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1. I like English best, what is your f__________ subject? favorite 2. If you knock into somebody, you should a__________ to him. apologize 3. Please speak as loud as you can to make yourself understood u__________. 4. ---This problem is not difficult. --- But that one is even easier e__________. 5. I think you can sit on this newly bought chair very comfortable c__________.

6. A great celebration was held on his fiftieth _________(50岁)birthday. 7. The assistant is very friendly to all the customers __________(顾客). 8. When I came to the riverside, I found a struggling boy __________(挣扎) in the water. 9. The students in our school study very especially hard, ___________(尤其) those in our class. 10.He dived into the water, leaving only his exposed face _________(裸露)

11. Don?t be frightened by the television camera, Just speak _________.(自然地) naturally 12. All countries, big or small, should be equal __________(平等). recognize 13. He didn?t __________(认出)me at first when we met in the street of London. 14. The boy spoke in a very low voice, admitting ________(承认) he had broken the glass. 15. They quarreled once, but they were friendly quite ___________(友好) now.

eager 16. We were e_______ to know where she had gone. 17. The colleges and universities were only for men, and women were not p________ permitted to attend. 18. Train services are now back to normal n_______ after last week?s strike. 19. The fish smells; I don?t think it is quite fresh f_______. 20.Tom is preparing for an exam. Don?t d ________him. disturb

21. What Tom did during the sports meet disappointed made all of us ___________(失望). 22. Wang Ying?s father is a famous ________(音乐家), and he teaches music musician in Central Music College. 23. I am good at English compositions _____________ (作文). 24. More than 100,000 people were killed in the 2004 Asian tsunami, ___________ including (包括) thousands of foreigners. 25. I was born on the first of __________ October (十月).

26. --- Merry Christmas __________(圣诞节) to you! --- The same to you. middle-aged 27. His mother is a __________(中年) woman who is very strict with her children. 28. Some people work together under pressure _________(压力). Wednesday 29. He will come here next __________ (星期三). 30.I expected that she would accept ________(接受) our invitation.

31. Will it be __________(方便) for you convenient to start work tomorrow? 32. They walked because they couldn?t afford ________(付得起) a taxi. 33. They are used to being ________(分成) into groups in their divided English class. 34. Because his family was very rich, he received _______(受到) college education abroad. fifth 35. Their floor is on the ________(第五) floor.

36. It is said that this show is going out live ______(实况转播). 37. Nowadays children can choose to go kindergartens to different ___________(幼儿园). 38. They advised ____________(提高) improving people?s living standard. Thursday 39. I?ll go and see you next _________(星期四). 40.After these days? climbing, they reached the top of the mountain ___________(成功地). successfully

41. We aim at quality ________(质量) rather than quantity. 42. We gave our classroom a thorough ________(彻底) cleaning before the Spring Festival. persuade 43. We tried to ________(劝说) him to give up smoking. 44. She looks familiar ________(面熟) to me, but I don?t remember her name. 45. He failed ________(未能) to pass the driving test last summer.

46. The house was sold at such a low expected price that he had ___________(预料) cheat 47. It?s wrong to _________(作弊) in the exam. dangerous 48. It?s _________(危险) to swim in the river. 49. He wants to come but he?s unable ________(不能) to. 50.Do you know about the African _________(非洲) history?


discouraged 1. Tom was ___________ (泄气) when he failed a game. 2. Mr. Zhang is among the experienced _________ (有经验的) managers. translated 3. This novel is __________(翻译) from French. defend 4. It is our duty to __________(保卫) our motherland. encourages 5. The teacher often ____________(鼓励) the children to practise more.

6. G_________ speaking , girls are more Generally careful than boys. 7.Walking across the Luobupo Desert adventurous alone is obviously a / an___________ (冒 险的)action. 8. Mr. Green told his students to review r__________ their lesson before class. 9.Though South Korea also celebrates the Spring Festival, its form________(不同) differs from ours. 10.At the sound of the gun, all the birds in the tree flew away in all directions d___________.

controlled 11. They _________(控制) the fire and put it out in the end. preparations 12. I?m making ___________ (准备) for the coming exam. opposite 13. I saw her going in the ________(相 反) direction. express 14. They can?t _________ (表达) themselves in English. 15. Asia is much larger than any of the continents other____________(大陆)in the world.

