone on too long and you think it's time for lunch. I’m afraid we’re getting a bit off the point. 12. You have covered everything on the agenda at the meeting and you want to close the meeting. So, it that’s everything then we can stop here.

Step Four: Pair Work Make a dialogue with your partner according to the following pattern. Asking for a suggestion Making a suggestion

Rejecting the suggestion

Making another suggestion

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Listening Task 1: Freestyle is a sports equipment company. It has developed a new product, a pair of swimming goggles which adapt to each person’s face and eyesight. The Marketing Department held a meeting to discuss the launch of the product. Please listen and tick the expressions which Inge, the chairperson, uses. (Book2, p39) 1. Can we start, please? 2. The purpose of this meeting is to decide the date of the launch. 3. Katharina, what do you think? 4. Ok, let‘s hear a few more views. 5. Nadia, how do you feel about this? 6. You‘re right, Katharine. Let‘s get back to the point. 7. Ok everyone, I think on balance we agree… 8. I want us to talk about sales outlets now. (Key: 1,3,4,6,7) Listen again and complete these extracts. Katharina: I‘m in favor of February or March. There‘s a gap in the market for our products. Why wait any longer? Inge: Kenneth, what‘s your opinion?

Kenneth: Mmm, I don’t know about February. It‘s a bit early in the year. I suggest we launch in May or June. People go on holiday then. Nadia; The price should be high. I‘d say, at least ?50.

Katharina: Hold on a minute. I thought we were talking about the launch date, not about promotion or price. Inge: Julia: Which outlets do you think we should target? I think we should start with the specialist stores. That‘s where most swimmers buy their goggles.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


what do you mean by specialist stores, Julia?

Step Five:
In this part you are going to learn how to write an agenda and take minutes Agenda Structure ● welcome any special visitors ● apologies for absence ● special event ● confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting ● business arising out of minutes ● correspondence sent and received ● reports ● adjourned business ● general business ● any other business ● close of meeting Sample agenda

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


AGENDA Bolton Enterprises Marketing Committee Meeting to be held in the Committee Room at Head Office Wednesday, 8 December 2005 10:00 am-12:30 pm Chairperson: Sue Silverton Apologies: Mike Smith Confirmation of Agenda (5mins) Confirmation of Minutes of 25 October 2005 (5mins) Business Arising from Minutes of 25 October 2005 (10mins) 4.1 Plan for launch of SD line (Sue) Agenda items 5.1 Marketing budget for 2006 (30mins) ( Mary) 5.2 Recognition of achievements in sales (15mins) (Richard) 5.3 Market survey data (15mins) John) Reports (30mins) 6.1 Sales (Edward) 6.2New product development (Harry) 6.3 Market research (Zhou) 6.4 Promotion (Richard)

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

7. Any other Business (15mins) 8. Forward Agenda (10mins) 9. Next Meeting

Minute Taking—Before the Meeting ● Choose your tool: Decide how you will take notes, i.e. pen and paper, laptop computer, or tape recorder. ● Make sure your tool of choice is in working order and have a backup just in case. ● Use the meeting agenda to formulate an outline. Minute Taking—During the Meeting ● Pass around an attendance sheet. ● Get a list of committee members and make sure you know who is who. ● Note the time the meeting begins. ● Don't try to write down every single comment -- just the main ideas. ● Write down motions, who made them, and the results of votes, if any; no need to write down who seconded a motion. ● Make note of any motions to be voted on at future meetings. ● Note the ending time of the meeting. Minute Taking—After the Meeting ● Type up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting, while your mind. ● Include the name of organization, name of committee, type of meeting (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or special), and purpose of meeting. ● Include the time the meeting began and ended. ● Proofread the minutes before submitting them. Sample set of minutes everything is still fresh in


MINUTES BOLTON ENTERPRISES SAFTY COMMITTEE 6 DECEMBER 2005 K. White, D. Thomas, P. Johnson, D. Adams, M. Wang Apologies S. Kelty, Y. London


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

1 The minutes of the meeting held on 13 October Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted. Moved D. Thomas, seconded P. Johnson The motion relating to item 3, R.C.D. installation had been omitted ? this will be corrected in the official record. 2 Business arising a) R.C.D installation M Wang will contact the supplier and arrange for a compliance certificate to be issued by 15 December. b) Emergency procedures ? dispatch store D Thomas will draft a new set of procedures and circulate them to committee members for comment by 8 December. P Johnson reported that has been completed, inspected and approved; however, a certificate of compliance still needs to be issued. The legal implications of not having certificate were addresses. It was agreed this was a matter of high priority. 3 Emergency control team training It was agreed that a formal allocation of funds for emergency-control team training will be made in the 2006 budget. Moved D Adams, seconded M Wang D Adams will present a detailed training plan and recommended budget allocation to the next meeting. The committee noted the report on training for emergency-control team members. It was agreed that a budget allocation would be made for this activity in the 20006 budget. 4 Next meeting The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 18 January 2006 in the conference room. Practice: Learn to take minutes. Listen to the following meeting, and try to take minutes. Minutes Pro Forma Topic/ Title :


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Purpose of the meeting: ways of improving sales in rural market areas Date/time/location: Present: Glen, Roger, Ted Apologies: Emma Jepson Discussion items and decisions/action (who/what/when) Roger went over the minutes of last meeting; Ted gave a report on sales improvement in rural market areas. ways of improving sales in rural market areas Key points of discussion

Passage (Reference Script) A: Good morning, everyone! I‘m afraid our national sales director, Emma Jepson, can‘t be with us today. She is on her business trip to Germany, developing our Europe sales force. B: We hope everything goes well there. A: Yeah. Let‘s get started. We‘re here today to discuss ways of improving sales in rural market areas. First, let‘s go over the report from the last meeting which was held on Septemper 21st. Right, Roger, over to you. B: Thank you, Glen. Let me just summarize the main points of last meeting. We began the meeting by approving the changes in our sales reporting system discussed on July 29th. After briefly revising the changes that will take place, we moved on to a brainstorming session concerning after sales customer support improvements. You‘ll find a copy of the main ideas developed and discussed in these sessions in the photocopies in front of you. The meeting was declared closed at 11:00. A: Thank you Roger. So, if there is nothing else we need to discuss, let‘s move on to today‘s agenda. Have you all received a copy of today‘s agenda? If you don‘t mind, I‘d like to skip item 1 and move on to item 2: Sales Improvement in Rural Market Areas. Ted has kindly agreed to give us a report on this matter. Ted?

Step 6: Role Play
Situation: the community gets a grant from the government to improve the recreational center in

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

the community.

The grant is barely enough to do one improvement and one improvement only.

The community committee is holding a meeting to decide what to do with the money. Roles: Committee President, committee member A, committee member B, committee member C, committee member D, and committee member E. Activity: Divide students into groups of 6, and each student will get a role card. organize a meeting to decide which project to invest on. After the committee makes their decision, the president will make a presentation to the community to explain their decision and how that will benefit the whole community. And they will

Exercise: Interpret the following sentences.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 大家都到齐了,我们开会吧。 琼斯小姐,你对这个问题有什么看法? 我们接着议程的下一项,好吗? 反对这个建议的请举手。 既然我们不能达成协议,我建议休会。 就这个问题我们投票表决吧。 对不起打断你的话,恐怕你有点离题了。 为了刺激消费,我们应该鼓励人们用分期付款的方式购物。


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Unit 5 Writing


Memorandum (memo)

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1. understand the key points of business memos; 2. learn to translate the common business memos; 3. grasp the key language points and comprehensive skills.

Contents: 1. Part I Listening practice of business memos 2. Part II Introduction to the theory of business memos 3. Part III Some examples and suggestions to the translation. 4. Exercises of business memos. Focus: 4. The constitution of business memos. 5. The characteristics of the language of business memos. 6. How to write a business memo.

Difficulties: 4. The concept of business memos. 5. The translation of some key words and phrases. 6. Comprehensive skills in business memos.

Methods and Means: 4. Warm-up: discuss the importance of business memos. 5. Show the skills of translation. 6. Examples.

Home Assignments: 4. Sentences Translation. 5. Business memo appreciation. 6. Students presentation.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Memorandum (memo)
Part I The definition, characteristics, format and functions of memo
1. What is a Memo? The memorandum is one kind of written exchange forms which the Company uses frequently between the sectors and offices. Memo can be used as a form of communication to solve problems within a company. In writing a memo, one should clearly state his/her purpose at the beginning, and request the action he/she wants at the end. Planning for a memo Depending on the purpose of your memo, there are several ways to prepare it: To convey routine information or relaying news, consider approaching your memo through direct plan. It starts out by stating the most important points, and moves to supporting details. When you need to arouse interests in your readers, the indirect plan maybe used. It makes an appeal or spews out evidence first and arrives at a conclusion/action to be taken based on these facts. When relaying bad news, a combination approach can be used for the balanced plan, as it combines information and persuasion. 2. Characteristics Clear-subject 主题明确; topic-centred; concise language 语言简洁 causal tone 语气随意 5C Principles completeness 内容完整 Correctness 准确无误 clearness 清楚明白 conciseness 简明扼要 courteousness 礼貌周到 3. Components of a Memo 1). Heading - generally it follows this format: TO: (readers' names and job titles) FROM: (your name and job title)


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

DATE: (complete and current date) SUBJECT: (what the memo concerns) CC/Copies to: 2). Message: 3). Opening - the opening paragraph mainly consists of 3 parts: context of your problem, specific task(s) required, or that you are undertaking in order to fix the problem, and the purpose of the memo. Be assertive(果断的)that a real problem exists, but include only key information that decision-makers need. 4). Summary - a brief statement of your key recommendations. To make a strong statement, state references used to come to your ideas. But remember to keep it short and simple. 5) Discussion - Details that support your ideas can be spelled out in this part. Start with the most important information to get readers' attention to the matter. Vital details can be presented in the format of bullet points or tables. 6). Closing - In a courteous manner, state what action you may want your reader to make. The desired action can be beneficially to your readers, so state any that the action may bring. 7). Attachments (if any) - If you have prepared graphs, tables and other documents to support your findings, attach them at the end of the memo. Throughout your memo, you may need to make references to your attachments by adding notations. 4. Functions of Memo In business, memos are mainly used to: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? give information; ask for information; make requests; confirm details; remind people of events or rules; suggest and recommend; give advice and warnings.

5. Purposes of Writing memos to anyone in the company to a superior to a subordinate to a colleague on the same level

Part II Examples: You will notice that each document includes several functions (highlighted in bold print). Focus carefully on the standard expressions which are used in each document to achieve a


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

particular function. The first document, a memo, has been written in an upward direction to a superior, so the language used is less direct and more respectful. In the second document, a memo, the receiver is a subordinate. As a result, the writer has chosen to use more direct language. The third document, another memo, is in the form of a notice to all staff. The language is neither too direct nor indirect in this case.


To: Tony Huang, Administration Manager From: Alice Chan, Sales Supervisor Subject: Mobile Phones Request We urgently need additional mobile phones for our newly recruited staff. We would appreciate it if you could purchase four ABC mobile phones for our Mini System, AS400 support team. You can charge this to our expense account (No. 84938) In addition, could you please cancel one mobile phone account (No. 4823). Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. Requesting Polite Close Warning Requesting

MEMO To: Jack Ng, Purchasing Officer From: Peter Jones, Office Manager Subject: Purchase of New Air-Conditioning System Please note that we now have approval to purchase a new air-conditioning system for our offices. I would like you to approach three companies, details of which are attached, in order to obtain the technical specifications of the systems suitable for our needs. Please ensure that the systems you look at have a long guarantee and come Requesting Informing


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

with on-site maintenance. I would suggest that you speak to Jill Wong, our Maintenance Officer, and ask her for details of the floor space area of each of our offices. Lastly, we need the new system installed as soon as possible so as to avoid interruptions during February, our busy season. So, could you make sure that the system is installed by the end of January at the latest.

