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赖世雄中级美语教程 75-148课笔记-彩色word版

75. The Amish p.1 In the heart of America, in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, live some people who are not your typical Americans. In order to lead simple lives, they don't use cars. Instead, they drive horse-drawn buggies. They don't use electric lights, either, not to mention telephones. They make their own clothing, which looks ancient. And, to make matters worse, they don't speak English but German among themselves. These people are the Amish. They settled in America almost 300 years ago. Most of them are farmers who stay away from the temptations of the city. As modern life becomes more and more complicated, the Amish way of life seems to make more and more sense. By the door stood a boy who was a Peter. In the room is a girl, who... lead a rich life = live a complicated life Instead,... = On the contrary,... wagon 马车 I can't afford a Ford, not to mention a Benz. clothing 单数 clothes 复数 To make matters worse,... = What's worse,... 更糟的是 What's better,... stay away from = keep away from 避开 make (no, a lot of) sense 有意义 make sense of = understand 了解 76. Live and Let Live p.12 Paul and Wendy are talking about the Amish. P: What do you plan to do in the summer, Wendy? W: To be frank, I haven't made any plans. What about you? P: I'm thinking of going to Indiana. W: What on earth for? P: To tell the truth, I want to see how the Amish people live. W: What for? From what I hear, they're boring people. To be honest, I think they're kind of weird. P: Nonsense! In fact, their simple way of life is quite appealing to me. W: Well, to each their own, I guess. P: Exactly, I wish more people would just live and let live. Live and let live 得饶人处且饶人 plan to do = plan on doing I am planning to see Mary. = I am planning on seeing Mary. To be frank, = Frankly (speaking), = To be honest, = Honestly (speaking), make a plan 做计划 aspire 渴望 I'm thinking of going to Indiana. = considering + going (不加不定式) what for? = why? From what I hear, .... yawn 打哈欠 be bored with = be tired of 厌烦 bore n. He is such a bore.讨厌的东西 oddball 古怪的 n.古怪人 sth appeal to sb 吸引 We saw a very appealing movie last night. 相当于 attractive I appealed to Peter for a loan, but the miser refused me. 恳求 to each (one has) their own (life) 固定用法 77. Think Before You Speak p. 18 Sometimes we say things without thinking. Very often a thoughtless remark may hurt others' feelings or cause a misunderstanding or an embarrassment. We must, therefore, always think before we speak. Once I told an old friend how beautiful his girlfriend looked when I saw them together at a movie theater

the other day. Unfortunately, I made a mistake. It happened that she wasn't with my friend. She was with someone else. I had let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. I'd never been so embarrassed in my life. I certainly learned my lesson, but at a very high price. His girlfriend never spoke to me again! And to make matters worse, it is rumored that they eventually broke up. halfway adv.在中途 Do not give up halfway. persistent 持久的 look before you leap 三思而后行 Anyone likes Sam, because he is so thoughtful of others. make a remark make a statement (正式) the other day 最近几天前的一天 cinema (文诌) error = mistake n. mistake A for B 误将 A 当 B It happened that... = It turns out that .... 原来是 let the cat out of bag = reveal the secret 泄露秘密 Bruce is a scholar, so to speak. 可以这么说 learn one's lesson 学了教训 cheat on sb 对...不忠 78. Believe it or Not p.26 My friend, Andy, is talking to his girlfriend, Jenny, about what I said in the previous lesson. A: So who did you go to the movies with? J: Nobody. A: What do you mean NOBODY? J: Don't shout at me. Allow me to explain. A: I'm waiting. J: Uh… that was my uh… brother. A: Do you expect me to believe that? J: You can believe what you want. A: I'll never get you to tell me the truth, I guess. J: Why don't you believer me? A: Because I had dinner with your brother last night! be in hot water = be on the hook = be in trouble Andy is short for Andrew. Jenny is short for Jennifer. 口语中 who 可取代 whom Let's see a movie tonight.一场电影 go to the movies 习惯用法 take in sth 娱乐性活动 entertainment take in a show(a movie,a football game etc.) 看表演... This is a non-smoking section. What do you mean by calling me? means n.财富 He is a man of means.很有钱 yell at 对...吼叫 shout at sore 酸疼 excuse [z]v. [s]n. make up a story 编造 invent = fabricate = formumate 编造 stammer 结巴 I don't buy your story. buy = believe Don't beat around bush. make/get sb to do sth I was dined with your brother. 吃饭,进餐(高级用法) believe it or not 信不信由你

79. The Weaker Sex p.31 Who says that women are the weaker sex? Sixteen-year-old Kelly Williams from St. Petersburg, Florida is the first female wrestler to fight against boys and beat them. Who would have thought that possible not so very long ago? Her success, though, has angered some people. They say she should have been banned from wrestling because it will cause the boys to think impure thoughts. When asked about this, Kelly said, "People live in their own worlds and nobody has the right to force their values on others." Should women be allowed to wrestle with men in competition? What do you think? obese 肥胖 比 fat 更胖 hyphen 连字号 I like that five-year-old boy. I should have finished my homework last night, but I watched TV instead. ,though, = however Children under 16 are banned from doing it. I was thinking positive(or good) thoughts. 不说:I was thinking sb/sth. optimistic 乐观的 force A on B 80. Girls versus Boys p. 41 Daisy is talking with Samson about Kelly Williams, the female wrestler. D: What do you think, Samson? Should girls be allowed to wrestle with boys? S: I don't see anything wrong with that. D: Well, wrestling is a contact sport. It's very physical. S: So? I thought you women always wanted to be equal to men. D: Yes. But this is different. They'll be grabbing each other. And to win, one wrestler has to lie on top of his or her opponent. S: So what? D: It's disgusting. Girls just shouldn't wrestle with boys. S: Gee, Daisy! Maybe you ought to be a nun. D: That's not funny! You sex maniac! liberal 开放的 conservative 保守的 daisy 小黄花,雏菊 petal 花瓣 allow = permit(permitting,permitted) allow sb to do sth allow doing sth I don't see anything wrong with small children staying up late. or: anything the matter with... You should have a physical (checkup 可省) once a year. 身体检查 So? = So what? He equals to the job. 胜任 81. Stop to Smell the Flowers p.46 In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, people seldom stop to enjoy the beauty of nature. Ask yourself how many times you have listened to the birds sing. And when was the last time you looked at the sparkling stars twinkle in the sky? Time flies and life is short. So don't forget to stop to smell the flowers. In our eagerness to make a living, we often forget about our quality of life. Too often you hear people say, "I'm too busy," for this or that. What a shame! One day, when they do find time to stop to smell the flowers, it might be too late. hustle and bustle 熙熙攘攘 the nature of sth 性质,个性 the nature of work,women 作自然解不加 the Nature,nature 均可 看 see, look at 听 hear,listen to 感觉 feel 其后宾补不定式省略 to

They listened to Bruce sing before they fainted. 昏倒 sparkle 发光闪烁 twinkle 闪耀 Time flies. 光阴似箭 In his eagerness to count Sally, He embarassed her. 在...过程中 My uncle earns(makes) a living by driving a taxi. 谋生 You are my envy. what a shame! = what a pity! 遗憾 scarcely = rarely Once you stop to work, you'll feel bored. 82. Being around Nature p.54 Ruby is trying to get her friend, Tony, to go bird-watching with her. R: You really should get some exercise, Tony. Why don't you come bird-watching with me this weekend? T: That sounds boring. What's bird-watching all about anyway? R: Bird watchers study birds in their natural surroundings. It's a great hobby. T: What's the fun in that? R: We enjoy listening to different birds sing, looking at them fly and watching how they behave. T: What else? R: Well, it's also relaxing to be around nature. And walking in the mountains helps keep you fit. T: Nothing's more relaxing than watching TV in my air-conditioned room. R: You're hopeless! T: And you're birdbrained! birdbrain 呆子 I love nature. 不说:I love the nature. gem 宝石 ruby 红宝石 sapphire 蓝宝石 emerald 绿宝石,翡翠 citrine 柠檬的,柠檬黄 to get sb to do = to make sb do 使役动词 get,make Dad got me to go to store for him. = made me go to go camping,dancing,swimming,shopping,bird-watching,.... If you want to stay fit, you should exercise on a regular basis. 不用 in the regular basis what's sth all about (anyway 可省略)? sth 究竟是什么玩意? chant habitats 动物栖息场所 surroundings 环境(只用复数) envirnment 环境,用单数 两者意义差不多 behave yourself 守规矩 Spare the rod, spoil the child. 不打不成器 注意:a lazybones, two lazybones 83. Man's Best Friend p. 60 Of all the animals of the Chinese horoscope, the dog really stands out. Which other animal can compare to the dog? The horse? No, he's always horsing around. The monkey? No, he's always monkeying around. The dog is a loyal companion. He makes us feel safe. He helps us keep thieves out of our homes. The dog has also helped us with our English. For example, if there were no dogs, how could people complain about leading a dog's life? And how could the weatherman say, "It's raining cats and dogs?" The dog is truly man's best friend. So the next time a dog lifts a leg to your car, don't get angry. Just let it obey the call of nature. man 不加冠词,指人类 of all.... = among all...

