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【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业2 Unit1 Lifestyles 北师大版必修1


必修 1

Unit 1


For hours I had been traveling up the Nile Valley,from Luxor to Cairo,on a train jammed with Egypt’s working poor. At 1 am I__1__Cairo and took a taxi to Tahrir Square.I was__2__and,having been to Cairo before,kn ew that while most of the city was__3__at this hour,a couple of fast?food restaurants would be open there. The taxi dropped me__4__across the street from Hardee’s.A moment later,just as I was about to__5__the restaurant door,two street children ran towards me with full__6__ for food. Being a veteran (老练之人) traveler__7__having once lived in Egypt for a year, I was no stranger to children__8__or people asking me for help.But seldom had I been so__9__by the sincerity of the request. I turned back to the__10__and asked them to wait while I went inside to buy them food.At the counter I__11__two hamburgers for the boys. When their food was ready,I walked back__12__and invited them in to eat with me.“No!” they cried__13__.“ We do not belong in such a nice place!” __14__to persuade them otherwise,I brought the__15__out,and as they took the burgers,they showered me with 30 seconds of nonstop__16__,praying that Allah would bless me always. And this is__17__,five years later,I still ask God’s blessings for those two Egyptian boys.I__18__as sincerely as they had for me,__19__that while they had nothing material to give,they had given me something__20__:an awareness of my spiritual poverty and a desire for a softer heart. 1.A.reached C.visited 2.A.thirsty C.hungry 3.A.let down C.got down 4.A.away C.out 5.A.shut C.cover B.saw D.noticed B.angry D.frightened B.closed down D.put down B.back D.off B.lock D.open

6.A.smiles C.cries 7.A.apart from C.in favour of 8.A.beating C.begging 9.A.surprised C.appointed 10A.boys C.waiters 11.A.ordered C.requested 12.A.inside C.forward 13.A.happily C.astonishingly 14.A.Unable C.Ready 15.A.book C.cook 16.A.blessings C.campaigns 17.A.how C.where 18.A.tell C.pray 19.A.forgetting C.regretting 20.A.greater C.less Ⅱ.阅读理解 A

B.hardships D.honors B.as well as D.in return for B.struggling D.trembling B.regretted D.moved B.drivers D.workers B.demanded D.deserved B.outside D.backward B.cheerfully D.sadly B.I mpossible D.Willing B.food D.look B.belongings D.challenges B.why D.when B.speak D.bow B.following D.remembering B.fewer D.lower

(2013·山西高三上学期诊断) Job A Marketing Professionals

A major US corporation in the health and nutritional industry has announced the opening of its direct selling division in Taiwan. The company offers the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry and has paid over NTD (新台币) 3.5 are a group of top earners. Applicants should meet the requirements: (1)Taiwan citizen (2)Have experience in marketing (3)Aggressive,energeti c,and willing to learn If you believe you have what it takes to develop this business,please di al 27426996. Job B An international company requires a Service Technician To service and maintain electronic medical equipment,applicants billion in commissions in just 6 years in the US.We

should have degree in electronics.The selected candidate will have a training program to be personnel. Interested candidates please apply immediately with a resume (简历)and mail to P.O.Box 594.Or telephone Ms Chang at 2945-0027 for an immediate interview. , Job C Wanted:Reporters & Editors Qualifications: * Strong command of English language * Chinese speaking and reading ability a must * A university degree * Journalism education and/or experience preferred * Flexible working hours( 30 hours per week) * Good work environment and medical insurance,etc. Fax resume and work samples,if any,to The China Post at(03) 25957952. Job D Southeastern Travel Services Tour Guides Duties:To conduct escorted tours (陪游)for foreign visitors;to assist with travel and transportation arrangements.








Qualifications:Good appearance.High school diploma. Good knowledge of English.Outgoing personality. Dial 27032172 after 3∶00 pm.Ask for Gary. ,

1.Which of the following is required for marketing professionals? A.A university degree. B.Good appearance. C.Good computer knowledge. D.Some marketing experience. 2.Wendy is good at Chinese and doesn’t like to work on fixed schedules.Which of the four jobs might be suitable for her? A.Job A. C.Job C. B.Job B. D.Job D.

