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2015届高三名校英语试题解析分项汇编 专题09 完形填空-记叙文类(原卷版)

专题 09 完形填空-记叙文类
【2015 届河北保定市高三调研试题】 It was the beginning of the school year a few years ago. I had a little boy in my class who was very quiet and _ 41 was especially -42 . I wasn't sure how much he understood during the school day and I time and did not play. 45 from me. 47 If l tried to

that he just stood by himself at _43 shut his eyes to

talk to him, he would turn away and _44

After a couple of days, I decided to seek _ 46

from one of my outgoing and 48

little girls. I called her over and asked her if she would get him to about all the 49

, and I started talking she could try

. on how she could start communication with him I 50 51

this idea or that .She

my arm to stop my talking and looked up at me in that _ 52 _ way , I speak kid". And she ran off. It took less than a minute for the two new

that only a six-year-old can, and said, "Don't _53 I stood there all alone, 54 watching her.

friends to run off, hand in hand, _55

joining a game of tag. it is for all

I often think of that small _56 . about what I learned and how _ 57 teachers to speak kid. I know-my _ 58 how to _ 59

should be on teaching students how to think and 60 a because those

solutions. We must be ready to learn from our

"teachable moments" during the school days are for us. the teachers, as well as our kids. 【小题 1】A.slow 【小题 2】A .concerned 【小题 3】A. lunch 【小题 4】A. closely 【小题 5】A hide 【小题 6】A advice 【小题 7】A brave 【小题 8】A change B clever B. curious B. break B. suddenly B. keep B. help B casual B. study C. shy C. doubtful C. school C. slightly C. flee C. confidence C. friendly C move C. problems C. realized C. touched C. strange D. lazy D. disappointed D. sports D. tightly D. separate D. technique D. hard-working D. play. D. possibilities D. explained D. .pulled D. effective

【小题 9】A. suggestions B. opinions 【小题 10】A knew 【小题 11】A. caught 【小题 12】 A. special B. understood B. felt B. good

【小题 13】A. care

B. talk

C. hurry C. silently C. hopefully C. moment C.awkward C. advice C. make up C. teachers

D. worry D. excitedly D. happily D. difficulty D. funny D. problem D. figure out D. parents

【小题 14】A. anxiously B. seriously 【小题 15】A quietly 【小题 16】A boy B carefully B. girl

【小题 17】A. interesting B. important 【小题 18】A. focus 【小题 19】A. look for 【小题 20】A. friends B lesson B get in B. students

【北京市东城区 2015 届高三上学期期末教学统一检测】 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 I still remember the first time I was ―qualified‖ to go to a football game with my daddy. My parents had six children; so they had a million sky hung low and heavy over our heads as we Following my dad, I of the mad 39 36 38 for when you could be ―qualified‖ to do 37 . The the steep streets that led to the stadium. 41 . It was things. It was a cold fall day, and I had just turned 8, the magic ―qualified‖ age for

to keep up with him. We bought our treats and climbed up to the top

40 . Our seats were in the third row from the top, so they were easy to 42 against the clock. We had just 44 45 43

very important for us to be in our seats before kick-off, which made everything leading up to it a into our seats when a light rain started to each season with my daddy. I 46 47 these at the 48 fall. Everyone opened their umbrellas. the rain, Daddy and I had a great time.

Each year, I returned to at least one

moments and looked forward to our time together. My dad and I became best and told me everything he remembered. I intently listened as he 49

football games. I could ask my dad about anything and knew that he would answer me grandparents, the love between he and my mother, and politics at work in general.

his childhood, my

When I was 19, The University of Utah was playing their opening game at Utah State University. Dad really wanted to go, and I really wanted to get those trip to Utah. We ate huge hamburgers us. This Sunday I will have the once more. I walk a pace In all my years of actual game have never 53 55 52 of climbing those steep streets leading to the stadium now, so that my aged daddy can keep up with me. to me as much as the time I spent with my dad. Truly, the most 51 50 ; so we drove a long we watched the game with the sun setting behind

54 , I haven’t really learned much about football. The details of the

important thing I have learned from watching football is this: Treasure every moment that I have the privilege of spending with my great teacher and friend—MY DADDY.

