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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 4
1.Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B,
C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.

Everyone hates to wait in lines. We get that exhausting feeling that our precious life is _50___ away while we’re doing something so meaningless. But it’s not always the length of the wait we find so unbearable. Our behavior when waiting is only partly defined by the length of the wait. Often the psychology of queuing is more important than the statistics of the wait itself. One apparent aspect of queuing psychology is that we get bored when we wait in line. This issue is __51___ in many ways, from magazines in hospital waiting rooms to the __52___ in elevators so that we can __53__ our appearance. We really hate it when we expect a short wait and then get a long one. But studies show that we are much more ___54__ when we are given an idea of how long we’ll be waiting. Walt Disney Co knows this __55___ than anyone else. It posts estimated waiting times for attractions in its theme parks. But according to Larson, these times are __56___ so that visitors get to the front of the queue more quickly than they expect. It keeps them happy. But perhaps the biggest influence on our feelings about waiting in a line has to do with our understanding of fairness. When it comes to queues, the universally acknowledged standard is first come, first _57____. Any deviation (偏差) from this _58___ is regarded as unfair and can lead to violent queue intense anger. A simple __59___ on Baidu news with the keywords “cutting in line” and “fight” throws up dozens of headlines in the past year. Queue anger is not __60___ in Western countries either. Sometimes, however, we are willing to make exception. In hospitals, __61___ is given to those with a more critical condition---we can also understand that. But in most situations, we demand fairness. You’ve probably experienced mild queue anger yourself in fast food restaurants, watching people in the other line move ahead of you, _62_ yourself for having chosen the “wrong” line. In order to solve this problem, the winding line was invented. Slate magazine’s website explains: “The winding line groups all customers into one big snaking queue, separated by ropes or

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barriers. When you reach the head of the queue, you are directed to the next __63__ server, or teller, or customs official, which offers important comfort: you _64__ never have to see someone arrive after you and get served before you.” In life, waiting is inevitable. But a better understanding of the psychology of waiting can help make it a bit more bearable. When all else fails, bring a book or a smart-phone will also do. 50. A. floating 51. A. produced 52. A. mirror 53. A. check 54. A. frustrated 55. A. heavier 56. A. overlooked 57. A. served 58. A. theory 59. A. survey 60. A. unique 61. A. priority 62. A. reflecting 63. A. available 64. A. possibly B. slipping B. resolved B. newspaper B. supervise B. refreshed B. milder B. oversized B. to serve B. concept B. search B. unusual B. power B. complimenting B. approachable B. absolutely C. sliding C. tackled C. clock C. criticize C. patient C. stronger C. overloaded C. serving C. principle C. research C. uncovered C. justice C. laughing C. acceptable C. actually D. fleeing D. dissolved D. beverage D. neglect D. desperate D. better D. overestimated D. to be served D. discipline D. seek D. unchanged D. chance D. cursing D. approvable D. really

I was invited to attend a presentation at the Kentucky School. That evening I found gratitude (感恩)had amazing 36 to change our attitude…and our life. 37 onto the stage in his wheelchair and began to 38 beautiful music. He then began to 39 smile.

The young musician Mr. Patrick was

play the piano. His fingers danced across the keys as he

sing as he played, and it was wonderful. But what shocked me most was his Patrick was born with no eyes and an illness in the legs, which However, as a child, he was 41

40 him lame for life.

with artificial eyes and placed in a wheelchair. Before his first

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42 ,he discovered the piano. When his mom hit any note on the piano, and within one or two 43 ,he′d get it. By his second birthday, he was playing“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. His father was 44 .“We might not play baseball, but we can play music together.” When Patrick was at the University of Louisville, his father 45 classes with him. He

was also a part of the 214-member marching band!He was a blind, wheelchair-bound trumpet player; and he and his father did it together. His father 46 the night shift(夜班)in order to 47 .” 49 50

accompany his daytime band practice. Patrick says,“My dad′s my But even more than his

48 musical talent, it was Patrick′s “ attitude of gratitude”that

my soul. On stage, between songe, he talked to the audience about his life and about how

he was with a great father. When his performance was over, Patrick and his father were on the stage together. The crowd rose to their feet and We all face misfortune in our lives. 52 51 for over five minutes. 53 to it

,it′s not the hardship but how we 54

that will determine the joy and happiness in our lives. During much time feeling rain? 36.A. knowledge 37. A. rolled 38. A. wrote 39. A. strange 40. A. took 41. A. fitted 42. A. place 43. A. memories 44. A. confused 45. A. listed 46. A. worked 47. A. dream 48. A. unbearable 49. A. touched 50. A. satisfied
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times, do we spend too


for ourselves, or can we, with gratitude, learn how to dance in the

B. quality B. held B. provided B. magic B. led B. connected B. birthday B. words B. amused B. found B. found B. hero B. unbelievable B. calmed B. concerned

C. wisdom C. allowed C. made C. bitter C. forced C. associated C. performance C. tries C. interested C. attended C. refused C. music C. unconditional C. freed C. blessed

D. power D. dragged D. gave D. friendly D. left D. filled D. attempt D. notes D. overjoyed D. organized D. cancelled D. song D. unreasonable D. felt D. laughed

