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人教版高中英语同步练习:必修3 unit 5 section ⅰ(含答案)

Unit 5 Canada—“The True North” Section Ⅰ Warming Up & Reading 课时 精练(人教版必修 3,课标通用)
Ⅰ.课文缩写 Li Daiyu and Liu Qian were __1__ a trip across Canada. __2__ of taking the aeroplane all the way, they would __3__ Canada by train after arriving in Vancouver by air.Canada is the second __4__ country in the world.It is 5,500 kilometres from coast to coast.As they went __5__, they saw beautiful scenery, as well as large

cities.Vancouver is __6__ by mountains and the Pacific Ocean.Having __7__ down in their train seats, they looked out of the window at some mountain goats and a grizzly __8__ and an eagle.They went by the city of Calgary.It is famous for the Calgary Stampede.Many of the cowboys taking part in the competition there have a __9__ for riding horses.Then they arrived in Thunder Bay,a city at the __10__ of the Great Lakes, and learned even more about Canada and its natural resources. 答案 1.on 2.Instead 3.cross 4.largest 9.gift 5.eastward

6.surrounded Ⅱ.单词拼写

7.settled 8.bear


1.Animals in a zoo are not living in their natural ________(环境). 2.Mary has a blue dress with a white ________(边沿). 3.My son has ________(定居)happily in China. 4.We were travelling ________(向东). 5.He learned to speak English ________ (在??之内)six months. 6.We must take necessary ________(采取措施) to solve these problems one by one. 7.When she came to China, she brought some ________(行李)with her. 8.As we all know, the ________(风景)is famous in the world. 9.The boy is ________(闲谈)on the Internet with some strangers. 10.Though he was hurt ________(轻微地), he still lay on the bed all the day. 答案 1.surroundings 2.border 3.settled 4.eastward(s) 5.within 6.measures

7.baggage 8.scenery 9.chatting Ⅲ.翻译与仿写 1.It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall,some measuring over 90 metres. 翻译:_________________________________________________________ 仿写:他开车太快,差点丧了命。 ________________________________________________________________ 2.Because of the Great Lakes, they learned, Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world. 翻译:__________________________________________________________ 仿写:在中国,上海比任何一座城市都大。 ________________________________________________________________ 3.I caught sight of her chatting with her friend in the street on my way to shopping. 翻译:__________________________________________________________ 仿写:抢劫者一看见警察,就跑走了。 _______________________________________________________________ 4.He was busy writing a letter rather than watching TV. 翻译: _______________________________________________________________ 仿写:他喜欢读书而不是打篮球。 _______________________________________________________________ 答案 1.翻译:那儿的湿度很大,所以树长得很高,有些高 90 多米。 10.slightly

仿写:He drove so fast that he almost lost his life. 2.翻译:她们知道,因为五大湖,加拿大的淡水比世界上其他任何国家都要 多。 仿写:Shanghai is larger than any other city in China. 3.翻译:在我去购物的路上,我看见她在路上和朋友闲聊。 仿写:As soon as the robber caught sight of the police, he ran away quickly. 4.翻译:他正忙于写信而不是看电视。 仿写:He likes reading rather than playing basketball. Ⅳ.句型转换

1.Jeremy Shuhow Lin is a gifted basketball player. Jeremy Shuhow Lin ________ ________ ________ ________ playing basketball 林书豪(Jeremy Shuhow Lin)具有打篮球的天赋。 2.I would rather die than give in to the enemy. I would die ________ ________ give in to the enemy. 我宁愿死也不屈服于敌人。 3.Then the first village came into sight, immediately I came alive. ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ the village, I came alive immediately. 然后,第一个村庄进入眼帘,我马上活跃起来。 4.He found that he was surrounded by kindness. He found ________ ________ by kindness. 他发现自己全身充满着善良。 5.I can compare our team with the USA Basketball, and found it difficult to catch up with them. ________ ________ the USA Basketball, our team is difficult to catch up with them. 和美国篮球队相比,我们球队难以追赶上他们。 答案 1.has a gift for 2.rather than 3.At the first sight of 4.himself

surrounded Ⅴ.单项填空

5.Compared with

1.He noticed that a river of liquid rock was coming towards him. It would ________ him completely, but he managed to escape just in time. A.pull C.surround 答案 C B.float D.crash


