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2014 高考英语阅读理解冲刺满分训练(1)
阅读理解----(A) Every day we experience one of the wonders of the world around us without even realizing it. It is not the amazing complexity of television, nor the impressive technology of transport. The universal wonder we share and experience is our ability to make noise without mouths, and so transmit ideas and thoughts to each other's minds. This ability comes so naturally that we tend to forget what a miracle (奇迹) it is. Obviously, the ability to talk is something that marks humans off from animal. Of course, some animals have powers just as amazing, Birds can fly thousands miles by \observing positions of the stars in the sky in relation to the time of day and year. In Nature's talent show, humans are a species of animal that have developed their own special act. If we reduce it to basic terms, it's an ability for communicating information to others, by varying sounds we make as we breathe out. Not that we don't have other powers of communication. Our facial expressions convey our emotio ns, such as anger, or joy, or disappointment. The way we hold our heads can indicate to others whether we are happy or sad. This is so-called "body language". Bristling (直立的) fur is an unmistakable warning of attack among many animals. Similarly, the bowed head or drooping tail shows a readiness to take second place in any animal gathering. Such a means of communication is a basic mechanism that animals, including human beings, instinctively acquire and display. Is the ability to speak just another sort of instinct? If so, how did human beings acquire this amazing skills ? Biologist can readily indicate that particular area of our brain where speech mechanisms function, but this doesn't tell us how that part of our bodies originated in our biological history. 本文是介绍关于人类使用语言的能力的说明文, 主要阐述人区分动物的特殊能力 及其相似性。 ( ) 1. According to the passage, the wonder we take for granted is A. our ability to use language B. the miracle of technology
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C. the amazing power of nature D. our ability to make noises with mouth 答案:A 考点:细节理解题。 题目: 根据文章, 我们认为理所当然的奇迹是: A: 我们使用语言的能力 B: 技术的奇迹 C: 自然的惊人力量 D: 我们用嘴制造噪音的能力。 解析: 根据第一段倒数第二句话 The universal wonder we share and experience is our ability to make noise without mouths, and so transmit ideas and thoughts to each other's minds.可知: 我们把使用语言的能力这个奇迹当做理所当然。B, C 选项与文 章不符, 在第一段第二句话中可得知。 D 选项易误导学生, 在文章中虽然有原话, 但一句话没有说完, 关键是通过嘴巴发出的声音去给其他人传递信息。 故 D 选项也 是错误的。 ( ) 2. What feature of "body language" mentioned in the passage is common to both human an animals? A. Lifting heads when sad. B. Keeping long faces when angry. C. Bristling hair when ready to attack. D. Bowing heads when willing to obey. 答案:D 考点:细节理解题。 题目: 文章中提到的"肢体语言"的什么特征对于人类和动物都是共同的: A: 伤心时抬头 B: 愤怒时拉长脸 C: 准备攻击时直立毛皮 D: 乐意服从时低头 解析: 根据第三段最后一句话"Similarly, the bowed head or drooping tail shows ....."

可知答案。 A 和 B 选项描绘的是人的肢体语言特征。 C 选项描绘的是动物的肢体语 言。 ( ) 3. What can be inferred from Paragraph 3? A. Body language is unique to humans. B. Animals express emotions just as humans do. C. Humans have other powers of communication. D. Humans are no different from animals to some degree. 答案:D 考点:推理判断题。 题目: 从第三段可以推段出: A: 肢体语言是人类独一无二的 B: 动物和人类一样表达情感 C: 人类有其他交流的能力 D: 人类在某种程度上和动物是相同的 解析: 根据第三段后三句话可知: 人类在某种程度上和动物没有不同。从段落中 可得知 A, B, C 均与文章不符。 ( ) 4. This passage is mainly about A. the development of body language. B. the special role humans play in nature C. the power to convey information to others D. the difference between humans and animals in language use 答案:C 考点:主旨大意题。 题目: 这篇文章主要讲述什么? A: 肢体语言的发展 B: 人类在自然中扮演的特殊角色 C: 给他人传递信息的力量 D: 人类和动物在语言使用中的差异 解析: 整篇文章谈论的都是给他人传递信息的力量, 使用语言的能力。A, B 选项


文章未提及. D 选项较片面, 文章第三段中提到了相似点和差异二种。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将 该项涂黑。 On a hot muggy(闷热的) August afternoon, I had every reason to feel sorry for myself -- my flight home was full and late. I got even impatient waiting in the noisy crowd. And then I noticed a 5-year-old boy standing by his mother and watching me. He looked at me, then my bag, then back at me. 56 , he left his mother's side and slowly began to walk toward me, glancing between my

bag, his mother, and me. "Great," I thought, "now I have to baby-sit a 5-year-old. My day is now complete." As he came closer, I was alarmed that it wasn't me he was after. It was my hat! I started to tell him not to bother my things, but something made me stop and watch. He stopped in front of my bag, looking at my hat, then up at me. With wide eyes, he gently ran his index finger along the edge, carefully touching the emblem(徽章). Again, he looked up at me, now smiling, but saying nothing. I asked him if he would like to wear my captain hat. He excitedly nodded his head, still smiling. I placed my hat on his head, but it fell down around his ears. He didn't seem to mind and held it up in the proper position with both hands. He ran to show his mother, then back to me still smiling from ear to ear. With much reverence(敬畏) and ceremony, he slowly removed my hat with both hands and presented it to me as though it were the crown jewels. I put my hat on and gave him an airplane card. This, too, he held with both hands in awe. After this exchange, he still hadn't spoken, although I knew he was excited. I also was happy that I had been briefly distracted from my self-pity. Still holding the card carefully with both hands, he looked up at me and said, "Mister, you sure

are lucky." "Yes," I said, "I sure am." That day, I got the last seat on that flight home.

