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吉林省延边二中 2010-2011 学年度第一学期 高三英语午后训练 (选修 9 unit5)



第一部分: 听力略 第二部:单项填空(共 15 小题; 每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. —Oh, must you leave? Having dinner with you was such ______ fun. —Thanks, anyway. I have to make ______ early start tomorrow morning. A. 不填; an B. a; an C. 不填; the D. the; an

22. —Can I help you, sir? —These shoes are too ______ and I need a bigger pair. A. loose B. delicate C. exotic D. tight 23. Experts at the conference agreed that such a product with environmentally friendly technology is ______. A. worth being promoted B. worthy promoting C. worthy of promoting D. worthy of being promoted 24. The Prime Minister criticized some celebrities for their ______ attitude towards drugs and accused them of thinking they were “above the law”. A. informal B. casual C. positive D. immoral 25. The stars are so hot that they ______ great light and heat — more than the hottest, brightest fire you can imagine. A. give away B. give in C. give up D. give off 26. It is no ______arguing with Bill because he will never change his mind. A. use B. help C. time D. way 27. —I heard that Mr. Smith has become a triathlete. —Oh, really? He has become ______ he wanted to be. A. who B. which C. what D. that 28. Environmental experts point out that ______ some serious problems such as global warming, but it also could threaten human life. A. not only do es increasing pollution cause B. not only causes increasing pollution C. not only increasing pollution causes D. not only increasing pollution does cause 29. When ______ comes to research into heart disease and its effects on the body, we do not have adequate substitutes for the use of animals. A. it B. this C. that D. which

30. —Will you please make yourself ______ to us, please? —I’m the honorary chairman of the committee. A. know B. to know C. knowing D. known 31. Long skirts have been ______ for a long time in the West, but they are coming back this year.
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A. out of order B. out of fa shion C. out of control D. out of place 32. —I would like to speak to Mr. Martin. —There’s nobody here by that name. —Sorry, I ______ the wrong number. A. should have dialed B. must dial C. could have dialed D. must have dialed 33. Many manufacturers were accused of concentrating too heavily on cost reduction, often at the ______ of the quality of their products. A. expense B. exposure C. expansion D. expectation 34. She turned ________a narrow street. A. into B.in C. back D. up 35. Born and ______ in Central China’s Hubei Province, Wang Luoyong learned Peking Opera at the age of 11 in Hubei Experimental Peking Opera School. A. raising B. risen C. raised D. being raised 第三部分 完形填空(1.5*20)

Children find meanings in their old family tales. When Stephen Guyer’s three children were growing up, he told them stories about how his grandfather, a banker, 36 all in the 1930s, but did not lose sight of what he valued most. In one of the darkest times 37 his strong-minded grandfather was nearly 38 , he loaded his family into the car and 39 them to see family members in Canada with a 40 ,“there are more important things in life than money. ” The 41 took on a new meaning recently when Mr. Guyer downsized to a 42 house from a more expensive and comfortable one. He was 43 that his children ,a daughter, 15, and twins, 22, would be upset. To his surprise, they weren’t 44 , their reaction echoed (共鸣) their great-grandfather’s. What

of their heart they 45 was how warm the people were in the house and how 46 was accessible. Many parents are finding family stories have surprising power to help children 47 hard times. Storytelling experts say the phenomenon reflects a growing 48 in telling tales, evidenced by a rise in a storytelling events and festivals. A university 49 of 65 families with children aged from 14 to 16 found kids’ ability to 50 parents’ stories was linked to a lower rate of anger and anxiety. The 51 is telling the stories in a way children can 52 . We’re not talking here about the kind of story that 53 , “When I was a kid, I walked to school every day uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow. ” Instead, we should choose a story suited to the child’s 54 , and make eye contact (接触) to create “a perso nal experience”,.

We don’t have to tell children 55 they should take from the story and what the moral is . C. forgot D. ignored 36. A. missed B. lost

37. A. when 38. A. friendless 39. A fetched 40. A. hope 41. A. tale 42. A. large 43. A. surprised 44. A. Therefore 45. A. talked about 46. A. much 47. A. beyond 48. A. argument 49. A. study 50. A. provide 51. A. trouble 52. A. perform 53. A. means 54. A. needs 55. A. that

B. while B. worthless B. allowed B. promise B. agreement B. small B. annoyed B. Besides B. cared about B. many B. over B. skill B. design B. retell B. gift B. write B. ends B. activities B. what A

C. how D. why C. penniless D. homeless C. expected D. took C. suggestion D. belief C. arrangement D. report C. new D. grand C. disappointed D. worried C. Instead D. Otherwise C. wrote about D. heard about C. little D. few C. behind D. through C. interest D. anxiety C. committee D. staff C. support D. refuse C. fact D. trick C. he ar D. question C. begins D. proves C. judgments D. habits C. which D. whom