16. The second month of a year is February F___________. 17. After leaving u_____________, he university became a doctor. 18. The p___________ of China is population larger than that of any other countries. equipped 19. Each office will be e__________ with a computer soon 20.Madame Curie spent a great deal of her time on scientific e__________. experiments

cruelty 21. We couldn?t stand the ________(残 酷) done to him. keep 22. How long may I __________(借) this book? common 23. I haven?t a thing in __________(共 同的) with her. admiration 24. We have a great __________(钦佩) for the people?s heroes. engineer 25. I want to be an __________(工程 师), when I grow up.

26. May I iintroduce ___________ my friend to you? twelve 27. A dozen means t__________. 28. In my opinion, nothing is more valuable v________ than health. 29. The old woman was kind. She o_________ us a room for the night. offered 30.This problem needs solving ( 解决) _____ at once.

exhibition 31. There will be an _________(展览) next week in our city. 32. She had her arms and feet hurt in a accident car __________ (事故). 33. Madame Curie made an important __________(重要的) discovery. 34. Mr. Li studied law at college and lawyer became a ___________(律师) after graduation. 35. Have you ever seen the famous comedy ___________(喜剧) Twelfth Night by Shakespeare?

36. A doctor should answer for his p___________ just as a teacher for his patients students. healthy 37. Sports can keep us h_________. 38. The coldest continent on the earth is Antarctic A____________. 39. You look too fat. I advise you to lose your w____________. weight 40.The doctor told me to have more v____________ and fruit. vegetables

surrounded 41. The building ________(环绕) with green trees is the our library. 42. This kind of car can be driven at a kilometers speed of 120 ________(千米) an hour. imagination 43. Poets often use their _________ (想 象力) to write poems astronaut 44. When did the ________(宇航员) first land on the moon. 45. The word “see” has the same __________(发音) as the word “sea”. pronunciation

46. Modern _______(现代)agriculture has many advantages than traditional agriculture. 47. There are many kinds of a_________ in the zoo. animals optimistic 48. Mary is o__________ about her chances of winning a gold medal. 49. We often go swimming in summer v_________. vacation tongue 50.Marx?s mother t___________ is German.


altogether 1. He has ________(总共) collected 1020 stamps. beautifully 2. The whole city was ________(美丽) lit up on the mid-autumn night. 3. It?s time you make your own choice ________(选择). 4. He offered his congratulations _____________(祝贺) on our victory. supporting 5.The four poles, __________(支撑) the ceiling were well built.

6. Cotton and wooden industries ________(工业) are developing very fast in this country. quarrelling 7. It?s no use ___________(争吵) with such a man. 8. At ________(高度) of four miles, the height air becomes too thin to breathe. 9. I had to be interrupted _________(打断) while walking. 10.I can?t sleep with those __________(吵闹) children in the house. noisy

traveling 11. I like t________. I have been to many places in the world and I am going to New Zealand this year. creatures 12. Dolphins are wild c________. 13. Can you give one of the best methods m________ to learn a foreign language? 14. The Spring Festival is our traditional festival. t_________ 15. When there is not enough rainfall, i__________ is needed, because the irrigation crops won?t grow without water.

16. The Pacific P________ Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. 17. Benjamin Franklin?s experiments electricity showed that lightning and e _______are the same. 18. We can c___________ in both communicate Chinese and English. 19. There are many rivers and mountains m__________ in our country. 20.The meeting lasted for a whole day but no ___________(协定)was reached. agreement

behavior 21.“Mind you________ (行为) , ”the mother said to her young boy. 22. Our party has now a correct political ________ (政治)line. 23. Living in the country is less expensive _________ (昂贵)than in the city. negative 24. I have a ________(负面的) opinion about this matter. lonely 25. She was really quite ________(孤独) in the world.

