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上海市2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(11)

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 11—30 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D) 中,选出最佳答案。 It was her giggling(咯咯的笑)that drew my attention. Note taking really wasn’t all that funny. Walking over to the offender, I asked for the 1 . Frozen, she refused to give between teacher

it to me. I waited, all attention in the classroom on the quiet 2

and student. When she finally 3 it over, she whispered, “Okay, but I didn’t draw it.” It was a hand-drawn 4 coming out of my mouth. I managed to fold it up calmly. My mind, not to 5 , was working angrily as I struggled of me, teeth blackened and the words “I’m stupid”

6 . I figured I knew the two most likely candidates for drawing the picture.

It would do them some 7 to teach them a lesson, and maybe it was high time that I did it! Thankfully, I was able to keep myself 8 . When there were about six minutes remaining, I showed the class the picture. They were all silent as I told them how 9 this was for me. I told them there must be

a reason 10 and now was their chance to write down anything they needed to tell me. Then I let them write silently while I sniffed in the back of the classroom. As I 11 the notes later, many of them said something like, “I’ve got nothing against you.” or “I’m sorry you were hurt.” Some kids said, “We’re 12 of you.” But two notes, from the girls who I 13 were behind the picture, had a list of issues. I was too 14 , too strict? Reading those notes, I realized that over the course of this year, instead of 15 my students, I had begun commanding them to 16 them to success, I was 17 driving them away. . Where I thought I was driving

I had some apologies to make. But the next day in the classroom, one boy and one girl each handed me a card. The one 18 by all the boys expressed sincere regret


for the ugly joke. The one from the girls asked for

19 .

This was a lesson for both the kids and me. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the 20 . 1. A. note help 2. A. battle conversation 3. A. took D. handed 4. A. statue D. poster 5. A. otherwise besides 6. A. leave explain 7. A. good B. cry D. argue B. harm C. favor C. B. however C. therefore D. B. graph C. picture B. thought C. turned B. competition C. argument D. B. advice C. reason D.

D. punishment 8. A. amused relaxed 9. A. meaningful D. hurtful 10. A. aside beneath 11. A. wrote read 12. A. proud afraid 13. A. figured concluded B. above D. behind B. finished D. collected B. fond D. ashamed B. promised D. saw C. C. C. C. B. forgetful C. regretful B. controlled C. uninterested D.


14. A. talkative clumsy 15. A. forcing D. teaching 16. A. appreciate compromise 17. A. actually D. generally 18. A. decorated signed 19. A. thankfulness communication 20. A. friendship D. future 【参考答案】完形填空 1--5 AADCB 6--10 BABDD

B. mean D. considerate B. encouraging


C. comforting

B. apologize D. achieve B. normally


C. immediately

B. offered D. bought B. forgiveness C. compensation



B. education

C. knowledge

11--15 CCABB

16--20 DACBD

完形填空填空练习 完形填空。阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的四个选项《A、B. C 和 D》中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 That holiday morning I didn’t have to attend school. Usually, on holiday, Mother 36 me to sleep in. And I would certainly take full advantage of it. On this particular 37 , I felt like getting up early. 38 , having nothing better to do. But as 39 in life. 40 an


I stood by my window overlooking the

it turned out, I was soon to learn about something

As I watched several people go by, get into their cars and drive off, I old man on a bicycle with a bucket on its on its back-carriage. He 42 41

and a basket of rags and bottles

from one car to another, washing and cleaning them. 43 washing and

From the water on the ground, it seemed that he had already

cleaning about a dozen or more cars. He must have begun to work quite early in the morning. Several thoughts 44 my mind as I watched him work. He wasn’t well-dressed. 45 T-shirt. The bicycle he rode was not

He had on a pair of shorts and a (an) by any means the kind modern 47 46

would want to be seen riding on. But he seemed 48 at

with life. There he was, working hard at his small business, 49

passers-by and stopping to chat now and then way to the market nearby. There was a noticeable touch of — 51 50

elderly men and women on their

in the way he seemed to be doing things

the windscreen(挡风玻璃),then standing back to admire it; scrubbing(擦 52 , standing back to see what they looked like after the scrub. to learn, I felt. At no age need one have to beg for a 55 54 if

净)the wheels and It was a 53

one has good health and is willing to work hard. For a while I felt

of myself.

