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2018 年初中学业水平考试英语试题 2017 年 12 月 二、阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2.5 分,计 50 分) A Tim was a little boy of nine years old. He was busy last Saturday morning, because he went to the park with his friends to paint. He returned home very late. It was nearly half past twelve, but nobody was in. He found that there was a note on the table. It read: Tim didn’t want to follow his parents everywhere. He felt so good that he could be a real big boy and look after himself. Thinking there was nothing important out there, he cooked some noodles for himself and also helped himself to some apple juice. Then he started to do some housework. He was really a good helper to his mother. When his mother was away, he would always find some housework to do, like sweeping the floor and washing the dishes. He felt it quite right for him to do some housework at weekends. In the late afternoon, his parents came back. He asked them what happened. “Why? You forget? It’s Grandmother’s birthday today.” “Uh, gee! I simply forgot! I must telephone Grandmother.” He picked up the phone. “I’m terribly sorry, Grandma, that I forgot about your birthday. Anyway, anyone will forget one thing or another. So I won’t get worried if you forget my birthday next Tuesday.” 29. Who was in when Tim returned home from the park? A. Nobody. B. His mother. C. His grandfather. D. His father. 30. Why didn’t Tim go to his grandparents’ in the afternoon? A. He was busy in the afternoon. B. He didn’t see the note on the table. C. He didn’t want to see his grandmother. D. He didn’t want to follow his parents everywhere. 31. What is TRUE about Tim? A. He was free last Saturday morning. B. He hated to do some housework. C. He forgot his grandmother’s birthday. D. He cooked dinner for himself. 32. Put the following into correct order according to the story. ① He found a note. ② He did some housework. ③ He went out to paint.
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④ He phoned his grandmother. ⑤ He cooked lunch. A. ②③①⑤④ B. ③①⑤②④ C. ③①②⑤④ D. ④③①⑤② 33. At the end of the story, Tim reminded (提醒) his grandmother not to forget ________. A. his father’s birthday B. his mother’s birthday C. his grandfather’s birthday D. his birthday B One sunny afternoon, I went to pick up my wife from work. I got there a little early, so I parked my car by a small park, and waited for her. As I looked outside the car window, I saw a little boy, around two years old, running freely on the grass as his mother watched from a short distance. The boy had a big smile on his face as if he had just been set free from some sort of prison. The boy would then fall to the grass, got up, without looking back at his mother, ran as fast as he could, again, still with a smile on his face, as if nothing had happened. While I was touched by the boy's persistence, I was really touched by the manner in which he ran. With each attempt, he looked so confident.., so natural. No signs of fear, nervousness, or of being discouraged--as if he didn't give a care about the world around him. His only aim was to run freely and to do it as effectively as he could. He was not looking for an agreement or was not worrying about whether someone was watching or not. To run and to feel the experience of running freely! I learned a lot from the observation and experience, and have successfully brought that lesson with me in many jobs in my life. ( )36. Why did the writer park the car by the park? A. To wait for his wife. B. To see the little boy running. C. To go to the shop. D. To run with the little boy. ( )37. What did the boy do after he fell to the grass? A. He cried and asked his mother for help. B. He stopped there and had signs of fear. C. He got nervous but still got a smile on his face. D. He got up and went on running as fast as he could. ( )38. From the passage, we can infer(推断)that A. the boy is full of confidence
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B. the boy has just been set free from prison C. the boy always cares about the world around him D. the boy's aim is to smile freely without hesitation ( )39. The underlined word "persistence" means A.犹豫 B.坚持 C.放弃 D.拖延 ( )40. According to the passage, we can learn A. if you are nervous, do as the boy does B. if you want to be successful, you must be full of confidence and persistence C. if you have no hesitation, you may be successful D. if you want to run, run freely with confidence C Hover Camera (无人相机) Wang Mengqiu, the inventor of Hover Camera, was born in Hangzhou in 1982. He once studied at Stanford University in the United States. He became famous overnight (一夜成名) because of the invention. Forget selfie sticks ( 自 拍 杆 )! Compared to other cameras, Hover Camera has many advantages. * It can fly and stay in mid-air, track your face and even follow you to make sure it gets the perfect picture. * It can be controlled by using a smartphone(智能手机). * It records movements with a 13MP camera and takes 4K video. * It is the best choice for weddings, sports games and holidays. Mr. Wang also said, “The main design consideration is easy and safe to take for the users. It’s very light and small. It can be folded (折叠) in two, so it can be easily put into a bag. When the power is low, it can land on the ground safely on its own.” It’s reported that the company has raised $25 million to produce it. As it is still being tested (测试), Hover Camera can be bought later this year. The price has not yet been decided. But a spokesman says the company hopes to sell it for less than $600.
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39. Hover Camera can _________. A. swim in the river B. fly in the mid-air C. change its weight D. be used as a phone 40. The underlined word “track” means ________. A. pull B. follow C. push D. show 41. According to the passage, why is Hover Camera easy and safe to take? A. It’s light and small. B. It can be folded in three. C. It doesn’t need power. D. Only a smartphone can make it land. 42. Which is not mentioned in the passage? A. How can we control Hover Camera? B. When can we buy Hover Camera? C. How much is Hover Camera? D. How popular will Hover Camera be? 43. According to the passage, Wang Mengqiu is a __________ young man. A. brave B. quiet C. creative D. humorous D

