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Unit 3 Computers

Period 1
Period 2

Period 3
Period 4

Period 5 Period 6

Period 1

Look at the following pictures and say their English names.



huge computer




What’s next?

What English words do you know about computers?
host computer




speaker mouse

Can you number the following pictures according to the time? Please discuss what they have in common.

abacus laptop PC

huge computer

PDA robot

What do they have in common?
? ? ? ? I think that… In my opinion… I believe that… What’s your reason? ? Why do you think so? 1.They can be used for calculating. 2.They can deal with maths problems. 3.They are our friends. 4.They are useful and helpful.

What can computers be used to do?

How do you use computers and the Internet? Yes No
1.Help to do homework 2.Play computer games 3.Send e-mails 4.Listen to music 5.See movies 6.Chat (聊天) 7.Search for information 8.Do shopping 9.Learn computer skills

I often use a computer to…, I sometimes use it to…, and I never use it to…

Computers have great power. They make our lives more colorful and more convenient.

Don’t just use computers for fun. Don’t spend too much time in playing computer games or chatting(聊天) online. We should learn more computer skills which are very useful in our future work.

Who am I?

tube 电子管

transistor 晶体管

chip 芯片

1. Who is the speaker in this story? A computer. 2. Write down three sentences from the story to support your idea. 1) I was built as an Analytical machine by Charles Babbage. 2) My real father, Alan Turing, … 3) I was always lonely standing there by myself, until in early 1960s they gave me a family connected by a network.

Listen and answer the questions.
1. Where was the speaker born in 1642? In France. 2. What happened to the speaker after nearly two hundred years? He was built as an Analytical Machine by Babbage. 3. What was the speaker called in 1936? A universal machine. 4. What happened to the speaker in the 1970s? He was used in offices and homes.

Read the text carefully and fill in the tables. 1642 1822 The computer began as a calculating machine. The analytical machine was made by Charles Babbage. The computer grew rapidly both in size and in brainpower.



Computers had grown as large as a room. The first family of computers was connected to each other. Computers were used in offices and homes. Computers connect people all over the world together.

1960s 1970s now

Develop Early days ment Name A calculating _________ machine An analytical ________ machine

Function Poor Simplify difficult sums Think logically and produce an answer quickly A _________ universal Solve difficult mathematical machine ____________ Strong problems __________

Develo Network times pment _________ Memory Tubes stored in Transistors ____________

Large Small

Small chips Applications Communication Narrow ______ __________ Finance ________ Trade Robots Mobile phones Wide Medical operations ___________ Space rockets

Paragraph 1
Topic sentence

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

These changes Since the 1970s Over time I many new have been only became changed quite possible as my applications have been found for memory a lot. me. improved Supporting ?Calculating ?Communications details machine ?Finance ?Tubes ?Analytical ?Transistors ?Trade ?Robots machine ?Chips ?Mobile phones ?Universal ?Network ?Medical operations machine ?World wide ?Space rockets ?PC web ?Providing a life of ?laptop high quality

and could solve any mathematical problem. F 2. My real father was Charles Babbage, who wrote a book and build me in 1936. T3. After I got my new transistors in the 1960s, I became smaller but cleverer and quicker. T4. I was brought into people’s homes in the 1970s. F 5. Since my birth I have been built to take the place of human race.

F1. In 1642 I began as a calculating machine

Read the text again and check if it is true or false.

Is it very important to learn computer skills for us? Why or why not?
Use the following expression in your discussion. I think that ……

In my opinion …
I believe that …

What’s your reason?
Why do you think so?

Retell the text according to the following clues we given.

