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【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业27 Module 3 外研版必修5


必修 5

Mod ule 3

Adventure in Literature and the Cinema
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2013·福州模拟)In most western countries on April Fool’s Day,people often play________trick on each other;children especially have great________fun. A.a;a C./;a B.the;the D.a;/

2. (2013·钟祥一中适应性考试)It’s a________coincidence that the day before his retirement,my English teacher will have been teaching for a total of forty years. A.serious C.curious B.cautious D.previous

3.Helen always helps her mother even though going to school________most of her day. A.puts up C.saves up B.takes up D.makes u p

4 . The child said that he had________the pen on the desk , but I thought he________to me. A.laid;lied C.lied;lain B.lain;lie D.lied;lied

5. all these years I have been working for others.I’m hoping I will________my For own business one day. A.turn up C.set up B.fix up D.make up

6.(2013·湖南模拟)Tom wasn’t saying anything,but the teacher smiled at him________he had done something very clever. A.as if C.while B.in case D.thought

7.(2013·北京东城二模)After a long absence,I went back to college,________to pick up where I’d left off. A.hoping C.to hope B.hope D.hoped

8. (2013·长葛市实验高中质检模拟)Once this balance of nature is________, may it result in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. A.troubled B.confused



9. Having been warned________the dangers of the approaching storm, Susan decided to stay at home. A.for C.on B.of D.with

10. (2013·山西高三上学期诊断)On Monday,1.6 million railway tickets were booked through the online booking system,________26.5% of all the sold tickets. A.calling for C.breaking through B.cutting down D.accounting for

11.I found Jane________at the desk,________her homework carefully. A.seated;doing C.be seated;does B.sitting;does D.sit;do

12 . Mr Chen devoted himself entirely to teaching and it earned him a good________in his field. A.reputation C.impression B.expectation D.knowledge

13.After finding out what had caused the mistake,Bob was________that the same mistake would not be repeated. A.determined C.interested B.frightened D.disappointed

14. friend told me that many factories in his city________to close down because My of increasing costs. A.have been forced C.had been forced B.have forced D.had forced

15.—Can I speak to Mr Wang,please? —________.I’ll call him to the phone. A.Get a move on C.That’s a good point Ⅱ.完形填空[建议用时 15′] (2013·青岛一检) When I was a little boy,I would play outside for hours on sunny summer days and then have a deep and peaceful sleep at night.Sometimes,I’d have some vivid dreams,making me__1__for a moment.I would stare out into the darkness to see if anything was there and then__2__over and go back to sleep.I can still remember a few times when I woke up,__3__out into the darkness,and actually__4__someone

B.Hang on a minute D.I don’t get it

there.It was Mom__5__over me as I slept.Each time she__6__told me to go back to sleep and I closed my eyes again,feeling__7__and loved. I__8__asked Mom why she watched me sleep from time to time,but__9__seeing my own children__10__so fast,I think I know why.She wanted to c atch a moment in time and__11__it in her heart forever.I just__12__that she carried a lot of those moments with her into Heaven when she__13__at only 55. Last night I was sleeping lightly__14__I suddenly felt someone near me.I opened my eyes and saw Mom’s__15__standing in the room,smiling at me.And then she was gone. Now__16__may say that this was just a dream,a wish or part of an old__17__.To me,though,it was__18__that Mom’s loving sp irit was still watching over me.To me,it was evidence enough to know that one day I would be__19__with her and everyone I have ever loved. Trust in their love.Know that your own life can be full of__20__,too.Then joyfully go out and live it with a brave heart and a smiling soul. 1.A.excited C.worried 2.A.take C.look 3.A.went C.looked 4.A.met C.expected 5.A.watching C.helping 6.A.angrily C.silently 7.A.quiet C.safe 8.A.never C.sometimes 9.A.before C.since 10.A.bring up C.lift up B.afraid D.awake B.roll D.climb B.burst D.found B.saw D.dreamed B.treating D.sitting B.gladly D.gently B.nervous D.anxious B.often D.seldom B.after D.for B.raise up D.grow up

11.A.hold C.find 12.A.decide C.wonder 13.A.ran away C.passed away 14.A.when C.after 15.A.body C.shape 16.A.all C.some 17.A.dream C.story 18.A.proof C.chance 19.A.reunited C.connected 20.A.hope C.love Ⅲ.阅读理解

B.remove D.cover B.hope D.remember B.put away D.took away B.while D.before B.figure D.shadow B.none D.any B.wish D.memory B.time D.belief B.buried D.joined B.joy D.surprise

(2013·豫西五校高三下联考) A new generation addiction is quickly spreading all over the world.Weboholism, a twentieth century disease,affects people from different ages.They surf the Net, use e?mai ls and speak in chat rooms.They spend many hours on the computer,and it becomes a compulsive habit.They cannot stop,and it affects their lives. Ten years ago,no one thought that using computers could become compulsive behavior that could affect the social and physical life of computer users.This obsessi onal behavior has affected teenagers and college students.They are likely to log on computers and spend long hours at different websites. They become hooked on computers and gradually their social and school life is affected by this situation.They spend all free time surfing and don’t concentrate on homework , so this addi ction influences their grades and success at out

school.Because they can find everything on the websites , they hang there.Moreover,this addiction to websites influences their social life.