Itinerary(旅行日程) ※Pick-up service by your tour guide and driver at 7:30 am ※City God Temple--Sightseeing(30 minutes) ※Yu Garden--Sightseeing( 1 hour) ※The Bund Stroll--Sightseeing(40 minutes) ※Old French Concession & old Street(40 minutes) ※Local Restaurant-- Lunch( 1 hour) ※Pudong New Financial Area--Sightseeing(20 minutes) ※Shanghai 2010 Expo Park--Sightseeing(30 minutes) ※Pearl City--Shopping(30 minutes) ※Drop-off service at your hotel before 5:30 pm Price Includes ※Hotel pick-up & drop-off service

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※English-speaking tour guide ※Air-conditioned tour van or bus ※Entrance tickets to the attractions as listed in the itinerary; Chinese lunch Price Excludes(不含) ※Tips(小费)for guide and driver(Note: Tips is highly appreciated but not requested) ※Personal expenses Important Tips and Notices 1. Please do not believe the "warm-hearted" guides or drivers(especially in railway stations)and book your day visit from a legal travel agency. 2. Choose comfortable footwear and if necessary bring a good grip and support for your feet. Layers of clothes that can be taken on and off provide the best comfort and temperature control. Bring sun protection in summer and dress for sub-zero temperatures in winter. It can feel much colder on the mountain than down in the valleys. 3. Asking you to take a picture is normal and friendly. They call this "making hello". It is not a scam(骗局). 4. Bring toilet paper because most water closets don't have any. 5. The most important phrase to know is "Bu-yao" which is loosely translated as "No, I don't want that cheap plastic souvenir/guidebook/Rolex watches/Gucci bag you're trying to sell me, and I really mean it.” )41. What time are the visitors picked up? A. At 7:00 am. B. At 7:30 am. C. At 5:00 pm. D. At 5:30 pm. ( )42. How long do the visitors stay at Shanghai 2010 Expo Park? A. 20 minutes. B. Half an hour. C. 40 minutes. D. 1 hour. ( )43. What kind of food do they have for lunch? A. Italian food. B. English food. C. Chinese food. D. French food. ( )44. The visitors should take the following things except . A. comfortable footwear B. sunglasses in summer C. toilet paper D. water ( )45. Which of the following is TRUE? A. "Bu-yao" means you don't need it. B. Guides and drivers are not believable. C. Tips for guide and driver should be very high. (