Requesting Suggesting



MEMO To: All Staff From: Lily Poon, Administration Manager Re: Christmas Dinner This is to remind you of the arrangements for the Christmas dinner which is to be held at the Sheraton Hotel at 7.30 pm on Tuesday, 13 December. Could you confirm the number of people in your party by completing the attached form and returning it to me by 3 December. Remember that the maximum number of guests for each staff member is three. If you have any queries, please feel free to let me know. My extension number is 458. Reminding Polite Close Confirming Reminding

2、备忘录分类及其对应的例子 ? Informative Memo 信息式备忘录 MEMO From: Office of the GM. Date: Feb. 1 To: Heads of factories Subject: Trip by GM Below are details of the factories that the general Manager will visit. In each one, the GM would like to speak to all members of the Production Dept. please inform each factory and them to cancel all other appointment. March 8 Kuala Lumpur March 9 Singapore March 10 Singapore March 11 Jakarta


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


Persuasive Memo 建议式备忘录 MEMO

To: Project Planning Dept. From: General Manager Date: Jan 5 Subject: Aqua Warm BV I have looked though our records of the work that we did at Perfecta Ltd. The heating system was checked three times before it was turned on. We are absolutely sure that explosion is not our responsibility. I suggest, therefore, that Perfecta writes to Aqua Warm to claim compensation. Please write to Perfecta (address: 61 Bath Road, Worester, England WR 5 3AB) and explain our position. ? Enquiry Memo 征询式备忘录

Memo To: Richard Burley Dept: Market research Subject: Profits and Southmoor Branch Date: May 10, 1998 I have finished studying the Southmoor Branch sales figures for the 1st quarter and see they are about $ 255,000 under projections. That is third straight quarter that Southmoor has fallen short. Will you prepare a new analysis of the Southmoor market potential/ I know you did one and a good one too three years ago before Southmoor opened. But maybe some factors have changed and we need to look into them. Ben Tebbins is working up a report from the sales and promotion angle. He‘ll finish about June 15. If you could be ready then, we will get together and see if we can solve the Southmoor problem. TB\ac. CC: Ben Tebbins

STANDARD EXPRESSIONS INFORMING I would like to inform you that the next inter-departmental meeting will be held on 6 July 2002 at 3.00 pm in the conference room. You are informed that your New Year bonus will be paid together with your salary for February 2002. Please note that your name cards are now ready for collection. I would just like to let you know that I will be on leave for the next two weeks. A meeting to discuss the new sales campaign was held ... This is to inform you that four new computers were purchased for the office last month. REQUESTING


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

I would like you to pass me the report on ―Customer Service Operations in the Branches‖ as soon as possible. Please inform me as soon as you receive this information. Please could you distribute these questionnaires to all your staff. I would appreciate it if you could let me have your comments as soon as possible. CONFIRMING I would like to confirm the arrangements as discussed during our meeting of 5 June. Please could you confirm that these figures are correct? This is to confirm that your promotion will be effective from January 1. REMINDING Please would you remember that/to ... Staff/You should remember that/to ... I would like to remind you that/to ... This is to remind you/staff that/to ... Staff/You are reminded that/to ... SUGGESTING We could transfer one staff to this department. It is suggested that we look for another, more reliable supplier. I would suggest that you make alternative arrangements. May I suggest that production is shut down for a few days. We would like to suggest that you consult June Wong before ... RECOMMENDING I would recommend that we replace all our existing models. It is recommended that the program be extended as soon as possible. We should find a less expensive printer as soon as possible. ADVISING We had better check the contract carefully before signing it. You ought to consult Mr Ho before making a decision. I would like to advise you to read the instructions carefully before using the device. If I were you, I would consult an expert before making the purchase. WARNING


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

We urgently need more toner for our photocopier. Those staff who do not comply with this rule will receive disciplinary action. If the above regulations are not observed, cautions will be issued. Unless we receive xxx before xxx, we will be forced to ...

3、根据备忘录正文内容得出 subject ? Subject: Staff Development / Training Advisory Committees

The Education Department is establishing certificated and classified staff development and training advisory committees. All staff will have representation on these committees. You have been nominated to serve on the Certificated Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee. As a Department, we are committed to establishing an effective staff development and training program for all our staff. These advisory committees are a central part of this program. I hope that you will consent to participate as a member of these very important committees. ?

To: Office Manager From: June Tsang Subject: Reimbursements

When you travel on business keep a log of your business expenses. We can reimburse you faster if there are fewer unverified vouchers. Thanks for your help! ?

To: All Area Distribution From: Maggie Leung Subject: Activities

On Wednesday, 20 March, we will have a Benefit Booth on company-sponsored activities. Please encourage your staff to stop and pick up information on upcoming events. The Committee is also recruiting new members to join and we hope your department will be represented. If no one from your department volunteers or expresses an interest, try to encourage participation. Please let me know your thoughts on this. ? To: Anne Bell From: Graham Davis Date: 23 March 1992 Subject: Office Furniture __________________________________________________________________________ We need some comfortable chains for visitors to go in the manager‘s office Can you arrange it?

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

We need 10 chains in either beige or dark brown. The maximum you can spend is $ 500. ? To: Office Administrator From: Manager Date: Subject: New Employee A new employee, Mark McCabe, will join us on 10th May. He will take charge of the Sales section. Would you please arrange his desk in the room of Sales section.

Part III Listening Practice
Directions: Look at the memo below. You will hear an answer phone message from a woman about a meeting. Memo To: Paul James From: Maria Hopwood,London office Re: Planning Meeting next week Also attending meeting: a new trainee Please bring: (1) details about profit margins (2) suggestions for product launch Will send you the final agenda by mail. This is a message for Mr. James. It‘s Maria Hopwood calling from London office. Please could you give him some information about our Meeting next week? First of all, would you first let him know that a new trainee should be coming along too.However, unfortunately the sales manager has had to drop out, but I don‘t want to change the date at this stage. Ask him to make sure he bring the information we worked out last time about our profit margins, as I don‘t seem to have a note in the latest report of how we arrived at those figures. I‘ll bring a draft press release, which I‘ve been working on since we last met. Oh, and could he also bring along all the ideas he has in mind for the product launch. I‘ve fax the final agenda the day before the meeting. No, on second thoughts, I‘ll be easier that way. 5、书本重要语句讲解 1)Statistics are in for housing sales in February and the market looks to be strengthening. We sold 121 units, a 20% increase from last month and 30% higher than figures for February 1993, statistics are in for housing sales 即状态有利于售房 strengthening 在这里译为看好 2)The projection is that these rates will climb gradually in the coming months, so agents may wish to stress to customers the advantages of making their purchases now. Climb 译为提高比 advance 等更好,符合句子的行文和搭配 3)At the staff meeting on 10 March, we will present a more complete report on sales, but the preliminary data suggests that the market is still strongest for starter homes under RMB400, 000

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

and weakest for homes at price levels above RMB800, 000. Present 译为提供, market 在英译文中既表示市场,也表示销售 4)The inspired and aligned work force became the chief source of competitive advantage, despite the company‘s ever-increasing size and the general tendency for organizations to lose employee commitment over time. ever-increasing 不断扩大,失去员工支持,以 commitment 代替 support,更有英语味道 5) the face of globalization, financial liberalization, and WTO accession, the government has no In other choice but make a tough decision: pushing the commercial banks onto the international financial market to secure a place for them through improved competitiveness. 破釜沉舟在 tough 一词中体现 6)Yili pursues a merit policy. It gives top priority to human resource development. It has long abolished the no-dismissal, no-demotion, and fixed-wage system. Instead, it employs all staff on a contractual basis and through open competition; ten of the fourteen department heads were recruited in this way. In addition, it also emphasizes the training of managers. 7) I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am sure that you will agree that the long-term benefits of the new facilities will greatly outweigh any temporary problems. When construction is completed, we‘ll have a nicely landscaped parking lot with bright lighting and an assigned space for each staff member. greatly outweigh 大大超过 8)I am pleased that the Board has agreed to contract for this excellent coverage. We believe that this policy will ensure the economics vitality of our company while giving our employees and their families the best protection possible. 9)As you know, construction of the new sales office is scheduled to begin this spring. During construction we will not be able to use our west parking lot. We have arranged to lease parking space for company vehicles at the Dynamic Holding Limited lot across the street. Beginning on March 15, however, those of you who drive to work will have to make other arrangements for parking your personal vehicles. 10) A female finds her first job or change her job in three ways: recommendation by friends or relatives, the labor market, and others such as classified advertisements, want ads, government allocation upon graduation, worker recruitment, or succession to retired relatives.

Part VI Exercises e.g. 1 You are the Manager of a small printing company. A new employee, Mark McCabe, is joining your company on 10th May. Write a short memo to your office administrator: Saying who is starting work and when; Telling him what Mark McCabe‘s job will be;

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Suggesting where Mark McCabe‘s desk should be put; Write 30-40 words on your answer sheet. e.g. 2 Your company has received a lot of criticism of its telephone service. You looked into the most common complains and made the following notes: *Phone left to ring too long before answering. *Calls answered impolitely, e.g. just ?hello‘. *Transferring calls automatically to colleague------often colleague doesn‘t know about the transfer, or how long it will be. *Taking massages-----some employees not writing messages down (date, time, caller‘s Thename and number). has asked you to write a memo to call staff on recommended Services Director telephone procedure. ? Write the memo in about 100---120 words, explaining how staff should use the phone. Use the information in your notes above. ? Write on your Answer Sheet e.g. 3 You work for a company, which produces laser printers. You are visiting another company, Soft cell, to buy some computer software for your department. They have expressed an interest in your company‘s printer and you would like to take twenty brochures and three sample printers with you. *Write a short note to Mr. Jim Asana, the sales manager. *Ask for his permission to take these items. *Explain why you want them. *Mention the time and date when you want to collect them. Write 30----40 words on your answer sheet.

Reference answers
e.g.1 To: Office Administrator From: Manager Date: Subject: New Employee A new employee, Mark McCabe, will join us on 10th May. He will take charge of the Sales section. Would you please arrange his desk in the room of sales section. e.g. 2 To: All Staff Subject: Recommended telephone procedure Please note that we should use phones, because we have received so many complaints from our customers. The following are some recommended telephone procedure: 1. Do not leave the phone to ting too long before answering 2. Answering calls politely, instead of just saying ?hello‘. 3. Let colleague know the transfer and how long the call will be when transferring

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

calls. 4. Take down messages including date; time, caller‘s name and number.
e.g. 3 To: Mr. Jim Asano

Massage: May I have you permission to take twenty brochures and three sample printers with me when visiting Softwell who have expressed an interest in our printers. I will come to collect them at 8 am Thursday morning.

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to:

Business Report

1. understand the key points of business report; 2. learn to translate the common business meeting report; 3. grasp the key language points and translation skills. 4. enable the students to write short formal reports with correct format and sufficient information. Contents: 1. Part I introduces the theory of business reports. 2. Part II shows some examples and give some suggestions about translation. 3. Exercises of business report. Focus: 1. The format and features of business report. 2. The translation of business report. 3. The characteristics of the language of business report. Difficulties: 1. The translation of some key sentences. 2. The translation of some key words and phrases. 3. Translation skills in business report.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Methods and Means: 1. Warm-up: discuss the importance of business report. 2. Show the skills of translation. 3. Examples. Home Assignments: Exercise: sentence translation 1-5

Business Report
I Theory 1. The format of business report
摘要(Executive Summary) Executive Summary: Keep this to a maximum of one page. Summarize the problem you're trying to solve, list the most important information or results, and detail any action steps that you recommend. For many people, this is the only page they'll have time to read. It's therefore a good idea to write it as though it's a separate report, all on its own. Use bullets and numbered lists to highlight important points. ? 尽量限制段落的数量,可用三段式:报告的目的、报告的调查结果和结论、报告的建议。 ? 摘要写作的时态用一般现在时,因为报告已经存在。如"This report shows..."属于正确 表达,而"This report will show..."则不妥。 ? 报告摘要中无需引用具体数据。可用"by and large、the vast majority、only a few" 等语言表达大概的数据或趋势。 标题(Title) Title Page (or Title Section): Include the report name, author name, and date. If your report is longer, your title section could also include a table of contents.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

报告的标题应尽可能概括报告的内容,因为它是整篇报告的信息浓缩,而且标题应该准确、 客观,不应像报刊文章标题那样为了吸引读者的注意力而别出心裁。此外,标题应该是名词 短语或动名词短语。如以下几例:"Report on Improving the Training Methods of HDC、 Report on the Proposed Incentive Scheme、Report on the Adoption of Flex-time Working Systems"。 导言(Introduction/ Terms of Reference) Introduction: Tell readers why they need to read this report, and give a very brief overview of what you're going to cover in the main body of the report. 此外,还应该注明报告提交给何人、 何时提交的。如果是事件调查报告应首先说明事件的经过,包括事件发生的日期、时间、地 点、情况叙述等。以下是导言部分写作的常见句型: ? The report examines / explains... ? The purpose of this report is to... investigate / evaluate / study... ? The objective of this report is to... recommend / analyze / give... ? The aim of this report is to... feedback / estimate / assess... ? Enclosed is a report about... 材料收集方法(Methodology / Proceedings) Methodology: Describe the methods you used in your research to reach your conclusions. For example, did you talk with focus groups, conduct interviews, search the company archives, or use outside resources like consulting or research firms? Include the details of your research process, and explain why you used the sources you did. 这部分内容在整篇报告所占篇幅较短,可以写成一个段落。以下是该部分写作的常见句型: ? A sample of workers was individually asked for their opinions. ? A questionnaire was completed by those who were surveyed in this project. ? The information was mainly achieved with a number of telephone calls to manufacturers. 调查结果(Findings) Main Body: This is the 'heart' of your report. Present your research, and make your case – and

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

remember to put the most important information first. 报告的调查结果部分是报告建议的依据, 其内容应当准确无误, 结构清晰, 语言流畅、 衔接。 这部分内容的每一个段落都应当有一个明确的主题句, 一般放在段首, 这样便于读者摄取这 部分的信息。以下是这部分主题句写作的常见句型: ? The findings of the investigation indicate that... ? It was proposed / found / felt / discovered that... ? It was generally the case that... ? Most people thought / suggested that... ? A number of people mentioned that... ? Several changes were put forward. ? Several staff members expressed the view that... 若报告中需提供图表统计数据或描述行情走势, 撰写人应当熟悉这方面写作的常用句型, 以 下就是该方面写作的一些典型句子结构: ? The table / chart / graph / diagram / figure / statistics shows / describes / illustrates that... ? As it can be seen from the table / chart / figure... ? It is clear / apparent from the table / chart / graph / diagram / figure / statistics that... ? The number of... increased / jumped / rose suddenly / rapidly / dramatically from...to... ? The number of...decreased / dropped / fell greatly / significantly sharply from...to... ? The number of...fluctuated slowly / slightly between...to... ? The number of... remained steady / stable (stayed the same) between...to... ? There was a (very) sudden / rapid / dramatic / significant increase / jump / rise in the number of...from...to... ? There was a (very) sharp / steep / steady / gradual / slow / slight decrease / drop / fall in the number of...from...to...


