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2012 年高考真题一 PART A Reading Aloud (模仿朗读) Natural medicines, made from flowers, seeds, roots and leaves. The Chinese were the first to discover the power of plants, making medicine for 4000 years. Focus on prevention rather than cure. Popular today in the east and the west. Healthy for mind, body and soul. Past and present, tribal people always made the most of nature. Explorers and botanists made them available to the rest of the world. Western and traditional medicine unite, returning to more natural cures. Copy their chemicals or use them direct. When they fail, we go back to nature for the next magic cure. PART B Role Play(角色扮演) 情景介绍 角色:你是 Tom. 任务: (1)与 Jane 谈论她在学校宿舍的人际关系; (2)根据谈话内容回答同学的提问。 Tom: Good morning, Jane. How are you getting along? Jane: Morning Tom. The good news is that I passed my swimming test. Tom: Congratulations! I saw you swim in the pool every day. Jane: I really don′t have talent for swimming. Practice is my only way to pass the test. Tom: What′s the bad news then? Jane: The bad news is that I am living in the dormitory. Tom: Why did you move to dormitory? Jane: I want to save some time and transportation. It takes me 40 minutes from home to school every morning, and 50 minutes from school to home every afternoon because of the traffic jam. 三问部分 1.你和你的室友相处得如何? 电脑回答:Not very well. My roommates never clean the dormitory. They leave dirty clothes and socks everywhere. Sometimes I find someone′s dirty socks and jeans on my bed. I really can′t bear it any longer. 2.为什么你不直接与他们谈一谈? 电脑回答:My teacher also advises me to do so. But I just don′t know how to say it to them. I feel it too direct to tell them they shouldn′t behave that way, We Chinese people are always saying that one should save face for others. What′s more, sometimes they help me with my study. I′m very grateful to them. 3.你的老师的建议是什么? 电脑回答:Well, he tells me to make a suggestion of taking turns to clean the dormitory. He says I should be the first one in turn. Then maybe they will accept this idea. But if this does not work out, he says I can have a heart-to-heart, friend-to-friend talk with them. Keys: 1. How are you getting along with your roommates? 2. Why don′t you talk to them directly? 3. What′s your teacher′s advice? 五答部分 Q1. What is Jane′s good news? Q2. How much time does Jane spend in her way home in the afternoon?

Q3. What does Jane find in her bed sometimes? Q4. Why is Jane grateful to his roommates? Q5. Who does the teacher advise to clean the dormitory first? Keys: 1. She passed her swimming test. 2. Fifty minutes. 3. Dirty socks and jeans. 4. Because they sometimes help her with her study. 5. Jane herself. PART C Retelling(故事复述) 梗概:Tom 乘坐的公交车与货车发生了碰撞,警察帮助 Tom 及时到达考场。 关键词:exam(考试)bus(公交车)lorry(货车) crash into(撞上)police officer(警官) Go to the Exam Tom was a middle school student. One day, Tom took a bus to the school for an exam. The exam was very important for him. His parents expected him to get good marks and hoped that he would get a place at a top university in the country. Suddenly a huge lorry stopped in front of the bus, and even though the bus driver had made every effort to stop, the bus crashed into the lorry. There was a terrible noise. Luckily, no one was hurt. Tom got off the bus and wondered what he could do to get to the exam in time. A police officer asked him if he was OK. Tom told the police officer that he was going to take a very important exam and that he was worried he might be late. The police officer picked up his phone and asked a police car to come at once. When it arrived, he asked Tom to get into the car. Then the police officer drove as fast as he could to the school. They arrived ten minutes before the exam started. So Tom was able to take the exam on time. Keys: Tom took a bus to the school for an important exam. His parents expected him to get good marks and to get a place at a top university. The bus crashed into a lorry, but no one was hurt. Tom wondered what he could do to get to the exam in time. Tom told the police officer that he was going to take an exam. Tom was worried he might be late. The police officer asked a police car to come at once. The police officer drove fast to the school. They arrived ten minutes before the exam started. Tom was able to take the exam in /on time. 2012 年高考真题二 PART A Reading Aloud (模仿朗读) The absence or presence of water governs life on land. It determines where and how animals live. But falling rain is not always welcome. The power of water is immense. Once on land, it begins its journey back to the sea, carving its way through the earth. 65% of the human body is water. It is our absolute necessity. We cannot live without it. We need it for drinking, for bathing and to grow food. And we have gone to great lengths to get it to where we want it to be. Water, the giver of life, essential to all and forever sacred. PART B Role Play(角色扮演) 情景介绍 角色:你是 Mary. 任务: (1)与父亲谈论开车问题;

