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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Section A 1a-2d)
【知识技能目标】 ? 掌握并灵活运用本课的重点词汇 rubbish fold sweep floor mess ? 重点短语 sweep the floor, work on, finish doing, take out the rubbish ? 听懂“请求做家务活动”的相关话题及文章;学会有礼貌地提出请求和请求准许 【情感态度目标】 ? 主动地去帮助家人做杂务 【自主学习,明确目标】 1. ______________洗餐具 ? People here ______ very friendly. 2. _________________ 倒垃圾 这儿的人很友好。 3. fold the clothes______________ 2. Could you take out the rubbish, fold the 4. sweep the floor _____________ clothes and do the dishes? 你倒垃圾、 5. make your/the bed ______________ 叠衣服和洗餐具好吗? 6. ___________________打扫客厅 ? rubbish 垃圾;废弃物 (不可数名词) 7. ______________没问题 在英国英语中,rubbish 最常用来表示 8. ______________ 出去吃饭 丢弃的废物,但是在美国英语中 trash 更为 9. stay out late ______________ 常用,如: 10. go to the movies _____________ She threw the bottle into the trash (她把 11. get a ride 搭车 瓶子扔进了垃圾堆)。 12. work on 从事 trash 有时也在英国英语中使用,但仅 13. ______________做完某事 限于比喻用法: 14. ______________ 干净又整洁 The book was trash ( 这本书简直是垃 【借助媒介,正音操练】 圾)。 1. 热身活动。 ? Please, pick the _______ up off the 2. 借助图片完成 1a ground.请捡起地面上的垃圾。 3. 听录音完成 1b ? I can't _______ you waste your time 【合作探究,展示提升】 reading that rubbish.我无法相信你浪 1. I think two hours of TV is enough for 费时间阅读那本垃圾书。 you! 我认为两个小时的电视对你来说 3. And she won?t be happy if she sees this 足够了! mess. 如果她看到乱成这样,她会不 【观察】主谓一致 高兴的。 One and a half hours is enough. 一个半小 ? mess/mes /noun 肮脏;杂乱;不整 时足够了。 洁 One of my favorite sports is basketball.我最 The room was in a mess. 喜欢的一项运动时篮球 这个房间杂乱不堪。 【小结】谓语动词与主语要在人称和数上 “What a mess !” she said after the party. 保持一致。 聚会后她说:“真是一片狼藉!” ? Two months_____ a long holiday. ? Linda can't stand _____. 琳达无法忍受 两个月是一个长假。 脏乱 。 ? Twenty kilos ____so heavy. 2 0 公 ? make a mess 弄脏;搞成一团糟 斤并不太重。 The kids made a mess in the living room.

孩子们把客厅搞得一塌糊涂。 She never makes a mess in the kitchen 4. Tony, could you please help out with a few things? 托尼,你可以帮着做几件 事情吗? ? few (fewer, fewest )与复数名词和复 数动词连用)not many people, things or places 不多,很少 Very few students learn Latin now. 现在学拉丁语的学生少得很。 ? a few(与复数名词和复数动词连用) 有些,几个 I've been there quite a few times. 我去过那里好多次了。 I need a few things from the store. 我需要从商店买些东西。 The letter came a few days ago. 这封信是几天前寄来的。 We've had a few replies. 我们已得到了一些答复。 ? little(数量上)微少的,少到几乎没 有的(可用 so,too,very 修饰) I had little money and little free time. 我没什么钱,也没多少空闲时间。 I find that I need very little sleep these days. 我发现最近我只需要睡很少时间。 ? little adv. (less, least )不多;稍许;略 微 She seemed a little afraid of going inside. 她好像有点害怕进去。 I slept very little last night.昨晚我几乎没怎 么睡。 Tell him as little as possible . 尽量少告诉他。 She said little or nothing about her experience. 她对自己的经历几乎只字不提。 ? a little ?a small amount?, ?some?(与不 可数名词连用)少量的,一些 a little milk/sugar/tea 少许牛奶/糖/茶 Could you give me a little milk? 给我一些牛奶好吗? Pour a little of the gravy over the chicken. 在鸡肉上浇一点肉汁。