第四部分 阅读理解(2*17)

One morning more than thirty years ago, I entered the Track Kitchen, a restaurant where everyone from the humblest(卑微的) to the most powerful came for breakfast. I noticed an empty chair next to an elderly, unshaven man, who looked somewhat disheveled. He was wearing a worn-out hat and was alone. I asked if I might join him. He agreed quietly and I sat down to have my breakfast. We cautiously began a conversation and spoke about a wide rang of things. We never introduced ourselves. I was concerned that he might have no money and not be able to afford something to eat. So as I rose to go back to the counter and buy a second cup of coffee, I asked, “May I get you something ?” “A coffee would be nice.” Then I bought him a cup of coffee, We talked more, and he accepted another cup of coffee, Finally, I rose to leave, wished him well, and headed for the exit. At the door I met one of my friends. He asked, “How did you get to know Mr. Galbreath?” “Who?” “The man you were sitting with. He is chairman of the Board of Churchill Downs.” I could hardly believe it. I was buying, offering a free breakfast, and feeling pity for one of the world’s richest and most powerful men! My few minutes with Mr. Galbreath changed my life. Now I try to treat everyone with respect, no matter who I think they are, and no matter another human being with kindness and sincerity. 56. What does the underlined word “disheveled” mean? A. Unfriendly. B. Untidy. C. Gentle. D. Kind. 57. The author bought coffee for the old man because A. he thought the old man was poor

B. he wanted to start a conversation C. he intended to show his politeness D. he would like to thank the old man 58. How did the author probably feel after he talked with his friend? A. Proud. B. Pitiful. C. Surprised. D. Regretful 59. What is the message mainly expressed in the story? A. We should learn to be generous. B. It is honorable to help those in need. C. People in high positions are not like what we expect. D. We should avoid judging people by their appearances. B Love, success, happiness, family and freedom----how important are these values to you? Here is one interview which explores the fundamental questions in life. Question: Could you introduce yourself first? Answer: My name is Misbah, 27 years old. I was born in a war-torn area. Right now I’m a web designer. Q: What are your great memories? A: My parents used to take us to hunt birds, climb trees, and play in the fields. For me it was like a holiday because we were going to have fun all day long. Those are my great memories. Q: Does your childhood mean a lot to you? A: Yes. As life was very hard, I used to work to help bring money in for the family. I spent my childhood working, with responsibilities beyond my age. However, it taught me to deal with problems all alone. I learnt to be independent. Q: What changes would you like to make in your life? A: If I could change something in my life, I’d change it so that my childhood could have taken place in another area. I would have loved to live with my family in freedom. Who cares whether we have much money, or whether we have a beautiful house? It doesn’t matter as long as I can live with my family and we are safe. Q: How do your get along with your parents? A: My parents supported me until I came of age. I want to give back what I’ve got. That’s our way. But I am working in another city. My only contact with my parents now is through the phone, but I hate using it. It filters(过滤) out your emotion and leaves your voice only. My deepest feelings should be passed through sight, hearing and touch. 60. In Misbah’s childhood,_____________ A. he was free from worry B. he liked living in the countryside C. he was fond of getting close to nature D. he often spent holidays with his family 61. What did Misbah desire most in his childhood? A. A colorful life. B. A beautiful house. C. Peace and freedom. D. Money for his family. 62. How would Misbah prefer to communicate with his parents? A. By chatting on the Internet. B. By calling them sometimes. C. By paying weekly visits. D. By writing them letters. 63. If there were only one question left, what would it most probably be?

A. What was your childhood dream? B. What is your biggest achievement? C. What is your parents’ view of you? D. What was your hardest experience in the war? C To err is human. To blame the other guy is even more human. Common sense is not all that common. Why tell the truth when you can come up with a good excuse? These three popular misquotes(戏谑的引语)are meant to be jokes, and yet they tell us a lot about human nature . To err, or to make mistakes, is indeed a part of being human, but it seems that most people don’t want to accept the responsibility for the problem. Perhaps it is the natural thing to do . The original quote about human nature went like this:” To err is human, to forgive, divine(神圣的). ”This saying mirrors an ideal people should be forgiving of others’ mistakes. Instead, we tend to do the opposite –find someone else to pass the blame on to. However, taking responsibility for something that went wrong is a making of great maturity. Common sense is what we call clear thought. Having common sense means having a good general plan that will make things work well, and it also means staying with the plan. Common sense tells you that you take an umbrella out into a rainstorm, but you leave the umbrella home when you hear a weather forecast for sunshine.Common sense does not seem to be common for large organizations, because there are so many things going on that one person cannot be in charge of everything. People say that in a large company,”the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. ” And what is wrong with a society that thinks that making up a good excuse is like creating a work of art? One of the common problems with making excuses is that people, especially young people. get the idea that it’s okay not to be totally honest all the time. There is a corollary(直接推论)to that: if good excuse is “good” even if it isn’t honest, then where is th e place of the truth? 64. According to the passage, which of following seems the most human? A. To search for truth. B. To achieve one’s ideal