3.Charles has a strong interest in technology service.Which phone number should he dial? A.27426996 . C.25957952. B.29450027. D.27032172.

4.Mary has attractive looks and a good command of English with an outgoing character.Which of the following would she choose? A.Job A. C.Job C. B (2013·山西高三上学期诊断) Nearly two million drivers in the UK have had accidents due to “Baby on Board” signs and children’s toys that affect their view,according to ala rming new research.One in 20 motorists says stickers and playtime paraphernalia (装备) are to blame for a collision—equivalent to 1.85 million of Britain’s 37 million drivers.The discovery triggered a warning by a road safety charity—Brake to cut d own on clutter (杂乱的东西) in the car. Deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said “Baby on Board” signs are very useful in alerting the emergency services that a child may be involved in case of a crash.“This help can become negative if drivers display signs when their child isn’t in the car,” she said.“Worse still is the danger that can be caused by drivers influencing their view by cluttering up ( 塞 满 ) windows with lots of signs.Drivers’ priority should always be getting there safely without putting themselves,young passengers or other road users at risk.”

B.Job B. D.Job D.

A survey arranged by price comparison website Confused.com found that 3 7 percent of parents have displayed signs and four out of five of them believe they improve safety.But 46 percent admit doing so at all times—regardless of whether or not their child is in the car—and 15 percent admit they only have them for their novelty (新 奇) value.The poll of 2,000 drivers also found that 46 percent of drivers regard t hem as a risk and 33 percent say they are lacking in taste. “There are benefits and dangers to ‘Baby on Board’ signs.They can offer useful information for medical aid in case of a crash but having too many novel ty items displayed c ould be a safety issue,” said a Confused.com spokesman. 5.What do we learn about the signs on the car from Paragraph 1? A.They can be dangerous. B.They are useful to avoid accidents. C.They are welcomed by passengers. D.They are forbidden to be used. 6.What is Julie Townsend’s attitude towards the signs? A.Positive. C.Uninteresting. B.Negative. D.Objective.

7.According to the survey,most of the drivers who use the signs think that the signs________. A.can improve safety C.can make drivers clear 8.What is the purpose of this text? A.To solve a problem. B.To describe a threat to traffic safety. C.To tell an interesting story. D.To persuade drivers to drive safely. B.are unnecessary D.can kill time


答案: 课时作业(二) Ⅰ.完形填空 语篇解读: 作者在开罗碰到了讨要食物的两个男孩。受帮助的孩子的所作所为,尤其 是为作者祈祷深深打动了他,令他感触很深。以至 5 年后,作者仍然像两个孩子那样真诚地 为他们祈祷祝福。 1.解析: 根据语境,此处指的是作者到了开罗。 答案: A 2.解析: 根据后半句“a couple of fast?food restaurants...”,结合语境可知, 作者当时很饿。因此,C 选项符合语境。 答案: C 3.解析: 四个选项均为动词短语,A 表示“使失望;放下”;B 表示“停业,关闭”; C 表示“吞下”;D 表示“放下;写下”。根据上下文语境可知,B 选项与文意相符。 答案: B 4.解析: 空白处与前面的动词构成了动词短语,依据语境可知,空白处应该使用

“off”。“drop off”为固定短语,是“让??下车”之意。 答案: D 5.解析: 语境表示,就在作者要开饭店的门时,因此,空白处应该使用 “open”。 答案: D 6.解析: 句意为:有两个街头孩子向作者跑来,哭着讨要食物。四个选项均可作名 词,A 表示“微笑”;B 表示“艰难,困苦”;C 表示“叫喊,哭”;D 表示“荣誉,名誉”。 由此可知,C 选项符合语境。 答案: C 7.解析: 作者是位经验丰富的旅行者,而且曾经在埃及生活过一年。A 表示“除?? 之外”;B 表示“和,也,除??之外(还)”;C 表示“赞成,支持”;D 表示“作为?? 的交换, 作为??的报答”。 根据语境并结合选项意思可知, 空白处应该使用“as well as”。 答案: B 8.解析: 根据上文及空白处之后“...asking me for help.”可知,此处表示的是