I've only read a little of the book so far. 这本书我才读了一小部分。 After a little (= a short time) he got up and left. 过了一会儿他站起来走了。 ? little by little 缓慢地;逐渐地;一点 一点地 Little by little, he got better.他慢慢地好转 了。 ? I've seen most of his movies. _____ ___ ____ are as good as his first one.他的电影多 数我都看过。只有少数几部能与他的第一 部媲美。 ? ____ people understand the difference. 很少有人了解这个差别。 ? ______ ___ ____ people are going to arrive early.相当多的人打算早到。 ? These shoes are ___ _____ (bit) too big for me.我穿这双鞋太大了一点。 ? His English is improving _______ ___ _____.他的英语正在逐步提高。 ? He ate ______, and drank less. 他没吃 什么东西,更没喝什么。 ? ___ _____ food would do us all some good.吃点东西,对我们大家都会有好 处。 【达标检测,盘点收获】 I. 用所给动词的适当形式填空 1. The boy needs _____(sweep) the floor after school. 2. My mother wants me ____(take) out the rubbish when I go to school. 3. Could you please ____(fold) your clothes after dinner, Mary? 4. When he finished _____(read) the book, his eyes were already full of tears. II. 根据提示翻译句子 5. 请你洗餐具好吗?(could,please) __________________________________ 6. 对 你 来 说 , 两 个 小 时 足 够 了 。 (enough) __________________________________ 7. 如果你不倒垃圾,妈妈会生气的。 (will, angry)

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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Section A 3a-3c)
【知识技能目标】 ? 掌握并灵活运用本课的重点词汇 throw neither ? 重点短语 in surprise, as soon as, come over, in front of, as…as, the minute ? 理解词类的转化 ? 读懂“做家务活动”话题的文章 【情感态度目标】 ? 主动地去帮助家人做杂务,分担家务活 【自主学习,明确目标】 1. welcome sb. ____________ I spent all day cooking and adj. 洁 2. _________________放学回家 cleaning. 净的; 3. come home from work____________ 干净的 I can't find a clean shirt. 4. ____________ 扔下 5. sit down ____________ 2. I threw down my bag and went to the 6. come over 过来 living room. 7. take sb. for a walk ____________ 我随手扔下书包,走到客厅。 8. ____________一直;总是 ? throw verb throws; threw; thrown; 9. ____________ 整日/夜 throwing 扔;抛;投;掷/ (随手)抛,丢, 10. ____________做家务 扔 11. shout back 大声回应 Throw me the car keys. = Throw the car keys 12. walk away ____________ to me.把车钥匙扔给我。 13. ____________分担家务 She threw her coat on the bed. 14. ____________ 一个舒适的家 她把外套随手扔在了床上。 15. ____________ 惊讶地 Don't throw your trash on the ground. Throw 【借助媒介,正音操练】 it in the trash can. 1. 复习旧知,呈现新知 别把垃圾丢在地上。丢到垃圾箱里去。 2. 认真读题,完成 4a throw away [短语动词]丢弃;扔掉 3. 阅读前,学习生词 throw away (sth.) or throw (sth.) away 【合作探究,展示提升】 ? So when are you going to _____ away 1. 认识词类的转化,了解 clean 的用法, those old magazines? 那么你什么时候 填入合适词性词意的的番号。 丢掉那些旧杂志? You should keep the room a. clean ? He _____down the newspaper on the clean and tidy v. 使 … table angrily.他气冲冲地把报纸扔在了 干净; The house needed a good 桌子上。 打扫 clean. ? Don't just _____ your clothes on the b. clean Who's going to clean up this floor - _____ them up!不要把你的衣服 n.打扫; mess? 扔在地板上。捡起来! 清扫 He always expected other 3. The minute I sat down tin front of the c. clean people to clean up after him. TV, my mom came over.我刚在电视机 前坐下,妈妈就走了过来。



the minute (that)… as soon as 一…就 I want to see him the minute /as soon as he arrives.他一到我就要见他。. The minute /As soon as you do this, you'll lose control. 你一旦做了这件事,就会失去控制。 ? Please call me ____ _______ you get home.请你一到家就给我打电话。 4. “I?m just as tired as you are!” I shouted back. “我和你一样累! ”我大声回应 道。 ? shout v. 呼喊;呼叫 It's not polite to shout to people. 对人大声 说话是很不礼貌的。 shout at sb. 对着某人嚷 She shouted at me but I paid no attention. 她 冲着我嚷,但我一点儿也不予理睬。 ? as… as… 像…一样,如同 That was as delicious a meal as your last one (was). = That was a meal as delicious as your last one (was) 那顿饭与你上次的一样可 口。 You're as tall as your father. 你和你父亲一样高。 ? It's not ____ _____ ____ I thought. 这没有我想象的那么困难。 ? She doesn't play ____ _____ ___ her sister.她演奏得不如她姐姐好。 5. For one week, she did not do any housework and neither did I.有一个星 期,她没做任何家务,我也没做。 ? neither 副词 也不;都不 I never learned to swim and neither did they. 我从没学过游泳,他们也没有。 —I don't have any money. —Neither do I. “我没有钱。 ” “我也没有。 ” ? neither… nor…连词 既不…也不… Neither he nor his wife eats meat.他和他妻 子都不吃肉。 They speak neither French nor German, but a strange mixture of the two. 他们既非讲法 语,也非德语,而是两者的古怪混合。 ? neither 代词两个都不 ;( 两者中 ) 无一 个 At first, neither man could speak.