Changes of the machine.
Calculating machine Analytical machine Universal machine

Machine with new transistor A family connected by a network

Machine with artificial intelligence A family used by the Internet

Period 2

The history of computers

The first generation (1945-1956)

the second generation (1956-1963)

the fourth generation (1971- )

the third generation (1964-1971)

Find the word or expressions fro each of the following meanings from the text. revolution 1.___________
2.___________ network
complete change in ways of thinking ,working , etc. connected computer system

simplify 3.___________ to make things easier 4.___________ calculate to find the answer using numbers
mobile 5.___________ can be moved easily from place to place solve 6.___________ to work out the answer to a problem totally 8.___________ completely

explore 7.___________ to travel around an area to find out about it anyhow anyway 9.___________ finance activity of managing money 10.__________

Complete the passage with the words below.
My brother was very interested in computers and enjoyed writing programs of his own. He used to download information from the Internet and made explore good use of it. He liked to ________the World Wide _______ Web and used the Internet to communicate with computer programmers all over the world. When he went to university, he studied IT( information technology and developed a special interest in ____________) artificial intelligence. After developing special __________ applications of the computer, he hopes to design an ___________ intelligent robot which can think _________ logically and __________ reality he has a long look like a human being, but in _______ way to go.

Word Puzzle
? An old calculating machine used in China until now. An abacus It is built to solve some mathematical problems. But it is too big.

A huge computer

? It is a new calculating machine which can solve a large number of mathematical problems.
A calculator

It is a personal computer which can solve all kinds of problems and is used widely now.

A PC (personal computer)

? It is a kind of computer which can be taken conveniently like a notebook.

A notebook computer

The key sentences:

1). With the help of computer, you may not find it hard to deal with and share information. (it做形式宾语) 在电脑的帮助下,你会发现处理和分享信息是不难的。 2)This will cost a lot of money, but after all, it is worth buying a computer for every teacher. 为每位老师购置一台电脑要花费很多钱,但毕竟这很 值得。 3)If a new situation arises, they will make up new programes. 如果出现新的情况,他们会补充新的程序。

4) Personally, I think the team who won first place cheated. 就我个人而言,我认为赢得第一名的那支队作弊。 5) It is generally believed that IT has both advantages and disadvantages. 人们普遍认为信息技术既有优点又有缺点。 6) In a way, her English has improved but there is still a long way to go. 从某种程度上看,她的英语有所进步,但对她来 说,学好英语道路还很长。

7) In common with my teammates , I enjoy staying home reading novels when I am on holiday.(现在分词做状语) 和我的同伴们一样,放假时,我喜欢呆在家里 看小说。 8) However, people thought I was simpleminded until they discovered I had “artificial intelligence”. 可是人们本来以为我头脑简单,直到发现我有 人工智能时,他们才不这么想了。

9) Charles Babbage is generally considered to have invented the first computer. 人们普遍认为第一台电脑是查尔斯巴比奇发明的。 10)The door won’t open anyway. 这门无论如何也打不开。 11) As the years have gone by, computers have been made smaller and smaller. 一年又一年过去了,电脑被制造得越来越小。

12).They had so much work to do that they have to take turns (in/at) looking after their sick mother. 他们都很忙以致不得不轮流照顾生病的母亲

13) In my opinion, you should watch over your child, who often wanders in the streets. 依我看来,你应该看管好你那个孩子,他经常 在街上徘徊。

Period 3

Change the Active Voice into the Passive Voice:
Group A 1. We have finished our homework. 2. Many visitors have visited the Great Wall. 3. Mike has seen two films since last month. 4. The Russian government has turned these palaces into museums.

Group B 1. Our homework has been finished by us. 2. The Great Wall has been visited by many visitors. 3.Two films have been seen by Mike since last month. 4. These palaces have been turned into museums.

A组强调动作的执行者,是主动语态, 结构:主谓宾, 相同点:两组都是完成时态, 结构: have/has+过去分词 B组的句子强调动作的承受者, 是被动 语态. 相同点: 两组都是完成时态 结构: 助动词 have/has been +过去分词

Have/ has been V-ed 现在完成时的被动语态

1.The new bridge over the Yellow River has just been completed. 2.Many more buildings have been built in the past ten years.

1.被动语态介词固定搭配不能省略。 He has thought of a way of solving the problem. =A way of solving the problem has been thought of.

2.break out/ happen/ take place/ arrive/ become/ die/ disappear etc 不及物动词没有被动语态 E.g. The accident which happened yesterday surprised me.

