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2012-2013 学年高三配合人教新课标版广东专版第 2 期测试题答案解析 第 2 期 A 版笔试试卷参考答案 1-5 BDCAB 6-10 BCACB 11-15 ADBDC 16-25 (One possible version) 16. holding 17. other 18. a 19. at 20. punishment 21. without 22. him 23. more deeply 24. What 25. had made 26-30 ABABD 31-35 CDCAB 36-40 CCBAA 41-45 CDCBA 46-50 BFDAC 基础写作(One possible version) Recently I took a survey of 2,800 students in our school on the phenomenon of high school students’ studying abroad. According to the result, 40% of those surveyed said they have the intention of studying abroad. From the result, it is easy to see that the US is the most popular country where they want to study, followed by Britain. Regarding which factor affects their choice of school, 35% replied that they consider the professional ranking the most while 30% of them think that the employment prospect is the most important. The most popular major is business, which attracts 60%, followed by science and engineering, and arts, both of which appeal to 20% of students. 读写任务 (One possible version) Like Kayla’s bedroom, it’s common that many teenagers’ bedrooms are in disorder. Some parents can accept it while some parents are annoyed about the situation. My bedroom is always a mess. I seldom make the bed. Dirty clothes, shoes, books and newspapers are all over the floor and the desk. However, I also think that teenagers should try their best to make their bedrooms tidy and clean. A messy bedroom really does harm to both our bodies and mood. For example, the air in my bedroom is not fresh and I can never find what I need very quickly. In fact, it is because I am too lazy that I don’t clean up my bedroom, which is really a bad habit. I believe some teenagers are as lazy as me. Therefore, I think parents should do something to help teenagers form a good habit of cleaning their bedrooms as the passage shows. 解析: 完形填空 作者从给儿子拔刺的经历认识到,有时候痛苦是在所难免的,如果必须面对痛苦,就要 勇敢地面对。 1. B。根据句中 I wasn’t sure if it was really there 可推断,刺很小。 2. D。根据句中 hurt him terribly 可推断,作者的妻子尝试拔过刺。 3. C。根据下文可知,妻子尝试拔刺,可惜没有成功。 4. A。根据句中 My son had shouted and cried 可推断,儿子疼得眼泪都流下来了。 5. B。根据下文中 So we did. The next morning … 可知,他们要等到第二天再拔刺。 6. B。根据句中 or it would get worse 可知,他们认为有必要把刺拔出来。 7. C。根据后句中 we didn’t know what to do 可知,他们很无助。 8. A。根据后句 He wouldn’t give in 可知,他们在跟儿子讲道理。 9. C。根据后文可知,他们承诺给儿子一个棒棒糖。 10. B。根据前句中 ran away 可知,作者需要再次说服儿子把手掌给她。 11. A。根据前句中 did no good 可知,说服无效,作者只好不顾儿子的意愿。


12. D。根据句中 the splinter was gone 可推断,儿子很高兴。 13. B。 根据后句中 This was one of my son’s earliest introductions 可推断, 这里指拔刺的过程。 14. D。句中提到的 sometimes pain is actually necessary 是一个事实。 15. C。根据句中 must 可推断,作者教育儿子要勇敢面对。 语法填空 痛斥只会让孩子幼小的心灵受到伤害, 而爱和宽容总有一天能让他明白父母的苦心?? 16. holding。考查非谓语动词。主句已经有谓语 sat in,且主语是 hold 的动作执行者,故使 用 holding。 17. other。考查代词。in the other 指的是“在另一只手上”。 18. a。考查冠词。from a distance 固定搭配,意为“离一段距离”。 19. at。考查介词。stare at sb / sth 注视,凝视。 20. punishment。考查名词。根据语境和 his 的提示,此处应该使用 punish 的名词形式。 21. without。考查介词。根据语境,此处应该使用介词 without,表示“没有说话”。 22. him。考查代词。