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高中英语必修 1 重点词汇,短语,句子复习 必修一. M1 Unit 1 重点单词 upset ignore tip friendship nature thunder cheat share series dare power trust suffer quiz survey situation habit loose gossip grateful highway culture spirit community selfish recover understand favorite settle background discover entirely point experience solve 重点短语 calm down be concerned about make a list of be crazy about according to get along with fall in love try out add up share sth. with sb. go through a series of on purpose join in communicate with face to face happen to do at dusk stay away set down hide away laugh at go on holiday walk the dog live in peace get tired of 重点句子 I. I wonder if it‘s because I haven‘t been able to be outdoors for so long that I‘ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 2. What do you think a good friend should be like? 3. Now read how she felt after being in the hiding place since 1942. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. 在遛狗时,你不小心让狗挣脱了绳子,结果狗被车撞了。 I‘m only able to look at nature through dirty curtains hanging before very dusty windows. It‘s no pleasure looking through any longer. It‘s a good habit for you to keep a diary. She found it difficult to settle and… 4. Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts? 你想有一位无话不谈、能推心置腹的朋友吗?(来源:状元源 http://zyy100.com) 5. I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. 我记得非常清楚, 曾有 一段时间,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未使我心醉神迷过。 … nature is one thing that really must be experienced. People are told that their actions should be as gentle as the wind that blows from the sea. 6. It was the first time in a year and a half that I‘d seen the night face to face. 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。 7. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. 如果你能给我一些建议我会非常感激的。
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必修一. M1 Unit 2 重点单词 Include international native modern vocabulary culture actually rule latter elevator/lift usage identity government command petrol/gas request polite standard recognize apartment/flat accent direction block official voyage conquer gradually enrich especially rapidly spelling settle/settler 重点短语 play a role (in) play a part(in) even if be based on from one place to another the same…as… such as make use of at present no longer come up to the number of 重点句子 1. However, they may not be able to understand everything. (然而,他们可能不是什么都懂。 ) 2. This is because Britain ruled India from 1765 to 1947. (这是因为英国于 1765 年到 1947 年统治过印度。) 3. What the British call ―petrol‖ the Americans call ―gas‖. (美国人把被英国人称作―petrol‖的东西称作―gas‖。 此处 what 引导宾语从句) 4. …those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English. Because those who ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. Actually, it was based more on German than the English we speak at present. The US is a large country in which many different dialects are spoken. 5. …there is more than one kind of English in the world. (more than one+单数可数名词,作主语时,谓语用单数) 6. It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as well as a native English speaker. (对于一个中国人来说把英语说得跟以英语为母语的人一样好是不容易的。) 句型:It is + adj/n+ for sb to do sth 对于某人来说做某事是… 扩充:It is + adj+ of /for sb to do sth 当句式中形容词修饰 to do sth 时用 for; 若形容词修饰 sb,则用 of. eg: It‘s kind of you to help me carry the box. 7. The number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly. 8. At first the English spoken in England between about AD 450 and 1150 was very different from the English spoken today.

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M1 Unit3

重点单词: Journal/journalist/journey/trip/tour(tourist, tourism)/travel/vayage/flight fare transport finally persuade cycle/recycle stubborn insist attitude camp proper/properly topic familiar prefer disadvantage record/recorder flow cousin province graduate brave /bravery schedule detail wool determine/determination/determined freeze reliable encourage gradually source/resource inn afford lucky special temple café population directions separate field 重点短语: get sb interested in make camp dream of doing persuade sb to do persuade sb into/out of (doing) sth insist on sth /doing sth put up one‘s tents set /break(beat)/hold a record care about care for sth/sb give in(to sb) give away give off give out make up one‘s mind read one‘s mind keep/bear sth in mind be familiar with sth be familiar to sb be similar to 重点句子 1. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River. 2. Although she didn‘t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that we (should) find the source of the river. 3. Have you ever seen snowmen ride bicycles? (metaphor) 4. To climb the mountain road was hard work but to go down the hills was great fun. 5. After graduating from college, we finally got the chance to take a bike trip. 6. Ever since middle school, … I have dreamed about taking a great bike trip. 7. they are Dai, … near the Langcang River, the Chinese part of the river that is called the Mekong River in other countries. It makes wide bends or meanders through low valleys to the plains where rice grows.