3.带双宾语的动词give /send/bring/ take/teach/show/ tell/ make/ sing/ write/ sell/buy/ ask/ pay/ borrow/ lend/ hand/ offer/provide/ past/get/promise 变被动 语态有两种方法: E.g. I have given him the book
(2) = He has been given the book.

(2)= The book has been given to him.

He has offered us the most comfortable service.
(1) =The most comfortable service has been offered to us by him.

(2) =We have been offered the most comfortable service by him.

Change the following sentences into the present perfect passive voice. Put the verbs into the correct form.
1.We have bought a new personal computer. A new personal computer has been bought by us. 2.We have found many problems with our new computer. Many problems have been found with our new computer by us.

3. They have built a PC the way we wanted. A PC has been built the way we wanted by them. 4. They have just joined our computer to the Internet. Our computer has been joined to the Internet by them. 5. We have used the computer every day since we bought it. The computer has been used every day since we bought it. 6. We have written a lot of e-mails on the computer in the past year. A lot of e-mails have been written on the computer in the past year.

1. 谓语动词用主动表被动的四种情形

(1)某些连系动词主动表被动:look, sound, smell, taste, prove, feel This kind of cloth feels soft. That dog looks dangerous. My advice proved to be wrong.
(2) 当open, close, shut, lock, move等用做不及物动 词且表示主语的某种属性时,通常用主动形式表示 被动意义。他们通常与can’t, won’t等连用。 The door won’t shut.

Suddenly the door opened. (不强调谁开了门)

(3)当read, write, wash, sell, clean, cook, burn, draw, cut, wear等词与well, easily, quickly 等副词连 用时,常用主动表被动。 The cloth washes well. The poem reads smoothly. The book sells well. This cheese doesn’t cut easily. It’s too soft. This shirt will wear very long. The floor doesn’t clean easily. This kind of rice cooks more quickly than that kind. 但是别的时候要看具体情况而定: This book sells well. So far, 200 books have been sold out. The sentence was read clearly by her.

(4) 某些表示开始和结束的动作(begin, start, finish, end, etc.),当主语是事物且不强调动作的执行者时, 可用主动表被动。

When does the concert begin? The play ended at ten o’clock.

2.非谓语动词主动表被动的情况: (1)不定式to blame, to let用做表语时,通常用 主动表被动。 Who is to blame?(该怪谁呢?) The house is to let. (此屋出租。)

(2)在“be +形容词+to do”结构中的不定式通常…… The question is difficult to answer. Do you think the water is safe to drink?

(3) 不定式用于某些动词的(have, have got, get, want, need)宾语后做定语时:
I have some letters to write. I want something to drink. 但是注意: I have something to type.(我自己打) I have something to be typed. (请别人打) 所以: 当不定式的逻辑主语和句子的主语一致时就用主动 表被动,若不一致,则需用被动表被动。 I have a letter to post. (自己寄) I have a letter to be posted. (请别人寄)

(4)be worth doing; need / want / require doing (to be done)结构中

In all, the book is worth reading. This might be worth thinking about. The plants want watering / to be watered every day. The wall wants repairing / to be repaired.
但是:be worthy to be done / of being done This book is worthy to be read / of being read.

1. Finish exercises 1,2,3 on page 21. 2. Finish Using Words and Expressions and Lising structures in workbook on page 56-57. 3. Find more information about robot.

Period 4


Two Tasks: I. The Present Perfect Tense II. The Present Perfect Passive Voice

The Present Perfect Tense


I bought a new car two weeks ago .

I have bought a new car.
(“我”“已经购买”,“已经拥有”,重在强调 “有”的结果与影响。)

I had my lunch at twelve o'clock .
(我在12 点吃的午饭。)

I have had my lunch .

The Present Perfect Tense

1. 表示过去已经发生或已经完成的某一动作对 现在造成的影响或结果. E.g. We have seen the new film .
2. 不仅单纯表示一个过去的动作,而且还表示 该动作对现在的某种影响以及产生的后果; 既涉及过去,又联系现在。即现在完成时的 动作并非“现在”完成,而是“过去”完成, 并重在强调动作完成的结果与影响。

The Present Perfect Tense have/has + P.P. 构成: Note: P.P.=past participle 过去分词

E.g. I've seen this film.
He has lost his math book.