26. Can you understand this passage without e__________? explanation 27. Light travels much faster than waves sound w__________. 28. They have some s________ dishes special not found anywhere else, 29. Without hard work, it is i_________ impossible for anyone to learn a foreign language. 30.Our school has founded the Students? U__________. Union

31. He dreamed of buying a little cottage ________(别墅)in the country. 32. He spent three weeks by the seaside ________ (海滨) in the summer. 33. This area has very low rainfall ________(降雨量) . 34. It?s wrong to read private other?s________(私人的) letters without permission. secretly 35. They were _______(秘密 地)married last week.

brief 36. His remarks were ________(简洁的) and to the point. determined 37. I?m d__________ to go and nothing will stop me. 38. The police asked me if I possessed a gun. p_________ 39. The school picnic is on Sunday, so praying we are p_________ for a fine day. disobeyed 40. He d________ his mother and went to the party.

graduation 41. On our _________(毕业) from college, he entered the government office. 42. The islands werediscovered ________(发现) by an English Army Captain 43. Please write and let me have your thoughts ________(想法)on the matter. cure 44. No medicine can ________ (治愈) a man of discontent. shocked 45. I was ________ (震惊) at his conduct.

disaster 46. This area suffered a________ (灾 难)from the earthquake. 47. On Oct 1st, we warmly celebrate c________ our National Day every year. 48. The Chinese mainland is separated from Taiwan by the Taiwan s________. strait 49. The old houses have been t________ down. torn historic 50. Please remember the ______(历史) moment, when Lianzhan came back to mainland after 60 years.


1. In summer, a sudden change in t___________(温度) could bring rain. temperature situation 2. The________(形势) both at home and abroad is excellent. rebuilt 3. They had the building________(重建) after the fire. 4. As everyone knows, he is a___________(世界著名)expert on DNA. world-famous 5. I want to put you on a very________(严肃)subject. serious

turn 6. Please t ____the music down when I answer the phone. 7. How many passengers does this airline ffly ____every week. 8. Nobody can go in without the teacher?s permission p_________. present 9. At p________, about 20% of the smokers have given up smoking. 10.We can read both home news and i ___________news in the newspaper. international

accent 11. From his ________(口音). We can know that he?s from Beijing. luggage 12. My son carried my ________(行 李)to the bus station. 13. I am working at my ________(演讲), speech changing them and bettering them. 14. There are few fish in the________(污染)rivers. polluted curtain 15. She got up and drew the ______(窗 帘) aside.

16. He struggled to his feet and s_______ walked slowly towards the door. centimeters 17. This ruler is 50 c_________ long. point 18. Don?t p________ your gun at others. 19. He bought a p_________ plastic raincoat yesterday. questioned 20.The policemen q__________ him about the stolen car.

scientific 21. His job is to do ________(科学) research. respected 22. All the teachers are ________(尊 敬) by the students in our school. discoveries 23. He has made several _________ (发现) in science. 24. Einstein fought for human rights ________ (权利). 25. Do you know by whom this country once was ________(统治)? ruled

camera 26. A c________ is a machine that makes photos. 27. Man-made satellites are carried into space by rockets r__________. 28. ?You are so kind”, said Jim, “Don?t mention m__________ it.” 29. “Paul gave me 12 apples” means dozen “Paul gave me a d __________apples”. passage 30.The p_______ appeared in the newspaper was very exciting.

31. This afternoon he suddenly fell ill and ambulance an ___________(救护车) was called to carry him to hospital. screamed 32. They ________(尖叫) for help from the window of the burning hotel. system 33. The _________(系统) under lying modern physics is not fully worked out. 34. There has recently been ________(趋 势) towards simple style in women?s dresses. 35. It was a ________(荒芜的)land and deserted nobody was living on it.

36. This new product is sold worldwide ________(世界各地). pretended 37. When I went in, he ________(假装) to be sleeping. forgive 38. I will never ________(宽恕)you for what you have done to your parents. 39. Both our material and ________(精神) life has been greatly spiritual improved in recent years. 40.He has formed the habit of getting up and going to bed early and does regularly everything ________(有规律地)

sheep 41. He has 30 _______(绵羊) on the farm. Poverty 42. ________(贫困) prevented the girl from continuing her education. 43. She is wearing ashabby ________(破旧的) coat . sacrifice 44. We have decided to________(牺牲) a trip for a new car . 45. Mary is so ________(累) that she tired can?t go with us.

46. A fence at the back of the garden separated ________(分开) us from the neighbors 47. Millions of people from all over the visited world have ________(参观) the Great Wall. 48. The teacher asked the students to speaking practise ________(说) English every day. rare 49. It?s very ________(稀罕的) for him to be late for school. reasonable 50.Our rice is very __________(合情合 理), you can depend on us.