两个用 of, 两个以上 of,among 都可以

horoscope 占星 astrology 星相学 astronomy 天文学 stand out 突出 What's your chinese horoscope (sign)? 什么属相? I am rat. 属鼠 compare to = compare with toad 癞蛤蟆 horse around = monkey around = goof around = idle around = fool around 鬼混, fool around 常用 companion 同伴(可数) company 陪伴(不可数) loyal = faithful He helped me (to) write this letter. = He helped me with this letter. lead/live a life Peter lives a life of crime. lives a luxurious life It's rainning cats and dogs. = It's rainning heavily. 84. Oh My God! P. 70 Two animals, Porky the pig and Donald the duck, see something strange to them. P: What's that four-legged furry thing? D: Beats me. Why don't you get him to tell us who he is? P: OK, Let me try. Hey! Hi, idiot. D: Hey, Porky! Look at the tag hanging around its neck. It says G-O-D, God! You're in big trouble. P: Oh, please forgive me. I didn't mean to call you an idiot, God. D: Wait a minute! I read the tag backwards. It says D-O-G. DOG? P: Oh my God! What a relief! By the way, where did you learn to read English? D: Uh… I'd better not say. my gosh = my goodness 避免 my God 任何情况都可使用 uh-oh 惨了 Who is that black-haired boy? I like that big-eyed girl. furry (盖着)毛皮的 Beats me.难住了= I have no idea. beat (adj.累) = exausted I was beaten by sb. 被揍 I got him to wash the car. = I made him wash the car. Give it a shot. "shot" means "try" Howdy = How do you do? 正式场合不用 moron 弱智 idiot 白痴 Bill is in big trouble, because he didn't finish his work. mean to do = intend to do hold on = wait a minute It is a relief that our test is over. 85. Beauty is Only Skin-deep p.75 It is natural for people to be attracted to beautiful things. It follows, therefore, that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful. That is why they cannot help but spend vast sums of money on cosmetics and fashionable clothing. They are interested in nothing but their looks. However, they should be reminded that beauty is only skin-deep. Instead, they should pay more attention to their character because when you have character, you have class. And that is what gives one inner beauty. Beauty is only skin-deep. 美色是肤浅的 class 格调 be attracted to/by The children are always attracted to/by toy section of department stores. He is very diligent. Therefore, it follows (that) he will pass the test. That is the reason... = That is why... = That is the reason why....

cannot help doing = cannot help but do 不得不做 make-up 化妆(动作) cosmetics 化妆品 look n.相貌 marcia 进行曲 character 品格,气质 He is not a good student. Instead(On the contrary), he is a bad student. inner beauty outer beauty 86. Me and My Big Mouth p. 85 Duke is out shopping with his wife, Angel. D: How come every time I'm out shopping with you, you buy nothing but cosmetics? A: Don't you want me to look pretty? D: Yes. But do you really need that much? A: Well, since you put it that way, I guess I don't. Do I? D: Of course, you don't. A: Do you really think I look pretty enough without cosmetics? D: Uh… sure. Besides, you're spending a fortune. A: Oh, I see! You're interested in nothing but money. You don't really care how I look. D: Come on. Be reasonable. You're married. Who's going to look at you anyway? (She gets angry.) A: Make your own dinner tonight. D: Me and my big mouth! My teacher blamed me starting a fight. duke 公爵 sb be shopping for sth Whenever(Every time) I see him, I feel angry. Today is pretty hot. that much = so much perfume 香水(重音在前後均可) a bottle of perfume cologne 男人用的香水 fingernail polish 指甲油 lipstick 口红(可数) She is wearing some lipstick. 涂在脸上的 lipstick 是不可数名词 You put it that way. 那样说 miserly 小气的 = stingy = cheap He is cheap. 修饰人时小气 It costed me a fortune for vacation in Hongkong. Be reasonable. 理智点 fix = cook = make dinner 87. Traveling by Plane p.89 Traveling by plane is exciting, but it can also be very tiring. There are so many things to be done. You have to pay the airport tax, check in your bags and then get to the departure gate. So it's best to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your plane is scheduled to take off. When you check in, the attendant will ask you to show her your passport, ticket and airport-tax receipt. After you have done that, she will weigh your luggage. If it's overweight, you'll have to pay an extra fee. Then she will give you your boarding pass. On your way to the gate, don't pass up the chance to buy something at the duty-free shop. Things are a lot cheaper there. The key is to give yourself plenty of time and everything should run as smooth as clockwork. I am going to taxi there. I am going there by taxi. V-ing 令人...的 V-ed 感到...的 tiring tired facility 设备(通常复数 facilities) bathroom or restroom escalator 自动扶梯

check in 办理...手续 luggage = baggage 不可数 How many pieces of baggage do you have? be scheduled to do = be expected to do 预定 The train is scheduled to arrive at 7 o'clock. attendant 服务员 flight attendant = steward(ess) 飞机服务员 receipt 收据 How much do you weigh? What's your weight? 在医院医生用语 underweight overweight fee -- service charge tuition -- fee for school fare -- transportation fee pass up the chance = miss duty-free shop 免税店 88. Bon Voyage! P.99 Joe is standing in the check-in line at the airport. He has two bags to check in and one carry-on. A: Hello, sir. May I have your passport and ticket, please? J: Here you are, I'd like to have an aisle seat in the smoking section, please. A: I'll see what I can do. I'm sorry. They've all been taken. How about a window seat? J: Sure. It really doesn't matter. What gate does my flight depart from? A: Gate two. Here's your boarding pass. We'll begin boarding in about an hour. J: Good. That will give me time to take advantage of the duty-free shop. A: Bon voyage! J: Thank you! Bon voyage(法语) = Happy landings 一路顺风, cut in line 插队 line up 排队 I forgot my lines. a piece of baggage carry-on 随身行李 aisle 中间走道 aisle seat/window seat nonsmoking section run out of sth 用光 We are running out of rice, we'd better go to market. how about = what about How(What) about seeing a movie tonight? It doesn't matter what he says. I don't believe him. Tomorrow I am leaving Beijing for Guangzhou. I am departing from Beijing for Guangzhou. Gate two 不说:the second gate dormitory 宿舍 board 食宿 Who is responsible for your room and board? He will be back in two hours. 过两小时回来 He will be back after two hours. 两小时以后回来(具体时间 不知道) I'll take advantage of this sale and buy a lot of CD. 89. AIDS P.104 Each day, more than 6,000 people around the world fall victim to HIV. That's how serious the problem is. The World Health Organization has estimated that about 17 million people have already been infected with this disease. The news is that the virus is now spreading fastest in Asia. It's high time some steps were taken. Two proven methods should be followed. One way is to teach people how to avoid catching the virus sexually through condom promotion. The other way is to encourage people to stop having casual sex. A word to the wise is sufficient, so don't take this warning lightly. acronym 只取首字母的缩写词 abbreviation 缩写 HIV AIDS 病毒 Thousands of people fall victim to traffic accidents every month in big city. 成为受害者(习惯用法) Several children were infected with food poisoning at the picnic. spread -- spread, spread I had a flu.

follow 遵循 condom 保险套 bookworm 书虫 We should promote more foreigh language study in high school. 提倡 The teacher discouraged her students from cheating. When (you are) mountain climbing, (you should) wear casual clothing. 90. What an Idiot! P.114 Lucy is talking to her boyfriend, Vic, about their friend, Randy. L: Did you hear that Randy's got AIDS? V: Oh my God! Really? How come? L: He became infected after having sex with a call girl. V: What an idiot! Where's he now? L: He's in a hospital. When I went to see him, I found him trembling in fear. V: What did he say? L: Not much. He seemed tired. He lay in bed with his eyes staring up at the ceiling. V: Gee! Poor guy. L: Let that be a lesson to you. V: You're right. I'll never do that again. L: What! So you've done it before! V: Uh oh! Dennis is in trouble with the teacher, because he cheated on the test. 考试作弊 Vicky 女孩名 Vickie 亦可 talk to = talk with talk sb into (doing) sth = persuade = convince 说服某人作某事 persuade/convince sb to do sth infected adj. be infected with AIDS 被...传染 hepatitis 肝炎 infectious desease 传染性的 saliva 唾液 prostitute 妓女 street girl = lady of the night = call girl moron 低智能儿 = birdbrain = idiot hospitalize vt.就医(美) hospitalise (英) in a hospital 在医院 in hospital 住院 I found him reading. 在读书 trembling = shivering shaking(轻一点) Gee int.啊 Uh oh! 惨了 91. Kayaking p. 118 If you are a little adventurous, like water sports, and enjoy being around nature, then kayaking is definitely for you. Floating, drifting and speeding down rivers is all part of kayaking. What better way is there to spend a boiling hot summer day? And if you think it is dangerous, you're dead wrong. It's so safe, you don't even need to know how to swim! Everyone wears a life jacket while kayaking. So, you see, it's not a sport for the brave only. Kayaking may look difficult but it's really very easy. Sea kayaking can be learned in 5 minutes! However, it takes about two days to learn river kayaking. And for an estimated US$1,500, you'll be able to own all the proper equipment, including the kayak. It's not cheap, but good things seldom are. canoe 独木舟,轻舟 The adventurous boys climbed the mountains alone. timid ticket = fine

