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2014高考英语二轮复习 完形填空+词汇真题55


【完形填空+词汇真题】天天练 【第 55 天】

【做题目记单词,练技能抓基础】 ? ? ? ? 综合技能完形训练......................................................... 1 完形单词单选巩固......................................................... 2 高频词汇集中速记........................................................ 4[ 参考答案:............................................................... 8



【2011 上海卷】 Everyone in business has been told that success is all about attracting and retaining (留住) customers. It sounds simple and achievable. But, 50 , words of wisdom are soon forgotten. Once companies have attracted customers they often 51 the second half of the story. In the excitement of beating off the competition, negotiating prices, securing orders, and delivering the product, managers tend to become carried away. They forget what they regard as the boring side of business– 52 that the customer remains a customer. 53 to concentrate on retaining as well as attracting customers costs business huge amounts of money annually. It has been estimated that the average company loses between 10 and 30 percent of its customers every years. In constantly changing 54 , this is not surprising. What is surprising is the fact that few companies have any idea how many customers they have lost. Only now are organizations beginning to wake up to those lost opportunities and calculate the 55 implications. Cutting down the number of customers a company loses can make a big 56 in its performance. Research in the US found that a five per cent decrease in the number of defecting ( 流 失 的 ) customers led to 57 increases of between 25 and 85 per cent. In the US, Domino’s Pizza estimates that a regular customer is worth more than $5,000 over ten years. A customer who receives a poor quality product or service on their first visit and 58 never returns, is losing the company thousands of dollars in 59 profits (more if you consider how many people they are likely to tell about their bad experience). The logic behind cultivating customer 60 is impossible to deny. "In practice most companies’ marketing effort is focused on getting customers, with little attention paid to 61 them", says Adrian Payne of Cornfield University’ School of Management. "Research suggests that there is a close relationsh ip between retaining customers and making profits. 62 customers tend to buy more, are predictable and usually cost less to service than new custo mers. Furthermore, they tend to be less price


63 , and may provide free word-of-mouth advertising. Retaining customers also makes it 64 for competitors to enter a market or increase their share of a market. 50. A. in B. in reality C. at least D. first of all particular 51. A. emphasize B. doubt C. overlook D. believe 52. A. denying B. ensuring C. arguing D. proving 53. A. Moving B. Hoping C. Starting D. Failing 54. A. markets B. tastes C. prices D. expenses 55. A. culture B. social C. financial D. economical 56. A. promise B. plan C. mistake D. difference 57. A. cost B. opportunity C. profit D. budget 58. A. as a result B. on the whole C. in conclusion D. on the contrary 59. A. huge B. potential C. extra D. reasonable 60. A. beliefs B. loyalty C. habits D. interest 61. A. altering B. understanding C. keeping D. attracting 62. A. Assumed B. Respected C. Established D. Unexpected 63. A. agreeable B. flexible C. friendly D. sensitive 64. A. unfair B. difficult C. essential D. convenient



1. [2005 湖北,28] What a table! I've never seen such a thing before. It is _____ it is long. A)half not as wide as B)wide not as half as C)not half as wide as D)as wide as not half 2. [2005 上海,42] The company is starting a new advertising campaign to _____ new customers to its stores. A)join B)attract C)stick D)transfer 3. [2005 江西,26] My friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; _____, he could neither eat nor sleep. A)as a result B)after all C)any way D)otherwise 4. [2006 江西,28] It is said that dogs will keep you _____ for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely. A)safety B)company C)house D)friend 5. [2006 上海,30] These shoes look v ery good. I wonder _____. A)how much cost they are B)how much do they cost C)how much they cost D)how much are they cost 6. [2006 上海 ,42] Small cars are _____ of fuel, so they have more appeal for consumers. A)free B)short C)typical D)economical 7. [2007 天津,9]A new _____ bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago. A)normal B)usual C)regular D)common 8. [2007 陕西,10] _____ that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere.