The Present Perfect Tense
规则动词:规则动词的过去分词的构成规则与规则动 词的过去式的构成规则相同。

⑴ 一般动词,在词尾直接加“ -ed ”。
⑵ 以“ e ”结尾的动词,只在词尾加“ -d ”。 ⑶ 以“辅音字母 + y ”结尾的动词,将 “y” 变为 “i” ,再加“ -ed ”。 ⑷ 重读闭音节结尾,末尾只有一个辅音字母, 先双写该辅音字母,再加“ -ed ”。

work visit

study play



The Present Perfect Tense

1)肯定句: have/has + P.P.

not + P.P. 2)否定句: have/has + ____
3)一般疑问句: Have you done your homework?

I came here eight years ago . 我 8 年前来到这儿。 I have lived here for eight years . 我在这儿住了已经 8 年了。 I have lived here since eight years ago . 我自从 8 年前就住在这儿。

The Present Perfect Tense

表示过去已经开始,持续到现在的动作或状态, 可以和表示从过去某一时刻延续到现在(包括 “现在”在内)的一段时间的状语连用。

The Present Perfect Tense
连用的时间状语: for + 一段时间

I have lived here for eight years.
since + 过去时间点 / 过去动作点(从句) I have lived here since 1981. I have lived here since eight years ago.

The Present Perfect Passive Voice

The Present Perfect Passive Voice

been + done 构成: have / has + _______
We have used every possible means to prevent the air pollution.

has been used to prevent the Every possible means ______________ air pollution.

Exercises B in 1. Both my brothers work at the power station that ___ my hometown. A. has set up B. has been set up C. was set up D. is set up A the sports meet will be put off. 2. ----_____ A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told C. I’m told D. I told D and we’re ready 3. All the preparations for the task ____, to start. A. completed B. complete C. had been completed D. have been done B at this job? 4. ---- How long ____ ---- Since 1990. A. were you employed B. have you been employed C. had you been employed D. will you be employed

5. When and where to go for the on-salary holiday ____ B yet. A. are not decided B. have not been decided C. is not being decided D. has not been decided

A for anybody to enter the 6. No permission has ____ building.(MET1988) A. been given B. given C. to give D. be giving C finished. 7. Until now, his homework has not _____ A. being B. be C. been D. to be

C 8. The window _____,you need not wash it again. A. is washed B. was washed C. has been washed D. will be washed
A you can go home now. 9. The snow on the street ____, A. has been cleared B. had been cleared C. will be cleared D. was cleared

Period 5

What IT consists of? IT Information Technology

What IT consists of?

What IT consists of?

Listen to the whole text and write down the main idea in one sentence. Ex 2(P22)

Two students are talking about information technology.

Listen to Part A and fill in the chart. Part A
What does IT include?
What is the most popular form of IT?

books, radio and TV

Listen to Part B and fill in the chart.

Part B
Which form of IT describes the skills of a sport best?


Which form of IT has the most functions?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form of IT? Using these reasoning expressions in your discussion.
The advantage/disadvantage is … As/Since …, I think .. I think/don’t think that… I agree/don’t agree…because.. Give me your reasons. First … Second ….. What makes you think so? I’ve decided that… I think … because (of )… I believe that … Let’s decide … let’s make a decision ….

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form of IT?
Type of IT Computer TV Book Radio Advantages You can find information You can both listen and watch. You can get information. You can listen to English Disadvantages It is not always accurate. You cannot write to friends. Sometimes it is out of date. You cannot watch a film.