Young as I am—just sixteen, and there was this old man who must have been usefully engaged perhaps before the sun appeared above the horizon. 36. A. forces 37. A. otherwise 38. A. parking lot 39. A. interesting 40. A. noticed 41. A. back 42. A. searched 43. A. stopped 44. A. crossed 45. A. attractive 46. A. repairmen 47. A. busy 48. A. waving 49. A. about B. allows B. therefore B. bus stop B. surprising B. recognized B. handle B. left B. started B. slipped B. shiny B. businessmen B. content B. looking B. for C. causes C. however C. school C. awful C. called C. wheel C. moved C. intended C. disturbed C. simple C. drivers C. careful C. laughing C. with D. forbids D. besides D. market D. useful D. assisted D. seat D. wandered D. finished D. inspired D. expensive D. cyclists D. bored D. pointing D. like


50. A. worry 51. A. cleaning 52. A. still 53. A. lesson 54. A. business 55. A. tired

B. respect B. fixing B. yet B. subject B. living B. doubtful

C. sympathy C. replacing C. again C. skill C. success C. fearful

D. pride D. covering D. soon D. fact D. right D. ashamed

参考答案:----------完形填空 36-40 BCADA 41-45 BCDAC 46-50 DBACD 51-55 ACABD

完形填空填空练习 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 I first went to hear a live rock concert when I was eight years old. My brother and his friends were all ___1____ of a heavy metal group called Black Wednesday. When they ___2____ that Black Wednesday were going to perform at our local theatre, they all bought ____3___ for performance. However, at the last minute, once of the friends couldn’t go, so my brother __4____ me the ticket. I was really ___5____! I remember the buzz (嘈杂声) of excitement inside the theatre as we all found our _6___ . After a few minutes, the lights went down and everybody became __7___. I could barely make out the stage in the 8___. We waited. Then there was a roar from the crowd, like an explosion, as the first members of the band _9___ the stage. My brother leaned over and shouted something in my ear, but I couldn’t ___10__ what he was saying. The first song was already starting and the music was as ____11__ a jet engine. I could ___12__ the drum beats and bass notes in my stomach. I can’t recall any of the songs that the band played. I just _13 that I really enjoyed the show and didn’t want it to _14 _. But in the end, after three encores (加演), the show finished. We left the 15 _ and walked unsteadily out onto the pavement. I felt a little dizzy, as if I had just 16 _from a long sleep. My ears were still

17 _with the beat of the last song. After the 18 , I became a Black Wednesday fan too for a few years before getting into other kinds of music. Once in a while, 19 _, I listen to one of their songs and 20 _I’m back at that first show. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. members ) 2. A. guessed ) 3. A. flowers ) 4. A. booked ) 5. A. relaxed ) 6. A. seats ) 7. A. comfortable ) 8. A. silence ) 9. A. fell upon ) 10. A. forget ) 11. A. loud ) 12. A. feel ) 13. A. realize ) 14. A. continue ) 15. A. party ) 16. A. escaped ) 17. A. aching ) 18. A. competition ) 19. A. through ) 20. A. decide B. friends B. discovered B. drinks B. offered B. embarrassed B. entrance B. quite B. noise B. got through B. hear B. heard B. touch B. understand B. delay B. theatre B. traveled B. burning B. performance B. otherwise B. regret C. fans C. thought C. clothes C. returned C. excited C. spots C. serious C. darkness C. broke into C. repeat C. sweet C. enjoy C. believe C. finish C. opera C. benefited C. ringing C. interview C. instead C. conclude D. volunteers D. predicted D. tickets D. found D. encouraged D. space D. nervous D. smoke D. stepped onto D. bear D. fast D. digest D. remember D. change D. stage D. woken D. rolling D. celebration D. besides D. imagine

【文章大意】讲述的是作者回忆 18 岁的往事,作者通过对自己美好童年的回忆,对音乐会现 场的描述,生动了体现了作者和当代 90 后们一样的对于音乐的狂热之情。 1.【答案】C 【解析】考查名词,由文章 18 空格后面的内容说:“我也成为了 BW 乐队的粉丝”所以这个 空格选择 C“粉丝”。 2.【答案】B

【解析】考查动词,与之相关的名词是 that,指代“BW 乐队将要在当地剧院演出”这件事。 所以排除 A“猜”D“预测”,而乐队要来演奏是一件客观发生的事情,所以排除 C“想”因 为“想”的宾语一般都是主观的想法,所以答案是 B。 3.【答案】D 【解析】考查名词,与之相关的动词是 bought,他们得知 BW 要来开演唱会,去“买”的一定 是“票”所以答案是 D。 4. 【答案】B 【解析】考查动词“他的一个朋友无法前往,所以我的哥哥把票——我”。可以排除 A“预 订”D“找到”。比较容易误选 C“返回”注意 return 这个词指的是“去-回”这个过程, return me the ticket 的含义是:原先这张票就是我的,哥哥拿走给朋友了,然后又还给我。 这显然是不对的,所以答案是 B“给予”。 5. 【答案】C 解析: 考查形容词,我哥哥给予我票,当然我是激动的。 6. A