A)So successful her business was B)So successful was her business C)So her business was successful D)So was her successful business 9. [2007 上海,31] — How was the televised debate last night?— Super! Rarely _____ so much media attention. A)a debate attracted B)did a debate attract C)a debate did attract D)attracted a debate 10. [2008 湖北, 21]The young man made a _____ to his parents that he would try to earn his own living after graduation. A)prediction B)promise C)plan D)contribution 11. [2008 全国Ⅱ,14]If their marketing plans succeed, they _____ their sales by 20 percent. A)will increase B)have been increasing C)have increased D)would be increasing 12. [2008 山东,33]Would it be _____ for you to pick me up at four o'clock and take me to the airport? A)free B)vacant C)handy D)convenient 13. [2009 江苏,27. ]Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more _____ to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems. A)sceptical B)addicted C)available D)sensitive 14. [2009 全国 II,13] Jenny nearly missed the flight _____ doing too much shopping. A)as a result of B)on top of C)in front of D)in need of 15. [2009 天津,1] I'm trying to break the _____ of getting up too late. A)tradition B)convenience C)habit D)leisure 16. [2010 江西, 35]Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving licence reached 200, 000, a[n] _____ of 40, 000 per year. A)average B)number C)amount D)quantity 17. [2010 山东, 35]Mothers holding jobs outside the home should have _____ schedules to make it easier to care for their children. A)heavy B)smooth C)flexible D)complex 18. [2010 陕西 , 22]Studies show that people are more _____ to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A)likely B)possible C)probable D)sure 19. [2010 浙江, 13]—Would she mind playing against her former teammates?— _____ She is willing to play against any tough players. A)I think so. B)I'm not surprised. C)Of course. D)Not likely! 20. [2011 湖北, 27]The minister said, “ We are ready for discussions with any legal parties, but we'll never _____ with criminals. ” A)negotiate B)quarrel C)argue D)consult 21. [2011 江苏, 28]—Are you still mad at her?—Not really, but I can't _____ that her remarks hurt me. A)deny B)refuse C)reject D)decline 22. [2010 上海, 37]The police officers in our city work hard _____ the rest of us can live a safe life.


A)in case B)as if C)in order that D)only if 23. [2011 江西 33]She has already tried her best. Please don't be too _____ about her job. A)special B)responsible C)unusual D)particular 24. [2012 江西,34]He seems to be giving the impression that he didn't enjoy himself in Paris. _____, he had a wonderful l time. A)Above all B)wh at's more C)As a result D)On the contrary 25. [2012 辽宁,32]Not until he retired from teaching three years ago _____ having a holiday abroad. A)he had considered B)had he considered C)he considered D)did he consider 26. [2012 山东,33]Be _____ —you can't expect me to finish all this work in so little time. A)reasonable B)confident C)creative D)grateful 27. [2012 天 津 ,10] The secretary arranged a[n] _____ time and place for the applicants to have an interview. A)important B)spare C)public D)convenient 28. [2012 新课标,29]This restaurant wasn't _____ that other restaurant we went to. A)half as good as B)as half good as C)as good as half D)good as half as 29. [2012 浙江, 14]Brown said he was by no means annoyed; _____ he was glad to be able to make himself clearly understood. A)all in all B)for one thing C)on the contrary D)by the way 30. [2012 浙江, 3]No matter how bright a talker you are, there are times when it's better _____ silent. A)remain B)be remaining C)having remained D)to remain 31. [2012 重庆, 31]Before you quit your job, _____ how your family would feel about your decision. A)consider B)considering C)to consider D)considered 32. [2013 江苏,27]“Never for a second,” the boy says, “ _____ that my father would come to my rescue.” A)I doubted B)do I doubt C)I have doubted D)did I doubt 33. [2013 江苏,26]I am always delighted when I received an e-mail from you. _____ the party on July 1st, I shall be pleased to attend. A)On account of B)In response to C)In view of D)With regard to 34. [2005 天津,6] If it is quite _____ to you, I will visit you next Tuesday. A)convenient B)fair C)easy D)comfortable 35. [2004 全国 II,31] If you buy more than ten, they knock 20 pence off _____. A)a price B)price C)the price D )prices 36. [2004 重庆,33] The husband gave his wife _____ every month in order to please her. A)all half his income B)his half all income C)half his all income D)all his half income 37. [2003 北京]Come and see me whenever _____. A)you are convenient B)you will be convenient C)it is convenient to you