1. We should take some measures to prevent the river from being further polluted p________. 2. After saying “ Good-bye ”, they all went separately off s__________. 3. I know you are very busy. Would you mind s__________ me a few minutes? sparing 4.He is a teacher by profession ________(职业) . 5. There is a beautiful carved f__________ on the stone. figure

honestly 6. You?d better speak h__________, not tell lies. 7. As everybody knows, Thursday is the fifth f__________ day of a week. 8. Textbooks were distributed ________(分配) free of charge . 9. “ Heavy ” is the o__________ word opposite of “ light ”. restrict 10. I should ________(确保) myself to reporting the facts.

whispering 11. I could hear them ________(私语) under the tree over there . 12. The question is which model of smarter telephone is ________ (灵巧),this one or that one? accommodate 13. This hotel can ____________ (供给住 宿)300 guests. qualification 14. He has no_________(资格) for this job. practical 15. We?ve got to be ________(实际) and buy only what we need.

16. The teacher nodded with a satisfied _________(满意的) smile. 17. China is sure to turn all her wishes realities into________(现实) as we all know. envelopes 18. Stick stamps on the ________(信封) and post the letters. directly 19. The professor will fly ________(直 接) to Tokyo tomorrow morning. natural 20.It?s not ________(自然) for a child of his age to be so quiet.

21.The government is taking measures to improve the living conditions of the people in c________ that area. 22. Tom always d_____________ of becoming dreamed/dreamt a pilot when he was a boy. 23. Our library is a big one. There are all kinds of magazines books, m________, and even newspapers for us to read. 24. There is no more money needed for f________ research into this matter. further 25. The prisoners attempted to escape but a__________ failed at last.

German 26. He went to ________(德国)twice on business last year. bore 27. The mother bear ________(生)two baby bears in the zoo last year. downstairs 28. All the teachers went ________(楼 下)to have a meeting. 29. My father was once the great assistant physicist?s ________(助手). 30.The dustbin near the building hasn?t emptied been _________(倒空) for almost three weeks.

Tourism 31. ________(旅游业)has brought much money to the mountain village. went 32. The meat in the bowl ________ (变)bad because of the hot weather. 33. The students need to be able to actively read ________(积极地)and thoughtfully. punctual 34. He was ________(守时的) for breakfast. women 35. The ________(女)doctors in this hospital are very kind o to the patients.

36. Her cheeks burned; she was thirsty fearfully ________(口渴). 37. I have no idea how long the walk actually ________(实际上)took. 38. Students visited the war________ memorial (纪念碑). twelfth 39. Miss Green lives on the _______(十 二)floor. We?d better take the lift. Compared 40._________(相比)with other women, she was really lucky to get such a good job.

41. The computer is one of the most inventions important___________(发明) in this century. 42.How much liquid do you think this contains bottle_________(容纳). 43. He works in the government. We say he official is an o_________. 44. Smoking is f_________ at the gas station. forbidden 45. Parents shouldn?t always tell children what to do and how to do it. They should be encouraged to be independent thinkers. i____________

46. The teacher criticized him because he didn?t come to school for no proper p_________ reason. 47. Since Eric listened to the talk about space, he has developed and interest in science. d________ 48. The City Government of Wuhan has just begun a new p_________ project to build a tunnel(隧道)through the Yangtze River 49. The old gentleman put on his glasses, unfolded the letters and began to read it. u_________ tough 50.She must be_________(坚韧的) to have survived such difficult life.


predicted 1.He ________ (预言)that the Chinese football team would lose the game. birthday 2. Tomorrow is my daughter?s b________ and I decided to buy a bike as a present. 3. I don?t often go to the cinema c________ dislike films. 4. The whole village was d_________ in destroyed the terrible earthquake in 1980. 5. We couldn?t hear him c________ so clearly we asked him to speak louder.

6. The note he left _________(暗示)that he indicated would be away from home for a long time. fingers 7. Her ________(手指)were cut when she was cutting meat last week. 8. Would you please help me ________(悬 hang 挂)the picture on the wall. Indian 9. Ms. Su once studied in an ________(印度 的)university. respect 10.Children are taught to ________(尊 敬)their teachers in the kindergarten.