【小题 1】A. wishes 【小题 2】A. basketball 【小题 3】A. climbed 【小题 4】A. paced 【小题 5】A. street 【小题 6】A. find 【小题 7】A. desire 【小题 8】A. put 【小题 9】A. Besides 【小题 10】A. treat 【小题 11】A. recalled 【小题 12】A. friends 【小题 13】A. actually 【小题 14】A. spent 【小题 15】A. hours 【小题 16】A. as 【小题 17】A. activity 【小题 18】A. later 【小题 19】A. working 【小题 20】A. returned

B. rules B. volleyball B. crossed B. headed B. stadium B. use B. idea B. broke B. Despite B. trip B. chose B. fans B. luckily B. discussed B. tickets B. since B. privilege B. slower B. training B. belonged

C. chances C. baseball C. blocked C. raced C. seat C. keep C. plan C. turned C. Below C. game C. valued C. viewers C. frequently C. described C. teams C. until C. objective C. closer C. travelling C. mattered

D. tasks D. football D. passed D. wandered D. field D. take D. rush D. settled D. Beyond D. chat D. provided D. judges D. honestly D. praised D. results D. once D. challenge D. lighter D. watching D. referred

【河北省邯郸市 2015 届高三上学期 1 月份教学质量检测】 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The moment I stepped off the plane after a writer’s conference, my youngest son Jeremy greeted me and cried out, ―Poster paper, Mama! I need poster paper. We’re having a school.‖ Being a housewife and writer, I felt like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep up with the needs of my couldn’t 43 42 . Back at home, Jeremy kept reminding me of the poster paper, but I just 44 , almost 45 a minute for it. Gradually though, he began to speak more 46 of my long list of things to do. 47 .I 48 . Jeremy stood quietly watching 49 41 at

he were talking to himself. Maybe he’ll just forget it, I thought hopefully. So I put Jeremy’s request at the My third day home I managed to take fifteen minutes to type an article when a small fell across my paper. I knew who it would be before I smiled 50 at Jeremy and kept typing. He 51 me. Oh, Lord, please don’t let him say it again. I knew what he wanted but I needed to

for a few more minutes, then turned and

walked away. I almost didn’t hear his paper-now!‖


. ―Competition is over tomorrow, anyway.‖ The

small figure walking out of my room, a silent voice spoke urgently to my heart, ―Get him that ―Let’s go to get the paper, Jeremy.‖ He stopped, going to the store just for me?‖ I the disbelief. I don’t think I’ll ever Certificate of Award. So some poster paper. 【小题 1】A. race 【小题 2】A. colleagues 【小题 3】A. spare 【小题 4】A. slowly 【小题 5】A. as soon as 【小题 6】A. bottom 【小题 7】A. letter 【小题 8】A. woke up 【小题 9】A. rest 【小题 10】A. widely 【小题 11】A. watched 【小题 12】A. comment 【小题 13】A. fell over 【小题 14】A. peace 【小题 15】A. doubted 【小题 16】A. surprise 【小题 17】A. enjoy 【小题 18】A. story 【小题 19】A. grateful 【小题 20】A. opinion B. class B. family B. wait B. softly B. as long as B. top B. foot B. stood up B. type B. happily B. searched B. footsteps B. sat down B. astonishment B. argued B. sadness B. remember B. question B. generous B. request C. ceremony C. neighbors C. spend C. confidently C. as though C. beginning C. image C. got up C. learn C. weakly C. hesitated C. warning C. turned around C. relief C. apologized C. disappointment C. forget C. poster C. forgetful C. promise D. competition D. relatives D. lose D. loudly D. even if D. corner D. shadow D. looked up D. exercise D. politely D. complained D. advice D. walked away D. silence D. nodded D. excitement D. value D. composition D. selfless D. gift 59 57 53 and looked at me in 56 54 ―You’re

55 . Suddenly, a look of

shot across his face, erasing

that moment. Later that day, he worked silently on the 60 to get him

58 all afternoon. And a few weeks later, a large yellow envelope came. Inside it was the was I that I didn’t turned away from his

【辽宁省丹东五校协作体 2015 届高三期末考试】 Dropping into desperation completely, Jack wandered on the streets, knowing he came to the end of life. In his mid-fifties, Jack had never been 1 , experienced the joy of having

children or spent holidays with his family. On this miserable rainy night, he felt as if there was 2 in the entire world who cared whether he lived or died.