(2)根据谈话内容回答同学的提问。 Mary: Guess what, Dad? I got it. Dad: What did you get, Mary? Mary: I got my driving licence. OK, bye. Dad: Wait, wait. Where are you going? Mary: Mom said I could take the car to school this morning. And... Dad: Hold on there. I′ve prepared a few rules for the use of the car in this house. Mary: Like what? Dad: Let me give my notes here. OK, here we are. Rule No.1, no driving with friends for the first six month. 三问部分 1. 我为什么不能与朋友们一起开车? 电脑回答:Teenagers are not mature enough to drive carefully, especially when they are driving together. I mean they speed, they ride for pleasure, they drive around town while after midnight. What is more, who really needs a car when a bike can work. I mean life was different when I was in your age. In fact, I used to go to school by bike. 2. 我真的需要这些规则吗? 电脑回答:Absolutely. Oh, where were we? Oh yes, rule No.2: you must always wear your seat belt and obey the rules of the road. OK. Rule No.3: you can′t drive long distances at night because you might get sleepy and drive off the road. And rule No.4: you should never use a mobile phone while driving a car. That could cause an accident. 3. 这些规则有什么用处? 电脑回答:Oh, that′s rule No.5. Remember that I love you and I′m just a loving father who wants his daughter to always be safe and the best dad in the world. Keys: 1. Why shouldn′t I drive with my friends? 2. Do I really need these rules? 3. What are the benefits of these rules? 五答部分 Q1. What news did you tell your father? Q2. Where did your mother say your could drive to? Q3. How did your father go to school when he was young? Q4. What′s the danger of driving long distances? Q5. Why has your father made so many rules? Keys: 1. I told him that I had got my driving license. 2. School. 3. By bike. 4. That could cause an accident. 5. He just wants me to always be safe. PART C Retelling(故事复述) 梗概:Tom 生病住院时对烹饪产生了兴趣,出院后自学烹饪并以此帮助他人。 关键词:cooking (烹饪)disease (疾病)hospital (医院)website (网站)recipe (食

谱) A Child Chef Tom began to learn cooking when he was six years old. At that time, he suffered from a rare disease and was sent to a hospital. During the first three days there, Tom watched a lot of TV cartoons and felt bored with them. Then he visited the Internet for fun. He found a website teaching people how to cook. Tom was interested in the pictures of the website and fell in love with cooking. He told others that cooking helped him keep his mind off everything. Having recovered, Tom went back home and tried his best to learn to cook by himself. He spent most of his spare time learning to cook. He would not give up trying a recipe until he got it right. Now, after five years of practice, Tom is famous as a cook in his hometown and uses his cooking skills to raise money for other children suffering from the same rare disease. He has raised more than $100,000. He even has his own cookbook, which includes more than 60 recipes for simple food. Besides watching TV cartoons, children can also learn to cook by themselves, said Tom. Keys: Tom learnt to cook when he was six years old. Tom was sent to a hospital for a disease. Tom felt bored with TV cartoons. Tom found a website teaching people how to cook. Tom loved cooking for it kept his mind off everything. Tom tried recipes in his spare time. Tom is famous as a cook. Tom has raised $100,000 to help the other children suffering from the disease. Tom has his own cookbook. Children can learn to cook by themselves. 2012 年高考真题三 PART A Reading Aloud (模仿朗读) Much of my work here is to show people the diversity of the wildlife and to explain its biology. It′s important to get to know sharks. With gray sharks there is tension. They′ll eat almost anything. You know, humans are much more dangerous to sharks than they are to us. When you spend time with sharks, you begin to understand them and learn to respect them. But you have to command their respect too. They′re a vital link in the chain of life. Like wolves they weed out the sick and the injured. PART B Role Play(角色扮演) 情景介绍 角色:你是 Mary. 任务: (1)找 Dr. Brown 借一本小说,谈论小说内容; (2)根据谈话内容回答同学的提问。 生词:rebel 叛军 Mary: Dr. Brown, do you have the book Sunset? Dr. Brown: Yes. Why do you ask, Mary? Mary: Could I borrow it? I′ve been wanting to read it for a long time. Last Saturday, I went to the biggest bookstore in town, only to find that it had been sold out. Dr. Brown: Yes, I can lend it to you after Jane returns it to me. She borrowed my book last Friday. Mary: Thanks a lot. I can′t wait to read it. I′ve read three of this writer′s books and thought that they were all well done. Where did you get the book? I thought it had been sold out everywhere. Dr. Brown: I bought it online and I booked it before it was published. Mary: It′s a good idea to order in advance, especially for popular books. Dr. Brown: Well, I guess it is. But I′d like to warn you it is not as good as they say.