Period 6

different kinds types of

With the help of the android,
some dangerous work
it will be unnecessary for humans to do _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

waiter With the help of the android,
it will be more convenient for humans to __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ live


With the help of the android,

It will be easier for humans to explore _________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ space

With the help of the robot/android,
it will be unnecessary for humans to do … __________________________________ it will be more convenient for humans to live __________________________________ it will be easier for humans to explore space ___________________________________ …

Andy — the android

Scanning : True or False
1.The androids can often play games F together. 2. I am a striker, so I can run very fast. T 3. In the game, I need to speak to my F teammates in English. 4. Our team won the match last year in F Seattle. 5. I disagreed to the result of the match. T 6. I can make any move in the game just F like a human.

Read the passage carefully and fill in the file for Andy Name



as big as a human


looks like a human competitive, co-operative striker

Ability can move

and think like a human


Read the text carefully and answer the following questions.
1.What part does Andy play in the football team? He is a striker. 2. What is Andy’s opinion about the match in Seattle? He thinks that the team who won the first place cheated. 3. How does the programmer help Andy to make up new moves? She programs possible moves that Andy can use if a new situation arises.

Reading the passage on page 59 The Sporting Robot

Who is the speaker in the passage ?
Name: Gender:

What it look like :
What it can do : Its wish:

Read the passage, and suppose you are Hua Fei’s programmer .Now keep a record of his performance.
Record Card Ability Performance in 78th Olympics Prize won Performance in 79th Olympics Reason for failure Treatment Hua Fei

Excellent style and movement; Olympic standard. Wonderful turns, dives, circles and dances
Silver medal for flying exercises Began very well but failed through no fault of his own. Parachute failed to open.

Two new legs and a new head.

Discussion (1):

There are two persons for you to choose as a friend. One is a human, and the other is an android.
Which one will you like to choose and why ?

I think that…
I have decided that… In my opinion…


What is your ideal androids?
1. What does it look like? 2. What can it do? appearance

function cost

3. How much does it cost?

Get an overall understanding

Pre- writing:

List out some features Write down an outline Give a brief introduction Make the contents interesting Put a wonderful ending

While writing:

Post-writing: Check with your partner

Here is an imaginative passage about computer. Please read it and fill in the blanks using the words in the box. Change the word from where necessary.
turn to break down be made up of in that case come across add… to inform …of communicate with regard… as let … down

My name is computer, born in America in regarded as 1946. I am always ___________a good assistant by human beings. Looking at my appearance, you will find I _____________the following parts: the screen am made up of like my eyes, the main engine like my head, the keyboard like my legs and the mouse like my hands.
coming across When _______________some trouble, turn to human beings always _____________me for let help and I will never _____________ down them____________.

I am furnished with a wide range of information such as news from all fields, sports , entertainment, weather forecasts and so on. I informed of keep human beings ___________________ what is happening around the world every day. I also provide an efficient way for them communicate with to___________________each other.
Sometimes , some strange viruses that are my In that case natural enemies will attack me.______________, I will ____________. break down In order to ensure my safety, human beings dress me in a kind of clothes called virus-killing softwares.

With the rapid development of science and technology, a growing number of functions have _______________ my been added to body . I hope I can be accessible to more people and serve them as a close friend.

The film Harry Potter creates a legend in the film industry depending on its popularity and high record in box office. Students all over the world are crazy about the young boy’s magic. Now please imagine yourself to be Harry Potter. How will you deal with the following problems using your magical powers ?

Cruel wars Endangered animals Environmental pollution I am Harry Potter, a boy with magical powers.___________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________

I am Harry Potter, a boy with magical powers. I regard myself as a guard of the earth . To create a peaceful and friendly world for human beings is my duty. First of all , I will make use of my magic to bring all the cruel wars to a stop. Let all the people no longer suffer from the wounds and death caused by wars. Let peace ring at every corner of the world.

In addition, I will raise people’s awareness of saving endangered animals. As long as we learn to protect animals , we will understand how to give our love to others. Finally, I will rely on my magic to solve the environmental pollution. The earth is the only home of us human beings. Only by making great efforts can we make the earth a better place to live in. Please join me in this action. Let’s work together to build a bright future!

1.Review the reading passages in this unit; 2.Review the language points in this unit; 3.Finish exercises in workbook, unit 3.

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