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2016届高三第一轮复习必修1 unit 2 English around the world_图文

Unit 2 English around the world

课文回顾 p12 At the end of the 16th century,English was only spoken by people from England. They were native speakers. Today, the largest number of people ________(speak) English may speaking be in China. A lot of Chinese people speak English ____ as their foreign language. The English language ____________(change) has changed quite a lot over the last four centuries. Old English sounded more or less like German for it was based _____(base) on German,but modern English sounds more (much) like French than German becauseEngland was once ruled by the French. Two persons had great effects on the English changes. __was Shakespeare,who enlarged the English one vocabulary;the other was Noah Webster,who wrote a that/which gave American English its own dictionary__________ identity.

1)The room is empty except for a bookshelf ________ standing (stand) in one corner. 2)In some languages, 100 words make up half of all words ____(use) in daily conversations. used 3)Laura was away in Pairs for over a week. When she got home, there was a pile of mail ________ waiting (wait)for her. questioned 4)The witnesses __________(question) by the police just now gave very different descriptions of the fight. 5)We’re having a meeting in half an hour. The decision __________(make)at the meeting will to be made influence the future of our company.

改错: 1)Have you heard of the accident happened in the small coal mine? which / that 2)As soon as she entered the room, she caught sight of the flowers were bought by her mother. 3)All needs to be done has been done. 4)He’s returned all the books he borrowed them from the library. 5)The accident of that you told me occurred thirty years ago. which

which / that


6)I still remember the river which I used to swim as in where a child. 7)The project which more than 100 engineers on worked was completed in 1960. 8)Peter is the kind of person with who people like to make friends. whom 9)I often think of the school days when I spent in the 1980s. which/that

P13 1) ______(base)on a true love story, the film we Based watched yesterday is highly thought of. 2) Would you like to see the TV play_____(base) based on what happened in the northwest of China? Basing 3) _______(base) an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it sooner or later.

改错: 1) The number of kids are playing in the park. A 2) The number of the students present at the meeting were smaller than I expected. was

more than

超过;非常;不只是,不仅是 p16

归纳拓展 mor e than +数词或从句 超过 (1) mor e than +形容词 非常 mor e than +名词 不只是,不仅是 (2) mor e...than... 不是……而是……; 与其说……倒不如说…… no more than 只不过;仅仅 not mor e than 不超过;至多 (3) r ather than 而不是 other than 除了;不同于

1) The store is_______________ more than happy to deliver goods to your home. 本商店很乐意为您送货上门。 2) Mr. Black___________________________ is more than an English teacher to us; we look on him as our close friend. Black先生对我们来说不仅仅是一位英语老师,我 们把他看作是我们的亲密朋友。 3) She______________________ was more sad than angry when her son lied. 当她的儿子撒谎时,与其说她生气倒不如说她伤心。 Peace is no more than the absence of war. 和平不仅仅意味着没有战争。

考点自测 1)A lot of students present ________at the meeting took part in the discussion. 2)________________________________________( Having a good command of English grammar 精通英 语语法)makes it easier for him to understand long sentences while reading. 3)Scientists are developing new ways to _______________ make good (full) ______ use of (充分利用) the solar energy more effectively. 4)David is getting on well with his boss---he can always come up with a good idea 想出一个好办法) for pleasing ______________________( the boss. no such as standard 5)Believe it or not, there is ________thing ___ English. 信不信由你,世界上没有什么标准英语。

present n. 现在,目前;礼物


adj. 目前的,现在的;到场的,出席的 people present at the meeting 出席会议的人 at present=at the present time 目前,现在 give sb. a present 给某人礼物 present sb. with sth.=present sth. to sb. 送给某人某物

present sb. to sb.把某人介绍给某人

with cheque Johnson presented ________ our school _____a for 10,000 dollars. When our schoolmaster presented present at ________ him ___us to ,everyone __________the meeting was moved by his kindness. Our school

was in great need of money at ________ present.His
donation was the most valuable _______for us. present


n. [C]命令,指令; [U]掌握 vt. 命令;指挥,支配;博得,赢得


? in command of 指挥;控制 ? (1)?under one’ s command由……指挥 take command of... 控制;担任……的指挥 ? ?have a good command of很好地掌握,精通
at sb.’ s command听某人的支配
? ?command sb.to do sth.命令某人做某事 (2)? ?command that...? should? do...命令……做…… ?

1) The police arrived and took the command of the situation. 2) The teacher commanded that the students handed in their homework after class. hand 3) The general gave a command which all of them that should come.

come up


come up with想出(计划,答案)
come out出来;开花;出版;结果是


come about发生
come across / upon 偶然遇见

come to共计,达到
come true实现 when it comes to...当谈到……

As soon as the project was come up at the meeting, came it attracted many people’s attention.


came across The other day I ____________Wang Fang,
an old friend of mine. She told me that she

came up with _____________the idea to write a novel after she

read a book written by Mo Yan. To her surprise,
her first novel should have come ________two months out

after she sent it to a publishing house. She said
came true she was really happy as her dream (4)________ .

句中“no such+单数名词”意为“没有这样 的……”,其中单数名词前不可再加冠词, 相当于 “not such a/an+单数名词”。 p16
归纳拓展 (1)such 与 a/an 连用时要放在 a/an 的前面 ;与 all,no,some,any,few,little,many,much,several,one 等词连用 时,应位于它们的后面。
? 如此……以 ?a/an+ adj.+可数名词单数 ? ? ?that... (2)such? ? 至于…… ?adj.+不可数名词 /复数名词? ?

(3)such...as... 像……这样的…… ,as 在句中引导定语从句。

1) I think it important to depend on yourself, because there is no such a thing as a free lunch in the world.


2) Such a book like you showed me is difficult to as understand.


as 3)The book is written in such easy English____ beginners can easily understand.

4)The book is written in such easy English____ that beginners can easily understand it.

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