但他还是及时躲开了。surround“包围;围绕”,符合题意。pull“拖;拉”; float“浮动;(使)漂浮”;crash“碰撞;坠落”。] 2.—I heard the train to Shanghai ran away from the railway halfway. —It was fortunate for Jack not to get ________ it. A.aboard B.abroad C.off D.up



[考查副词。句意:——我听说到上海的火车半路上脱轨了。 ——

杰克很幸运没有乘坐那趟车。aboard“在船、飞机、火车、公共汽车上”;get aboard“登上;上车”,符合题意。abroad“在国外”;get off“下车”;get up“起床”。] 3.There was nobody ________ when the man came round the corner. A.out of sight C.at the sight 答案 D B.at first sight D.in sight

[考查介词短语。句意:这个人转过拐角时一个人也没看见。 out of

sight“看不见”;at first sight“初看起来”;in sight“看得见;在眼前”。] 4.The girl who is studying at the art college has a ________ for music and dance. A.gift C.power 答案 B.present D.strength

A [考查名词。句意:在艺术学院学习的这位女孩有音乐和舞蹈天赋。

have a gift for 是固定搭配, 意为“对??有天赋”, 符合题意。 present“礼物”; power“力量”;strength“力气;长处”。] 5.In order to finish the work on time, we can't ________ to waste a single minute. A.afford C.create 答案 B.admit D.manage

A [考查动词。 句意: 为了准时完成工作, 我们浪费不起一分钟的时间。

根据语境“担负起”合适。manage to do 意思为“设法做成”。] 6.Rather than ________ on a crowded bus, he always prefers ________ a bike. A.ride; ride C.ride; to ride 答案 C B.riding; ride D.to ride; riding


根据句式此处为 prefer to do...rather than do 句式,意思为 “ 宁愿 ?? 而不 愿??”。] 7.It's getting dark.We'd better find a hotel and ________. A.set out C.make out 答案 B.settle down D.move down

B [考查动词短语。 句意: 天渐渐黑了, 我们最好找个宾馆住下来。 settle

down“安定下来; 平静下来”; set out“陈述; 阐明; 起程; 开始”; make out“辨 认出;看出;理解”;move down“向下移动”。] 8.She often shares her deepest thoughts and fears with friends through QQ, as if they ________ in her living room. A.were chatting C.chat 答案 B.was chatted D.has chatted

A [考查动词时态。句意:她经常与朋友通过 QQ 分享内心深处的想法

和恐惧, 好像是在卧室闲聊一样。 根据语境“在??”可知用一般过去进行时。 ] 9.It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some ________ over 90 meters. A.measure C.measuring 答案 C B.measures D.measured


些高达 90 米。此处前后主语不一致用独立主格结构,some 指代树木,可以发 出 measure 的动作。] 10.The sunlight came in ________ the window in the roof and lit up the whole room. A.through 答案 B.across C.on D.over

A [考查介词。句意:阳光穿过屋顶的窗子进来照亮了整个房间。由此

处语境“阳光”“窗子”推知用介词 through。] 11.She begins her life in a strange land, learning to navigate the distance between the old world and her new ________. A.surroundings C.things 答案 B.situation D.matters

A [考查名词辨析。句意:她在这块陌生的土地上开始生活,学着在旧

世界和新环境下之间穿梭。 此处语境旧世界与新“环境”对比, 故答案 A 合适。 ] 12. The owners of a Southern California truck stop are paying $1.2 million to ________ a fuel storage environmental lawsuit(诉讼). A.settle B.deal 答案 A C.do D.prevent

[ 考查动词辨析。从前面支付 $1.2 million 与后面的 a fuel storage

environmental lawsuit 可知是为了解决这一争端而支付的款项, 故答案 A 合适。 ] 13.Peter was so excited ________ he received an invitation from his friend to visit

Chongqing ________he felt on top of the world. A.when; who C.when; that 答案 C B.that;that D.that; where


