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初二年级 英语学科 第九次周练 一.单选 1. My mum is a doctor and she helps ___ children. A. ill B illness C. sick D.sickness 2. Who taught __English last term? A. her B. hers C his D your 3. Can you say some reasons __ planting trees? A. to B at C. for Dof 4. His son ___ for him when he was ill. A. loved B. minded C. cared D thought 5. It’s common ______ people ___ in flats. A. for, to live B. of ,to live C.for living D. of, living 6. The noise from my dog ____ me from doing my homework better. A. protects B. provides C. stops D. makes 7. It’s foolish _ you __ up learning English. A. of, to give B. of giving C. for to give D for giving 8. While he ______- his homework, the phone ______. A. was doing , was ringing B.was doing, rang C. did, rang D. did , was ringing 9. Li Lei is ___ to understand the question. A. enough clever B. too clever C. clever enough D. very clever 10. The sweater is _ big __Jack _____wear. A. so, that can’t B. too for to C. enough, for ,to D. such, that , can’t 11. Do you know why _____? A. pandas like old films B. do pandas like old films C. pandas likes old films D. do pandas like s old films 12 . It is very important ___ people to have food and water every day. A. for B. of C. with D. about 13. I’m going to be late for work. There’re ___ buses on this route(线路). A. too few B. too little C. too many D. too much 14.___ buy your ticket from a ticket machine. There are lots of people there. A. Not B. not too C. Don’t D. Don’t to 15. —I wonder___ like to be an astronaut. —I don’t know, but I imagine it’s exciting. A. what is it B. what it is C. whether is it D. whether it is. 16.—Have a nice day to you. —___ A. Well done B. Thank you. C. My pleasure D. Me, too. 17 . I don’t know the city. Where can I find ___ good restaurant?. A. a B. an C. the D. / 18. I think that the best ___ to visit Hainan Island is in November because the weather is excellent then. A. place B. time C. way D. plan 19. You should take off your shoes before you ___ the new flat. A. leave B. find C. choose D. enter 20. Jack is a famous writer. ___new book is very popular. A. My B. Your C. Her D. His

21. —The bread is delicious. —It must taste ___ with some jam in it. A. good B. well C. better D. best 22. Tom and Mike are good friends._______often help each other. A.They B.Them C. Their D.Theirs 23. Both my parents were born ______ 1970. A. at B. in C. on D. to 24. Hurry up, Mike, ______ you will miss your train. A. and B. but C. so D. or 25. — _____ do you go swimming? — Once a week. A. How much B. How long C. How often D. How far 26. — Which book do you like _____, this story book or that science book? — This story book. A. good B. better C. best D. the best 27. There is _____ wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t work well. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing 28. — Will you please stay for lunch? — Sorry, I ______. My mother wants me back home now. B A. needn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 29. Mary ______ up and walked to the door when she heard her name called. A. stood B. stands C. was standing D. will stand 30. Rose came to Beijing in 2002.She _____ here for ten years. A. was living B. live C. will live D. has lived 31. Amy ______ you an e-mail as soon as she finishes her job. A. write B. writes C. is writing D. will write 32. Nine big road accidents ______ by careless drivers in this area last year. A. are caused B. were caused C. have caused D. will cause 33. — Lily, could you please tell me how ______ this e-dictionary? — OK, just a moment. A. use B. uses C. using D. to use 34. — Do you know ______ tomorrow? — At 8 o’clock. A. when did she arrive B. when she arrived C. when will she arrive D. when she will arrive 二、完形填空 At 13 years of age, my parents and I visited an eye surgeon (外科医生). As I sat in the examining chair, the 35_____ looked into my eyes, shining a bright light. "She did inherit(遗传) it," he said with coldness. "There is no cure(治疗)." My father 36_____ a gene (基因) causing blindness. I’d gotten the gene since my birth. He 37_____ lost his eyesight and so did I. At last we were both completely 38_____. At that time, he was 57 years old, but I was only 30. My world fell very tebbible as the darkness fell, 39_____ the dreams my husband and I had for us and for our three little boys. But when I tried to find some 40_____ and strength, my eyes were opened to a new realization. My father had given me not just 41_____ eyesight, but an example of determination(决心) in the face of trouble 42_____. We were all living in Bolivia in 1964 when he decided to move the family to America. He and Mom worked hard to