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必修一 M1 Unit4 重点单词: Shake rise burst ruin/destroy earthquake injure judge honour useless imagine shock rescue disaster shelter survivor fresh countryside smelly nervous strange/stranger well pipe event suffering steam extreme bury canal brick express dam track steel mine/miner trap competition organize congratulations 重点短语: prepare to do sth/get prepared instead of a/the number of thousands of Shake hands with sb. Burst into Judging by/from Be/feel honoured by Give honour to sb Dig out as usual right away Be proud of at an end 重点句子 1. Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. 2. But the one million people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep…. 3. The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. 4. It seemed as if the world was at an end. (来源:状元源 http://zyy100.com) 5. Water, food and electricity were hard to get. 句型:主语+ be + adj + to do 其中 to do 用主动形式表示被动含义 6. All hope was not lost. all 与 not 连用 表示部分否定 7. It‘s never too late to learn. 活到老,学到老。 8. Then, later that afternoon, another big quake which was almost as strong as the first one shook Tangshan. 9. Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. 10. The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead.

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必修一 M1 Unit5 重点单词: quality willing principle fight mean peaceful prisoner advise continue active vote position accept violence save equal degree educated terror generous reward criminal president sincerely selfish devoted cruel easy-going mankind guidance offer lawyer legal equal sentence violence relative found generous 重点短语: as a matter of fact come to power devote … to … set up in trouble lose heart worry about out of work believe in put…in prison realize one‘s dream of blow up 重点句子 1. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. 2. I felt bad the first time I talked to the group. the first time 相当于连词,用来引导 从句 3. He taught us during the lunch breaks and the evenings when we should have been asleep. should have done 本应做而未做 needn‘t have done 本不应做而做了 can‘t have done 过去不可 能做过 4. The time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life 5. Mandela was the black lawyer to whom I went for advice. 6. He was generous with his time, for which I was grateful. 7. The school where I studied for only two years was three kilometers away. 8. The day when Nelson Mandela helped me was one of my happiest. 9. However, this was a time when one had to have…… 10. The parts of town in which they had to live were the poorest parts of South Africa. 11. …. We had reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all. 12. They could not get the jobs they wanted. (来源:状元源 http://zyy100.com) 13. we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important or fight the government. 14. I was worried about whether I would become out of work.

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必修二 M2 Unit1 重点单词: cultural survive remain state valuable rare dynasty belong heat select design fancy jewel reception amazing light wonder remove furniture decorate secretly wooden doubt prove besides consider opinion evidence pretend treasure celebrate former mystery 重点短语(来源:状元源 zyy100.com) look into serve as take apart in rather than think highly of belong to in search of in return care about agree with to one‘s surprise 重点句子 1. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train …… 2. Frederick William I, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. 3. In 1770, the room was completed the way she wanted. 4. this was a time when the two countries were at war. 5. ….. could never have imagined that his greatest gift to ……. 6. This gift was the Amber Room which was given this name because ….. 7. The amber which was selected had a beautiful yellow-brown color like honey. 8. The design of the room was in a fancy style popular in those days. 9. It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country‘s best artists …….

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必修二 M2 Unit2 重点单词 honest ancient compete competitor medal host magical interview athlete admit stadium gymnasium replace prize sliver physical/mental root relate poster advertise foolish promise golden regular slave responsibility opportunity allow spirit volunteer homeland glory hopeless nowadays standard 重点短语(来源:状元源 zyy100.com) take part in/join in used to play a role in compete against/for work out make sure a set of as well every four years one after another all over the world as a matter of fact pick up stand for on a …. Basis together with find out make a bargain with 重点句子 1. … a special village is built for them to live in. 2. I lived in what you called ―Ancient Greece‖. 3. But of course you can ask any questions you like. 4. Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for the event will be admitted as competitors. 5. That‘s why they are called the Winter Olympics. (来源:状 元 源 zyy100.com) 6. No other countries could join in, nor could slaves or women. 7. It‘s in the Summer Olympics that you have the running races, together with …

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必修二 M2 Unit3 重点单词: revolution universal artificial intelligence anyhow totally advantage/disadvantage type disagree material personal create arise wander wonder predict devoted sum develop rapidly memory shape network application connect quality download internet virus web signal program coach electronic spoil niece expert finance mobile performance explore analytical logically cheat operate/operator/operation calculate/calculator simple-minded technology/technological 重点短语 as a result deal with have … in common make up after all watch over be filled with with the help of compare …to/with …. According to at that time from then on Share … with … as well as be crazy about Provide …. With in a way 重点句子 1. Over time my memory has developed so much that … I never forgot anything I have been told. 2. I was programmed by an operator who uses cards with holes. 3. At that time it was considered a technological revolution …. 4. I wondered if I would grow any larger. 5. Alan Turing, wrote a book about how I could be made to work as a ―universal machine‖ to solve any difficult mathematical problem. 6. As time went by, I was made smaller. These changes only became possible as my memory improved. 7. I have been used in offices and homes since 1970s.