They spend more time in front of computers than with their friends.The relation with their friends changes.The virtual life becomes more important than their real life.They have a new language that they speak in the chat rooms and it causes cultural changes in society. Because of the change in their behavior,they begin to keep themselves apart from society and live with their virtual friends.They share their emotions and feelings with friends who they have never met in their life.Although they feel confident on the computer,they are not confident with real live friends they have known all their life.It is a problem for the future.This addictive behavior is beginning to affect all the world. 1.The author’s attitude towards weboholism is that of being________. A.optimistic C.positive B.disapproving D.acceptable

2.What is the main idea of the passage? A.The influence of weboholism. B.The advantage of weboholism. C.The popularity of weboholism. D.The cause of weboholism. 3.What does the underlined word “obsessional” in the second paragraph most probably mean? A.Attractive. C.Addictive. B.Professional. D.Potential.

4.We can infer from the passage that________. A.weboholism has the greatest effect on teenagers B.students can hardly balance real and virtual life C.people are addicted to games on the Internet D.virtual life is more vivid and attractive anyway Ⅳ.短文改错 (2013·辽宁六校联考) There was a man calling Ted who loved his wife deeply.He wanted to buy a present for his wife.So he went to the town and looked around some jewellery store.Because of his wife had always wanted a diamond necklace,he decided to buy her it this time.Going into a store,he asked the saleswoman show him a diamond necklace.“How much is it?” he asked.“Two thousand dollars,” replied the saleswoman.It was too expensive for him that he asked for the cheaper one.The saleswoman passed him

one what cost one thousand dollars.“Anything cheaper?” asks the man.So he was shown one costing five hundred dollars.But it was still too expensive for him.“Anything really cheaper ? ” asked the man.The saleswoman gave him a

mirror.“It’s ten dollars.I guess it’s cheaply enough.” said the saleswoman.

详解答案 课时作业(二十七) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 考查冠词。play a trick on 为固定短语,意为“搞恶作剧;开玩笑”; have fun 意为“玩得快乐”,fun 是不可数名词,前面通常不加冠词。 答案: D 2.解析: 句意为:到他退休的前一天,他正好教了整整四十年的书,这是一个奇妙 的巧合。serious 意为“严肃的,庄重的”;cautious 意为“谨慎的”;curious 意为“好 奇的,奇特的”;previous 意为“以前的,先于”。根据句意可知 C 项正确。 答案: C 3.解析: 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:海伦总是帮助母亲,虽然上学占据了她一天 中的大部分时间。此处 take up 表示“占据(时间)”。put up 举起;save up 储蓄;make up 编造。 答案: B 4.解析: 考查 lie 与 lay 的用法区别。句意为:那孩子说他把钢笔放在书桌上了, 但是我认为他对我撒了谎。lay 意为“放置”,过去分词为 laid;lie 作“说谎”讲时,其 过去式及过去分词均为 lied。 答案: A 5.解析: 考查短语辨析。turn up 出现,调大;fix up 修补,解决;set up 建立, 成立;make up 编造,组成。 答案: C 6.解析: 考查状语从句。句意为:汤姆什么也没说,但老师向他笑了笑,好像他做 了件聪明的事情一样。as if 意为“似乎,好像”,引导方式状语从句。 答案: A 7.解析: 句意为:久违后,我又回到大学,希望可以从停止的地方重新开始。本题 考查非谓语动词的用法。句子主语 I 与 hope 之间为逻辑上的主动关系,故应使用现在分词 短语作伴随状语。 答案: A 8.解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:一旦大自然的这种平衡受到了干扰,结果可能会 导致很多不能预见的后果。 disturb 干扰, 扰乱, 符合句意。 interrupt 中断, 打断; confuse

使迷惑,使混乱;trouble 使麻烦,使烦恼。 答案: D 9.解析: 考查介词搭配。句意为:由于被警告有暴风雨来临的危险,Susan 决定呆 在家里。warn sb.of sth.警告某人某事,句中用了这一结构的被动语态。 答案: B 10.解析: 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:星期一,通过网上订购系统预订的火车票有 1,600,000 张,占所有已卖出票数的 26.5%。根据句意可知应选 account for 占(一定数量或 比例)。call for 需要,要求;cut down 缩减,砍倒;break through 突破,冲破。 答案: D 11.解析: 句意为:我发现简坐在桌旁认真地做家庭作业。seat 与其逻辑主语 Jane 之间是被动关系,故用 seated 作宾补;doing her homework carefully 是现在分词短语作 伴随状语。 答案: A 12.解析: 由前一分句“陈先生全身心地投入教学”可知,“这使他在这一领域中赢 得了好名声(reputation)”。expectation 期望;impression 印象;knowledge 知识。 答案: A 13.解析: 由题意“弄清楚是什么引起那个错误后,鲍勃决心不再犯同样的错误”可 知,determined 符合语境。frightened 害怕的;interested 感兴趣的;disappointed 失望 的。 答案: A 14.解析: factories 与 force 之间为被动关系,且 force 表示的动作发生在主句谓 语动词 told 所表示的动作之前,故选 C 项。 答案: C 15.解析: 由问句及答语中的 I’ll call him to the phone 可知,答话人将去找 王先生接电话,故 Hang on a minute(稍等一下)符合语境。Get a move on 快点儿;That’s a good point 你说得对;I don’t get it 我不明白。 答案: B Ⅱ.完形填空 语篇解读: 作者通过叙述自己的故事,深深地了解了母爱,从中他感悟到爱是生活中 最美好的事物。 1.解析: 有时“我”会做一些生动的梦,让“我”片刻间处在醒着的(awake)状态。 答案: D 2. 解析: 根据 2 空后面的“go back to sleep”可知, “我”又翻身睡着了。 roll over 的意思是“翻身”,符合语境。 答案: B