51. A. cheered 52. A. Therefore 53. A. see 54. A. happy 55. A. great

B. whispered B. Otherwise B. react B. modern B. sorry

C. shouted C. However C. agree C. tough C. hopeful

D. laughed D. Besides D. put D. usual D. proud

3.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。
Johnny, a lizard (蜥蜴) ,lived between some rocks in the country, where he liked sunbathing every morning. One day, he felt so I doing so 1_____that he didn’t notice some boys coming up behind him. The boys 2 _____Johnny, and he could only escape from their hands by losing his tail and running to 3 _____. Shocked and 4 _____ ,the trembling lizard spied on the children watching his tail moving about, even though it was no longer 5 _____ to his body. The children soon grew 6 _____, threw the tail away and left. Johnny came out to look for his tail, but could find no 7 _____ of it. Determined to recover his “lost belongings" , Johnny abandoned everything else in his life, devoting himself entirely to the 8 _____ Days and months passed, and Johnny kept looking, asking everyone whether they had seen his tail. One day, someone he asked 9 _____replied, “Why do you need two tails?” Johnny turned and saw that he had grown a new, stronger tail. He suddenly realised how 10 _____ it had been to waste so much time on a problem for which there was no 11 _____ Johnny turned back and headed for home. On the way, he found his old tail on the roadside. Although it looked horrible, Johnny was still 12 _____to have it back. He picked it up and was about to 13 _____ his journey when the truth finally hit him : he was looking at the past. He then decided to 14 _____ his old tail there, leaving with it all his past worries. As he continued his journey, all he took with him were thoughts of the 15 _____ .

1 A. 2. A.

interested B. caught B.



lonely stopped

D. D.

nervous teased

discovered C.

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3. A. sleep 4. A. disabled 5. A. added
6. A.

B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

sunbathe confused attached

C. C. C.



cry frightened tied worried use hope understandi silly ngly reason delighted end drop past

disappoint D. related ed bored mark D. D. D.


desperate C. sign journey C. C.

7. A. proof

A. search hopefully risky

countrysid D. surprisedly D. e careless evidence upset plan remove future D D. D. D. D. D.

9. A.

generously C. hard response ashamed continue cut children C. C. C. C. C. C.

11. A. solution
12. A.

encourage B B. B. B.

13. A. d change 14. A. return 15 .A. tail

4.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最
佳选项。 For a few years, I have been wearing a ring on my right hand. It’s not always the but it’s always a ring that has 36 ring,

37 on it so that when I look at it, I’ m 38 or reminded of 39 of buying rings like this whenever I see one in a store.

something important. I have made a Sometimes I give them away as

40 to someone like Jennie.

I first met Jennie in the 41 waiting room and we had talked several times. One night I sat down beside her and 42 how her son was doing because I knew that he was in very 43 condition. She told me that she didn’t know what to do any more because it seemed none of the 44 from the doctors was good. They weren’t at all sure her son was going to that had hurt him so badly. With
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45 the accident


in her eyes she said, “They’re


my hope.”

I knew then that it was 48 just a coincidence that I was wearing the ring that I had on that day. As she 49 to talk, I 50 slipped the ring off my finger and placed it in Jennie’s hand. I 51 all of this. 53 the word

told her to wear it to remember that God loved her and he would be with her 52 Jennie looked down at the ring, she got excited and then held it tightly, written on the ring was “HOPE”.

The last day I was at the hospital, I saw Jennie in the distance as I got on the lift. She


and held up the hand with the ring on it as she called out to me saying. “Look, I 55 have Hope!” 36. A. special 37. A. words 38. A. admired 39. A. plan 40. A. gifts 41. A. railway 42. A. asked 43. A. favorable 44. A. advice 45. A. defeat 46. A. apologies 47. A. keeping up 48. A. other than 49. A. continued 50. A. cautiously 51. A. over 52. A. Until 53. A. for 54. A. shouted 55. A. ever B. expensive B. pictures B. encouraged B. point B. prizes B. school B. explained B. normal B. news B. experience B. tears B. bringing down B. rather than B. refused B. quietly B. beyond B. While B. so B. waved B. only C. same C. names C. trusted C. list C. awards C. hospital C. thought C. serious C. instructions C. predict C. anger C. cutting off C. more than C. attempted C. nervously C. through C. Since C. yet C. cheered C. still D. valuable D. symbols D. puzzled D. habit D. thanks D. airport D. found D. excellent D. comfort D. survive D. doubt D. taking away D. less than D. started D. shyly D. within D. When D. and D. hesitated D. just

5.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
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My father was a worker of a sugar-cane plantation (甘蔗种植园) in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. first job was to drive the My an ox, guiding him with a breaks. It was very lessons.Because the 28 30 work, but it prepared me for life and 29 me many lasting 31 every 27 26 that ploughed the cane fields. would walk behind I

