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四川省内江市2014高考英语 阅读理解和完形填空训练(3)

四川省内江市 2014 高考英语阅读理解和完形填空训练(3)附答案
Kincaid looked at his watch: eight-seventeen. The truck started on the second try, and he backed out, shifted gears, and moved slowly down the alley under hazy sun. Through the streets of Bellingham he went, heading south on Washington 11, running along the coast of Puget Sound for a few miles, then following the highway as it swung east a little before meeting U.S Route 20. Turning into the sun, he began the long, winding drive through the Cascades. He liked this country and felt unpressed stopping now and then to make notes about interesting possibilities for future expeditions or to shoot what he called “memory snapshots.” The purpose of these causal photographs was to remind him of places he might want to visit again and approach more seriously. In later afternoon he turned north at Spokane, picking up U.S. Route 2, which would take him halfway across the northern United States to Duluth, Minnesota. He wished for the thousandth time in his life that he had a dog ,a golden retriever, maybe ,for travels like this and to keep him company at home. But he was frequently away; overseas much of the time and it would not be fair to the animal .Still ,he thought about it anyway. In a few years he would be getting too old for the hard fieldwork. “I must get a dog then.” He said to himself. Drives like this always put him into a sentimental mood. The dog was part of it .Robert Kincaid was alone as it’s possible to be—an only child ,parents both dead , distant relatives who had lost track of him and he of them, no close friends. He thought about Marian .She had left him nine years ago after five years of marriage. He was fifty-two now , that would make her just under forty .Marian had dreams of becoming a musician ,a folksinger .She knew all of the Weavers’ songs and sang them pretty well in the coffeehouse of Seattle .When he was home in the old days, he drove her to the shows and sat in the audience while she sang. His long absences—two or three months sometimes—were hard on the marriage .He knew that. She was aware of what he did when they decided to get married ,and both of them had a vague(not clear) sense that it could all be handled somehow. It couldn’t


when he came from photographing a story in Iceland and ,she was gone . The note read, “Robert ,it didn’t work out ,I left you the Harmony guitar. Stay in touch.” He didn’t stay in touch .Neither did she .He3 signed the divorce papers when they arrived a year later and caught a plane for Australia the next day. She had asked for nothing except her freedom. 1. Which route is the right one taken by Kincaid? A. Bellingham—Washington 11—Puget Sound—U.S Route 20—U.S Route 2—Duluth B. U.S. Route 2—Bellingham—Washington 11—Puget Sound—U.S Route 20—Duluth C. U.S. Route 2—U.S Route 20—Duluth –Bellingham—Washington 11 D. Bellingham—Washington 11—U.S. Route 2—U.S Route 20—Duluth 【答案与解析】A 从第一,二自然段可看出。

2. Which statement is true according to the passage? A. Kincaid’s parents were dead and he only kept in touch with some distant relatives. B. Kincaid would have had a dog if he hadn’t been away from home too much. C. Kincaid used to have a golden retriever. D. Kincaid needed a dog in doing his hard fieldwork. 【答案与解析】B 从第三自然段中的 He wished for the thousandth time in his life that

he had a dog? But he was frequently away; overseas much of the time and it would not be fair to the animal 可得出此答案。 3. Why did Kincaid stop to take photos while driving? A. To write “memory snapshots” B. To remind himself of places he might want to visit again. C. To avoid forgetting the way back. D. To shoot beautiful scenery along the road. 【答案与解析】B 从第二自然段中的 The purpose of these causal photographs was to

remind him of places he might want to visit again?可得出此答案。 4. What can you know about Marian? A. She died after five years of marriage. B. She was older than Kincaid.

C. She could sing very well and earned big money. D. She was not a professional pop singer. 【答案与解析】D 从第五自然 段中的 Marian had dreams of becoming a musician ,a

folksinger。可得出此答案。 5. We can draw a conclusion from the passage that .

A. Marian knew what would happen before she married Kincaid. B. Kincaid thought his absence would be a problem when he married Marian. C. It turned out that Marian could not stand Kincaid’s absence and left him. D. After Marian left him, they still kept in touch with each other. 【答案与解析】 C 从文章中最后两自然段中可得出此结论。


第******套 阅读下面短文,从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 In the United States there was an unusual tale telling of the daughter of a mechanic (技工). One day while walking along the bank of a lake, the girl eggs laid by a wild goose(鹅). After some time the girl return to her eggs and she 3 2 1 to see 20

the mother would not 4 the

to take them home. There she carefully 5

eggs in the heat of a lamp. Several days into the 6 .

the eggs broke and the baby geese came

Geese are known to take the first living thing they see as their mother. to these young geese, the girl was their mother. As they 8 , the girl was able to 10 9



her birds to run across the grass, but

she could not teach them to both when 11

. The girl became increasingly worried about this, 12 : She would pilot(驾

and in her dreams. Later, she had an 13

驶) a plane to guide them in

. She asked her father for a plane and he assembled

(组装)a small aircraft for her. Caring about 14 safety, the father decided to pilot the plane himself.