Meanwhile, I was sitting in my room watching the rain 3 the doorbell ring, I 4

my window. When I heard

from my chair and raced out. But my mother was already at the door.

Opening it, she found herself face-to-face with a very dirty-looking man with tears streaming down his face. My mother, overcome by 5 in our living room. 6 ,1 walked secretly downstairs so that I could get a better look. I couldn't his head in his hands and my hand into my , invited the man inside, and he sat with my parents

understand what they were saying, but the sight of the man, 7

crying, made my chest ache. I raced back up stairs to my room and 8 money jar. Pulling out my only half-dollar coin, I ran back downstairs.

When I reached the door of the living room, I walked right in .The three looked at me in 10


as I quickly made my way over the stranger. I put the half-dollar in his ,turned and ran as fast

hand and told him that I wanted him to have it. Then I gave him a 11 as I could out of the room and back upstairs. I felt excited but happy. Downstairs, Jack sat quietly with his head 12 13

.Tears streamed down his face as he

held that coin. Finally looking up at my parents, he said, "It’s just that I thought nobody . That is the first hug I have ever got. It’s

cared. For the last twenty years, I have been so 14 hard to believe that somebody _15 ‖

Jack's life changed that night. When he left our house, he was 16 die. Although we never saw Jack again, we received letters from him17 he was doing fine. My life changed that night, too, as I 18

to live instead of , letting us know that

the hug healing power of giving, even if it’s

only a gift of fifty cents. Before Jack left, my parents asked him why he had knocked on our door. Jack said that 19 he'd walked along the streets that rainy night, 20 and ready to die, he

had noticed a sticker on the car. It read: SOMEBODY LOVES YOU. 【小题 1】A understood 【小题 2】A everybody 【小题 3】A beat approach B cover C break D nobody B somebody C anybody D employed B married C managed D

【小题 4】A settled 【小题 5】A anxiety 【小题 6】A Worried 【小题 7】A resting 【小题 8】A reached 【小题 9】A neighbors 【小题 10】A delight 【小题 11】A handshake 【小题 12】A bowed 【小题 13】A tightly 【小题 14】A bored 【小题 15】A deserves 【小题 16】A ready 【小题 17】A never 【小题 18】A witnessed















Annoyed C











pushed . C



















































occasionally B

at once










【小题 19】A unless 【小题 20】A regretful













【辽宁省锦州市 2015 届高三上学期期末考试英语】 At the age of sixteen, I joined a volunteer group with my dad. After we arrived, we 41―our family‖was living in a trailer(拖车) that was in 42 condition. A crew had been working on it for two weeks, 43every time they finished one problem, another surfaced. We decided the only reasonable 44 was to build a new house-something unusual but 45 under these circumstances. The family was 46 with their new house. While we ate lunch together, I asked the family’s three boys, Josh, Eric and Ryan,―What do you want for your new 47 ?‖we were 48 when Josh responded,―I just want a bed.‖ The boys had 49 slept in a bed! They were accustomed to plastic mats. we decided beds would be the perfect 50 . A few volunteers drove to the nearest city and 51 beds and new bedding. When we saw the delivery truck coming, we told the family about the 52 . We could hardly 53 ourselves. It was like watching 54 children on Christmas morning. As we 55 the frames of the beds together, Eric ran into the house to 56 us. As my father slipped a pillowcase (枕套) onto one of the pillows, Eric asked, ―What is that?‖ ―A pillow,‖he replied. ―What do you 57 it?‖Eric continued to ask. ―When you go to sleep, you put your 58 on it,‖I answered softly. Tears came to our eyes as he handed Eric the pillow. ―Oh . . . that’s soft,‖he said, 59 it tightly. Now, when my sister or I start to ask for something that seems urgent, my Dad gently asks,―Do you have a pillow?‖We know exactly what he 60 . 【小题 1】A. imagined 【小题 2】A. bright 【小题 3】A. but 【小题 4】A. effort 【小题 5】A. amazing B. discovered B. strange B. for B. purpose B. expensive C. supposed C. perfect C. so C. solution C. rare D. required D. poor D. once D. treatment D. necessary