起初,两个人都不会说。 'Would you like tea or coffee?' 'Neither, thanks.'你想要茶还是咖啡?都不要, 谢谢。 Neither answer is correct. 两 个 答 案 都 不 对。 Neither of us felt like going out. 我俩都不想外出。 ? ______ my mother _____my father went to university.我父母都没读大学。 ? Tom didn't believe a word she said, and ______ ______ the police.汤姆根本不 相信她说的话,警察也不信。 ? Life was harder then because _____ ___ us had a job. 那时生活比较艰苦, 因为我俩都没有工作。 6. “ What happened?” she asked in surprise. “发生什么事了?”她吃惊 地问。 ? surprise vt.使惊奇,使诧异; The results will surprise you. They surprised everyone by moving to the Bahamas. ? surprise n.令人吃惊的事物;惊奇,惊 讶 He looked at her in surprise. Much to our surprise, she refused. It's no surprise that he doesn't want to go. I have a special surprise for the children. To my great surprise, they agreed to all our plans. ? surprised adj.感到惊讶的 We were very surprised at the result. I'm not surprised (that) he didn't keep his promise. 【达标检测,盘点收获】 I. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Neither of the twins ____(like) helping their mother do chores. 2. I'm _______ (surprise) to see you here. 3. It doesn't______ (surprise) me that their parents don't want them to get married. 4. "Don't do that!" she shouted ______ (angry). 5. I've never seen her look so ____(angry) II. 根据提示翻译句子 6. 我们教室前面有一棵大树。 ( in front

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 of) ____________________________________ 7. 昨天李磊没完成作业。我也没完成。 (neither) 审稿人 学生姓名 小组评价 ____________________________________ 8. 我一到上海就给你打电话。 ____________________________________


Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Grammar Focus- Section A 4a-4c)
【知识技能目标】 ? 掌握并灵活运用本课的重点词汇 pass borrow lend finger hate chore while ? 重点短语 pass sb. sth., lend sb. sth., borrow sth. from sb.归纳双宾语用法 ? 语法重点:掌握情态动词 could 表达有礼貌的提出要求及请求准许的用法 【情感态度目标】 ? 主动地去帮助做杂务,分担杂务 【自主学习,明确目标】 1. get something to drink ___________ he took it, but he______ it the second 2. watch one show ___________ time. (通过) 3. ___________ 闲逛 ? They started _______ around pictures of 4. ____________ 把某物传给某人 their trip. (传递) 5. ___________把某物借给某人 ? The boat was too tall ____ _____ under 6. get sth. wet ___________ the bridge.(通过) 7. ___________讨厌做某事 ? He gave me a smile as he ______.(经 8. do chores ___________ 过) 9. ___________带顶帐篷来 ? She _____ a cup of tea to the 【合作探究,展示提升】 headmaster.(递给) 1. Could you please pass me the salt?你把 2. Could I borrow that book?我能借那本 盐递给我好吗?Would you please pass 书吗? the salt? ? borrow v. borrows; borrowed 借;借用 ? pass v. passes; passed; passing 递;传递 Can I borrow your umbrella? David passed the books to his teacher. 借你的伞用一下行吗? 大卫把那些书递给他的老师。 borrow sth. from sb. Take one piece of test paper and pass the rest You can borrow six books from the library at along. a time. pass sb sth=pass sth to sb.把某物递给某人 They borrowed a lot of money from the bank Can you pass me that bag by your feet? ? 我一本书也买不起,只好从图书馆借 ? pass v. passes; passed 经过;通过 I couldn't afford to buy any, so I______ Stand here and don't let anyone pass. [=move them _____ the library. past you] 3. Could you lend me some money? 你能 They pass by the library on their way to 借给我一些钱吗? school. ? lend/lend / verb (lent, lent ) ? pass v. passes; passed;通过(测试) ~ sth (to sb), ~ (sb) sth 借给;借出 Kevin has just passed his driving test. I've lent the car to a friend. 凯文刚刚通过驾照考试。 我把车借给一位朋友了。 ? He failed his driver's test the first time Can you lend me your car this evening?

