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错题 12(Dec.1~~Dec.7)
一、单选题: 1. Things have changed quickly over the past decade and life in the country is much better than _______ used to be. A. that B. what C. it D. when 2. I had made up my mind to try for a job in radio, then _______ my way up to sports announcer. A. come B. go C. push D. work 3. Somehow this seems to Koreans to be _______. How could Ahn Hyun-Soo (安贤洙) suddenly become a Sochi champion of Russia? A. out of place B. out of shape C. out of control D. out of question 4. The hotline ________ be very busy, but keep trying and you’ll get through. A. should B. must C. can D. would 5. I left the library in such a hurry that I left the most important textbook _________. A. out B. around C. behind D. aside 6. China has been considering raising the retirement age since 2008 to ________ its shrinking workforce and aging society. A. set off B. put off C. bring about D. cope with 7. With the development of e-commerce in China, delivery companies _______ into close contact with people and families. A. get B. have got C. are getting D. will get 8. We have to be ready when the opportunity _______ or else we will have little chance of success. A. rises B. raises C. arouses D. arises 9. Those who don’t get their sufficient sleep are actually sending a(n) _______ to sever problems in their life. A. warning B. solution C. invitation D. explanation 10. Among all these presents ______ a very nice MP5, which was given by my teacher. A. includes B. is included C. include D. are included 11. I know he was only guessing, but Simon was _______ near the mark when he suggested the company might be in financial difficulties. A. necessarily B. efficiently C. deliberately D. surprisingly 12. The professor entered the room and seated himself in a chair, _____ for answering questions. A. prepared B. being prepared C. having prepared D. preparing 13. Finally, my thanks go to my tutor, who had offered a lot of suggestions on my paper and _______ every page of my draft. A. polished B. approved C. quoted D. folded 14. I tried to come closer to watch the bird, but _______, away it flew into the woods. A. upon noticing it B. as soon as it noticed me C. on I noticed it D. immediately noticing me 15. There are records about the Diaoyu islands in ______ book published during the rule of Yong Le(1403~1424) in _______ Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years before Japan claimed the d iscovery of the Diaoyu islands in 1884. A. a; / B. the; . C. a; the D. the; a

16. -----I knocked over the tea cup and it fell on _______ mobile phone. -----You should never put ________ drinks near a phone. A. a; a B. a; / C. the; / D. the; a 17. The jacked is really well made and at $99, it’s very good ______ for money. A. worth B. bargain C. value D. price 18. Some Mengniu milk was found to contain __________ substance linked to liver cancer, ________ country’s top quality management unit said. A. the; / B. the; the C. a; a D. a; the 19. It’s no such _______ long distance from here to _______ supermarket. We can walk there. A. a; the B. the; a C. /; the D. /; a 20. In _______ face of more and more dropout factories, many people prefer to be paid on ________ daily basis. A. the; the B. a; / C. the; a D. the; / 21. Confidence is more than just an attitude; it comes from a strong commitment to take _______ rather than just let life happen. A. responsibility B. consideration C. account D. effect 22. Cars do cause us some health problems ---- in fact more serious ____ than mobile phones do. A. one B. it C. ones D. those 23. Humans, _____ was believed, were made in God’s image, and were superior to all creatures. A. one B. it C. that D. this 2 4. ------Have you seen my umbrella? I can’t find it anywhere. ------Oh, I saw one taken by a stranger, but I don’t know ________. A. whose B. whom C. who D. which 25. -----What do you think of the furniture on exhibition? -----Well, great! But I do n’t think much of ______ you bought. A. the one B. it C. that D. which 26. As we know, tomatoes can be cooked, juiced, eaten whole, sliced, diced or _________. A. whenever B. whatever C. wherever D. however 27. The basic design of the car is very similar to ______ of earlier models. A. one B. it C. that D. this 28. -----Lucy, it’s your turn to wash up. -----______________? A. I B. me C. mine D. myself 29. _______ that’s important is that you are doing best and moving in the right direction. A. one B. All C. Everything D. Anything th 30. September 8 , 1931 is a special day, ________, I think, that will be remembered by the Chinese forever. A. one B. it C. that D. which 31. Disappointingly, Mr. Wang’s lecture on Global Economy only shows that he is _______ of an expert in any sense of the world in this f ield. A. no one B. none C. neither D. nothing 32. I want to go to college and become a doctor; _______ is my wish. A. such B. so C. what D. those 33. -----What do you think of the New Year ’s party held in your class last week?

