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郑州市2014高考英语一轮(暑假) 阅读理解训练(11)及答案

郑州市 2014 高考英语一轮(暑假) 阅读理解训练(11)及答案

(201*·全国 II)E "I didn't hear them call my name," explained Shelley Hennig to Active Teens (AT) as she talked about that exciting moment on national television when she won the honor of Miss Teen USA 2004. "Are you ready?" is what she heard. Then she said, "I shook my head no, and then they said‘yes’ and it was announced again." It was four days after that life changing moment for the seventeen-year-old high school student from Destrehan, Louisiana----she was still on cloud nine. "I was so shocked! I never believed that it could actually really happen." Present in the audience (观众) that day were: her mother and father, older brother, her friends, and her dance teacher. Understanding why members of her family and her friends would be there, AT asked why her dance teacher had traveled so far to see her compete(比赛) She's always been my ." role model . I've danced with her since I was six. She's been through so many difficulties and came through them all. I've learned to get over bad life's experiences and learned how to move on because of her." One of those bad life's experiences for Shelley happened three years ago when her brother Brad was killed in a drunk driving accident. He was 18. She found writing helped her get through the rough days. She said, "I write a lot about my brother. I write a lot, a lot, a lot...” As Miss Louisiana Teen, she traveled around the state speaking to teens(青少 年)about the dangers of drinking and driving. In her role as Miss Teen USA, Sheiley will continue to speak to youth about safe driving, in addition to many other thin gs to help the youth. When AT asked Miss Teen USA if she had any advice for our readers, she said, "Don't let anyone change you. Hang out with people that make you feel good about yourself.

That way, it is easy to be yourself." 56. What do the words "on cloud nine" in Paragraph 2 probably mean? A. frightened B. troubled C. very happy D. very angry 57. Shelley takes her dance teacher as a role model mainly because she is_____. A. determined B. friendly C. strict D. experienced 58. How many children did the Hennigs have according to the text? A. 1.B.2. C. 3.D. 4. 59. What did Shelley often do after she became Miss Louisiana Teen? A. She visited drunken drivers. B.She gave dance performances. C. She made speeches on safe driving. D. She helped other teens with their studies.
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60. What suggestion does Shelley give to the teens? A. Be yourself with the support of friends. B .Meet friends whenever possible. C. Go easy on yourself and others. D. Have a good role model.

参考答案-------56----60 CACCA ***************************************************************结束

阅读理解猜测词义 Passa ge **************** Robably you have seen photographs of the Grand Canyon (峡谷), the great valley in the desert country of Arizona. But you must go there yourself to feel its true size and beauty. Tie Grand Canyon is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon over mil lions of years. Slowly, the river cut down through hard rock. At the same time. the land was rising. Today. the canyon is one and a half kilometres deep and 445 kilometres long. The el dest rocks at the bottom of the canyon are more than 1 billion years old. The width varies

from about 200 metres to 29 kilo metres across. The rim (边缘) or top of the canyon is about 2, 300 metres above sea level tin the South Rim, and about 3,000 metres on the other side, the North Rink As a result, there are different kinds of plants and animals on opposite sides of the canyon. The South Run is dry desert country. The North Rim has tall forests. The canyon looks different at different times of day. and in different seasons and weather. At sunrise anti sunset the red. gold, brown, and orange colours of the rocks are especially dear and bright. In winter, the canyon is partly covered with snow. The view from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the best. Most visitors come to the South Rim and stay in camp- grounds or hotels. Every point along the canyon' s edge offers a different view. The North Rim of the Can yon is quieter, h takes all day to drive there from the South Rim because there is only one bridge across the Colorado River. On the way, you go through Navado In dian lands, and a colourful pink desert called "The Painted Desert". You can walk clown into the Grand Canyon, or you can go down oil the back of a mule (小型电动机车). You can also lake a boat trip down the Colorado River, and camp on the bea ches at night. But whether you see the Grand Canyon from the top or the honom, it will be an experience that you will never forget. 1. Th e sea level on both sides of the Grand Canyou is________. A. the same C. various B. changing with time D. very low

答案:C 指导:文中讲到:The rim or top of the canyon is about 2,300 metres above sea level on the South Rim,and about 3,000 metres on the other side,the North Rim.由 此可见,大峡谷两边的海拔是不同的,故 C 项正确。 2. From the passage we can know that the_______of the can yon is different at different time.