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必修二 M2 Unit4 重点单词 wild/wildlife protection reserve hunt/hunter loss stomach apply suggest thick disappear insect contain powerful drug carpet affect attention bite (bit, bitten) effect zone recently fierce lazy distant fur respond destroy appreciate incident dust unexpected inspect sweater rare secure dinosaur 重点短语 die out pay attention to come into being get dressed in peace in danger protect…from be concerned about have an effect on wake up turn around burst into laughter in relief a certain number of without mercy according to know for sure endangered species 重点句子 1. There Daisy saw an antelope looking sad. 2. We/re being killed for …… Our fur is being used to make …… I wonder what is being done to help you. Daisy turned around and found that she was being watched by an elephant. So good things are being done to save wildlife. 3. Please show me a place where there‘s some wildlife protection. 4. They learned this from the way the bones were joined together. 5. Others think the earth got too hot for the dinosaurs to live on any more. 6. It is hoped that one day there will be enough animals …….

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必修二 M2 Unit5 重点单词: appreciate musician/musical clap form pretend earn extra stick saying unknown reputation instrument sort concert band fame reputation brief pub studio actor humorous broadcast celebrate attractive sensitive realize copy fan devotion recognize upset Rap Choral Rock‘ n‘ Roll Folk music Jazz Classical music Orchestra Country music attractive/attract/attraction advertisement/advertise passer-by/passers-by perform/performance loosely/loosen 重点短语 to be honest play jokes on break up by chance come up with dream of be based on in addition as well as in cash attach importance to pay for rely on get familiar with or so 重点句子(来源:状元源 zyy100.com) 1. Have you ever dreamed of being in front of thousands of people at a concert, with everyone clapping and enjoying your singing? (with 复合结构做状语) 2. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as played music, most of which was based loosely on the Beatles. 3. So they left Britain, to which they were never to return. 4. ….. but they could only find one who was good enough. 5. …… the Monkees would play and sing songs written by other musicians. 6. …… after a year or so in which they became more serious about their work, the Monkees started …… 7. They produced a new record in 1996, with which they celebrated their former
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time as a real band.

必修三 重点单词 starve plenty satisfy feast hunt origin trick independence gather harvest agricultural custom admire energetic shape religious social permission possibility grateful apologize sadness obvious forgive decorate award ancestor festival beauty celebrate ancient light honor belief spirit Christian weep wipe event sweets poet drown heart-broken 重点短语 take place in memory of play a trick on look forward to as though have fun with sb. turn up keep one‘s word hold one‘s breath do harm to dress up day and night set off throw away 重点句子 1. Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient times. 2. Some festivals are held to honor the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return either to help or do harm. 3. It‘s now a children‘s festival, when they can dress up and ……. 4. ….. to honor Mohandas Gandhi, the leader who helped gain India‘s dependence from Britain. 5. China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, when people admire the moon and ….. 6. Some western countries have very exciting festivals, which take place forty days before Easter. 7. The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. 8. She could be with her friend right now laughing at him. 9. It‘s obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting …..
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必修 3 重点词汇,短语,句子复习总结 M3 Unit1

必修三. M3 Unit 2 重点单词 diet energy digestion balance roast ought slim curiosity research customer weakness strength debt gently limit benefit sigh combine item packet serve business frustrate fit cooperation menu fat heavy curiosity hostess discount raw fried barbecue fibre consult warmly advertise admit offer 重点短语 balanced diet ought to lose weight put on some weight on one‘s way even though throw away according to rather than amount to cut down before long be amazed at feel sick in debt be tired of be curious about get away with tell lies get rid of in research of earn one's living glare at benefit from take off 重点句子 1. But don‘t you think it would be better if you were a bit thinner? 2. So that is what they did. 3. Their balanced diets became such a success that before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight. 4. … but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising …. 5. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. 6. He thought of his mutton, beef and bacon cooked in the ….. 7. Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by. 8. Something terrible must have happened, if ……
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9. Even though the customers might get thin after eating …. 10. He did not look forward to being in debt …. 11. They were both enjoying dumplings and breast of chicken cooked with garlic.