C. .To make fun of others’ mistakes D. To criticize others for one’s own error. 65.According to the author, what is a sign of a man’s maturity? A.Doing things his own way. B.Bearing responsibility for his mistakes. C.Making as few mistakes as possible. D.Thinking seriously about his wrongding. 66.Which of the following is NOT based on common sense? A.man tries to take charge of everything in a large company. B.A student goes out with an umbrella in stormy weather. C. A company’s next move follows a good plan D.A lawyer acts on fine judgments. 67.What is the author’s opinion about a good excuse? A.Making a good excuse is sometimes a better policy.

B.Inventing a good excuse needs creative ideas. C. A good excuse is as rewarding as honesty. D. Bitter truth is better than a good excuse. 68 .What would be the best title for his passage? A. A Mirror of Human Nature B. To Blame or to Forgive C. A Mark of Maturity D. Truth or Excuse D Sarah Williams went to a boarding school. Here is one of the letters she wrote to her parents from the school: Wentworth Girls’ school Beachside July 20th Dearest Mom and Dad, I’m afraid I have some very news for you. I have been very naughty and the school principal is very angry with me. She is going to write to you. You must come and take me away from here. She does not want me in the school any longer. The trouble started last night when I was smoking in bed. This is against the rules, of course. We are not supposed to smoke at all. As I was smoking, I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I did not want a teacher to catch me smoking, so I threw the cigarette away. Unfortunately, the cigarette fell into the waste-paper bas ket, which caught fire. There was a curtain near the waste-paper basket which caught fire, too. Soon the whole room was burning. The principal phoned the fire department. The school is a long way from the town and by the time the fire department arrived, the whole school was in flames. Many of the girls are in the hospital. The principal says that the fire was all my fault and you must pay for the damage. She will send you a bill for about a million dollars. I’m very sorry about this. Much love, Sarah P.S. None of the above is true, but I have failed my exams. I just want you to know how bad things could have been. 69. Why did Sar ah write home? A. To tell her parents about the fire B .To ask for a lot of money C. To tell her paren ts she had failed her exams D. To tell her parents she had to leave school 70. Why did Sarah tell her parents the story about the fire? A. She wanted to worry them B. She wanted to make them laugh C. She wanted to make them less angry at the real news D. She wanted to warn them about what the principal was going to do 71.The letter before the P.S. was __________. A. mostly true B. partl y true C. all true D. completely untrue 72.Sarah said the principal was angry because________ A. she had failed her exams B. it was her fault that had caused

the fire C. he had not made the phone call in time bed

D. she had been caught smoking in

E 73 People use money to buy food, furniture, books, bicycles and hundreds of other things they need or want. When they work, they usually get paid in money. Most of the money today is made of metal or paper. 74 One of the first kinds of money was shells. Shells were not the only things used as money. In China, cloth and knives were used. In the Philippine Islands, rice was used as money for a long time. Elephant tusks, monkey tails and salt were used as money in parts of Africa. The first metal coins were made in China. They were round and had a square hole in the centre. 75 Different countries have used different metals and designs for their money. 76 Sweden and Russia used copper (铜) to make their money. Later some countries began to make coins of gold and silver. But even gold and silver were inconvenient if you had to buy something expensive. Again the Chinese thought of a way to improve money. 77 The first paper money looked more like a note from one person to another than the paper money used today. Money has had an in teresting history from the days of shell money until today. A. The first coins in England were m ade of tin (锡). B. But people used to use all kinds of things as money. C. No one knows for certain when people began to use money. D. People strung (串连) them together and carried them from place to place. E. Money, as we know, is all made of paper. F. They began to use paper money. G. Today anyone will accept money in exchange for goods and services. 第二卷(非选择题) 1.单词 (1*11) 1. If there should be any last-minute change ,we ’d i____________you by telephone. 2.The cause is w___________of our continued support. 3.He benefited much from his a______________with the farmers. 4.They need to learn modern management t_____________. 5.He could recall the girl’s f_____________very distinctly. 6.I don’t think we can afford the e_____________of my schooling. 7.I have a clear c______________because I’ve always been fair and square. 8.After supper he often goes for a walk in the garden. Sometimes he listens to the English b_____________. 9.The local government decided to use the river water to g____________ electricity. 10.The cool water r______________him after his long sleep. 11.She picked up a dress a___________for the occasion. 2.完成句子(4*5)