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

? The monthly profit / figures peaked in December at 10%. ? The monthly profit / figures reached a peak / a high (point) in December at 10%. ? The monthly profit / figures bottomed out in December at 10%. ? Sales witnessed a great rise / increase / drop / fall between...to... 结论(Conclusions) Conclusion: Analyze the results of your research, and bring everything together. Many people will read this section, so keep it short and simple. 这部分不应当包括报告前文中没有提到的新的信息。 建议(Recommendations) Recommendations: List the actions you think readers – or the company – should take to solve the problem you're addressing. Ideally, use bullets or numbered points for this list. This is another highly read section, so be very clear about your opinion. You've done the research, so tell people what needs to happen next. If you suggest major changes, then create a strategy to implement these larger changes on a step-by-step basis. 建议往往是许多商务报告写作的最重要部分。 一份报告有效程度常常取决于报告中所提供的 建议的质量高低。 建议部分主要内容为报告撰写人在经过充分的论证后认为应当采取的措施 或行动。报告人有时也会描述采取措施后可能出现的后果或情形。 附录(Appendices) Appendix: Include all of your sources and research information in detail. Few people read the appendix carefully, but this is the information that supports your arguments, so it must be included. 2. Report Tips 1) Understand your objectives – Before you begin researching or writing, make sure you clearly understand why you're writing the report – and who will read it. 2) Use a relaxed style – If possible, keep your writing style fairly informal and easy to read. Be professional, but always keep your readers in mind. If you write the way you speak, they'll probably have an easier time understanding what you're trying to tell them.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

3) Keep it concise – Remember, people typically don't have much time. Aim to keep your sentences short and clear. 4) Use sources and data – Use statistics, and quote sources whenever you can. People tend to trust numbers more than opinions. 5) Organize your text with clear headings – Break up your text with headings and subheadings. This makes reading easier, and it allows people to find the information that's most relevant to them. 6) Start with the most important information – In every section of your report, put the most important information first. Again, remember that most people don't have lots of time. Tell them what they need to know as quickly as possible. 7) Keep 'backup' information – Once you've done your initial research, you'll probably have a lot more information than you really need. This means that you'll have to go through all that data to determine what needs to go in your report. Be careful not to 'cherry-pick' data: don't choose just what you like, or what supports your objective. Keep records of every piece of information you include (and what you don't include), just in case you're asked to defend your findings. 8) Do at least two drafts – the first draft of your report will get across your meaning. In the second draft, you can refine and polish the way you've expressed it.

Key Points

Following a standard Business Report Format makes it easier for the people reading your report to find what they need quickly. They'll know which sections will answer their questions, and they'll clearly see your recommendations. For people who are in a hurry, this is an absolute necessity.

3. The language features of business report
一般而言,报告大多由下属写给上司,使用的语言多为正式。此外,报告的内容和篇幅 也决定了其写作语气比商务信函要正式的多。 在撰写商务英语报告的过程中, 可以适当多使 用一些能提高语言正式度英语语法结构。具体而言如下: 1. 使用被动语态,如:The e-Source message will be delivered to the target audience multiple


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

times through multiple avenues. 2. 使用复杂词汇,如:The training system incorporates (includes) many visual aids. 3. 使用长句子, The content and message of the kit will be similar to that sent to conventional 如: outlets, but will be tailored to electronic media and will either be e-mailed to the Webmaster or sent in hard copy and on a diskette. 4. 使用名词短语,如:The rectification of this problem can be achieved by insertion of a wedge. 5. 使用非人物主语,如:Putting a copy of this CD-ROM in the hands of editors of targeted publications will allow them to see for themselves the features of the State Computer Store. 6. 使用分词短语, Armed with this information, our customers will be able to identify trends 如: and make strategic decisions in accordance with their agency‘s goals. 7. 使用动词不定式, 如: streamline the internal approval process, we can e-mail our quote to To our purchasing agent for budget approval. 8. 使用介词短语,如:With convenient access to Web Services in our online Electronic Product and Pricing Catalog & Order Tracking and Status System, customers can generate sales and service reports upon demand. 4. Classifications of Business report 商务英语报告则是以英语语言撰写的商务报告。按种类划分,常见的有:事件调查报告 (Investigative Reports) 意见调查报告 、 (Survey Reports) 周报告 、 (Weekly Reports) 、 月度报告(Monthly Reports)、进展报告(Progress Reports)、市场调查报告(Market Research Reports)、可行性研究报告(Feasibility Reports)等。尽管这些报告都有自 身的特点,但它们都遵循商务英语报告总体写作原则。

II Examples
1. Thanks to powerful support from all sectors, the Fair has become better and better, with more and more obvious characteristics, thus attracting attention from foreign as well as Chinese business people. As a result, it has become an important window through which carpet exports are negotiated and transacted and market information is exchanged.
承各方的大力支持,交易会一届比一届办的圆满,一届比一届更有特色,深受中外客商的注目,现已 成为地毯洽谈、成交、出口和市场信息交流的重要窗口。

2. The 20th China Carpet Fair will be the biggest of its kind, and 108 of China‘s specialized foreign trade corporations, other foreign trade companies, and carpet factories authorized for

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

exporting will take an active part in the Fair. Also present at the exhibition on invitation are more than 200 companies and firms from over 30 countries and regions.
第 20 届中国地毯交易会的规模为历届之最, 来自全国各地的专业外贸公司和有地毯出口经营权的各类 外贸公司及地毯厂共 108 家踊跃参展;世界上有 30 多个国家、地区的 200 多家公司、商社欣然应邀。

3. It is our belief that with joint efforts by all of us, the Oriental carpet, which can be compared to a glittering pearl among various products, will assume a more brilliant and colorful look and become a work of art appealing to both refined and popular tastes.
我们相信,在大家的共同努力下,东方地毯这颗明珠将更加绚丽多彩,成为雅俗共赏的艺术品。 4. 坚持“经济建设必须依靠科学技术,科学技术工作必须面向经济建设”的原则,促进科技与经济的有 机结合。

We must adhere to the principle that economic development relies on science and technology, while the development of science and technology is geared to the needs of economic development, and promote the organic combination of science and technology with the economy. We must adhere to the principle that the development of the economy should be based on science and technology and that the development of science and technology should get geared to the needs of the economy. The two must be organically integrated. 5. 国家要得到发展,需要密切注意与各种各样的人保持广泛的国际联系和交往。 A country that wants to develop needs to pay close attention to maintaining extensive international contacts and dealings with all kinds of people. A country that wants to develop needs to maintain extensive international contacts with all kinds of people. 6. 在社会注意市场经济条件下,政府的有效指导对本行业的健康和合理发展尤其重要。 Effective guidance by the government is especially important for the healthy and rational development of this industry in a socialist market economy. Effective governmental guidance is especially important for the rational development of this industry in a socialist market economy.

III Practice 1. Highly valuing sustainable development, China first promised to carry out its development in

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

a sustainable way in 1992 and later formulated and implemented the China 21stCcentury Agenda. In 1996, sustainable development and rejuvenating China through science and education were determined to be two basic strategies for China. After that, the strategy of sustainable development was implemented throughout the country, while the China 21stCcentury Agenda was included in local development programmes. Guangdong began to make sustainable development as one of its strategies for economic and social development in 1998 and has implemented it in an earnest way since then. Promoting the rapid development of economy, China actively explores a sustainable development method which caters to its national conditions and has gradually deepened its understanding of sustainable development. In recent years, after summing up the experiences and lessons of its internal and external development and taking the achievements of human civilization, China has decided to persist in a scientific way of development featuring human-centered, comprehensively-coordinated sustainability, which has shed light on the development pattern for China to continue its modernization drive in the new century, and has enabled China to take a pleasing step forward on its road to sustainable development.
中国高度重视可持续发展,1992 年率先承诺走可持续发展道路,随后制定并实施了《中国 21 世纪议 程》 ,1996 年将可持续发展和科教兴国确定为国家的两大基本战略。全国各地实施可持续发展战略, 将《议程》纳入当地的发展计划和规划之中。广东在 1998 年就将可持续发展作为经济社会发展的三 大战略之一,并认真组织实施。在推进经济快速增长的同时,中国积极探索符合国情的可持续发展 道路,对可持续发展的理解和认识不断深化。尤其是近几年,中国在总结国内发展经验和教训、吸 收人类文明成果的基础上,提出了坚持以人为本,全面可持续发展的科学发展观,指明了新世纪新 阶段中国现代化建设的发展模式,在可持续发展道路上迈出了可喜一步。


强化企业内部改革,选择少量中央管理的大型企业和境外上市公司,进行收入分配制度改革试点,建 立对企业经营者有效的激励和约束机制。

We need to deepen the internal reform of enterprises, implement reforms of the income distribution system on a trial basis in a few large enterprises managed by the central authorities and companies listed on overseas stock markets, and establish effective incentive and restraint mechanisms for enterprise managers.

IV Cases

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

To: All Directors From: Lynn Adam, Administrative Secretary Date: May 25, 1999 Subject: Machine Dictation At the request of some of the division direction, we have made a survey of machine transcripts to see what could be done to improve both the quality of transcripts and the speed with which the work is completed. these are their suggestions: 1. Both dictators and transcribers should be familiar with the dictating and transcribing Equipment. A manual is available for every machine; it explains how to use the equipment. 2. It would be helpful if all dictators would: a. Mark the indicator slips with special instruction and correction. Mark the slips, too, to show the length of the letter or report. b. Spell any proper names as well as technical or unfamiliar words. c. Control their voice so that the dictation is neither too loud nor too soft. Be sure to enunciate clearly. d. Supply as mach information as possible__ number of copies, type of massage, and identity of dictator. It would also help if salutations and subject lines, when used, were dictated. e. Indicate when you would like the dictation complete the work dictation is rush. 3. Machine transcribers will complete transcription by the day following the receiving of the tape unless the dictation is marked rush-----then every will be made to complete the work when it is wanted. Please let me know if you have further suggestions. I should also like to know if these suggestions result in better transcripts.

Part IV Summary
在撰写商务英语报告时,应确保报告内容准确无误(Accurate)、简明扼要(Brief),结 构清晰(Clear),建议明确果断(Decisive),故简称 ABCD 原则。具体内容如下: ? 内容准确无误:报告的正确性不仅仅是指英语语法、标点符号和拼写,更重要的是其内容 要叙述的正确。 报告的事实陈述部分既不能因哗众取宠而夸大其词, 也不能因其涉及的令人 不愉快的消息而低调陈述。实事求是、准确无误是报告写作的重要原则。

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

? 内容简明扼要: 报告的长短一般取决于报告的内容及其正式程度。 正式报告篇幅一般较长, 而非正式报告则较短。不论何种报告,报告的语言必须简洁、流畅,切忌陈词滥调。一份拖 沓冗长的报告不仅写时费力,对方阅读更浪费时间。撰写商务英语报告时要尽量避免罗嗦, 用尽可能较少的文字,完整、清楚地表达需要表达的意。 ? 结构清晰明了:用数字、符号标明段落、层次、要点等,加强逻辑性,使读者一目了然。 ? 建议明确果断:多数报告都有结论和建议部分,是报告的核心。撰写时,应确保报告的结 论和建议是经过充分论证而得出的,而且应明确果断,切忌模棱两可。 如何提高商务英语报告的可读性 许多人在写完报告之后往往会遗忘或忽视报告写作的最后一个过程: 对报告进行编辑排 版,使之结构清晰,内容便于读者阅读。报告中所增加的一些信息或符号如同公路上路标指 引这司机开车一样为读者降低阅读难度, 加快阅读速度, 这一点对争分夺秒的商业人士来说 尤为重要。以下是一些提供报告可读性的常见手段: 1. 为报告提供小标题; 2. 使用小段落,尽量做到每个小话题都用一个段落来阐述; 3. 段落与段落之间空一行; 4. 提供段落的小标题; 5. 使用列举符号罗列具体信息; 6. 使用星号或下划线强调重点内容。 下面为一份非正式报告的两种形式,毋庸置疑,后边经过编辑后的版本结构清晰、层次 分明,内容清楚、一目了然,其格式不论是对写正式报告还是非正式报告都值得借鉴。 Proposed Incentive Scheme Mr. John Smith, Office Manager, has asked me to write this report on a proposed incentive scheme offering rewards, possibly financial, to members of staff for money-saving ideas or ways to improve work practices. A sample of workers was individually asked for their opinions. The following is the findings: most thought the incentive scheme was a good idea; most preferred financial rewards; some suggested time off instead; A few thought this was a management area. In general most workers were in favor of an incentive scheme offering financial rewards. It is recommended that the scheme be introduced. Richard Stewart March 18, 20 -- Report on A Proposed Incentive Scheme Terms of Reference: Mr. John Smith, Office Manager, has asked me to write this report on a proposed incentive scheme offering rewards, possibly financial, to members of staff for money-saving ideas or ways to improve work practices. Proceedings:

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

A sample of workers was individually asked for their opinions. Findings: u Most thought the incentive scheme was a good idea. u Most preferred financial rewards. u Some suggested time off instead. u A few thought this was a management area. Conclusions: In general most workers were in favor of an incentive scheme offering financial rewards. Recommendations: It is recommended that the scheme be introduced. Richard Stewart March 18, 20--


Business Letters

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1. understand the key points of writing business letters; 2. learn to translate the common business letters; 3. grasp the key language points and comprehensive skills.

