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单项选择 1 If there’s a lot lf work finished. A to do B to be doing C dong D doing , I’m happy to keep on until it is

2 My name is Jonathan. Shall I spell it for you? A If you don’t mind B Not at all you 3 He and his wife are of the same go to college. A soul B spirit C heart D mind ; they both want their son to C Take it easy D Nice to meet

4 Why don’t you just A make 5 “Thing A lost 6 B open

you r own business and leave me alone? C consider D mind

never come again!” I couldn’t help talking to myself. B losing C to lose D have lost

had she said it than she burst into tears. B Soon C Hardly D Scarcely

A No sooner 7 You A good

are to come and go as you please. B free C true D possible

8 I began to feel faces. A at home

in the new school when I saw some familiar

B at heart

C at will

D at sight

9 The






energy-saving competition between towns in New England and Canada. A for B in C to D at

10 It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt very cold, so she stood to her mother. A close B closely C closed D closing walk. D hardy an application form for party

11 He was so tired that he could A hard B harder C hardly

12 When I came in, he was membership. A fill out B writing

C filled out

D filling of

13 The school has only been open for six months, so it’s too early to A count its success. B calculate C estimate D evaluate .

14 The man is very rich, and he has a big company A on his own B by himself C of his own

D for himself herself.

15 The little girl traveled from London to New York A by 16 I have A looked at B for C to D of

his phone number in the phone book. B looked to C looked up D looked after

练习 2 1 Would you like to join me for a quick lunch before class? ---_____,but I promised Nancy to go out with her. A I’d like to B I like it C I don’t D I will 2 I can’t say which wine is best---it’s a(an)____of personal taste. A affair B event C matter D variety

3 --Dad! Tom’s broken a glass! --____. Accidents will happen. A No way B Doesn’t matter C No trouble at all

D Don’t mention it 4 I made a five-month _____of India and the Far East. A tour B travel C journey D voyage

5 I can hardly imagine Peter _____ across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A driving B to sail C sailing D to drive

6 For all these years I have been working for others. I’m hoping I’ll my own business some day. A turn up B fix up C set up D make up

7 Flying across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time a great ____ . A peace B achievement C progress D news

8 Congratulations to you ____ such a complete victory. A for achieving B on achieving C to achieve D of achieving

9 He is in _____ control of the company. I mean, the company is in _____ control of him. A the;\ B \; the C the; the D \;\

10 The Chinese Education Department suggests teachers should take ______ education to catch up with the ______ development. A farther; late B farther; later C further; lately D further latest 11 --_____his grades, he is a hard-working student. A Judged from B Judged by C According to D According as 12 A great man shows his greatness ___ the way he treats little men. A under B with C on D by

13 ---Sorry to you, but could I ask a quick question? ---No problem. A worry B prevent C trouble D disappoint

14 The council has____ large amounts of money to housing projects. A committed B spent C cost D taken

15 While shopping, people sometimes can’t help ____ into buying something they don’t really need. A to persuade B persuading C being persuaded D be persuaded 16 How did you manage to _______? A persuade him stopping smoking B persuade him to stop to smoke C persuade him out of smoking

D persuade him to smoke 16 I wonder how you managed to ___ since there was only half an hour to go before you set off for the airport . A make that B make it C do it D do that

17 The enemy searched the village the ___Red Army man. A in B for C by D of

18 They went out___ food. A in search of B in a search of C in search D in search for

19 He searched ___ the book and handed it to me . A for B out C through D/

20 There was such a long queue for coffee at the interval that we ____ gave up. A eventually B unfortunately C generously D purposefully

21 A cook will be immediately fired if he is found ___ in the kitchen. A smoke B smoking C smokes D smoked

22 He was educated at the local high school, he went on to Beijing University. A after which B after that C in which D in that

23 For many cities in the world, there is no room to spread out further, New York is an example. A for which B in which C of which D from which

24 Have you see the book ___ is yellow? A the cover of it D which’s cover 25 You can only be sure of ____ you have at present; you can not be sure of something ___ you might get in the future. A that; what B what; / C which; that D /; that B which cover C the cover of which

26 The seaside here draws a lot of tourists every summer. Warm sunshine and soft sands make ____ it is. A what B which C how D where

27 ____ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. A It B This C What D As

28 ____ a famous artist, he follows his old way of life. A Knowing as B Known as C Known for D To known of

29 _____ is well known, China’s entry into WTO has as great a meaning to China as it does to the whole world. A It B What C As D Which

30 ___ are better than words. A Deeds B Deed C Things D Dead

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