43_____ the right of living in the US. Alone in the States, he fought against his helplessness and successfully rented a small house, and bought airline tickets for my mom, my brother and me. Years later, as an American citizen, I looked back at what he’d taught me. He set an example proving that determination is important to success. His journey taught me valuable lessons for dealing with my blindness. I did the same as I stepped into a 44_____ world. My father’s example made me gain confidence and learn to be thankful for what I had. 45_____, I now know how to continue life as a wife, mom, Sunday school teacher, Spanish court interpreter, inspirational speaker and writer. What I inherited from my father helped me to see my life with a more 46_____ glow(光芒). 35. A. machine B. doctor C. father D. mother 36. A. carried B. found C. developed D. passed 37. A. suddenly B. luckily C. unluckily D. gradually(逐渐) 38. A. sad B. worried C. hurt D. blind 39. A. entering B. sharing C. destroying D. missing 40. A. job B. hope C. chance D. value 41. A. failing B. improving C. down D. increasing 42. A. as a result B. ever since C. as usual D. as well 43. A. reach B. keep C. win D. lose 44. A. bright B. dark C. new D. special 45. A. For that matter B. From then on C. After all D. In this way 46. A. meaningful B. betterl C. useful D. black 三、阅读理解(共 18 分,每小题 2 分) A Do you have a pet? What would you like to have, a dog, a cat or a bowl of fish? In the US, nearly 73 million families have at least one pet. The table shows the total number (in millions) of some of the most popular pets in the US.

47. Which pet is the most popular in the US families? A. Fish. B. Cats. C. Dogs. D. Birds . 48. How many American families keep horses as a pet? A. 78 million. B. 16 million. C. 13 million. D. 8 million.

49. Which place do dogs take in the popularity (普遍性) of pets? A. The 1st place. B. The 2nd place. C. The 3rd place. D. The 4th place. B ―You know, these cups remind me of a story I heard,‖ Mary said to her friends at home. She poured some tea. There were four of them and there were four completely different cups on the table. ―I heard there was a teacher who took all his students for tea. They were surprised that all the cups on the table were different. They all took a cup and started drinking their tea, each looking at the cups of the others. The teacher said: ―Do you notice your behavior? You are all looking at each other’s teacup and some of you even envy (羡慕) the finer cups of others. ―I put the different cups here on purpose. Life is like this tea. You all have the same thing in your cups – tea. And yet you cannot truly enjoy it in your envy of another’s cup. You forget to enjoy your own life when you envy someone else’s life. So now, taste your own tea. Does it matter from which cup it came from?‖ Mary finished telling her story and her friends all sat in silence for a while, enjoying their tea. And it really did not matter one bit from which teacup they drank. 50.Mary used _____ to invite her friends to tea. A. four same cups B. four different cups C. many same cups D. many different cups 51. Mary _____ while her friends were drinking the tea. A. told them a story B. continued making tea C. enjoyed her tea D. brought out more teacups 52. After the story, Mary’s friends _____. A. discussed its meaning B. asked for more tea C. seemed to realize its lesson D. left her house silently C Gao Defu, 10, is a student in a primary(小学) school in a small village in Guizhou. He used to go hungry or have only an ear of corn for lunch at noon. But now, Gao and his classmates have better food and vegetable dishes for free every day, thanks to the free lunch program. The program was started by Deng Fei, a journalist at the Phoenix Weekly (《凤凰周刊》). Early this year, Deng met Xiao Yu, a primary school teacher from Guizhou, and was told that students in Xiao’s school didn’t have lunch to eat. Instead, they drank water to lessen their hunger. Deeply surprised, Deng decided to do something for kids in the poor areas. He posted a message on his microblog (微博) saying he wanted to build a canteen 食堂 at Xiao’s school. The message soon got the support and attention of tens of thousands of people around the country. In March, some 500 reporters, along with a dozen news organizations and charity funds (慈善基金), finally set up the free lunch program.