A. length C. width

B. scene D. height

答案: B


看上去都是不一样的,由此可见,大峡谷的景象是多变的,在各个时期是不同的,故 B 项正 确。 3. If you go to visit the canyon you'd better go to________. A. the South Rim C. the bottom B. the North Rim I). the top of a tree

答案: A 指导:从第四段的首句:The view from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the best.可知:大峡谷南端的景象的最美的,若你要观光,最好到 theSouthRim.故 A 项为 正确选项。 **************************************************结束

【阅读理解猜测词义】Passage **************** In 1847 she asked to be accepted at a small medical school in New York. Largely (主要的) as a joke, the school accepted her. The teachers and pupils were all men. They waited for Elizabeth to make a fool of herself (为了愚弄她) and then go away. But Elizabeth fe lt she could learn anything a man could learn. And she proved it. No one laughed at her. The jokes stopped, but none of the town's people would speak to her. They thought she was wrong to study medicine. As a student, Elizabeth helped treat (医治) sick poor people during her summer holidays. She found out that she had much more to learn as she tried to help them. "I must learn more "she said "there is so much work to be done among the sick (病 人). Somehow (以某种方式) I must get (劝说) other woman to help me!" That autumn she returned to school. Elizabeth Blackweel became a doctor in 1849. She was the first w oman in the United States to become a doctor.
[来源:学,科,网 Z,X,X,K]

1. At first it seemed that it was impossible for Elizabeth to find a school to attend because________. A. there were no medical schools in her hometown in those days B. Elizabeth wanted to teach herself medicine at home C. a few doctors helped her to study medicine

D. most people of her day didn't think that women should have the same chance 答案:D 指导:由第一段可知对于 Elizabeth 来说,进入一个医学院学习是不可能的,因为 许多人认为妇女没有与男人同等的机会。 2. A small medical school in New York accepted Elizabeth because________. A. she asked to be aeeepted many times B. she was good at telling funny jokes C. the school didn't take the matter seriously(严肃认真对待这件事) D. the teachers and pupils wanted to have a try 答案:C 指导:由第——段第二句, “Largely as a joke,the school accepted her。以

及下面接下来的 The teachers and pupils were all men.They waited for Elizabeth to make a fool Of herse“ and then go away” .可知学校并不是严肃认真地对待 Elizabeth 在医学 院学习这件事。 3. Some time later, no one in the school laughed at her because________. A. she did an experiment to prove that she was quite right B. she stopped telling jokes and began to work hard C. they thought she was wrong to study medicine D. Elizabeth proved to be a success as a medical student 答案:D 指导: “And she proved it No one laughed at her. ”由于她证明了自己与男人一 样成功,没有人再取笑她了。 4. Elizabeth began to help treat sick poor people_________. A. as soon as she graduated from the medical school B. when she was still a medical student at that school C. when the weather was very hot in the summer D. as she found out that she had much more to learn 答案:B 指导:由短文的第三段可知。 5. Choose the best title for the passage from among the following. A. The First Woman Doctor in the USA B. Elizabeth Became a Doctor after Years of Hard Work

C. Elizabeth --Pioneer in the Study of Medicine in America D. Women Should Have the Same Chance to Work as Men

答案:A 指导:本文讲述的是美国第一个妇女医生的成长故事。所以 A 项是最理想的标题。


【阅读理解猜测词义】Passage **************** Dolphins (海豚) are not fish, but warm-blooded animals. They live in groups, and speak to each other in their own language. In this they are like other animals, such as bees and birds. But dolphins are very different from almost all land animals. Their brain is nearly the same size as our own, and they live a long time--at least twenty or thirty years. Like some animals, dolphins use sound to help them find their way around. They also make these sounds to talk to each other and to help them find food. We now know they do not use their ears to receive these sounds, but the lower part of the mouth, called the jaw. Strangely, dolphins seem to like man, and for thousands of years there have been stories about the dolphin and its friendship with people. There is a story about sailors in the 19th century. In a dangerous part of the sea off the coast of New Zealand, they learnt to look for a dolphin called Jack. From 1871 to 19 典型例题 met every boat in the area and showed it the way. Then in 19 典型例题 assenger on a boat called The penguin shot and wounded Jack. He recovered and for nine years more continued to guide all ships through the area except for The penguin. Today, some people continue to kill dolphins, but manycountries of the world now protect them and in these places it is against the law to kill them. 1. Dolphins are different from many other animals in that they_______. A. live in groups C. are warm-blooded B. have large brains D. have their own language

答案:B 指导:根据第一段最后两句话可知,海豚区别于几乎所有的陆地动物,是因为它们 的大脑几乎和人类的一样大而且生活时间长。

2. Which of the following does the dolphin use to help it find its way around?_______. A. Its nose. C. Its mouth. B. Its ears. D. Its eyes.

答案:C 指导,海豚是靠声音探路的,而接听声音的地方却不是耳朵而是嘴的下部。 3. Why did the sailors off the coast of New Zealand look for Jack? A. He w as lonely and liked to be with people. B. They enjoyed playing with him. C. He was seriously wounded. D. They wanted his help. 答案:D 指导:由于这片水城十分凶险,所以水手们需要杰克的帮助。 4. By telling the story of Jack the writer wanted to show that_______. A. dolphins are friendly and clever B. people are cruel to animals C. Jack is different from other dolphins D. dolphins should be protected'by law 答案:A 指导:文章大部分篇幅都在讲述海豚与其他动物的不同,它们与人类的友谊的故事, 说明了海豚是一种友好而又聪明的动物,所以 A 为最佳选项。


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