I am freezing cool. hopping mad boiling hot 分词当副词用 be dead wrong dead adv.完全地 Sam looks fat, but in reality he is very strong. 事实上 92. Only the Good Die Young p.128 Diana bumps into her friend, Steve. D: Hi, Steve! It's awful hot today, isn't it? S: You can say that again! D: Let's go kayaking later. S: Are you kidding? I can't even swim. D: So what? You'll be safe with a life jacket and a helmet on. S: What if the kayak capsizes? D: I'll teach you to "Eskimo roll." S: What's that? D: Well, it's a special technique we use to get the kayak upright when it overturns. S: I don't know… it sounds pretty dangerous. D: Come on. Don't worry. Only the good die young. S: What do you mean by that? D: Just kidding. Let's go. OK? S: Ok. Anyway, if only the good die young, we'll both probably live to be a hundred. The hero died young. 英年早逝 encounter 正式词 come across = run into = bump into U.S. is short for ... be short of 短缺 awful = lousy 糟糕的,差劲的 awful hot (口语用法) awful adj.作 adv.用 What a awful/lousy movie! go V-ing 分词 go fishing/swimming/skating go bowling 打保龄球 不说:play bowling ball 注意: He came with nothing on. 不同于 He came with nothing. capsize = overturn He swims like a rock. 旱鸭子 What's your big deal. 你有什么了不起 life expectancy 寿命 或:life span sb live to be+数字 活到多少岁 93. One Good Turn Deserves Another p.133 One good turn deserves another. That's the lesson five store clerks learned recently. Every day a strange old man came to their supermarket to buy groceries. "Once he came in wearing only one shoe," recalled one of the clerks. And although he grumbled a lot and they often had to stand there listening to him, he was a nice old man. The clerks befriended him and even helped him carry his groceries. One day when he fell ill with cancer, they even visited him in the hospital. The old man turned out to be a retired doctor. And, of course, when he died, he didn't die a pauper. He left US$70,000 in his will to thank them for their kindness. a heart of gold 菩萨心肠 generous 慷慨的 You deserve a big kiss for this beutiful gift. store clerk 店员 learn a lesson 吸取教训,经验 Alzhermer's 老年痴呆症 forgetful 健忘地 grumble = complain 抱怨

befriend (vt.)= make friends with = be friendly with = be friends with 对...友善 Sam is friends with Edward. Edward 名 Edwards 姓 Sherry fell ill with hepatitis last month. Sherry 女孩名 turn out to be 原来是 penniless 赤贫的 He died (being 省略) a hero. 以英雄而死 He standed there singing. work overtime 加班 profitable 有利可图的 The party turned out to be a disaster. disastrous adj. 94. As Poor AS a Church Mouse p.142 Anna and Eric are talking about the previous lesson. E: Wow! Those store clerks really got lucky. A: You can say that again. Some people are born lucky. E: There must be thousands of old men just like that doctor, I bet. A: That's probably true. And they must be wanting to draw up a will to give their money away, too. So the next time you meet a lonely old man, you'd better treat him right. E: Come on! What kind of person do you think I am? A: Don't get so mad! I'm just kidding! Besides, you might not be so lucky and come across my old uncle, Jake. E: What do you mean? A: He's as poor as a church mouse! mouse mice pl. Fortunately(Luckily), our teacher was sick on the day of testing. be born a swimmer, a miser = be a born swimmer I bet ten dollars on our school team. Thank you. answer: You bet.(年轻人口语) = You are welcome. Look at black clouds, I bet that it'll rain. I bet 我敢说,我打赌 draw up 草拟 hammer out 草拟 draft 草拟 The rich country gave away food to that poor country. Dad got hopping mad when Allen took the car without asking him. 气得跳脚 95. The Poor Man's Cure-all p. 146 Having one of the world's largest garlic crops, Gilroy, California is known as the "garlic capital of the world." On a hot summer day, a pungent odor rises from this farming town which can be smelled miles away. All you have to do is roll down the window of your car and you know you're in Gilroy. Believing that garlic helps the body fight many forms of diseases, people add garlic to their cooking in many parts of the world. Moreover, it's popularly used as the poor man's cure-all. During the First World War it was used as an antiseptic. And in the Second World War it was known as "Russian penicillin." Nowadays, thinking that it kills bacteria, some people eat raw garlic as if it were candy. He has bad breath. 口臭 breath 不可数 stink 发臭的 cure-all 万灵丹 Hongkang is known as one of the busiest city in the world. pungent (气味味道)刺鼻的,辛辣的 Odor smells bad. Fragrant smells nice. Arona smells food or cooking nice. taste v.尝起来 tasty 好味道 smelly 臭的 What you have to do is (to 可省略) study often to master a language. tasteless 没味道的 chili pepper 红辣椒 be widely popular

antiseptic 消毒剂 antibiotic 抗生素 96. What's the Point of Chewing Gum? P.155 Being an American, Donna wants to learn more about the Chinese. She's talking to her Chinese friend, Jeff. D: Hi, Jeff! What's up? J: Nothing much. What about you? D: Same as usual. Here, have a stick of gum. J: No, thanks. I'll stick to my own brand. D: And what brand's that? J: Actually it's not gum. I eat raw garlic instead. Want a piece? D: No way! So that's where the stinky smell is coming from. J: Hey! Watch your tongue, ok? Garlic kills germs. It's good for you. D: Says who? J: Well, according to… D: Never mind. Please stop talking. Your breath stinks. I'm out of here. J: Boy! These Americans don't know what's good for them. Besides, what's the point of chewing gum anyway? onion 洋葱 What's the point of... = What's the use of... ...有什么意义呢? There is no use in talking to Peter, he is stubborn. a stick of gum = a piece of gum a pack of gum 一包 gum 不可数 Would you care for a stick of gum? the Chinese the English Traveling can help you learn more about the world. He is well-traveled. well-educated What's up? 极为口语的用法 answer: Nothing much. or Nothing special. same as usual = nothing much Stick the stamp on the envelope. 粘 stick to 坚持 I am loyal to the lawer. 忠实的 brand-new 全新的 stinky tofu 臭豆腐 beancuid 豆腐(已少用) watch your tongue = watch your language 注意用词 bacteria 一类细菌 germ 总称 viruses 滤过性病毒 Says who? 谁说的?(表怀疑) boy! 表惊讶 97. The Bronze Age p.161 While on an expedition in western China twenty years ago, some explorers discovered the mummies of a tall, red-haired people. Though estimated to be nearly 4,000 years old, the corpses were quite well preserved. Scientists are excited because these mummies are a link between the East and the West. What were redheads doing in China and who were they? Though the answers to these questions may never be answered with certainty, these mummies provide new information about the Bronze Age, when men used tools and weapons made of bronze. This was the period between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. As the explorers continue their work, new mysteries are waiting to be discovered. That old man aged beautifully. to come of age 成气候,成年 Some writers do not come of age until they are 50. The Chinese are a peace-loving people. a people 民族 She is a big-eyed girl. preserved pork 腊肉 Caucasian 高加索人,白种人(white race) Mongoloid 蒙古人,黄种人

be made of 性质不变 be made from wine 水果葡萄酒 The boys enjoys going on a long train journey/trip. a piece of evidence (不可数) 98. Speaking from the Grave p.171 Two students, Beth and Carl, are talking about the red-haired mummies. B: Can you imagine what it was like 4,000 years ago? C: That's hard to imagine. But if the mummies could speak, they could certainly tell us a great deal. B: Well, that, of course, is impossible. But scientists can tell a lot from the things the explorers found. C: I know. For example, they think the 4000-year-old mummies were Celts. B: Who were the Celts? C: They were ancient European people who settled in Britain even before the Romans existed. B: Wow! That's amazing! C: So you see, although mummies don't really speak, they are "speaking" from their graves. B: Stop it! you're giving me the creeps! give sb the creeps = give sb goosebunps 鸡皮疙瘩 ghost story tomb 冢(有碑) grave 坟地,墓穴 put sb into a tomb grave adj.= serious grave problem juvenile delinquency 青少年犯罪 juvenile delinquent 不良少年 Can you tell me what it is like living in Shanghai? imagine + V-ing imaginative 想象的 He has spoiled his image. spoiled his reputation If I had money, I'd buy a car. Nothing doing it = No way Sean 人名(读音 Shawn) shut up (very impolite) 应用:Stop it. 99. Stop Swearing! p.176 Everywhere in the world you can hear people swearing or using foul language. Even when learning a second language, many people know how to swear before they can speak the language properly. Indeed, it is a disease. Recently, in New Jersey, the government decided to do something about the problem. It banned swearing. You could face a US$500 fine, including a three-month jail term for swearing. Considering the trivial nature of the crime, the punishment seemed quite harsh to some. Some say the law infringes on their rights. But others say it is a good law because people in New Jersey have really stopped swearing so much. ignore 忽视 = drop sb out of swear vi.说脏话 vt.发誓 vow 发誓 I swear I'll never swear. everywhere in the world = all over the world language 作可数,语言 作不可数,言辞 no catch foul language 脏话 We've had foul weather. 不良天气 When doing the work, you should be careful. normal language properly -- in the right/normal/proper way contagious 传染性的 We should do something about the traffic problem. ban = prohibit My father was harsh(hard) on me. be strict with He was fined 50 dollars for speeding. He did well on the test. 表现良好 on the examination (不用 in,考试卷子上)

