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新课标选修七 Unit 4 Sharing词汇复习练习

选修 7unit4 重点词汇以及词组,词组辨析等 基础知识 词汇学习 本单元重点词汇 扩展学习 典型例子 1) The doctor told me that I need an _____________ at once. 2) Tom only ________ better under great pressure. 3) Dial 114 and you can ask the __________ to help you. 2. political (adj.) 政治的,政党的,政府 的 politician(cn.) 从 政 者 , 政治家 politics (n.) 政 治 ( 学 科) ,政治事务 politically(adv.)政治上 4) After graduation, he’s thinking of going into______________. 5) Americans generally do not believe in ___________, who are considered as complete liars. 6) As a fresh____________ leader, he succeeded in convincing the public that he’s an able man. 3. adjust(vi.vt) 调整,调节 adjuster/adjustor(n.) 调整员,调节器 adjustable(adj.) 可 调 节 的 adjustment(n.) 调节,调 整 adjust oneself to sth. 调 整以适应…… adjust to sth/doing sth.适 应、习惯…… participant(cn.)参与者 participation(un.) 参加, 参与 participate in sth. 参 与……. 7) It took her a long while to _________ herself to the new life in high school. 8) I’ve several_____________ improve my composition. made to

1. operate(vt. vi) operator(cn.) 电 话 操 作 操作,控制,使运行, 员,技工 经营,动手术 operation(cn.) 手 术 , 行 动,运行

9) The height of the bicycle is _______________. 10) My back injury prevented me from ___________ in too active sports. 11) Their wonderful performance won lots of audience_____________. 12) He has been an active ______________ in this discussion.

4. participate (vi.) 参加

5. donate(vt.) 捐赠,赠 送

donation(n.)捐赠,捐赠 物 donate sth. (to sb/sth) 向…..捐赠…. make a donation of …..to…. 向 …. 捐 赠….

13) All _______________ blood should be tested for HIV and other infections. 14) He has made a ________ of ﹩ 20,000 to the earthquake-hit areas.

6. purchase(n. v.)购买, purchaser(cn.) 采购者, 采购 买家 purchase price 买价 purchasing power 购买 力 purchase sth. from…. 向…….采购……. 7. voluntary(adj. n.) 自 愿的,主动的,即兴曲 voluntarily(adv.) 自 愿 地,主动地 volunteer(cn.)志愿者 volunteer(vi.) 自 愿 做….,义务做….. volunteer to do sth.自愿 做….

15) They ___________ the land for ﹩1million. 16) The company has just announced its ﹩2.5 million________of Park Hotel.

17) No one asked him to leave---he went away_______. 18)I always do some________ work at the hospital at weekends. 19) Our primary school needs more ____________ to help the children to read. 20) During the journey, the local young girl__________ to work as our guide. 21) The scientist called her colleagues to get some information___________ to her research. 22) The manager has experience in teaching, and more ____________ industry.

8. relevant(adj.) 紧 密 相关的,切题的,有价 值的,有意义的

relevance(un.)意义 relevantly(adv.)重要地, 得要领地 relative(cn.)亲戚 be relevant to sth./sb. 对….有价值/意义, 与….紧密相关

Part2.词组中英互译 1. for sure________________ 2. a newly built platform________________________3. stand upside down_______________ 4. dry out____________ 5.dry up_____________ 6.climb down the mountain______________ 7. a sewing machine_____________ 8. English dialect________________ 9.充当志愿者________________________ 10.收到来信________________________ 11.极渴望做________________________ 12.达到________________________ 13.调整以适应________________________ 14.前几天________________________ 15.偶遇________________________ 16.生火________________________ 17.参加________________________ 18.想起________________________ Part3.动词专练 1) Thanks for your letter, which took a fornight________________(arrive). 2) There’s no electricity or water and even no textbooks either! I’m still trying_______________(adapt) to these conditions. 3) When we arrived at the village, Tombe’s mother, Kiak, who ______________(pull) weeds in her garden, started crying “ieee, ieee”. 4) After a short time Tombe threw it out of the doorway, and I was__________(puzzle). 5) Just 20% more produce will mean the difference between sickness and health, between

6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

families going hungry and families________________(provide) for themselves. The boys who _______________-( not come ) across anything like this before started jumping out of the window. Tombe’s father, Mukap, led us to his house, a low bamboo hut with grass____________(stick) out of the roof—this is a man’s house. There were no windows and the doorway was just big enough____________(get) through. Once the fire was going, he _____________( lay ) stones on it. My muscles were aching and my knees_____________(shake) as we climbed.

Part4.词语辨析 1. work as / work on/ work for/ work out work as :“从事…..的工作”,后面所接的往往就是表示工作类别的名词; work on:”制造,修理某物”;或者表示“继续从事….”; work for:“受雇于….” 、 “为….效力” ; work out:“解决问题,处理” 、 “锻炼身体” 。 1) Both my father and mother have___________ the engineering company for more than 35 years. 2) We are so eager to ____________ the problem right now. 3) She feels it good to _____________ a volunteer teacher in that mountain village. 4) She’s outside, ____________ her car. 2. hear/hear of (about)/ hear from/ listen to hear:“听到了….” ,强调的是“听”这个动作的结果,过去式和过去分词都是 heard; listen to:“听,倾听….” ,强调的是“听”的行为或动作; hear of/about:表示“听说….”或“间接获悉….”; hear from:表示“收到….的来信” 。 1) Mr. Smith has been away from home for a long time. He is looking forward to ___________ his wife. 2) I’ve never_______________ the news Edison had got involved in. 3) Tommy felt scared when she______________ footsteps behind her in the dark street. 4) To show my respect to him, I had to________________ his terrible singing very carefully. 3. think of / think about/ think over think of 和 think about 在表示“考虑” 、 “对…..某种看法”时可以互换,但是 think of 还可 以表示“想起…..” 、 “想出(办法,注意) ” ; think over:表示“仔细考虑…..”. 1) They’re ___________________ buying another new car. 2) Who ________________ the idea? It’s great! But I can’t ______________his name.

