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Part I Dialogue Completion (15 points) 1. What day is it today? A. Monday 2. Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?C. It’s six o’clock 3. May I use the telephone? A. Go ahead 4. Would you like to come to the party Friday evening?B. Yes, I’d like to 5. I’m sorry I can’t give you any help. That’s OK. C. Thank you all the same 6. How did you find your visit to the museum, Eddie?B. Oh, wonderful, indeed 7. I didn’t know this was a one-way street, sir.D. Sorry, but that’s no excuse. 8. I don’t want to eat anything. I’m not feeling well today. D. I’m sorry to hear that, Carlos. I hope you’ll be better soon. 9. Are you going to take part in the English contest to be held at the end of this term? C. It depends 10. Today’s Sunday. What about going to the Science Museum? C. That’s a good idea 11. I have just passed my exam. I feel so relieved now.B. Well done 12. Don’t forget to pass on the message to my teacher. C. No, I won’t 13. How could you say that? C. I am really sorry _. I didn’t mean to hurt you. 14. You have given us a wonderful party, Mrs. Johnson. B. I’m glad you enjoyed it 15. What’s the matter? You really look upset. B. I failed an important test Well, better luck next time. Part II Reading Comprehension (40 points) Passage One We are all busy talking about and using the Internet, but how many of us know the history of the Internet? 16. The Internet was set up in B. the 1960s 17. Computer networks didn’t work well at first because D. if one computer failed, the whole network stopped 18. Which of the following was the first to use the Internet? A. Governments. 19. Which of the following statements is true? C. Computers were costly and hard to use until the early 1990s. 20. The best title for the passage is C. The History of the Internet Passage Two Alan Chang was a handsome young man with good manners. 21. Why did Alan ask the man what time it was? C. He had left his watch home. 22. What did Alan think of the man when he would not tell him the time? A. He was impolite. 23. What did the man mean by the underlined part “Put yourself in my shoes”? D. Try to understand me. 24. What kind of a man was Alan Change in the man’s opinion? B. A poor man. 25. The story is mainly about B. how one thing leads to another Passage Three What are the beauties of Hawaii? Let’s start with four. 26. According to the passage, Hawaii is made up of B. twenty islands 27. Why are the volcanoes so special to the islands? B. They actually made the islands. 28. What has made Dole Company the biggest fruit-packing company in the world?D. Pineapples. 29. The people in Hawaii are the most beautiful thing because D. they care more for people than anything else 30. According to the passage, “above all nations is humanity” might mean D. all human beings should live in peace

Passage Four There is a measurable relation between how much a person learns and his attitude toward the subject to be learned. 31. What does the author think a student should do if he has a boring teacher? D. Have a right attitude toward the teacher. 32. The writer thinks that over-achievers and under-achievers mainly differ in C. their attitudes toward learning 33. The underlined phrase function below their ability shown by test scores means the under-achievers B. do worse in actual learning than in tests 34. The example of the personal computer shows that B. to react negatively can be harmful 35. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Attitudes play an important role in learning. Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points) 36. This photo A. reminds me of the days when I worked on the farm many years ago. 37. I can’t get online because my C. computer broke down. 38. Would you please D. turn down the TV a little? The children are doing their homework. 39. Few houses in this district B. survived the terrible earthquake and many people were killed. 40. We tried to find a table for seven, but they were all C. taken up 41. We are at your service. Don’t B. hesitate to turn to us if you have any problems. 42. My boss did not D. look up from his desk when I entered his office. 43. I love thinking of new designs. It keeps my mind clear and active and fills my retired life with A. joy 44. The company is starting a new advertising campaign to B. attract more customers. 45. Where is the new camera I borrowed last week? It is on the top shelf, out of the C. reach of our little kid. 46. Herman’s success is C. due to his hard work and his academic ability. 47. The bookseller cannot get enough books to D. Meet the needs of their customers. 48. He looks so young! I agree with you. He looks 30, but he is A. actually 49. Parents have A. expressed their concern about violence in some children’s shows. 50. It was Thomas Edison that A. invented the electric lamp. 51. The doctors successfully completed a 20-hour operation to B. separate the one-year-old twins at the head. 52. In A. traditional Chinese culture, children’s marriage decisions were often made by parents. 53. We decided to leave the waitress a big D. Tip because her service was excellent. 54. Experiments show that different temperatures have different D. Effects on human feelings. 55. The cost of the products C. amounts to 56,000 Yuan. 56. The mother asked the boys to put _ D. /; /everything in _ order before they left the room. 57. Do you like pop music or country music? C. Neither. I only like sports. 58. It was not known D. What he had said during the interview. 59. Don’t get off the bus A. until it has stopped completely. 60. C. How long does it take you to wash all the dishes? 61. C. With all her friends and money gone, Kate felt totally hopeless. 62. A. What bad news it is! We must try our best to help them out of the difficulty. 63. I don’t think D. it possible to finish the work in time without his help. 64. It is D. a two-hour walk from my school to the railway station. 65. It’s not a good habit to leave your work B. half done

