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【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总复习定时训练 5

定时训练(5) Ⅰ.专题特训(特殊句式) 1.Who ________ that played a trick on the new English teacher? A.it was B.was it C.he was D.was him 解析 考查强调句。 句意: 到底是谁捉弄了新来的英语老师?本题是强调句的特殊疑问 句结构:疑问词+is/was+it+that+句子其他成分。故选 B。 答案 B 2.Such an inspiring speech ________ at the graduation ceremony that every one of us was deeply moved and strongly encouraged. A.did he make B.he made C.had he made D.he had made 解析 考查倒装句。句意:他在毕业典礼上做了如此鼓舞人心的演讲,以至于我们每一 个人都深受感动和鼓舞。 “such+名词”或“so+形容词/副词”位于句首时,主句应用部分 倒装结构。又根据语意和 that 从句中的时态可知,此处应用一般过去时。故答案选 A。 答案 A 3.—________ no ad during TV plays. —Great move! I cannot tolerate those annoying ads appearing every several minutes. A.There is said to have B.It is said to have C.There is said to be D.It is said to be 解析 考查句式用法。句意:——据说电视剧中间不再插播广告了。——好举措!我再 也忍受不了每隔几分钟就出现的那些无聊的广告了。have 表示“某人/物有??” ,there be 表示“某处存在某物”,两者不能在同一句中同时使用,排除选项 A;be said to 意为“据 说??”,常作插入语,相当于“主语+be said to...”。该句可改成 It is said that there will be no ad during TV plays.故 C 项正确。 答案 C 4.Only when he returned ________ that the war had ended and the army had come back. A.we tell B.we told C.did we tell D.were we told 解析 考查倒装句型。 Only 放在句首时, 句子要用倒装语序; 根据句意“我们被告知” 可知,此处要用 were we told。故答案选 D。 答案 D 5.—Under no circumstances ________ the door to the Data Centre unlocked. —I promise I'll be more careful in future. A.you need to leave B.should you leave C.need you leave D.you should leave 解析 考查倒装句。句意:——你无论如何都不能不锁数据中心的门就走了。——我答 应你下次我会注意的。under no circumstance 相当于 in no case/in no way/on no account/by no means/never,意为“决不”,臵于句首时,句子要部分倒装,即:将助动词或情态动词放 在主语之前。若句中没有助动词或情态动词,则需添加助动词 do,does 或 did,并将其臵于 主语前。由语境可知,此处有责怪的意思,情态动词应用 should。故 B 项正确。 答案 B 6.How many countries ________ the European Union made up of, do you know? A.is B.are C.have D.has

解析 考查主谓一致。 分析句子结构可知, 专有名词 the European Union 是句子的主语, 谓语动词应用单数形式。由此结合固定短语 be made up of 可排除 C、D 两项,空格处应用 is。故答案选 A。 答案 A 7.Hardly ________ to speak ________ someone interrupted him. A.had he begun;when B.he had begun;while C.did he begin;when D.he begun;when 解析 考查倒装句。hardly...when...意为“一??就??” ,当 hardly 臵于句首时,句子 要用部分倒装,由此可排除选项 B 和 D;begin 这一动作先于 interrupted 发生,由此应用过 去完成时。故 A 项正确。 答案 A 8. In his speech, he said that it was his primary school teachers that he was fond of ________ influenced his whole life. A.what B.which C.as D.who 解析 考查强调句。句意:在演讲中,他说是他喜欢的小学老师影响了他的一生。分析 句子结构可知, 句中采用的是强调句式, 其中被强调的部分是“his primary school teachers that he was fond of”,指人,故选 who。 答案 D 9.The China dream is the people's dream. Only when everyone is hardworking and full of energy to make their due contribution ________. A.it can better realize B.can it better realize C.it can better be realized D.can it better be realized 解析 考查倒装。only 后接状语,句子要部分倒装。由句意可知,应该用被动语态。 答案 D 10.We all see Deng Chao's performance skills, yet little ________ attention to his singing talent. A.do we pay B.we paid C.had we paid D.we have paid 解析 考查倒装句。否定词 little 放在句首,句子用部分倒装,排除 B、D 两项;再由 主句时态可知,A 项正确。 答案 A 11.—When did you come back last night? —It was not until 11 o'clock ________ the party ended. A.that B.when C.where D.how 解析 考查特殊句式。when 引导定语从句,省略了强调句的后面成分,完整的句子为: It was not until 11 o'clock when the party ended that I came back. 答案 B 12.How long do you think ________ the computer company brings out a new product? A.it will be before B.will it be before C.it will be that D.will it be when 解析 考查 do you think 后陈述语序的用法。句意:你认为公司要过多久才能推出新产 品?本题中所考句型为:it be +一段时间+before 从句表示“??才??”,do you think 之后用陈述语序。故排除 B、D 选项。C 选项不符合语法规则。 故选 A 项。 答案 A