100. Stop Bullshitting! p.183 Candy is asking her friend, Rudy, why guys swear so much. C: Why do guys swear so much? R: It adds color and emphasis to language. C: Bullshit! People who swear don't have class. R: See? You just said "bullshit." C: "Bullshit" isn't swearing. It's even in the dictionary. R: Sure it's swearing. C: It simply mean, "male cow manure." R: Then why don't you just say "shit"? It's in the dictionary as well. C: We're just going round in circles. Tell you what. If you stop saying "shit," I'll stop saying "bull-shit." R: Considering they both aren't very nice things to say anyway, that's a deal. bullshit 脏话 brag about = boast of/about 吹牛 Candy 是 Candice 的亲昵称呼 candy 寓意 candid a piece of candy candies 各类糖果 Rudy 是 Rudulph 简称 Rudy/rude, Rudulph 寓意 wolf The color of this collar is red. Our school lays great emphasis on safety. stress 亦可 add charm to that girl have class 没有格调 (class 不可数) It is hard to believe that Peter has a classy wife. classy=elegant ill-bred well-bred 有无教养的 simply = just foul language 脏话 manure 动物粪便 company 不可数是"陪伴,同伴(总称)",可数是"公司" bull 公牛 cow 母牛 ox 阉牛 oxen pl. buffalo 水牛(one buffalo,two buffalo) bison 野牛 yak 西藏的 牦牛 go round in circles 兜圈子 Tell you what. 告诉你好了(口语) Considering (the fact that) they both... the fact that 可省略 considering 相当于 since 由于 That's a deal. 一言为定 101.A Red-hot Cure p.188. Have you ever had an operation? If you have, you'll know that surgical scars can leave you with a burning pain for months and sometimes even years. Frankly speaking, the pain is sometimes so unbearable it's hard to even stand the weight of your own clothes on the scars. Generally speaking, most ordinary painkillers won't work. Besides, they are so powerful that they may cause side effects. Fortunately, according to a recent study, doctors say there is a red-hot cure: chili peppers. An ointment is made from the ingredient that makes chili peppers hot. It kind of short-circuits the pain. The ointment is sold in a tube that lasts a month and costs only US$16. It's considered the newest, most creative and inexpensive way of dealing with the problem. The food is very hot. 辣 pep talk 动员鼓动的话 The doctor cured her of her illness. = The doctor cured her illness. perform an operation on one's illness to save one's life 做手术 surgery 外科手术(不可数) I had surgery twice last year. 不说:two surgeries He has a burning desire to become a doctor. generally = in grneral

painkiller 止疼药 side effect 副作用 diarrhea 痢疾,腹泻 I had the runs yesterday. 拉肚子 green (chili) pepper = bell pepper 青辣椒 an onitment = a kind of onitment 表种类 a tube of onitment a tube of toothpaste 一条牙膏 short-circuits vt. =stop deal with = handle = cope with 102.Old Wives' Tales p.198 Connie and Willy are talking about the previous lesson. C: Do you believe what they say about chili peppers? W: Frankly speaking, I don't. The last time I got hurt playing soccer, my mom told me not to eat anything spicy. She said it will irritate the wound. C: My mom is the same. For example, according to her, eating fish eyes is good for the eyes. W: If you think that's weird, listen to this. My mom says eating pigs' brains makes you smart. C: Are you kidding? Frankly speaking, I don't believe in any of these of wives' tales. W: I wish you would tell that to my mom. I'm sick of eating pigs' brains. C: Poor guy! W: Don't tell anyone, OK? Or I'll never hear the end of it . C: Ok. It doesn't work anyway. W: What do you mean? C: I'm only kidding. You're at least as smart as a pig. old wives' tales 无稽之谈 groundless 无根据的 fairy Connie 是 Constance 缩写 chapter 章节 People say that in the future we will be living on the Mars. 据说 = They say that ... Frankly (speaking), = To be frank (with you), = To tell (you) the truth, = Truthfully, beerbelly 啤酒肚 spicy = hot irritate sb = make sb angry annoy odd = strange believe in 相信事 believe 相信话 I am fed up smoking. = be sick of = be tired of bright = smart 聪明 103.The Tallest Building in the World p.203 Recently Kuala Lumper beat Chicago in a battle of skyscrapers when experts had the country's Petronas Twin Towers measured and declared it the world's tallest building. The title was formerly held by Chicago's 110-story Sears Tower. Its status had been left unchallenged for 22 years. Buildings in the United States have held the title since 1913, but the need for space has created a skyscraper boom in Asia. According to one building expert, "the ball has started rolling in Asia." However, some experts think that building super-tall skyscrapers is not a matter of economics but ego. Every architect wants to have the honor of having the tallest building in the world. When the planned 1509-foot Shanghai World Financial Center is finished in a couple of years, it will be China's turn to have that honor. high 固定高度 tall 不断增高 习惯用法 The man is not tall, but he is high in status. beat = defeat 击败 I try to measure(live) up to my teacher's expectations of me. 符合达到期望 expectations 用复数 or: meet your parents'expectations on the fifth floor a fifty-story building storey(英)

construction ego = pride is a matter of ego 面子问题 It's Peter's turn to treat me to dinner finally. treat sb to sth 104. Who Cares Anyway? P.214 One student is testing another student's common knowledge. A: What's the tallest building in the world? B: The Shanghai World Financial Center. Of course. A: What's the longest river in the world? B: In fact, there are two – the Nile and the Amazon. A: How do you know? Did someone have them measured? B: Well, yes and no. They measured the rivers, but it's hard to tell where they begin. A: Oh, I see. Tell me then. Who's the tallest basketball player? B: I don't know. A: Hah! It's Michael Jordan. He's the greatest. B: He may be the greatest, but he certainly isn't the tallest. A: Ok. Who cares anyway? B: Then stop asking me all these stupid questions. care about = concern about 关切 care for -- love, like very much We care about our envirnment. common knowledge 学校里学的常识 common sense 生活常识 vinegar 醋 detergent 清洁剂 build up your energy 增加体力 the Nile (River 可省略) the Himalayas (Mountain Range 可省略) vital line 生命线 source 源头 I don't have the foggiest idea. = I have no idea. foggy foggiest 有雾的 windy 有风的 What's the big deal. 有什么了不起呀 to ask me an interesting question = to ask an interesting question of me 105. Catch-22 p.218 Nobody likes war and Joseph Heller is no exception. In 1961 he published an antiwar novel entitled Catch-22. The book is about a soldier who hated war and didn't want to do military service. To prevent soldiers from quitting, the military has a rule which states that you can only get out of the military if you're crazy. However, they also have a rule (number 22) which says that if you hate war, you're not crazy, so you can't get out. In other words, it's no use trying to leave the military because you just can't win. Since that novel was published, the term catch-22 has come to be used to express a no-win situation. be in predicament 困境 chop (盖的)章 That's a catch-22. Everybody likes ice-cream and I am no exception. novel n.小说 adj.新颖的 The boss likes Jhon's novel idea and decided to support it. hatred n.憎恨 hate v. do military service 服兵役 To keep(To prevent) your children from harm, keep medicines out of their reach. go crazy 发疯了 be crazy about = be mad about 喜欢得发疯 get out = leave Peter, your days are numbered. 在世上的日子不久了 bat 蝙蝠,棍棒 club = baton n.棍棒,警棒 The case is due tomorrow, we must finished the work tonight. 到期

publish = be in print = be printed come to be done 渐渐... express = describe 106. What a Dilemma! p.228 Hoping to persuade her boyfriend to quit smoking, Jenny makes him an offer. J: If you quit smoking, I'll marry you. B: I don't want to make a promise I can't keep. J: Is it that hard to quit smoking? B: Well. You know I've tried many times already. J: But this time you've got a big incentive to do it. B: Uh… I'm not sure. J: What aren't you sure about? B: I do want to stop smoking. But if I do. I'll have to get married. J: So? B: I'm not so sure if I want to get married. J: Well. You can't eat your cake and have it, too. B: What a dilemma! be in dilemma = be in predicament be addicted to 上瘾 a chain smoker 连续抽烟的人 My father persuaded my younger brother to study hard. to dissuade sb from smoking 劝阻某人不要做 John offered to take us to dinner after the test. made an offer to take... I married with him. 错 应说:I married him. or: I married to him. make/keep/break a promise They loved each other at first sight. 一见钟情 不说:at the first sight incentive n.诱因 sth be a good catch 钓大鱼 The teacher told us that if we all passed the test, she would take us out to dinner. What a great incentive! be sure of = be certain of 107. Seeing Is Believing p.233 Wearing glasses can be a real day-to-day hassle, not to mention using contact lenses which have to be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected every so often. Fortunately, however, for those millions of contact lens users, there's a new product out -- the 1–day Acuvue. These new disposable contact lenses are designed to be convenient and rather inexpensive because the idea is to throw them away after use at the end of each day. What's even better is if you are planning to give them a try for the first time, the manufacturers will give you your first five pairs for free. If you don't think that's possible, why not go down to your local optician and check it out? No one will blame you for doing that. After all, seeing is believing. Seeing is believing. = To see is to believe. 眼见为实 evidence 不可数 a lot of evidence glasses 眼镜 a pair of glasses glass 玻璃(杯) hassle = trouble day-to-day 日常的 lens 镜片 lenses pl. every so often 不时地 disinfect vt.消毒 Many stray dogs are infected with mange. mange 家畜疥 fortunately = luckily