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 你今晚能把汽车借给我用一下吗? 词语辨析 borrow ? lend 这两个词常被混淆,借入用 borrow,借出 用 lend: Can I borrow your pen? Can I borrow a pen from you? 我可以借用你的钢笔吗? Here, I?ll lend you my pen. 喏,我把钢笔借给你。 He lent Jim the money. (他把钱借给了杰 姆)=Jim borrowed the money from him. Betty lent him some books.(贝蒂借给他 几本书)=He borrowed some books from Betty. ? He wouldn't let me______ his clothes. 他不愿我借他的衣服。 ? I ____ my CD player to Dave and I haven't got it back yet.(借给) ? The hospital agreed ____ ____ them a wheelchair.(借给) ? The poor had to______ from the rich. ? Can I _______ your pen for a minute? ? Can you______ me your pen? 4. I hate to do chores. 我讨厌做家务。 ? hate verb hates; hated; hating 厌恶,讨 厌,憎恶(某事物) I hate potatoes.我讨厌土豆。 She hates [=really dislikes] cold weather.她 讨厌寒冷的天气。 She hates to cook.她讨厌做饭。 Paul hates having his picture taken.鲍尔讨厌 照相。 I hate him telling me what do to all the time. 我讨厌他总是吩咐我干这干那。 ? 她讨厌出错。 She hates______(make) mistakes. ? Jenny's mother hates her _____(stay) out late. ? I hate ______(see) you unhappy. 5. 语法探究情态动词 could 的语法 【观察】 a. Could you please take the dog for a walk? 能请你出去遛遛够吗? b. Could I watch one show first?我能先看 个节目吗? c. Finally, I could not find a clean dish or a clean shirt.最后,我找不到一个干净的 餐具或者一件干净的衬衫。 【小结】 a. Could 用于第二人称, 表示委婉地提出 请 求 。 常 用 句 型 为 “ Could you (please)+_______...? ” 意 为 “ ( 请 ) 你 做· · · · · ·好吗?” 。 肯定回答用: Yes , sure./ Yes, I can./ Of course, I can./ No problem./ With pleasure. 否定回答用: Sorry, I can?t. I have to…/ Sorry, I? m going to…/ I am afraid I can?t. I have to… ? (翻译)请你浇一下那棵树好吗?(water) 很抱歉,我不能。我必须去上学。 — ___________________________________ — ___________________________________ b. could 用于第一人称,表示希望得到对 方 的 许 可 。 常 用 句 型 为 “ Could I +_______...? ” 意 为 “ 我 可 以 做· · · · · ·吗?” 。 肯定回答用:Yes, you can./ Yes, please. 否定回答用:Sorry, you can?t./ I?m afraid you can?t. ? ( 翻译 ) 我可以玩电脑游戏吗?恐怕不 行。你必须先做作业。(first) — ___________________________________ — ___________________________________ c. Could 表示 can 的过去式, 表示过去的 能力。对其一般疑问句的回答仍用 could。 Could Mary read at the age of four? Yes, she could. 【达标检测,盘点收获】 1. —Could I go to the store? —Yes, ____. A. you can B. you could C. you do 2. —Could you please make your bed? — _____. I have so much homework to do. A. Yes, sure B. Sorry, I can?t C. Why not? 3. Could you please ____ no the road? A. not to play B. not play C. play not

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 4. 5. —He ___ speak three languages when he was ten years old. —What a clever boy. A. can B. could C. may — ____I try on those shoes on the 学生姓名 小组评价 window? — ______. They?re just on show. A. Could; Yes, you can B. Can; Sorry, you can?t. C. Could; Sorry, you can?t. 教师评价


Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Section B 1a-1e)
【知识技能目标】 ? 掌握并灵活运用本课的重点词汇 snack ? 重点短语 invite sb. to do sth., ? 熟练运用 could 表达有礼貌的提出要求及请求准许 ? 根据读音规则和音标拼读单词。熟悉元音字母 Aa 及其字母组合的读音 【情感态度目标】 ? 学会文明交际 【自主学习,明确目标】 1. go to the store_________ ? On the morning of July 24th, the criminal 2. invite sb. to a party__________ left his house at 8:15 a.m. 3. ask permission_________ ? I would like the report on or before July 4. ____________参加考试 24th. 【合作探究,展示提升】 1. buy verb (bought, ? This year's event will take place on bought /b? ? t / ) ~ sb sth=~ sth (for June 19th. 今年的活动将于 6 月 19 sb) 买;购买 日举行。 ? 他给我买了一件新外套。 ? She travels to Korea on Monday. He bought a new coat for me. 她周一前往韩国。 =He bought___ a new coat. ? I was born on Christmas day.我出生 那件连衣裙你是在哪里买的? 在圣诞节那天。 ? Where ____ you ____that dress? 【小结】on 在(某一日子或日期) (发 我从朋友那里花 10 英镑买来的。 生) ? I _____it from a friend for ? 10. 3. Could I invite my friends to a party? 2. You have a test on Monday.星期一你 我可以邀请朋友来参加聚会吗? 要参加考试。 ? invite verb ( invites; invited; 【观察】 inviting ) to ask (someone) to go somewhere or do something 邀请 have a swim 去游泳 ? He invited a few friends (to come) over to have a test 参加考试 his house after work. have a walk 去散步 ? She invited them (to go) out to dinner. have a rest 休息 ? I'm planning to invite them for the have a look 看看 weekend. have a try 试一试 ? Aren't you going to invite me in for a 【小结】 have+a/an+ 表活动的名词意为 coffee? “从事· · · · · · ” ? 琳达邀请他去参加她在新泽西举行 【观察】 的 26 岁生日聚会。Linda_______ ?We met on July 24th. him ___ her 26th birthday party in ? On my way home [=while I was going New Jersey. home], I saw a car accident. 4. snack n[C]快餐;便餐

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 I didn't have time for lunch so I just had a quick snack ? I had a huge lunch, so I'll only need __ _____ for dinner.我午饭吃得饱, 所以晚 饭我只会吃便餐。 snack n[C]小吃;零嘴 Many snack foods are high in salt, sugar, and fat.很多零食的盐、糖和脂肪含量高。 ? 新鲜水果或干果是理想的零食。 Fresh or dried fruit makes___ ideal snack. 【达标检测,盘点收获】 1. I only have a s______ at lunch time. 2. Jim wants to i_______ friends to dinner. 审稿人 学生姓名 3. ? 4. Our New Year's Eve p_____ was a huge success. 用表示时间的介词 on、 in、 at 填空 Would you mind telling me what you were doing ____the afternoon of Friday the 13th of March? She likes to travel ____ the summer. He plans to retire ___ the age of 65. ____ a clear day you can see the mountains from here. The movie is coming out ____ a few months. He called us _____ about 9 o'clock on July 24.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Section B 2a-2e)Period 5
The more you know, the more you know you don't know. 你知道的越多,你会发现你不知道的也就越多。 【知识技能目标】 ? 掌握并灵活运用本课的重点词汇 depend develop since neighbor ill drop (认读词汇 independence fairness) ? 重点短语 in surprise, as soon as, come over, in front of, as…as, the minute ? 读懂“做家务活动”话题的议论类文章,练习使用“略读策略” 【情感态度目标】 ? 学会在生活中照顾自己,培养自己的独立意识 【自主学习,明确目标】 1. 使某人做某事 净而舒适的环境是父母的事情。 2. enough stress ? provide /pr?'va? d/vt.& vi.提供,供应 3. 浪费时间 【观察】 4. 目的是;为了 The store provides the children with free 5. 取得好成绩 balloons. 商店给孩子供应免费的气球。 6. 介意做某事 The school provided new uniforms for the 7. 依赖;依靠 band. 学校为乐队提供新的制服 8. independence 发展孩 = The school provided the band with new 子的独立性 uniforms. 9. look after/take care of 【小结】为某人提供某物 10. do one’ s part in (doing ) sth.做某人分 provide something for somebody 内的事 =_____somebody _______ something 【合作探究,展示提升】 ? 宾馆为客人提供擦鞋的服务。The 1. It is the parents? job to provide a clean hotel______ a shoe-cleaning service_____ and comfortable environment at home for guests. their children. 给孩子们在家里提供一个干 2. And anyway, I think doing chores is not