11.When the queen is at home, the flag palace would be raised on the top of her______ (宫殿). Autumn/ fall 12.__________(秋天)comes after summer 13.She joined the Young ________(先锋) Pioneer at the age of eight. 14. The food in that r_________ is so poor restaurant that we?ll never eat there again. 15. Please feel free to ask for our help when you are in trouble t_________.

16. Our class will go camping next Monday ________(星期一). 17. The workers in the car factory are paid ________(付报酬)by the hour. Anyhow 18.____________(无论如何) I must finish the work today. repeat 19. Would you please ________(重复) your order, sir? 20.I ________(钦佩) him very much for admire he is a learned and kind man.

21. A l________ is a person who helps you librarian when you want to borrow books from a library. 22. When I was on holiday I visited my uncle. h______, 23. The accident occurred at five o?clock in o________ the morning. 24. This is a s________ day for her because on special this day ten years ago she married David. 25. The storm did a lot of damage d__________ to the crops.

gradually 26. Her health is __________ (逐 渐)improving. 27. Go to see a doctor, you are obviously (显然)ill. 28. She is too poor to satisfy family?s material _________(物质)need. 29. According to the weather report, the continue weather will ________(继续) fine till this weekend. 30.I?ll have several travels on business in ________(八月份). August

favorite 31. The toy is the boy?s ________(喜爱). 32. She is a woman of high position ________(地 位). 33. This kind of machine was invented in ninteenth the ________(十九) century. 34. He is not _________(漂亮) but is handsome very pleasant-looking. firewood 35. Please put some ________(柴火)on the fire, or it will go out.

36. He is to b__________ for he has blame done a great fault. greedy 37. The g________ boy ate so many cakes that he fell ill. chimneys 38. The c_________ of the factory are smoking heavily, polluting the air. 39. He couldn?t swim, and he was drowned nearly d__________ in the water. 40.The film r________ him of his bitter reminded childhood.

41. The electric wires are protected ( 保护 ) by a ________ rubber covering. 42. What a poor memory m_________ I?ve got! I always forget everything. 43. In the accident 15 passengers were s_________ injured, including three children. seriously 44. Though the doctor doesn?t allow a__________ my father to smoke, he can always find some excuse for his smoking. 45. China is doing her best to catch up with d_________ countries Such as America and developed Japan.

46. Hard work leads to success and f________ lies in laziness. failure 47. I don?t want to attend his birthday party, because I haven?t got his invitation i_________. 48. It?s n_____________ for us to master a necessary foreign language. disappointment 49. To her d_______________ she found he didn?t pass the exam. 50.As soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell asleep a_________.


ninth 1. September is the n________ month of a year. 2. Where we will go swimming depends d_________ on the weather.. 3. The boat is sailing a________ the against wind, so it is moving very slowly. 4. He tried to explain e ________the reason why he was late. abroad 5. Going a_______ means going to work or live in a foreign country

6.Recently our factory succeeded adopting in________(采用) a new method to deal with industrial wastes. 7. The underground trains carry more passengers than the buses do. p_________ 8. Bob and John are in the same school different but in d_________ grades. 9. It?s a s________ for a young man like shame you not to study hard. 10.He said he p_________ drawing to preferred painting.

characteristic 1. The ___________(特征) I like best in him is his honesty. promised 2. He _________(答应) that the roof should be repaired within two days. Rehearse 3. _________(彩排) the play before you perform it on the stage possibly 4. You can?t ________(可能地)run a mile in two minutes. 5. The gold ring is kept in a secret _________(秘密的)hiding place.

6. I think I must make an apology to her for a________ not going to her party. 7 This road is about 1,000 meters in l_________.. length disability/ disabilities 8.People who live with________________(残疾) should have equal access to public facilities. 9.The teachers were busy analysing/ analyzing ____________(分析) how to improve the students? spoken English. 10.We were married on 20 May 1986 , so every anniversary year we have a party on our____________(周 年纪念).

