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高中英语 Unit 2 English around the world Period One课件 新人教版必修1_图文

Period One Warming Up & Reading

[课 文 预 读]
1.Where did most of the English speakers live at the end of the 16th century? A.America. C.South Asia. B.England. D.South Africa.

2.When did English begin to be spoken in many other countries? A.In the 17th century.

B.At the end of the 16th century.
C.Between about AD 450 and 1150. D.In the 19th century.

3.According to the text,which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Languages always stay the same.

B.Languages change only after wars.
C.Languages no longer change. D.Languages change when cultures change. 4.From Paragraph 3,we can learn that from AD 450 to 1150, English sounded more like ________ .



5.Why does India have a very large number of fluent English speakers? A.Because Indians like learning English very much.

B.Because India has the largest number of English learners.
C.Because Britain ruled India from 1765 to 1947. D.Because India has a close relationship with Britain. 答案 1.B 2.A 3.D 4.A 5.C

Ⅱ.正误判断(根据课文内容判断正“T”误“F”) 1.In the 17th century,people from England made voyages to conquer other parts of the world and this made English spoken in many other countries.( )

2.All languages stay the same even if cultures meet and communicate

with each other.(


3.Native English speakers can’t understand each other because they don’t speak the same kind of English.( )

4.It is the American Dictionary of the English Language that gives American English spelling a separate identity.( )

5.In fact,India has the largest number of English learners in the world.( )

答案 1.T 2.F 3.F

4.T 5.F

Ⅲ.课文概要写作 根据课文内容及下列提示,用60词左右概括课文大意。 众所周知,英语一直在变,起初的英语比现在的英语更多的 建立在德语的基础上,后来随着新来人员的定居,词汇丰富了, 后来有些人到美国定居,而有些人却被带到了澳大利亚,结果在

___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

【参考范文】 As you know,English has changed over time.At first,English was based more on German than the present English.Then gradually new settlers came and enriched the English language and especially its

vocabulary.Later some British settlers moved to America,while some
were taken to Australia too. As a result , big changes in English spelling happened in different places.


There are many kinds of English; they are different in their vocabulary,grammar, pronunciation and intonation. These different

kinds of English develop from history, geography, politics and the
influence of other languages. Some of the major kinds of English are British English, American English, Canadian English , Australian English,Indian English and Caribbean English. The English spoken in Africa is different from country to country. Thus there are Nigerian English,South African English,Kenyan English and so on.

All types of English originated from the English spoken in

England. American English has now replaced British English. This is
mostly because of the influence of the United States through the cinema and music , technology and trade. The most noticeable differences between American and British English are in spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary. Many words that end in “our” in British

English end in “or” in American English. Words ending in “se” are
British English while their American ones end in “ze”. Some vocabulary items, too, are different. There arc also many differences in expressions. The Americans would say “I just ate” as opposed to “I’ve just eaten” in British English.In American English, Mary is

“on the team”, while in British English, Mary is “in the team”.

[知 识 梳 理]

1.Production in the factories stopped because of ________( 频繁 的)power failures. 2.You can always tell the difference between the tourists and ________(当地人).

3.A dead body was found under the bridge , but it was hard to
determine the ________(身份). 4.If you want to read quickly and well,you should increase your ________(词汇).

5.Parents noticed the ________(逐渐的)change in their children.
6.He is not a Chinese but he can speak Chinese ________(流利地). 7.The report is written in the ________(官方的)style and is only for officers. 8.His ________(公寓)covers 200 square meters,which I like very

答案 1.frequent 2.natives 3.identity 4.vocabulary 5.gradual

6.fluently 7.official 8.apartment

二、单句语法填空 1.In some important ways,they are different from one ________.

2.Because ________ that English began to ________ (speak) in many
other countries. 3.________ (actual) all languages change and develop over time. 4.※At that time it was based ________ on German than the English we speak now.

