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广东省增城县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空选练(5)

广东增城县 2016 高考英语完形填空二轮选练(5)
完形填空。 Andy was born with a developmental disorder. The two sidesof his brain were not __1__ normally together. The right side of his __3__ __2__ could not communicate with

the left. At the age of three, it was

for him to walk, speak, and play. __4__ while someone held

He could only echo (重复) back a few words, and walked each of his hands. Then came the

__5__. He attended an all?day center where he ___7__



unimaginable treatment. He struggled, sometimes in hated it when his parents would __8__

, to get stronger. Andy

him there in the mornings. However, they __10__, healthy life.

__9__—against all odds—that he would grow up to live a They believed it for themselves, and for Andy. It

__11__. Today Andy is a successful 13?year?old high school student and has __12__ has been nothing short __13__ his friends

won the gold medal for his math competition. His

of a wonder. He receives special help with a few things, but in all the activities he loves. Andy overcame a lot of adversity (逆境) to victory. Ask yourself:“What are the seeds of If I get up when I __15__


to move from

hidden in my struggles today?

__16__, what will that make possible tomorrow?” __17__ of years of tenacity (坚韧)and

“Overnight success” is the continued __19__

__18__. Victory is possible for those who never give in to whatever bad __20__, they will accept

to them. They'll find the path to their dream.

adversities as universities that will foster (促进) strength, growth, and skills to attract the victory they seek. 安迪从小患有疾病。他在三岁时,连走路、讲话和玩耍都很困难。后来通过与疾病进行 难以想像的搏斗,终于取得了成功。 1. A. touched C. mixed B. used D. joined

答案:D 安迪的左脑和右脑没有正常的衔接(joined)。 2. A. ear C. foot B. body D. shoulder

答案:B 安迪的右半边身体(body)不能与左边的相通。 3. A. difficult C. interesting B. easy D. funny

答案:A 安迪在三岁时,连走路、讲话和玩耍都很困难(difficult)。 4. A. fast C. strongly B. strangely D. slowly

答案:D 安迪只能重复别人说的几个词,只能在别人扶着他的双手时,他才能慢慢地 (slowly)行走。 5. A. power C. struggles B. attention D. failures

答案:C 下文是安迪与疾病作斗争(struggles)的描述。由本段第三句可知应选 C。 6. A. watched C. received B. followed D. enjoyed

答案:C 安迪在一个全天的康复中心接受(received)多种难以想像的治疗。 7. A. tears C. excitement B. smiles D. disappointment

答案:A 由下一句中的 hated 推测,安迪与病魔作斗争的过程是艰难的,有时候是含着 眼泪的(tears)。 8. A. make C. forget B. leave D. put

答案:B 安迪讨厌他的父母每天上午把他留在(leave)康复中心。 9. A. doubted C. guessed B. believed D. imagined

答案:B 下一句中的 believed 对此空有提示。 10. A. lovely C. normal B. rich D. colorful

答案:C 安迪的父母相信,不管怎样,安迪会长大并过上正常(normal)而健康的生活。 11. A. paid off C. ran out B. set out D. went off

答案:A 由本句之后的内容可知,安迪与疾病作斗争的努力收到了效果。pay off 得到 预料的结果;获得成功。 12. A. story C. experience B. problem D. progress

答案:D 安迪的进步(progress)完全是个奇迹。nothing short of 简直是。 13. A. sees C. invites B. visits D. joins

答案:D 安迪与朋友一起参加(joined)各种他喜欢的活动。join sb. in sth.与某人在

一起做??。 14. A. objects C. habits B. enemies D. difficulties

答案:D 安迪克服了许多困难(difficulties)从逆境走向了成功。 15. A. flower C. strength B. spirit D. pride

答案: C 你可以问问自己,在今天的斗争中,你力量(strength)的源泉是什么? 16. A. lose C. fall B. fail D. stop

答案:C 如果你跌倒(fall)后马上站起来,你今后会怎么样? 17. A. mark C. symbol B. result D. sign

答案:B 安迪的成功的例子告诉我们,这是他努力的结果(result)。 18. A. learning C. offering B. taking D. resisting

答案:A 多年的坚韧不拔和不断学习(learning)。 19. A. related C. appealed B. happened D. referred

答案:B 那些无论发生(happened)什么不幸都决不妥协的人,才有可能成功。 20. A. However C. Besides B. Otherwise D. Rather

答案:A 他们会找到梦想之路,然而(However)他们也会把逆境当成大学。

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项中选出可以填入空白的最佳选项. Culture shock is a complex topic, but I'm a simple man with simple perspectives. So my experience of foreign culture boils down to three basic stages: anger, acceptance and appreciation. When I ___36___ my life in China I was often filled with frustration and ___37___over the way things were. Things were seen as clearly “____38____” and I rejected the view of there being other ways of doing things. Afterwards I came to ___39____different ways of doing things ___40____still saw my own ways as superior.