Do you have something available? not to mention = to say nothing of = not to speak of dispose of garbage 处理 disposabe dishes 一次性盘子 adj.可任意处理的 garbage rubbish trash litter(散在地上的) diapers 尿布 optician 眼睛店,验光师 108. No Free Lunch p.244 Hoping to get free contact lenses, Freddy goes to the optician. F: Could you help me check my eyes. Please? O: Sure. Please have a seat and put on these glasses. Now, tell me. Which letters seem clearer? F: The ones on the right. O: Ok. Can you read these price tags? F: Yes. They're as clear as daylight. O: Fine. Read out the highest amount. F: US$100. O: Right. That's what it'll cost you. F: But I thought the contact lenses are free. O: Yes. But you'll have to pay for our service. F: No wonder they say, "there's no such thing as a free lunch." Holland = the Netherlands 荷兰 Dutch 荷兰人 There is a catch in the agreement. 陷阱,骗局 ophthamologist 眼科医生 It's quite a feat. 一门功夫 eyesight 视力 near-sighted 近视眼的 far-sighted 远视眼的 letter 字母 alphabet 字母表 post(英)/mail these letters for me My father is a man of letters. 有学问的人 pricey adj.昂贵的 Some department stores are rather pricey, so don't buy things there unless they have a sale. 降价 one buck, two bucks one grand, two grand 1000 元 sth cost sb sb spend sth 不说:I cost 20 dollars. be free = be for free = is free of charge 免费 不说:no such a thing no 本身就是冠词 可以说:not such a thing not 是副词 109.Adorable Koalas in Danger p.248 Koalas are considered an Australian national icon. These adorable tree-hugging animals feed on eucalyptus tree leaves. The problem is on average a koala destroys 13 pounds of the leaves to eat 2 pounds a day. Because of this, 5,000 koalas soon face starvation on Kangaroo Island in the south of Australia. The authorities are now considering shooting them to control the island's koala population explosion. However, animal activists suggest growing more trees. "There aren't too many koalas. There are too few trees." They argue. Neighboring provinces have even recommended relocating some of the koalas to them. Most Australians feel that the authorities must do all they can to avoid killing the koalas for to do so would be a national disgrace. koalas 树袋熊 eucalyptus 桉树 adorable 可爱的 adore 疼爱 extinction 灭绝 fluffy 毛茸茸的,松松的 icon = symbol 象征 national icon

feed on 以动物为主语 live on 以人为主语 embrace = hug on average adv.平均而言 destructive typhoon 台风 On average there are ten typhoons beating the Philippines.非绿宾群岛 activist 积极分子 neighboring = nearby authorities 始终复数 You should do all (that) you can (do) to help them. 110 Killing is no solution p.258 Two Australians, Mack and Jill, are camping on Kangaroo Island. M: Look! There's a koala hugging a tree. They're really so cute. Jill, why are you crying? J: The government's planning on killing them because they may starve to death soon. M: What a stupid idea! They should try saving them instead. J: I agree. Let's start a campaign to save them. If we can find 5,000 people to each take one home. The problem will be solved. M: That's a good idea. You know, there're about 18 million people in Australia. Five thousand is only 0.027 percent of the population. J: Let's do it then. M: Killing as a solution to a problem is just not right. J: You can say that again. be all ears 洗耳恭听 attentive 专心的 My feet are killing me. 不听使唤了,走不动了 The solution to pollution is to have fewer cars. Let's pitch our tent here on this level ground. pitch (动作)搭帐篷 aboriginee 原著居民 sly = cunning 小聪明 plan on going camping = plan to go camping count 认真追求 chase 为有趣追求 approximately (写作中) 15.23 fifteen point two three campaign 活动(正式词) 111 I Want to Marry Your Wife p.262 Strange people do strange things. Aging German millionaire Walter Thiele certainly fits the bill. Recently, he put advertisements in newspapers to find someone to "look after" his wife and his fortune after he dies. Needless to say, thousands of letters poured in from all over the world. Some young men even showed up at Walter's home. Once, when he opened the door, a young man said, "I want to marry your wife." If you think that's funny,so does Walter. The problem is he isn't getting much sleep. So in order to get away for a while, he's taking his beautiful young wife on a round-the-world trip. Well, I guess it takes all kinds of people to make up the world. He was married to Jane ten years ago. = He married Jane ten years ago. marry vt. married adj. odd ball 怪人,怪胎 aging adj.年纪渐大的 aged adj.年老的 fit the bill = fit the requirement 符合...条件 put ads 登广告 "look afer" = take care of 软表达 make(earn) a fortune on the stockmarket 发了大财 fortune-teller 算命人 tell one's fortune 算命 pour in 涌入

show up = turn up = appear Peter showed up at the party showing off his diamond ring. We've been working on this case very hard two monthes; It's time to get away. 摆脱 make up 构成 go skydiving 跳伞 112 You've Got to Be Kidding! p.271 Walter answers the door at his home. (S = stranger; W = Walter) S: Hi!I'm from Russia. My name is Vodka. I want to marry your wife. W: With a name like that, I'm not sure she'll want to marry you. S: So, what kind of man does she like? W: You need to be strong, handsome and have a good sense of humor. S: No problem. I guess I qualify then. W: You've got to be kidding! One look at you and my wife is bound to burst out laughing. S: Where is she anyway? Can I meet her? W: I'm afraid she might kick the bucket before me if she meets you. Goodbye! S: What a jerk! answer the door/the letter to answer for sth 对...(坏事)负责 Vodka 伏特加酒 acohol 含酒精的饮 料 small potato 小人物 big potato 大人物 I'm not sure that 从句 很客气的拒绝 fatty chance = no way what kind of man what kind of 本身就是 adj. man 前不加 a good-looking 形容 boy or girl beautifel 形容女孩 handsome That handsome(good) salary comes along with that work. 待遇不错的工作 Usually the oldest child in a family has a strong sense of duty. 责任感 comliment 称赞 qualify for vi. He studies English in college, so he qualifies (for this job) as an editor. be bound to do 注定 kick the bucket what a jerk! = what a silly guy! jerk 傻子,呆子 113 Heavy and Chubby p.281 Watch out, all you chubby guys out there! If you continue to overeat, you might be just like Michael Hebrank. He's 43 years old. He can't walk. He can stand up for no more than 30 seconds at a time. He has to use an oxygen mask to help him breathe. And he weighs 1,000 pounds(455 kilograms). He once became seriously ill and couldn't get out of the house. In the end, he had to be forklifted out after the front wall of his house was torn down. Poor Michael says, "Once I start eating, I can't stop. "So if you're on the heavy side, take care lest you become another Michael. obese 肥胖 obesity 肥胖症 watch out for that car = look out 当心 overemphasize 过分强调 Diligence in your work can't be overemphasize. 再强调也不为过 He is aged 43. no more than = at most 最多 at a time 一次 stand sb up 失约 compressed I fell seriously ill with stomach problems after eating Peter's cooking.

forklift 叉车 tear up 撕掉 tear down 拆毁 Many houses had to be tore down after the earthquake. lest conj.以免 114 Muscular My Foot! p.290 Jill is talking to her boyfriend, Mack. (J=Jill;M=Mack) J: You'd better watch your diet, Mack. You're getting really fat! M: It's alright. I'm not fat. I'm muscular. J: Muscular my foot! You're flabby. Do you want to be another Michael Hebrank? M: Are you kidding? That guy weighed 1,000 pounds. He was a couch potato. J: Well, you're not far from that. M: Come on! I'm a big guy. J: Well, either you lose weight or I'm out of here. M: Gee, don't you know that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach? J: Yes. But in your case, there's so much fat around your stomach, I'll never make it to your heart. muscle muscular 强健的 Peter is very muscular. feminine 女性化的 masculine 男性化的 Nice my foot! 好个头(口语,年轻人用) high blood pressure 高血压 fat n.脂肪 adj.肥胖 fatty meat 肥肉 lean meat 瘦肉 fatty fattening 可使人发胖的 Our company didn't see eye to eye with theirs, so we didn't invest in that company. flabby 松弛的 a couch potato -- person who looks like a potato, sitting on the couch a big shot = a big potato 大人物 115 A Very Special Juice p.295 A Very Special Juice and the Golden Fountain are the titles of two books. They have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Can you guess what they are about? They are guides to urine therapy. Don't laugh! Urine is big business these days. There's an annual market of US$500 million for products made from urine. "It's a great aftershave," says one consumer. It's even used in many skin creams and perfumes. Besides, it is widely used as a kind of medicine. Believe it or not, a lady in America says she drinks a glass of urine a day. At this point, you must excuse me; I have to go to the restroom. lucrative 有利可图的 profitable juicy 多汁的 hundreds of thousands of 几十万 five copies 五本相同的书 five books 五本不同的书 Please copy your passport and give its copy to me. copy vt.n. copy cat 盲目的模仿者 make a guess 猜 We made a guess where Bill is, because we can't find him. tour guy 导游 urine n.尿 urinate v.小便(医生用语) a business 公司,商行(可数) business 生意(不可数) Business is not so good this year. yearly = annual aftershave 须后水 116 I Prefer My Own Brand p.303 Jenny and Frank are at a coffee shop. (F=Frank; J=Jenny)

F: Did you read about the "special juice," Jenny? J: Yeah. Isn't it disgusting? F: Well, what gets me is how come so many people are using it. J: It's incredible, isn't it? F: Mind you, though, there might be some truth in the matter. J: What? I can't believe what I'm hearing. Are you that naive? F: I'm not so sure. It might really work. J: Gee, don't tell me you're interested in trying it. F: Why not? J: Tell you what, I've been drinking coffee all morning. I'll do you a favor... F: Thanks, but I prefer my own brand. (They break out laughing.) rather...than prefer...rather than rust n.vt. rusted adj. read article,book,story... about something I prefer to stay home rather than go to the movie. I meet at the station. 车站外 ...in the station. 车站里 small potato = common people a couch potato disgusting How gross! 好恶心(年轻人口语) I feel disgusted about... boul 碗 bowel 肠 move bowel 上厕所 mind you 提醒你 Please close your window. Mind you, many people have caught (a) cold recently. sheer nonsense naive 天真的(法语) sophisticated 老于世故的 117 Cheer Up! p.307 Grouchy people are always complaining for no reason. Do you have a husband or boyfriend like that? Is he driving you crazy with his complaints? Don't worry. Cheer up. There's still some hope. A recent medical report says that doctors have found a cure. They say that some men are grouchy because they have a physical problem. In other words, they are sick. They need medical help. So the next time your better half is grouchy, don't just sit there. Take him to the doctor's. There's one strange thing about the report, though. It doesn't say anything about grouchy girlfriends or wives. cheer up v.使振奋, 感到振奋 down adj.= blue 忧郁 grouchy 爱发牢骚的 The kids are crazy about that new singer. therapy n.治疗 cure v.n. Gee, the sky is dark and it's getting cold and windy. In other words, I think it's going to rain. 118 What a Grouch! p.315 Barny and Sally are husband and wife. They're having dinner. (B=Barny; S=Sally) B: These water dumplings taste like tennis balls. S: But they're your favorite dish! B: Not the way you cook them. S: Why are you so grouchy? B: Why shouldn't I be? I've got a wife who can't cook, my kids are naughty and...

