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一、语音知识 (每题 1 分,共 5 分) 1. branch A. technique B. exchange C. scholarship D. chemistry 2. addicted A. accustomed B. bad-tempered C. disappointed D. ashamed 3. adopt A. coincidence B. convey C. appropriate D. sponsor 4. exchange A. exhibition B. exist C. except D. exercise 5. exhibition A. civilization B. technique C. ridiculous D. flexible 第一节 单项选择 (每题 1 分,共 15 分) 6. The earthquake _________ several months before didn't cause much loss. A. to be predicted B. predicting C. predicted D. predicts 第一节 Now 11 of the works are in print, and a good number of others ___ available in public libraries. A. are B. were C. is D. was 41. The teacher advised the boy to ______ an effective way of learning vocabulary. A. admire B. design C. adopt D. invent 9. Had I studied harder in senior school, I ________ admitted to a key university now. A. might be B. might have been C. would have been D. Had been 10. We have spent ________ money on English books. A. a great deal of B. a good many C. a plenty of D. a number of 11. --- Does Lucy have a ______ for a particular color? --- Yes, she likes blue best. A. feeling B. preference C. choice D. aim 12. --- I didn't catch the first train this morning. --- You ______the first train if you ______ earlier. A. would catch, had got up B. could catch, should get up C. would have caught, had got up D. would catch, got up 13. This company has many ________ all over the country. A. brands B. branches C. symbols D. marks 14. Mr Li devoted all his time to ______ English. Now he is retired. A. teach B. teaching C. be taught D. have being taught 15. --- We ________ gas. I'm afraid we can't go much farther. --- I know there's a gas station ahead. Surely it will last till we get there. A. run out B. have run out C. are running out of D. have run out of A. Her parents died when she was just a little girl, ______ her as an orphan(孤儿). A. leave B. left C. to leave D.leaving B. The reporter went to the airport in a hurry, only _______ that the famous film star had left. A. telling B. being told C. to tell D. to be told 18. It will appeal _____ those who love Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. A. to B. at C. for D. with 19. Rather than _______ to bed early at night, he would rather _______ some time surfing the Internet. A. go, spend B. went, spend C. went, spent D. go, spent 20. Teachers suggested that parents ____ their children under 12 to ride bikes to school for safety. A. not allow B. do not allow C. mustn’t allow D. couldn’t allow
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三、完型填空(每空 1.5 分,共 30 分)

How can you stop smoking? It is not easy to stop smoking, but millions have manged to quit and so can you. Here are a few suggestions. Prepare yourself. Decide on a day to quit. Don’t choose a day 21 you know is going to be stressful, such as the day of an exam. Make a list of all the 22 you will get from stopping smoking. Then throw away your last packet of cigarettes. Be determined. Every time you feel like 23 a cigarette, remind yourself that you are a non-smoker. Reread the list of benefits you wrote 24 . Break the habit. 25 smoking a cigarette, do something else. Go for a walk, clean your teeth, drink some water, clean the house; in fact, do anything to keep your mind and especially your hands busy. Relax. If you start to feel nervous or stressed, do not reach 26 a cigarette. Try some deep breathing instead. Do some relaxation exercises every time you feel stressed. Get help if you need it. Arrange to stop smoking with a friend so you can talk about your problems, or 27 a stop-smoking group. If you feel desperate, you might like to talk to a doctor 28 chemist about something to help you, like nicotine chewing gum. Keep trying. Do not be 29 if you have to try several times before you finally stop smoking. If you weaken and have a cigarette, do not feel ashamed. Just try again. You will succeed 30 . 21. A. who B. that C. where D. when 22. A. benefit B. good C. goods D. benefits 23. A. smoking B. smoke C. to smoke D. smoked 24. A. earlier B. early C. late D. later 25. A. Instead B. Instead of C. Replace D. Replace of 26. A. to B. at C.for D. in 27. A. join B. joined C. join in D. joined in 28. A. and B. or C. but D. so 29. A. disappointed B. disappoint C. disappointing D. disappointment 30. A. eventually B. eventual C. at the end D. at the last