“乞讨”。因此,空白处应该使用“begging”。其他选项与语境不符,可排除。 答案: C 9.解析: 但是,作者不经常被这种场面所感动。在四个选项中,moved 表示“感动 的”,符合语境。 答案: D 10.解析: 作者向两个男孩转过身来,让他们等一会。由此不难判断,A 选项符合语 境。

答案: A 11.解析: A.定购;点,叫(菜或饮料);命令;B.需要,要求,请求;C.要求,请

求;D.应受,该得。依据语境可知,空白处应该使用“ordered”。 答案: A 12.解析: 根据语境,作者回到外面,邀请两个孩子一起进饭店吃饭。以及上文可知, “outside”符合语境。 答案: B 13.解析: 根据语境可知,两个孩子感到受宠若惊,说他们不能进入这种地方的。四 个选项均为副词,其中 astonishingly 表示“令人惊讶地”,符合语境。 答案: C 14.解析: 句意为:作者不能说服两个孩子。很明显,A 选项与此相符合。 答案: A 15.解析: 根据语境可知,由于说服不了那两个孩子,作者只好把食物从饭店里拿出 来。由此结合四个选项的词义可知,B 选项符合语境。 答案: B 16.解析: 根据语境,两个孩子接到作者赠送的食物,向作者表示祝福,并祈祷真主 保佑作者。A.祝福;B.财产,所有物;C.战役;运动,活动;D.挑战。由此可知,A 选项符 合语境。 答案: A 17. 解析: 句意为: 这是作者在五年后仍然让上帝保佑那两个埃及男孩的原因。 “five years later”为插入语,空白处后面“I still ask God’s blessings for those two Egyptian boys.”为表语从句。根据语境并结合选项可知,空白处应该使用“why”。 答案: B 18.解析: 句意为:作者仍然像两个孩子真诚地为他祈祷一样,在为孩子们真诚地所 祈祷。 答案: C 19.解析: 句意为:作者记得他们没有什么东西相送。四个选项均为动词,根据语境 可知,D 选项符合文意。 答案: D 20.解析: 根据语境可知,尽管那两个孩子没什么相送,但是作者认为他们给予了自 己更重要的东西。A 选项与此相符合。 答案: A Ⅱ.阅读理解 语篇解读: 这是一篇应用文,文中介绍了四则招聘信息。 1.解析: 细节理解题。根据 Job A 中的“(2)Have experience in marketing”可知

D 项正确。 答案: D 2.解析: 细节理解题。根据 Wendy 擅长汉语以及不喜欢固定的工作时间进度表这两 点及对照四则招聘信息可知,Job C 中的“Chinese speaking and reading ability a must” 以及“Flexible working hours”与 Wendy 的那两点一致,据此可推断出 Job C 或许适合 Wendy。 答案: C 3. 解析: 细节理解题。 根据 Job B 中的“To service and maintain electronic medical equipment,applicants should have...technical personnel.”可知,此工作应该属于技 术行业,Charles 应该拨打 29450027。 答案: B 4.解析: 细节理解题。根据 Job D 中的“Qualifications:Good appearance.High school diploma.Good knowledge of English.Outgoing personality.”可知 D 项正确。 答案: D 语篇解读: 本文主要介绍了英国最新的调查发现汽车车贴成为“马路杀手”的事实。 5.解析: 推理判断题。从文章第一段介绍的英国有将近 200 万名司机曾因车贴和儿 童玩具发生过交通事故,到车贴和玩具会模糊司机的视线并且在每 20 位驾驶人员中就有一 位表示车贴和娱乐设备会导致发生交通事故以及 Brake 提醒大家清理车里杂乱的物品可推 知,它们可能是危险的。 答案: A 6.解析: 态度判断题。根据第二段中的“‘Baby on Board’ signs are...isn’t in the car”以及“Worse...or other road users at risk.”可知,Julie Townsend 对车贴 积极的一面以及消极的一面都做了客观的描述,由此可推知她的态度是客观的。 答案: D 7.解析: 细节理解题。根据第三段中的“four out of five of them believe they improve safety”可知,大多数司机认为这能使行驶更安全。 答案: A 8.解析: 写作意图题。本文介绍了英国最新的调查发现汽车车贴成为“马路杀手” 的事实,其目的就是告诉人们当前存在的一个交通安全隐患。 答案: B


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