D)it will be convenient to you 38. [2003 上海]One of the consequences of our planet's being warming up is a$[n ] _____ in the number of natural disasters. A)result B)account C)reason D)increase ? 高频词汇集中速记 [?'t?i:v?bl] ['?dv?ta?z] [?'gri:?bl] ['?:lt?(r)] [?'ma?nt] ['?nj??l?] ['ɑ:gju:] [?'sju:m] [?'ten??n] [?'tr?kt] ['?v?r?d?] [bi:t] [b?'li:f] ['b ?d??t] ['b?zn?s] ['k?lkj?le?t] [sent] ['k?mp?n?] [?k?mp?'t???n] [k?m'pet?t?(r)] ['k?nsntre?t] [k?n'klu:?n] [k?n's?d?(r)] ['k?nst?ntl?] ['k?ntr?r?] [k?n'vi:n??nt] ['k?:nfi:ld] [k?st] ['k?lt?ve? t] ['k?lt??(r)] ['k?st?m?(r)] a. 做得成的,可完成的,可有成就的 vt. 做广告,通知 vi. 做广告 a. 愉快的,和蔼可亲的,同意的 vt.vi. 改变 n. 数量,总额 vi. 总计,等于 ad. 一年一次,每年 vi. 争论,辩论 vt. 辩论,证明,说服 vt. 假定,承担,摆架子 vi. 专擅 n. 注意,注意力 vt. 吸引,诱惑 vi. 有吸引力 n. 平均,平均数,海损 a. 一般的,通常的,平均的 vt. 平均为,均分,使平衡 vi. 买进,卖出 n. 打 , 敲打声 , 拍子 vt.vi. 打 , 打败 , 搜索 a. 疲乏 的,颓废的 n. 信念,相信,信仰 n. 预算 vi. 编预算 vt. 编入预算,安排 a. 廉价的 n. 生意,事情,业务,职责,商行,商业 vt.vi. 计算,考虑,计划,打算 n. 分 n. 公司 , 友伴 , 交际 , 一群 , 朋友 , 连队 vt. 陪伴 vi. 交往 n. 竞争,竞赛 n. 竞争者 n. 浓缩,精选 vt.vi. 集中,专心,浓缩 n. 结论,结尾,断案 vt.vi. 考虑,思考,认为 ad. 不变地,不断地,时常地 a. 相反的,矛盾的,对立的 n. 相反,对立面 ad. 相反 地 a. 方便的,合宜的 n. 麦田,稻田,玉蜀黍田 n. 代价,价值,费用 vi. 花费 vt. 使失去,值,需要, 使花费 vt. 培养,耕作 n. 文化,修养,耕种 vt. 耕种,使有教养 n. 消费者

achievable advertise agreeable alter amount annually argue assume attention attract average beat belief budget business calculate cent company competition competitor concentrate conclusion consider constantly contrary convenient cornfield cost cultivate culture customer


decrease defect deliver deny dollar domino doubt economical effort emphasize ensure enter essential establish estimate excitement expense experience extra fail financial flexible focus free furthermore habit half implication impossible increase likely logic loyalty management manager market negotiate