D. The tour guide can speak any foreign language. 三、短文还原(共 5 空,每小题 2 分,计 10 分) 阅读短文,从短文下面方框中的六个句子中选择五个还原到短文 中,使短文通顺完整、衔接自然。 What’s in a Name? Your name is very important. When you think of yourself, you probably think of your name first. (49) _______________________ Right now, the two most popular names for babies in the United States are “Jacob” for boys and “Emily” for girls. (50) _____________________ And why are some names unpopular? Names can become popular because of famous actors, TV or book heroes, or top players. Popular names mean very positive(积极的) things. Unpopular names mean negative (消极的) things. (51)_______________________ Here are some common opinions about names from a recent survey. (52) _______________________ The biggest reason is tradition. They have no choice. Many people are named after a family member. (53) _______________________ A name that is unpopular now might become popular in the future. That’s good news for all the Georges and Bettys out there. A. Chinese names are different from English names. B. Of course, opinions can change over time. C. Surprisingly, people usually have similar opinions about names. D. Why are these names popular? E. Because it is an important part of your identity(身份). F. So why do parents give their children unpopular names? 四、综合填空(共 12 空,每空 1.5 分,计 18 分) 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容,从每个方框内所给 7 个词汇中选 择 6 个意义相符的词汇,必要时进行词形变化,填入空白处。 A four, because, after, please, other, wonder, surprise What do American children think of Thanksgiving? This is what some

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of them wrote. Thanksgiving is a holiday to say “Thank you”. It means eating turkey and having a special party with your family. Thanksgiving is a(54) ____________ day. ---Annie, 6 years Thanksgiving is giving thanks to people that help you. I think that it is a special holiday. You give thanks to your family and friends. Lots of people have done things for me. Lots of people like to make me happy, like my mum. Many have done things for me and made sure I was all right. I am (55) ____________that people care about me. I like to do nice things for(56)____________ people too. I hope to make them happy too. ---Jeremy, 10 years I am thankful for having a really good mum who looks ( 57 ) ____________ me so well. I am thankful for having good teachers(58) ____________ they help me to try new things. I love all of them. ---Ryan, 7 years Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the United States. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. Each year, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the(59)____________ Thursday of November. ---Joss, 9 years B do, help, buy, cheat, make, start, play What Would You Do? is a TV programme on American ABC. The programme ( 60 ) ____________by the news reporter John Quinones. He said, “It is popular with many people — both the young and the old. It tests what people(61)___________ when they see someone in trouble. We use hidden cameras to record what will happen. Its purpose is to tell us(62)___________ people in need.” Here is last week’s programme. In a cake shop, one actor acted as a blind woman named Pamela and the other acted as the shop worker of the cake shop. The shop worker looked down upon (瞧不起) the blind. So when the blind woman came into

the shop and(63)____________ a box of cakes,the shop worker cheated (欺骗)her when he gave her the change (零钱). He only gave her 6 dollars instead of 34 dollars. Would someone be brave enough to help the blind woman? Yes! A woman customer stopped the shop worker from(64)____________ the blind. Seeing this, several other customers joined in too and asked the shop worker to return the rest(剩余的)money to the blind woman. At this time, John Quinones appeared and explained that he ( 65 ) ____________ a programme called What would you do?. Then he interviewed the first customer who said that it was necessary to give a hand to the people in need. A psychologist(心理学家) said, “It’s difficult to take the first step to stand up. It needs courage.” 五、阅读表达(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分) 阅读短文,根据题目要求完成各小题。 Nowadays, camping has been popular among young people. It’s a great way to be outside and enjoy the nature. Whether you prefer to be in the woods, mountains, or by the river, you are sure to have a wonderful experience when you go camping. Here is some advice for camping. Fire may be dangerous, so just use fire only when you must. 72 Make sure to put the fire out when you don’t use it. When you are talking, keep your voice down. If you talk loudly, you may disturb (打扰) other people, and you will also miss the chance to see wild animals outside. It is necessary to put up your tent (帐篷)only in safe areas. If you put up your tent in other areas, you may get into trouble. Remember to do it for your safety. Don’t forget to take your camera so that you won’t miss the wonderful natural wonders. Later, You’ll understand how nice 73 they are. Make sure your camera has enough power. People often get lost in the forest. It’s a good way to take a map that helps you to get the right direction. Now, people usually take GPS with them. Maps and GPS can help you find the way easily. 66. The writer gives us ________ pieces of advice for camping. (填数字) 67. Translate the underlined sentence into Chinese. ________________________________________
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68. What does “they” in Paragraph 5 refer to(指代)? ________________________________________ 69. Which two things are needed to avoid getting lost in the forest according to the passage? ________________________________________ 70. Give a proper title(题目) to the passage. ________________________________________ 六、书面表达(共 1 题,计 20 分) 新学期开始,某学校的学生社团又开始招募了。假设你是社团负 责人,请根据以下内容和要求写一篇 80-100 词的英语宣传页,为新同 学介绍下列社团的情况(包括名称、活动内容及其目的;第四个社团自 拟,不少于 2 句)