必修三 M3 unit3 重点单词 scene permit stare account appearance patience silly jealous unbelievable rude manner scream indeed decade humor character director passage pound wealth spot author reserve survive doubt offer advantage order pavement lucky dessert follow steak wander wonder/wonderful fault businessman funny amazing seek pleasure scream genuine fake issue bow jail crime properly 重点短语 make a bet go ahead by accident account for to be honest shoulder to shoulder in rags even if care about get into trouble as a matter of fact as for… give/pay attention to bring up be known as/for at this moment lead the way give up on the contrary on one‘s way a large amount of in a … manner take care of earn a living from the bottom of my heart 重点句子 1. Dressed in the finest clothes, he drove by the brothers‘ house in Portland Place, and, seeing they were back, went to get Portia at ….. 2. I never would have believed it. 3. I must give you a job, as I promised. 4. You have got a job open that I want 5. …. But not worth one tenth as much as how Henry felt about Portia. 6. It‘s well-known that Americans like to eat a lot 7. Would you mind waiting just a few minutes?
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I wonder, Mr. Adams, if you‘d mind us asking a few questions? 8. But it‘s all I have on me. 9. I hope you‘ll come here whenever you like. You must come whenever you want and have whatever you like. 10. I found myself carried out to sea by a strange wind. 11. It was the ship that brought you to England. 12. The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. 13. At this moment, they see a penniless young man wandering on the pavement outside their house. 14. It‘s Henry Adams, an American businessman, who is lost in London ….

必修三. M3 Unit4 重点单词 astronomy atmosphere system violent solid explode surface harmful development spread method depend exist presence disappointed publish gravity force gradually cheer combine explore settle fundamental allow atom mystery chain reaction multiply dinosaur produce oxygen generally climate lessen exhausting approach faint opportunity carbon dioxide solve thus crash feed 重点短语 think of…as… in time cool down go by now that come into existence be different form lay eggs give birth to on one‘s surface as well as prevent ... from escape from get close to cheer up break out to one‘s disappointment as a result of be harmful to sb depend on in one‘s presence watch out in one‘s turn 重点句子 1. That empty hole is like a mouth always needing to be fed. 2. I cheered up immediately … watching the earth become smaller…. 3. We watched, amazed as the fire broke out on the outside of the spaceship. 4. This disappearance made possible the rise of mammals on the earth. This produced a chain reaction, which made it possible for life to develop. 5. …. The earth may become too hot to live on. 6. They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which prevent heat
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from escaping the earth into space. 7. So whether life will continue on the earth for the millions of year to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved. …. It was not clear whether the shape would last or not.

必修三. M3 Unit5 重点单词 minister continent eastward surround harbor extremely settle within border figure terrify official wealthy distance flow downtown tradition broad bush fall schoolmate approximately coast measure chat rapidly scenery manager complete aboard nearby cowboy prize realize slightly distant urban port fresh tour cross confirm coast 重点短语 be/go on a trip rather than catch sight of as well as because of go on a tour of go through as far as be surrounded by settle down have a gift for at dawn be close to figure out in the distance 重点句子 1. … there was frost on the ground, confirming that fall had arrived in Canada. 2. The thought that they could cross the whole continent was exciting. Some people have the idea that you can …., but they forget the fact that …. 3. People say it is Canada‘s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 4. It‘s so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some measuring over 90 meters. 5. The next stop was Calgary, which is famous for the Calgary Stampede. 6. The girls were surprised at the fact that ocean ships can sail up the Great Lakes.
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7. … they could see the misty cloud that rose from the great Niagara Falls, which is on the south side of the lake. As they sat in a buffet restaurant looking over the …,a young man sat down with them.