You have waited 45 minutes for the valuable 10 minutes’ break between classes. But when the bell for the next class rings, you can't believe how quickly time has passed. If you are familiar with this 31 , you’ll know how time flies when you are having fun and 32 when you are bored. Now scientists have come up with a reason why this is the case. Researches have shown that patterns of activity in the brain 33 according to how we focus on a task. When we are bored, we concentrate more on how time is passing. And this makes our brains think the clock is going more 34 . In an experiment performed by a French laboratory, 12 volunteers watched images 35 researchers monitored(监控)their brain activity. The volunteers were told to 36 concentrate on how long each image appeared for,
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then focus on the color of the image, and thirdly, study both duration and color. The results showed that the brain was more active when the volunteers paid attention to more subjects. It is thought that if the brain is busy focusing on many aspects of a task, it has to gather its resources, and pays less attention to the clock. 37 , time passes without us really noticing it, and seems to go quickly. If the brain is not so active, it concentrates its 38 energies on monitoring the passing of time. 39 , time seems to drag. Next time you feel bored 40 , perhaps you should pay more attention to what the teacher is saying! 31. A. view B. point C. scene D. story 32. A. drags B. gains C. stops D. jumps 33. A. change B. develop C. grow D. slow 34. A. differently B. slowly C. actively D. quickly 35. A. so B. although C. while D. but 36. A. partly B. carefully C. probably D. firstly 37. A. However B. Furthermore C. Therefore D. Finally 38. A. enough B. full C. improper D. correct 39. A. In fact B. As a result C. For example D. Instead 40. A. in class B. with your work C. in the experiment D. in mind 四、阅读理解 (每题 2 分,共 40 分) 第一节 (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面四篇短文,从每小题后所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该选项涂黑。

A year ago. I paid no attention to English idioms, though my teacher emphasized(强调) the importance again and again. But soon, the importance of English idioms was shown in an amusing experience. One day, I happened to meet an Englishman on the road, and soon we began to talk. As I was talking about how I was studying English, the foreigner seemed to be astonished. Gently shaking his head, shrugging his shoulders, he said, “You don’t say!” “You don’t say!” I was puzzled. I thought, perhaps this is not a proper topic. “Well, I’d better change the topic, ”so I said to him, “Well, shall we talk about the Great Wall? By the way, have you ever been there?” “Certainly, everyone back home will laugh at me if I leave China without seeing it. It was magnificent.” He was deep in thought when I began to talk like a tourist guide. “The Great Wall is one of the wonders in the world. We are very proud of it.” Soon I was interrupted again by his words “You don’t say!” I couldn’t help asking, “Why do you ask me not to talk about it?” “Well, I didn’t request you to do so,” he answered, greatly surprised. I said, “Didn’t you say ‘You don’t say’?” Hearing this, the Englishman laughed to tears. He began to explain, “‘You don’t say’ actually means ‘Really’! It is an expression of surprise. Perhaps you don’t pay attention to English idioms.” Only then did I know I had made a fool of myself. Since then I have been more careful with idiomatic expressions. Remember: what the English teachers said to us students is always right. 41. At first, on hearing“ You don’t say”, I thought the foreigner meant A. he was not interested in the topic B. I had talked too much
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C. he was only interested in the Great Wall A. interesting B. important

D. I had to stop talking . D. unlucky C. terrible

42. The underlined word in the first paragraph probably means 43. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The Englishman left China without seeing the Great Wall. B. The Englishman wanted to see the Great Wall after I talked about it. C. The Englishman wanted me to act as his guide. D. The Englishman had visited the Great Wall and thought it worth visiting. 44. After the Englishman explained the idiom, A. I thought the Englishman had made me a fool B. the Englishman became a real fool C. I felt very silly D. I became more careful in everything .