Boys and girls, Welcome to our school. Now let me introduce some of our clubs to you. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ These are the most popular clubs in our school and I hope you can join us.

Cool Players watch matches do one hour’s sports every day keep fit

English Lovers speak to foreigners talk about good ways to learn English improve your English

Excellent Cooks design healthy menus learn to cook have a healthy life 要求:

1. 语言通顺,要点齐全,意思连贯,条理清楚,书写规范; 2. 文中不得出现真实的姓名和学校名称; 3.文章开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Welcome to Our Clubs
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答案及听力材料 2018 年 11 月 二、阅读理解 29-33 ADCBD 34-38 ADABB 39-43 BBCDA 44-48 DAADC 三、短文还原(共 5 空,计 10 分) 49-53 EDCFB 四、综合填空(共 12 空,计 18 分) A) 54. wonderful 55. pleased 56. other 57. after 58. because 59. fourth B) 60. was started 61.will do 62. to help 63. bought 64. cheating 65.was making 五、阅读表达(共 5 小题,计 10 分)66. five/5 67. 要确保在你不使用火的的时候把它扑灭/熄灭。 68. The wonderful nature wonders./ The wonders. 69. Maps and GPS. 70. Advice/Tips for camping 六、书面表达(共 1 题,计 20 分) (一)One possible version: Welcome to Our Clubs Welcome to our school. Now let me introduce some of our clubs to you. Cool Players is a good choice for sports lovers. Here you can do sports one hour a day to build your body and watch sports matches. If you are interested in English, English Lovers is a good choice. In the club, you can speak to foreigners and talk about good ways to learn English. I hope you can make friends with other English lovers. Do you want to be a good cook? In Excellent Cooks, you will learn how to design healthy menu and cook dishes, which can lead to a healthy life. If you are interested in books, Smart Readers is a good choice. Reading good books and writing reading notes are useful to improve your knowledge and open up your eyes. (二) 评分说明 要求考生用适当的时态、语态、句式和词语,完整准确地表达所 提示的内容,并对开放性内容进行适当发挥,书写工整,分五档评分: 1.(18~20 分)很好地完成了规定的写作任务。包含所有的内容要 点,结构完整,语句通畅,意思清楚、连贯。使用较为丰富的语法结 构和词汇,语法和词汇错误极少,书写规范。
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2.(14~17 分)较好地完成了规定的写作任务。基本上包含所有的 内容要点,结构较为完整,语句完整,意思清楚。语法结构和词汇错 误较少,书写较为规范。 3. (10~13 分) 基本上完成了规定的写作任务。 包含主要内容要点, 结构欠完整,少数语句不通顺,意思基本清楚。语法结构和词汇错误 较多,书写基本规范。 4.(6~9 分)未能按要求完成规定的写作任务。只包含少数内容要 点,结构不完整,意思不够清楚。语法结构和词汇错误较多,影响理 解,书写欠规范。 5.(0~5 分)未能按要求完成规定的写作任务。只写出个别要点, 结构不完整,多数语句不完整或者意思不明,语法和词汇错误很多, 书写不规范。

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