必修 4 重点词汇,短语,句子复习总结 必修四. M4 Unit1 重点单词 condition welfare connection argue achieve/achievement campaign organization specialist devote behave/behavior worthwhile respect entertainment inspire observe/observation support communication strike explain medical consideration considerate deliver modest shade wander nest bond childhood environment cheer support abroad rate career countryside drive improve prize project institute encourage protect found intend disease affect research emergency generation determination kindness argue mean doing/mean to do 重点短语 devote … to rather than argue for/against/with set up look down upon/on refer to care for as well as make sure have … in common put to death concern oneself with instead of communicate with body language work out lead a … life crowd in say to oneself carry on by chance come across catch one‘s eyes can‘t wait to do 重点句子 1. She spent years observing and recording their daily activities. 2. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project.
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3. It seem that she had been very busy in her chosen career, traveling abroad to study 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

as well as writing books and articles. Further reading made me realize that it was hard work and determination as well as her gentle nature that got her into medical school. Watching a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day. This means going back to the place where we left the family sleeping in the tree the night before. It was unusual for a woman to live in the forest. Her work changed the way people think about chimps. She actually observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey and then eating it. … helped her work out their social system. However the evening make it all worthwhile. We watch the mother chimp and her babies play in the tree.

必修四 M4 Unit2 重点单词 hunger super product freedom export mineral reduce agricultural whatever output hobby dangerous farming comfortable therefore statistics avoid

sunburn expand suitable supply summary affect harvest underline minerals comment decade discovery fertile

sunburnt circulate chemical bacteria nutrition level grain production organic common

struggle equip confuse graduate disturbing awake crop root goal

重点短语 lead a … life with the hope of free from insist on search for be satisfied with get/feel/be exhausted in addition focus on rid … of thanks to care about as well as lead to build up 重点句子 1. Dr Yuan Longping grows what is called super hybrid rice. 2. The special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same field.
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3. Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of the fields. 4. Dr Yuan is quite satisfied with his life.袁博士对生活非常满足。 5. Using his hybrid rice ,farmers are producing harvest twice as large as before 6. … planting peanuts that use the ground‘s surface followed by vegetables that put down deep roots. 7. Some organic farmers prefer planting grass between crops to prevent wind or water from carrying away the soil, and then leaving it in the ground to become a natural fertilizer. 8. This also keeps the air, soil, water and crops free from chemicals. 9. In addition, fruit, vegetables and other food grown with chemical fertilizers usually grow too fast to be full of much nutrition. 10. One dream is not always enough, especially for a person who loves and cares for his people, 11. … Yuan Longping considers himself a framer, ….

必修四 M4 Unit 3 重点单词 slide skin cruel astonishing particular entertain throughout worn-out homeless failure overcome boil unfortunately snowstorm bottom chew direct outstanding swing mountainous whisper vast sense comedy teens popular particularly amuse brighten common ordinary charming optimism edge performer detective moustache leather determination taste 重点词组 pick out be caught in play jokes on sb make fun of bump into be content with badly off cut off in search of at times up to now on one occasion 重点句子 1. He made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed, so they could feel more content with their lives. 2. No one was ever bored watching him—his subtle acting made everything entertaining. 3. Instead they are hiding in a small hut on the edge of a mountain during a snowstorm with nothing to eat. 4. Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed and produced the films he starred in. 5. He walked around stiffly carrying a walking stick.
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6. You may find it astonishing that Charlie was …. 7. Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. 8. Unfortunately his father died, leaving the family ever worse off.

必修四 M4 Unit4 重点单词 major local represent curious introduce approach stranger express action general avoid misunderstand similar agreement adult punish intend means universal cultural apologize behave bow flight defence dormitory canteen dash comfortable distance prefer touch custom false hug function international powerful greet fist yawn threaten respectful association gesture 重点短语 be likely to at ease neither … nor … kook sb in the eyes watch out introduce…to… be similar to be willing to do on the contrary communicate with shake hands with in general facial expression lose face turn one‘s back to in most cases base … on from side to side 重点句子 1. I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously. 2. Not all cultures greet each other the same way, Nor are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people. 3. We can often be wrong about each other, so it is an amazing thing that we
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understand each other as well as we do. 4. Smiles around the world can be false, hiding other feelings …. Then Akira Nagata from Japan came in, smiling … I stood for a minute watching them …. … I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously … The first person to arrive was Tony Garcia from Colombia, closely followed by Julia Smith from Britain. She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands, as if in defense. 5. … frowning and turning one‘s back to someone shows anger. … shaking the head from side to side means Being respectful to people is subjective, based on each culture, but in general it is probably not a good idea to give a hug to a boss or a teacher. Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that … There are many ways around the world to show agreement, but nodding the head up and down is used for …. 6. These actions are not good or bad, but are simply ways in which cultures have developed.