Contents: 1. Part I Introduction to the theory of company profiles 2. Part II Some examples and suggestions to the translation. 3. Exercises of writing business letters.

Focus: 1. The constitution of business letters. 2. The characteristics of the language of business letters. 3. How to write business letters.

Difficulties: 1. The concept of business letters. 2. The translation of some key words and phrases. 3. Comprehensive skills in business letters.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Methods and Means: 1.Warm-up: discuss the importance of business letters. 2. Show the skills of translation. 3. Examples.

Home Assignments: 1. Sentences Translation. 2. Business letters appreciation. 3. Students presentation.

Business Letters
Content The definition and function Three features Two classifications The elements Three forms 7C Principles Attention Samples Business words Part I The definition and function 1. Business Letters are referred to those letters used among the companies, government agencies, various groups, or business establishments such as stores, for the purpose of exchanges 商务信函,指的是在公司、政府机关、各种团体、或商店等商务、事务性场 所,相互之间为进行交往所使用的信函。 2. Business letters are the main means of communication between merchants, manufacturers and customers . Part II Features of Business Letter
Clearness Preciseness Conciseness Courtesy Correctness Professionalism

The three parts of a business letter: The opening section The propositional section

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

The closing section Examples 1. 提请买方注意:我方订单拖欠至今尚未履行。 We brought to your knowledge of the Seller that our order had been outstanding for a considerable amount of time. Would like to draw one‘s attention to 2. 相信贵方会按期发货,因迟误势必给我们造成很大不便和经济损失。 We trust you will see to it that the order is shipped within the stipulated time, as any delay would cause us no little inconvenience and financial loss. Trust believe No little inconvenience great inconvenience 3. We learned your name and address from the Commercial Counselor‘s office of the Embassy of the People‘s Republic of China in your country. The high reputation, which you are enjoying as a light industrial products importer, has made us eager to enter into business relations with you. Accordingly, we, as a state-owned corporation dealing exclusively in light industrial products, now introduce ourselves to you by sending you our catalogs and price-lists. 4. We‘re sorry to inform you that your price has been found incompetitive, but we are still interested in doing business if you could bring down your price to an acceptable level. 5. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to accept your offer because another supplier in your market offered us the similar article ar a price 3% lower. 6. The quality of the material is satisfactory in every respect and our customers like the handkerchiefs. The prices, however, are much higher than those of other manufacturers. We have one sure order for 3,000 pieces of No.456 if you can allow a 3% discount. 7. 根据贵方要求,兹另封航邮货号 2031 和 2032 样品各一份,以共参考。 As requested, we are airmailing to you, under separate cover, a sample of Article Nos 2031 and 2032 for your reference. 8. In view of the fact that your violation of the contract has caused us undeserved losses, we regret to say that we have canceled the contract, and we reserve the right to claim damages. 鉴于你方违约造成我方不应有的损失,我方很遗憾地撤销此约,并保留对我方损失的索 赔权。 Part III Exercise 先生: 从贵处商会获悉贵公司行名和地址,并得知你们是一家大的钢铁出口商,具有多年的 经营经验。次来产品属于我公司业务范围,特此致函,以期建立兴旺互利的贸易关系。 若贵公司能保证价格可行,品质优良,交期迅速,我们将大量订货。为此,特请提供 你们的最新的全套目录和各项出口的价目表,如蒙尽速办理,当不胜感激。 至于我们的信用情况,可向当地的中国银行查询。谅能惠予合作,预置谢意。 谨上 Dear Sirs, Your name and address have been passed on to us by your Chamber of Commerce as a large exporter of iron and steel, with many years‘ experience in this particular line of business. As these


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

products come within the scope of goods we deal in, we are glad to forward you this letter in the hope of establishing prosperous and mutually beneficial ralations. If you can assure us a workable price, excellent quality and prompt delivery, we are in a position to place large orders. We, therefore, suggest that you furnish us with a complete set of your latest catalogues together with a price list covering all your products for export, and shall be much oblieged for your earliest attention. As to our credit standing, we refer you to the Bank of China in your country. We are anticipating your kind cooperation and thank you in advance. Part V Complementary materials 1. Establishing Trade Relations Oct. 20th, 2010 Office of the Manager Housewares Department Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Import & Export Corp. 233 Tiyuchang Rd. Hangzhou 310009, Zhejiang P.R. China Dear Housewares Department: Your company’s name has been given to us by the Chamber of Commerce of London. We wish to buy porcelain tea and coffee cups and saucers of different shapes, fully decorated with flowers or other designs. If you can supply this type of merchandise, kindly airmail us a sample cup. Also, please enclose your price list and all suitable illustrations. We look forward to your early reply. Sincerely, Catharina E. de Jonge Manager CED/ms 发信人,打字员 2. Inquiries and Offers Dear Mr. Wang: Subj: Parts of Machine Type B-114 Thank you for your letter of Feb. 15th, 2008 and the enclosure requesting quotes for parts for the captioned machine. As requested, we are submitting our quotation in triplicate and hope that you will place your order with us as early as possible because we have a large backlog.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

We look forward to your decision. Sincerely, Sander De Haan International Sales Manager 3. On Price March 25, 2008 Dear Mr. Xia: We thank you for your quotation of March 3rd and the samples of socks. Although we are interested in your products, we find your price is so high that our margin of profit would be either very little or nil. As you probably know, the socks available at present on the market manufactured by several Hong Kong factories are of good quality and the price is 10-15% lower than yours. We hope, therefore, you will reduce your price so as to stand up to the competition. We await your reply. Sincerely, 4. Ordering We have received your quotes in triplicate for the subject parts. We appreciate your prompt attentions. We wish to order from you the items in your quote and will apply for governmental approval to import them. This will take considerable time, so please start manufacturing them for delivery within two to three months. Your compliance will be appreciated. 5. Terms of Payment Dear Mr. Xu: We have received your fax of April 15th reading: 50CASES CANNED CRABMEAT SHIPPED SSEAST-WIND MARCH30TH PLSOPENL/C ATONCE And thank you for your information that the 50 cases crab meat have been shipped by S.S. “East Wind” on March 30th. Our bank has opened by telex a ?5000 Letter of Credit for the 30 cases of canned crab meat. Please send us confirmation of the shipment. Sincerely,


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Notes: 1. S.S. “East Wind” : 用﹍船装运 2. confirmation of the shipment: 装运确认书

Teaching Objectives Students will be able to:

Unit 7 Marketing

1. understand the key points of marketing; 2. marketing mix—4ps Contents: 1. Part I introduces the theory of marketing. 2. Part II shows some examples.

Focus: 1. The popular principles of marketing 2. The characteristics of the language of marketing.

Difficulties: 1. The understanding of marketing principles. 2. Listening and speaking skills in marketing.

Methods and Means: 1. Warm-up: discuss the importance of marketing. 2. Examples.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Home Assignments: Exercise: Reading relevant books on marketing.

Unit 6 Business Travel Period one
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. to make enquiries to make airline reservations to make hotel bookings to check in at the airport, go through the security check and customs to check in and check out at a hotel to make polite requests

Step One: warm-up, discuss the following questions and give your opinions. (Call numbers first, then write your answers on your paper for one minute, persons who get the same number sit together to share your answers, one group choose one person to report.)
1) How often do you travel? Where do you like to go?(老师可以给出自己旅游的照片,或者提 前上节课给出问题,让学生找些相关的资料) 2) What do you think should be prepared before you go on a business trip? ? Contact the other side’s sectary in advance to confirm time and place of the activity, such as business negotiation (洽谈业务) or attend the seminar(参加研讨会). ? ? ? ? By train, air or ship? Determine time of leaving Make clear of the address of the activity or company Anything to prepare besides attending the activity?

Ps: (For a sectary, make an outline beforehand, find a time to report to the leader. Because the


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

leader may make some changes according to his/her habits/interests. After fixing the schedule, make some copies for the leader. Remember, don‘t make the schedule too busy, for there should be some sightseeing) ? ? Book tickets and rooms Take necessities: such as business card, materials, notebook, schedule, map, glasses, change of clothes, socks, washing things, medicine, etc. 名片、资料、笔记本、活动日程表、地图、 交通图、照相机, 及一些备用品,如备用眼镜、替换衣服、袜子、洗濑用品、药品等 ? Final check

(Ps: Expenses incurred on the road while performing business duties, receipts for which should always be kept and then recorded and accounted for in the appropriate accounting category for reimbursement at a later time. 出差期间的路费、食宿费等,各种费用的收据要妥善保管,存 档和归类,以备以后报销) 3)What difference does it make if you are on holiday and travelling on business? 4) When you travel, which of the following do you like or not like? Make sentences as in the example? (to get familiar with tourism English) Eg. meeting new people, I like eating new food. I love meeting new people. I don’t like flying. I don’t mind packing. I hate checking in. Practice being away from home; travelling to the airport/station; waiting for luggage; speaking a foreign language; booking rooms eating new food, checking in, flying, packing

Step Two: Listening,listen to the statements. Where do they take place? (book1 p34) a) in a taxi b) at an airport c) at a railway station d) at a hotel e) on a plane


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

script: 1. Have you got any duty free goods? Please open your suitcase. (b) 2. This is your pilot speaking; we are now flying at 30,000 feet. (e) 3. Passengers to Flight GA642 to Rome, please go to Gate 26. (b) 4. The Hotel Excelsior please. (a) 5. A single ticket to the City Center please. (c) 6. Please fasten your seat belts and switch off any of your electronic devices. (e) 7. The next train leaves from platform 8. (c) 8. Can I have the Longcom at 6 a.m. tomorrow please? (d)

Step Three: Dictation about flight details, listen and complete blanks.(book1, p35)
1. Flight BA 427 2. Flight LH265 3. Flight UA 491 4. The plane leaves from gate 38. 5. You fly from terminal 3. 6. The 4:40 flight to Frankfurt is now boarding. 7. You are in row 35, seat E. 8. The plane arrives at 12:10.

Step Four: Complete these sentences. Use the nouns from the box. (book1 p36)
Bill Fax reservation call bookings luggage receipt flight center seat

At the ticket office 1. I need to change my booking . 2. Is there a direct flight? At the check-in desk 3. Can I take this as hand luggage? 4. Can I have an aisle seat?

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

In a taxi 5. Please take me to the city center. 6. Can I have a At the hotel 7. I have a reservation for two nights. My name is Burkhard. 8. Can I send a fax from here? 9. Can I have an alarm call at 6:45, please? 10. I‘m checking out today. Can I have the bill , please? receipt please?

Period 2
Step Five: Listen to each part of the recording. Then answer some questions. Part 1(book1 p36)
1. What time is the next train to Manchester? (4:40) Part 2 2. Which flight is boarding at gate 23? (GA 327) Part 3 3. What time does the train leave? (8:25) 4. Which platform does it leave from? (27) Part 4 5. The passenger choose a flight, what time does it leave? (9:30 p.m.) 6. When does the flight arrive? (11:45) 7. What is the flight number? (BA 341 from Heathrow) 8. Which terminal does it leave from? (terminal 1)

Step Six: Five business travelers talk about different air travel services. Decide which one each speaker is talking about. (BEC-Vantage student book 8b)
1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ A. business class section B. comfortable seating C. free newspapers and magazines


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

4.___________ 5. ___________

D. in-flight entertainment E. in-flight food and drink F. in-seat phone / fax facilities G. on-board duty-free sales H. scheduled flights

Tape scripts: 1. Any regular business traveler will tell you how important this is if you want to feel ready to face a whole day of business meetings. Sometimes, you work straight through meal-times, so it might be the only thing you‘ll get until you step on the plane for your flight home. And who wants to have to start looking for a burger bar at midnight? 2. From the business traveler‘s point of view, flexibility and choice are absolutely crucial. Businesses can‘t depend on airlines offering a flight on a particular day or time of their choosing. I really do feel that getting to and from your destination at a time which suits you and fits in with your plans is essential, and one of the main reasons for choosing an airline. 3. I just find it really annoying. After I‘ve eaten, I just want to sit quietly, have a drink and read my newspaper .the last thing I want is to listen to people screaming with laughter at some ridiculous comedy. 4. On a short trip, it‘s not so important. You‘re not there long enough to have more than a drink and a quick look at the paper. But on a long trip, you really need to be able to stretch out, lie back and get some proper sleep. 5. Of course. I could get a cheaper seat, but that‘s not the point. With a long day of meetings and negotiations ahead of me, I need a bit of comfort and looking after. And my company understands that. It‘s also a good place for networking. And I‘ve often got into conversation with the person next to me, who‘s developed into a useful contact.

