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专题升级训练八 完形填空二

八、完形填空二 A (2013 湖南衡阳月考) China's revised traffic regulations have stirred up controversy since it took effect on January 1st. They are believed to be the most stringent(严厉的) traffic regulations in the country. According to the new rules, 52 different kinds of violations can result 1 penalties, up 2 38 under the previous regulation. And the new rule also doubled penalties 3 drivers face. In addition, drivers counterfeiting(伪造) the motor vehicle plates(车牌) 4 not installing one properly will have 12 points deducted immediately from the previous 6 points. Many drivers say the punishment is quite heavy and they need to be more careful than before. “If I run a red light twice, I will have to retake the traffic training course. I am very busy. I could lose my job for this. I can't afford to take the risk.” some complain. But 5 voiced their worry about the yellow light rule. “I don't know whether I can stop if the light suddenly turns yellow. Plus, I think it will be better 6 the traffic lights are installed with countdown meters. If I know how much time is left I can decide whether 7 stop or not.” The new rule also stipulates(规定) that drivers with less than one year's driving experience cannot drive on expressways 8 . 答案: 1. in 根据新交规,52 种交通违规行为将受处罚。result in“引发,导致” 。 2. from 高出之前的 38 种违规情况。 3. which/ that 后面定语从句中 face 缺少主语,所以用 which 或 that 引导。 4. or 伪造车牌或安装不正确都会被扣除 12 分。 5. others 此处 others 作主语相当于 other people。 6. that 此处用 that 引导主语从句。 7. to 特殊疑问词 whether 后面接动词不定式作动词 decide 的宾语。 8. alone 副词 alone 通常置于所修饰词的后面或句尾,表示“独自地,单独地” 。 B (2013湖南长沙月考) There are two faces of nature. One is good while the other is bad. It all depends on 1 you look at it. I believe that nature is man’s friend and we should treat it 2 a great deal of respect. 3 trip to the mountains on the weekend will give you a glimpse at how beautiful nature is and 4 be. Unfortunately, due to our busy lives, many of us take this beauty for granted. We keep spoiling our environment instead of protecting 5 . Polluting the air, cutting down trees, and building more and more factories are just a few examples showing how 6 damage we have done to our earth. Because of the harm caused by humans, nature has turned on (attacked suddenly) us. 7 a consequence, storms and landslides are taking place more than ever before. If we don’t take the time to protect our environment, nature will no longer be our friend, 8 our biggest enemy. 答案: 1. how 大自然有两面性,好坏要看你如何看待它。how引动宾语从句作depend on的宾语。 2. with 此处考查treat?with?,意思是“用??看待??,用??招待??” 。 3. A 用不定冠词a表示“一次” 。 4. can/ may/ might 到山上去旅行我们可以看到大自然的美丽和它将来可能变化成的样子。 5. it 指代前面的environment.

6. much 此处考查短语do damage to,意思是“对??造成破坏” 。much用来修饰不可数名词damage表示 程度。 7. As 考查固定短语as a consequence (of) ,意思是“ (由于??造成的)结果” 。 8. but 前后将friend和enemy作对比。 F (2013 湖南师大附中月考) Grace, like many renters, is tired of renting. 1 reason is that her annual rent keeps going up. Every year her landlord raises the rent by five percent.Another reason is her neighbors.She finds it hard to get 2 well with them. “New neighbor always seem to care less about other people's feelings than the ones 3 moved out,” she said. “My first neighbor liked closing his door loudly; I always knew when he came home or left home. 4 he moved out, a saxophonist moved in.He practiced two hours every day.On Saturday his friends 5 come over and I’d get to listen to a whole band.I once called the police, 6 they said saxophone playing was permitted in apartments for up to four hours 7 day.They told me I was lucky that the guy was 8 playing two hours!” 答案: 1. one 根据下面第二段第二句可知这里应该用 one reason。 2. along/ on 考查短语 get along/ on well with“与??相处融洽”。 3. who 考查定语从句。who 指代前面的先行词 ones。 4. After/ When 根据后面“a saxophonist moved in.”可知应该用 after 或 when。 5. would 在此表示“过去常常” 。 6. but 前后两句为转折关系。 7. a 不定冠词 a 在此表示“每,每一”之意。 8. only/ just/ merely/ simply 对比前面提到的四小时,仅仅两小时算是少的了。 H (2013 湖南长沙岳麓区月考) Complaining about faulty goods or bad service is never easy.But if something you've bought is faulty or doesn't do 1 was claimed for it, you aren't asking for a favor to get it put right. Complaints should be made to 2 responsible person.Go back to the shop 3 you bought the goods, taking with you any receipt you may have.In a small store the assistant may also be the owner, so 4 can complain directly.In a chain store, ask the manager.If you call, ask the name of the person who handles your enquiry, otherwise you may never find 5 who deals with the complaint later. 6 you don't want to do it in person, write a letter.Stick 7 the facts and keep a copy of what you write. At this stage you should give any receipt number, 8 you shouldn't give the receipt to prove you bought the goods. 答案: 1. what 此处用 what 引导宾语从句,表示“达不到你的要求” 。 2. a 后面举例提到 store assistant“杂货店主”,manager“经理”等都是能接受投诉的负责人,所以 用不定冠词 a 表示泛指概念。 3. where 考查定语从句,先行词为 shop。 4. you 根据上一句可知这里应该用第二人称。 5. out 考查固定短语 find out“查明,弄确实” 。 6. If 引导条件状语从句,表示另外一种可能性。 7. to 考查固定短语 stick to,意思是“坚持” 。