三问部分 1. 这本书有什么问题? 电脑回答:Well, for one thing, the plot is hard to believe. For another, the characters are not like real people. 2. 为什么你认为情节难以相信? 电脑回答:Here′s an example. The hero Jack joins the army and is sent to the battle against the rebels. He meets for his childhood friend who was then the leader of the rebels. Because of their old friendship, the rebels easily give in. 3. 报纸怎么评论这本书? 电脑回答:Most of the newspapers say that this book is not as good as the other three books. And the writer may not win the award of Novel of the Year, which he won last year. Keys: 1. What problems does the book have? 2. Why do you think that the plot is hard to believe? 3. How do the newspapers comment on this book? 五答部分 Q1. Where did you go last Saturday? Q2. How did Dr. Brown get the book? Q3. What does Dr. Brown say about the characters of the book? Q4. Who does the hero Jack meet with in the battle? Q5. What award did the writer win last year? Keys: 1. The biggest bookstore in town. 2. He bought it online and booked it before it was published. 3. They are not like real people. 4. His childhood friend. 5. Novel of the Year. PART C Retelling(故事复述) 梗概:Tom 要参加校篮球队的选拔, 他得到妈妈的鼓励并通过了选拔。 关键词:try (尝试,努力)nervous (紧张)encourage (鼓励)basketball court(篮球场) happy (愉快的,高兴的) Tom’s Try at Basketball Tom got up early in the morning because he would have a try at basketball today. A few weeks ago, he decided to apply for the school basketball team. Tom ran downstairs to tell his Mum that he had to leave for school early. Mum told him that he should eat breakfast first, so that he would have enough energy after he got to school. But Tom said that he was too nervous to eat. You′ll have more energy if you do, said Tom′s Mum. Tom still felt a bit sick, but he ate some breakfast anyway. Before he left home, Mum kissed Tom and encouraged him just to do his best. After Tom arrived at the basketball court, all the boys were required to run, catch, and throw balls. Even though he had lost the ball several times, Tom thought he did pretty well. Afterward, Tom was really tired and walked off the court. One coach called his name and asked, I would like you to join our school basketball team. What do you think, Tom? Though he felt tired, Tom was still very

happy about the news. That is really great! he shouted. Would I ever! Keys: Tom got up early to have a try at basketball. Tom had applied for the school basketball team. Tom told his Mum he had to leave for school early. Mum told Tom to eat breakfast, so that he could have enough energy. Tom felt nervous / sick, but he ate breakfast. Mum kissed Tom and encouraged him to do his best. The boys ran, caught, and threw balls. Tom had lost the balls several times, but he thought he did pretty well. Tom could join the school basketball team. Though tired, Tom was happy about the news. 2012 年高考真题四 PART A Reading Aloud (模仿朗读) Why are we here? Where do we come from? These are the most enduring of questions and it′s an essential part of human nature to want to find the answers. But, in reality, our story extends far further back in time. Our story starts with the beginning of the universe. It began 13.7 billion years ago. And today, it′s filled with over 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars. In this series, I want to tell that story. We are part of the universe, so its story is our story. This film is about the stuff that makes us and where it all came from. PART B Role Play(角色扮演) 角色:你是 Tom. 任务: (1)询问跨学校办图书卡的情况; (2)根据谈话内容回答同学的提问。 生词:renew 续借 log on to 登录 W: Good morning, is there anything I can do for you? Tom: Hello, my name is Tom. I was wondering if it′s possible to join the library of South College. W: Are you a student South College here? Tom: No, I′m not. I am studying in North College. Someone told me that it was possible to join even if I wasn′t. W: That′s right. It is. Are you over 18? That′s our minimum age of joining age. Tom: Yes, I am. W: That′s no problem then. Tom: Could you tell me what I have to do to join? W: Well, you′ll need to fill out some forms for the library. You′ll also need to bring two recent photos with you. Tom: Does it cost anything to join? W: Well, it′s free for students here. But otherwise it′s 25 pounds per year if you′ve got a student card from another college. 三问部分 1. 我一次可以借几本书呢? 电脑回答:Twelve at a time if you are a student. And that includes CDs, DVDs and videos. 2. 我可以借多长时间呢? 电脑回答:Well, you can have both fictions and reference books for 4 weeks, which isn′t bad really. 3. 我如果还书晚了会怎么样?