Local teachers and organization workers calculated that one lunch for one child costs 3 yuan. People can give money for a meal, a month’s worth of meals, or a year’s worth of meals for children on the Internet by going to http://www.mianfeiwucan.org /. According to the China Development Research Foundation(基金会), there are about 23 million resident students (住宿生) in central and western rural areas. Many of them come from poor families and can’t afford good lunches. Now, schools with kids that can’t afford lunch can ask for help with the help of the free lunch program’s official website. In half a year, the program has raised more than 16 million yuan, providing free lunches for poor students in 77 schools. 53. The free lunch program was started by _____. A. a student in a primary school B. a journalist at the Phoenix Weekly C. a primary school teacher D. 500 reporters and some charity funds 54. In Paragraph 2, the word ―lessen‖ best means _____ in the context. A. giving a lesson B. stopping the feeling of thirst C. making the feeling of hunger smaller D. stopping the feeling of hunger 55. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Many of the 23 million resident students can’t afford nutritious lunches. B. In poor areas, each child needs just three yuan for a lunch. C. More than 16 million yuan reached the free lunch program soon. D. A poor student can go to a special site on the Internet for free lunches. 四.选词填空 it up stay forests enough for wild much Pandas live high __1__ in the mountains of Central and Western China. They live in the bamboo ___2___ there. Pandas in the ___3__ usually eat bamboo. In zoos, their menu includes bamvoo, apples and carrots. A giant panda can eat as __4____ as 30 kilograms of bamboo a day. Pandas like to live on their own. They need to eat a lot to __5____healthy, so they spend more than 12 hours a day eating. Although they are big and heavy, _6___ is not difficult for them to climb trees. They are strong____7___to protect themselves. Pandas live __8___ about 20 years in the wild, but in zoos they can live for up to 35 years. 1 _______ 5_______ 2 _______ 6_______ 3_______ 7 ______ 4________ 8 ________

五.用所给词的适当形式填空 Keeping pet dogs 1_______(be) a good idea. There are lots of reasons for this. First, they are very cute. It’s nice to hold them in our arms, and see them __2____(grow) up. Second, we can learn responsibility form ____3___(keep) dogs. We have to feed them, train them and play with them. According to my mum, this helps us become

more ____4______(responsible)poeple. Young people can learn how to care for __5____(other). A dog will love you ___6____(faith) and bring you lots of ____7_____(happy) for many years. So I think it’s a good idea to keep pet ______(dog). 1 _______ 2 ______ 3_______ 4________ 5_______ 6_______ 7 ________ 8________

六.句子转换(10 分) 1. 狗需要经常清洗 Dogs need _________ _______ ___________ frequently. 2. 一些狗整个晚上都叫。 Some dogs bark ________ ___________ 3. 我们应该学会如何保护自己 We should learn how to ___________ ____________. 4. he is so clever that he can answer the question He is ________ __________ ____________answer the question. 七.单词(10 分) 1. Usually, a baby panda _________ about 100-200 grams at birth. (重) 2. The girl _______ Landa comes from America. (叫) 3. when you play the game, you must keep your eyes _______(闭着) 4. We can get pleasure from ___________ fish. (养) 5. I can not drive you home, because I have already _________. (喝醉)

6. Don’t let the dog run _________(四处跑) 7. The city is much _____________(吵闹) than before. 8. she fell into a river and ________(死) 9. Many animals are in ____________(危险) 10. ________ is the population of the pandas in the wild?(多少)

单 选 38 D 55 D

22 A 39 C

23 B 40 B

24 D 41 A

25 C 42 D

26 B 43 C

27 A 44 B

28 B 45 D

29 A 46 A

30 31 32 D D B 阅 47 48 读 A D

33 D 49 C

34 D 50 B

完 形 51 A

35 B 52 C

36 A 53 B

37 D 54 C

课文填空 up forests It Is enough grow wild for keeping responsible others dogs much stay

Faithfully happiness


1. 2. 3. 4.

To be washed All night Protect ourselves Clever enough to


1. weighs 2. Named/ called
7. noisier 8.died

3. closed

4. Keeping


6. free

9. danger 10.What



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