Step Seven: Tick the facilities you expect to find in a business hotel. Fitness center secretarial services Reception desk function rooms Gift shop childcare service Restaurant fax machine Step Eight: (Speaking) 1) Useful expressions learning (Ts can dictate next class for this part)
Related expressions : 客房种类 (1)single room 单人房(一张单人床) double double 双人房(二张双人床) tripe room 三人房(三张单人床) (2)economy room(ER) 经济间 standard room(SR) 标准间

double room 双人房(二张单人床) big single room 大床房(一张双人大床)

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

superior room(UR) 高级套房 deluxe room(DR) 豪华间

standard suit(ss) 套间 presidential suit(PS) 总统套房

(3)studio room 工作室型客房(设沙发床或躺椅) multi-functional room 多功能客房 combined type rooms 组合客房

2) Make a dialogue with your partner by using useful expressions on your paper.
Dialogue 1 A: 我想订一张 7 月 2 日从杭州飞往香港的单程机票。 B: 要经济舱还是头等舱? A: 请订经济舱。 B: 请稍等,我查查电脑。对不起,这次航班的票已订满。 Reference answer: A: I‘d like to book a single ticket from Hangzhou to Hong Kong on 2ed, July. B: First class or economy class? A: Economy class please. B: A minute please, I‘ll check the computer. I‘m sorry we are all booked for the flight. Dialogue 2 A: 你好,这里是百合花宾馆。能为您效劳么? B: 我叫 Alan Green,我想在贵宾馆定房。 A: 请稍等,我查一查。Green 先生,我们只剩下一个单人房和一个双人房。 B: 请问单人房多少钱一晚? A: 200 美元 B: 房间里有什么设备? A: 有中央空调,电话,电视等。 B: 有电脑么? A: 对不起,没有,但是您可以租。 B: 好吧我就定这个单人房。 A: 请问您什么时候需要房间,打算住多久? B: 我下星期一下午到达杭州。从星期一住到星期五,一个五个晚上。 A: 好的,一个单人房间,住五个晚上,从周一到周五。 B: 是的,谢谢。 A: 不客气。 Reference answer: A: Hello, Lily Hotel. Can I help you? B: My name is Alan Green. I‘d like to make a reservation in your hotel. A: A minute please, let me have a check. Mr. Green, we only have one single room and one double room now. B: How much for a single please? A: $200. B: What equipments do you have? A: Central air conditioner, telephone, TV, etc.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

B: Do you have computer? A: Sorry, we don‘t have, but you can rent. B: Ok, I‘ll book this single room. A: When will you need the room and how long will you stay please? B: I‘ll get Hangzhou on next Monday afternoon. From Monday to Friday, 5 nights. A: Ok, one single, 5 nights, from Monday to Friday. B: Yes, thanks. A: You‘re welcome.

Useful Expressions
1. I‘d like to book a business class ticket on Cathay Pacific Flight 808 to Paris 2. I‘m sorry we are all booked up for the morning flight. 3. I‘d like to stop over in Boston. Is that all right? 4. I wonder if I could cancel my reservation with American Airlines to San Francisco on December 4. 5. We can give you this refund but we‘ll have to deduct 0.5% of the total rate of your ticket as penalty. 6. I‘d like to make a reservation for a suite/twin room/single room/double room for three nights. 7. I wonder if you have any vacancies for the next two weeks. 8. What‘s the rate for a single room per night? 9. Can I keep these small bags as carry-on/hand luggage? 10. I‘m afraid you have to pay an excess luggage charge. 11. Have you got anything to declare/dutiable? 12. You don‘t have to pay duty on personal belongings. 13. I booked a single room two weeks ago. My name is… 14. I want to check out now. Would you get my bill ready? My name is…

15. Do you mind coming to the front desk to check out, sir?

Homework : role-play (We will choose some group to perform next class)
Background The Pacific Hotel is in Sydney, Australia. 12 people want to book rooms for next week. Ground floor Room 1 (occupied);

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Room 2 (very small singe), $ 140, facing to the busy road; Room 3 (double), $ 260, quite and sunny, very comfortable, facing to the sea; Room 4 (large single), $ 200, noisy, facing to the road; Room 5 (occupied);

First floor Room 6 (very large double), $ 370, deluxe room, quiet and sunny, very comfortable; Room 7 (double), $200; Room 8 (double), $280, extra beds for children, quiet and sunny, facing to the sea; Room 9 (occupied) Room 10 (double), $ 250, quiet and sunny, facing to the sea. Guests and room requirements ? Anna and three friends aged 50-70. They want two double rooms. They can pay $240 for each room. ? ? ? ? Mr and Mrs Scthmidt. They are just married. They can pay $280. Mr Jensen and his son. The son is in a wheelchair. They can pay $280. Mr Wang is a writer and wants a quiet room. He can pay $180. Madame Berge and her rich friend. They want a sunny room with a lovely view. Price is not important.


Ms Steele, a businesswoman, want a large, quiet room. Price is not important.

Period 3
Step One: Role play (homework) Step Two: Dictation or review useful expressions we’ve learned in last class. Step Three: We have known people often do lots of things when they travel. Match the verbs with the correct phrases. (After matching them, you can also put actions 1 to 10 into order.)
1. buy 2. confirm a) security b) a ticket 6. watch 7. take f) a hotel room g) some shopping


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

3. collect 4. go through 5. queue

c) at the check-in d) their flight e) their luggage

8. book 9. do 10. check in

h) at the hotel i) an in-flight movie j) a bus or taxi

Step Four: listen to the conversation and try to use one sentence to answer the question.
Q: What, when will they do? Where will they meet? Reference answer: They will meet at the station at 10 o‘clock next Friday for a meeting, Scripts: Paolo: Paolo Ranieri speaking. Judith: Oh, hello, Paolo. This is Judith Preiss here. Paolo: Hi, Judith. Judith: Paolo, I‘m calling about that meeting. Can you make next Wednesday? Paolo: I‘m sorry, Judith. I can‘t. but I can make Thursday or Friday. Judith: Well, I can‘t do Thursday, but Friday is OK. Paolo: OK. Friday ii is. Can we meet in the morning- say 10 o‘clock? Judith: 10 o‘clock‘s fine. Oh, and can I bring my colleague, Sabrina? You met her at the conference. Paolo: Of course. I can pick you up from the station if you like. Judith: Great. See you on Friday. Bye.

Step Five: Skills 1 (Making bookings and checking arrangements), listen and underline the answer. (book 1 p40)
1. When is Simon arriving? 2. When is he leaving? 3. What kind of room does he want? 4. How much does the room cost per night? 5. How many nights is he staying at the hotel? 6. what time will he arrive? Monday / Wednesday Tuesday / Wednesday Single/ double £120 / £ 150 1 night / 2 nights 7 o‘clock / 6 o‘clock


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Step Six: Useful expressions learning: 饭店种类 inn 旅馆,饭店 tavern 酒店 hostel 招待所 motel(=motor hotel)汽车饭店(旅店) economy hotel(one-star hotel)一星级饭店 average hotel(three -star hotel)三星级饭店 deluxe hotel(five-star hotel)五星级饭店 lodge 小旅馆 caravansary 马车店,大旅馆 hotel 饭店,酒店 budget hotel 廉价旅馆 some comfort hotel(two-star hotel)二星级饭店 high comfort hotel(four -star hotel)四星级饭店

Period 4 Step Seven: Skills 2 (Making arrangements on the telephone) 1. Study the useful language below. Then do the exercises that follow it. (book3 p25) Useful language: Making arrangement:
Could we meet on Monday at 10:30? Are you free sometime next week? How about next Friday? What about April 10th? Would Wednesday at 2pm suit you? Is 11:15 convenient?

Changing arrangements:
I;m afraid I can‘t come on Friday/then. We‘ve got an appointment for 11:00, but I;m afraid something‘s come up. Could we fix another time?

That‘ ll be fine. That‘s OK.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

No sorry, I can‘t make it then. My diary‘s rather full that day/week. Sorry, I‘ve already got an appointment at that time.

2) Listening: Philippa Knight, Sales Director at The Fashion Group in New York, makes two calls to Maria Bonetti, a fashion buyer in London. (book2 p25) (1) Listen to the first call and think about: a) the purpose of the all: make an appointment to talk about Philippa‘s new collection b) the result: They will see each at two o‘clock in the afternoon, next Wednesday. (2) Listen to the call again and complete blanks below. Receptionist: Good morning, CBT. How may I help? Knight: It‘s Philippa Knight here, could you put me through to extension 281, please? Receptionist:Certainly, put in through. Maria: Hello, Maria Bonetti is speaking. Knight: Hello, Maria, it‘s Philippa Knight from Fashion Group in New York. . Maria: Hi, Philippa. How are things? Knight: Fine, thanks. I‘m calling because I‘ll be in London next week and I‘d like to make an appointment to see you. I want to tell you our new collection. Maria: Great. What day will suit you? I‘m fairly free next week, I think. Knight: How about Wednesday? In the afternoon? Could you make it then? Maria: Let me look now, let me check my diary. Oh, yes, that will be no problem at all. What about two o‘clock? Is that OK? Knight: Perfect, thanks very much. It will be great to see you again. We‘ll have plenty to talk about. Maria: That‘s for sure. See you next week then. Knight: Right. Bye. Maria: Bye.

(3) Listen to the second call and think about: a) the purpose of the call: Knight‘s plane was delayed, so they have to make another

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

appointment. b) the result: Because Maria is engaged, Knight has to wait for Maria‘s call. (4) Listen to the call again and complete blanks below. Receptionist: Good morning, CBT. How may I help you? Knight: I‘d like to speak to Maria Bonetti extension 281, please? Receptionist: Thank you. Who‘s calling please? Knight: It‘s Philippa Knight from The Fashion Group. Receptionist: Thank you. I‘m putting you through. Hello, I‘m afraid she‘s engaged at the moment. Will you hold or can I take a message? but

Knight: I‘ll leave a message please. The thing is, I should be meeting Ms Boneti at 2pm,

something has come up . My plane was delayed, and I‘ve got to reschedule my appointments. If possible, I‘d like to meet her tomorrow, preferably here at the hotel, please? Receptionist: Certainly. What‘s the number, please? Knight: It‘s 020 7585 3814 . I‘ll be leaving the hotel soon, so if she can call me back with the, in the morning. Could you call me back

say, yes, with the next quarter or hour, I‘ll call her again this morning. Is that OK? Receptionist: Right, I‘ve got that. I‘m sure she‘ll get the message. Knight: Thanks for your help. Goodbye.

Step Eight: Role play
Role play the telephone call. Student A is a receptionist at the Delta Hotel in Greece. Student B is a business traveler. Book rooms for yourself and a colleague. Role A Answer phone. Give name of hotel; Checking booking is for four nights from 16 to 20 July; Ask for credit card details. Role B Give your name. ask for two single rooms with baths from 16 to 20 July; Price? Credit card details: visa number: 4921 4456 3714 1009, expiry date: 12/09 Useful expressions:


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Receptionist Hello, … hotel. How can I help you? I can give you a single/ double on the first floor. Would you like smoking or non-smoking? So, that‘s a single room for two nights, the 4th and 5th. Can I have your credit card details, please? What time do you expect to arrive? Could you repeat that, please?

Caller I‘d like to book a room from … to …; How much is it per night? Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Is there a car park? Can I pay with American Express/ MasterCard/ Visa? It‘s a Visa card. The number is …; The expiry date is …

Period 5Travel problems:
Step One: Group discussion: (book3 p22) 1. How often do you travel by air, rail, underground, road and sea? Do you have an unforgettable travel? 2. What do you enjoy about travelling? What don‘t you enjoy? Step Two: Which of these things irritate you the most when flying? Rank them in order of most and least irritation.
Diversions jet lag long queues at check-in bed weather bad food strikes overbooking

Sitting next to sb. Who talks non- stop Sitting next to children No trolleys available cancellations dirty toilets

not enough room lost or delayed luggage

Step Three: listening (book3 p27) David Creith, Customer Service Teaching Manager for an international airline, is talking about the problems he has to solve for business travelers. 1) Listen to the first part of the interview and answer these questions. 1. Complete blanks Host: Could you introduce yourself, please? David: Certainly. My name is David Creith and I‘m a Customer Service Teaching Manager from British Airways in terminal 4 at Heathrow.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Host: What problems do you have to solve for business travelers? David: A lot of problems. Probably the main one is sitting requests. A lot of business travelers have specific sitting requests. Some people want an aisle, some people

want a window, some people want to sit next to their colleague. It‘s not always possible to give everyone the exact seat they want due to the aircraft fully booked. Certain passengers may say this is going to disrupt their business trip, because they can‘t discuss things with their colleagues, that sort of thing. One of the other things we get is downgrading, sometimes like airlines, due to commercial pressure, we have to oversell flights. Occasionally, we miscalculate, and have to downgrade passengers to a lower class. For example, from first to business class, or business to economy. Obviously, passengers aren‘t happy about this at all. The opposite thing is upgrade. Passenger may request an upgrade for countless reasons, for anything that has happened to them in the past, and they perceive that British Airlines has done wrongly. Or just because they think they are a very, very important person, or very commercially important as regards British Airways. And so they demand upgrade for the smallest of reasons. For example, we have Gold Card holders. That‘s part of the British Airways frequent flights scheme, who like to see their status recognized, and will request upgrade almost habitually. There are also problems with baggage. Passengers‘ baggage may have been lost or damaged on previous flights. And it may mean a lot of running around on my part, and trying to trace where a bag may have gone missing, or it was damaged. And it‘s quite an exhausting process trying to find out things, because obviously Heathrow British Airways, very large organization, 2. Answers questions: David Creith is the Customer Service Teaching Manager: a) for which airline? b) at which terminal c) at which airport 2. some people want: a) an aisle b) a window c) to sit next to their colleague

British Airways Terminal 4 London Heathrow

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

3. Why is it not possible to give everyone the seat they want? Sometimes the aircraft being fully booked. 4. Why do airlines have to oversell flights? Because of commercial pressure 5. Who are Gold Card holders? Passengers on BA‘s frequent flights scheme, they like to see their status recognized. 6. What do Gold Card holders often ask for? A seat upgrade

2) In the second part of the interview David talks about how he deals with telephone complaints. Listen and complete the chart.


very carefully


the actual cause of the complaint


the delay of flight

Not caused by

simple term


Make sure it doesn‘t

happen again

Offer an Scripts:


if required.