3) We need several days to______________ this matter. 4. take/cost/spend/pay take 表示 “花费时间” ,其主语是人、事物, 或者 it, 一般与不定式搭配:it takes sb. time to do sth.; cost 表示“花费金钱,劳力、精力,或(笼统意义上的、不具体的)时间” ,其主语可以是 事物或 it。 并且在表示“花费”时,一般不用于被动语态。常见搭配有:it costs sb. time to do sth., sth, costs sb. money; spend 表示“花费时间,金钱” ,主动语态时主语一定为人。 sb. spend time/money (in) doing sth./on sth. pay(for), pay 表示付给人家前、兑现账单等;pay for 表示买东西付款,也表示替别人付钱。 主语是人。其常见结构是 to pay sb. some money, pay money for sth. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) He _______________ an hour to finish the work. The journey to the airport_______________ one and a half hours. It_____________ her 25 minutes to repair her bike. The company has____________ thousands of pounds updating their computer system. Don’t use too much of it----it______ a lot of money. Calls to the helpline ________ 38 pence per minute. John, as an adult, you should________ all your bills yourself and you must _______ me 100 yuan a month for your meals.

Part4.句型运用 1. Sometimes I ____________how relevant chemistry is to these students, most of whom will be going back to their village after Year 8 anyway.(page 29) 归纳:wonder 多指遇到了棘手的事情,难以弄懂或困惑而引起的惊奇。句型 wonder+疑问 词+从句表示“对…..感到纳闷” 、 “想知道….” 翻译: (1) 他很奇怪为什么人们建造出这么丑陋的房子来。

(2) 我刚才正纳闷你上哪去了。

(3) 不知你能否帮我的忙?

2.______________________________ to have spent a day with Tombe’s family.(page 30) 归纳:It is a privilege(an honor, a pleasure) to do sth.表示“能做某事真是一种荣幸,对…感到 三生有幸” ;要表示对做过的事情感到荣幸时,往往把后面的 to do sth.改为 to have done sth. 翻译: (1)能担任志愿者工作真是三生有幸。


2. The gift you give is ________ something your loved one keeps_______ a voluntary contribution towards the lives of people who really need it.(page 34) 归纳:not…but…表示对等的概念,意思是“不是…而是…” ,前后是连接对等的成份。例 如:He is not like a man but a computer. 当 not…but 连接两个主语时,谓语动词必须与其靠近的那个主语保持人称和数的一致。例 如:Not the students, but the teacher is hoping to go there. 翻译: (1)不是草,而是温度影响了这颗树的成长。


能力强化 1. 单元知识点过关(从所给的词或短语或句型或连词中选择适当的填空,注意其形式的变 化。其中有两项是多余的) A. roof arrangement voluntary political operate weekly anniversary

1. The fallen stones from the high building have damaged many________________ of the houses in this community. 2. To help the public learn more about the new CEO, we have_______________an interview on TV. 3. The worker is annoyed at the machine which is not _____________porperly. 4. From the name of Beijing Weekend, we can infer that it is a ____________newspaper. 5. Luckily, I have passed all the necessary exams in college and got a degree of ____________. B. participate in, work as, look forward to, build a fire, make a difference to, get through, up to, adapt to, be made of, the other day, come across, be relevant to

Jo has gone to a remote area to 1______________ a volunteer teacher for a high school. It’s a bush school---the classroom2________________ bamboo and the roof of grass. Many students have to walk a long way, sometimes3_______________ two hours, to get to the school. And Jo is still trying to 4_______________ the poor conditions. 5_________________ Jo was showing the boys a chemistry experiment when, the mixture was bubbling over everywhere! The boys who had never 6_________________anything like this jumped out of the windows, which made Jo doubt

whether she’s 7_______________________ to these boys’ lives at all. Last week, Jo went with Jenny to visit Tombe’s family. They were led to a house whose doorway was just big enough to 8______________. And then Mukap went out to 9____________ to cook food. Later, Jo and Jenny were pleased 10_________________ the family’s attractive conversation while enjoying the delicious food. That day impressed Jo very much. 语法填空 Why should people volunteer? 1________________volunteering gives people the chance to explore a new world that would not usually be open to 2______________. This experience enables an exchange of cultural and 3_____________(society) contact between volunteers and their host organizations. It 4____________(courage) people to learn new skills and languages, to develop and gain practical knowledge in the field, sometimes in poor conditions, and to improve leadership and teamwork spirit. In addition, personal growth, which is difficult to promise, is one of 5___________ greatest benefits to working and traveling among people6______________ different cultures. Sometimes your work can be rather boring. 7____________, volunteering can be fun. As the most rewarding activity, it8____________(keep) you active. You will make friends with great people of different background and improve your skills 9____________ in communication or expanding your interpersonal circle 10___________(easy). After all, whatever you give out, you will get it back.

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