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 so difficult. 反正我觉得干点家务也不 太难。? ? anyway adv. 而且;加之;反正 It's too expensive and anyway the color doesn't suit you.这个太贵, 而且颜色也不适 合你。 ? _____ I'm free now. Let me go with you. 我左右闲着没事,就陪你走一趟吧。 ? anyway adv.(转换话题、结束谈话或 回到原话题时说)无论如何,反正 I don't care what you say, I'm going to do it anyway. 我不管你说什么,不管怎样我 将去完成它。 ? Since someone has to go ____, let me go. 反正得去一个人,就让我去吧! 3. Doing chores helps to develop children?s independence and teaches them how to look after themselves.做家务有助于培养孩子们 的独立性并且教会他们怎样照顾自己。 ? develop/d? ? vel?p/verb 发展;壮大 The doctor says that the child is developing normally.医生说这孩子发育正常。 She developed the company from nothing. 她白手起家办起了这个公司。 A developed country 发达国家 A developing country 发展中国家 ? In a short time, the town_____ into a city. 在短时间内,这座镇发展成了城 市。 develop/d? ? vel?p/verb(使)提高;(使) 加强 develop acting / speaking skills. 提高表演/ 演讲技巧 develop/d? ? vel?p/verb 养成(习惯);获得(名 声) Try to develop good reading habits. 要养成良好的阅读习惯。 ? This helps kids_______ good study _____. 这有助于孩子们养成良好的学 习习惯。 4. As a result, he often fell ill and his grades dropped. 结果,他经常生病,成绩也下降了 ? drop verb(drops;dropping;dropped) (意外地)落下,掉下,使落下 Be careful not to drop that plate.小心别把盘 子摔了。 I dropped my glasses and broke them. 我不 小心把眼镜掉下来摔碎了。 ? drop verb(drops;dropping;dropped) (使)变弱,降低,减少 The temperature dropped (to 50 degrees).温 度下降了(到了 50 度) 。 The team has dropped [=fallen] to third place. 这个队已降至第三名。 She dropped her voice .她压低了声音。 ? Be careful not_____ _____ the chair on your foot.小心别让椅子落到你脚上。 ? But why did Jacob's _____ _____ that spring? 但是为什么雅各布的成绩在 那年春天下降了呢? ? The book _____ from my hand.书从 我手里掉下去了。 ? ill adj.有病;不舒服 ? Her father is seriously ill in People's Hospital. 她父亲住在人民医院,病情很重。 ? We both started to feel ill shortly after the meal.我们俩饭后不久就都开始感到不 适。 ? His grandfather fell ____ and died soon after. 他祖父病倒不久便去世了。 ? ill 和 sick 意义非常相似 , 但是用法 略有不同。 ill 通常不用于名词前 , 如 He fell ill shortly before Christmas (他圣诞节前不久 突然病倒了。 sick 常用在名词之前, 如 sick children (生病的孩子)。 5. Children these days depend on their parents too much. 如今的孩子过于依赖父母。 ? depend on 依赖 ;依靠 All living things depend on the sun for their growth. 万物靠太阳生长。 He depended on his writing for his income. 他靠写作赚取收入。 ? depend on 视乎;决定于

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 Your grade will depends on your homework. 你的成绩取决于你的家庭作业。 ? I don't want to _____ ____ too much on my parents.我不想过度依靠父母。 6. The earlier kids learn to be independent, the better it is for their future. 孩子们越早学会独立,对他们的将来 就越好。 【观察】The more exercise you take, the stronger you are. 锻炼得越多, 身体越强壮。 The more I read the book,the more I liked it. 这本书我越看越喜欢。 The harder you work, the better grades you will get. 你越努力,你取得的成绩就越好。 【小结】 the+ 比较级, the+ 比较级”意为 “越??越??” , 表示一方的程度随着另 一方的变化而变化。 【达标检测,盘点收获】 选短语填空(有两项多余) depend on in order to spend.. on… have no idea provide… for… borrow…from… lend… to… agree with 1. Whether to go to the beach tomorrow _____________ the weather. 2. The man got up early ______ get to the supermarket before eight o?clock. 3. The company ____ food and clothes ____ the homeless people. 4. I ________ where they?ll go during the summer vacation. 5. The boy ran out of all his money, so he ____ some _____ his classmates. 6. She likes reading books. She often _____ most of her money_____ bokks.