1.It?s bad ________ (礼貌) to talk with nanners your mouthful. experienced 2. He became ____________(有经验)at learning English. 3. Don?t be __________(泄气), try again. discouraged 4. The water in the wet clothes is being turned into v______(水蒸气)and they get vapour drier and drier. 5. As the storm became nearer, black clouds were ________(聚集)over the sky. gathering

6. Something is wrong with my bike. I?ll have it r_________. repaired 7. He wrote one of his works great______( 著作) , “The Civil War in France”. 8. The boy is interested in biology ______(生 物), isn?t he? 9. Don?t draw a c________ before you conclusion think it over. 10.The police ________( 控告) him of accused stealing.

1. He made a few mistakes in g_________(语法) in his composition. grammar 2. The splendid _______(灿烂的) jewels are glowing in the shop window. 3. Usually children are ______(好奇 curious 的)about everything they see and meet. 4. Jane was lucky that she was just _______(轻微)hurt in the accident. slightly 5. She was a ______(模范)worker in the model factory.

scarce 6. Wood is becoming ______(紧缺)in the country and a new material must be found to replace it. 7. She was well known as an excellent _______ (出色) dancer millions 8. ______(成百万) of other stars are even bigger and brighter than the sun. concert 9. Go ahead with your________(音乐会). 10 However, his knowledge __________(知识) of French remained very weak.

1. The doctor?s treatment gave the patient relief some ________(减轻痛苦) . 2..When you?re busy ,it?s important to give relax yourself time to________(放松) supermarket 3. Every time you go to the __________(超 市),you go away with your purchases packed in plastic bags. depth 4. Water was found at a ________(深度) of 25 feet. upstairs 5. “Am I to carry it _________(楼上).” “Please don?t , just leave it here.”

6. The boy is always late for school, so he is f________ punished. frequently 7. The medical m________ team was made up of four doctors and five nurses. 8. She was not aware, however, of the circumstances/environment ______________________(环境). 9. This story will be t__________ from translated English into Chinese. 10.The hospital receives and treats mental _________(精神病的)patients.


Politeness 1. _________(礼貌)and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. Ancient 2. _______(远古的)Chinese was a place where states were often at war with each other before Q in Dynasty. energy 3. The sun provides a lot of______(能量). 4. More than 29 passengers were ______ injured (受伤) in the accident. Freedom 5. ________(自由) from worry is one of the secrets of long time.

anxiously 6. “What has happened?” she asked _______ (焦急地). 7. The World Service broadcasts _________(播放) program in English and 35 other languages all over the world. 8. Football is a popular/welcome _______________(受欢迎的) game in European countries. 9. I?ll leave for Shanghai tomorrow. Please take care of my house during my absence _______(不 在). 10.The police got control of the situation and many criminals ________ (罪犯) caught finally.

opposite 11. He hurried away in the_______(相反). 12. It is well known that a cow has stomachs four_______ (胃). 13. At a height of four miles the air becomes so thin that it almost breathe impossible to _______(呼吸). 14. How often is our school newspaper published ________ ( 出版)? collected 15. We want to have the _______ ( 筹集) money sent to the flooded areas as soon as possible.

temples 16. The old ______ ( 寺庙)were well protected which dated from the Qing Dynasty. opinion 17. In my ________ (看法), one must study hard so that one can succeed in mastering a foreign language. emergency 18.Seconds count in____________ (紧急情况) and knowing what to do can mean the difference between life and death. choose 19. Will you help me _______ (选择)a new hat? normal 20.The _______ ( 正常 ) body temperature of man is around 36.5℃.

21.One of the main themes of the summit was “sustainable (可持续性) development”. ________ 22. Do you know when the first computers was _______ (发明). invented 23. She has made great progress ( 进 ________ 步 ) in her studies this term. 24. We?ll have a big celebration this coming ______ (十月). October 25.The three biggest killers in the world are contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation (卫生设施) and air pollution. ________

26.Your suggestion is of great practical _______(实用) value. uncertain/ 27. The date of his arrival is still _____ undecided (未定). 28. We should judge a person not only by appearance ___________ (外貌). advertisements 29. China Daily has plenty of ________ (广告) , which help to cut the costs of making the newspaper. 30.The hills in the distance ______(远处)are green.

married 31. He got ______(结婚)to his secretary 3 years ago. alarm 32. If you hear the fire ____ (火 警) ,don?t go to your room to collect things. engineers 33.They needed five more _______ (工 程师) to complete the design. 34. “We must fight!” they shouted excitedly ____ (激动). weighed 35. The man _____ (称)the apples before I could ask the price.

belonging 36. China is a country ________ (属 于)to a developing country. 37. This kind of tree can only grow in northern the _____ (北方) parts of China. 38. There are some differences _________ (差 异)between America English and British English. 39. The Bank of China has a lot of branches ________ (支行) in the world. 40. We have set up an (协 association 会)for the blind.