S: Hold it a minute. Maybe you are the problem! B: Huh? How could that be? S: There might be something wrong with you. You should see a doctor. B: Huh? No way! S: Why not? B: Waiting in doctors' offices makes me grouchy. grouch n.vi. associate with 与...相处 It's hard to associate with a grouch. water dumpling 水饺 chives 韭菜 tasty 好吃的 softspoken 说话柔和的 dish 一道菜 cooker 电锅 cook 厨师 a rice cooker 电饭锅 sarcasm 讽刺 cook = prepare = fix = make Mom is cooking dinner. etc mischievous 调皮的 urchin n.淘气鬼 Hold it a minute(moment). = Give me a break. 且慢(打断别人的话) nothing(something) wrong with(the matter with) Hold your horese. Slow down. Take it easy. 耐心点 119 Where's the toilet? You're walking along the street. You need to go to the washroom desss...perately. What do you do? If you can't control yourself, you could be embarrassed to no end. Don't worry. Someone in San Francisco has invented a self-cleaning public toilet. The toilet cleans itself. The seat goes back into the wall where it is washed and blow-dried. Even the floors are washed automatically. You must be quick,though. You've only got 20 minutes to "do your business." Then, there's a 2-minute warning before the door opens. When it does, you'd better be ready or your face will be red! bathroom(home) W.C.(E),restroom,toilet,washroom(outside home) john(to youth) lavatory(school,military) to no end = extremely When I found out my friend was with my girlfriend, I was angry to an end. to have the runs 拉肚子 invent = make up 捏造 invent a story I bought an umbrella which opens automatically. take a leak 小便(调皮话) dump bashful 害羞的 a piece of glass, two pieces of glass 120 It's Too Late A mother and her child are walking along the street. (C=child; M=mother; W=waiter in a restaurant) C: Mom, I need to go to the washroom. M: Uh-oh! Can't you wait? C: I can't stand it anymore. M: OK, let's go into this restaurant. Excuse me, but can my son use your toilet? W: Of course not. This is a restaurant, not a public toilet. M: You're so mean. W: Oh, OK. But it'll cost you US$5. M: What? That's highway robbery.

C: Mom, never mind. It's too late. W: Hey, come back here and mop the floor. droppings 狗的粪便 sidewalk 人行道 to be late for sth 迟到 scold 责骂 along the street = down the street up the street May I walk you home? 陪你回家 take a walk 散步,走开(when scold sb) hike Uh-oh! 糟了 Uh-huh yes,right,ok bad breath 口臭 duriam 留连 I am sorry, but you are wrong. but 不翻译 toilet 马桶 mean 多译词,这里"不友善的" pee 小便,撒尿 mop the floor 擦地板 121 Kick the Habit There are millions of people all over the world who smoke. Most of these smokers have tried to quit smoking at least once in their lives, but in vain. Make no mistake; smoking is addictive. And once you are addicted, it's very difficult to stop smoking. Many people have tried many different ways to kick the habit. None of them is easy. Take a tip from me. I smoked for twenty-five years. Then one day, I decided to quit cold turkey after trying everything else. It worked. That was two years ago and I haven's smoked a single cigarette since then. Good luck! do sb good good 名词 Excerising at least three times a week does everybody good. Smoking will do you harm. in vain adv.徒劳地 addictive 上瘾的 sb be addicted to sth 对...上瘾 ganbling 赌博 chase 追求 once and for all 一劳永逸 a single cigarette single 强调 cold turkey 一劳永逸地 122 Candy Helps? Candy is trying to get her boyfriend Benny to quit smoking. (C=Candy; B=Benny) C: Benny, your breath smells like an ashtray. You've got to stop smoking! B: I know. I want to, but it isn't easy. C: Why don't you chew gum instead? B: I can't. I've got false teeth. Remember? C: Oh yeah. In that case, how about eating candies? B: If they're as sweet as you, no problem. C: Cut it out, will you? I'm serious. B: Just kidding. Do I get a kiss if I really quit? C: I don't like the taste of ashtrays. Maybe tomorrow if you quit right now.

B: OK, you're got a deal. Candy 是 Candice 简称 a piece of candy 不说:one candy ceramic metal 金属陶瓷 have the runs choo 声音词,火车声音 If you swallow too much food, you must choke your throat. a stick of gum = a piece of gum a pack of gum fake 假话 false 人工造的 jenuine sweet talk 甜言蜜语 cut it out 少来这一套(口语) It's a deal. = Deal. 123 Early to Bed, Early to Rise "Early to bed, early to rise," so goes an old saying. But how many of us are in the habit of doing that? Not many, I bet. Most of us need an alarm clock to wake us up. But even that doesn't always work. It's too easy to punch the off button and fall asleep again. The Lazybones Alarm Clock may be the solution to our problem. It's specially designed so that it cannot be switched off with a simple push of a button. The clock has several "protective shells." You must open these shells one by one before you can turn off the alarm. If you don't,it'll keep on saying,"Good morning... good morning..." So if any of you lazybones need a morning call that really gets you out of bed, this clock might be just the thing for you. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. "Honesty is the best policy." so goes an old saying. night owl 夜猫子,猫头鹰 nocturnal 夜的 I am in the habit of skipping breakfast. alarm clock 闹钟 set the clock for 9:00 设闹钟 They came into the room one by one. tweaked v.拧 124 Don't Be a Lazybones p.355 Daisy and Herbie are chatting. (D=Daisy; H=Herbie) D: How come you were late for school again this morning, Herbie? Didn't you just buy a lazybones Alarm Clock? H: Yes, I did. D: Did you forget to set it? H: No, I didn't. D: Didn't it wake you up? H: It sure did. D: So what happened? H: I had a hard time switching the alarm off, so I gave up. D: What do you mean you gave up? H: I threw it out the window and went back to sleep. be on the ball 留心 Herbie is short for Herbert. bashful = shy junk food 无营养食物 Rita called me last night and had a pleasent chat.

chatterbox 唠叨的人 thorny Fish are bony. 多刺 This rose have too many prickers. skinny, bony 人皮包骨的 triangle love 三角恋爱 Are you ready to go on picnic? Yes, I am all set. Get ready, get set, go. 各就各位,预备,go woke woken, waked waked chirping 鸟叫声 barking 狗叫 I had a hard time (in) interpreting for Peter. or trouble, difficulty to throw up 呕吐 125 Partying with Foreigners Partying is fun.But have you ever been invited to a party by a foreigner? What should you wear? Should you bring anything? If so,what? Don't worry. Today we are going to give you some tips about partying with foreigners. First, you should ask if it is a formal or casual party. Then you will know what to wear. It's as simple as that. At a casual party, it is customary to bring a bottle of wine or some other refreshment. It is not considered polite to bring someone along with you unless you first ask your host. At more formal parties like birthdays, a small gift will be sufficient. Giving money would cause some embarrassment. Finally, never overstay your welcome. When it's getting late, it's time to thank your host for a wonderful evening and say good night. Young kids like to party all night. party school 混日子的学校 fun person 不同于 funny person hospitable 好客的 hospitality n. tuxedo 燕尾服 suit = business suit an evening gown 晚礼服 pajamas 睡衣 liquor 烈酒 refreshment 126 Wanna Dance? Candy goes to Dan's casual party. Dan's her American friend. (C=Candy; D=Dan) C: Hi, Dan! D: Hi, Candy! Glad you could make it. C: I wouldn't miss your party for the world. D: Thanks for the compliment. C: Here, I brought some beer and a bottle of wine. D: That's great, Come on in. I want you to meet some of my friends. C: OK. D: Hey, everybody. This is Candy. Candy, uh... this is everybody. (Everyone laughs as they continue to dance.) C: Hey, don't let me interrupt. D: Wanna dance? C: Uh...how about some wine first? I need to get in the mood. D: Sure thing.

