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2019-2020学年高中英语 Unit 24 Society Section Ⅳ Communication Workshop课件 北师大版8_图文



Unit 24 Society

能 · 语

Section Ⅳ Communication Workshop

用 · 写

精 剖 析 · 重 点 词 汇

根据提示写出下列单词 1.________ n. 2.________ n. 3.________ vt. 4.________ adv. 5.________ adv. 6.________ vi.

罚款 判决 废除 再者,此外 所以,因此 摇动

7.________ adj.


8.________ n.


9.________ n.


10.________ vt.


【 答 案 】 1.fine 2.sentence 3.abolish 4 . moreover

6.swing 7.spiritual 8.prayer 9.merchant 10.suck



1.break ________


2.lose faith ________


3.bring ________


4.pay ________


5.be treated ________




7.________ principle


8.take...________ account


【答案】 1.in 2.in 3.back 4.for 5.as 6.as 7.on 8.into

根据提示补全下列教材原句 1._W__h_a_t_i_s__e_v_e_n__m_o_r_e__u_n_b_e_li_e_v_ab_l_e__ is the fact _t_h_at__s_o_m_e__m__u_rd_e_r_e_r_s_a_r_e_ __l_e_t _o_u_t__o_f _p_r_i_so_n___ after three or four years. 更令人难以置信的是一些凶手三四年后从监狱里被释放出来这一事实。 2.That is __th_e__o_n_l_y__w_a_y__o_f__p_ro_t_e_c_ti_n_g_society and preventing young people from leading a life of crime. 那是保护社会和防止年轻人走上犯罪道路的唯一方法。

阅读 P40 课文,并从三个选项中选择最佳答案 1.What is the only way of protecting society RJ Butcher think? A.Criminals should be locked up for life. B.Criminals should be sentenced to death. C.Criminals should be let out of prison. 2.How does Paul Mason think of punishment? A.Take a revenge on criminals. B.Kill criminals. C.Help to reform criminals.

3.What occasion should life sentences be given? A.When a criminal is let out of prison. B.When a person is very dangerous to society when he or she is let out of prison. C.When a criminal kill a person. 【答案】 1.A 2.C 3.B


阅读 P40 课文,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的

Why people are having no 1.______(faithful) in the British system of justice.Because it was not long 2.______ drug dealers and robbers can be 3.______ on the streets and some 4.______(murder) are let out of prison after three or four years,5.______ is more unbelievable.

Much 6.______(hard) sentences should be brought back.Criminals are made to pay for 7.____ they have done.After 8.______(commit) three crimes criminals are locked up for life in prison.

Prisoners should be made to work.9.______ too much money is spent on prisons,they have become like hotels.
We should bring the death penalty back.When a person has killed somebody she/he isn't worth 10.______(live).We also have to take into account the wishes of
the families and friends of murder victims. 【答案】 1.faith 2.before 3.out 4.murderers 5.which 6.harder 7.what
8.committing 9.Because 10.living

break in 闯入;打断

break away from 离开;脱离

break down


break out


break up


break into


break through 突围;突破

①Our car broke down on the freeway. 我们的汽车在高速公路上抛锚了。 ②The band broke _u_p__ after the performance. 那场演出之后乐队就解散了。

sentence n. 判决 (教材 P40)I think we should bring back much harder sentences country... 我认为我们应在这个国家内恢复更加严厉的刑罚……

in this

pass sentence on/upon sb. 判某人刑

sentence sb.to (do) sth. 给某人判……刑;


sentence sb.to death/life imprisonment 判处某人死刑/终身监禁

serve a/one's sentence


①Former Cuban leader was sentenced to 44 years in prison on charges including bribery and corruption.
前古巴领导人因被控行贿和贪污被判入狱 44 年。 ②He has been _s_e_n_t_e_n_ce_d__ (sentence) to pay a fine of £ 1,000. 他被判罚款 1 000 英镑。 ③The judge sentenced this man to _d_e_a_t_h_ (die)for murdering. 法官宣判这个人因犯谋杀罪而被判处死刑。

(教材 P40)I am totally against harder sentences __o_n__p_r_in__ci_p_l_e__ and really feel the death penalty should be __a_b_o_l_is_h_e_d___.
我原则上坚决反对较重的刑罚并且确实感到死刑应该被废除。 (1)on principle 原则上,按照原则

against one's principles in principle on the principle of

违背某人的行为准则 理论上;原则上,大体上,基本上 根据……的原则,以……为原则

①__In__ principle you are entitled to a financial grant,but it is difficult to claim. 原则上你有资格获得经济补助,但是很难获取。 ②We trade on the principle __o_f_ equality and mutual benefit. 我们按照平等互利的原则进行贸易。

(2)abolish vt. 废除;废止(法律、制度、习俗等)

abolish old rules abolish a ban abolish slavery abolition n.

