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【名师伴你行】高考英语一轮复习 Unit3 A taste of English humour课件 新人教版必修4_图文

必修4 Unit 1—Unit 5
Unit 3 A taste of English humour

基 础 梳 理

1.________( content adj.) (n.) (vt.) 满足 使满足 战胜;克服 突出的;杰出的;显著的 满足的;满意的

2.____________( overcome vt.&vi.)

outstanding adj.) 3._____________( gesture n.) 4.________(
(vi.) 做手势

姿态;手势 特殊的;特别的 时刻;场合

particular adj.) 5.___________(
(n.) 细节;细目
6.___________( n.) occasion

7.________( vt.&vi.) slide



耳语;低语 低语;小声说

whisper n.) 8.________(

9.________( mess n.)


unfortunately adv.)( 反 10 .fortunate _________(adj.) 幸运的;吉利的→ _____________(
义词)不幸地→________( fortune n.)运气,财富

humourous adj.) 滑稽的;幽 11 . ________( humour n.) 幽默;滑稽→ ____________(

performer n.) 表演者;演出者→ ________( perform v.) 执行;表 12 . ____________(

performance n.)执行;演出 演→_____________(

13 . ________( direct vt.&vi.) 导演;指示;指挥 (adj.) 直的;直接的; 直 率 的 → ________( director n.) 导 演 → __________( direction n.) 指 导

directly adv.&conj.)直接地;径直的;一……就…… →________( convincing adj.) 令 人 信 服 的 14 . convince __________(vt.) 使 信 服 → __________( convinced →_____________( adj.)坚信不移的
15.________( failure n.)失败(者)→________( fail vi.)失败

entertainment n.) 娱 entertain vt.&vi.) 使欢乐;款待→ ______________( 16 . _________(
乐→______________( adj.)愉快的;有趣的 entertaining

astonish vt.) 使惊诧→____________( astonishing adj.) 令人感到惊讶的 17 . ________(
→_______________( astonishment n.)惊诧;震惊

react reaction n.)反应,回应 18.________( vi.)作出反应,回应→________(

up to now 1.________________ feel/be content with 2.___________________ badly off 3.________________ pick out 4.________________ cut off 5.________________
直到现在 对……满足 穷的;缺少的 挑出;辨别出 切断;断绝 在……担任主角;主演 寻找 对……挑剔

star in 6.________________
be in search of 7.________________ be particular about 8.__________________

break into 9.________________
burst into/out 10.________________


1.As Victor Hugo once said,“Laughter is the sun that drives
winter from the human face”,and up to now nobody has been able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. 维克多 · 雨果曾经说过:“笑容如阳光,能驱走人们脸上的冬 天。”关于这一点,直到今天也没有人能比查理·卓别林做得更好。 [解读] [仿写] as引导定语从句,代替后面句子的内容。 正像上面所提到的一样,高中生的数量正在增长。

________________ ,the number of the students in senior high schools is increasing. 答案:As is mentioned above

2.Unfortunately his father died,leaving the family even worse

off,so Charlie spent his childhood looking after his sick mother and his
brother. 不幸的是他的父亲去世了,使得他的家境更加艰难,因此,卓

[解读] leaving the family even worse off为现在分词短语作结果 状语。

[仿写 ]


学生安全的担忧。 The news shocked the public,________________ students' safety

at school.
答案:leading to great concern about

3.Then he picks out the lace of the shoe and eats it as if it were spaghetti.

[解读] [仿写] as if引导方式状语从句,常用虚拟语气。 The girl listened,still,as if she________________stone.

答案:had been turned to

4.Instead they are hiding in a small hut on the edge of a mountain during a snowstorm with nothing to eat. 他们被暴风雪困在山边的小木屋里,没有任何东西吃。 [ 解读 ] 态。 [仿写 ] 随着科学技术的迅速发展,谁能预测到将来会有什么 with +宾语+宾语补足语作状语,表示主语所处的状

______________________________ , who can predict what inventions there will be in the future? 答案:With science and technology developing rapidly

5.By his teens,Charlie had,through his humour,become one of the most popular child actors in England. 在十多岁的时候,凭借着自己的幽默,查理已经在英国成为最 受欢迎的童星之一。 [解读] by表示“到……为止”,句子常用完成时态。

[仿写] 到明年的这个时刻,你们大家就都成为大学生了。
By this time of next year,all of you__________________. 答案:will have become college students