Let's travel the world together Nickname: Zaloxx Email:jdlxx8@yahoo. com When to travel: Feb 2010-Apr 2010 Self-introduction.. A 40+ male with strong physical and financial abilities. Hope to travel in India, Singapore and Thailand for business as well as for fun. My travel plan: Fly to Delhi and spend 3 weeks in India travelling mostly in north. Fly to Singapore and Thailand for a few business matters and mainly for fun. Whom I am looking for: A female to travel with me. She should be an attractive 30-40 healthy romantic lady and love travelling and relaxing. Together for Christmas and New Year? Nickname: Rue Rose Email: sofitsao@taishin, com. tw When to travel: Dec 2010-Jan 2011 Self-introduction: I am a fit, young, looking 40 years old female, who is easy-going, fun to be with. My travel plan: Would like to go somewhere hot-Cuba, Africa, Morocco, and so on. Perhaps the Christmas and New Year there are more interesting. Whom I am looking for: A male much with similar interests. A non-smoker and light drinker. Travel in good company! Nickname: Louise Email: misskennedy@hotmail, co. uk When to travel: Jan 2010 Self-introduction: 40 years old, fun-loving and easy-going. My travel plan: I need a break and I am open to anywhere. Whom I am looking for: A male travel companion(同伴), 24-40. A non-smoker who enjoys outside activities. Prefer someone that speaks Spanish. Need a travel companion in Thailand! Nickname: Gio
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Email: esteban407@yahoo, com When to travel: Feb 2010-Apr 2010 Self-introduction: I am 28 years old from London. I like to keep fit and enjoy hiking and camping. My travel plan: I plan to visit Thailand and travel around the country to enjoy nature and the sunshine. Whom I am looking for: Someone around my age. A male who is willing to have an active holiday. 45. If the Londoner and his companion travel in March, 2010, they will probably be in A. Cuba B. Singapore C. India D. Thailand 46. A lady who wants to be a travel companion can send email to A. jdlxx8@yahoo, com B. sofitsao@taishin. com. tw C. esteban407@yahoo, com D. misskennedy@hotmail. co. uk 47. People in the advertisements above want to . A. introduce their travel experiences B. make friends with strangers while traveling C. find proper travel partners D. look for someone to look after them while traveling

O. Henry was a pen name used by an American writer of short stories. His real name was William Sydney Porter. He was born in North Carolina in 1862. As a young boy he lived an exciting life. He did not go to school for very long, but he managed to teach himself everything he needed to know. When he was about 20 years old, O. Henry went to Texas, where he tried different jobs. He first worked on a newspaper, and then had a job in a bank. When some money went missing from the bank, O. Henry was believed to have stolen it. Because of that, he was sent to prison. During the three years in prison, he learned to write short stories. After he got out of prison, he went to New York and continued writing. He wrote mostly about New York and the life of the poor there. People liked his stories, because simple as the tales were, they would finish with a sudden change at the end, to the readers’ surprise. 48. In which order did O. Henry do the following things? a. Lived in New York. b. Worked in a bank. c. Traveled to Texas. d. Was put in prison. e. Had a newspaper job. f. Learned to write stories. A. e, c, f, b, d, a B. c, b, e, d, a, f C. e, b, d, c, a, f D. c, e, b, d, f, a 49. People enjoyed reading O. Henry’s stories because _____. A. they had surprise endings B. they were easy to understand C. they showed his love for the poor D. they were about New York City 50. What do we know about O. Henry before he began writing? A. He was well-educated. B. He was very good at learning. C. He was devoted to the poor. D. He was not serious about his work. 51. Where did O. Henry get most material for his short stories? A. His life inside the prison. B. The newspaper articles he wrote. C. The city and people of New York. D. His exciting early life as a boy