电脑回答: Like all libraries, there′s a fining system in place. The minimum fine is 1 ? 5 pounds. But it can′t be much higher for some books, up to 5 pounds per week. We′ll give you a guide with all the information when you join. You can always renew books by logging on to our website, if they are not required by anyone else. Keys: 1. How many books may I borrow at a time? 2. How long may I keep the books? 3. What if I return books late? 五答部分 Q1. What′s the minimum age for applying for a library card in South College? Q2. How much does it cost you to join South College library? Q3. What else can you borrow from the library besides books? Q4. What books can you keep for 4 weeks? Q5. How will you be punished for returning books late? Keys: 1. Eighteen years old. 2. Twenty-five pounds. 3. CDs, DVDs and videos. 4. Fictions and reference books. 5. The library will give a fine. PARTt C Retelling(故事复述) 梗概:Brown 夫妇收养的袋鼠救了受伤后倒在地上的 Mr. Brown。 关键词:kangaroo (袋鼠)save (救)adopt (收养)fall (落下,倒下)bark (吠叫) A Kangaroo Saved Mr. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brown were farmers in South Australia. They had been living there for twenty years. They had a kangaroo in their family. The kangaroo was called Lulu. Ten years ago Mr. Brown found Lulu next to her dead mother and decided to adopt her. Lulu often followed Mr. Brown around the farm. One day, while Mr. Brown was working on his farm, a heavy tree branch suddenly fell on top of him. Mr. Brown fell to the ground and didn′t know what happened next. Lulu stood next to Mr. Brown′s body. She started barking and didn′t leave Mr. Brown′s side. I′ve never heard Lulu bark like that—she sounded like a dog. She barked and barked and she didn′t stop, said Mrs. Brown. After 10 minutes, Mrs. Brown heard Lulu′s bark and went to see what had happened. She found Mr. Brown lying on the ground and immediately sent him to the hospital. Mr. Brown was saved. Lulu is a hero, said Mrs. Brown. She saved my husband. She is a friendly and very smart kangaroo. When Mr. Brown left the hospital, he planned to take Lulu everywhere he went. Keys: Mr. and Mrs. Brown were farmers in South Australia. They had a kangaroo called Lulu. Ten years ago Mr. Brown adopted Lulu. Lulu often followed Mr. Brown around the farm. A heavy branch fell on Mr. Brown while he was working. Mr. Brown fell to the ground and didn′t know what happened next. Lulu didn′t leave Mr. Brown and barked like a dog. Mrs. Brown heard Lulu′s bark and found Mr. Brown on the ground. Mrs. Brown sent Mr. Brown to the hospital and Mr. Brown was saved. Mr. Brown planned to take Lulu everywhere.

