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英语必修2 Unit5 Music单元检测题

XX 中学高一英语必修 2 Unit5 单元检测题
I. 选择填空(满分 15 分)
1. His generosity _______ him the reputation of “The most generous man” in his area. A. made B. earned C. achieved D. gave 2. Those who do exercise _____ in our club have showed amazing improvements in health and weight. A. fluently B. gradually C. regularly D. entirely 3. --- Washington, a state in the United States, is named after one of the greatest American presidents. --- Oh, I’m so foolish. I ________ know that. A. couldn’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. may not 4. In big cities like London, Paris, New York, you can see street musicians _____ all kinds of music such as Rock’n’Roll, Jazz, the Blues in the streets. A. perform B. make C. act D. do 5. I’d like to have these documents _______ in a minute. A. sorting out B. sorted out C. to be sorted out D. sort out 6. Every time the father comes into his room, the boy pretends ______ earnestly. A. reading B. to be reading C. to be read D. to have read 7. It is not easy for musicians to _____ the ability to compose songs and music at the same time. A. get B. form C. make D. describe 8. The little girl is not quite confident ______ her ability to go to a key university and she is very sensitive _____ anything concerned with it. A. of; of B. in; to C. of; with D. about; about 9. They _____ on the little professor, but it led to his fierce criticism on us. A. played a joke B. made fun C. had fun D. performed a joke 10. If you receive a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day, Do you know what hidden meaning is _______ to it? A. put B. introduced C. attached D. tied 11. Some football fans, _____money was a big problem, could not afford to go the football court to see their star play. A. for whose B. for whom C. with whom D. with whose 12. “You have to trust in god, _______ friends and bank on education,” the teacher said in an honest voice. A. live on B. rely on C. keep on D. insist on 13. He arrived on the day ______ there happened to be no plane tickets left for Shanghai. A. on which B. for which C. with which D. by which 14. The hiding man made a hole in the wall ______ he could observe the outside. A. in which B. by which C. through which D. with which 15. The artist made up his mind to devote all he could __________ his English before going abroad. A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. to improving

II. 完形填空(满分 20 分)
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The story tell us about the British writer, Richard Savage. He was once living in London with 16 money in his pockets. In order to get some food and clothes he wrote the story of his life and managed to have it 17 .But not many copies of his books were 18 in the shops, and he was still living a hard life. Because of anxiety and malnutrition, he became very weak and before long fell 19 ,and a doctor was sent for. The doctor was not rich enough, but 20 literature. He tried his best to cure Savage of his illness and a week later Savage was out of 21 When he finally recovered his 22 ,the doctor sent a bill to Savage for his 23 ,but poor Savage had no money to 24 it. The doctor waited for a month and sent another bill. 25 no money again, the doctor went to Savage himself. “You know you 26 your life to me,” said the doctor, “and I should 27 some thankfulness from you.” “I 28 ,” said the writer, “ you’ve done a great favour for me and to 29 that I’m not ungrateful for your kindness, I’ll 30 my life to you.” With these 31 he handed the doctor two copies of The Life of Richard Savage. The doctor took the books home and began to 32 them carefully. “I see I’ve 33 the life of a great writer,” the doctor said to himself with a sense of pride. “Maybe this is the only thing I could be really 34 in my life.” Five years later Savage called on the doctor to pay his bill, only to find that the doctor had already 35 . 16.A.much B. a little C. little D. enough 17.A.published B. found C. encourage D. protected 18.A.bought B. sold C. printed D. showed 19.A.weak B. anxious C. frightened D. ill 20. A. was interested in B. was familiar with C. was popular with D. struggled against 21.A.safety B. power C. danger D. injury 22.A.sight B. health C. movement D. action 23.A.care B. aid C. attention D. treatment 24.A.pay B. supply C. afford D. allow 25.A.Receiving B. Received C. Keeping D. Kept 26.A.promise B. return C. lend D. owe 27.A.wish B. choose C. get D. master 28.A.refuse B. agree C. warn D. suppose 29.A.explain B. prove C. describe D. plan 30.A.offer B. contribute C. give D. damage 31.A.words B. drills C. compositions D. collections 32.A.write B. correct C. improve D. read 33.A.made B. saved C. trained D. taught 34.A.fond of B. famous for C. proud of D. worried about 35.A.passed away B. escaped C. hurried off D. run away