-----I really enjoy it. I didn’t expect it was ______ wond erful. A. rather B. that C this D. B&C 34. He said he would offer us some help. He didn’t, _______. A. either B. yet C. otherwise D . though 35. The graduates of Beijing University are developing a group __ the destruction of rainforests. A. struggling for B. campaigning against C. campaigning for D. struggling with 36. I’ll __________ the money I __________ them next week. A. repay; owing B. pay for; owe C. repay; owe D. pay back; owed 37. It’s ha rd to stay ______ when you are a student, though you do part-time jobs now and then. A. in debt B. into debt C. out of debt D. up debts 38. It used to be said that the _________ of Yanran Fund were in a real mess. A. finance B. finances C. financial D. economy 39. I’m sure Mary will soon get used to the new job. As her intelligence more than _________ for her lack of experience. A. makes B. accounts C. pushes D. compensates 40. There is a lot of evidence to sugges t that a short nap in the afternoon ________ you refreshed for the next four or five hours. A. will help B. will leave C. should leave D. should remain 41. I haven’t seen ________ of her movies, but judging from the one I have seen I think she’s a promising actress. A. either B. both C. any D. none 42. We’ll have to think twice before we decide to buy a product an advertisement ________. A. suggests B. shows C. makes D. praises 43. I don’t know whether you happen ____ it, but I’m going to study in the USA this September. A. to be heard B. to be hearing C. to hear D. to have heard 44. In a way I can see what you mean, even though I don’t _________ your point of view. A. agree B. recognize C. share D. permit 45. As your spoken English gets better, so ___________ your written English. A. does B. do C. will D. has 46. -----I suppose our teacher is late again. ------You ______ it! A. are guessing B. guessed C. have guessed D. will guess 47. The matter was first brought _______ earlier this year. A. into my hand B. to my attention C. for me mind D. to my head 48. ------I apologize for not being able to join you for dinner. ------ ____________. We’ll get together later. A. Go ahead B. That’s right C. Don’t mention it D. Don’t worry 49. Little joy can equal ________ of a surprising ending when you read stories. A. that B. those C. any D. some 50. You should ___________ your button before you give a lecture. A. clear up B. do up C. speed up D. carry out 51. The tax man is trying to ___________ me white. A. scold B. bleed C. rebel D. digest 52. He got well-prepared for the job interview, for he couldn’t risk the good opportunity______.
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A. to lose B. to be lost C. losing D. being lost 53. The recent development in the global economy __________ a serious challenge to the market in small countries. A. threaten B. digest C. face D. pose 54. Anyway, the evening, __________ I will tell you more about later, I went abroad. A. when B. where C. what D. which 55. As the manager of this supermarket, I’d like to try my best in my work, _______, my aim is to provide the best services to the customers even under difficult circumstances. A. In contrast B. Nevertheless C. In all D. Furthermore 56. Much of the power of the trade unions has been lost. ________, their political influence should be very great. A. As usual B. As a result C. So far D. Even so 57. I am certain David’s told you his business troubles. ________, it’s no secret that he owes lots of money to the bank. A. Therefore B. Though C. However D. Anyway 58. My friend Martin was very sick with a high fever; ________, he could neither eat nor sleep. A. Moreover B. As a result C. On the contrary D. However 59. Hearing the noise, Tom looked forward to ______ what was going on there from the window. A. see B. seeing C. being seeing D. be seen 60. How many men does your uncle __________ for him? A. have worked B. have to work C. have been working D. have working 61. Space exploration has been made__ with the development of modern science and technology A. it possible B. it was possible C. possible D. that possible 62. It’s very difficult to enjoy buying gifts in such a rush. Therefore at Christmas time, people just _______ each other ’s houses with all kinds of unnecessary things and toys. A. share B. stuff C. build D. decorate 二、动词填空: 1. The comments which he made_____________(concern) marketing bothered his boss greatly. 1. 2. Henry has come in his raincoat and boots, _____________(prepare) for rain. 3. Close the door of fear behind you, and you _________(see) the door of faith open before you. 4. I have no more letters ________________ (type), thank you. 5. There is no point ______________ (argue) with him further. 6. I should have phoned Ed this morning, but I ______________(forget) 7. With five minutes________________(go) before the last bus left, we arrived at the station. 8. With five minutes________________(leave) before the last bus left, we arrived at the station.
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9. Most students’ attitude towards fashion are reported ___________________(change) nowadays in a recent survey. 10. I would rather the boy __________ (not come) to the meeting as he made so much noise there. CDACC; DCDCB; DAABC; BCDCC; ACBAC; BCCBA; DADDB; CCBDB; BADCC; CBDAD; BDDDD; DDBAD; CB

1. concerning 6. forgot

2. prepared 7. to go

3. will see 4. to be typed 5. arguing 8. left 9. to be changing 10. hadn’t come