取消旧规则 取消禁令 废除奴隶制度 废除

③Their discussion centred around the abolition (abolish) of slavery. 他们的讨论是以废除奴隶制度为中心而进行的。

[明辨异同] abolish/cancel abolish 为正式用词,指彻底废除某种制度、规章或习俗。 用法广泛,多指取消债务、合同、证书、比赛、旅行、计划 cancel 或约会等。
cancel,abolish ④This tax should be ________. ⑤I'm afraid I will have to ________our meeting tomorrow. 【答案】 ④abolished ⑤cancel

consequently adv. 因此;结果 (教材 P40)Consequently,in the USA,the death penalty is not as likely if the victim is black and the murderer white as the other way around. 因此,在美国,当被害人是黑人而凶手是白人时,判决死刑的可能性不可 能与在相反情况下(即被害人是白人,而凶手是黑人)一样。

(1)consequent adj.


(2)consequence n.


as a consequence/in consequence 结果

as a consequence of/in consequence of ……的结果

①He narrowly lost his life as a consequence of/in consequence of careless driving.
由于粗心驾驶,他险些丢了性命。 ②His success was __c_o_n_s_e_q_u_e_n_t _ (consequently) on his hard work.他的成功 是勤奋工作的结果。

take...into account 把……考虑在内 (教材 P41)The wishes of victims' families and friends possibly need to be taken into account. 受害者的家人和朋友的愿望可能需要被考虑进去。

on sb.'s account on account of take account of on no account account for

为了某人的缘故 由于…… 考虑到…… 决不,无论如何都不(位于句首时,句子须倒装) 解释/说明……

①She can't work __o_n_ account of her too young children. 她因为孩子太小而不能工作。 ②On _n_o__ account should the soldiers be blamed for what happened.士兵们绝 对不该为所发生的事情而受到责难。

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.I regret to inform you he died as a _c_o_n_s_e_q_u_en_c_e__ (consequently) of his injuries. 2.The slaves got freedom after the __a_b_o_li_t_io_n__ (abolish) of slavery. 3.He was __se_n_t_e_n_c_ed__ (sentence) to 140 hours community service.

Ⅱ.选词填空 break in;on principle;take...into account;as a consequence;be sentenced to 1.She was still young, he said, and that would be _ta_k_e_n__in_t_o__a_c_c_o_u_n_t when deciding her sentence. 2.The policemen _b_r_o_k_e__in__ and found the old man dead in his chair. 3.The criminal _w_a_s__s_e_n_te_n_c_e_d__to__ life imprisonment. 4._A__s_a_c_o_n_s_e_q_u_e_n_c_e_o_f_ your laziness and rudeness, I am forced to dismiss you. 5.I would never deal with that company _o_n__p_r_i_n_ci_p_l_e_.

( 教 材 P40) _W__h_a_t__is__e_v_e_n__m__o_r_e_u__n_b_e_li_e_v_a_b_le_ is the fact that some murderers are let out of prison after three or four years.
更令人难以置信的是一些凶手三四年后从监狱里被释放出来这一事实。 【要点提炼】 What is even more unbelievable 是本句的主语部分,称为主 语从句,what 又是这个从句的主语。
what 还可以引导其他名词性从句,如宾语从句、表语从句等。 但是 what 一般不引导状语从句、定语从句或同位语从句等。

①What caused the accident was a broken bottle. 事件的发生源于一个摔坏的瓶子。 ②The Earth of today is not _w__h_a_t _ it was millions of years ago. 现在的地球与几百万年之前的地球不一样了。