Host: How do you do with people who complain by phone? David: The very first thing you got to do is listen very carefully. Because that may have a very valuable cause for complaining, but the important thing is to listen carefully enough to find the actual cause they complained, and not just the simple


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

terms of the complaint. For example, a passenger may have been on a delayed flight. From my point of view, it‘s very important to find out what caused the delay. Because it may have been factors completely out of the airline‘s control. And if you want something to do in their line, we often to try to restress that, so it doesn‘t happen again, and offer apology for it too. Step Four: Useful expressions learning(about taking plane)
国际班机 International Flight 来回机票 Round-Trip Ticket 国内班机 Domestic Flight 头等舱 First Class 盥洗室 Lavatory 无人 Vacant 男空服员 Steward 行李领取处 Baggage claim area 行李牌 Baggage Tag 班机号码 Flight Number 商务客舱 Business Class 单程机票 One-Way Ticket 经济舱 Economy Class 使用中 Occupied 女空服员 Stewardess 托运的行李 Checked baggage 随身行李 Carry-on baggage 行李推车 Luggage Cart

Homework: case, role play The Customer Relations Manager of Alpha Airlines has a problem. A local university uses the airline regularly to fly its sports teams to Eastern Europe to take part in inter-university matches. Unfortunately, on several return flights, team members have behaved badly. They have become very drunk and noisy, and have been rude to flight attendants and passengers. Yesterday, the basketball teams returned from Moscow. Students were throwing drinks and food at each other, and upset everyone on the plane. After investigating the incident, the Customer Relations Manager phone the university‘s Sports Director to discuss the matter. Perform it and then give the solution from either the Customer Relations Manager‘s view or the Sports Director‘s view. Customer Relations Manager You must try to stop this kind of behavior. It harms the image of Alpha Airlines. However, the university is a very good customer. If possible you do not want to lose its business. Deal with the situation politely, but be firm. Try to get the Sports Director on your side.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Sports Director You are not too worried about the team‘s behavior on airlines. They are young women and men, full of energy and the joy of youth. Why shouldn‘t hey make a little noise and have a drink or two? Be polite to the Customer Relations Manager, but be loyal to your students and support them.

Period 6 Step Five: Listening Task (BEC-Vantage2) Part I.
Conversation one: Look at the form below. You will hear a man calling to order a printer. Purchasing Department Order Form Date: 18, Nov. Customer Name: Samuel Publishing House. Order NO: 2469 Type of Goods: (1) _________________________ Model: (2) _______________________________ Quantity: 1 Cost: (3) _________________________________ Time of delivery: this afternoon Account No: 39672752, (4) _____________________

Conversation two: Look at the form below. You will hear a woman checking details with a job applicant. C & A Insurance Interview Sheet Name: Lynn Frankie Position applying for (5) _________________ Current Position Last job: (6) _____________Furniture Job title: (7) _________________________ Qualifications: Bachelor in (8) ___________________ Marital status: Single

Conversation three: Look at the form below. You will hear a man calling about making

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

appointment. Mrs Cooper’s Schedule for Next Week Monday: visiting factory Tuesday: (9) ________________________ Wednesday: meeting in the morning, appointment with (10) _________________ Thursday: at 10: 30, meet with (11) ________________________________in his office to discuss next year‘s (12) _____________________________________

Part II. Section one: You will hear five people selling products. For each recording, decide what the speaker is selling. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more than once. You will hear the five recordings twice. 13. ______ 14. ______ 15. ______ 16. ______ 17. ______ A. drug for external use B. mobile phone C. skin care products D. computer E. car F. gloves G.. baby cereals H. camera Section two: You will hear five people talking about documents. For each recording, decide which document each speaker is talking about. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more than one. You will hear the five recordings twice. 18. ______ 19. ______ 20. ______ 21. ______ 22. ______ A. an invoice B. a driving license C. a passport D. instruction manual E. an agenda F. a bank statement G. a tourist guide H. a guarantee

Unit 7 Marketing
Period 1 Objectives
1. to talk about 4P‘s in marketing 2. to discuss what makes a successful marketing 3. to talk about international marketing

Teaching Procedures
Step One: Discuss the following questions and give your opinions. Q1: Think of some products you have bought recently. Why did you buy them? What influenced you to buy it? Background Information 1)Market is about: Discovering what product, service or idea customers want. Producing a product with the appropriate features and quality.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Pricing the product correctly. Promoting the product; spreading the word about why customers should buy it. Generally speaking, there are 4 categories of elements that make up the marketing mix. These are known as the Four P‘s. The Four P analysis is used to break down the process of developing products and getting them to the marketplace. It can reveal whether or not the company has: ? ? ? ? Product: a product that people want Price: an acceptable price for it Place: sufficient and appropriate distribution channels Promotion: effective promotions to enable efficient sales

2)Listen to four consumers talking about different products. Decide which of the four Ps each speaker is discussing: product, price, promotion or place. (Book2 p62) Reference answer: 1. place 2. promotion 3. price 4. product

Q2: What are the advantages for a company to expand beyond its domestic market? Q3: What kind of problem do companies face when they go international? Q4: What slogans for products have impressed you? Why? Q5: How can a company decide to enter into a new market? On a more detailed level, the Four P's can be said to assist the manager in making decisions, such as: Product decisions ? ? ? ? ? Brand name Design Quality Function Packaging

Price decisions ? ? ? ? Pricing strategy - relative to the competition Volume discounts and wholesale pricing Cash and early payment discounts Flexibility

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Place decisions ? ? ? ? Distribution channels Market coverage Order processing Transportation

Promotion decisions ? ? ? ? ? Promotional strategy Advertising Sales and the sales force PR and publicity Marketing communications budget

Step Three Brain Storming Discuss with your partner and think out a slogan that can be used worldwide for the following products 1. Mobile phone Period 2 Step Four: Listening Task 1 (Book 2 p64) 1. Listen to the first part of an interview with Mirjana Itic, Vice Presidednt, Marketing, at Pearson Education and complete the chart. Good creative campaign Reaching the right people 2. Beverage 3. Car

Successful Marketing

good marketing communications

Clear marketing messages

Working well with sales teams Producing: What customer

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案


Customer orientation

when they want it

at the right price

in a way that‘s profitable fro the company 2. Listen to the second part of the interview and answer these questions. 1) Which campaign was most memorable for Mirjana? Reference answer: the Orange Mobile Phone Campaign (营销活动) 2) Why did she find it memorable? Reference answer: partly because it was a great campaign itself. 3) What was the fantastic strap line (slogan)? Reference answer: the future‘s bright, the future‘s orange. (memorable, meaningful) Q: What other strap lines do you know? 3. Listen to the last part of the interview and answer these questions. 1) What type of company was involved? Reference answer: The electrical goods manufacture 2) What was the promise? Reference answer: If you bought any electrical appliance over 30 value, you were promised to free flights with every purchase. 3) Why did it appear successful at first? Reference answer: They sales went up. 4) Why did they end the campaign? Reference answer: They couldn‘t keep up the demand, and overspent a lot on the prices. 4. Complete this extract from the interview. ―The campaign was badly planned , badly budgeted

and it resulted in a lot of negative

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

publicity for the company.‖ 5.Tell your partner about a marketing campaign that impressed you. (自选) Step Five, interview, each person interviews 3 persons, and gives a report after a while. Questionnaire is a good way of gathering data, it tells you how the market is running. The letter below is part of an authentic consumer survey on drinks. (Book2 p66) 1. Write the words in the questions in the correct order. 2. Answer the questions. Dear Madam /Mr. We are conducting a consumer survey on Coke and Pepsi. We place great value on your personal opinion and, therefore request your support. Question 1. group you do belong to which Answer Self-employed □ employed □ Un-employed 2. you old how are? □ retired □

Under 18 years □ under 30 years □ 30-50 years □ over 50 years □ pepsi □ occasionally □ often □

3. which do you prefer drinks? 4. how do you drink often them?

Coke □ Seldom □ Once a week □

6. you know do version which?

Minute Maid(美汁源)□ Lipton Brisk(立顿) □ 7-up(七喜)□ sprit □

7. when selecting drink, you do the various growing areas take into account? 8. type which you prefer do?

yes□ no □ occasionally □

Orange juice □ Water □ sports drink □

iced tea □ root beer □

Period 3 Step One: Skills, Telephoning: exchanging information (Book2 p67) 1) Listen to four people giving their telephone numbers. Tick the correct numbers and write down the correct answer.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

1. 244252

(255252) (020 8045 1930)

2. 881990 4. 0033 2399 0324 (0033 2399 5324)

3. 020 8054 1930

2) Write down 4 telephone numbers you know. Dictate them to your partner. Check that your partner has written the numbers correctly. 3) Listen to the first part of a conversation between a Sales Director, Martin, and his Sales Manager, Fiona. Answer these questions. 1. Did they meet their sales targets? Reference answer: yes. 2. How has their markets share changed? Reference answer: increased it by 2% 3. What were their total sales? Reference answer: over 1.2 million pounds. 4.How much did they spend on shampoo advertising? Reference answer: 30 thousand pounds 4) Now listen to the second part and complete the chart. 1. customer‘s name 2. Nationality 3. Telephone number 4. Meeting day and date Young Goochan Korean 822 0735 8879 next Thursday or Friday, 17th or 18th

5) Listen to the two conversations again. Tick the phrases in the Useful Language box Martin uses to check information, to ask for information and to end the conversation. Useful Language Checking information Sorry, did you say…? Sorry, I didn‘t catch that. Could you repeat that, please? Let me read that back to you. Asking for information Could you give me a few details? What about the new range? Did she say when she‘d like to meet?

Finishing a conversation OK, that‘s it. Thanks very much. That was very helpful. I must go now. I think that‘s everything.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Step Two: Speaking One of you is the Marketing Director of a sunglasses manufacturer. The other is the European Sales Manager. Role play a telephone call to talk about a focus group (小组讨论) for the company‘s new rang of sunglasses. Marketing Director You want to do the following during the phone call. 1. Note down when and where the focus group meeting will take place. 2. Suggest that these people attend the meeting: Irina Pavlovskaya Tel no. (812) 275 6381 She is a Marketing Consultant based in Moscow, Russia. Bozena Lenat Tel no. (361) 339 4032 She is Head Buyer for a department store in Budapest, Hungary. 3. Ask the European Sales Manager about last month‘s sales results in France. Did they increase or decrease? European Sales Manager You want to do the following during the phone call. 1. Tell the Marketing Director when and where the focus group takes place. Details are as follows: Location Commercial Institute 5 Rue Pierre Charron Paris Date/ time Friday 29 July at 14:00

2. Note down the names of two people who the Marketing Director wishes to invite to the focus group. 3. Answer his/her questions about last month‘s sales results in France. Details are as follows: Total Sales £ 3.2 million Sales were 8% higher than the same period last year.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Period 4 Step Three: Listening (Book2 p68) 1) Dictation Kristal was launched last year in California, US. It was advertised in health magazines with the slogan ―There is no purer drink in the world.‖ After six months, the Marketing Department interviewed members of the public to find out what was going wrong. Person 1: A: Have you ever bought Kristal Bottled Water? B: Yes, I tried it when I saw it on the television. A: What did you think of it? B: Nothing special. Just like any other water, but a bit more expensive. Person 2: A: Kristal is more expensive than some other bottled waters, do you think it‘s worth paying extra for this brand water? B: Not really, it‘s got a fresh taste I suppose. A: Do you think it‘s healthier than other bottled waters? B: Well, they say it is in their advertising, it could be. But I don‘t really know, I‘ll tell you in 40 years‘ time. Person 3: A: Do you buy Kristal Bottled water regularly? B: No, I can‘t find it in the supermarkets. If it is not in the supermarkets, where am I supposed to buy it? Person 4: A: When I say Kristal Bottled Water, what word do you think of? B: Expensive, I haven‘t tried it because I can get the similar bottled water for half the price. Person 5: A: Have you tried Kristal Water? B: I‘ve never heard of it, where can you buy it? 2) Home work, role play Task: 1. work in groups. Each group is a team in the Marketing Department. Hold a meeting