【小题 6】A. careful 【小题 7】A. kitchen 【小题 8】A. upset 【小题 9】A. still 【小题 10】A. award 【小题 11】A. bought 【小题 12】A. program 【小题 13】A. contain 【小题 14】A. awkward 【小题 15】A. fitted 【小题 16】A. amuse 【小题 17】A. do with 【小题 18】A. body 【小题 19】A. waving 【小题 20】A. explains

B. patient B. pool B. glad B. just B. gift B. made B. journey B. believe B. confused B. moved B. guide B. come with B. head B. hugging B. means

C. thrilled C. room C. disappointed C. never C. lesson C. rent C. opportunity C. feel C. excited C. tied C. inform C. try on C. back C. pushing C. proves

D. nervous D. family D. shocked D. seldom D. target D. returned D. surprise D. express D. restless D. replaced D. watch D. begin with D. hands D. pulling D. reflects

【山东省青岛市 2015 届高三上学期期末考试】 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 In an old city of Hungary, there used to be a boy who was very rich and clever but nothing could make him feel happy.He had almost everything a boy could ever want,so he was only 1 in the most rare objects. One day his parents bought him a very strange 2 .When the boy went

to see his reflection(映像)in it, he looked very 3 . He tried smiling, 4 his reflection continued with its sad expression 5 ,the boy went off to buy sweets and lots of toys.He came home as happy as he could be, but he 6 looked sad in that mirror, ―What a(n) 7 mirror! It’s the first time I’ve seen a mirror that didn’t 8 properly!‖ That afternoon he went out to buy some toys and on his way he saw a little girl who was 9 .The boy went over to see what had 10 parents Together the two children set off 11 them. As the little girl wouldn't stop crying, the boy spent to her. The little girl said that she couldn’t find her

all of his money buying her sweets to 12 her up.After much walking,they 13 her parents who were looking for her,very worried Then the boy said 14 to the family. When seeing the time, he 11 to head for home. without toys and without 16 .In his room,to his great surprise,he found a(n) 17 face in the mirror. And so he understood the 18 of that mirror. The mirror could only reflect the 19 feelings of its owner. He felt really happy at having 20 that little girl. 【小题 1】A.confident 【小题 2】A.mirror 【小题 3】A.shy 【小题 4】A .for 【小题 5】A .Proud 【小题 6】A.already 【小题 7】A .terrible 【小题 8】A.work 【小题 9】A.studying 【小题 10】A.devoted B.interested B.book B.excited B.or B.Hungry B.still B.nice B.move B.playing B.referred C.skilled C.sweet C.sad C.and C.Surprised C.once C.big C.change C.sleeping C.happened C.in search of C.dress C.1eft C.sorry C.pretended C.money C.angry C.game C.general C.invited D.rich D.toy D.beautiful D.but D.Satisfied D.never D.expensive D.appear D.crying D.turned D.in charge of D.bring D.accepted D.no D.decided D.doubt D.happy D.reason D.good D.saved

【小题 11】A.in need of B.in honor of 【小题 12】A.put 【小题 13】A.found 【小题 14】A.goodbye 【小题 15】A.refused 【小题 16】A.effort 【小题 17】A.red 【小题 18】A.meaning 【小题 19】A.true 【小题 20】A. introduced B.cheer B.recognized B.hello B.agreed B.hope B.dark B.wonder B.strange B.helped

【四川省宜宾市 2015 届高三第一次诊】 阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中, 选出可以填在空白处 的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) I got a guitar for my birthday, and since then I have been struggling. It’s kind of sad. To be

honest, it is


how many problems are caused by such little things in the life of a 12 me. And it couldn’t have happened at a

teenager .It has awakened another side of myself worse time. I’m a senior, I’m going to 13

soon and I know what college I’m going to. And now I 14 me that I’m going to be a rock

have to deal with this little voice in my head constantly star, not a scientist. A few weeks ago I was given the 16