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III 阅读理解 (满分 30 分) A
How often one hears children wishing they were grown-ups and old people wishing they were young again! Each age has its pleasures and its pains, and the happiest person is the one who enjoys what each age gives him without wasting his time in their useless regrets. Childhood is a time when there are few responsibilities for them to make a living. If a child has good parents, he is well fed, looked after and loved, whatever he may do. It is impossible that he will ever again in his life be given so much without having to do anything in return. What's more, life is always giving new things to the child—things that have lost their interest for older people because they are too common for them. But a child has his pains: he is not so free to do what he wishes to do; he is repeatedly being told not to do something, or being punished for what he has wrongly done. When a young man starts to earn his own living, he can no longer expect others to pay for his food, his clothes, and his room, but has to work if he wants to live comfortably. If he spends most of his time playing about in the way that he used to as a child, he will go hungry. And if he breaks the laws of society just as he used to break the rules of his parents, he may go to prison. If, however, he works hard, keeps out of trouble and has good health, he can have the great happiness of building up for himself his own position in society. 36. According to paragraph 2, the writer thinks that ______________. A. life for a child is fairly easy B. only children are interested in life C. a child is always loved whatever he does D. if much is given to a child, he must do something to pay back 37. A young man ___________ if he expects to live in the way he wants. A. should lose his heart to his work B. should try to keep out of trouble C. should spend most of his time enjoying himself D. should build up his own position in society for himself 38. The main idea of the passage is that ______________. A. children's time is the most enjoyable in one's life B. life is not enjoyable since each age has some pains C. young men can have the greatest happiness if they work hard D. one can enjoy what each age gives him though there are some pains

B The miracle bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge that crosses the river between Manhattan and Brooklyn is simply an engineering miracle. In 1883, a creative engineer, John Roebling, was inspired by an idea for this spectacular (蔚为奇观的) bridge project. However, bridge-building experts told him to forget it. It just was not possible. Roebling convinced (persuade sb. to do sth. ) his son, Washington, an up-and-coming engineer, that the bridge could be built. The two of them formed an idea of how it could be finished successfully and how to overcome the difficulties. Somehow, they persuaded bankers to provide money for the project. Then, with great excitement and energy, they hired their crew and began to build their dream bridge.
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The project was only a few months under way when a tragic on-site accident killed John Roebling and severely injured his son. Washington was severely brain-damaged, unable to talk or walk. Everyone thought the project would have to be thrown away, since the Roeblings were the only ones who understood how the bridge could be built. Though Washington Roebling was unable to move or talk, his mind was as sharp as ever. One day as he lay in his hospital bed, an idea flashed in his mind as to how to develop a communication code. All he could move was one finger, so he touched the arm of his wife with that finger. He tapped out the code to communicate to her what she was to tell the engineers who continued building the bridge. For 13 years, Washington tapped out his instructions with one finger until the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge was finally completed. 39.This spectacular bridge project ___________ in 1883. A. was designed well by a certain engineer B. was going on C. was a dream of an idea that was workable D. was argued heatedly by the bridge-building experts 40. What’s the meaning of “ under way” in the passage? A. A way being repaired B. Under construction C. Under design D. A good method being discussed 41. Which of the following shows the right order of what happened to Washington? a. He tried to persuade bankers to support them, too. b. His mind was as sharp as before. c. He was ready to build the bridge with his father. d. He was badly hurt in an accident. e. He gave out his instructions with a communication code. A. c, d, b, a, e B. a, c, d, b, e C. c, a, d, b, e D. e, a, d, b, c 42. This article mainly tells us _________. A. to try your best to save ourselves in an accident B. never to do dangerous things C. to study hard the advanced science and technique D. to fight as long as one has breath

Many expensive nutrition additives (添加剂) advertised on TV say they can improve your memory. But only ordinary food and healthy habits have been shown to work. A research team from UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) has designed a four-step plan to improve your memory in just 14 days. "It sounds like another advertisement, but it really works," says UCLA psychiatry (精神病 学) professor Gary Small. The team found the four-step plan improved memory function (功能) in teenagers under stress and older people. After a two-week study that included brain-teasers (脑筋急转弯), exercise and diet changes, test subjects' memories worked more efficiently. Here's the programme: Memory training: Train yourself with brain-teasers, crossword puzzles and memory exercises that train verbal (文字上的) skills throughout the day.
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Healthy diet: Eat five rather than three meals a day. The food should be rich in omega-3 fats (omega-3 脂肪), such as whole grains and vegetables that contain antioxidants (抗氧化 剂). Having frequent meals helps increase blood glucose (血糖), the primary energy source for the brain. Physical fitness: Have regular physical exercise such as walking, basketball or running, every day. Stress reduction (减少): Perform stretching and relaxation exercises. Stress causes the body to release a chemical that can shrink (使缩小) the memory centres in the brain. Before-and-after brain scans showed that test subjects experienced on average a 5 per cent increase in working memory. This suggests they were using their brains more efficiently. They also performed better on a cognitive (认知的) test. A control group that didn't follow the plan showed no big changes. "We've known for years that diet and exercise can help people keep their physical health, which is a key part of healthy aging," said Small. "But keeping mental health is just as important. Now we have evidence that people can improve their memories through a programme of memory exercises and stress reduction." 43. Why did Small say “ It sounds like another advertisement, but it really works”? A. He is satisfied with his programme. B. He is working at another advertisement. C. He wants to advertise his program. D. He wants to improve his memory. 44. Which of the following is NOT helpful to the memory? A. Crossword puzzles. B. Nutrition additives. C. Grains and vegetables. D. Playing basketball and running. 45. Which of the following is Small’s conclusion from the program? A. Diet and exercise can help people keep their physical health. B. Eating three meals a day can help people improve their memories. C. Ordinary food had nothing to do with people’s memories. D. People’s memories can be improved through memory exercises. 46. A research team from UCLA started the programme with the purpose of ____________. A. improving your memory by eating healthy food in just 14 days B. advertising nutrition additives on TV C. proving many nutrition additive advertisement are false D. showing the relationship between memories and memory exercises