66. We like our English teacher because she often tells A. us funny stories in class. 67. His little car isn’t B. big enough for five people. 68. When and where to hold the meeting C. has not decided yet. 69. A new house will have been built here C. by the end of the year 70. It was already ten o’clock in the evening D. when we arrived at the hotel. 71. B. Time permitting, we will review all the lessons before the final exam. 72. Last month, part of Southeast Asia was struck by floods, B. whose effects can still be felt now. 73. C. No matter what you do, you should put your heart into it. 74. D. As has already been pointed out before, English grammar is not a set of dead rules. 75. These university students are looking for a cheap hotel A. to stay in Part IV Cloze Test (10 points) Mr Smith gave his wife fifty pounds for her birthday. The day after her birthday, Mrs Smith 76. B. went shopping. She queued 77. C. for a bus, got on and sat down next to an old lady. After a while, she noticed that the old lady’s handbag was 78. A. open. Inside it, she saw some pound notes exactly like the ones her husband had given her. So she quickly looked into her own bag – the notes had 79. D. gone! Mrs Smith was sure the old lady who was sitting next to her had 80. A. stolen them. She thought she would have to call 81. D. the police; but as she disliked making a fuss and making people into trouble, she decided to take back the money from the old lady’s bag and say 82. C. nothing more about it. She looked round the bus to make sure nobody was watching; then she carefully put her hand into the old lady’s bag, took the notes and 83. B. put them in her own bag. When she got home that evening, she showed her husband the beautiful dress she had bought. “84. A. How did you pay for it?” he asked. “With the money you gave me for my birthday, of course,” she replied. “Oh? What’s that, then?” he asked, as he pointed to the 85. B. money on the table. Part V Writing (15 points) Directions: You are to write in 100-120words words about the topice“To Work or Study Further.”You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: 有人认为中学毕业后能找到工作,就没必要上大学。有人认为为了今后有更好的发展,有必 要上大学。你的观点是什么?并陈述你的理由。 Should High School Guaduates Go to Work or Go to College As for the issue of finding a job or going to college, there are two points of view. Some people hold that it is better to find a job after high school. Other think that attending a college can bring about a brighter future. The advocates in favor of the first view think that it is not necessary to attend a college if the high school graduates can find a job. First, the cost of going to colleges can be a heavy burden for some families. Second, if high school graduate can find a job, he can become independent earlier. Moreover, what he can learn form the society will be far more than that from classroom. However, others would prefer going to colleges because they think college education can help young people create better life. First, college education can provide young people training for professions, such as law, business, medicine, engineering and so on. Attending college can help young people find better jobs. Second, it prepares young people a life-time fulfillment. University education will encourage young people to seek for truth, to inherit human civilization and to build

social justice. Therefore , attending college is necessary for young people’s brighter future. As for me, I strongly support the latter view. The arguments for not going to colleges can not hold. Money is not the problem because you can borrow it form the bank. You can not find a satisfying job without going to college. You can still learn from the society after graduation from college. Finally, you can not afford to miss the merits of college education.