15 simple task of writing a short story. I sat down to my teacher and classmates. To be honest, this

a beautiful work of fiction that would 17

is an area I generally feel very 18 19 amount of time. So I was 20

in. I really enjoy it and such writing tasks used to take the

to write my story, and across the room lay my beautiful birthday present. 21 in my chair, and stared for a moment at the

―Once upon a time,‖ I wrote. Then I stopped, 22 . Its dark red paint was 23

and I could see my reflection in its perfect surface. And then 24 , but it sure was. I’d follow its 25 . 26

my reflection started dancing and singing. I wasn’t

So I seized my guitar and plucked (拨动) a string. I sat rocking with my guitar until late the night. I was sure I was preparing for the spending time writing stories. Needless to say, no story was written, and many have constantly asked, ―Am I importantly, 30 29 28 27

much more efficiently now that I wasn’t

arose in my mind. Since then, I

for not wanting to do my work anymore?‖ More

, I’ve learned I really am going to be a rock star. B.exciting B.with B.write B.advising B.seemingly B.create B.amuse B.rich B. most B.helping C.disappointing C.before C.graduate C.reminding C.obviously C.carry C.astonish C.fortunate C. largest C.refusing D.surprising D.beyond D.retire D.fooling D.partly D.continue D.admire D.strong D.best D.learning

【小题 1】 .A.interesting 【小题 2】 .A.within 【小题 3】 .A.work 【小题 4】 .A.teaching 【小题 5】 .A.actually 【小题 6】 .A.plan 【小题 7】 .A.frustrate 【小题 8】 .A.happy 【小题 9】 .A.least 【小题 10】 .A.trying

【小题 11】 .A.seated 【小题 12】 .A.paper 【小题 13】 .A.running 【小题 14】 .A.playing 【小题 15】 .A.lead 【小题 16】 .A.of 【小题 17】 .A.university 【小题 18】 .A.doubts 【小题 19】 .A.curious 【小题 20】 .A.therefore

B.edited B.instrument B.shining B.dreaming B.music B.at B.life B.fears B.clever B.though

C.turned C.floor C.deepening C.moving C.speed C.for C.future C.discussions C.normal C.otherwise

D.digested D.desk D.fading D.repeating D.rule D.into D.exam D.problems D.alone D.even

【天津市第一中学 2015 届高三上学期月考】 ―It was all his own idea,‖ says Pat, the wife of California high school football coach Bob Peters. Bob had __31__ made a ―motherhood contract(合同)‖—declaring that for 70 days this summer he would __32__ the care of their four children and all the housework. __33__ he didn’t even know how to make coffee when he signed, he was very confident. After 40 of the 70 days, he was ready to __34__. ―I was beaten down,‖ admits Bob. ―Not only is motherhood a __35__ task, it is an impossible job for any normal human being. ‖ Bob and Pat were married in 2008. After they married, Pat __36__ a secretary to help put him through university. __37__ Bob has been the football coach while Pat raised the kids. __38__ two years ago Pat went back to work. ―I had been __39__ children so much,‖ she __40__, ―I couldn’t talk to a grown-up.‖ She continued to run the household, __41__ -- until Bob signed the contract. Bob tried hard to learn cooking, but the meals he prepared were __42__. For the last three weeks, the family __43__ a lot--- sometimes having MacDonald’s hamburgers for lunch and dinner. __44__ housekeeping, a home economics teacher had told Bob that a room always looks clean __45__ the bed is made. ―I found __46__ –I shut the doors,‖ he says. Soon the kids were wearing their shirts inside out. ―When we went to __47__ Pat at work, I made them wear their shirts __48__ side out so they would look clean.‖ Now that Bob has publicly __49__ he was wrong, he is __50__ the child-raising and household tasks with Pat.