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When I looked at the grade on my math paper my jaw almost dropped to the ground: a big “65” in bright red ink. I had never received such a terrible grade before. I was so ashamed that when I got home that afternoon I lied to my dad. I told him I got 85 and that the report wouldn’t come until the end of the month. Dad smiled. His daughter would never lie about her grade, so he didn’t doubt the unusual delay of my report. A month later, Dad casually asked me again about the report at the dinner table. He looked right into my eyes and asked for an answer. Having no choice, I told him that I had in fact got just 65 in my math final. I had lied because I didn’t want to let him down. For a moment, he just looked at me. I would have preferred a telling off than that silence. Finally, Dad said, in a hurt voice, “You have already let me down, with your lie. I am not disappointed at your math score. That is no big deal – no one can be perfect all the time. But I am very disappointed in you. If you can’t be honest with your dad, who can you be honest with? It’s much easier to achieve a better grade than rebuild someone else’s trust in you.” Dad’s words touched my heart. I couldn’t forgive myself for having hurt his feelings. I took out the report that I had been hiding for weeks, handed to him and apologized, sincerely. I realized that my honesty is not only important to me personally, but to those around me that truly care about my well-being. In one of Shakespeare’s plays a character says: “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” After the crisis between Dad and me, I began to understand those words. 52. The first paragraph may suggest that the author ______. A. was punished by her father for a bad grade B. never expected teachers to give her bad grades C. usually got a higher grade D. was bad at math 53. The author lied to her father because ______. A. she thought her father would believe her story B. she didn’t want to let her father down C. her father wouldn’t get her grade report D. her father got angry whenever she got a poor grade 54. Why did her father stay silent after his daughter told him that she had lied? A. He didn’t understand what his daughter had said. B. He was angry that his daughter lied to him again. C. He was unhappy with his daughter’s bad score. D. He was hurt that his daughter had lied to him. 55. The purpose of the article is to tell us that ______. A. dishonesty may work sometimes, but there is a price to pay B. sometimes a lie can make things easier C. we should study hard to make our parents happy D. we should accept the fact that we are not perfect 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容,从下框的 A—F 选项中选出能概括每一段主题的最佳选项。选项中有一项为 多余选项。(若选 E,则涂 AB;选 F 时,涂 AC)

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A.News about spaceflight B.News about sports meeting C.News about crime D.News about the world peace situation E.News about the World Expo F.News about disasters 56. Hang Tianran (Nanjing): The piece of news that impressed me most was of the miners in Chile who were rescued after 69 days underground. we often hear news about mine accidents As in China, and their terrible deaths, we should learn from the efficiency and perseverance of the Chileans. And also on November 15, a fire broke out in a central district of Shanghai. terrible The fire lasted 8 hours and 15 minutes and caused the death of 58 people.The whole city was into deep sorrow.We should learn something from this disaster. 57. Lin Yujie (Chengdu) For me, the most impressive news of 2010 was the fierce conflict (冲 : 突) between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea.Peace and development should be the main theme of this century after the horrors of World Wars I and II.The whole world now keep an eye on the event. 58. Tan Zheng (Shouguang): The news item that struck me most was that Julian Assange was caught by the British-police.His website, Wikileaks, publishes government secrets, news of corruption (腐败) and related matters, and has aroused the interest of the world. 59. Xia Yuanzhong (Hefei): As an enthusiast for space exploration, the perfect launch of Chang'e-2 impressed me the most in 2010.In 2007, I set up a web-site about Chang'e-1 after its launch as part of my application to take part in a research program.I learned a lot about China's lunar exploration, from the launch of Chang'e-2.I had been waiting for it for three years! 60. Hu Jing (Shouguang): In 2010, I was most impressed by the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. More and more people are focusing on Shanghai now. Expo not only increased the The influence of China, but also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange and economic development.It helped build harmonious international relationships.

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一、短语、单词翻译(每空 1 分,共 10 分) 1.对……有信念 have________ in 2.占有,拥有 in __________of 3.把……集中于……_____________ on 4.巧合地 by__________________ 5.对……上瘾 be __________ to 6.有风险 at __________ 7.尤其,特别 in __________________ 8. 讲得通, 有意义 make _______________ 9.用完,用尽 run out __________ 10.习惯于 be ______________to 二、语法改错(每题 1 分,共 10 分)(每题一处错误,在错误的单词下划线,并在线下写出应 该的单词;在应该去掉的单词上画出斜线) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. He made the demand that we would go at once. It's high time that he goes to bed. He treats the little girl as if she was his own daughter. If you have taken my advice, you would not have failed in the exams. The doctor suggested that he shall change his job. I wish I am a little bird.

7. She had a computer at home,and her parents desired that she could do all her work at home. 8. We have received the order that we can not use the lab for a couple of days 9. Thank you for all your hard work last week. I don’t think we could managed it without you. 10.He demanded that we arrived here in time. 三、写作(共 1 小题,满分 10 分)

假如你叫李华,听说在国外上学的表弟 James 吸烟成瘾,你很担忧。请给他写一 封 e-mail,谈谈吸烟的危害并给出戒烟的建议。 (可适当发挥,总词数不少于 80 词)
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