根据语境,him 在这里指代父亲。 23. more deeply。考查副词比较级。根据 compared with these valuable books 的提示,此处应 该使用副词的比较级,表示“比起这些宝贵的书,父亲更爱自己的孩子们”。 24. What。考查关系词。根据语境,此处应该使用 what 来引导主语从句。 25. had made。考查时态。John 在书上乱画发生在父亲在书上题字之前,故使用过去完成时。 阅读理解 A 作者忘不了父亲送给他的第一辆车。那辆车虽然很旧,但在作者眼里,那是一辆完美的 车,它体现了父亲对他的爱。 26. A。细节理解题。根据第一段 Jackson, the namesake of my childhood idol Michael Jackson, was my first car 可知,答案为 A。 27. B。 细节理解题。 根据第二段 … moving to New York and pursuing a back-burner pipe dream of acting 和 … I abandoned my plan of being a New York actor … 可知,答案为 B。 28. A。 细节理解题。 根据第三段 … I felt great pride in my heart and an indescribable joy to own this car … 可知,答案为 A。 29. B。 作者意图题。 根据末段 When the world lost Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, my friends and I danced to his hits late into the night 可知, 作者既喜欢 Michael Jackson 又喜欢他的车, 故答案为 B。 30. D。推理判断题。根据末段 … a Forerunner born as Buck turned over his engine in loving memory, which is in my mind forever 可推断,答案为 D。 B 本文介绍了具有悠久历史的古城 Petra。 31. C。推理判断题。根据第一段 Common sense says “perhaps there’s nothing on the planet that looks like it”可推断,答案为 C。 32. D。词义猜测题。根据句中 … the Nabataeans, a hard-working group of Arab people who settled in southern Jordan more than 2,000 years ago 和 … Petra has become a UNESCO world heritage site … 可推断,legacy 意为“遗产” ,故答案为 D。 33. C。细节理解题。根据第三段 The Dead Sea is 80 kilometers north of it 可知,答案为 C。 34. A。细节理解题。根据末段 It was seen first when discovered in 1812 after being lost through


the 16th century for nearly 300 years 可知,答案为 A。 35. B。主旨大意题。根据第一段 Petra may be the treasure of an ancient world, hidden behind a tall mountain 和全文内容可知,本文主要介绍了 Petra 的特色,故答案为 B。 C 本文是一篇书评。书的作者叙述了自己在鸟兽保护区与鸟兽共同生活 20 年的经历。 36. C。推理判断题。根据第二段 … but she also began to listen to what the animals themselves had to say about their treatment 可推断,答案为 C。 37. C。 细节理解题。 根据第四段 … the author talks about how most of the animal expressions in our speech are negative: eat like a pig, dumb as an ox and so on 可知,答案为 C。 38. B。推理判断题。根据第六段 She relies on vets as well as listening to … or leave the earth 可推断,答案为 B。 39. A。推理判断题。根据末段 Incidentally, her experiences with farm animals can be translated into human to human relationships 可推断,答案为 A。 40. A。推理判断题。本文是一篇书评,作者对这本关于与鸟兽共同生活的书评价很高,故 答案为 A。 D 苏格兰的研究人员正开发一款软件, 这款软件可以把手势语翻译成文本, 从而帮助手语 者与他人更有效地沟通。 41. C。细节理解题。根据第一段 … translates sign language into type which can be read on a computer screen … 和 第 二 段 … would completely change the way deaf people communicate … 可知,答案为 C。 42. D。细节理解题。根据第三段 … the person the user is conversing with can read it without needing to understand sign language 可知,D 项内容不正确,故答案为 D。 43. C。推理判断题。根据第六段 Because there are limits on the ability of BSL to express certain concepts or terms … the program can also be taught to recognize an individual’s personal vocabulary 可知,PSLT 可以帮助手语者表达某一特定的术语,故答案为 C。 44. B。推理判断题。根据末段 The PSLT lowers the communication barrier between people born deaf … especially in face-to-face situations 可推断,答案为 B。 45. A。主旨大意题。本文的大意是:苏格兰的研究人员正开发一款软件,这款软件可以把 手势语翻译成文本,从而帮助手语者与他人更有效地沟通,故答案为 A。