[d?'kri:s] ['di:fekt] [d?'l?v?(r)] [d?'na?] ['d?l?(r)] ['d?m?n??] [da?t] [?i:k?'n?m?kl] ['ef?t] ['emf?sa?z] [?n'???(r)] ['ent?(r)] [?'sen?l] [?'st?bl??] ['est?m?t] [?k'sa?tm?nt] [?k'spens] [?k'sp??r??ns] ['ekstr?] [fe?l] [fa?'n?n?l] ['fleks?bl] ['f??k?s] [fri:] [?f?:??'m?:(r) ] [ 'h?b?t] [hɑ:f] [??mpl?'ke???n] [?m'p?s?bl] [?n'kri:s] ['la?kl?] ['l?d??k] ['l???lt?] ['m?n?d?m?nt] ['m?n?d??(r)] ['mɑ:k?t] [n?'g????e?t]

n. 减少,减少之量 vi.vt. 减少 n. 缺点 vt. 递送,陈述,释放,发表,交付,投递,引渡 vt.vi. 否认,拒绝 n. 元,美元 n. 化装外衣,面具 n. 怀疑,疑惑 vt.vi. 怀疑,不信 a. 节俭的,经济的,合算的 n. 努力,成就 vt. 强调,加强语气,着重 vt. 确定,保证,担保,保护 vt. 进入,参加,开始 vi. 进去,参加 n. 输入,回车 n. 要素,要点,本质 a. 必要的,重要的,本质的 vt. 建立,确立,制定 vi. 移植生长 n. 估计,判断 vt. 估计,评价,判断 vi. 估计 n. 刺激,兴奋 n. 费用,代价,损失,开支 n. 经验,体验 vt. 经验,体验 n. 额外的事物 a. 额外的,特别的 ad. 额外地,特别 地,非常地 vi. 失败,不及格,忘记 vt. 辜负,不及格 n. 不及格 a. 财政的,财务的,金融界的 a. 易曲的,灵活的,可通融的,能变形的,柔软的 n. 焦点,焦距 vi. 聚焦,注视 vt. 使聚焦,调焦,集中 n. 焦点 a. 自由的,大方的,免费的,丰富的 vt. 释放,解放,使 自由 ad. 自由地,免费 ad. 此外,而且 n. 习惯,嗜好,习性 vt. 使穿衣 n. 一半 , 半时 , 不完全 a. 一半的 , 不完全的 , 半途的 ad. 一半地,部分地,几乎 n. 含意,暗示 a. 不可能的,不容易的,令人无法忍受的 n. 增加,增进,利益 vt. 增加,加大 vi. 增加,繁殖 a. 有可能的,合适的,前途有望的 ad. 或许,可能 n. 逻辑,逻辑学,逻辑性,推理,推理的方法 n. 忠贞,忠诚,忠实 n. 经营,支配,管理 n. 经理,管理员 n. 管理器 n. 市场 , 交易 , 集市 , 推销地区 , 销路 , 市面 , 行情 vt. 在市场上交易,使上市,销售 vi. 商议,谈判,交涉 vt. 谈妥,转让,处理


numb opportunity order organization overlook particular per percent per form pizza potential practice predictable price product profit promise prove provide quality reality reasonable receive regard regular relationship remain research respect result retain secure sensitive service

[n?m] [??p?'tju:n?t?] ['?:d?(r)] [??:g?na?'ze??? n] [???v?'l?k] [p?'t?kj?l?(r)] [p?(r)] [p?'sent] [p?'f?:m] ['pi:ts?] [p?'ten?l] ['pr?kt?s] [pr?'d?kt?bl] [pra?s] ['pr?d?kt] ['pr?f?t] ['pr?m?s] [pru:v] [pr?'va?d] ['kw?l?t?] [r?'?l?t?] ['ri:zn?bl] [r?'si:v] [r?'gɑ:d] ['regj?l?(r)] [r?'le??n??p] [r?'me?n] [r?'s?:t?] [r?'spekt] [r?'z?lt] [r?'te?n] [s?'kj??(r)] ['sens?t?v] ['s?:v?s]