2012 年高考真题五 PART A Reading Aloud (模仿朗读) The history of gold is the history of the world. Since earliest times gold has been adored and treasured by man. A symbol of enduring value, gold has been used as a currency for centuries. In 1847 one man found gold in the bed of a Californian river. And so began the Californian Gold Rush. Men came in their thousands and the city that we now know as San Francisco was born. Today most of the world′s gold is found, not in rivers, but deep within the earth. Gold, now even more precious to man than ever. PART B Role Play(角色扮演) 情景介绍 角色:你是 Tom. 任务: (1)与 Mary 谈论她高中毕业后的发展方向; (2)根据谈话内容回答同学的提问。 Tom: Good morning, Mary. You are graduating from high school this year, aren′t you? Mary: Yes, Tom. I′ll take the test next month. Tom: Oh, why are you taking the test next month? Isn′t the College Entrance Examination held in June? Mary: Yes, it is. But I am thinking of applying for the art school of Tsinghua University. The testing dates are different. Tom: I see. It seems that you have only one month left. Are you busy preparing these days? Mary: Of course I am. I can′t yet decide which way to go. I want to go to the art school, but I also want to be a history major. I′ve got very strong interest in history, too. 三问部分 1. 你想在艺术学院学习什么专业? 电脑回答: Chinese painting. I′ve been learning Chinese painting since I was 5 years old. I like it very much. My teacher always says that I′ve got great talent for it. He has been encouraging me to go to the art school and be an artist in the future. 2. 你在这一领域得过奖吗? 电脑回答:Yeah, I′ve won three awards in the national painting contests for teenagers. My paintings were exhibited in the museum in New York in a cultural exchange program between China and the US. 3. 你是如何发展出对历史的兴趣的? 电脑回答:My interest in history actually came from Chinese painting. Chinese painting itself includes the knowledge of ancient Chinese culture and history. History is like a mirror. People know more about themselves and the future by studying history. Keys: 1. What major do you want to study in the art school? 2. Have you got any prize in this area? 3. How did you develop the interest in history? 五答部分 Q1. When will Mary take the test for the art school? Q2. How much time does Mary have for preparing for her art exam? Q3. Who encourages Mary for applying for the art school? Q4. Where were Mary′s paintings exhibited in the cultural exchange program?

Q5. What does Mary think history is like? Keys: 1. Next month. 2. Only one month. 3. Her teacher. 4. In New York. 5. A mirror. PART C Retelling(故事复述) 梗概:Tom 以低价买下铁路弯道处的房子,以高价租给大公司做广告。 关键词:house (房子)railway(铁路,铁道)bend (弯曲;弯)buy (购买)rent (租 用;租金) A House by the Railway One day Tom traveled by train to some place which had not been well developed. There was one part of the railway which bent sharply, and when the train came near to this part, it had to slow down. When the train slowed down, the passengers caught sight of an ordinary house, which was facing the railway bend. The house was quite ordinary by itself, but it attracted the passengers′ attention because there was no other house nearby in the vast area. Tom was also impressed by the house. He got off the train at the nearest station and managed to find the owner of the house. The owner of the house told Tom that the noise of the train had caused a lot of trouble for him. He told Tom that he wanted to sell the house, but nobody would like to buy it. Three days later Tom bought the house for only twenty thousand dollars, for no one else wanted to buy it. He then tried his best to persuade some big companies to rent the house. He told the companies that they could put their advertisements on it. Finally a big company decided to pay Tom two hundred thousand dollars for a three-year rent. Keys: Tom traveled by train to a large undeveloped area. One part of the railway bent sharply. The train had to slow down when coming near to this part. The house attracted the passengers′ attention for there was no other house nearby. Tom was impressed by the house. Tom got off the train and found the house owner. The noise caused trouble to the house owner, and he wanted to sell it. Tom paid twenty thousand dollars for the house, for no one else wanted it. Tom persuaded some companies to rent the house for advertisements. A company paid Tom two hundred thousand dollars for a three-year rent. 2012 年高考真题六 PART A Reading Aloud (模仿朗读) The night skies were once filled with stars. Today our own lights eclipse the darkness and spread steadily each day. In 15 years there will be 8 billion human beings on Earth. Slowly, the dark places in Africa become the last refuge for one of our planet′s most iconic animals. Fifty years ago 450,000 lions lived here. And today there may be as few as 20,000. And yet, in these remote places, some of the most dramatic stories on Earth are played out. This is a story of some of the last wild lions on Earth. PART B Role Play(角色扮演) 情景介绍