However, the birds did not One day, the girl 17


or follow him, and


slept in the grass. 18 .

into the plane, started it and soon left the 19

Seeing their mother take to the air, the birds

flapped(拍打)their wings and

20 . She flew the plane freely in the sky, her young birds following. 1. A. managed 2. A. realized 3. A. helped 4. A. placed 5. A. ago 6. A. family 7. A. But 8. A. increased 9. A. ask 10. A. fly 11. A. asleep 12. A. idea 13. A. sky 14. A. his 15. A. respect 16. A. so 17. A. climbed 18. A. house 19. A. secretly eagerly 20. A. looked away B. set out C. went by D. turned back B. attempted B. expected B. decided B. protected B. out B. lake B. Also B. improved B. lead B. race B. away B. opinion B. heaven B. her B. remember B. instead B. looked B. floor B. disappointedly C. happened C. imagined C. afforded C. treated C. later C. home C. Thus C. rose C. want C. swim C. around C. explanation C. flight C. their C. recognize C. hardly C. reached C. water C. patiently D. supposed D. admitted D. meant D. examined D. long D. world D. Still D. grew D. allow D. sing D. awake D. excuse D. plane D. its D. receive D. too D. fell D. ground D.

参考答案 1-5 CABAC 6-10 DCDBA 11-15 DACBC 16-20 BADDB)



Camp memories last forever! We make sure they are unforgettable! Shadow Ridge Summer Camps offer so many exciting things for campers to do. Unlike other camp programs that include horses as a small part of their program, at Shadow Ridge horses ARE the program! We are 100%horse from stable(马厩)management, nature walks, and track rides to bedroom furnishings. Horses help us achieve many of our aims. Girls can learn to develop responsibility, self-confidence and personal connections in their lives while having fun. Using horses as a wonderful tool for education, our camps offer an interesting place for growth and learning. Imagine each girl having her very own horse to spend time with and a best friend to love and take care of. Each camper is responsible for a horse for the week. Our riding program provides a lot of riding and lesson time. Campers will learn how to take care of the horse and the tack( 马 具 ), as well as how to ride. Days are filled with horse-related activities to strengthen the connection between each girl and horse, as the girls learn to work safely around the horses. At Shadow Ridge we try to create a loving, caring family atmosphere for our campers. We have “The Bunkhouse”(4 girls), the“ Wranglers Roost”(4 girls), and “The Hideout”(2 girls)in our comfortable 177-year-old farm house. All meals are home cooked, offering delicious and healthy food for the hungry rider. Our excellent activities create personalized memories of your child's vacation, Each child will receive a camp T-shirt and a photo album (usually 300-500 pictures)of their stay at camp. Our camps are offered during June, July and August 2007, for small groups of girls aged 13-16 years, not only from Canada but also other parts of the world. We will send you full program descriptions at your request. 53. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To attract people to the camps. B. To talk about camping experiences. C. To describe the programs of the camps. D. To explain the aims of the camps. 54 What do we know about the camp programs at Shadow Ridge? A. Campers are required to wear camp T-shirts. B. Horses play a central role in the activities. C. Campers learn to cook food for themselves. D. Horse lessons are offered all the year round. 55. The programs at Shadow Ridge mainly aim to help people________. A. understand horses better C. have fun above other things B. enjoy a family atmosphere D. achieve an educational purpose

56. The passage is written mainly for_________. A. horse riders B. teenage girls


C. Canadian parents

D. international travelers

参考答案 53、 ABD 56- C *************************************************************结束

In this modern world, activity and movement are the default modes(默认模式),if not with our bodies then at least with our minds, with our attention. We rush around all day, doing things, talking, emailing, sending and reading messages, clicking from browser tab (分页浏览器)to the next, one link to the next. We are always on, always connected, always thinking, always talking. There is no time for stillness — and sitting in front of a crazy computer all day, and then in front of the too active television, doesn’t count as stillness. This comes at a cost: we lose that time for deep thinking, for observing and listening. We lose peace. And worse yet: all the rushing around is often agaist our will. I know, in our society action is all-important — inaction is seen as lazy and passive and unproductive. However, sometimes too much action is worse than no action at all. You can run around crazily, all sound and fury, but get nothing done. Or you can get a lot done — but nothing important. Or you can hurt things with your actions, make things worse than if you’d stayed still. And when we are forced to be still — because we’e in line for something, or waiting at a doctor’ appointment, or on a bus or train, we often get impatient and need to find something to do. Some of us will have our mobile devices, others will have a notebook or folder with things to do or read, others will move their bodies around. Being still isn’t something we’re used to. Take a moment to think about how you spend your days — at work, after work, getting ready for work, evenings and weekends. Are you constantly rushing around? Are you constantly reading and answering messages, checking on the news and the latest stream of information? Are you always trying to Get Lots of Things Done, ticking off tasks from your list like a machine, rushing through your schedule? Is this how you want to spend your life? 53.Which of the following is true, according to the passage? A.Doing nothing means happiness. B.Modern people are not used to being still. C.People tend to pretend to be busy sometimes. D.Too much action is always better than no action. 54.The underlined “this” in the third paragraph probably means . A.being unable to keep still B.sitting before a computer C.always talking and thinking D.watching too much TV 55.Which of the following can be considered to be stillness according to the author? a. Thinking deeply about your life. b. Listening to the world around you. c. Reading about the news on the Internet.