【解析】考查名词,我们进了里面,当然要找到我们的座位。 7.【答案】B 【解析】考察形容词, "灯熄灭了,大家都变得______"所以排除 A"舒服",C"严肃"D"紧张", 所以答案是 B"安静"。 8.【答案】C 【解析】灯全黑了,作者应该是"分辨不出"舞台是什么样子的,所以 make out 可以理解为分 辨出。所以,作者应该处于"黑暗中",答案是 C 9.【答案】D 【解析】考察动词,与之相关的名词是 member band stage,所以这里的结构应为:"乐队成 员_____舞台",所以答案是 D"走上"。 10.【答案】B 【解析】考察动词,与之相关的动词是 shout,哥哥在我耳边喊了一些什么,但是我不能"听 见"应该是最合理的,所以答案是 B。 11.【答案】A 【解析】 考查形容词, 放在 as??as 的结构中, 表示和??一样, 所以与之相关的名词是 music 和 jet engine,表示音乐和喷气式飞机的引擎之间的共同点,这种共同点点一定是“响”,所

以答案是 A。有些孩子会想 D 快。音乐确实是很快的,但是引擎是不会具备“快”这样的特点 的。用“快”来形容的应该是喷气式飞机。 12.【答案】A 【解析】考查动词,“我客观上有能力-------鼓掌和贝斯音符在我的肚子里”。所以排除 B“触摸”D“消化”。比较容易误选 C“享受”,这个词的排除比较有难度。首先,享受这个 动词是主观上的,而句子 末尾的 in my stomach 显然是一个客观上的部位,我们的肚子是没有办法享受音乐的。 13.【答案】D 【解析】考察动词,我想不起他们演奏过的歌曲,我只 ______我很享受他们的演出。所以答 案是 D"记得"。 14.【答案】C 【解析】 考查动词, “我很享受他们的演出, 不想让演出--------”。 所以答案是 C“结束”。 15.【答案】B 【解析】考查名词,演出结束,我们离开的地方一定是“剧院”,所以选择 B 16.【答案】D 【解析】考查动词,“我们好像从睡梦中--------”所以答案是 D“醒来”。A“逃脱”B“旅 行”C“获益”都和 sleep 不能构成主谓宾结构。 17.【答案】C 【解析】考察动词,与之相关的名词是 ears,beats,last song, "我的耳边______最后一 首歌曲的节奏"所以答案是 C"回响"。 18.【答案】B 【解析】考察 performance"演出"这个词是全文的主旋律,一群疯狂粉丝看一场演出,演出之 后又多了一个疯狂粉丝的故事。 19.【答案】D 【解析】 考查逻辑关系词, 以前一句话的含义是“我也成为了 BW 的粉丝”空格之后说的是“我 会时不时听一听他们的歌”所以两句话之间不可能是 A 让步关系 B“否则”C“替换”,所以 答案是 D besides 的含义是“除了...还有”,在这里可以表示递进,进一步阐释我成为 BW 粉丝后的状态。 20.【答案】D 【解析】考查动词,四个动词的宾语是“I’m back at that first show”表示”“我回到

了第一次演出的时候”,实际上我永远也无法回到第一次演出的时候,所以这句话的内容是 虚假的,所以选择 D“想象”。只有这个动词后面可以加虚假内容。而 A“决定”B“总结” 都不合适。

完形填空填空练习 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 When Alice started to cycle home from Jenny's house, she wasn't nervous. She was certainly not afraid of the dark. 1 , it was only a 15-minute ride home. But halfway

there, she began to wish that she hadn't been so _2__. As she rounded a sharp bend, it suddenly __3__ cold - very cold. Alice's breath became puffs of white cloud and her legs were so cold that it became hard to ride. With her heart beating fast, she struggled so hard to move _4__ that she didn't hear the car which suddenly appeared beside her. She stopped by the road. The big black car also __5__. Slowly, the passenger-window began to slide down. Alice held her breath. In the soft light inside the car, something __6__. Then, the light brightened and Alice was staring at a sweet, grey-haired old lady. "Hello, dear," said the old lady. "I need __7__. I'm afraid I'm lost. I need to find the nearest airport. I must be there in the next five minutes." "Airport? You __8_ are lost," Alice said. "You need to go back five kilometers __9__ you reach the T-junction. Turn left and __10__ for about another 10 kilometers to the main highway. From there, just follow the __11_ to the airport. But I'm afraid there's no __12__ you'll get there in five minutes!" "Thank you very much, dear," replied the old lady. "Don't worry - I'll __13_ in time." The __14__ moved up and the car started off. A little way ahead, it __15__ and with headlights flashing, it drove past Alice. But then, something __16__ happened. The car began changing. First, its color __17__from black to silvery-grey. Then, the wheels began disappearing, but the car continued to move forward, __18_ just above the ground. As the car __19__ into the dark sky, the big red tail-lights grew larger and larger and glowed more and more brightly. With a faint whistling __20__, the car was gone in seconds, leaving Alice shaking her head in disbelief...