1.随着时间的推移,失败的伤痛也会逐渐消失。 2. 她不仅外表美丽,心地也很善良。(as well as) 3. 她很有可能成为第一位女总统。

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4.约翰的体育不行,但说到物理,他可能是全班最优秀的。 5.. 他讨厌总是抱怨的人。 3.改错(见答题纸) 3.改错 (1*10) A married couple were in a car while the wife turned to her husband and asked, “Would you like to stop for coffee?” “No, thanks.” he answered truthfully. But they didn’t stop. The result? The wife, who has indeed wanted to stop, became angry, because she felt her preference had not considered. The husband, seeing that his wife was angry, became frustrated. Why didn’t she just say that she wanted? Unfortunately, he failed in to see that his wife was asking the question, in order not to get an immediately decision, but rather to begin discussion. And the women didn’t

realize that when her husband said no, he was just express his preference, not give an order.



38. C 根据本句中的 darkest times 可知此处选 C。 39. D 由本句中的 he loaded his family into the car 可以推断出此处选 D。 40. D 根据后文的直接引语可以推断出所填词意思是:信念,选 D。 41. A 由文章首句可知此处选 A。 42. B 根据 downsize 可知此处选 B。 43. D 句子意思是:他担心他 15 岁的女儿和 22 岁的双胞胎儿子会沮丧。选 D。 44. C 此处用副词,表转折,意思是:而是,选 C。 45. B talk about: 谈论, 讨论; care about: 注意, 关心; 对……感兴趣; write about: 写关于…的事;hear about:听说。由句意可知此处选 B。 46. A how+ 形容词修饰 heart,由其修饰词 their 可知此处 heart 是不可数名词, 故选 A。 47. D 所填介词与 hard times 构成搭配,意思是:度过艰难时期,选 D。 48. C 本句意思是:故事专家们说此现象反映了人们对讲述家庭故事越来越大的 兴趣,……。选 C。 49. A 根据上下文意思可知此处所填词意思是:研究,选 A。 50. B 句子意思是:一项大学对于 65 个有 14 到 16 岁孩子的家庭的研究表明:的 孩子们复述父辈艰苦故事时,能体验到父辈困境的几率很低。所填词意思是:复

述,选 B。 51. D 由句子意思可知所填词意思是:技巧,计谋,选 D。 52. C 句子意思是: 讲这种故事的技巧是用一种孩子们能容忍的方式来讲。 C。 选 53. C 由后文的直接引语可知这是故事的开头,故此处选 C。 54. A 由本句的谓语动词 suit 可以推断出此处选 A。 55. B 所填词引导宾语从句,引导词在从句中做 take 的宾语,指物,选 B。 51. D. 细节理解题。引言后第二段最后一句话可知:一个人负责公司的全部工作 属于非常识。 52. B. 细节理解题。根据第四段最后一句话 However, taking responsibility for something that went wrong is a making of great maturity. 可得出答案。 53. A. 细节判断题。引言后第二段最后一句话可知:一个人负责公司的全部工作 属于非常识。 54. D. 推理判断题。从全文最后一句话直接得到答案“追求真理比寻找理由更为 重要” 55. A. 主旨大意题。从全文和引言后第一段倒数第二句可知文章标题:人性的镜 子。 引言后第一段第三句可知:批评别人的错误 60. 【答案】B 语义题 答案】 尝试”的意思 这里说的是“我讨厌 的意思。 【解析】shot 有“try 尝试 的意思。这里说的是 我讨厌 parties,但是我还是得 解析】 , 再试一次, 再试一次,因为我在 London”。所以才会有后文。 。所以才会有后文。 61. 【答案】C 细节题 答案】 【解析】从第二段“Worse, in Manahan there is always someone who leaves before 解析】从第二段 the bill arrives. They'll throw down cash, half of wha t they owe, and then people like

me, who don’ drink, end up paying even more.”可知,作者最讨厌的还是不公平的 可知, 可知 付账方式。 付账方式。 62. 【答案】D 细节题 答案】 得知, 【解析】从第二段“Not only that, the guests are an interesting mix.”得知,作者认为 解析】从第二段 得知 London 的 parties 还是有趣的。 还是有趣的 有趣的。 63. 【答案】D 细节题 答案】 【解析】从最后一段“But at Mallery's, when I said that I had been to Myanmar 解析】从最后一段 recently, people knew where it was. In New York people would think it was a usual new club”可知,一些纽约人对外界知之甚少,以自我为中心。选 B。 E 篇 GBDAF

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