compliment 道贺 draft beer 生啤酒 swell attention, halt sure thing 当然 127 A Shocking Experience p.373 Taking a taxi in a certain Eastern European country can be a shocking experience. It is said that some taxi drivers have metal wires stuck into the passenger seats. And when a button is pushed,the seat will give you an electric shock. These taxi drivers don't do this for fun. They do it to tourists who argue about the ridiculous fares they charge. Some drivers charge as much as ten times the legal fare. They have a secret switch which makes the meters run faster. If you refuse to pay, you are really in for a shock. In one case,a German woman had no choice but to pay US$120 for a US$20 ride from the airport. She said that she was "really taken for a ride," but what could she do? Besides the electric shock,she was verbally abused and threatened with physical violence. She has only one piece of advice to tourists:"Take the bus or stay at home." Tom has much experience in teaching, so the students like him very much. or: Tom is experienced in .... take bus/taxi/train/plane faint look into the mirror rotary(dial) telephone push-button telephone He charge me ten dollars. 他向我收费 fare 车费 pun 双关语 to be ripped off 被骗了 128 A Long Ride Florine is in a taxi. (F=Florine; T=taxi driver) F: Hey, driver, are we going the right way? T: Of course. You think I'm cheating you? F: Well,it seems like an awfully long ride. (after a while) Driver, how come your meter is running so fast? Is it out of order? T: Hey, lady, if you think I'm cheating you, you can get out. F: OK. I think I'll do just that. Stop the taxi. T: Sorry, I can't. We're on the highway. You can get out if you like, but I can't stop. F: I'm going to report you to the police. T: Ha!Ha! That's what they all say. (They arrive.) See you. F: I don't ever want to see you again. T: Same here. Every Sunday afternoon our family go for a ride to the countryside. 开车兜风 The airplane is taxiing on the runway. 滑行 You have a gold heart. 善心 cheat sb 欺骗 cheat on sb 对...不忠 ranbling rose 水性扬花 two-tiner wander out of order ---- TV, airconditioner, refrigirator 机器故障 get out, get in 不用:get off, get on 因为是小车 hop in -- get in

129 Dog Days Off p.390 Have you ever made an excuse for not going to work? I guess most people have. But have you ever called in for a day off because your dog is sick? I bet you haven't. Most people wouldn't have the guts. However, some companies in New Zealand find this as an acceptable reason for taking a day off. It is counted as paid sick leave. The reason, they say, is simple: "A sick dog is as much a dependant as a sick child." That makes plenty of sense, doesn't it? This is now known in New Zealand as "dog days off." I wonder what the bosses in China will say if someone calls in for a dog day off. I have three days off. 有空 Mary made an excuse for not doing her homework; she said she had a headache. I can tell you for sure that you'll going to fail if you don't study hard. Bill didn't have the guts to break up with his girlfriend. 勇气 to keep mug company 陪伴 take sick leave 请病假 take personal leave 请事假 rascal 小霸王 thug 真流氓 130 An Inch Given,a Mile Taken p.398 Karen calls the manager for a dog day off. (K=Karen; M=manager) K: Hello, Mr.Fu? M: Yes. This is he. K: Uh... I'm calling to ask for a day off. M: What's the matter? Are you sick again? K: No. Um...actually it's my dog. I think it's that time of the month. I've got to take her to the vet. M: I guess it's OK. But I didn't know dogs had periods. K: They sure do. By the way, if she gets pregnant, do I get two months off? M: Do you want permanent leave? K: Uh...what do you mean? Don't be slave to money. Don't boss me around. go to bed late 晚上睡得晚 sleep late 早上睡得很晚才起床 beef 牛肉 euphemism 委婉的用词 vet 是 veterinarian 简称 兽医 hoof, hooves pl. 蹄 by the way = incidentally sack = fire 解雇 131 Lost and Found p.402 In recent years, going abroad for a holiday has almost become a national pastime. Traveling is indeed fun. But those of you traveling for the first time beware! What should you do if you lose your luggage? Don't panic. Just go straight to the airline you're traveling with. They'll direct you to the Lost and Found department. In most cases, they'll find your luggage. But you must not forget one thing when you're at the check-in counter. Make sure you get a baggage check stub. Without it, the airline will have great difficulty helping you. Worried about what to say at the Lost and Found? Well, tune in tomorrow and listen to someone who has just lost his luggage. section = department hobey

comedy -- funny movie beware of dogs 永远用在命令句中 carry-on luggage in most cases/situations/occasions (water) basin 洗脸盆 check-in 登记 check-in counter 不说:check-out counter stub 存根 airline 航空公司 one airline, two airlines 不说: airline company turn in 收听 132 What's in the Bag? p.412 Mr.White is at the Lost and Found. He's talking to one of the clerks there. (W=Mr.White; C=clerk) W: Excuse me. I couldn't find my luggage at the carousel. C: OK. Come with me, please. See if you can find it in this room. W: (after a while) It doesn't seem to be here. C: In that case, do you have your baggage check stub with you? W: Yes. Here you are. C: OK. I'm afraid you'll have to fill out this form. W: OK...(He looks at the form.) Hey! Wait a minute. How can I remember every item I have in the bag? C: Why not? It's your luggage, isn't it? You should know what's in it. W: Can you tell me everything you have in your pockets right now? C: Uh...Um...OK, smart aleck! Just write down what you can remember. Don't let the cat out of the bag. doggie bag 食物袋 be slave to carousel 行李输送带 while = time just in case 以防万一 Here you are. = Here you go. Here you are! 你在这儿! Here we are.我们到了 或 找到了 jot down 略记 133 Smile, Everybady! p.416 "When you're smiling,the whole world smiles with you." These are the words taken from an old song. These words must have given Tomoji Kondo a bright idea. He started smiling classes. Now, they're all over Japan. People from all walks of life, aged 20 to 83, attend these classes. As you enter the class, you must shout out, "Konbanwa!"(Good evening!) as loudly and cheerfully as possible. Then you're supposed to make direct eye contact and smile as you shake hands with your classmates. No bowing is necessary. Laughing is not allowed, either. According to Kondo, smiling immediately makes you fell better. Sound like a good idea? Why not give it a try? go bananas = go nuts = go crazy bristling = difficult Smile is the best medicine for your health. contagious 传染的 seasoned traveller 老道的游客 attend to your studies 注意 should be supposed to 更委婉 give it a shot = give it a try

134 Konbanwa, Everybady! Sato, a Japanese student, goes to a smiling class in Beijing. (S=Sato; T=teacher) S: Konbanwa, evali-badi! (everybody!)(The whole class laughs.) Ha!Ha!Ha! T: What on earth is that? S: Wow! You see. It works. My classmates are so happy they're laughing their heads off. T: They're laughing at you, Mr.Shatou. S: No,no,no. My name is Sato,not Shatou.(The class laughs again.) I think they're laughing at you. T: Whatever! Anyway, try to just say, "Good evening!" in English next time. OK? S: OK. Gud-e-va-ling! (Good evening!) How's that? T: I haven't got a clue what you're saying. S: Thank you. Ha!Ha!Ha! accent 口音 heavy Chinese accent hospitable 好客的 It works. laugh their heads off ridicule 嘲笑(正式词) Good evening. 见面时 Good night. 离开时 (6:00 or late) wall flower 无人邀请跳舞的女孩 135 The Roaring Englishman A strange thing happened in London recently. A large number of Englishmen started roaring and eating food off the floor. They were behaving like a pack of lions. No, they weren't going bananas. They were normal people like you and me. But they watched a "therapist" on a daytime TV show. They were convinced by him that roaring is good for you. "Roaring helps people who are uptight to relax," he said. The "therapist" turned out to be a hoaxer. He goes around the world playing tricks on people. It's all for fun. So if you don't want to feel like a fool, watch out! You can't always believe what you see, read or hear. happen = take place = occur 发生 a large number of 可数名词 a large amount of 不可数名词 a flock of sheep, a school of fish, a herd of cattle, a pride of lion, a swarm of bees, a colony of ants tense 紧张的 defensive 防卫性的 scare lunatic hoax 哄骗 136 Letting off Steam An Englishman is at home with his girlfriend. (E=Englishman; G=girlfriend) G: Have you gone mad? Why are you roaring your head off like a lion? E: Rrrrr...ah! G: Hey, have you gone off your rocket or what? Cut that out! E: I'm letting off steam. The guy on TV said it's good for me. G: Oh, really? Meowww! Meowww! E: Hey, what are you doing? G: The girl on the radio said meowing like a cat helps to cure indigestion. E: Come on, that's absurd. You can't believe everything people say, you know. G: Look who's talking! E: Uh...OK, wise guy. You win.

let off = release That busy businessman let off steam by playing tennis three times a week. 散发多余精力 be mad at 对...愤怒 be mad about 对...疯狂 go off one's rocket = go crazy cut it out = stop it spirits let up = stop groceries 杂货 doubtful on the radio 不说:in the radio(在内部,里面) on TV 不说:on the TV The pot is calling the caddle. 半斤八两 for good = forever adv. 137 Going to the Barber's In the old days, going to the barber's was as simple as ABC. You sit down,the barber cuts your hair, you pay, you leave and that's it. Nowadays, the hairstylist will ask you how you would like your hair done. How on earth do I know? I'm no barber. So what do I do? I go to the same guy all the time. As soon as he sees me, he says, "Same as before?" I reply with a smile, "Yes, please." In twenty minutes the job is done. For those of you who don't know what to say to the barber, just remember the two S's--short and simple. When I was abroad, it always worked. Don't forget to give the barber a tip before you leave, though. It's their custom. If you don't, make sure you don't go back or you might get something else cut as well. clinic = doctor's ofice I have a scar on my scalp. barbershop, barber's shop and barber's beauty salon or beauty parlor 美容院 as simple as ABC as easy as pie I want to have my hair shaved. 理光头 have my hair trimed 理一下,修一下 left part 做分头 middle part 中分头 hairdo 发型 razor 刮胡刀 I don't want my fancy hair cut. braid 辫子 138 Don't Catch a Cold Angela bumps into her old friend, Ben, on the street. (A=Angela; B=Ben) A: Hey, Ben, you look as if you need a haircut. B: Yeah, I will be wearing pigtails soon if I don't get my hair cut. But I hate going to the barber's. A: Why don't you get a crew cut? That way you won't need to go to the barber's so often. B: Better still, maybe I should go around bald, right? A: Hey! That's cool! B: You bet! That'll be so cool I might catch a cold. A: No problem. Just wear a wig. B: You know, Angela, you do actually have a sense of humor. A: Well, when it comes to talking about your hair, what could be funnier? B: Get out of here, you clown! wonder drug 万灵丹 bloodshot 充血的 I have runny nose.流鼻涕 sneeze 打喷嚏 symptom I had a haircut yesterday.