【小题 1】A. only 【小题 2】A. stick to 【小题 3】A. If 【小题 4】A. carry on 【小题 5】A. strange 【小题 6】A. sent 【小题 7】A. In time 【小题 8】A. Then 【小题 9】A. near 【小题 10】A. insists 【小题 11】A. besides 【小题 12】A. terrible 【小题 13】A. starved 【小题 14】A. Due to 【小题 15】A. until

B. just B. set about B. As B. give up B. pleasant B. employed B. Before long B. Thus B. after B. sighs B. therefore B. tasty B. traveled B. As for B. before

C. nearly C. think about C. Since C. break down C. difficult C. learned from C. Since then C. So C. about C. jokes C. however C. expensive C. worked out C. Along with C. if

D. ever D. take over D. Although D. find out D. serious D. worked as D. Later on D. Still D. around D. apologizes D. otherwise D. special D. ate out D. Except for D. unless D. a harder way D. fetch D. opposite D. explained D. performing

【小题 16】A. an easier way B. a cheaper way C. a cleaner way 【小题 17】A. receive 【小题 18】A. good 【小题 19】A. admitted 【小题 20】A. operating B. welcome B. wrong B. suggested B. realizing C. greet C. right C. agreed C. sharing

【江苏省南京市、盐城市 2015 届高三第一次模拟】 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time! When I was a senior in high school, I Writing had basically 37 36 knew I wanted to pursue writing as a career. 38 since that time,

me when I was only 7 years old,

I’d been bombarded by guidance counselors and career planners who all back-up plan‖ in case writing didn’t work out. I’d never even 40 a different career path, so I was very 42


me to have ―a


and worried.

After much thought, I decided class through my high school. This 43

would be my ―back-up plan,‖ and I signed up for a

that every morning, I would serve as a teacher’s helper for my favorite 6th

grade teacher, Mr. Ralston. Morning after morning, I showed up in Mr. Ralston’s classroom and 44 papers for him. 45 a lesson or two. It was fun, and the students seemed to like me, 46 . Mr. Ralston looked me right in the eyes

Sometimes, I even

so I was surprised when it came time for my and asked, ―Do you really want to teach?‖ ―Had I really been that 47

?‖ I thought. 48

―Don’t misunderstand. You’ll do fine in teaching,‖ he continued. ―But, is your really in it?‖ ―Not really,‖ I 49

. ―I want to write. I want to write news stories and fiction and 50 I thought

poetry and so much more…but I’ve been told it’s tough to make it as a writer maybe I would teach and then use my summers 51 to pursue writing.‖

As I shared with Mr. Ralston my hopes, dreams and carefully plotted-out back-up plan, he smiled and said, ―Why are you preparing to a writer, go for it! Pursue writing!‖ Mr. Ralston’s past my 54 53 to follow my dreams was the little nudge I needed to help me push 52 with this back-up plan? If you want to be

of not making it as a writer and simply ―Go for it!‖ 55 season. So, let’s

That’s what an encouraging word will do when spoken in love in

try and be like Mr. Ralston and speak that word of encouragement at just the right time and make a difference in someone’s life today. 【小题 1】 【小题 2】 chosen 【小题 3】 A. or B. and C. for D. but A. even A. reminded B. never B. entertained C. already C. accompanied D. also D.

【小题 4】 persuaded 【小题 5】 examined 【小题 6】 frightened 【小题 7】 compiling 【小题 8】 revealed 【小题 9】 composed

A. urged

B. forced

C. taught


A. created

B. taken

C. considered


A. embarrassed

B. confused

C. annoyed


A. writing

B. teaching

C. studying


A. meant

B. indicated

C. suggested


A. read

B. set

C. graded


【小题 10】 A. reviewed presented 【小题 11】 A. application qualification 【小题 12】 A. transparent ambitious 【小题 13】 A. eye 【小题 14】 A. interrupted apologized 【小题 15】 A. unless 【小题 16】 A. up 【小题 17】 A. fail compete 【小题 18】 A. encouragement attempt 【小题 19】 A. dreams mistakes 【小题 20】 A. peak

B. skipped

C. took


B. evaluation

C. instruction


B. shallow

C. superior


B. mind B. joked

C. heart C. admitted

D. focus D.

B. if B. apart B. follow

C. because C. along C. depart

D. so D. off D.

B. determination

C. tendency


B. fears

C. regrets


B. low

C. due

D. New

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