3.解析: “我”仍然记得有几次,当“我”醒来时,“我”看(looked)着外边漆黑 的夜晚。 答案: C 4.解析: 根据下文可知,实际上“我”看到(saw)了某个人在那里。 答案: B 5.解析: 那是“我”母亲在”我”睡觉时照看(watching over)“我”。18 空后面

的“watching over me”也是暗示。 答案: A 6.解析: 每次母亲都会温柔地(gently)告诉“我”,让“我”回去继续睡觉。 答案: D 7.解析: 此时“我”感到了安全与爱的存在,所以选 safe。 答案: C 8.解析: “我”从来没有(never)问过母亲为什么要这样做。 答案: A 9.解析: 但是当“我”看着“我”的孩子快速长大后(after),“我”想“我”知道 了原因。 答案: B 10.解析: 这里表示孩子的成长,用 grow up。 答案: D 11.解析: 根据上下文内容可知,此处表示母亲想永远把它记在(hold)心中。hold

意为“持有,保留,保存”。 答案: A 12.解析: 此处表示我的一种希望,所以用 hope。 答案: B 13.解析: 根据下文可知,“我”的母亲已经去世(passed away)了。 答案: C 14.解析: 根据 14 空后面的“I suddenly felt someone near me”可知,这是一个 时间状语从句,表示“就在那时”,应用 when。 答案: A 15. 解析: 这里表示“我”看到母亲站在房间里, 朝着“我”微笑。 figure 表示“(远 处人的)轮廓;(隐约可见的)人影”。 答案: B 16.解析: 一些人(some)也许会说那只是一个梦。 答案: C 17.解析: 或者是“我”对母亲的记忆(memory)的一部分。

答案: D 18.解析: 对“我”来说,它是母亲充满爱意的灵魂仍然在照看着“我”的证明

(proof)。18 空后的“evidence”是线索提示。 答案: A 19.解析: “我”知道也许有一天“我”会和“我”母亲重聚(reunited)。 答案: A 20.解析: 相信爱,同时也要知道你的生活中充满着爱(love)。 答案: C Ⅲ.阅读理解 语篇解读: 网瘾在全球迅速蔓延,成为世纪通病,影响着不同年龄的人群。 1.解析: 作者态度题。结合第一段后半部分提到的网瘾的不良影响可知,作者对网 瘾持不赞成的态度。另外,第三、四、五段的内容都是线索提示。 答案: B 2.解析: 主旨大意题。文章第一段开门见山地阐述了网瘾的危害,然后从不同方面 详细阐述了它造成的不良影响,所以 A 项最能概括文章大义。 答案: A 3.解析: 词义猜测题。第二段最后一句提到青少年和大学生可能会登录电脑,在不 同的网站上花费很长的时间,由此可推知“obsessional”的意思是“痴迷的,上瘾的”, 与“addictive”同义。 答案: C 4.解析: 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段第三句“The virtual life becomes more

important than their real life.” 以 及 最 后 一 段 第 一 句 中 的 “they begin to keep themselves apart from society and live with their virtual friends”可推知,学生 们几乎 不能平衡真实生活和虚拟生活。 答案: B Ⅳ.短文改错 There was a man calling Ted who loved his wife deeply.He wanted to buy a present called for his wife.So he went to the town and looked around some jewellery store.Because stores of—— his wife had always wanted a diamond necklace,he decided to buy her itthis one time.Going into a store , he asked the saleswoman ∧ show him a diamond to

necklace.“How much is it?” he asked.“Two thousand dollars,” replied the saleswoman.It was too expensiv e for him that he asked for the cheaper one.The so a saleswoman passed him one what cost one thousand dollars.“Anything cheaper?” that asks the man.So he was shown one costing five hundred dollars.But it was still too asked

expensive for him.“Anything really cheaper?” asked the man.The saleswoman g ave him a mirror.“It’s ten dollars.I guess it’s cheaply enough.” said the cheap saleswoman.


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【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业11 Module 5 Newspapers and Magazines 外研版必修2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课时作业(十一) 必修 2 Module 5 ...
【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业10 Mod....doc
【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业10 Module 4 Fine Arts 外研版必修2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课时作业(十) 必修 2 Module 4 Fine Arts...