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广东省化州市2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空训练(1)

2016 高考英语完型填空 I had arrived at the airport about 30 minutes before the check?in.It had been very __ three days for me with lots of meetings.So I was glad to have the _ time

to make a note of what I ___ to do the following day.But then came the ___ that my flight had to be ___ because there was a problem with the plane. As I sat waiting for my _6 to be called,I reflected on my last meeting of the

day.It was not a business meeting but rather a very enjoyable ____ with an old business friend I had not seen for over 12 years.Our lunch was spent recalling time gone by _ _ filling each other in what had happened in our lives over the last

12 years.We both laughed and smiled as we recalled the good times and the great experiences we had _ __ together.At the end of our time together,we both said how much we had _ it and that we must do it again. __ all that

It was great to have this additional time to replay in my

we had talked about.I realized how important it was to have regular _ __ of the good times in our life.I was lucky enough to have had the chance to take a short __ and reflect on the good things that had happened in my life over the

last 12 years. It was somewhat like looking at an old photo album __ __ in a cupboard in your house.There before your eyes are lots of wonderful __ __ that take you back to times and places,and most importantly to those people who are in the __ __. _ the

My flight home was finally __ _ three hours later.I smiled as I __ plane and realized that I was not at all _ flight,as I had been able to spend the time __ days gone by. 【小题 1】 【小题 2】 A.important B.busy C.convenient C.happy D.useful D.extra

about the delay in the on the good times from

A.pleasant B.satisfying


【小题 3】 【小题 4】 【小题 5】 【小题 6】 【小题 7】 【小题 8】 【小题 9】

A.had B.failed



A.announcement B.declaration C.opening D.speech A.waited A.flight B.cancelled C.taken D.delayed

B.turn C.name D.order C.party D.discussion D.in addition

A.negotiation B.lunch A.as well B.except for A.spent

C.as well as

B.met C.managed D.shared

【小题 10】 A.got B.enjoyed C.made D.paid 【小题 11】 A.thought B.spirit 【小题 12】 A.time B.plans C.flight D.mind D.remainder


【小题 13】 A.way B.cut C.method 【小题 14】 A.stored away B.put on

D.break C.set aside D.given out

【小题 15】 A.celebrations B.memories C.awards 【小题 16】 A.cupboard B.books 【小题 17】 A.shouted B.phoned C.childhood C.called

D.presents D.photos


【小题 18】 A.left B.boarded C.jumped 【小题 19】 A.upset 【小题 20】 A.taking B.happy

D.reached D.surprised D.bringing


B.seizing C.reflecting


完形填空 【2014·江西省高中毕业班新课程教学质量检测卷】 Maurice,who lives in a country in Africa,is only 13,but since he lost his parents to AIDS he has had to look after his 9?year?old brother and 8?year?old sister.“ The__1__problem we have without our parents is__2__food,” he says.Without parents or guardians,Maurice had to drop out of school to earn a__3__, carrying food for merchants so he and his brother and sister could have__4__to eat. You do not have to be an orphan (孤儿) to__5__many of the problems orphans have.But orphaned__6__may be particularly vulnerable (易受??伤害的) because they__7__have no one to look after them. For example,children whose parents have died of AIDS,__8__or not they are themselves infected with HIV,may be shunned (避开)__9__badly treated because of


fear of HIV and AIDS and ignorance (无知)about how HIV is__10__. Many orphans have to drop out of school __11__they can earn money to__12__and look after younger brothers and sisters.And many orphans may have__13__to live and so may be__14__to live on the streets.Children living on the streets are also more at risk of becoming__15__with drugs and crime. Orphans who do have__16__to look after them may still be vulnerable.They may be treated badly by the__17__who are supposed to be caring for them or by others who take advantage of the them. And orphans are not the only children who are__19__as a result of the HIV and AIDS epidemic.Almost three million children,not all of whom are orphans,are themselves living with HIV.Millions more have to __20__sick parents as well as their younger brothers and sisters,or have lost loved ones and teachers. 1.A.strange C.curious 2.A.making C.doing 3.A.living C.decision 4.A.few C.enough 5.A.experience C.feel 6.A.life C.men 7.A.seldom C.rather 8.A.what C.which 9.A.and C.or B.inspiring D.main B.producing D.finding B.house D.fortune B.little D.nothing B.experiment D.test B.children D.women B.often D.rarely B.who D.whether B.but D.neither __18__that they do not have their own parents to protect