必修四 M4 Unit5 重点单词 theme amuse various shuttle charge profit souvenir athletic brand-new equipment sneaker minority fantasy settler experiment advance technique cloth beyond experience creature ancient survive crash opportunity historical deed celebrate journey trip excellent length tourism unique old-fashioned cartoon sight perfect attraction engine available increase online character magical traditional carpenter candy preserve model completely jungle sword information 重点短语 be famous for no wonder (that) in advance get close to come to life be familiar with take a ride on face to face various kinds of 重点句子 1. Whichever and whatever you like, there is a theme park for you! 2. With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. 3. To enter a world of fantasy about ancient England, come to Camelot Park! 4. Futuroscope is not only for individuals, but is also the perfect mix of fun and
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learning for class outings. 5. If driving, Futuroscope is within easy reach of the freeway. 6. Visit the candy shop to try the same kind of candy that American southerners made 150years ago, or take a ride on the only steam engine train still working in the … 7. After that, joined some drivers and went to the bottom of the ocean to see the strange blind creatures that have never seen sunlight. Visitors can get close to parts of the world they have never experienced, going to the bottom of the ocean, flying through the jungle or visiting the edges of the solar system

必修 5 重点词汇,短语,句子复习总结 必修五. M5 Unit 1 重点单词 characteristics environment analyze deliver extra physician attend evidence pollute handle pump challenge affect valuable source severe attack confuse absorb suspected enquiry investigation announce movement against theory encourage replace enthusiastic cautious arise punish knowledge 重点短语 put forward draw a conclusion expose … to … be to blame in addition link...to... lead to make sense contribute to be enthusiastic about point of view (be)strict with sb. thousands of be determined to do
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expert spread foresee neighborhood face gather multiply universe privately gradually backward

instruct remove cure victim frighten solve clue reject create ignore solar

be/get under control blame sb. for sth. die of/from apart from be curious about look into

重点句子 1. John Snow was a well-known doctor in London – so famous, indeed, that he attended Queen Victoria as her personal physician.. 2. But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera. 3. First he marked on a map the exact places where all the dead people lived. 4. He knew it would never be controlled until its cause was found. 5. He became interested in two theories that possibly explained how cholera killed people. 6. The second suggested that people absorbed this disease into their bodies with their meals. To prevent this from happening again, John Snow suggested that the source of all the water supplies be examined. 7. Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense.

必修五 M5 Unit2 重点单词: unite divide puzzle relation legal convenience attraction architecture Influence project arrange wedding sightseeing available delight uniform thrill unfair smart province clarify accomplish evidence countryside describe conflict port administration government institution solid industrial roughly zone population combine collection castle worthwhile available competition invader enjoyable imaginary treasure introduce description possibility splendid original furnish display
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clarify collection fold statue suggestion connect unwilling remain construct expand plus error guard

quarrel tense consistent 重点短语 consist of to one‘s surprise break away from break down make a list of in memory of feel proud of refer to link … to …. on special occasions take the place of leave out have an influence on at your convenience as well in / with relation to under construction to their credit find out on show feel proud of 重点句子 1. It is a pity that the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. 2. You find most of the population settled in the south. 3. You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom enjoyable and worthwhile. 4. Worried about the time available, Zhang Pingyu had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London . 5. It looked splendid when first built. 6. What interested her most was the longitude line. 7. … so Pingyu had photo taken standing on either side of the line. 8. It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived

必修五 M5 Unit3 重点单词 vehicle carriage mud location settlement impression remind guide previous opening surrounding lack bend press swiftly switch optimistic pessimistic alien enormous imitate assist agency skip stewardess tolerate adjustment spread timetable relax typist typewriter postage friendly fault explanation waste greedy available material absorb efficiency goods representative wander 重点词组 take up in all directions in no time sweep up depend on speed up
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temple constantly tablet ache master opportunity extraordinary prize fasten exhausted postcode blame recycle manufacture motivation

private require capsule mask flash length helmet transport switch citizen button observe swallow perform

lose sight of/ catch sight of get / be caught in give off

as a result suffer from be similar to in no time on one‘s feet be supposed to do plenty of be previous to compare … with/to … for health reasons jet lag under repair search for as though show sb around be disposed of make an impression on because of used to do 重点句子 1. The air seemed thin as though its combination of gases had little oxygen left. 2. Why not sit down and rest? = Why don‘t you sit down and rest? 3. I still cannot believe that I am taking up this prize that I won last year. 4. Just relax, since there is nothing planned on the timetable today. 5. I lost sight of Wang Ping when we reached what looked like a large market because of too much carriages flying by in all directions. 6. I can still remember the moment when the space stewardess called us all to …. 7. Well-known for their expertise, his parents‘ company , called ―Future Tours‖, transported me safely into …. Worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. I stared at the moving model of the waste machine, absorbed by its efficiency. Described as an enormous round plate, it spins slowly in space to imitate the earth‘s gravity.

