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28. Let’s Help Adolescents 帮助青少年 Whether they are male or female , adolescents feel like deciding on everythingthemselves in spite of parents’ instruction, especially when they face problems like sex, mental stress, etc.,which make them feel ashamed and embarrassed. Thus they often automatically get into troubles due to their imperfect comprehension and judgement. Some are addicted to cigarettes, only several packets of which willhurt their lungs and make them breathless quickly. Others can’t quit drinking alcohol, whose harmful effects include causing young pregnant women to abort or give birth to abnormal babies. The worst is drug abuse, for the withdrawal is tough once their bodies are accustomed to the drugs.Meanwhile, those who share needles bought from illegal chemists are at great risk of being infected with desperate AIDS. If so, neither injecting nor taking pills can guarantee their survival. However, don’t be disappointed at or have prejudice against our children so easily. After all, being awkward is an appendix of youth. As long as we strengthen communication with them instead of only banning this or banning that, we will surely help them avoid anything unfit. 不论男女,青少年们都喜欢不顾家长的指导,自己对一切作决定,特别是当他们面对如性、心理压力等等一些使他们觉得羞愧和尴尬的 问题时更是如此。因此,由于他们理解力和判断力的不足,他们常常会无意识地陷入困境中。有的对香烟上瘾,只要几包就会对他们的 肺造成损害,使他们很容易就气喘吁吁;有的没法戒除酒精带来的不良后果,包括造成年轻的怀孕女性流产或生下不正常的婴儿;最糟 糕的是滥用毒品,因为一旦他们的身体对毒品习惯了,要想戒毒就相当困难了。同时,那些共用从非法药剂师处购买的注射器的青少年 冒着感染令人绝望的艾滋病的极大风险,一旦感染上,不管是打针还是吃药都没法保证他们的生存了。 然而,请不要轻易就对我们的孩子失望或抱有偏见,毕竟,不成熟是年轻的必然附属品。只要我们加强和他们的沟通,而不是仅仅禁止 这样,不准那样,我们一定能帮助他们避开不健康的东西。

29. Refresh Our Environment 恢复环境生机 As the director stated on behalf of his researching group, the dataof this graph makes a clear presentation of the future environmental tendency. On one hand, the quantity of fuel keeps on decreasing by 9% per year while the growth of a wide range of pollution has been a global trend. On the other hand, the mildly but steadily going up of the average temperature is resulting in catastropheslike widespread floods. Without disagreement, they subscribe to the view that it ishumans’ existence and their randomly consuming energy that result in this phenomenon. Many people have a commitment that developing nuclear power or energy from outer space will stop bad consequences coming about. However,scientists and educators are opposed to this view even if our needs may be met on the whole. They tend to advocate refreshing our circumstances by saving energy and recycling waste. It is suggested that we use energy-saving appliances such as electrical motors, microwaves and so on and not be casual about little things like recycling a can. So please glance around and see what you can do. So long as everybody makes contribution,we will not have to put up with this problem anymore. 正如那位主任代表他的研究小组所说明的那样,这张图表的数据清楚地描述了未来环境的趋势:一方面,燃料的数量以每年 9%的速度 持续减少,同时,大范围污染的增长已经成为一种全球趋势;另一反面,平均气温轻微却稳定地升高正在造成像广泛的洪涝那样的灾难。 无不同意地,他们一致赞成是人类的存在和任意的消耗能源才造成了这一现象。 许多人都信奉开发核能和外太空能源会防止糟糕的后果发生的理论,然而,即使这样可以基本上满足我们的需要,科学家和教育家们仍 然反对这一观点。他们更倾向于拥护用节省能源和回收废料的方法恢复环境生机,并建议我们要使用节省能源的器具,如电力发动机、 微波炉等,还建议我们不要对如回收罐子这种小事漫不经心。因此,看看你身边是否有你能做的事,只要每个人都作出贡献,我们就不 必再忍受这个问题的困扰了。

30. A VolcanoEruption 火山爆发 As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricanes,typhoons or thunderstorms. Sometimes I did this by giving out questionnaires to those who went through them. But sometimes I had to go through actual disasters myself. The Musaki Volcano was one of them.At that time, I lived in a bungalow alongside the volcano with a novelist, who came for the appreciation of its eruption. One day, when I was drawing diagrams on the balcony and he was bathing inside, the volcano erupted unexpectedly. The ash and lava fountains shooting highly in the sky varied from 50 to100 meters in height. It was absolutely fantastic! I even noticed a rainbow appear in the fog caused by a heat wave. But, glancing through oursurroundings, I foresaw the potential danger and found no guarantee of our safety. The uncomfortable gas almost made us unconscious. Sweats of anxiety began to drop. Managing to stop panicking and trembling, we quickly put on our protective suits, helmets and boots and eventually made our way to a safe place. How lucky we were even though my precious equipment and documents were all burnt to the ground! 作为最好的候选人,我被委派为一个数据库收集和评估各种自然灾害的信息,例如飓风、台风或雷暴等。有时我通过向经历过这些灾害 的人分发调查问卷来收集信息,有时却得亲自经历实际的灾害。Musaki 火山就是其中之一。那时,我和一名来欣赏火山爆发的小说家同 住在火山边上的一座平房里。有一天,当我正在阳台上画图表而他在屋里洗澡时,火山突然爆发了,喷射到天空中的火山灰和岩浆喷泉 从 50 米到 100 米不等,这一情景绝对地奇异,我甚至还注意到一条彩虹出现在热浪造成的雾里。然而,我向四周看了一下,马上预见 到了潜在的危险,也发现了我们的安全毫无保障。令人不舒服的气体几乎使我们失去知觉,忧虑的汗水开始流淌下来。我们努力使自己 不要惊慌和颤抖,迅速穿上保护套装、头盔和靴子,最后成功前往安全的地方。尽管我珍贵的设备和文件都烧得精光,但是我们真的非 常幸运。

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