13.________ money if you can and many poor children in the poor mountainous areas will be able to go back to school. A.Having given B.Given C.Give D.To give 解析 考查祈使句+and/or+简单句。句意:如果你能给予一些钱,贫困山区的很多孩 子将能够重返校园。本句中空格处部分为祈使句,应该填动词原形,故正确选项为 C。 答案 C 14.We should give the disabled encouragement to live ________ as we do. A.as a rich and full life B.as rich and full a life C.so a rich and full life D.so rich and full a life 解析 考查 as...as 的用法。句意:我们应该给那些残疾人以鼓励让他们过上和我们一样 的生活。当 so,as,how 等后面跟的名词是可数名词时,把形容词放在冠词之前,如 so cold a day,故选 B 项。 答案 B 15.—I wonder ________ makes the video Gangnam Style so popular. —The unique dance moves and funny horse riding scenes. A.how is it that B.what is it that C.how it is that D.what it is that 解析 考查强调句型及宾语从句的语序。句意:——我想知道什么使神曲《江南 Style》 这么流行。 ——是独特的舞蹈动作和搞笑的骑马舞。 这里用了强调句型 it be+被强调部分+ that+其他, 在这个宾语从句中缺少的是主语, 本句被强调的是疑问词 what, 它可以做主语, How 不能做主语故排除 A 和 C 项。又因为宾语从句的语序是陈述句语序,故排除 B 项,所 以选 D 项。 答案 D Ⅱ.完形填空 Section A On February 23,1790,a ragged group of men were advancing to a fort held by British soldiers in Vincennes, Indiana.The men were __1__. Their leader was a man__2__George Rogers Clark.Clark and his small army of about 125 men made up their minds to destroy the fort.To complete this task,they had marched across Illinois through mud and rain. The men were very __3__.They had almost no ammunition(弹药).By the time they __4__ Vincennes,they had been without food for two days.__5__ before they could attack the fort,they had to seize the town.Clark sent a __6__ to the town's people.In the message,Clark advised the town's people who were for Britain to go to the fort immediately.All others were to stay inside their homes.His army,Clark __7__,was powerful! To make the town's people believe that this was true,Clark had his men march in and out of the __8__ around Vincennes.They marched from early afternoon until dark.Some men,by __9__ of Clark,also carried flags on long poles so that they were __10__ visible in the town. The town's people finally thought Clark's army was a powerful one.The town fell to Clark and his men and not a __11__ was fired.On February 25 the fort which had enough supplies to __12__ another six months,surrendered itself to the ragged American army! 1.A.Indians B.Americans C.Frenchmen D.Englishmen 解析 根据文章最后一句“surrendered itself to the ragged American army!”可得出答

案。 答案 B 2.A.said B.reported C.supposed D.named 解析 named 为过去分词作定语,指“名叫??”。 答案 D 3.A.tired B.excited C.pleased D.frightened 解析 从下文“...they had been without food for two days”得知,这些人很累。 答案 A 4.A.left B.passed C.neared D.entered 解析 neared 相当于 got near to。从前文我们得知,这些 ragged soldiers 正往 Vincennes 挺进,因此其他答案不符合题意。 答案 C 5.A.Long B.Although C.Yet D.Unless 解析 句意:但要攻打要塞,他们首先得夺取那个镇。根据上下文,此处应使用表转折 关系的词。 答案 C 6.A.gift B.message C.soldier D.telegram 解析 从后文得知,送到镇里的是“message”,而不是派了士兵,根据当时的装备,也 不可能送去“telegram”。 答案 B 7.A.admired B.warned C.promised D.praised 解析 由句意可知本题应选 B 项。 答案 B 8.A.hills B.villages C.parks D.rivers 解析 山上地势高,这样镇上的人们才看得清,因此 A 项为最佳答案。 答案 A 9.A.side B.watch C.order D.means 解析 by order of 的意思是“在??的命令下”。 答案 C 10.A.constantly B.sometimes C.seldom D.not 解析 因为旗臶是在长杆子上的,因此镇上的人们会不时地(constantly)看到。 答案 A 11.A.shot B.house C.general D.village 解析 从空后的 was fired 可以推出,其他答案不符合题意。 答案 A 12.A.live B.set up C.hold out D.live in 解析 hold out 为固定短语,意思是“支持,支撑”。 答案 C Section B Are you a smart kid who is having a little trouble in high school? Not to fear! Using good study habits can help you make __1__ through this tough time and on to college.

