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1.down in the dumps 垂头丧气 The players were down in the dumps after their team lost the championship game. 球 员输掉决赛哪一场后个个垂头丧气。 2.horse around 嬉闹 We've horsed around long enough. It's time to get to work. 我们闹够了,该去工作了。 3.pass something up 放弃某事物 You can't pass up this job. This kind of opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. 你不可错过这个工作。这种机会一辈子才有一次。 4.go whole hog 全力以赴 She went whole hog in planning he New Year's Eve party. 她全心全力筹办新年晚会。 5.shoo-in 长胜将军 There's no way he can lose. He's a shoo-in. 他不会输的,他是位长胜将军。

1.get the ball rolling 开始 Let's get the ball rolling.让我们开始吧。 2.get on the ball 用心做 If you hope to keep your job, you'd better get on the ball and meet the deadline. 如果你还想要你的那份工作,你最好用心做,赶上最后期限! 3.lady-killer 帅哥 He's a real lady-killer. 他是个不折不扣的帅哥。 4.lay off 停止,解雇 Lay off! I don't need you to tell me what to do! 别再讲了!我不需要你告诉我怎么去做!

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www.sharewithu.com 5.knock it off=cut it off 停止 Knock it off! I'm trying to get some sleep. 别吵了!我正想睡觉呢!

1. have a passion for 钟爱 I have a passion for blue dresses.我钟爱蓝色的衣服 2. pep talk 打气,鼓励的话 The coach gave his team a pep talk at half time, hoping to lead them to victory. 教练在半场时候给球员们打起,希望将他们引上胜利之途。 3. pick someone’s brains 请教某人 I don’t understand any of this medical terminology. Do you mind if I pick your brains since you’re so knowledgeable in this area? 我对医学术语一无所知。你在这方面如此在行,我能不能请教你一下? 4. pass out 醉到了 He passed out after three beers. 喝了三杯啤酒后他就醉倒了 5. way back 好久以前 We’ve been friends since way back. 我们老早就是好朋友了。


1. hit someone with a problem 让某人面对问题 I’m sorry to hit you with this problem. I don’t know who else to turn to. 很抱歉把这个问题抛给你,我不知道还可以找谁求助。 2. have it bad for 狂恋 He really has it bad for her, but she has no ideas. 他狂恋着她,而她却不知道。 3. hung over 宿醉未醒 Don’t disturb him. He’s still hung over from last night. 别吵醒他,他宿醉仍未醒。

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4. has-been 过时的人或物 Lisa is a has-been. No one will hire her any more. 丽莎已经过时了。没人会再雇佣她。 5. have a bone to pick with 有账要算 I have a bone to pick with you. You still owe me the fifteen dollars you borrowed. 我有账跟你算。你向我借的十五美金还没还呢!

1.let the cat out of the bag 泄漏秘密 I won't let the cat out of the bag. 我不会泄漏秘密的。 2.in the market for 想买,积极物色 People are always in the market for something new and different. 人们总想买点新奇的且与众不同的东西。 3.meddle in 干涉,搅和 Harold asked his boss stop meddling in his personal life. 哈罗德要求老板别再干涉他的私生活。 4.screw loose 脱线,神经不对头 Bill must have a screw loose somewhere; he's acting really strangely. Bill 一定是哪根筋不对,他的行动真奇怪。 5.sell someone on 以...说服某人 She sold me on her idea. I think it will work. 她用她的看法说服了我,我想那行得通。

1. hang in there 忍耐一下 Hang in there. Things will look up soon. 忍耐一下。事情很快就会好转的。 2. hands-off 无为而治,顺其自然 He takes a hands-off approach when it comes to raising his children. 他用无为而治的方式教养小孩。

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www.sharewithu.com 3. gag me with a spoon 我快吐了 Gag me with a spoon! Please don’t tell me such disgusting stories any more. 我快吐了!请别再说这么恶心的故事了。 4. get a move on 赶快 Get a move on. You can’t park your car here. 赶快!你不能在这儿停车。 5. cook up 想出 He cooked up a wonderful way to surprise his wife on her birthday. 他想出一个在他太太生日时让她惊喜的妙法。 (呵,女人心中的好丈夫!)

1. roll with the punches 逆来顺受 You have to roll with the punches if you want to survive in this business. 如果你想在这一行生存下去的话,就得逆来顺受。 2. right off the bat 立刻 I was all prepared to put up a fight, but he gave in right off the bat. 我正准备和他大打一场,但是他马上就投降了。 3. get one’s feet wet 参与,开始做 It’s not good to concentrate all your efforts on just writing. You should get your feet wet and trying painting or dancing. 单单写作对你不好。你应该涉猎一下绘画或舞蹈。 4. get after 盯着,责备 Ann’s mother gets after her to hang up her clothes. 安的妈妈盯着她,要她把衣服挂好。 5. pan out 成功,奏效 Unfortunately, the deal did not pan out. I lost a thousand dollars. 这笔生意不幸没有成功,我损失了 1,000 美元。

1. screw someone over 欺负某人 After working in the office for ten years, Alice was fired for no apparent reason. How can they screw her over like that?
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www.sharewithu.com 爱丽斯工作了十年之后,无缘无故被炒鱿鱼。他们怎么可以这样欺负她呢? 2. down to the wire 等到最后一刻才开始做事 Peter always waits until the last minute to do his work. I could never leave it down to the wire like that. 彼得总是等到最后一刻才开始做事。我从不想他那样等到最后一刻才开始干。 3. buck 抗拒 You can’t buck the system. 你无法抗拒整个制度。 4. blockhead 笨蛋 Arnold is a blockhead if I ever saw one. 阿诺德是我见过的最笨的人。 5. blow the lid off 揭发(丑闻) That newspaper story blew the lid off the Senator’s illegal business deals. 报纸的报道揭发了参议员的非法勾当。

1. round up 集合 Round everybody up. It’s time for our business meeting. 叫大家集合,开会时间到了。 2. put someone up 留宿某人 I can put you up for a couple of days. My apartment is big enough for two people. 你可以在我这里住几天。我的公寓可以住两个人。 3. take care of business 负责 Who’s going to take care of business while I am away? 我不在的时候谁负责? 4. take out on 拿…出气 Don’t take your frustrations out on me. 别把气出在我身上 5. hot stuff 大人物 He thinks he’s hot stuff. But everybody else thinks he’s a jerk. 他自以为了不得,但其他人认为他是个傻瓜。

1. nitty-gritty 细节,基本情况
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www.sharewithu.com Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I want to hear what happens next. 让我们来认真了解详细的情况,我想知道后来发生了什么。 2. no good 很糟 This typewriter is no good. Every time I use it, the ribbon falls out. 这台打字机很糟。每次已用,色带就掉下来。 3.have someone’s number 清楚某人的底细,看穿某人 She dare not do anything to me, I have her number. 她不敢对我怎么样的,因为我对她的底细一清二楚。 4.hot number 新鲜、迷人的人或事务,尤物 Tom thinks Sherry is a hot number. Tom 认为 Sherry 是个尤物。 5.off the hook 逃脱,溜掉,不受罚 I’ll let you off the hook this time, but don’t do that again. 这次不罚你,下次不要这样干了。

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