41. The Young Pioneers considered supporting ________(赞助) the Hope Projects by collecting money. 42. I like all sorts of vegetables, especially ________ (尤其) cabbages. 43. Mr. Li will come back from Japan on Saturday _______ (星期六). fiftieth 44. Tomorrow will be my mother?s ____ (五十) birthday. 45.“All the waste things in the house must cleared be _______ (清除) right now .” Tom said to his men.

shares 46. She _____ (分担) in my troubles as well as in my joys. secretary 47. He works as a __________(秘书) in the company. 48. This minister will be in charge of the foreign affairs _______ (事务) of that small country. 49. Excuse me, could you lend me one of your dictionaries d_________? I want to look up a new expression in it. 50.Mrs. Black is getting fatter and fatter. So she has got to take some exercise to loose some weight w__________.


1. The reporter decided to writer a report addicted about the people_____ (沉溺于) to drugs. 2. Without international___________ (合 cooperation 作) , developing countries cannot prosper. 3. My feelings at the moment are beyond description __________ (描述). classical 4. As we all know , Latin is a_______ (古 典) language. Regular 5. _______ (固定) English programs are broadcast on CCTV ,Channel 4 every day.

editions 6.I read one of the early ________ (版本) of the book in 1999. 7.It is said that Kelly Chan;s concert tickets have not been available (可得到 ________ 的)at the box office. 8. He has a gift for arts and appreciates _________ (欣赏) oil paintings most. similar 9. The customs of the U.S.A are ______ (相似) to those of Britain in some way. 10.Many volunteers (志愿者)were sent to _________ the earthquake-stricken area to join in the rescue work .

11. We should show no mercy ______(怜悯)to the enemies of the people. 12. Do come please. I will wait for you at the entrance (入口处). 13. Without any hesitation (犹豫), she took up the red flag and rushed out. 14. There are two national (国家) ______ languages in Canada. 15. The problems of the laid-off workers and re-employment has caught great attention social _______ (关注).

16. He deserted(舍弃) his wife and children ______ and went abroad. 17. Is the difference between manual (体力) mental and ______ (脑力) labor great in our country? 18. Mike , a foreign merchant (商人),came ________ to our factory last week. 19.Biology(生物学) is the science of life and _____ living things. delivered 20.Letters ________ (邮递) by air is much faster than those by train, but they cost more.

separation 21.Race_________ (隔离) lasted about two centuries in America until the last half of 20th century. 22.When I greeted her on the way to work, responded she_________(回应) with a smile. 23. From her puzzled ( 迷惑) expression ______ on the face, I know she hasn?t got my idea. 24. He got temporary (临时的) work while ________ he was waiting to go to the university . government 25. His father serves in a __________ (政 府) office.

conclusions 26. They drew different __________ (结论) from the same fact. mistaken 27.You are _______ (弄错了) I?m not Alice. 28. He gave me an apple in _________ exchange (交换) for a piece of cake. 29.Strictly (严格) speaking ,he should be ______ punished for this 30.Mr Li observed his students making experiments in the Chemistry (化学) lab. _________

31. Judging from his appearance, he exactly__________ (像) his mother. resembles 32.This year one thousand new students admitted were_______ (录取) to our school. 33. The dictionary I bought yesterday is of great value to me. v_____ 34. Now people all over our country are f______ against pollution. fighting 35. Those who break the law must be p_______. punished

36. The ground is all wet because it has rained h__________ all morning. heavily / hard 37. Is he losing weight? He looks much thinner t_____ than before. 38. He can?t see anything because he sight lost his s____ in an accident. 39. He does morning exercises every day healthy to keep himself h____. engaged 40.They got_________ (订婚) one year ago and they?ll hold a wedding tomorrow.