突 破 核 心

1.content adj. 满足的,满意的 满足 vt.使满足 n. 内容,目录;

[ 教材原句 ]

He made people laugh at a time when they felt

depressed,so they could feel more content with their lives. 在人们感到沮丧的时候,他可以使他们开怀大笑,于是人们就

(1)be content to do sth.乐于做某事 be content with...对……满足/满意 be content that...对……满足/满意 (2)content sb./oneself with sth.使某人/自己满足于某事

[见证2014]But he is not content to simply record these voices before they disappear... 但他不满足于在(语言)消失之前只记录它们的发音。 (2014·新课标Ⅰ阅读理解D)

①We should never be content with book knowledge only. 我们永远不要仅仅满足于书本知识。 ②She dropped her purse and________________ fell out on the

她的钱包掉了,里面的东西散落在地板上。 ③That rich man is tired of city life,so he is well content______in the country. 那位富人厌倦了城市生活,因此他很愿意生活在乡下。 ④ As he had to drive home after the party , he_________two glasses of beer. 由于聚会后要开车回家,所以他只喝了两杯啤酒就心满意足 了。 答案:②the contents ③to live ④contented himself with

2.astonish vt. 使惊诧;使吃惊 [教材原句] You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught

to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk.
你可能会感到惊奇,查理刚会说话时大人就教他唱歌,他刚会 走路时大人就教他跳舞。 (1)be astonished at/by sth.因/对某事感到惊讶 be astonished to do sth.对做某事感到惊讶 It astonishes sb.that令某人惊讶的是 be astonished that对……感到惊讶 (2)to one's astonishment令某人惊讶的是 in astonishment吃惊地 astonishing adj.令人惊讶的 astonished adj.感到惊讶的

①The news astonished everybody. 这个消息令大家惊讶。 ②I was astonished____________(hear) the loud sound. 我被那巨大的声响吓了一跳。 ③She gave him an____________look. 她惊讶地看了他一眼。 ④We were astonished ________the news of her sudden death. 她突然去世的消息使我们震惊。 ⑤________ astonished me that no one had thought of this before. 以前谁也没想到这一点,这让我感到惊讶。

答案:②to hear

③astonished ④at


3.entertain vt.款待,招待;使快乐 [ 教材原句 ] No one was ever bored watching him—his subtle acting made everything entertaining. 没有人在观看他表演时会感到枯燥乏味——他的精湛的表演使一 切都令人愉快。 (1)entertain sb.with sth.=sb.be entertained with sth.用……使某人 快乐 entertain sb.to sth.用……招待某人 (2)entertaining adj.令人愉快的

(3)to one's entertainment使某人快乐的是

[ 见证 2014]This area is often used for entertainment such as concerts,games or TV watching. 这个地区通常被用来娱乐,如开音乐会,玩游戏或看电视。 (2014·天津卷阅读理解A) ①They were entertained by top singers,dancers and celebrities. 顶级歌手、舞蹈演员和名人们给他们带来娱乐。 ②He entertained us________stories curious and weird. 他用稀奇古怪的故事逗我们笑。 ③I'll entertain the guests________films. 我会招待客人们看电影。 答案:②with ③to

4.convince vt. 使人信服;使相信 的;有说服力的

convincing adj. 令人信服

[教材原句] The acting is so convincing that it makes you believe that it is one of the best meals he has ever tasted! 令人心悦诚服地表演使你相信这是他吃过的最可口的饭菜之一 了!

(1)convince sb.of sth.使某人相信某事
be convinced of sth./that确信;坚信;深信 convince sb.to do sth.说服某人做某事

(2)convinced adj.坚定不移的;有坚定信仰的
convincing adj.令人信服的

[见证2014]I don't believe what you said,but if you can prove it, you may be able to convince me. 我不相信你所说的话,但是如果你能证明,你可能会说服我。 (2014·江西卷) ①You need to convince your interviewer ________ your ability to master the work. 你需要让你的面试官相信你有驾驭这份工作的能力。 ②I____________that sooner or later we will succeed. 我确信我们迟早会成功的。 ③His mother has been trying to convince him__________(see)a doctor. 他妈妈一直设法说服他去看医生。 答案:①of ②am convinced ③to see

除了convince,还有哪些动词可以构成“动词+sb.+of sth.”的 结构?请完成下列短语。

①________ sb.of sth.
②________ sb.of sth. ③________ sb.of sth.