必修五. M5 Unit4 重点单词 photograph photographer edit article journalist eager acquire meanwhile trade deliberately guilty technical defend crime normal accurate employ polish approve process intention bribe deny colleague experienced unusual professional headline interview appointment concise skeptical publish update submit delighted assess evidence suggest realize 重点短语 on one‘s own be eager to do sth accuse…of go on a story make sure ahead of sth
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edition assignment case thorough combine scoop senior challenge amateur dilemma arrange influence damages

editor whisper gifted chief senior demand admirable detailed deadline prove trick assistant department

concentrate on cover a story have a good ?nose‘ for

be supposed to tell the truth keep in mind inform … of take notes depend on so as to look forward to make an appointment with set (out)to do pass… on to… 重点句子 1. Never will ZY forget his first assignment at the office of China Daily. Only if you asked many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to nkow. Not only am I interested in photography, but I took an amateur course at university to update my skills. 2. This is how the story goes. 3. Have you ever had a case where somebody accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick? 4. Meanwhile you have to prepare the next question depending on what the person says. 5. … Zhou Yang also took a copy to the native speaker employed by the newspaper to polish the style. 6. He knows how to do it.

必修五. M5 Unit5 重点单词 aid injury burn poison bleed wound tissue symptom choke swollen mild infect iron electric ray sleeve honor damage sense serious severe liquid apply ceremony bravery cupboard pan stove kettle temporary host essential vital function extremely surface blouse pressure pour affect 重点短语 first aid get injured/burnt depend on over and over again fall ill sense of touch make a difference electric shock present sb. with sth. a number of 重点句子
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organ treatment blood throat radiation squeeze imagine pressure scissors degree victim shocking unbearable

skin disease swell wrist scene damp complex include basin barrier tightly scream award

protect…against in place put one‘s hands on take off cut off

1. Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree burns depending on which layers of the skins are burnt. 2. John was studying in his room when he heard screaming. 3. She was lying in her front garden bleeding very heavily 4. There is no doubt that Jon‘s quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms Slade‘s life. 5. If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible. Remove clothing using scissors if necessary 6. Examples include burns caused by electric shocks, burning clothes, or severe petrol fires. 7. … but there are other times when giving first aid quickly can save lives.

选修 6 重点词汇,短语,句子复习总结 选修六. M6 Unit1 重点单词 abstract sculpture belief special consequently specific fragrant permanent symbol value focus exhibition possession figure achievement mostly variety contemporary custom adopt explore gallery admission conventional convince ridiculous controversial excellent attempt predict collection traditional amazing realistic masterpiece environment aggressive scholar civilization counterpart permanent tip preference represent fragile typical shape technique reputation including replace 重点短语 focus on a great deal scores of
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visual faith avenue shadow object influence evident discovery style scene display gradually

concentrate on at the same time that Is (to say) as well as by coincidence lie in break away from on the other hand be well worth would rather appeal to 重点句子 1. A typical picture of this time was full of religious symbols, which created a feeling of … 2. But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century when … 3. If the rules of perspective had not been discovered, on one would have been able to paint such realistic pictures. 4. Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the Impressionists, who lived and worked in Paris. 5. The garden of this lovely mansion is also well worth a visit. 6. During the Renaissance, new ideas and values took the place of those held in the Middle Ages. 7. When people first saw his paintings they were convinced that they were looking through a hole in the wall at a real scene. 8. without the new paints and the new techniques, we would not be able to see the many great masterpiece for which this period is famous for. 9. there are scores of modern art styles, but without the impressionists, many of these painting styles might not exist. 10. It will appeal to those who love Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings.

选修六 M6 Unit2 重点单词 poem/poetry rhyme forever exchange aspect convey tease salty endless translation transform bride bridegroom organization sorrow thread compass pattern sunlight warmth underline darkness endless load 重点短语 give sb a deep impression translate into take one's eyes off run out of

rhythm minimum diamond compass branch create traditional appropriate scholarship feed energy await be make up of day by day take it easy run away
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recite cottage various athletic bare sponsor diploma eventually specific imaginative melt score branch fan championship flexible repetition utter delight own revolve scream be made of at the bottom of of one‘s own stay/sit up

try out look forward to let out in particular be popular with 重点句子 1. There are various reasons why people write poetry. Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression. 2. We would have won if Jack had scored that goal. 3. And said though strange they all were true. 4. Another simple form of poem that students can easily write is cinquain, a poem made up of five lines. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is made up of 17 syllables. 5. I‘ll give you all I own.