ponytail 马尾辫 pigtails 几个辫子 hate to do = hate doing dislike flat top 大平头 crew cut 小平头 get out of here = cut it out 少来这套,胡说 139 The Dancing Cop Do you want to be a traffic cop in Thailand? Are you a good dancer? If you aren't, you won't stand a chance. Traffic cops in Thailand dance as they direct traffic. These cops are good entertainers. They twist and turn and make fancy movements with their white-gloved hands. Everyone agrees they help ease tension on the roads. And because they make people smile and feel happy, the image of Bangkok policemen has improved by leaps and bounds. As a result, motorists have become more cooperative and understanding. Odd as it may be, it seems to work. Don't forget to also keep your eye on the road, though. If you don't, you might cause an accident. You can be sure the cops won't be dancing then. light traffic heavy traffic stand a chance 拥有机会 By studying hard, you stand a good chance to pass that test. dance to the music with a partner entertainer -- amuse someone 艺人 fancy 漂亮的 toss and turn 辗转反侧 tense 紧张的,语法时态 leaps and bounds 突飞猛进 spoil one's image 形象 as a result = therefore Odd as it may be = Though it may be odd Keey an eye on your children while you are cooking in the kitchen. accident 意外事件 traffic accident 车祸 140 Going Bananas in Bangkok Gary and Carrie are driving in the streets of Bangkok. (G=Gary; C=Carrie) C: Hey, Gary! Take a look at that cop. He's gone bananas. G: No, he hasn't. He's dancing and directing traffic at the same time. C: How ridiculous! He's causing a traffic jam. Because everyone's looking at him, the traffic is almost at a standstill. G: That's not his fault. The traffic almost always moves at a crawl anyway. C: In that case, I'm going to join him. G: Hey, come back, Carrie. Don't do that. (Carrie dances with the cop.) C: This is fun! Look, other people are joining us. G: What a mess! alert 警觉 Cary 男孩名 Carrie 女孩名 lose one's mind in the street 路中间 on the street 路两旁 You can't be too careful. You aren't sober, because you drunk. 清醒的 insane 疯狂的

a traffic jam 可数 (jammed = sticky 粘) traffic conjestion 不可数(抽象) standstill 停顿 Recently our business is at a standstill; we have no new order. Empty bottle makes much noises. crawl 爬行 My room is in a mess. 141 Men or Monkeys? No matter what anybody says, there's no telling how man came into existence. But some people insist that through evolution human beings came from apes. A recent incident seems to support such a suggestion. A three-year-old boy fell from a height of 18 feet into an area where gorillas were kept in a zoo. On seeing this, a 150-pound gorilla came to his rescue. To everyone's astonishment, it picked up the boy,cradled him in its arms and brought him to the zookeepers. While zoogoers screamed in horror, the gorilla showed maternal behavior and even protected the child from other gorillas. The boy survived and the gorilla was given an award. This incident had many people asking,"Could it be that humans do have a special bond with apes?" Whatever the answer may be, there's no denying the resemblance between men and monkeys. fool/goof/horse/monkey around hamonious etmosphere 和谐的环境 lubricant existence = being There's no denying that honest is the best policy. firmly 坚定的 I insist that Jack come to work on time. incident 事件 On(Upon) seeing my father, I ran away. deform 变形 paternal maternal 父爱的,母爱的 Could it be that she is on the date with Jack? bond = relation 142 Say Cheese B: Oh, my God! That kid just fell and one of the gorillas is walking toward him quickly. Call the zookeeper! G: It's no use doing that. It's too late. One of the gorillas got him. B: Oh no! Help! Help! G: Hey! Wait a minute. The gorilla is carrying him to the gate. B: Wow! That's cool! G: Hurry! Take a picture of this. B: That's a good idea. G: Look, the gorilla's actually posing for us. B: Isn't she cute? Come on, gorilla, say cheese. G: Cut that out, will you? Do you think it understands English? B: Look! It's smiling! stinky 发臭的 tofu,dofu,doufu,beancuid 豆腐 cheese (照相时) 茄子 at the zoo 在动物园 in the zoo 在里面 godness,gosh 不大写 ape 猿 chimp 小的猩猩 gorilla 大的猩猩 orangouan It's no use doing... Mayday (飞行员)help

cool off = cool down 平静下来 The collar of your colour is white. make it snappy = hurry up = get cracking pose 摆姿势 pose threat to 对...构成威胁 give me a break 拜托 grin 露齿笑 143 How to Improve Your Writing Skills By the time you reach this page, you will have studied 142 lessons of this book. You will have learned many new words, idioms, sentence structures and quite a bit of grammar. You will have come to a stage where you might be asking yourself, "How much have I improved, if at all?" Why not give yourself a simple test? Read a short text. Read it carefully, then try to rewrite what you have just read, in your own words. After that, compare what you have written to the text. This is called paraphrasing. In face, it is a good way to improve your writing skills. spoken English 口语英语 wirtten English 写作英语 writing skills carperter 木匠 He is skilled in carpentry. By the time 到...时候 kick the bucket 俏皮话 pass away 过世 I've received a sentence of five years. He was setenced to five years. flunk or fail How many girlfriends do you have, if at all? 144 Go for It Vicky is talking to her teacher about her English. (V=Vicky; T=teacher) V: How can I improve my English, sir? T: Well, the more you read, the better you'll write. V: And what about my spoken English? T: Practice makes perfect. Speak English whenever you have the chance. V: But I don't get many opportunities to speak English. T: Remember: You'll have to create opportunities yourself. V: What do you mean by that? T: You can't sit on your behind and hope that good things will come to you. You've got to go for it. V: I see what you mean. T: Good. Now go and put what you have learnt into practice. go for sth 努力获取 ma'am 女老师 madam(e)(英) article 文章 essay 专文 opportunity = chance Don't take that chance. = Don't take risks. 冒险 Opportunity knocks, but once. 机会只有一次 behind -- butt 屁股 145 Breakfast Improves Mental Sharpness If you are not in the habit of having breakfast, then you should start doing so. A recent study shows that not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but it is also important to eat it at the right time. The timing of breakfast may affect one's performance in school or at work. For instance, if

children eat breakfast 30 minutes before school, they will probably do better than those who eat it two hours earlier. What you eat is also an important factor. If you eat sweet foods, they will probably improve your ability to think and remember. In brief, the study claims that they improve mental sharpness. If I were you, I would give it a try. After all, what's there to lose? breakfast fast 斋戒 I am in the habit of taking a nap afetr lunch. timing 时间选择,适时 in brief 简言之 146 Doing It in the Pants Donald is in class. He raises his hand to get the teacher's attention again. (T=teacher; D=Donald) T: Yes, Donald. What do you want? D: Excuse me, sir. May I go to the washroom? T: But this is the third time in half an hour. D: I know. But my mother made me eat a big breakfast this morning. T: Why? D: She said that if I eat a big breakfast, I will do better in my schoolwork. T: But if you go to the toilet every ten minutes, you won't be able to do any work. D: Uh... but if I don't go now, I'll do it in my pants. T: Well, I guess if you've got to go, you've got to go. pants(美) trousers(英) slacks 休闲裤 shorts 短裤 a pair of pants 一条裤子 greasy 油腻的 junk food be in class 在上课 be in the class 在教室 make a good impression on lavatory washroom W.C.(英) latrime(军事用语) qiuz 小考 a pot qiuz 抽考 do it in my pants 拉裤子(委婉) When nature calls, we have to answer. 147 Let Experience Be the Teacher It has often been said that there's no better teacher than experience. So how does a student of English learn the language through experience? Obviously,to "experience" English, you'll have to use it as often as possible. That is why more and more teachers use role plays, dramas and field trips to teach English. What you see, hear and feel will more likely stick in your mind than what you read in a book. Should you have the opportunity to take part in a school drama one day,you will probably try to memorize your lines to perfection. If you are anything of an actor,you will probably say your lines with emotion. In other words,you may "experience" the use of the language as it is really used in everyday life. So if I were you, I would let experience be the teacher. My father has a lot of experience in carpentry, so he can make furniture. 经验(不可数) I went to Disneyland last summer and experienced thirlling as often as possible = as often as you can role model 模范 participate 含有 should,were,had 的虚拟,都可以用倒装,省略 if 148 what a Terrible Experience! Jeff is in a school play with his classmates.

(C=classmate; J=Jeff) C: Hey, Jeff! What's the matter? J: I forgot my lines. C: If you forgot your lines, you should make something up. J: What should I say? C: Anything! If you don't say anything soon, you'll ruin the whole play. J: OK. OK...(to the audience) I love you!(laughter) C: You're an idiot! What on earth was that about? J: I think I'm gonna faint. C: Don't. If you do, that will be the end of the play. J: Good!(to the audience) Goodbye! (He faints.) horrible,terrible,awful Don't spit. 吐痰 We staged our play in the school gymnasium. 推出 shiver, shake 颤抖 make up sth 编造