a. 麻木的,失去知觉的 vt. 使麻木,使昏迷,使失去知 觉 n. 机会,时机 n. 次序,规则,命令 vi. 命令,定货 vt. 整理,命令, 定购 n. 顺序,阶数 n. 组织,结构,团体 vt. 俯瞰,远眺,没注意到 n. 眺望,俯瞰中的景色 n. 个别项目,详细说明 a. 特别的,独有的,挑剔的 prep. 每一 n. 百分比,百分数 vt. 履行,完成,执行,表演 vi. 行动,演出 n. 比萨饼 n. 潜在性,可能性,潜力,位,势,潜能 a. 有潜力的,可 能的,潜在的 n. 实践,练习,实行,开业,习惯 vt.vi. 实践,实行,开 业,实习,练习 a. 可预言的 n. 价格,代价,价值 vt. 定...的价格 n. 产品,结果,成绩,乘积 n. 利润,赢利,利益 vi. 有益,获利,赚钱 vt. 有益于 n. 诺言,约定,希望 vt. 允诺,约定,预示 vi. 允诺, 有前途,有指望 vt. 证明,查验,显示,勘探 vi. 证明是 vt. 提供,供应,预备,装备 vi.作准备,瞻养,规定 n. 品质,特质,才能,质量 a. 优质的 n. 品质 n. 真实,事实,实在,逼真 a. 合理的,明理的,适当的 vt. 收到,接受,得到,承受,迎接,接待 vi. 收到,会客 n. 关心,注意,问候,关系,尊敬 vt. 视为,注意,看待, 和...有关,考虑 vi. 注视,注意 a. 规则的,常例的,有秩序的,整齐的,有系统的,等边 的,定期的,,正式的,经常的 n. 正规军,正式队员 n. 关系,关联 vi. 保持,逗留,剩余 n. 研究,调查,考察 vi. 研究,调查 n. 尊敬,尊重,关心 vt. 尊敬,注意,遵守 n. 结果,成绩,答案 vi. 产生,起于,致使 n. 结果 vt. 保持,保有,聘请,记得,留住 a. 无虑的,安心的,可怜的,保险的,可靠的 vt. 固定, 获得,保证,促成,掩护,使安全 a. 敏感的,易感的,灵敏的,感光的 n. 服务,贡献,雇佣,公职,劳役,服役,功劳,行政部门,


送达,仪式 vt. 保养,维修 share simple social success suggest tend unexpected unfair university wake wisdom word-of-mout h worth [?e?(r)] ['s?mpl] ['s????l] [s?k'ses] [s?'d?est] [tend] [??n?k'spekt?d] [??n'fe?(r)] [?ju:n?'v?:s?t?] [we?k] ['w?zd?m] [] [w?:θ ] n. 部分,参与,份额,参股,一份 vt. 均分,分担,共有, 分配,分享 vi. 分享 n. 共享 a. 简单的,普通的,朴素的,坦率的,糊涂的,原始的,初 级的,绝对的 n. 出身低微者,傻子 a. 社会的,群居的,社交的 n. 联欢会 n. 成功,成就,胜利 vt. 提议,建议,促成,使人想起,启发,暗示 vi. 有某种的倾向,易于,招待,注意 vt. 照料,护理 a. 料想不到的,突然的,意外的 a. 不公平的,不正直的,不正当的 n. 大学 vt. 叫醒,激发 vi. 醒来,醒着,警觉,振奋 n. 醒,守 夜,尾迹,痕迹 n. 智慧,明智 的行为,贤人,名言,学识 a. 口头的,口述的 n. 价值,财产 a. 值...的,值得


参考答案: 60-64. BCCDB

完形填空 50-54. BCBDA 55-59. CDCAB 词 汇真题 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.C 8.B 9.B 10.B 11.A 12.D 13.D 14.A 15.C 16.A 17.C 18.A 19.D 20.A 21.A 22.C 23.D 24.D 25.D 26.A 27.D 28.A 29.C 30.D 31.A 32.D 33.D 34.A 35.C 36.A 37.C 38.D


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