完成句子 1.使学校骄傲的是 90%的学生被重点大学录取。 ________________________ was that more than 90% of the students had been admitted to key universities. 2.1492 年哥伦布到达了现在所称的美洲大陆。 In 1492, Columbus reached ________________________. 【答案】 1.What made the school proud 2.what is now called America

本单元的写作项目属于新课标中的议论文写作。这种写作要求我们就有关 问题进行分析并针对这些问题提出自己的观点、看法和解决建议。
议论文是一种剖析事物、论述事理、发表意见、提出主张的文体。作者通 过摆事实、讲道理、辨是非,以确定其观点的正确或错误,树立或否定某种主 张,议论文应该观点明确,论据充分,语言精练,论证合理,有严密的逻辑性。 议论文在高考中常以图表、提纲或图画的形式出现。写此类作文时可采用三段 式,即:

1.第一段根据图表、提纲或图画提出问题。 2.第二段阐明正、反方观点。 3.第三段阐明个人观点。

[亮点句式] 1.As is known to all, it is important to be/do ... 2.I think there are at least two reasons for... 3.From what I have mentioned above, we can see that without...we cannot... 4.Different people, however, have different opinions on this matter. 5.Some people think that... 6.Others argue that... 7.In their opinion, nobody can...without...

8.Compared with..., ...has a lot of advantages over... 9.There is no doubt that... 10.In short, I firmly support the view that ... 11.People take/have/adopt different views about... 12.It is generally considered that... 13.There's a widespread concern about...


最近,某机构针对 2 384 名青少年使用手机上网的情况进行了一次调查。结












注意:词数 100 左右。 ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

[审题谋篇] 体裁 话题 时态 人称

议论文 青少年使用手机 以一般现在时为主 以第三人称为主

[遣词造句] Ⅰ.词汇 1.浏览__________________ 2.依赖__________________ 3.而且,并且__________________ 4.社交软件__________________ 5.优点和缺点__________________

6.采取措施__________________ 7.限制__________________ 8.集中精力__________________ 【答案】 1.glance through 2.rely on 3.what's more 4.social networking software 5.advantages and disadvantages 6.take measures 7.limit 8.focus one's attention on

Ⅱ.句式 1.67.3%的人承认他们太依赖手机或网络以致没有手机就不能活。 67.3% of them admit they rely on their mobile phones or the Internet and they couldn't live without them.(用 so...that 改写上面句子) __6_7_.3_%___o_f__th_e_m___ad_m__i_t _t_h_e_y__re_l_y__o_n__th_e_i_r_m__o_b_il_e__p_h_o_n_e_s_o_r__t_h_e_I_n_te_r_n_e_t__ _s_o__m_u_c_h__t_h_a_t _t_h_e_y__c_o_u_ld_n_'t__l_iv_e__w_i_t_h_o_u_t _t_h_e_m_._

2.政府应采取措施保证网络安全。 The government should take measures to make sure the Internet is safe for teenagers.(使用 It's important that...改写上面句子) _I_t__is__i_m_p_o_r_ta_n_t__th_a_t__th_e__g_o_v_e_r_n_m_e_n_t__sh_o_u_l_d__t_ak_e__m__e_a_su_r_e_s__to__m__a_k_e__su_r_e__ _th_e__I_n_t_er_n_e_t_i_s__s_af_e__f_o_r _t_e_e_n_a_g_er_s_. __ 3.只有这样青少年才能集中精力学习。 The teenagers can focus their attention on their lessons in this way.(使用 only+ 状语...的倒装句改写句子) _O_n_l_y__in__t_h_is__w_a_y__c_a_n__t_h_e_t_e_e_n_a_g_e_rs__f_o_c_u_s _t_h_e_ir__a_tt_e_n_ti_o_n__o_n__t_h_ei_r__le_s_s_o_n_s._

[妙笔成篇] ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

【参考范文】 A survey conducted recently shows that 59% of the 2,384 teenagers glance through the unhealthy information on the Internet now and then.67.3% of them admit they rely on their mobile phones or the Internet so much that they couldn't live without them.What's worse,90.9% say they are using or have used social networking software. Every coin has two sides.Surfing the Internet brings disadvantages and advantages.I think the government should take measures to ensure the Internet safe for teenagers.Besides, parents should limit the time that their children spend playing with mobile phones or surfing the Internet.Only in this way can teenagers focus their attention on their lessons.