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高考英语 大二轮总复习高考倒计时第8天


第 08 天

Ⅰ.常考句型 【句型 1】 Since+S+过去时,S+现在完成时。“自从……” 仿写:自从他上高中,他一直很用功。 Since_he_went_to_senior_high_school,he_has_worked_very_hard. 【句型 2】 It pays to+V...“……是值得的。” 仿写:帮助别人是值得的。 It_pays_to_help_others. 【句型 3】 be based on“以……为基础” 仿写:社会的进步是以和谐为基础的。 The_progress_of_the_society_is_based_on_harmony. Ⅱ.完形填空 I grew up in a tiny Baltimore row house in a faraway mountain area.My parents __1__ the necessities of life but couldn't give much more.If I asked my father for a pair of jeans,he would say,“ If you want them,make the money and buy them yourself.” He wasn't being mean; he just couldn't __2__ them.From age 12 on,I did parttime jobs after school. When I __3__ from high school,I joined the navy.Soon I was in a boot camp(新兵训练营) at Parris Island,S.C.,where I learned that life in the navy centered around completing daily __4__.These could be anything from cleaning the camp to conducting mock( 模 拟 的 ) battles.Completing these tasks successfully __5__ discipline, teamwork and responsibility.I didn't __6__ whether you were black,white or Asian; everyone worked together for the __7__ of the company. I went on to graduate from the U.S.Naval Academic and later became an officer in the navy.The part of my job I __8__ most was the consulting(咨询) meetings I __9__ with the family members of the men and women in my __10__,trying to help them deal with the long periods of __11__.These proved popular and word of them spread.Before long I was being asked to give encouraging __12__ to business groups,educators and kids across the country. But I consider the boot camp my first real __13__,and my life is still guided by the __14__ lessons I learned there.It taught me discipline,friendship and the pride related to setting a task every day and working hard to __15__ it. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇记叙文, 主要讲述的是一个贫穷的小男孩成长为海军军官的故事, 他选在海军服役,后又做咨询工作,这些工作使作者收获很大。 1.A.provided B.got C.made D.bought 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。根据后面的 couldn't give much more 可知,作者的父母提供 生活必需品。 答案 A 2.A.pay B.find C.produce D.afford 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。 根据前面的 couldn't give much more 可判断出这里表示“买不 起”。 afford 指时间或经济能力可以“花费得起, 经受得住”, 须与情态动词 can, could 或 be able

to 搭配。 答案 D 3.A.came B.returned C.escaped D.graduated 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。根据后面的 from high school 可知,当作者在高中毕业时, 参加了海军。 答案 D 4.A.drills B.tasks C.exercises D.reports 解析 考查语境中名词的辨析。 根据后面的 These could be anything from cleaning the camp to conducting mock battles.可判断出, 他在海军的生活集中在完成日常工作中。 task 意为“任务”。 后面有 Completing these tasks 进行提示。 答案 B 5.A.included B.asked C.required D.met 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。根据部队的实际情况和其宾语 discipline, teamwork and responsibility 可判断出,完成这些任务需要纪律。require 意为“需要,要求;命令”。 答案 C 6.A.matter B.mean C.exist D.work 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。 根据后面的 everyone worked together 可判断出,无论你是黑 人、白人或亚洲人都没有关系。 答案 A 7.A.good B.staff C.rest D.right 解析 考查语境中名词的辨析。 根据上文的内容可判断出大家在一起为整个团体的利益而工 作。good 在这里为名词,意为“好处,利益”。 答案 A 8.A.took B.hated C.enjoyed D.did 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。根据后面的 These proved popular and word of them spread.可 判断出,作者最喜欢做咨询工作,因为只有喜欢才能把工作做好。 答案 C 9.A.ended B.began C.continued D.held 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。 根据句子结构可知, I held with the family members of the men and women...是定语从句,作 meetings 的定语,表示与男女家庭成员在一起举行的咨询会。 答案 D 10.A.charge B.situation C.position D.choice 解析 考查语境中名词的辨析。固定表达 in my charge 意为“归我负责,主管”,表示由作者 负责的男女家庭成员。 答案 A 11.A.lessons B.meetings