治好某人的病;改掉某人的坏习惯 通知某人某事

④________ sb.of sth.
⑤________ sb.of sth. ⑥________ sb.of sth.

使某人摆脱某物 抢劫某人某物 ③inform ④remind

答案:①accuse ②cure



5.direct vt.&vi. 导演;指示;指挥 的 adv. 直接地,径直地


[教材原句] Charlie Chaplin wrote,directed and produced the films he starred in. 查理·卓别林自编、自导、自制他主演的电影。 (1)direct sb.to do sth.指示(令)某人做某事 direct+that...(should) do...指示…… (2)direction n.方向;方位;指点;指示;说明书(常用复数) in the direction of...朝……方向 under the direction of...在……指导下 in all directions (=in every direction)朝四面八方 (3)directly adv.“直接地”,也可作连词,引导时间状语从句, 意为“一……就……”

①He directed many Shakspearian plays in London. 他在伦敦导演过许多莎士比亚的戏剧。 ②He directed that we________(keep)calm in face of danger. 他命令面对危险我们应保持镇定。 ③His boss directed him ________(cancel) the meeting. 他的老板指示他取消这次会议。 ④He realized that he was heading________ the wrong direction. 他意识到他走错了方向。 ⑤I will telephone you________ I hear the news. 我一听到消息就马上打电话给你。 答案:②keep ③to cancel ④in ⑤directly


用作副词时,这 两个词都有“直 directly 接地”之意


指行路中不停步、不绕道、 直奔目的地 指以一种直接的方式。表示 时间的时候,有“立刻,不 拖延”之意

He advised ________ that I should go ________ to the shop, ________ he saw me. 答案:directly;direct;directly

6.particularly adv. 尤其;特别 [教材原句] Children particularly would burst into laughter at his behaviour.

孩子们尤其对他的表演报之以大笑。 ①particular adj.特殊的;特别的;挑剔的
n.细节;细目 ②be particular about/over sth.对……讲究/挑剔

③be particular to do sth.特地做某事
④in particular=particularly尤其;特别;格外

[ 见证 2014]The young in particular are willing to accept this concept because at heart every child wants to grow into a happy , healthy,contributing adult. 年轻人特别愿意接受这个观念,因为从心里,每一个孩子都想 成为一个快乐,健康,有贡献的成年人。 (2014·安徽卷阅读理解E)

①I have nothing particular to do this evening,so let's go out for

a walk.
今晚我没有什么特别的事要做,咱们出去散散步吧! ②She likes fruit and apples________particular.

③She is very particular________what she wears. 她对穿着特别挑剔。

④Traffic is bad,________in the city centre.
交通状况很差,尤其是在市中心。 答案:②in ③about ④particularly

7.occasion n.时刻;场合 [教材原句] On one occasion in a restaurant he ordered a steak tartare. 在一个饭店场景里,他订了一份鞑靼牛排。 ①on occasion偶尔,有时 ②on one occasion曾经,有一个时候 ③on this/that occasion在这个/那个时候 ④on no occasion绝不,不会 [名师点津] 在修饰occasion的定语从句中,如关系词在定语从


①It is an occasion for all the family to celebrate. 这是个值得举家庆祝的时刻。 ②Have you ever met with the occasion________you are mistaken? 你是否有过被人误解的时候? ③ It's a good idea for children and parents to switch

对于父母和孩子来说,偶尔互换角色是个不错的主意。 ④What do they say when they meet________a formal occasion?

答案:②when ③on occasion/occasionally ④on

8.amuse vt.使发笑;使愉快


There are thousands of jokes which use “play on

words”to amuse us. 有成千上万个笑话是以“玩文字游戏”的方式来逗我们发笑

(1)amused adj.逗乐的;觉得好笑的 keep sb.amused使某人快乐;使某人消遣 (2)amusing adj.逗人笑的;有乐趣的;好笑的 (3)amusement n.可笑;愉悦;娱乐 to one's amusement令某人感到好笑的是

①The children amused themselves by playing hide-and-seek games. 孩子们玩捉迷藏游戏取乐。 ②Playing with water can keep children________for hours. 嬉水可以使孩子们玩乐好几个小时。

③To my________he couldn't get the door open.
令我感到好笑的是,他竟然打不开门。 答案:②amused ③amusement

9.whisper vi.&vt.低语,小声说;把(秘密等)悄悄传开 语,低语 [教材原句] you think of?”