My views were still heavily colored by ___41____and I often accepted situations I felt ____42____by simply coining the phrase "That's China," _____43_____ China

was a backward country that simply didn't do things correctly. Finally, ____44____, I came to understand and appreciate the new ____45____ and ways of doing things, sometimes using them as effectively as the____46_____. For example, fish is never ___47___ with the head in my country, thus my feelings went from “Ugh! I can’t eat this! The fish is ___48___at me saying, `You're a ___49___ man.' Take this off the table,” to “I’ll let my friends enjoy, but I'll just stick with the other____50____,” and to "Would anyone mind if I eat the eyeball?" It is not the same with every westerner, and some take ___51___ than others to go through the three stages. It all depends on how _____52_____ you are and how tightly you ___53___to your own culture. It took a little over a year of living in China ___54___ I finally appreciate the new culture. Now, I'm more ___55___in China than in my own country. 36. A. ended 37. A. curiosity 38. A. wrong 39. A. find 40. A. or 41. A. preferences standards 42. A. necessary 43. A. mentioning referring 44. A. therefore 45. A. character culture 46. A. locals citizens 47. A. bought B. sold C. served D. separated

B. began B. fear B. right B. use B. but B. references

C. continued C. purpose C. wise C. accept C. while C. facts

D. enjoyed D. anger D. smooth D. refuse D. so D.

B. important B. saying

C. nervous C. meaning

D. stupid D.

B. however B. personality

C. besides C. revolution

D. thus D.

B. foreigners

C. researchers


48. A. glancing staring 49. A. kind 50. A. fishes 51. A. more 52. A. adaptable 53. A. get 54. A. since 55. A. anxious

B. laughing

C. shouting


B. cruel B. vegetables B. less B. considerable B. hold B. as B. welcomed

C. brave C. dishes C. further C. dependable C. catch C. before C. comfortable

D. unique D. soups D. longer D. enjoyable D. insist D .when D. miserable

【参考答案】 36—40. BDACB 41-45 ADCBD 46-50 ACDBC 51-55 DABCC

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 I went to a group activity,“Sensitivity Sunday”,which was to make us more __1__the problems faced by disabled people.We were asked to “__2__ a disability”for several hours one Sunday.Some members,__3__,chose to use wheelchairs.Others wore sound -blocking earplugs(耳塞) or blindfolds(眼罩). Just sitting in the wheelchair was a__4__experience.I had never considered before how__5__it would be to use one.As soon as I sat down,my __6__made the chair begin to roll.Its wheels were not__7__.Then I wondered where to put my__8__.It took me quite a while to get the metal footrest into__9__.I took my first uneasy look at what was to be my only means of__10__for several hours.For disabled people,“adopting a wheelchair” is not a temporary(临时的)__11__. I tried to find a__12__position and thought it might be restful,__13__kind of nice, to be__14__around for a while.Looking around,I__15__I would have to handle the thing myself!My hands started to ache as I__16__the heavy metal wheels.I came to know that controlling the__17__of the wheelchair was not going to be a(n)__18__task. My wheelchair experiment was soon__19__.It made a deep impression on me.A few hours of “disability” gave me only a taste of the__20__,both physical and mental,that

disabled people must overcome. 1.A.curious about C.aware of B.interested in D.careful with

解析 考查形容词短语辨析。句意:“Sensitivity Sunday”活动的目的是让我们了解残疾 人所面对的问题。make sb. aware of 使某人意识到??;curious about 对??好奇。 答案 C 2.A.cure B.prevent C.adopt D.analyze 解析 考查动词辨析。句意:一个周日,我们被要求用残疾人的方式生活几个小时。adopt 采 用,符合语境。cure 治疗;prevent 防止;analyze 分析。 答案 C 3.A.instead B.strangely C.as usual D.like me