感觉到非常高兴。分析句子结构可知 when 引导时间状语从句;另外还含有 so...that...固定结构。] 14.It took ________ building supplies to construct these energysaving houses. It took brains, too. A.other than C.rather than 答案 B.more than D.less than

B [考查固定短语。句意:要建造这些节省能源的房子需要的不仅仅是

建筑材料, 还需要智慧。 more than 不仅仅, 符合题意。 other than 除了; rather than 而不是;less than 不足。 ]

15.—Did you remember to give Jenny the money? —Yes. ________ I saw her, I'm sure. A.So long as C.The moment 答案 C B.So far as D.Any time

[考查连词用法。句意:我保证一看到她就给她。the moment 意思为

“一??就”。] Ⅵ.阅读理解 Oxford University has introduced confidence classes for female students to get them to compete for jobs in future and win chances to work in best companies. They may be young and gifted but research at the excellent institution has found that female undergraduates(大学生) are shying away from applying for jobs in banking, finance, management consultancy( 咨 询 ), engineering and resource management. Partly as a result, starting salaries for women when they graduate are on average £2,000 to £3,000 lower than their male counterparts. “Women are earning less on leaving Oxford. It is ridiculous,” said Jonathan Black, the careers service director at the university. “We have high quality, high achieving students of both genders. But it appears that women are selecting lower paid jobs. They accept more prejudice in certain industries and are saying ‘I won't

struggle for that really high paid job’. We are not trying to push loads of women but we are trying to say, you should feel able to apply for these sorts of jobs. Boys seem to have a more selfconfidence and see the bigger picture generally, even when their selfbelief is not necessarily based on any greater academic advantage.” The fourday programme at Oxford will help 45 female undergraduates improve their selfconfidence and decision making, think positively and build up their strengths. Confidence training will teach them how to deal with opposition and challenging situations. Successful female employees from RBS and BP, which are supporting the course, will talk about their lives and careers. RBS's involvement follows a promise by the bank to increase its national percentage of female graduate applications from 35 percent to 50 percent by 2014. Sophie Kelley, 20, studying law at Oxford, is hoping the course will make her more confident in courses and interviews. “I am applying to London law firms for vacation schemes and it is so competitive,” she said. “The rejection letters don't give any real feedback (反馈) so I'm expecting the programme might give me a hand and advice.” 【语篇大意】 牛津大学为了让在校的女大学生在将来参加社会后更有竞争 力,开设了“自信课”,帮助她们树立自信,这个活动也受到了一些公司的支 持。 1.Oxford University brings in confidence classes in order to help ________. A.female undergraduates build up their strengths in daily life B.male undergraduate make friends with girls at university C.female undergraduates get success with more confidence D.females fight against challenges in face of danger 答案 C [细节理解题。 第一段第一句话的 get them to compete for jobs in future

and win chances to work in best companies 说明该项目的初衷。] 2.What is the worrying situation for female undergraduates? A.They don't like to work in companies offering low wages. B.Their opportunities are limited and their salary is lower. C.There are fewer females admitted to Oxford University.

D.They refuse to work in banking and finance fields. 答案 B [推理判断题。第二段第一句话的 shying away from applying for jobs

in banking...和第三句话的 £3,000 lower than their male counterparts 说明女大学 毕业生可能会遭遇的不良境遇。] 3.What is the mistaken idea for female undergraduates? A.They themselves don't like working on resource management. B.They themselves think they are superior to boys in all sides. C.They themselves think men and women are born equal. D.They themselves think they are not good as boys. 答案 D [细节理解题。第三段第二句话的 appears that women are selecting

lower paid jobs 和第三句话的 They accept more prejudice 说明即使女生自己也在 一定程度上看轻了自己。] 4.What can we learn about Sophie Kelly? A.She hopes to benefit more from the program. B.She has been rejected by the program at Oxford. C.She feels the program is ridiculous in modern society. D.She isn't fit for the world of competition and challenges. 答案 A [推理判断题。文章最后一句话的 I'm expecting the programme might

give me a hand and advice 说明 A 项正确。]

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