10.A.got C.spread 11.A.in case C.so that 12.A.work C.insist 13.A.nowhere C.anywhere 14.A.appointed C.thrown 15.A.determined C.occupied 16.A.anyone C.none 17.A.adults C.officers 18.A.thing C.fact 19.A.suffering C.learning 20.A.concern about C.break away from

B.given D.made B.even if D.as though B.keep D.survive B.everywhere D.somewhere B.appeared D.forced B.involved D.fed up B.someone D.everyone B.officials D.policemen B.situation D.tool B.doing D.knowing B.take care of D.get rid of

语篇解读 本文通过 Maurice 的生活境况引出了孤儿尤其是患艾滋病的孤儿的悲惨生 活。 1.解析: 从后面的“without our parents”可知,此处指失去了父母的 Maurice 所面临的主要问题。main“主要的”符合语境。 答案: D 2.解析: 没有父母无依无靠,找食物成了主要的问题。find 找到,符合语境。 答案: D 3.解析: Maurice 不得不辍学,开始谋生。earn a living 谋生。


答案: A 4.解析: Maurice 靠给商人送饭使他和弟弟妹妹们能够填饱肚子。enough“足够” 符合语境。 答案: C 5.解析: 你不必成为孤儿去经历孤儿所面临的许多问题。experience 经历,体验, 符合语境。 答案: A 6.解析: 孩子们,故选 B。 答案: B 7.解析: 由上文的“很容易受到伤害”可推出他们经常没有人照顾,再结合句中的 否定词 no one 可知,应该选 often。 答案: B 8.解析: 那些父母死于艾滋病的孩子,不管他们是否感染上艾滋病病毒,人们可能 会躲避或者粗暴对待他们。whether or not“不论,是否”符合语境。 答案: D 9.解析: 答案: C 10.解析: 因为他们不知道艾滋病病毒是怎样传播的。spread“传播”符合语境。 答案: C 11.解析: 许多的孤儿不得不辍学以便能去挣钱活下来并照顾弟弟妹妹,故 so that“(表示目的)为了,以便”符合语境。 答案: C 12.解析: 他们是通过挣钱活下来的。survive“生存”符合语境。 答案: D 13.解析: 从下文的“他们住在街上”可知“他们没有地方住”。nowhere“无处” 符合语境。 答案: A 14.解析: 因为没有地方住,他们被迫住在街上。force“迫使”符合语境。appoint 任命;appear 出现,是不及物动词,不能用于被动语态;throw 扔,抛。 答案: D 句意见上题解析。or“或者”符合语境。 由下文的“no one to look after them”可知,这里指的是成为孤儿的


15. 解析: 在街上住的孩子更容易染上毒品和犯罪。 involved“参与, 与??有关联” 符合语境。 答案: B 16.解析: 有人照顾的孤儿可能仍然易受伤害。由本段内容可知,此处是指有人照顾 的孤儿,故选 B。 答案: B 17.解析: 他们有可能受到本应该关心他们的成年人的虐待。adults“成年人”符合 语境。 答案: A 18. 解析: ??或者是受到其他人的虐待, 这些人利用了孤儿没有父母保护这一事实。 故用 fact。 答案: C 19. 解析: 因染上艾滋病病毒和艾滋病而饱受折磨的孩子不只有孤儿。 suffering“受 折磨”符合语境。 答案: A 20. 解析: 还有更多的孩子不得不照顾生病的父母和弟弟妹妹。 take care of“照顾” 符合语境。 答案: B。


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