Sherlock Holmes looked up at the stars and

whispered,“Watson,when you look at the beautiful sky,what do 夏洛克 · 福尔摩斯看着星星低声说道,“华生,当你看着这美 丽天空时,你想到了什么?” (1)whisper to sb.与某人耳语 (2)in a whisper=in whispers=in a low voice耳语地,低声地 (3)It is/was whispered that...据秘密传闻……

[见证2014]I could hear everyone whispering.“Who in our school could draw that well?”

(2014·北京卷完形填空) ①She told me her secret________a whisper/in whispers.

②__________________that he would soon die and he did. 有人私下说他将不久于人世,他果然死了。 答案:①in ②It was whispered

10.react vi. 作出反应;回应 [教材原句] How do you think John will react to her? 你认为约翰将对她作出何种反应? ①react to 对……作出反应

②react against 反对
③react on/upon 对……有影响 ④one's reaction to sth.某人对某物的反应 [见证2014]A schoolgirl saved her father's life by kicking him in the chest after he suffered a serious allergic reaction which stopped his heart. 一个女童在她的父亲因过敏反应心脏停止工作之后,通过踩她 爸爸的胸救了他的命。 (2014·四川卷阅读理解C)

①How did they react to your suggestion?

②Children tend to react________their parents by going against their wishes.

③Her parents'________to the news was surprisingly calm. 她父母对那消息的反应出乎意料地平静。 答案:②against ③reaction

11.badly off 穷的;缺少的 [ 教材原句 ] Unfortunately his father died , leaving the family even worse off,so Charlie spent his childhood looking after his sick mother and his brother. 不幸的是他的父亲去世了,使得他的家境更加艰难,因此,卓

①be badly off for缺乏……

②be well off境况很好,富裕
③go from bad to worse每况愈下 ④to make matters/things worse=what's worse=worse still更糟糕


①I've got quite a big room so I'm not too badly off. 我有一间相当大的屋子所以还不算很穷。 ② Even now some universities are badly off________English teachers. 即使是现在有些大学也缺少英语教师。

③His health went from bad to________because of hard work.
由于艰苦的工作,他的健康状况每况愈下。 ④________________,my car broke down on the way.

答案:②for ③worse ④To make matters worse

[记一记] 比较级 反义 比较级 worse off ――→ badly off ――→ ―→well off ――→ better off

12.pick out 挑出;辨别出;挑选;领会;理解 [教材原句] Then he pick out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. 然后他挑出鞋带来吃,像是吃意大利面条一样。 ①pick up 拾起;捡起;收拾;整理; ( 偶然 ) 学会;用车接某

②pick out 挑出;捡出;辨认出 ③pick one's pocket 扒窃;掏包

①There were so many people at the conference that I couldn't pick

him out.
参加会议的人太多了,我没能认出他。 ② He picked________some French while he was away on a

business trip in Paris.
他在巴黎出差时顺便学会了一些法语。 ③On the way home,he found his pocket________. 在回家的路上,他发现他的口袋被扒窃了。 答案:②up ③picked

13.cut off 割掉,切断,使隔绝 [教材原句] Then he cuts off the leather top of the shoe... 接着,他割下了鞋子上端的皮子…… ①cut out 突然熄火;删掉 ②cut up 切碎 ③cut down 砍倒;压缩;缩减 ④cut through 凿穿;从……穿过 ⑤cut away 切掉,砍掉

①I was cut off in the middle of the telephone call. 我的话讲了一半,电话中断了。 ②They were almost completely________from the outside world. 他们几乎完全与外界隔绝了。 ③He kept__________while driving. 开车时他一直在抢道。 ④They__________all the dead branches from the tree. 他们砍掉了这颗树上所有的枯死树枝。 ⑤We were__________in the middle of our conversation. 我们打着电话突然断线了。 答案:②cut off ③cutting in ④cut away ⑤cut off

14.As Victor Hugo once said,“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”,and up to now nobody has been able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. 正如维克多 ·雨果曾经说过的, “笑是阳光,能驱赶人脸上的 寒意”,直到现在为止没有人能比查理·卓别林更好地做到这一点。