选修六 M6 Unit3 重点单词 stress adolescent addicted diet automatically unfit abnormal virus desperate manage quit chemist ashamed eventually production progress illegal statement unfortunately basic comprehension judgment packet embarrassed awkward benefit cigarette cigar mentally physically 重点短语

disappointed ash relaxation

pregnant survival bad-tempered share stage infect

abortion cure lung breathless partner disease prejudice withdrawal evidence fluid stress needle

effect strengthen pill

perfect ban damage tough resolve alcohol

remind drug unless

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be due to be accustomed to feel like doing sth. get into decide on reach for in spite of take risks stand for be addicted to be accustomed to be/feel ashamed of/that take off so far make sure prevent sb. (from) doing make a list of because of 重点句子 1. It‘s amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon. 2. I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life I live. 3. As you know, if you do the same thing over and over again, you begin to do it automatically. 4. I also noticed that I couldn‘t run as fast any more and I wasn‘t enjoying sport as much.. I do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I live. 5. You can have HIV in your blood for a long time, but eventually it damages your immune system so much that your body can no longer fight disease. 6. It is only when the disease has progressed to AIDS that a person begins to look sick. 7. Anyone who has sex with a person infected with HIV/AIDS risks getting the virus 8. For the same reason, some AIDS patients cannot find anyone to look after them … 9. Do not share anything else that a person has used while injecting drugs.

选修六 M6 Unit4 重点单词 phenomenon quantity trend tendency climate consequence contribution flood average microwave supply severe pollution widespread surrounding existence reduce decrease subscribe data steady average existence source completely matter state pollution electrical

atmosphere commitment rapid

fuel consequence

tend recycle individual fridge count expect educator material vehicle mild advocate explore predict

power appliance accurate catastrophe environmental circumstance refresh increase range degree trap project per
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casual motor level


positive greenhouse temperature climate attitude decade energy consume random widespread disagreement spread economical 重点短语 compare…with/to… on the whole result in/from make a difference put up with and so on even if build up depend on as a result of turn off put on keep on on the whole as/so long as global warming small amounts of keep … from … be trapped in... huge quantities of have an effect on go up be opposed to be made of greenhouse effect greenhouse effect global warming carry out subscribe to on behalf of come about run out be due to 重点句子 1. That probably doesn‘t seem much to you or me but it is a rapid increase when compared to other natural changes. 2. There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer and that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon. 3. Without the ―greenhouse effect‖, the earth would be about thirty-three degrees Celsius cooler than it is. 4. All scientists subscribed to the view that the increase in the earth‘s temperature is due to …. 5. It means that more heat energy tends to be trapped in the atmosphere causing the global temperature to go up.

选修六 M6 Unit5 重点单词 hurricane adventure evaluate unusual fountain fantastic absolutely precious occasionally suit potential tremble sweat anxiety uncomfortable panic courage edge unconscious diverse unique guarantee volcano alongside crash 重点短语

erupt wave equipment swallow thunderstorm appoint

unfortunately candidate shake last gift helmet database reward handsome height enthusiastic experience

typhoon drought famine mountainous spectacular document boot surface surround attraction arouse

collect peak potential predict imagine

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compare……with make one‘s way make an effort spare no effort vary from…to… make an impress on sb. wind one‘s way take risks / a risk burn to the ground be about to do sth be amazed at be out of work nature reserve a great diversity of take a bath give birth to sb 重点句子 1. Have you ever considered how weak humans are compared with a volcano , hurricane or earthquake? 你有没有想过,与火山、飓风和地震比起来,人类是多么软弱? 2. Having earlier collected special clothes from the observatory, we put them on before we went any closer. Having swallowed the fruit, the girl became pregnant and later gave birth to a handsome boy. Having studied volcanoes now for many years , I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage . Having experienced quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn‘t take much notice. 3. I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day . 4. . It is said that the boy , who had a great gift for language and persuasion , is the father of the Manchu people . 5. When boiling rock erupts from a volcano and crashes back to earth, it causes less damage than you might imagine.

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