41. When do you think the patient can be operated o_________ on? 42. The class was s_____ as the teacher silent explained the exam rules. 43.Because some great masters of tennis didn?t take part in the game, there were vacant many _______(未占用的) seats in the stadium. various 44. For _____ (各种各样)reasons, he had to leave his homeland. 45. It was noisy. He had to r____ his raise voice when speaking .

46.It is not polite that you dressed in casual _________(随便的) clothes for the party. 47.As a matter of fact, the house is well furnished _________(布置). 48. Talking of his father?s death, the girl kept on wiping eyes with her back hand. w____ 49. The illness spread ______(传播) quickly and soon masses of people in the surrounding areas were in hospital. 50.The earth is getting dirty. We must take measures against p______. pollution


1. Peter was born on December 12, D________ 1988. 2.These poor children have to go out for freezing food in ________(冰冻的) weather. 3. She went to the party with a necklace around her neck. n________ 4. He went to the hospital last Sunday examined and had his eyes e__________. prevent 5. We must p________ the factories from sending out bad gases.

astronaut 6. The _________(宇航员) landed on the moon. 7. There are some notes and ________ explanation (解释) after the text. 8.You managed the project well, considering _________(考虑到) your inexperience.. 9.To be honest, it will take about three hours if everything goes________(顺利) . smoothly 10.When I arrived I saw the place was occupied already __________ (传播)by two strangers in uniforms.

11.The snow-capped mountain and beautiful flowers are really a________ (享 feast 受,盛宴) for eyes. 12. Don?t take a taxi; the bus can take you cheaply there more ________ (便宜). 13. Our government announced every religion citizen enjoy the freedom of ________ (宗 教). pianos 14. There are no _______ (钢琴) in the school for the poor children to play. 15. Don?t be frightened by the television camera. Just speak _________(自然的). naturally

16.The___________(重大突破) in fighting breakthrough cancer gives hope to cancer patients all over the world. cause 17. No one knows the ________ (原因) of his sudden death. likely 18. He is ________ (可能的) to come here tomorrow. discovery 19. The ________ (发现) of radium has helped many people. decorated 20. Factory 798 was________ (装饰) with small round windows, bent roofs and twenty-foot high of buildings.

Average 21. A________ earnings in the state are about $ 1,5000 a month. 22. We have received informationthat i________ Grant May have left the country. 23. Her teacher _________ (影响) her influenced decision, for what he said was very persuasive. 24. A baby c___________ its needs by communicates crying. 25. I won?t waste any more of your precious p________ time.

approach 26. We are not allowed to________ (靠 近) the forbidden area. appealing 27.The government is ________ (呼吁) to everyone to save water. 28.By practicing good thinking ________ (策略) , we become more strategies creative. 29. Most of the world?s ________ (人口) population don?t get enough to eat. unique 30.He has got a ________ (独特) opportunity to study abroad.

31. Chinese history is filled with great achievements(成就) in science and technology ___________ 32 . I?d like to write him a letter, but I don?t know his _______(地址). address 33. At that time in the southern states, blacks citizens were not treated as equal __________(公民) in the USA. 34 . Annie Sullivan was a lively young woman patience with __________(耐心)and imagination. 35. Officers can?t work properly without certain equipment important pieces of ___________ (仪器)

gymnastics 36. Modern _________ (体操) began in the nineteenth century. 37 I think reading English newspaper is a good way of improving ________(改进)your English. 38 To be a ________ (侦探) seemed like detective to a hero to me. merchant 39. Antonio was a __________(商人) of Venice who was liked by everyone. 40. At the end of the nineteenth century, foreign ___________( 侵略者 ) destroyed invaders Yuanmingyuan.

41.Mike?s family used to live in a European __________(欧洲的) country. umbrella 42. Take the __________ (伞) with you, Tom. It?s raining outside. 43. She was __________(满意的) with satisfied her birthday presents from her friends. 44. They met with a traffic accident during the ride.Fortunately ________(幸运地) nobody was injured. 45. It was too noisy. He had to _________(抬高)his voice when speaking. raise

46. The nurse took the boys temperature to see if he had a _______(高烧). fever library 47. In the school l_______, I found lots of books I was interested in. 48. To his d________, his daughter won delight the first prize in the competition. 49. Talking of his father?s death, she kept wiping on w_______ her eyes with a handkerchief. 50.While watching the game, the football fans often make a sign with fingers which means victory v______.