8. but 前后两句为转折关系,意思是只提供收据的号码,不要把收据直接给对方。 I (2013 湖南十二校联考) Some doctors say that both repressing and expressing anger can be dangerous.They believe those who express anger violently may be 1 likely to develop heart disease, and they believe that those who keep their anger 2 may face a greater danger of high blood pressure. Doctors say 3 solution is learning how to deal with anger.They say the first step is to admit that you are angry 4 to recognize the real cause of the anger, then decide 5 the cause is serious enough to get angry 6 .If it is, they say, “Do not express your anger 7 angry.Wait until your anger has cooled down and you are able to express 8 calmly and reasonably. ” Doctors say a good way to deal with anger is to find humor in the situation that has made you angry.They say that laughter is much healthier than anger. 答案: 1. more 前后两句话对比,说明生气给人带来的危害很严重。 2. inside/ in 此处考查短语 keep?inside/ in,意思是“抑制,把??憋在心里” 。 3. the 后文提到解决问题的方法的具体内容,所以 solution 在此为特指。 4. and 前后为顺接关系。先承认自己生气,然后在找到生气的原因。 5. if/ whether 用 if 或 whether 引导宾语从句表示“是否” 。 6. about/ at/ over 考查 be/ get angry at/ about/ over,意思是“对??生气” 。 7. when/ while 用 when 和 while 引导时间状语从句,省略 you are。 8. yourself 考查固定短语 express oneself,意思是“自我表达,表达自己的思想” 。 J (2013 湖南湘阴五中月考) Jean Driscoll can go faster in her wheelchair than the world’s best marathoners can run! In April, Jean finished the Boston Marathon in 1 hour 34 minutes 22 1 . That’s about 33 minutes 2 than the winning male runner! She competed on the track, too. She was second in the 800-meter wheelchair demonstration race at the 1992 Olympics. Jean doesn’t like to be told she’s brave. “I’m not in sports 3 I’m courageous,” she says. “It’s because I’m a competitive person!” Jean was born with spinal bifida(脊椎 裂), 4 damaged his spine. She began to use a 5 to get around in high school. Then she tried wheelchair soccer and was amazed. “Players banged each other and fell 6 of their chairs,” she says, “It was fun.” Jean tried other wheelchair sports. At the University of Illinois, 7 wheelchair basketball team won two national titles. Now Jean coaches 8 teaches. She tried to get people to set goals. “When I sign my autograph,” says Jean, “I write, ‘Dream big and work hard.’” 答案: 1. seconds 前面有 hour 和 minute,所以后面应该是 second“秒” 。 2. faster/ quicker 根据后面的 than 可知这里考查比较级。 3. because 根据后面“It’s because I’m a competitive person!”可知,Jean 热爱体育运动并不是 因为自己多勇敢,而是因为自己是一个喜欢竞争的人。 4. which 考查定语从句,先行词为 spinal bifida(脊椎裂),在从句中作主语。 5. wheelchair 第一段开头有提示。 6. out 根据前面“Players banged each other”可知,队员们互相碰撞,很容易从轮椅中跌落出来。fall out of“从??中掉下来” 。

7. her 根据前文可知应该用 her。 8. and 前后为并列关系,意思是 Jean 不仅当教练,而且还从事教育活动,帮助人们树立远大目标。


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