Albert Einstein had a great effect on science and history. An American university president once said that Einstein had made a new outlook, a new view of the universe. It may be some time before the average mind understands fully the identity of time and space and so on—but even ordinary man now understand that the universe is something larger than ever thought before. By 1914 young Einstein had been world-famous. He accepted the offer to become a professor at the Prussian Academy of Science in Berlin. He had few duties, little teaching and unlimited chances for study, but soon his peace and quiet life were broken by World War I. Einstein hated fighting and killing. The great suffering of war affected him deeply, and he sat unhappily in his office doing little. He lost interest in his research. Only when peace came
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in 1918 was he able to get back to work. In the year following World War I honors were increasingly put on him. He became head of the Kaiser Whihem Institute of Theoretical Physics. But he himself refused the effort to put him in a position far above other people. He was well known for his humble(谦逊的)manners. He often said that his success would certainly have been achieved by others if he had never lived. In 1921 he won the Nobel Prize, and he was honored in Germany until the rise of Nazism when he was driven from Germany because he was a Jew. 47. The main idea of the first paragraph is ______. A. the difficulty of Einstein's thought to others B. the feeling of an American university president towards Einstein C. the difference between science and history D. the change in human thought produced by Einstein 48. Which of the following statements about Einstein is true? A. He achieved more than any other scientists in history. B. Our ideas about the universe differ from one another because of him. C. He kept working until peace came in 1918. D. His research practically stopped during the first world war. 49. In the years following the First World War, _____. A.Einstein’s theory was soon accepted even by ordinary people B.more and more honors went to Einstein C.Einstein almost had no chances for his research D.Einstein was not honored in Germany until the rise of Nazism 50. It can be inferred from the third paragraph that _____. A.Albert Einstein was interested in nothing but science B.Einstein was forced to serve in the German army C.Einstein made a lot more breakthroughs in his research after the First World War D.Einstein was driven out of his motherland for his humble manners

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Unit5 Music 单元同步测试答题卷
IV.单词拼写 (满分 10 分)
He p________ to have understood what the officer said, but actually he didn’t. He looks f__________ to me. I probably met him while I was in Moscow. Nowadays, many people choose to do e______ work to make more money. He a_________ great importance to honesty and good faith. We all know that Mark Twain is a great __________(幽默的)writer. Both the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube look very a____________. Paper-cuts is a kind of f______ art popular in Gaomi, Shandong Province. He turned on his computer, ________(简短地) looked through some news and then began his work. 9. Who will have the chance to go abroad is determined by the students’ p___________(表 现) in the exam. 10. Let’s have dinner first and talk about the plan a__________. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

V. 短文改错 (满分 10 分)
Dear classmates, I will tell you everything about my future. Everyone of us are thinking about the future. Do you know what yours is? I have decided to become middle school teacher. Does it sound surprised? I had this dream when I am only a child. I love children. As we all can see, teachers are great needed in our country, especially in the countryside. Many parents want their children to be well-educated, and they don’t want them to be teachers. Perhaps one of the main reason is that teachers work too hard but get too little. In spite of that, I am willing to devote all my life to teach in my hometown.

VI.书面表达(满分 15 分)
最近,很多中学生都纷纷开起了自己的博客。对于这一现象,存在两种不同的观点: 学生认为 家长和老师认为 展示自己的窗口; 管理博客要花时间和精力; 释放学习压力; 耽误学习; … … 请根据以上提示,写一篇 120 词左右的短文,涵盖表中全部内容,可适当增加细节, 并简要阐述自己的观点。文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:开博客 open one’s blog

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Nowadays, there is a common phenomenon(现象) that more and more high school students open their own blog on the Internet._______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

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IV.单词拼写 1. pretended 2. familiar 6. attractive 7. folk V. 短文改错

3. extra 8. briefly

4. attaches 5. Humourous 9. Performance 10. afterwards

Dear classmates, I will tell you everything about my future. Everyone of us is thinking about the future. Do you know something what yours is? I have decided to become∧ middle school teacher. Does it sound surprised? I had this mine a surprising dream when I was only a child. I love children. As we all can see, teachers are great needed in our greatly country, especially in the countryside. Many parents want their children to be well-educated, and they but don’t want them to be teachers. Perhaps one of the main reason is that teachers work too hard but get reasons too little. In spite of that, I am determined to devote all my life to teach in my hometown.


VI 书面表达
One possible version: Nowadays, there is a common phenomenon(现象) that more and more high school students open their own blogs on the Internet. For one thing, it can provide a colorful platform to show their talent, and it is a way to release their pressure, and all this makes it more and more popular with high school students. For another, many parents and teachers hold a different view, and they think that managing a blog will take a lot of time and energy, while this should be used to study which is their main responsibility. In my opinion, I do approve of this activity. Opening and organizing an eye-catching blog needs various abilities such as writing, designing, being skilful at computers and so on. Only if we master those abilities can we make a successful blog. And also, we can improve ourselves during the procedures of organizing our blogs.

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