C.training D.separation 解析 考查语境中名词的辨析。根据上文的内容可判断出作者帮助那些长期分离的夫妻。 training 训练;separation 分离。 答案 D 12.A.gifts B.descriptions C.speeches D.performances 解析 考查语境中名词的辨析。根据前面的...meetings I held with the family members of the men and women in my charge 可判断出,作者给全国的商业团体、教育工作者和年轻人作鼓 励他们的演讲。description 描述;speech 演讲;performance 演出。 答案 C 13.A.vacation B.place C.job D.travel 解析 考查语境中名词的辨析。 根据上文的内容可判断出作者把新兵训练营作为自己的真正 的工作。 答案 C 14.A.important B.bitter C.normal D.difficult 解析 考查语境中形容词的辨析。 根据上文的内容可判断出作者先是在海军服役, 后又做咨 询工作, 这些工作给作者很重要的教育作用。 bitter 厉害的; normal 平常的; difficult 困难的。 答案 A 15.A.gain B.achieve C.show D.match 解析 考查语境中动词的辨析。努力工作完成任务。achieve 意为“完成,做到,获得(胜利 等),达到(目的),实现”,指克服困难之后取得成功、成就或实现预期的目的,强调结果。 答案 B Ⅲ.语法填空 Dear fellow students, May I have your attention, please?Now I'd like to make a speech here.As we know, waste __1__ (become) common scenes on campus.Some pour the remains of a meal when there is still much __2__(leave); __3__ simply walk away after washing hands,leaving the water __4__ (run); students leave the classroom every day __5__ noticing whether fans are switched off.Has thrift(节 俭),one of the most national tradition __6__ developed from our long history gone? __7__ so, find it back! We don't have to take great pains to control waste,but action and a grateful heart are needed; thank the water that runs through our fingers,and save it for poor Arabian or African countries struggling in water __8__ (short); thank the light we enjoy because in poor areas,children share a dim(昏暗的) lamp __9__ (read); thank all the paper we are able to use,for trees are cut down to satisfy __10__ needs; thank everything nature can offer and everything we can own. Live and act,so the tradition of thrift will never fade. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇应用文——演讲稿, 倡导学生们不要浪费粮食和水, 要勤俭节约。 1.has become [考查时态。正如我们所知,校园浪费已经成为常见的现象。根据句意可知 这里是已经发生的事情对现在的影响,故用现在完成时 have/has done 形式,因主语 waste 是不可数名词,应用 has done。] 2.left [考查非谓语动词。一些人把还剩余的大量饭菜倒掉,过去分词形式 left 表示“剩余

的”,作后置定语。] 3. others [考查代词。 根据前面的 some 指代一些人, 此处是并列, 故应是另外一些人怎样, some...others...。] 4. running [考查非谓语动词。 另外一些人洗完手后就走了, 让水还继续流着。 leave ... doing... 让……一直或继续……,宾语与宾补之间是逻辑上的主动关系。] 5.without [考查介词。学生们每天离开教室时,没注意到风扇是否关掉,后面的 notice 是 ing 形式,可知与介词连用,此处表示否定意义,介词 without 表示“(表示否定)无,没有”。] 6.that [考查定语从句。根据句子结构可知,这里是定语从句,作从句中的主语,指代前 面的 tradition 要用 that,不可用 which 的原因是 tradition 前有最高级修饰。] 7.If [考查连词。如果是这样,就把它找回来。if 引导条件状语从句。 固定表达 if so 如 果这样的话。] 8.shortage [考查名词。水资源短缺,此处要用 short 的名词形式 shortage。] 9. to read [考查非谓语动词。 孩子们分享昏暗的灯光来读书, 此处表目的, 用不定时形式。 ] 10.our [考查形容词性物主代词。砍掉树是为了满足我们的需求。因为之前主语都是 we, 故此处用 we 的形容词性物主代词 our。]


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