d. Looking through an interesting story – book. e. Feeling your breath coming in and going out. A.a, b, d B.a, b, e C.a, c, e D.b, c, d 56.What would the author probably discuss in the paragraph that follows? A.Howe to avoid restlessness and why. B.Some advantages of less movement. C.How to keep still and its good effect. disadvantages of constant action. D . Some


Just as the stock(股票)market rises and falls in response to what people are willing to put their money behind,we have inside ourselves an inner economy that rises and falls in response to our beliefs about what is possible.Sometimes the degree to which we are willing to challenge our belief systems determines the success of our inner economy. For example,imagine that your family of origin had a belief that musical talent was not something they possessed.As a member of that group,you would likely hold that the same belief about yourself.As a result,even if you had a great desire to create music,you might be hesitant to really get behind yourself, fearing that your investment(投资)would not pay off.Even if you had the courage to follow your passion, your inner belief that you are not born talented would probably be a major obstacle to investing your energy in your dream. On the other hand, if you found a way to release that negative belief, a great flood of energy would pour forth,greatly increasing the likelihood of your success.How much energy we are willing to invest in the various ideas,dreams,and visions we carry within is like the money people are, are not, or willing to invest in the various products available for trade on the stock market. And in both cases,belief plays a key role in determining how willing we are to get behind something.One way to open up the possibility for greater success in our inner economies is to understand that belief is not the reliable guide we sometimes think.There are other more reliable things of success that we can put our faith in,such as passion,feeling,and sense.Some of the most successful investors in the stock market are the ones that go against the grain, trusting their sense over the common opinion held by common people about what will work. In the same way, we can learn to trust our heart’s desires and our sense to guide us, questioning any beliefs that stand in the way of our ability to fully invest in ourselves.As we take our energy from limiting ideas about what is possible,we free up the resources that have the power to make our inner economy prosper. 49.We can safely conclude from the first paragraph that A.our belief is not reliable B.belief is not so important in our success C.belief is an obstacle to our success


D.our belief determines our success in some way 50.According to the passage,if a family of origin has passion for literature,the members of the family will probably A.write poems C.enter the field of literature B.hate literature D. teach literature .

51.We can put our faith in the following things of success except A.passion B.feeling C.sense D.stock market 52.The purpose of the author is A.to teach us a lesson B.to give us some useful suggestions C.to encourage us to invest in the stock market D.to tell us common people have negative beliefs 参考答案 49-52 DCDB **********************************************************结束 .

Welcome to Ontario Parks, a new body set up to manage Ontario’s most treasured special places, the parks in our area. We are entering a very exciting year for Ontario Parks. Last season we asked some 15,000 visitors in 45 parks how we could improve our programs and services. We also looked at the thousands of comment cards we received. As a result, new comfort stations have been added, the number of campsites has been increased, and we’ve made other facility(设施) improvements. In addition, we’ll be providing more educational programs. This year, for example, more than 40 parks will offer special day and evening activities to excite your curiosity about nature and history. Through the Internet, you’ll be happy to know that you can now explore all 270 parks on line. Let your family plan your park vacation, study a map of canoe routes, listen to the call of a loon or find up-to-date information about programs, services and facilities. So come and discover what Ontario Parks has to offer. Our parks are places to go with families and friends, for relaxation and fun, or simply to get away from it all. They are places where we can enrich our souls and “recharge our internal(内 部的) batteries”. They provide chances to explore nature, see wildlife, swim, canoe, camp, hike, picnic, ride a bike? You’ll enjoy some of the best outdoor experiences available anywhere in the world. We urge you to make 2006 the year that you come out and have an Ontario Parks experience! 49.The writer’s purpose in writing the text is to . A. tell more people the improvements in Ontario Parks B. attract more people to explore the parks on line C. praise the beauty of nature in Ontario Parks


D. have more people visit the parks 50.The facility improvements of Ontario Parks include A. new programs and services B. comfort stations and special activities C. new comfort stations and campsites .

D. new campsites and educational programs 51.From paragraph 4, we know that Ontario Parks offers visitors A. The world’s new sports and games B. the most exciting adventures in the world C. many choices to relax and refresh themselves D. chances to experience all the outdoor activities 52.According to the text, we can safely say that . A. some visitors suggested more campsites B. about 15,000 people visited 45 parks last season


C. many more people will visit Ontario Parks in 2006 D. the manager of Ontario Parks worries they will have fewer visitors 参考答案 题 序 41 42 C 43 B 44 B 45 A 46 B 47 C 48 D 49 D 50 C 51 C 52 A 53 D 54 A 55 C 56 A 57 D 58 B 59 C 60 A

答 D 案


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