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 1. A. However ) 2. A. brave ) 3. A. fell ) 4. A. aside ) 5. A. arrived ) 6. A. gathered ) 7. A. help ) 8. A. necessarily ) 9. A. if ) 10. A. drive ) 11. A. address ) 12. A. doubt ) 13. A. have it ) 14. A. door ) 15. A. passed ) 16. A. strange ) 17. A. developed ) 18. A. rolling ) 19. A. pointed ) 20. A. tune

B. Besides B. excited B. seemed B. around B. stopped B. existed B. gas B. normally B. until B. walk B. signs B. room B. get it B. window B. rushed B. sensitive B. appeared B. floating B. returned B. voice

C. Therefore C. curious C. proved C. forward C. stayed C. dropped C. rest C. basically C. unless C. follow C. notices C. time C. make it C. headlight C. turned C. imaginable C. spread C. drawing C. broke C. sound

D. Otherwise D. stubborn D. grew D. backward D. started D. moved D. water D. certainly D. as D. march D. guidance D. way D. finish it D. wheel D. continued D. horrible D. faded D. flashing D. rose D. tone

36. 答案:B。 解析:A 表转折 B 表并列 C 表因果 D 二选一。考连词。前一句说她不怕黑, 后一句说只要 15 分钟就能到家。这两句为并列关系。 37. 答案:A 解析:A 勇敢 B 兴奋 C 好奇 D 固执。前文说主人公 wasn't nervous. 后文 but, 语意转折. 38. 答案:D 解析:A 掉下 B 看起来 C 证明是 D 变得。根据意思, 变得很冷。 39. 答案:D. 解析:A 旁边 B 转圈 C 向前 D 向后。根据前文, 主人公在回家路上, 应该是努力向前走, 40. 答案:B
- 10 -

解析:A 到达 B 停下 C 停留 D 开始。前面写主人公 stopped, 后文有 also。所以也填 stopped。 41. 答案:D 解析:A 聚集 B 兴奋 C 掉了 D 移动。车中的 something 对应指的是后文的 old lady. 所以填 moved. 42. 答案:A 解析:A 帮助 B 汽油 C 休息 D 水。后文 old lady 说我迷路了(lost),所以是需要 help. 43. 答案:D 解析: A 必要的 B 普通的 C 基本的 D 当然。后文我的回答是, 你要往回走 5 公里再向左然后 再走 10 公里等等, 可见远远偏离目标。所以选 certainly, 你当然迷路了。 44. 答案:D 解析:A 如果 B 直到 C 除非 D 当。跟据句意, 是一直走直到到达某处。 45. 答案:A 解析:A 驾驶 B 走 C 跟随 D 行军。前文说的是开车, 所以是 drive。 46. 答案:B 解析:A 地址 B 标识 C 通知 D 指导 根据句意, "按照 XX 的指示就可以到飞机场了"只有选标识 才说的通。答案:B。因为沿途不会有指导。 47. 答案:D 解析:固定搭配.A no doubt 毫无疑问 B no room 没有空间 C no time 没时间 D 不可能.C 选 项看似正确但整句话矛盾(你没时间在 5 分钟内到达)。 48. 答案:C 解析:A 拥有 B 得到 C 做成某事 D 结束。固定用法,表示成功做成某事 49. 答案:B 解析:A 门 B 窗 C 车顶灯 D 车轮。对应前文的 slide down 得知是车窗摇下来了,所以这里对应 up 的应该是车窗 window. 50. 答案:C 解析: A 通过 B 猛冲 C 掉头/转弯 D 继续。前文我建议 old lady 要 go back,所以这里对应车 子要掉头才对,所以选 turn. 51. 答案:A. 解析:A 奇怪 B 敏感 C 幻想的 D 恐怖的。根据后文, 车开始变形,选 strange。 52. 答案:D
- 11 -

解析:A 发展 B 出现 C 传播 D 褪色。后文说从 black 变成了 silvery-grey,就是由黑变灰,所 以答案选 D 褪色。 53. 答案:B 解析:A 滚 B 漂浮 C 拉 D 闪。根据文章,是车子的轮子不见了,但是车子在空中接着向前。 54. 答案:D 解析:A 指向 B 返回 C 破门而入 D 升入空中。文中意思, 车子飞起升上填空汇总。 55. 答案:C 解析:A 发出一阵声响 A 曲调 B 指人的生音 D 语气。C 表示声音的意思

- 12 -

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