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

to discuss what you should do to improve sales of Kristal. 2. Present your ideas to the other teams in the Marketing Department. 3. As a whole department, hold a meeting and decide what the company must do to improve the sales of Kristal. Product: Does the product need to be changed, for example, offer it in a range of sizes? Price: Is the price correct? Promotion: Was it promoted in the correct way? Is Kristal targeted at the right segment of the market? If not, who should it be targeted at? Place: Is it being sold in the right places? What changes need to be made to relaunch the product? Step Four: Listen and underline the correct number. (Book1 p71) 1. Last year the company had a market share of 10.3/ 103 percent. 2. Last year sales of the main brand increased by 30/ 13 percent. 3. Last year the company sold more than 850,000/ 815,000 units of Sparkle. 4. The company wants to increase its market share to 11.5/ 11.9 percent. 5. Next year the company wants to sell 1,100/ 1,100,000 units of Sparkle. Step Ten: Listening 1) Listen to the first part of a presentation by Anna Nabirukhina about doing business in Russian. Then tick the correct answer. (Book1, p74) 1. Which of the following statements is true? a) Russians expect foreign visitors to take them to parties. b) Russians do business with people who like parties. c) Russians enjoy entertaining foreign people who visit them 2. To do business with Russian companies, you need to have a) a business arrangement. b) A personal relationship c) A useful contact 3. Who do you need in your team? a) A friendly person.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

b) A service provider. c) A technical people. 2)Listen to the second part of the presentation. Then answer these questions. 1. Who should you take on your first visit to a Russian company? a)New people b)Team members c)Senior people 3. When Russians buy products from foreign companies, they offer a)to pay as little as possible b)to pay a fair price c)to pay as much as possible 3. Listen to the third part of the presentation. Then complete these extracts. 1. Russians value information. They think information is power, so they do not tell you everything. 2. It‘s important to be patient. Russians take a long time to make a decision, and there‘s always a lot of people to deal with. 3. You must watch Russians carefully and study their body language. This is very important. 4. Remember that Russians are emotional people. Sometimes emotions are more important than facts. Period 5 Step One: Skills, Participating in Discussion (Book p76) 1) Useful expressions learning marketing(市场营销) selling(销售) public relations(公共关系) sales promotion(促销) new product development(新产品开发) package design(包装设计) merchandising(商品学、商品销售) after-sales service(售后服务) marketing mix.(营销组合) promotion(宣传推广) pricing strategy (定价策略) distribution channels(销售渠道) transport arrangement(运输安排) 1) Three marketing executives, Jacek, Paul and Anna, talk about a new morning snack called Krakel. Listen to their conversation and underline the correct answer. 1. Who does Jack want to target with the new bar? a) Children b) Rich women c) Young workers

2. Jacek says more people these days

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

a) do not have breakfast c) eat breakfast at home 3. Krakel contains a) no surgar 4. Krakel contains a) no fruit b) a bit of fruit

b) have breakfast on the way to work

b) a bit of sugar

c) a lot of fruit

c) a lot of fruit

2) Listen to the conversation again. Complete the extracts. 1. Sorry, Paul, I don‘t agree with you. 2. I think we need to target young working people. 3. you‘re right. There is a big market for morning snacks. 4. How do you fell about this, Anna? 5. I really like the idea. 6. OK, let‘s call a meeting and talk to the rest of the department. Step Two: role play Working in group of three. Role play this situation. You are taking part in a marketing meeting. You are discussing the name and price of a new cereal bar and how to promote it. Student A You start the meeting with a suggested name for the bar. Name Good Taste Price £ 1.25 Promotion Advertise in magazines and papers for young professionals

Student B You disagree with A‘s suggestions Name Healthy bite Price £0.95 Promotion Advertise on radio and TV

Student C You like A‘s suggested name and you agree with B‘s price, but you disagree with their promotion ideas. Name Good Taste Price £0.95 Promotion Advertise on posters and on websites popular with the target market Useful language Agreeing Giving an opinion

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

You‘re right. I really like the idea. Disagreeing (sorry) I don‘t agree with you I‘m afraid I don‘t agree. Asking for an opinion What do you think? How do you fell about this? Home work Role play Background

I think… In my opinion… Making a suggestion let‘s … How about …

Cara Cosmetics is an international company based in Italy. It sells body care products. Its target market is usually women who buy the products for the whole family. Cara Cosmetics is launching a new shampoo. Competitors’ products Name Hair Glow Shinessoft Price £8 £4 £10 £ 7 £ 5 £14 £10 Size 300 ml 100 ml 300 ml 200 ml 100 ml 250 ml 150 ml Outlet supermarkets pharmacies supermarkets pharmacies hairdressers hairdressers hairdressers

Sheen The new shampoo

The biggest competitor is Hair Glow. Look at the options below for the new shampoo. Names Finesse Radiance Silk Selling prices (for 300 ml) Less than £8 £8 More than £8 Main outlets Supermarkets Pharmacies Hairdressers Bottle sizes 300 ml only 300 ml and 100 ml 500ml, 300 ml and 200 ml Target markets Women who buy the product for the family Women who buy the product for themselves Men who buy the product for themselves Age Groups 18-25 26-50 51+

Income Groups Low Middle High


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

Task Work in small groups. Look at the information and discuss how Cara Cosmetics need to launch its shampoo. Decide on the name, price age group, size, income group, target market and main outlet.

Unit 8

BEC Test 1


Reading 1hour Questions 1-7 Look at the statements below and the advice of four market experts on the opposite page. Which expert’s advice (A, B, C or D) does each statement(1-7) refer to? For each statement (1-7), mark one letter (A, B, C or D) on your answer sheet. You will need to use some of these letters more than once. Part I Questions 1-7 1. It would be advisable for Flacks to consult customers before developing a new product. 2. Producing goods for specialist markets might increase Flacks‘ profits . 3. Flacks may need to change the function of one of its facilities. 4. Flacks should utilise its current expertise to enter a different market. 5. Flacks may need to consider closing its current production facility. 6. Flacks should develop the connections it has established with leading retailers. 7. Expanding the product range would not be a problem for the workforce. Flacks is a UK-based company that produces fashion accessories for women. How can it continue to grow its business? A Susan Falmer Faced with a shrinking market, cheap imports and competitive pricing, Flacks will have to work hard to increase its margins. They need to move into a more promising market, one where demand is growing and where the company can exploit existing skills and contacts. They could think about brand extension – this would not be a giant leap and the sales force would take it in its stride. Also, they wouldn‘t need to re-equip their factory and could use non-UK sourcing if facilities here are in short supply.

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

B Mesut Guzel They have the fundamentals of a survival strategy in a market where outsourced manufacture and brand differentiation hold the key to success. I think they should initially locate some of their production in another country, where manufacturing quality tends to be better and it is easier to meet changing customer demands. But they should also regularly monitor production in Britain and think about outsourcing all this work abroad at some point if they need it done faster. The company should continue to work on innovative products, and thorough market research will help to ensure any new ideas are well received. C Gary Wilmot In order to beat their rivals in a highly competitive market, Flacks should ensure their products are attractive and build on their relationships with the big stores rather than trying to go it alone and market directly. They should also consider refocusing production by using their UK factory for high-specification products. They could eventually build more production overseas in a cycle of continuous development. D Michal Kaminski The demand for fashion accessories is relatively flat and the company should consider exploiting niche markets to improve its margins. But even within these, Flacks must distinguish its goods from those of its rivals in terms of quality, performance and design. Innovative sales, marketing and PR are vital to exploit these niche products. One competitive advantage that Flacks does have is production times. Many retail chains now have two-tier supply chains and Flacks could focus on top-up orders. They might also investigate other sales channels such as mail order. Part II Questions 8-12

Few employees escape the annual or twice-yearly performance review. (0)…G… The answer is not a great number. And the smaller the company, the fewer checks there are on how well the directors are doing. Some of the largest companies formally assess the performance of their board, but very few new or growing companies have managed to get round to establishing any such procedure. Many business experts believe, however, that it is important for all companies to review the performance of the board. (8)…… . Another reason is that the board itself needs information on how well it is doing, just as much as other employees do. For the chief executive, appraisal of some sort is absolutely essential for his or her own sake and for the good of the company. Indeed, many of those who have reached this level remark on how lonely the job of the chief executive is and how few opportunities they get to discuss issues relating to it. There is some evidence to show that once smaller companies put a board appraisal process in place, they find this process relatively easy to operate. (9)…….. . Their counterparts in larger

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

organisations, however, are often afraid that appraisals could be a challenge to their status. So, how should companies assess their board? (10)…… . At a very basic level, this could simply mean getting all the directors to write down what they have achieved and how they can improve on it. At the other end of the scale is the full ?360-degree‘ appraisal. Here, each director is appraised in a systematic manner by a combination of the chairman and fellow directors. In the largest companies there are many methods for assessing the board. A number of such companies have self-assessment schemes. The chairman may meet each board member individually to ask how things are going, in a fairly informal way. The whole board might also meet to talk about its progress in open session. (11)…… . These might ask for people‘s opinions on the board‘s main tasks or on how well the committees are working. Research indicates there has been some improvement in the way the appraisal of board members is conducted. (12)…… . The chairman will have been involved directly or indirectly in the appraisal of all members of the board. Whose job is it, then, to appraise the chairman? A It is often the case that the directors of such companies are even happy to receive criticism, as this can prevent them from making basic mistakes. B The rest of the workforce sees it as unfair if the directors are the only members of the company to escape appraisal. C These are encouraging as they put a limit on the power of the chairman to assess fellow directors. D Alternatively, questionnaires might be distributed to directors, forming the basis for future discussion. E One issue remains, however, when all the others have been dealt with. F It is generally agreed that it is the chairman‘s responsibility to ensure the regular appraisal of each member of the board. G However, one wonders how many companies have in place a formal appraisal process for their board of directors. Part III Questions 13-18

Next month a large group of British business people are going to America on a venture which may generate export earnings for their companies' shareholders in years to come. A long list of sponsors will support the initiative, which will involve a £3-million media campaign and a fortnight of events and exhibitions. The ultimate goal is to persuade more Americans that British companies have something to interest them. While there have been plenty of trade initiatives in the past, the difference this time round is that considerable thinking and planning have gone into trying to work out just what it is that Americans look for in British products. Instead of exclusively promoting the major corporations, this time there is more emphasis on supporting the smaller, more unusual, niche businesses. Fresh in the memories of all those concerned is the knowledge that America has been the end

2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

of many a large and apparently successful business. For Carringtons, a retail group much respected by European customers and investors, America turned out to be a commercial disaster and the belief that they could even show some of the great American stores a retailing trick or two was hopelessly over-optimistic. Polly Brown, another very British brand that rode high for years on good profits and huge city confidence, also found that conquering America, in commercial and retailing terms, was not as easy as it had imagined. When it positioned itself in the US as a niche, luxury brand, selling shirts that were priced at $125 in the States, the strategy seemed to work. But once its management decided it should take on the middle market, this success rapidly drained away. It was a disastrous mistake and the high cost of the failed American expansion plans played a large role in its declining fortunes in the mid-nineties. Sarah Scott, managing director of Smythson, the upmarket stationer, has had to think long and hard about what it takes to succeed in America and she takes it very seriously indeed. 'Many British firms are quite patronizing about the US,' she says. 'They think that we're so much more sophisticated than the Americans. They obviously haven't noticed Ralph Lauren, an American who has been much more skilled at tapping into an idealised Englishness than any English company. Also, many companies don't bother to study the market properly and think that because something's successful in the UK, it's bound to be successful over there. You have to look at what you can bring them that they haven't already got. On the whole, American companies are brilliant at the mass, middle market and people who've tried to take them on at this level have found it very difficult.' This time round it is just possible that changing tastes are running in Britain's favour. The enthusiasm for massive, centralised retail chains has decreased. People want things with some sort of individuality; they are fed up with the banal, middle-of-the-road taste that America does so well. They are now looking for the small, the precious, the 'real thing', and this is precisely what many of the companies participating in the initiative do best. 13. The main reason that the British business people are going to America is to A. encourage American consumers to buy their products. B. analyse how American companies attract media coverage. C. look for financial backing from American investors and banks. D. investigate how British and American companies could form partnerships. 14. In the writer‘s opinion, the proposed venture will be different to previous ones because A. fewer British business leaders will be making the trip. B. less well-known companies will be better represented. C. the larger companies have decided they will not be participating. D. it involves research into how British companies market themselves. 15. The writer states that Carringtons was wrong to ____ A. be cautious about trading in America. B. borrow money from its European investors. C. assume it was superior to American rivals. D. ignore the advice of its American managers. 16. According to the writer, Polly Brown‘s mistake occurred when it ____ A. continued to trade despite making a loss. B. attempted to attract a different type of customer.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