解析 句意:有些人像我一样选择了轮椅。根据下文可知作者选择了坐轮椅的方式来体验残 疾人的生活。 答案 D 4.A.learning B.working C.satisfying D.relaxing

解析 考查形容词辨析。句意:仅坐在轮椅上是一种令人感到放松的体验。relaxing 令人感 到放松的;satisfying 令人感到满意的。 答案 D 5.A.convenient C.boring B.awkward D.exciting

解析 考查形容词。句意:我以前从来没有意识到操作轮椅是多么笨拙的事情。awkward 笨拙 的,不方便的;convenient 方便的;boring 烦人的。 答案 B 6.A.height B.force C.skill D.weight

解析 考查名词辨析。句意:我刚一坐上去,自身的重量使得轮椅动起来了。weight 重量; height 高度;force(武力)力量;skill 技巧。 答案 D 7.A.locked B.repaired C.powered D.grasped

解析 考查动词辨析。 句意: 轮子没有上锁(轮椅都有锁止功能)。 (were) locked 上锁; (were) repaired 被修理;(were) powered 被驱动;(were) grasped 被抓住。 答案 A 8.A.hands B.feet C.keys D.handles

解析 句意:我不知道该把脚放在哪里。根据下句中 footrest(搁脚板)可知答案。 答案 B

9.A.place B.action C.play


解析 考查固定短语。句意:我花了好长时间才把金属的搁脚板弄好。get sth. into place 把??放到合适的位置;action 行动;effect 影响,效果。 答案 A 10.A.operation C.transportation B.communication D.production

解析 考查名词辨析。句意:我开始不安地看着我接下来几个小时内唯一的交通工具。 transportation 运输工具,此处指轮椅;operation 操作,手术;communication 交流; production 产品。 答案 C 11.A.exploration C.experiment B.education D.entertainment

解析 考查名词辨析。句意:对于残疾人来说,用轮椅却不是一个临时性的试验。语境为: 作者在体验残疾人使用轮椅的生活,而残疾人却要一直都使用轮椅。experiment 试验; exploration 勘探;education 教育;entertainment 娱乐。 答案 C 12.A.flexible B.safe C.starting D.comfortable 解析 考查形容词辨析。句意:我想找一个舒服的地方??。comfortable 舒适的;根据句中 restful(宁静的,安静的)一词可知答案。flexible 灵活的;safe 安全的。 答案 D 13.A.yet B.just C.still D.even 解析 考查副词。句意:甚至是被推着到处走走也好。语境为:作者想让别人推着自己走。 even 表示意义递进——由自己找个舒服的地方到找个人推着自己走。 答案 D 14.A.shown B.pushed C.driven D.guided

解析 考查动词辨析。解析参见上题。be pushed 被推着;be shown 被带领着参观;be driven 被驱赶;be guided 被引导。 答案 B 15.A.realized B.suggested C.agreed D.admitted 解析 考查动词辨析。句意:环顾四周,我意识到我只能靠自己应对这一切了。realize 意识 到;suggest 建议,暗示;agree 同意;admit 承认。 答案 A 16.A.lifted B.turned C.pressed D.seized 解析 考查动词。句意:因为要转动(turn)沉重的轮子我的手也开始疼痛起来了。lift 举起;

press 按,压;seize 逮住,抓住。 答案 B 17.A.path B.position C.direction D.way 解析 考查名词辨析。句意:我开始意识到控制轮椅的方向可不是件容易的事。direction 方 向;path 道路;position 位置;way 方式。 答案 C 18.A.easy B.heavy C.major D.extra

解析 考查形容词辨析。句意参见上题。heavy 沉重的;major 主要的;extra 额外的。 答案 A 19.A.forgotten B.repeated C.conducted D.finished

解析 考查动词辨析。句意:我的体验很快就结束了。由下一句可知(was)forgotten 被遗忘, 不符合句意;(was)repeated 被重复;(was)conducted 被管理,不符合语境。 答案 D 20.A.weaknesses C.anxieties B.challenges D.illnesses

解析 考查名词辨析。句意:几个小时的“残疾”生活只是给了我体验身心被挑战的滋味, 而这是残疾人不得不克服的。语境为:作者体验残疾人的生活是一种挑战。challenge 挑战; weakness 弱点,劣势;anxiety 担心;illness 疾病。 答案 B


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