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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? Section B 3a-Self Check
【知识技能目标】 ? 掌握并灵活运用本单元的重点词汇 fair unfair ? 重点短语 do chores, sweep the floor, develop children?s independence ? 重点句型 I agree /disagree that… I think children should / should not …. 【情感态度目标】 ? 有学好英语的信心,敢于用英语进行表达 【自主学习,明确目标】 1. 归纳课文中的 Could I/ we… ? 小结:could 用于第一人称,表示希望得到对方的许可 p.18 Could I use your computer? __________________________ Could I at least finish watching the show? __________________________ ... p.19 __________________________我能先看一档节目吗?_____________ p.20 __________________________我能借那本书吗 ________________________________那我能让你帮我做些家务吗? … p.21 __________________________ 我能邀请我的朋友参加聚会吗? p.22 _________________________________我们就让他们做作为学生的工作好吗? p.24 ______________________ 我现在能离开吗? 2. 归纳课文中的 Could you…? 小结:could 用于第二人称,表示委婉地提出请求。 p.17 ___________________________________ 请你把垃圾倒掉好吗?__________好的, 当 然可以。__________ 没问题。 … p.18 _____________________________________你能帮忙做几件事情吗? … p.19 _____________________________________请你带狗去遛遛好吗? p.20 _____________________________你能借我一些钱吗? Could you please pass me the salt? __________________________ … p.21 Could you clean your room? __________________________ p.22__________________________ 你能给我拿这个吗 __________________________你能帮我做那个吗? p.24 __________________________九点前你能回来吗? 【合作探究,展示提升】 1. 完成 Section B 3a-Self Check 2. 新词 fair/fe?(r)/ /fer /adj. (fairer, fairest ) ~ (to/on sb) 合理的;恰当的;适当的 a fair deal/price/question 公平交易;公道的价格;恰当的问题 a) a _____ ______ 合理的决定 b) The punishment was ___ _____.这个处罚很公正。 c) It's ____ _____ on Joe to make him do all the work! 让乔干所有的工作,那不合理! 3. 派生词 unfair unluckily unhappy 不 高 unlike 不像 unusual 不 寻 常 uncomfortable 不 不幸的是 兴的 的 舒服的 _____ 幸 运 的 _____高兴的 _____像 _____寻常的 _____舒服的 是 【我爱记台词】 Every mountain is unclimbable until someone climbs it. So every ship is unsinkable until it sinks. 没有翻不了的山,也没有沉不了的船。——《唐顿庄园》

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 climb v.攀爬 sink v.下沉 climbable['kla? m?bl] adj. 爬得上去 的 sinkable['si?k?bl] adj. 会沉的;易下 沉的 unclimbable__________________ unsinkable__________________

4. 书面表达 【题目要求】 某报社就青少年与父母关系这一话题开展题为 how to keep good relationship with parents 的征 文,请你根据以下要点,写一篇 90 词左右的英语短文参加此次活动。 1. 父母规矩太多、过于强调学习成绩、不理解自己等问题 2. 你对这些问题的看法 3. 你与父母保持良好关系的做法 【思路点拨】 步骤 1 2 3 构思 陈述问题 表达看法 具体措施 too many rules, understand them, 列要点 pay too much attention to really love me help them do more housework

keep good relationship, study hard,

【参考范文】 How to keep good relationship with parents? In my opinion, I have too many rules at home. I can’t go out with my friends at night. And they pay too much attention to my exam results. I think my parents don't quite understand me. However, I try my best to understand them. I know that it is because they really love me and want me to get into a good university and have a bright future. In order to keep good relationship with my parents, I must study hard, listen to them, talk to them as friends, tell them my troubles, and help them do more housework. 【达标检测,盘点收获】 某英文报纸就家务劳动(housework)话题征文,请你投稿。

“每个家庭都有许多家务,人人都应该学做一些。谈谈你经常帮父母做哪些家务,有什么体 会,并打算在假期为家里做什么。 ”根据中文大意和英文提示词语,写出意思连贯、符合逻
辑、不少于 60 词的短文。所给英文提示词语供选用。 提示词语: every family, lots of housework, learn to do, help, parents, be / feel proud of Every family has lots of housework. Everyone should learn to do some of it. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 审稿人 学生姓名 小组评价 教师评价

Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? 单元学习评价
(时间:40 分钟 满分:100 分) Ⅰ. 单项填空 1. It?s dangerous for children the dog. A.play B.to play C.play with D.to play with 2. —Mom, could I go shopping with you? —Yes, you .But you must finish your homework first. A.could B.can C.can?t D.couldn?t 3. —Could I your bike? —Sorry, I it to Jim yesterday. A.borrow;lent B.lend;borrowed C.lend;lent D.borrow;borrowed