(1)as引导非限制性定语从句,代指整个主句的内容,可放在主 句之前、之后或中间,意为“正如,正像”。 (2)as引导非限制性定语从句的常见搭配: as we all know众所周知 as often happens正如经常发生的那样 as we expect正如我们预料的那样 as you can see如你所见 as has been said above如上所述

as is often the case这是常有的

①There is no simple answer,as is often the case in science. 没有简单的答案,在科学界这是常有的事。

② A good many proposals were raised in the meeting ,
______________. 正如所预料的一样,在会议上提出了许多好建议。 答案:②as was expected

15 . Unfortunately his father died , leaving the family even

worse off , so Charlie spent his childhood looking after his sick
mother and his brother. 不幸的是他父亲去世了,他的家境更加贫困,因此查理的童年

是在照顾生病的母亲和弟弟中度过的。 leaving...为现在分词短语作结果状语。现在分词短语作结果状
语,表示顺其自然的结果。 现在分词作结果状语常表示结果在“意料、情理之中”,而不 定式作结果状语常表示“出乎意料的结果”。

[见证2014]Anxiously,she took the dress out of the package and tried it on,only to find it didn't fit. 她急切地将衣服从包装袋里拿了出来,试穿了一下,结果发现 不合身。 (2014·天津卷)

①His parents died,leaving him an orphan. 他父母双亡,他成了孤儿。 ②The child fell,________(strike) his head against the door. 小孩摔了一跤,头在门上碰了一下。 ③He drank up the whole bottle of milk,not________(leave)even a drop to his little brother. 他喝完了整瓶的牛奶,甚至一滴也没留给他弟弟。 ④ Her father disappeared , never________________(hear)from again. 她的父亲离家出走,从此杳无音讯。

答案:②striking ③leaving

④to be heard

16.Then he picks out the lace of the shoe and eats it as if it were spaghetti. 然后他挑出鞋带来吃,像是吃意大利面条一样。

? ?陈述语气?陈述真实或可能发生的事? ? 过去时?与现在事实相反? ? ? ?虚拟语气?陈述 ?过去完成时?与过去事实相反? as if? ?不真实或不可能?would/should/could/might+动 ? ?发生的事? ? ?词原形?与将来事实相反? ? ?

[见证2014]It was John who broke the window.Why are you talking to me as if I had done it? 打破窗户的是约翰,为什么你跟我说话的样子就好像是我做了 这件事? (2014·重庆卷)

①We've missed the bus.It looks as if we'll have to walk. 我们错过了公共汽车。看来我们只好步行了。 ②Jackie looks after his younger sister as if he ________(be) an adult. 杰基照顾起他妹妹来就像大人一样。 ③He talks big as if he________(know)everything. 他夸夸其谈,好像什么都知道似的。 ④He opened his mouth as if________(say)something. 他张了张嘴好像要说什么。 答案:②were ③knew ④to say

Ⅰ.用动词-ing形式翻译下列句子 1.这是一本很有趣的书。 ________________________________________ 2.你看到了和你弟弟跳舞的那个姑娘吗? ______________________________________________ 答案:1.This is a very interesting book. 2.Did you see the girl dancing with your brother?


4.他们让我等了很久。 ___________________________________________

_____________________________________________ 答案:3.The news was very disappointing. 4.They kept me waiting for a long time.

5.People were seen coming and going.

Ⅱ.根据汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子 1 . I caught him____________________a birthday gift for his friend Henry.(pick) 我看到他在为他的朋友亨利挑选生日礼物。 2.The man____________________is our monitor's father.(speak) 跟老师在交谈的那个人是我们班长的父亲。 3 . Tom____________________in his studies , which has been worrying me.(disappoint) 汤姆在学业方面太让人失望了,对此我一直觉得很担心。 答案 : 1.picking out teacher 2.(who/that is)speaking to the

3.is disappointing

4.She left the light________when she was sleeping.(burn)
她睡觉时把灯开着。 5.There is a temple____________________the mountain,which

can date back to the late Qing Dynasty.(stand)
山顶上立着一座寺庙,其历史可以追溯到晚清。 6.When I arrived,I noticed someone secretly____________the


答案: 4.burning 5.standing on top of
6.stealing into

7.That meat____________________isn't fit to eat.(give)
那块肉在散发出一股臭味,它不能吃了。 8.The news____________________that some of us are reduced to


答案: 7.(that/which is)giving off a bad smell
8.is so exciting

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