You'll never be able to learn anything if your desk is __2__ of nothing but a pile of waste paper! Take __3__ hour a week to clean your desk.Throw away unneeded papers and notebooks.No __4__ students learn the same way,__5__ what may work for one student will actually be detrimental to another.The same goes for studying.__6__ students learn better with flash cards,others __7__ rewriting material or taking practice tests.Experiment with different methods __8__ you find one that works for you best.Remember,anyone is capable of success! 1.解析 考查代词。固定短语 make it“成功做成某事”。 答案 it 2.解析 考查形容词。固定短语 be full of“充满”。 答案 full 3.解析 考查冠词。 答案 an 4.解析 考查数词。no two=not any two“没有任何两个”。 答案 two 5.解析 考查并列连词。表示“前因后果”。 答案 so 6.解析 考查不定代词。根据后面的 others 得到提示。 答案 Some 7.解析 考查介词。表示“凭借??方法”。 答案 by 8.解析 考查从属连词。表示“直到??为止” 。 答案 until Ⅲ.阅读理解

体裁:议论文 话题:环境保护 时间:7 分钟 The fourth round of heavy smog that hit Beijing in four weeks has sent more people to the hospital with respiratory(呼吸的) illnesses and led to calls for laws to control the pollution. Pan Shiyi, a real estate developer, said he is planning to propose(提出)a Clean Air Act to the local government.As a representative of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress,he started an online survey at 9: 20 a. m.Within three hours, more that 25, 000 web users, or 99 percent of total respondents,welcomed his proposal on Sina Weibo,China's Twitter. They have good reasons to stand alongside Pan.The latest round of haze(雾霾)reduced visibility to under 500 meters in many parts of the city.The smog has also led to a great increase in respiratory illnesses,particularly among children and the elderly.Anxious parents and doctors almost all blame the smoggy air for the illnesses.Though most schoolchildren are home for the winter holidays,the bad air can easily move indoors.Besides,ordinary medical masks fail to provide adequate protection,so some people have turned to gas masks and respirators(呼吸器). The causes of the scary smog are rather mysterious , though experts blame excessive emissions and the mountains around Beijing that trap pollution in winter,unless there is adequate wind to clear it away.Some critics have pointed fingers at China's top two oil firms,China National Petroleum Corp and China Petrochemical Corporation,saying the companies' outdated production technologies produce large quantities of substandard,high-polluting gas fuel. Meanwhile,concerned Beijingers have moved their brainstorming sessions to cyberspace.If

Pan's proposal for a Clean Air Act is adopted,netizens say the new law should include items providing for “car-free days” in times of smog,higher standards for vehicle fuel,stricter restrictions on industrial and exhaust gas emissions,and more effective protection for the public. Beijing is not the only city that has ever lost the blue sky.Five days of thick fog caused thousands of deaths in Britain in December 1952,urging the government to pass the first Clean Air Act in 1956, which introduced smokeless zones and cleaner fuels to reduce pollution.That may provide some experience for Beijing to refer to. 【语篇导读】 北京持续的雾霾天气引发了公众对空气污染的关注, 网民们纷纷呼吁政 府制定《清洁空气法案》 。 1.Why did Pan Shiyi start an online survey? A.To investigate the public's opinions on pollution. B.To tell people the danger of the smoggy weather. C.To call on more people to support his proposal. D.To collect supporting evidences for his proposal. 解析 推理判断题。根据文章第二段内容可知,潘石屹发起网上调查,是因为他计划向 地方政府提交《清洁空气法案》的提议(proposal),首先排除 A、B 两项;再根据常识判断, 网上发起投票调查,是为了收集提议受到支持的证据,使其更具说服力,故答案选 D。 答案 D 2.What can we learn from the passage? A.People are clear about the causes of the smoggy weather. B.Children staying indoors will not get respiratory illnesses. C.Smog is worse for people with lower resistance to diseases. D.Masks can give people protection against the smoggy weather. 解析 细节理解题。根据第三段第三句可知选 C,雾霾导致呼吸系统疾病的增长,尤其 在老人和儿童中(抵抗力较低的人群)。根据第四段第一句可知 A 项错误;根据第三段倒数第 二句可知 B 项错误;根据第三段最后一句可知 D 项错误。 答案 C 3.Britain is mentioned in the last paragraph to ______. A.suggest Beijing should learn from other countries B.let people know many places have this problem C.tell people the situation in Britain is worse D.call on the government to pass Britain's Clean Air Act 解析 推理判断题。根据全文最后一句可推断出,举例是建议北京向英国学习,早日制 定《清洁空气法案》 。 答案 A 4.What's the best title for this passage? A.The Use of Gas Masks and Respirators B.Beijingers Call for a Clean Air Act C.Effective Protection for Blue Sky D.The Mysterious Causes of the Scary Smog 解析 主旨大意题。 文章介绍了北京持续出现的雾霾天气导致的严重危害以及网民们呼 吁制定《清洁空气法案》 ,故 B 项符合文章主旨。 答案 B


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