5.Those ________ ruled England spoke first Danish.
6.The ________ (late) gave a separate identity to American English spellings. 答案 1.another 2.of;be spoken 6.latter 3.Actually 4.more 5.who


such as;more than;because of;over time;at present 1.People crowded on the road and could not go forward ____________ the traffic accident some cars had made. 2.A lot of countries have gained excellent achievements in space

technology,____________ China.
3.A number of famous people were ____________ at the meeting. 4.Things have changed a lot ____________. 5.You know he is ____________ our teacher.He is also our friend. 答案 1.because of 2.such as 3.at present 4.over time 5.more


Ⅲ.写作句式 句式运用(完成句子) 1.With your partner,list the countries ________________ (使用英语) as an official language. 2.Native English speakers can understand each other

________________ (即使他们不说) the same kind of English.

3.________________ (你为什么认为) people all over the world want
to learn English?

4.Today ________________

( 更多的人说英语 ) as their first ,

second or a foreign language than ever before.

5.Do you know that ________________ (不止有一种) English? 答案 1.that use English 2.even if they don’t speak 3.Why do you
think 4.more people speak English 5.there is more than one kind of


1.※He moved__towards me and asked for a light.____________
2.We don’t have any more information at the present time. ____________ 3.He presented two solutions.The second seems much better. ____________

4.Animals like cats and dogs don’t need hibernation(冬眠).
____________ 5.Languages change with time going by. ____________ 6.Her interest in this subject increases little by little.____________ 答案 1.came up to 2.at present 3.The latter 4.such as 5.over time 6.Gradually

Ⅴ.课文缩写 1.________ you know,English has changed over time.Why? Actually all languages change and develop when cultures meet and communicate 2.________ each other.At first , English 3.________

(base) more on German than the English we speak at 4.________.
Then 5.________(gradual) new settlers came and enriched the English language and especially 6.________vocabulary.So by the 1600’s

Shakespeare was able to make use of a 7.________ (wide) vocabulary than ever before.In 1620 some British settlers moved to America.Later

in the 18th century some British people 8.________ (take) to Australia
too.English began to be spoken in 9.________ countries.

Finally by the 19th century the language was settled.At that time two big changes in English spelling happened:first Samuel Johnson

wrote his dictionary and later Noah Webster wrote The American
Dictionary of the English Language.The latter gave 10.________ separate identity to American English spelling. 答案 1.As 2.with 3.was based 4.present 5.gradually 6.its 7.wider 8.were taken 9.both 10.a

【知识链接】 1.Do you know that there is more than one kind of English?你知道 有不止一种英语吗?

(1)more than one+单数名词,意为“不止一个……”,在语意
上虽为复数,但作主语时,谓语动词用单数。 (2)more than/more...than... 比 …… 更 …… , 与 其 说 …… 倒 不 如 说……

More than one student was late for class this morning.
今天早晨不止一个学生迟到了。 He is more than a friend to me.He is also my teacher. 他不仅是我的朋友。他还是我的老师。 We are more than glad to help you. 我们非常乐意帮助你。 He is more lucky than clever.


单句语法填空 ①More than one question ________ (raise) at yesterday’s meeting. ②—Do you need any help,Lucy?

—Yes.The job is more ________ I could do myself.
答案 ①was raised ②than

2.Yes.I’d like to come up to your apartment.好的,我乐意去你的公寓。
come up走近;上来;发芽;发生;被提及,被提出,被讨论; 出现 come up with 提出 come about发生 come across偶然遇到 come along跟随,进展

come out出版;开花;罢工 come to合计,共计
come true实现 The problem came up at the meeting. 这个问题在会议上被提出来了。 I do believe that our dream will come true. 我坚信我们的梦想一定会实现。

用come短语的适当形式填空 ①He has just finished writing his book and it will ____________ next month. ②I can’t ____________ any more ideas right now. ③The total cost that they had spent on their clothes this month

____________ nearly 2,000 yuan.
④I ____________ her just now. 答案 ①come out ②come up with ③came to ④came across

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