角色:你是 Mary. 任务: (1)与 Tom 谈论校园兼职工作; (2)根据谈话内容回答同学的提问。 Mary: Hi, Tom. I hear you are looking for a part-time job at the students center. Tom: Yes, Mary. I just had an interview yesterday. Mary: What job are you applying for? Tom: I′m applying for the job of a salesman at the bookstore. Mary: Oh, how did the interview go? Tom: I think I did well. The manager said he would make a decision by Friday. Mary: Where did you find the information? Tom: I found the information on the school website. Mary: What are the chances of getting the job? Tom: Chances are good. I think I′ll get it. The manager seems to like me. He says I′m the best of all the five students interviewed. 三问部分 1. 如果你得到这份工作,工作时间是什么时候? 电脑回答:The working hours will be form 9 a ? m. to 4 p ? m. on Saturday, and from 7∶30 p ? m. to 9 p ? m. on Sunday. The manager said that it would be great if I could work on weekdays. 2. 你的兼职工作会影响你的学习吗? 电脑回答:I don′t think so. I think I can balance my work and my study. That′s why I told the manager that I would rather not work on weekdays. A student should always put his study as the first task. What′s more, I can study during my working hours when there are no customers. 3. 为什么你想在书店工作? 电脑回答:The good thing about working at the bookstore is that I can apply the skills of selling products in practice. I′ve been attending a course on the subject for two terms. Also I can read a lot of books for free at the bookstore. Keys: 1. What are the working hours if you get this job? 2. Will your part-time job influence your study? 3. Why do you want to work in the bookstore? 五答部分 Q1. How many students were interviewed for the job? Q2. When will the manager make the decision? Q3. When will Tom be working on Sunday night? Q4. What is the first task of a student according to Tom? Q5. What course has Tom been attending for two terms? Keys: 1. Five. 2. By Friday. 3. From 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. 4. Study. 5. Skills of selling products.

PART C Retelling(故事复述) 梗概:Tom 在乘车高峰期搭乘伦敦地铁,下车后发现自己坐错了方向。 关键词: underground railway (地铁) station (车站) platform (站台) crowded (拥挤的) opposite (相反的) A Visit to London It was Tom′s first visit to London. He decided to ride on the underground railway of London. He entered the station shortly after five o′clock in the afternoon. This was a bad time to travel in London, because crowds of people were going home from work at this hour. So he had to join a long queue of people who were waiting for tickets. When at last his turn came, he bought a ticket. With the ticket, Tom went to the platform. The platform was also very crowded, so he did not manage to get on the first train. He had to wait for the next one. When the second train came in, Tom got on it. The door of the train closed and the train moved off. The train was so crowded that Tom was unable to see the names of the stations where the train stopped, but he knew that his station was on the sixth stop along the line. When the train reached the sixth station, Tom got off the train. But when he saw the name of the station, he suddenly realized that he had caught a train going in the opposite direction. Keys: It was Tom′s first visit to London. Tom decided to ride on the underground railway. Tom entered the station shortly after five o′clock in the afternoon. Crowds of/ lots of/ a lot of/ Many people were going home from work. Tom bought a ticket after waiting in a long queue. The platform was very crowded, so he did not get on the first train. Tom got on the next train/ the second train. The train was so crowded that Tom was unable to see the names of the stations. Tom got off at the sixth station. Tom had caught a train going in the opposite direction.

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2012广东省高考英语听说考试真题(B) - 2012广东省高考英语听说考试真题(B) Welcome to Computer-based English Listening and Sp...
2012广东省高考英语听说考试真题B - 2012广东省高考英语听说考试真题 B 年广东省高考英语听说考试真题 PART A Reading Aloud The absence or...
2012广东省普通高考英语听说考试真题分析与2013应对策略 - 2012广东省普通高考英语听说考试真题分析与?2013?应对策略 (一)总体分析? 1.? “人机对话”...
2012年3月广东英语高考听说考试真题分析 - 北京百朗时代文化发展中心 2012 广东高考英语听说真题分析报告 百朗时代听力与口语研发中心 一、 总体情况 我们分析了 2012...
2012广东高考听说考试真题 D_图文.ppt
2012广东高考听说考试真题 D - 2012年广东省高考英语听说考试真题 D
2011-2017年广东高考英语听说真题三问问题汇编 - 2011-2017 广东高考英语真题听说三问问题汇编 一般疑问句: 1.James 像你一样热爱音乐吗?(2011 A) 2.体育运动...
2012广东省高考英语听说考试真题A - 2012广东省高考英语听说考试真题A Welcome to Computer-based English Listening and Speakin...
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2012广东省普通高考英语听说考试应注意与问题 - 考试系统新增功能及变化 ?2012年普通高考英语听说考试系统在系统设里增加 了客户端录音音量设的功能,设后...
11年高考英语听说考试真题 A.doc
11年高考英语听说考试真题 A_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。2011 年广东省高考...2012广东省高考英语听... 16页 免费 2015年高考英语听说考试... 暂无...