56. Which word can be placed at the beginning of the third paragraph? A. Excitedly B. Cautiously C. Disappointedly D. Sadly

57. The following contributed to the author’s l ow spirits EXCEPT ________. A. the weather B. the noisiness C. the bag D. the flight .

58. By “My day is now complete”, the author actually means A. it is common to meet a boy at an airport. B. it is fun to be with a boy. C. he knows that a boy usually brings along good luck. D. he wouldn’t like to be bothered at all. 59. The author admitted that he sure was lucky, because A. the boy returned his hat to him. B. the boy liked his hat very much C. the boy gave his seat to him. D. the boy changed his mood for the better. 【参考答案】A 篇 BCDD .

B Last year, A Bite of China, made by CCTV’s Documentary Channel, sparked discussion not only on Chinese food, but also on locally made documentary programs. When you think of documentaries, you may think of them as long, boring programs. But documentaries can be wonderful and bring stories from the real world into our homes. With fascinating footage (影片片段) and stories, documentaries encourage us to think about interesting issues we wouldn’t necessarily know about. So, what makes a good documentary, and what should we pay attention to when we watch

one? Here, we offer a few easy strategies to help you get the most out of watching documentaries. Pay attention to the themes While watching a documentary, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the t hemes people talk about and what ideas they focus on. Is it meant to be informative or raise a certain emotional response? Think critically Listen to what the people in the documentary are saying and ask yourself the following questions: If you were d ebating with someone or introducing a new concept, would you say the things the people in the documentary are saying? Do the arguments make sense? Check the sources If you’re sitting at the computer and can’t think of anything to do, why not look up the points the documentary made and see if they are accurate? You could even read more about what is presented in the documentary. Who are the creators? The creators or financial backers of a film will usually be involved with how the subject matter is presented. For instance, as the documentary 2016: Obama’s America was directed in large part by a conservative writer, it’s not surprising that it’s critical of President Obama from the beginning.

60. Which of the following is the most proper to describe documentaries? A. non-fictional B. controversial C. subjective D. thoughtful

61. The passage is mainly written to ______. A. inform us of factors of good documentaries. B. help us enjoy documentaries better.

C. introduce ways of making documentaries. D. help us figure out themes of documentaries. 62. Why is 2016: Obama’s America mentioned in the article? A. Because the author dislikes Obama. B. Because it is directed by a writer. C. Because it is quite popular in China. D. Because it is a persuasive example.

63. According to the passage, ______. A. it is always difficult to get the themes of documentaries. B. financial backers often appear in documentaries. C. it’s better to think twice about what is in documentaries. D. many points of documentaries are not accu rate. 【参考答案】B 篇 ABDC



Cassandra Feeley finds it hard to manage on her husband’s income. So this year she did something more than a hobby: She planted vegetables in her yard. For her fist garden, Ms Feeley has put in 15 tomato plants, and five rows of a variety of vegetables. The family’s old farm house has become a chicken bourse its residents arriving next month. Last year, Ms. Rita Gartin kept a small garden. This year she has made it much larger because, she said,“The cost of everything is going up and I was looking to lose a few pounds too; so it’s a win-win situation all around .” They are among the growing number of Americans who, driven by higher living costs and a falling economy(经济), have taken up vegetable gardening for the first time. Other have increased the size of their existing gardens. Seed companies and garden shops say no since the 1970s have there been such an increase in interest in growing food at home. Now many gardens across the country hac ek been sold out for several months. In Austin, Tex., some of the gardens have a three-year waiting list. George C. Ball Jr. owner of a company, said sales of vegetable seeds and plants are up by 40%, over last year, double the average growth of last five years. Mr. Ball argues that some of the reasons have been building for the last few years. The big one is striking use in me cost on food like bread and milk, together with the increases in the price of fruit and vegetables. Food prices have increase of higher oil price. People are driving less, taking fewer vacations, so there more time to garden.
( ) 1. What does the word“residents”in Paragraph l probably refer to?

A. chickens (

B. tomatoes



) 2. By saying“a win-win situation all around” ,Ms.Gartin means that________ . A.she is happier and her garden bigger B.she ma y spend less and lose weight C.she is selling more and buying less D.she has grown more varieties of vegetables


) 3. Why is vegetable gardening becoming increasingly popular? A.More Americans are doing it for fun. B.The price of oil is lower than before. C.There’s a growing need for fruits. D.The cost of living is on the rise.


) 4. Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A.Family Food Planning B.Banking on Gardening

C.A Belt-tightening Move D.Gardening as a Hobby

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