C. tried to break into too many markets at the same time. D. expected American consumers to pay British prices for goods. 17. Sarah Scott states that British companies hoping to succeed in America should ___ A. focus on a gap in the market. B. be less concerned with their image. C. concentrate on selling products in the mid-price range. D. carry out research into the pricing policies of American companies. 18. The writer suggests that success in America depends upon ___ A. adopting a more American approach to marketing. B. persuading the mid-range consumer to pay for quality. C. copying the strategies of American companies. D. building a reputation as a supplier of unique goods. Promise of Jobs with Telephone Banking Centre An ?80-million telephone banking centre id to open in Scotland, with the (0) _____ of about 500 new jobs. Grand Union Group, which owns the Dundee and Western Bank, said today it hopes to have the (19)_____ fully operational by next August. It will be based at the new Caledonian Industrial Estate currently being built near Edinburgh. The centre is being (20)____ through a joint partnership (21) _____ global telecommunications firm Concept and customer care specialists Businesslink. Sara Grimaldi, chief executive of the Dundee and Western Bank, said, ―I‘m delighted we will be working in (22)_____ with Concept and Businesslink and I‘m confident we will (23)_____ from their considerable experience. The new centre will make (24)_____ use of innovative business procedures which will (25)_____ to an improved service and experience for our valued customers.‘ Callum Martin, president of global accounts for Grand Union Group, added that he was very pleased his company will play a key role in such an important development employing state-of-the-art technology. The local council said new jobs were (26) _____ of the efforts made to (27) _____ investment to the region. Council leader Hugh MacArthur said, ―It‘s good news for Grand Union, but it will also (28) ____ us to promote Edinburgh to companies considering a (29) _____- to Scotland. The council will continue to work hard to ensure that today‘s (30) _____ is just the latest (31)_______ in our attempt to create high quality jobs in the area.‖ Scotland has become a European leader in terms of telephone banking centres and has (32) ______ itself an excellent reputation. The call centre sector as whole employs more than 28,000 people at more than 70 sites in Scotland. Taking this into (33) _____, it seems likely that this new centre will be another success story. 19. A. facility B. plant C. function D. situation 20. A. assisted B. invested C funded D. paid 21. A. consisting B. engaging C. containing D. involving 22. A. venture B. teamwork C. enterprise D. collaboration 23. A. benefit B. improve C. row D. advance 24. A. inclusive B. uniform C. extensive D. universal 25. A. help B. contribute C. provide D. combine 26. A. facts B. reasons C. data D. evidence


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

27. A. acquire 28. A. necessitate 29. A .reorganisation. 30. A. announcement 31. A. method 32. A. achieved. 33. A. mind

B. gain B. ease B. reassignment B. publication B. step B. taken B. regard

C. attract C support C. relocation C. notice C. point C. drawn C. account

D. win D. enable D. replacement D. acknowledgement D. action D. earned D. note

0 00 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

Consumer Behaviour The consumer is the focus of all retail business and it is important to appreciate how consumers are influenced in their buying decisions. Most of consumers, before making a purchase , gather information and evaluate with the alternatives, but the extent to which they look for information depends on the type of purchase. For example, in the case of routine grocery purchases most consumers respond to automatically. However, for purchases where the risk of making the wrong decision is greater, like buying a new car, so the search for information is more important. The decision to purchase is never a single decision but a number of these separate decisions, and at any time during this process, consumers can change their minds about and choose an alternative route. For example, although a consumer may have decided where to buy a product only to realize at the last moment that this is, in fact, having the wrong choice. The price in the store may be too high or the staff unhelpful. On the other hand, a lack of queues, favourable credit facilities and efficient staff all lead to a too positive impression, so retailers should remember how difficulties in these areas that can affect a sale or even lose a customer permanently.

BEC Vantage

Test 2

Reading 1 hour Part I Questions1-7 Look at the statements below and the text about time management on the opposite page. Which section (A, B, C or D) does each statement (1-7) refer to? For each statement (1-7), make one letter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet. You will need to use some of these letters more than once. 1 In order to complete a task well, it may not be necessary to deal with every detail. 2 If you have too much to do, you may need to turn down work in the future. 3 Any planning activity needs to take place on a regular basis. 4 You should avoid giving additional time to a particular task. 5 It is possible that some routine tasks do not need to be carried out. 6 If you are overloaded with work, it is important to identify the cause. 7 People at all levels perform time-wasting activities. Successful Time Management A The secret of avoiding work pressure is thinking ahead. Every day you need to review your


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

progress towards objectives and decide how you can best use the time available to make further progress. You may find this is best done at the start of your working day but some people prefer to have a planning session just before they finish. Whichever you select – and you may need to experiment to find what suits you best – find some way of fitting the activity into your schedule. Never say, ?I don‘t have time to plan today ‘. B Managers at all levels occasionally find they have taken on more than they can cope with. This is not a crime, but you must examine the reasons for such a situation and then plan a course of action. Until the problem is resolved, most of your time and energy will go into worrying about the situation and you will feel unmotivated. Think too about how to prevent it happening again. This may require you to be firm and avoid agreeing to more than is realistic. C If a review of your working practices shows that you are too much of a perfectionist, do something about this. Modern definitions of quality refer to ?fitness for purpose‘. If you bear this in mind, you may find it easier to persuade yourself to settle for an acceptable level of quality rather than perfection. When thinking about objectives and planning how to achieve them, consider how thoroughly you need to do something in order to meet your requirements. Unless you have spare time, do not spend extra hours on an activity in an effect to cover absolutely everything. D If you review of a period of time shows that you are spending time on things that are not really necessary or important, then think hard about whether you can afford this time. Many people file unnecessary papers and attend endless, unproductive meetings. Even top managers can be guilty of misdirecting their efforts by supervising subordinates too closely or failing to delegate. If you question the necessity of certain work, you may find it easier to avoid these misdirected efforts and this will better inform your planning in the future. Part II Questions 8-12 Read the article below about the importance of staff appraisals. Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each of the gaps. For each gap (8-12), mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet. Do not use any letter more than once. There is an example at the beginning (0). Staff appraisals
Good preparation for staff appraisals can pay dividends in terms of staff loyalty and satisfaction

Many managers, particularly those running smaller companies, feel they are too busy to give their employees appraisals, and many staff clearly dread them.(0)…G…. .They provide the opportunity for the manager to have one-to-one discussions with an employee and find out about any concerns, as well as identifying training needs and discovering career aspirations. They can make a staff member feel valued and so build loyalty. The annual appraisal can either be a rewarding or painful experience. According to research carried out among 500 employees, the standard office appraisal is far from perfect.(8) ….. . The possible outcome for the company is even worse; up to a quarter of employees will look for a new job within two weeks of a bad appraisal and 40% within a month. The quality of the appraisal lies with how the boss decides to carry it out. When it is done well, employees are able to use the feedback they receive to improve their performance.(9)…… . So how should a constructive appraisal be carried out? According to Andrew Gillingham, a consultant


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

trainer, appraisals can be manager-led, with the appraiser preparing a document and sharing it with the employee. Establishing training needs and motivating the employee towards bigger and better things are part of this process.(10)….. . In both cases, Gillingham believes that the effectiveness of the appraisal discussion can determine the performance of the company. Gillingham believes that anyone who thinks it‘s just the employee who doesn‘t like the appraisal experience has got it wrong. Too many mangers regard appraisals as a waste of time.(11)…… . Managing people is a difficult matter, and without the necessary training, many managers try to avoid the uncomfortable issues that often need to be discussed at appraisals. Gillingham believes that calling the process an appraisal may be unhelpful. (12)…. . In either case, it is important to ensure that the meeting is successful and results in better quality management. Gillingham firmly believes that the main thing is to emphasise an open communications ethos in the workplace that gives staff a chance to talk about issues and feel valued. A Alternatively, managers may want the employees themselves to evaluate their work performance. B In larger companies, the people likely to do something with this information will be found in the HR department. C Problems such as rushing through the appraisal and being appraised by a manager who doesn‘t understand the employee‘s role were common concerns. D Arguably, ?performance review‘ is more appropriate since it helps create correct expectations from the meeting and indicates what will happen. E This is mainly because they have not been shown how to carry out appraisals properly. F But all too often, the format of the appraisal doesn‘t allow this. G But this can be avoided and, given a more positive attitude from participants, appraisals can prove enormously useful for all involved. Part III Questions 13-18 Read the articles below about problems in the IT industry, and the questions on the opposite page. For each question (13-18) mark one letter (A,B,C or D ) on you‘re Answer Sheet. Problems in the IT industry In the information technology industry, it is widely acknowledged that how well IT departments of the future can fulfill their business goals will depend not on the regular updating of technology, which is essential for them to do, but on how well they can hold on to the people skilled at manipulating the newest technology. This is becoming more difficult. Best estimates of the current shortfall in IT staff in the UK are between 30,000 and 50,000, and growing. And there is no end to the problem in sight. A severe industry-wide lack of investment in training means the long-term skills base is both ageing and shrinking. Employers are chasing experienced staff in ever-decreasing circles, and, according to a recent government report, 250,000 new IT jobs will be created over the next decade. Most employers are confining themselves to dealing with the immediate problems. There is little evidence, for example, that they are stepping up their intake of raw recruits for in-house training, or retraining existing staff from other functions. This is the course of action


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

recommended by the Computer Software Services Association, but research shows its members are adopting the short-term measure of bringing in more and more consultants on a contract basis. However, this approach is becoming less and less acceptable as the general shortage of skills, coupled with high demand, sends contractor rates soaring. An experienced contract programmer, for example, can now earn at least double the current permanent salary. With IT professionals increasingly attracted to the financial rewards and flexibility of consultancy work, average staff turnover rates are estimated to be around 15%. While many companies in the financial services sector are managing to contain their losses by offering skilled IT staff "golden handcuffs"—deferred loyalty bonuses that tie them in until a certain date—other organisations, like local governments, are unable to match the competitive salaries and perks on offer in the private sector and contractor market, and are suffering turnover rates of up to 60% a year. But while loyalty bonuses have grabbed the headlines, there are other means of holding on to staff. Some companies are doing additional IT pay reviews in the year and paying market premiums. But such measures can create serious employee relations problems among those excluded, both within and outside IT departments. Many industry experts advise employers to link bonuses to performance wherever possible. However, employers are realising that bonuses will only succeed if they are accompanied by other incentives such as attractive career prospects, training, and challenging work that meets the individual's long-term ambitions. This means managers need to allocate assignments more strategically and think about advancing their staff as well as their business. Some employers advocate giving key employees projects that would normally be handled by people with slightly more experience or capability. For many employers, however, the urgency of the problem demands a more immediate solution, such as recruiting skilled workers from overseas. But even this is not easy, with strict quotas on number of work permits issued. In addition, opposition to the recruitment of IT people from other countries is growing, as many professionals believe it will lead to even less investment in training and thus a long-term weakening of the UK skills base. 13. According to the first paragraph, the success of IT departments will depend on A. their success at retaining their skilled staff. B. the extent to which they invest in new technology. C. their attempts to recruit staff with the necessary skills. D. the ability of employees to keep up with the latest developments. 14. A problem referred to in the second paragraph is that A. the government needs to create thousands of new IT posts. B. the pool of skilled IT people will get even smaller in the future. C. company budgets for IT training have been decreasing steadily. D. older IT professionals have not had adequate training. 15. What possible solution to the long-term problems in the IT industry is referred to in the third paragraph? A. Ensure that permanent staff earn the same as contract staff. B. Expand company training programmes for new and old employees. C. Conduct more research into the reasons for staff leaving. D. Offer top rates to attract the best specialist consultants.


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

16. In some businesses in the financial services sector, the IT staffing problem has led to A. cash promises for skilled staff after a specified period of time. B. more employees seeking alternative employment in the public sector. C. the loss of customers to rival organisations. D. more flexible conditions of work for their staff. 17.Employers accept that IT professionals are more likely to stay in their present post if they A. are sent more realistic performance targets. B. have a good working relationship with staff in order departments. C. are provided with good opportunities for professional development. D. receive a remuneration package at top market rates. 18.According to the final paragraph, the UK skills base will be weakened by A. changes to managers‘ strategic thinking. B. insufficient responsibility being given to IT staff. C. the employment of IT staff with too little experience. D. the hiring of IT personnel from abroad. Part VI Question 19-33 Read the extract below form a company chairman‘s annual report to shareholders. Choose the best word to fill each gap form A, B, C or D on the opposite page. For each question (19-33), mark one letter (A, B, C or D)on your answer sheet. There is an example at the beginning, (0). Chairman’s report I am pleased to report that, although we had been expecting poor results for this half year because of slow growth in the world economy, the company has(0)_B_very satisfactorily. Operating profits for this first half are in fact very much (19)___with those for the corresponding (20)___last year. Profits reached ?115million before tax, compared with ? 116.3 million last year. Much of our success in the last six months can be (21)___to the fact that all our major construction projects remained on schedule. Particularly pleasing was the early (22)___of a major building contract in Canada. The company has made good progress with the initiatives announced at the annual general meeting. The majority of shareholders (23)___the Board‘s decision to sell the company‘s loss-making engineering (24)___. It was the Board‘s belief that the company would (25)___most benefit by (26)___its resources on the expansion of its construction activities. Negotiations with a potential buyer began in February and are now at a critical (27)___.however, we feel that we are not as yet in a (28)___to comment on what the outcome is likely to be. In June, we made a successful (29)___for the Renishaw Construction Company of Hong Kong SAR, in order to give us greater (30)___to markets in South East Asia. We still have


2010-2011 第二学期商务英语教案

sufficient resources to pursue our growth (31)___, and are at present (32)___several other business opportunities whi

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