For $ 1 a day, I worked eight hours straight, with no food

owners were always watching us, I had to be

day and work as hard as I could. was never late for my job . also learned about being respectful I I and 32 to the people you work for.More important, I earned my pay; it never entered my

mind to say I was sick just because I didn't want to work. I was only we could make 33 34 years old, but I was doing a man's job. Our family needed every dollar my father never earned more than $ 18 a week.Our home was a 35 than bringing

three-room wood house with a dirty floor and no toilet.Nothing made me home money to help my mother, father, two brothers and three sisters. When I was seven, 1 got work at a 36

near our house.My job was to stand down the 37 .so the golfers could find them.Losing a 40 in bed and

fairway and spot (发现) the balls as they 38

meant you were fired, so I never 39__ one.Some nights I would 41

dreamt of making thousands of dollars by The more I 42

and being able to buy a bicycle.

the more [ thought.Why not? I made my first 43__ out of a branch

and a piece of pipe.Then I hammered an empty tin can into the shape of a ball.And finally I dug two small 44 in the ground and hit the ball back and forth.I practiced with the same 45 golf balls with a

devotion and intensity.I learned working in the field ?but now I was club (球杆), not oxen with a broomstick. 26.A.oxen 27.A.stick 28.A.interesting 29.A.gave 30.A.factory 31.A.in time 32.A.forgetful
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B.cows B.whip B.exciting B.taught B.plantation B.on time B.harmful

C.sheep C.broomstick C.great C.reminded C.slave C.in a hurry C.faithful

D.horses D.gesture D.boring D.kept D.workshop D.on foot D.satisfactory

33.A.six 34.A.so 35.A.sadder 36.A.plantation 37.A.were hit 38.A.point 39.A.missed 40.A.lay 41.A.playing golf 42.A.made 43.A.golf club 44.A.holes 45.A.hitting

B.two B.because B.more depressed B.swimming pool B.landed B.match B.carried B.lie B.working hard B.wanted B.badminton racket B.tunnels B.playing

C.eight C.so that C.prouder C.football field C.flew C.ball C.had C.sit C.picking up a ball C.won C.table tennis bat C.rivers C.driving

D.ten D.due to D.more excellent D.golf course D.were caught D.golf club D.passed D.lean D.making a golf club D.dreamt D.wood house D.balls D.picking up

Even though it was only October,my students were already whispering about Christmas plans. With each passing day everyone became more__36__ waiting for the final school bell. Upon its__37__ everyone would run for their coats and go home,everyone except David. David was a small boy in ragged clothes. I had often__38__ what kind of home life David had,and what kind of mother could send her son to school dressed so__39__for the cold winter months without a coat,boots,or gloves. But something made David__40__.I can still remember he was always__41__a smile and willing to help. He always__42__ after school to straighten chairs and mop the floor. We never talked much.He__43__ just simply smile and ask what else he could do,then thank me for letting him stay and slowly__44__ home. Weeks passed and the__45__ over the coming Christmas grew into restlessness until the last day of__46__ before the holiday break. I smiled in__47__ as the last of them hurried out of the door. Turning around I saw David__48__ standing by my desk. “I have something for you,”he said and__49__from behind his back a small box.__50__ it to me, said anxiously, he “Open it.” I took the box from him, thanked him and slowly unwrapped it. I lifted the lid and to my__51__ I saw nothing. I looked at David’s smiling face and back into the box and said,“The box is nice,David,but it’s__52__.” “Oh,no. It isn’t.” said David.” It’s full of love. My mum told me before she died that love was
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something you couldn’t see or touch unless you know it’s there.” Tears filled my eyes___53__ I looked at the proud dirty face that I had rarely given__54__ to. After that Christmas , David and I became good friends and I never forgot the meaning__55__the little empty box set on my desk.. 36.A.anxious 37.A.warning 38.A.scolded 39. A.modestly 40.A.popular B.courageous B.ringing B.wondered B.naturally B.upset C.serious C.calling C.realized C.inaccurately C.special C.wearing C.studied C.might C.put off C.movement C.education C.vain C.quietly C.raised C.Sending C.appreciation C.useless C.because C.attention C.over D.cautious D.yelling D.learned D.inappropriately D.funny D.sharing D.stayed D.could D.head for D.judgment D.program D.control D.helplessly D.pulled D.Leaving D.surprise D.improper D.though D.command D.towards

41.A.expressing B.delivering 42.A.practised 43.A.would 44.A.aim at 45.A.argument 46.A.school 47.A.relief 48.A.weakly 49.A.searched 50.A.Holding 51.A.delight 52.A.cheap 53.A.as 54. A.advice 55.A.from B.wandered B.should B.turn to B.excitement B.year B.return B.sadly B.found B.Handing B.expectation B.empty B.until B.support B.behind

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1.50-54 BCAAC 55-59 DDACB
60-64 BADAB

2.36-40 DACBD

41-45 ABCDC

46-50 ABBAC

51-55 ACBCB

3.1-5 BACDB

6-10 CBACD

11-15 ADBDC

4.36-40 CABDA

41-45 CACBD

46-50 BDCAB

51-55 CDABC

5.26-30 ABADA 31-35 DBCCB

36-40 BACAC

41-45 DBDBD

6.36-40 ABBDC 41-45CDADB 46-50AACDB


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