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 —Could I please your watch? —Sorry. It doesn?t work. A.use B.to use C.using D.used 5. —Could you please take out the trash? — . A.Not at all B.You?re welcome C.No way D.No problem 6. He didn?t finish the room. A.clean B.cleaned C.cleaning D.cleans 7. “Don?t make a noise,” he said to me__ . A. angrily B.happily C. easily D.sad 8. His father wants him in Beijing. A.to work B.worksC.workD.working 9. Students have homework to do every day. A.so many B.such many C. so much 10. I never go to school late, . A.so does Tom B.neither does Tom C.neither Tom does 11. I will give him the gift as soon as he . A.will arrive B.arrive C.arrives D.arrived 12. You could a bike from your friend. A.lend B.give C.buy D.borrow 13. Too much noise makes me uncomfortable. A.feeling B.feel C.felt D.to feel 14. Mary,could you please the dishes? A.do B.make C.does D.makes 15. He doesn?t like playing cards, he thinks playing cards is a waste time. A.of B.at C.for D.in Ⅱ.完形填空 Tina and Tara are twin sisters. They look 16 , 17 they also have some differences. One day their grandfather came to see them with two gifts. When he came into the house, he saw Tina and 18 her a gift. After a while, when he got into the garden, he saw 19 granddaughter “Tara”.In fact that was Tina. When he gave the other gift to her, she said, “You gave me one just now.” “No, I gave a gift to your sister Tina.” “Oh, grandfather, I?m Tina.” Just then Tara came into the garden, 20.“Now, grandfather, can you tell the differences 21 us?” “No, I can?t. Can you 22 me?” “Yes, look. Tara is a little 23 than me. Her hair is longer and curlier than 24 .Now, grandfather, can you see?” “Yes, now I can tell you from Tara. Tara, here is the gift for you.” “Thank you 25 your gift, grandfather.” With these words, they all laughed happily. 16. .A.same B.the same C.different 17. A.and B.so C.but 18. A.gave B.took C.brought 19. A.others B.another C.the other 20. A.either B.so C.too 21. A.as B.between C.from 22. A.tell B.say C.talk 23. A.tall B.taller C.tallest 24. A.I B.me Cmine 25. A. to B.of C.fo Ⅲ.阅读理解 Once, a king showed two men a large basket in the garden. He told them to fill it with water from a well. After they _26_ their work, he left them, saying, “When the sun is down, I will come and see your work.” At last one of them said, “What?s the use of doing this foolish work? We can _27_ fill the basket.” _28_ man answered, “That is none of your business.” The first man said. “You may do as you like, but I am not going to work at _29_ so foolish.” He _30_ his bucket and went away. The other man said no word, and kept on carrying _31_. At last the well was almost _32_. As he poured the last bucket of water into the basket, he saw a bright thing in it. He picked it 4.

快乐高效课堂八年级英语下册导学案 up. It was a beautiful gold ring. Just then the king came. _33_ he saw the ring, he knew that he had found the kind of man he wanted. He told him to keep the ring for himself. “You _34_ so well in this little thing,” he said, “ _35_ now I know I can believe you with many things.” 26. A. finished B. did C. began 27. A. ever B. never C. easily 28. A. The other B. Another C. One 29. A. anything B. something C. Nothing 30. A. picked up B. threw away C. took away 31. A. water B. basket C. well 32. A. full B. empty C. filled 33. A. While B. As soon as C.Before 34. A. have done B. will do C. do 35. A. that B. why C. when Ⅳ.根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词 36. There is some rubbish (垃圾) on the floor, she is s the floor. 37. Your room is in a m , you should tidy it up. 38. The dog seemed hungry, please (扔)a piece of meat to it. 39. (都不)of his parents agrees with him. 40. He is (折叠)the clothes now. Ⅴ.根据汉语意思完成句子 41. 为了通过考试,他每天都努力学习。 pass the exam, he studies hard every day. 42. 如果你努力学习,你会取得好的成绩。 You can if you study hard. 43. 你不应该完全依赖你的父母。You shouldn?t your parents completely. 44. 他了解中国的历史越多,就越想住在这里。 he learns history about China,_____ _______he wants to live here. 45. 我不想做家务,他也不想做。I don?t want to do chores, ______ Ⅵ.句型转换 46. The boy is ill. The doctor is saving the boy.(合并成一个句子) The doctor is the boy. 47. I can provide him with some help.(改为 同义句)I can some help him. 48. The poor child didn?t know where he could go.(改为简单句)The poor child didn?t know . 49. He can look after himself well.(改为同 义句)He can himself. 50. I borrowed some money from him.(改为 同义句)He some money me. Ⅶ.书面表达 假如你叫 Mary,你的父母由于忙于工作,你要在家照顾 5 岁的妹妹 Fina。父母让你发 e-mail 了解你们在家的情况。请根据提示写一封 e-mail。词数 80 左右,开头已给出,但不 计入总词数。 提示:1. do some chores 2. make the beds, sweep the floor 3. do the dishes 4. break a dish 5. better next time Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for your e-mail. I’m glad you are getting on well with your work.

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